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Keyword: cryptozoology

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  • Indonesian fisherman nets ancient fish

    05/22/2007 6:41:39 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 16 replies · 845+ views
    Reuters ^ | Mon May 21, 2007
    An Indonesian fisherman has caught a coelacanth, an ancient fish once thought to have become extinct at the time of the dinosaurs, a fishery expert said on Monday. Yustinus Lahama and his son caught the fish on Saturday in the sea off North Sulawesi province and kept it at their house for an hour, said Grevo Gerung, a professor at the fisheries faculty at the Sam Ratulangi University. After being told by neighbours it was a rare fish he took it back to the sea and kept it in a quarantine pool for about 17 hours before it died. "If...
  • Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP

    05/04/2007 8:41:10 PM PDT · by Valin · 48 replies · 1,199+ views
    AFP ^ | 5/2/07
    Bigfoot, the legendary hairy man-like beast said to roam the wildernesses of North America, is not shy, merely so rare it risks extinction and should be protected as an endangered species. So says Canadian MP Mike Lake who has called for Bigfoot to be protected under Canada's species at risk act, alongside Whooping Cranes, Blue Whales, and Red Mulberry trees. "The debate over their (Bigfoot's) existence is moot in the circumstance of their tenuous hold on merely existing," reads a petition presented by Lake to parliament in March and due to be discussed next week. "Therefore, the petitioners request the...
  • Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP

    05/02/2007 1:14:27 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 45 replies · 725+ views
    AFP ^ | 05/02/07
    Bigfoot, the legendary hairy man-like beast said to roam the wildernesses of North America, is not shy, merely so rare it risks extinction and should be protected as an endangered species. So says Canadian MP Mike Lake who has called for Bigfoot to be protected under Canada's species at risk act, alongside Whooping Cranes, Blue Whales, and Red Mulberry trees. "The debate over their (Bigfoot's) existence is moot in the circumstance of their tenuous hold on merely existing," reads a petition presented by Lake to parliament in March and due to be discussed next week. "Therefore, the petitioners request the...
  • Is this Nessie?

    04/23/2007 1:40:35 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 35 replies · 1,200+ views
    Highland News ^ | Ian Barron
    AN English holidaymaker thinks he may have taken the first picture of the season of the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Sidney Wilson was in the city with his wife Janet when they decided on a cruise down the loch to take in the sights. And it was as they approached Urquhart Castle that he ended up taking this intriguing photograph. Sidney, who comes from Nottingham, said: "I was just taking pictures of everything as we sailed down the loch. "As we approached the castle, two power boats appeared and circled us at speed, leaving a large wash in their wake....
  • Clouded leopard declared new species

    03/23/2007 6:53:34 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 24 replies · 491+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | March 15
    Thu Mar 15, 3:30 PM ET JAKARTA (AFP) - A clouded leopard found in the rainforests of Indonesia's islands of Borneo and Sumatra is a new species of big cat, conservation group WWF said Thursday. The cat, covered in small cloud markings containing many spots, was thought to be the same species as a mainland Southeast Asian leopard, but tests have shown otherwise. "Genetic research results clearly indicate that the clouded leopards of Borneo should be considered a separate species," Stephen O'Brien, from the US National Cancer Institute, was quoted as saying in a WWF statement. The difference between the...
  • Alleged sightings of flying reptiles cause residents to reconsider history

    03/01/2007 10:40:07 AM PST · by pcottraux · 15 replies · 423+ views
    Daily Lobo ^ | 2-15-07 | Mike Smith
    Alleged sightings of flying reptiles cause residents to reconsider history Mike Smith Posted: 2/15/07 by Mike Smith Daily Lobo One hundred million years ago, New Mexico lay nameless and borderless and partially submerged beneath sprawling, shallow seas. Dinosaurs of every size and appetite wandered to the edge of such seas, in search of plants, water or smaller creatures further down the food chain. The air above them hung hot and dense, sagging with humidity, and pterosaurs flapped and glided against it. Pterosaurs - or pterodactyls, as they're often called - once filled our Western skies, flying on leathery, membranous wings...
  • Strange New Creatures Found in Antarctica

    02/27/2007 7:28:37 AM PST · by presidio9 · 25 replies · 1,308+ views
    LiveScience ^ | Sun Feb 25, 2006 | Andrea Thompson
    Several strange creatures including a psychedelic octopus have been found in frigid waters off Antarctica in one of the world’s most pristine marine environments. Others resembled corals and shrimps. At least 30 appear to be new to science, said Julian Gutt, chief scientist of an expedition that was part of the International Polar Year research effort set to launch on March 1. The researchers catalogued about 1,000 species in an area of the Antarctic seabed where warming temperatures are believed to have caused the collapse of overlying ice shelves, affecting the marine life below. “This is virgin geography,” said expedition...

    02/21/2007 9:43:51 AM PST · by presidio9 · 17 replies · 1,062+ views
    Film Threat ^ | 2007-02-16 | Phil Hall
    This week’s column is somewhat different in that the focus is not on a long-lost motion picture classic or a bizarre bit of cult-worthy obscurity. Instead, the film in question is a brief ribbon of celluloid that provides the final glimpse of an animal that fell victim to years of brutal persecution and government-sponsored hunting. The film itself does not have a formal title, and it is called “Footage of the Last Thylacine” just for the sake of temporary identification. What was a thylacine? It looked like a canine, but it was actually a marsupial that was concentrated in Tasmania....
  • Of Manimals and Humanzees

    01/17/2007 9:58:32 PM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 28 replies · 851+ views
    Science & Spirit ^ | 17 Jan 2007 | Cindy Kuzma
    The idea that humans and chimps interbred causes discomfort in some circles, even as science explores the potential benefits of hybrids and the blurring of what was once a bright line between species. In 1997, developmental biologist Stuart Newman did something relatively unusual for a scientist: He submitted a patent application for a technology he hoped never to use. In it, he laid claim to the humanzee, a chimera made by combining the embryonic cells of humans with those of chimpanzees. Though it was hypothetically possible to manufacture such a creature, he vowed to put the patent in a drawer...
  • Chasing the elusive Skunk Ape

    01/05/2007 11:32:24 AM PST · by presidio9 · 31 replies · 1,595+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 01/02/07
    The scene: the Everglades, mysterious in the darkness. Four college kids, armed only with a night-vision camera, trudge through a palmetto thicket, guided by a snake-booted man who claims to have had multiple encounters with the state's most elusive creature. They seek a half-man, half-simian, fully reeking legend known as the Skunk Ape. A curious rustling draws them closer. Nervous patter. Closer. What is making those sounds? Closer. Suddenly, a blinding flash, screams and . . . . This is not some cheesy monster movie. It's the real experience of Florida International University film students who spent months on the...
  • Random Eruptions: Man Bat tale tops 2006 for weirdness[Wisconsin]

    01/04/2007 10:51:20 PM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 21 replies · 1,167+ views
    Coulee News ^ | 04 Jan 2007 | Randy Erikson
    As we start another year, I know there are at least a few among us who will look back at 2006 and say, “Whoa, what a weird year that was!” In fact, 2006 might be the year that puts the Coulee Region on the map ... for weirdness. By far the weirdest news of the year was something we haven’t reported on ... UNTIL NOW! Now it can be told, the strange, bizarre and kinda spooky story of the Beast of Briggs Road, the Man Bat. I have to admit that this won’t be news to some of our readers,...
  • Sightings the talk of 'sasquatch-ewan'

    12/20/2006 6:38:42 AM PST · by aculeus · 43 replies · 1,281+ views
    CBC News ^ | December 14, 2006 | Unsigned
    Sightings of a large hairy creature walking upright in Saskatchewan and Manitoba have sparked renewed interest in the legendary sasquatch. CBC Saskatchewan radio host Tom Roberts said he's talked with people from the northern community of Deschambault Lake who say a resident saw a sasquatch-like creature on Saturday. They say a woman from the village was driving to Prince Albert on Saturday afternoon when she saw a creature near the side of the highway at Torch River. "She slowed down, thinking maybe a bear," Roberts said. "She stopped and watched … and saw it going alongside the hill and knew...
  • WWF: 52 New Species Discovered On Borneo

    12/18/2006 6:17:42 PM PST · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 9 replies · 817+ views
    WCBSTV.COM ^ | 18 DECEMBER 2006 | AP
    (AP) GENEVA -- Scientists have discovered at least 52 new species of animals and plants on the southeast Asian island of Borneo since 2005, including a catfish with protruding teeth and suction cups on its belly to help it stick to rocks, WWF International said Tuesday. "The more we look the more we find," said Stuart Chapman, WWF International coordinator for the study of the "Heart of Borneo," a 85,000-square-mile rain forest in the center of the island where several of the new species were found. "These discoveries reaffirm Borneo's position as one of the most important centers of...
  • Threatened Prehistoric Paradise Reveals Its Secrets

    12/19/2006 9:39:38 AM PST · by pcottraux · 1 replies · 232+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 12/18/2006
    WWF hails discovery of 52 new species in Borneo - Deforestation hits island that fascinated Darwin It is perhaps the closest place on the planet to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World - the mythical prehistoric paradise of the Sherlock Holmes creator's 1912 book. But the Heart of Borneo, as it has been christened by conservation agencies trying to save it from destruction, is finally beginning to yield its secrets. A mission by WWF scientists to the south-east Asian island found 52 species previously unknown to science, including three types of tree, two tree frogs and a tiny fish less...
  • Predator might not be wolf[Sheep-killing predator]{Montana}

    12/10/2006 11:16:52 AM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 64 replies · 3,652+ views
    Billings Gazette ^ | 09 Dec 2006 | MIKE STARK
    BILLINGS, Mont. -- Was it a wolf, or wasn't it? The mysterious, sheep-killing predator shot and killed a month ago between Jordan and Circle was initially thought to be a wolf. But now, wildlife officials aren't so sure. "Frankly, it has mixed characteristics," said Carolyn Sime, head of the wolf program for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Some clues indicate that it's not a wolf from among the 1,200 or so that live in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The animal shot in Garfield County in early November had shades of orange, red and yellow in its fur, unlike the Northern...
  • Why the Loch Ness Monster is no plesiosaur

    12/06/2006 10:27:08 AM PST · by presidio9 · 19 replies · 615+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 02 November 2006
    It has been described as a snake threaded through the body of a turtle, and some imaginative people think there's one living in Loch Ness. The plesiosaur, a marine reptile that lived 160 million years ago, looked like nothing alive today, with a neck that was some 2 metres long, the length of the body and tail combined. Why it needed such a long neck has been a mystery, but now Leslie Noè of the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge, UK, has an answer. Plesiosaurs used their long necks to reach down and feed on soft-bodied animals living on the sea...
  • 'Bear-Wolf' Stalks Southern Wisconsin

    11/27/2006 8:01:58 AM PST · by ZGuy · 67 replies · 3,036+ views
    WISN via Yahoo ^ | 11/26/06
    Bizarre local sightings evoked a nationwide fascination with Big Foot. In Washington County there have been several reports of a 7-foot hairy creature with pointy ears. Steve Krueger was doing his job on Nov. 9 -- removing road-side deer carcasses overnight for the Department of Natural Resources. Krueger said he had just made a pick-up along a remote road near Holy Hill about 1:30 a.m., and he was in the cab doing some paperwork. When his parked truck started shaking, he looked in the rear view mirror and got the scare of his life. He said his flashing lights illuminated...
  • Residents Claim Spotting Bigfoot-Like Creature In SE Wisconsin[He's Back]

    11/15/2006 3:39:17 PM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 54 replies · 1,361+ views
    Channel 3000 ^ | 14 Nov 2006 | Channel 3000
    Two Reports Say Witnesses Saw 'Monster' In Area MERTON, Wis. -- Two bizarre sightings of an alleged "monster" in Waukesha County are prompting some local residents to wonder whether witnesses saw the legendary Bigfoot. David and Dillon Radeztsky said that they saw a mysterious creature in Merton, WISC-TV reported. "We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods," David said. "I saw it leaning on a tree," Dillon said. This report comes after another sighting near Holy Hill in Washington County. In that instance, a man claimed a Bigfoot-like creature took a deer from the back of...
  • Is 'Bigfoot' roaming around Holy Hill? (Steals deer carcass from truck-Wisconsin)

    11/11/2006 12:12:09 AM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 32 replies · 4,671+ views
    Greater Milwaukee Today ^ | 10 Nov 2006 | GAY GRIESBACH
    A mysterious sighting in Washington County has area officials and residents bewildered, bemused and amused. A man contracted by the Department of Natural Resources to pick up road kill came to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department to report a 7-foot-tall “animal” had taken a deer out of the back of his pickup truck at about 1 a.m. Thursday, Sheriff Brian Rahn said. According to the report, the man loaded a deer carcass into the back of his truck on Highway 167 near Station Way, got into the cab and prepared to drive away when a large black animal, very wide...
  • Idaho professor an authority on Bigfoot

    11/10/2006 8:04:06 AM PST · by presidio9 · 61 replies · 1,404+ views
    Jeffrey Meldrum holds a PhD in anatomical sciences and is a tenured professor of anatomy at Idaho State University. He is also one of the world's foremost authorities on Bigfoot, also known by the native name Sasquatch, the mythical smelly ape-man of the Northwest woods. And Meldrum firmly believes the lumbering, shaggy brute exists. That makes him an outcast - a solitary, Sasquatch-like figure himself - on the 12,700-student campus, where many scientists are embarrassed by what they call Meldrum's "pseudo-academic" pursuits and have called on the university to review his work with an eye toward revoking his tenure. One...
  • Did a hairy monster stalk Tazewell County?[Illinois]

    11/06/2006 6:47:56 PM PST · by FLOutdoorsman · 45 replies · 3,836+ views
    AP ^ | 06 Nov 2006 | AP
    Thirty-four years ago in Tazewell County, 100 armed men walked the woods around East Peoria's Cole Hollow Road in search of a monster. The search was called off about 7:45 p.m. when one of the men accidentally shot himself in the foot. The creature was never found. The monster hunters were looking for was dubbed the Cohomo Monster, a beast thought to be lurking in Tazewell County in the summer of 1972. James Donahue, Tazewell County Sheriff in 1972, still remembers the infectious hysteria of that summer. "At the time it was a very big deal," Donahue recently told the...
  • Pterosaur-like Creatures Reported in Papua New Guinea

    07/20/2006 7:42:59 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 309 replies · 16,006+ views
    E-Media Newswire ^ | July 20, 2006 | Staff
    Intermittent expeditions on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, from 1994 through 2004, resulted in the compilation of eyewitness testimonies that substantiated a hypothesis that pterosaurs may not be extinct. Long Beach, Calif. (PRWEB) July 20, 2006 -- The conflict between evolution and creation took a new form with an investigation of reports of a pterosaur-like creature in Papua New Guinea. According to standard models of science, all pterosaurs became extinct by about 65-million years ago, but traditional interpretations of the Bible suggest that they lived in human times. According to Jonathan Whitcomb, a forensic videographer who interviewed native islanders in...
  • English Couple Spot Loch Ness Phenomenon

    10/31/2006 5:23:30 PM PST · by pcottraux · 14 replies · 421+ views
    cryptomundo ^ | October 26 | Lawrence Ford
    English Couple Spot Loch Ness Phenomenon The Highland News out of Inverness is reporting that an English couple twice spotted something in Loch Ness during a visit to the area. Here’s the report in full followed by my comments. By, the way, this is the same publication that brought the August sighting of an unknown object off Dores to the attention of the world and led me to investigate. Nessie at the double By Laurence Ford Published: 26 October, 2006 A YOUNG English couple holidaying in the Highlands encountered Nessie not once, but TWICE, during their stay. But although they...
  • Largest "Terror Bird" Fossil Found in Argentina

    10/27/2006 8:27:42 PM PDT · by aculeus · 41 replies · 1,575+ views
    National ^ | October 25, 2006 | by Sean Markey
    Just in time for Halloween, paleontologists have dug up a truly scary creature—Big Bird's bad, buff brother. The real-life fossils belong to a new species of phorusrhacid, giant predators also known as terror birds that once dominated South America. Terror birds were the biggest birds the world has ever seen, and the new species is by far the largest terror bird yet, says paleontologist Luis Chiappe, director of the Dinosaur Institute at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California. "Some of these birds had skulls that were two and a half feet [almost a meter] in length. [They]...
  • Moth That Can Kill Humans Is Found Breeding In Britain

    10/13/2006 5:08:09 PM PDT · by blam · 35 replies · 1,551+ views
    The Telgraph (UK) ^ | 10-14-2006 | Charles Clover
    Moth that can kill humans is found breeding in Britain By Charles Clover, Environment Editor (Filed: 14/10/2006) A moth that can be deadly to humans and strips the leaves off oak trees has been found breeding in Britain in what scientists are saying is the result of climate change. The Oak processionary moth is believed to have arrived in oak trees imported from Tuscany and planted on a housing development before infesting the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, south-west London. Teams in breathing apparatus were called in to deal with three outbreaks of the moth at Kew a month ago...
  • A Glimpse of the "Yardley Yeti"?

    10/05/2006 5:29:04 PM PDT · by WestNJersey · 22 replies · 2,945+ views
    WPVI (Philadelphia) ^ | 10/5/2006 | Don Polec
    There have been increasing reports of a feral creature roaming the rurul reaches of Bucks County that no one can explain OK, So calling it a "yeti" is sort of overhyping it, I admit, but when the local police keep getting reports like this, civic promoters feel, why not exploit it? Let's face it, it's a marketting goldmine. I mean who ever heard of Loch Ness BEFORE the monster showed up? And besides, "Yardley Yeti" has such an alliterative ring to it... (presumably winning out over the "Bucks county Bigfoot" or the "Solebury Sasquatch") Anyway, I can personally attest to...
  • Can You Identify This Creature? (Vanity)

    09/21/2006 6:20:06 AM PDT · by pcottraux · 32 replies · 893+ views
    9/21 | pcottraux
    According to an e-mail I just got, this critter was recently caught in the Savannah River Channel:
  • Photos of Russian Plesiosaur

    08/31/2006 3:14:33 PM PDT · by rightgrafix · 36 replies · 2,033+ views ^ | Aug 28, 2006 | Craig Woolheater
    Two weeks ago, I reported here on Cryptomundo that there was a report that Russian hauled up a dead plesiosaur. Scott Corrales had forwarded the story to us here at Cryptomundo. The story was taken with a grain of salt, as there were no corroborating photographs. Today, Cryptomundo reader 71_machone informed me that the photos were available on the website English Russia. This is what is reported there with the photos.
  • Unknown creature found by soldiers(Russia)-Cryptozoology

    08/28/2006 10:23:33 AM PDT · by Marius3188 · 168 replies · 13,679+ views
    EnglishRussia ^ | Unknown | EnglishRussia
    This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don’t know who is it. According to the bones and teeth - it is not a fish. According to its skeleton - it’s not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies, and we are lucky that people who encountered it first made those photos before...
  • Discovery of the Oldest-Known Ceratopsian, an Ancestor of Triceratops and Other Horned Dinosaurs

    08/24/2006 10:49:15 PM PDT · by Virginia-American · 27 replies · 943+ views
    George Washington University Press Release ^ | May 16, 2006 | Wendy Carey, Matt Lindsay
    GW PROFESSOR JAMES M. CLARK LEADS DISCOVERY OF THE OLDEST-KNOWN CERATOPSIAN, AN ANCESTOR OF TRICERATOPS AND OTHER HORNED DINOSAURS New Find is Evolutionary Link Between Ceratopsians and Pachycephalosaurs, the "Bone-Headed" Dinosaurs WASHINGTON -- James M. Clark, Ronald B. Weintraub Associate Professor of Biology at The George Washington University, and Xu Xing of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) in Beijing, have discovered the oldest-known ceratopsian, a finding that solidifies the close evolutionary evidence between ceratopsians and pachycephalosarians, the "bone-headed" dinosaurs. Roaming the earth 160 million years ago, the new basal ceratopsian dinosaur, Yinlong downsi, appeared 20 million years...
  • Fishermen snag giant squid tentacle

    08/20/2006 9:04:01 AM PDT · by Marius3188 · 83 replies · 2,180+ views
    AP ^ | 16 Aug 2006 | AP
    SANTA BARBARA (AP) - A tentacle and two arms of a giant squid about 20 feet long were snagged by a sport fisherman off Santa Cruz Island. "We just saw something odd floating. We were just kind of stunned, but I saw it and thought, 'We better bring this thing in,'" said Bennett Salvay. The squid parts were found by Salvay, his son and nephew about eight miles off the island on Aug. 11. Salvay, who lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Tarzana, said they grabbed and pulled at it and it kept "coming and coming.... We kind of...
  • 'Hybrid Mutant' Found Dead in Maine {REAL MONSTER Alert!]

    08/16/2006 5:35:23 PM PDT · by TFFKAMM · 347 replies · 24,686+ views
    (08-16) 13:55 PDT Turner, Maine (AP) -- Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, frightened residents and been the subject of local legend for half a generation. The animal was found near power lines along Route 4 on Saturday, apparently struck by a car while chasing a cat. The carcass was photographed and inspected by several people who live in the area, but nobody is sure exactly what it is. Michelle O'Donnell of Turner spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed....
  • "Living fossil" discovered in SW China

    07/21/2006 3:25:09 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 36 replies · 1,516+ views
    The People's Daily (China) ^ | July 21, 2006 | Staff
    Experts recently discovered around 1200 Chinese Hynobiidaes in Guiding county Southwest of China's Guizhou province. These are a type of amphibian species around 300 million years old that once used to live in the dinosaur period. The discovery has offered important reference for the study on animals' evolution and welwitschiopsida's ecological environment. It is known from the fishery station of Guiding county that this precious species is found in several townships like Yanxia, Duliu. They live happily with Chinese giant salamanders (Andrias davidianus) in clear streams and ponds, appearing with an amazingly large population with more than 1000 found in...
  • Mystery beast blamed for killing 3 dogs(Canada)

    08/11/2006 2:01:16 AM PDT · by Marius3188 · 24 replies · 1,839+ views
    CBC News ^ | 10 Aug 2006 | CBC News
    People on a northern Manitoba reserve are avoiding a lake after three sled dogs were gutted amid reports that a strange creature is on the loose. Chief Joe Dantouze of the Northlands First Nation in Lac Brochet said Thursday that he had never seen an animal kill in the manner that befell the dogs. The dogs were found gutted on a island in nearby Reindeer Lake on Sunday morning and another four dogs have gone missing. Manitoba conservation officials have been looking into the matter and have taken the bodies of the dead dogs for analysis. Dantouze said some people...
  • The old lignite skull

    01/22/2003 12:45:54 PM PST · by vannrox · 19 replies · 1,007+ views
    Fortean Times Issue FT 139 ^ | November 2000 | Michel Granger & Francois De Sarre
    The old lignite skull ANOTHER MYSTERY SKULL... THIS TIME AN ANCIENT EUROPEAN WHICH, SAY FRANCOIS DE SARRE AND MICHEL GRANGER, COULD CHALLENGE THE OFFICIAL VIEW OF HUMAN ORIGINS. 0fficially, the origin of the first true Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) dates back 2.5 million years. Before this time lived other hominids whose bones cannot be confused with those of Homo's lineage. Against this background, we have the 2oo-year old enigma of an 'impossibly' ancient humanoid skull from the mining town of Freiberg, in Saxony, Germany, which, if verified, could be more than 10 million years old - far older than...
  • Wisconsin Bigfoot Video

    07/17/2006 2:25:10 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 35 replies · 2,014+ views
    YouTube ^ | July 9, 2006
    Thanks to Renfield for the heads up. The video can be seen here.Also, check the discussion of the video on Cryptomundo.
  • Hunt for Gambia's mythical dragon (problematic to find because people die within weeks of seeing it)

    07/15/2006 2:05:22 AM PDT · by Stoat · 29 replies · 3,121+ views
    The BBC ^ | July 16, 2006
    Hunt for Gambia's mythical dragon A child's depiction of the ninki-nanka on the expedition's blog A team of UK dragon-hunters is on an expedition in The Gambia to track down a mysterious creature known locally as the "Ninki-nanka".Believed to live in swamps, the ninki-nanka appears in the folklore of many parts of West Africa. It is described as having a horse-like face, a long body with mirror-like scales and a crest of skin on its head. Team leader Richard Freeman told the BBC, evidence so far was sketchy as most people died soon after seeing it. Mr Freeman, a...
  • Bring Back Bigfoot(Past Idaho Bigfoot Conference)

    07/06/2006 4:38:21 AM PDT · by Marius3188 · 6 replies · 415+ views
    Boise Weekly ^ | July 05, 2006 | DEAN A. FERGUSON
    True Believers -- and others -- rub elbows in Pocatello POCATELLO--A hulking 6-foot 3-inch believer cornered John Mionczynski as he left the lectern. "I know you're a skeptic, right? But look here." The man jabbed a photo with his thick finger. "See. See. That's Bigfoot." I peeked over the man's meaty shoulder to see a grainy black and white of trees and shadows. I felt like I was flunking an ink blot test. He prodded Mionczynski. "Obviously you see that's Bigfoot there. What do you think of that?" The man then presented a shot of an oval smudge on a...
  • New colour-changing snake found in Borneo

    06/27/2006 6:48:16 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 14 replies · 310+ views
    Reuters ^ | Tue Jun 27, 2006
    Biologists working in the forests of Borneo have found a previously unknown type of snake which can change its color spontaneously like a chameleon, the environmental body WWF said on Tuesday. The poisonous snake, about half a meter (half a yard) long, was discovered in the wetlands and swamp forests of Betung National Park in the Indonesian part of the island, which is also shared by Malaysia and Brunei. When picked up and put in a bucket, it was reddish-brown but later changed its color to white, apparently in an automatic reaction to blend in with surroundings, according to the...
  • Idaho Museum to Open Bigfoot Exhibit

    06/13/2006 3:43:19 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 7 replies · 223+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | June 13
    Idaho museum to open Bigfoot exhibit Tue Jun 13, 1:45 PM ET POCATELLO, Idaho - The director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History says it won't matter whether Bigfoot is farce or fact when a new exhibit opens Friday. Linda Deck, who is also curator of the Bigfoot exhibit, said the museum is taking a neutral position and simply displaying artifacts that involve the legendary creature that some say lives secretly in the Northwest. "As human beings we make sense of our world in a variety of different ways," Deck told the Idaho State Journal. "We've got our myths,...
  • Bigfoot hunters claim another sighting(Bigfoot in New York)

    06/12/2006 7:44:01 PM PDT · by Marius3188 · 75 replies · 1,820+ views
    The Buffalo News ^ | June 12, 2006 | LAUREN PAUER
    Both local and professional Bigfoot hunters said they detected what might be Bigfoot at Hans Mobius' Clarence farm over the weekend. Tom Biscardi, chief executive officer of Searching For Bigfoot Inc., whose investigative team of seven arrived from California and Elmira on Friday, said his crew saw a 6- to 8-foot-tall humanoid creature Friday through thermal imaging. Filmmaker Todd Bailey, who is making a documentary called "Bigfoot Lives" that follows Biscardi and his team on their hunts, was the first to see the creature on the infrared cameras. "You could definitely tell the shape of something. There was definitely something...
  • Mysterious Arctic skull raises questions about what animals once roamed North

    05/30/2006 11:20:11 PM PDT · by Marius3188 · 26 replies · 1,587+ views
    CNews ^ | 30 May 2006 | JOHN THOMPSON
    IQALUIT, Nunavut (CP) - A mysterious skull discovered on the edge of the Arctic Circle has sparked interest in what creatures roamed Baffin Island in the distant past, and what life a warming climate may support in the future. Andrew Dialla, a resident of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, says he found the skull protruding from the frozen tundra during a walk near the shore with his daughter about a month ago. The horned skull is about the size of a man's fist. It resembles a baby caribou skull, except at that age, a caribou wouldn't have antlers, researchers and elders have pointed...
  • Dinosaurs in American Indian Petroglyphs

    05/27/2006 7:34:42 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 36 replies · 655+ views
    Dinosaurs in American Indian Petroglyphs Evolution, and the Redneck Watermelon Truck The story goes that two old boys named Luke and Ray-Bob had themselves a truck and were buying watermelons in Fla. and Ga. for $2 and trucking them to Chicago and Detroit and selling them for $2. After awhile, they noticed that they were not making any money; naturally enough, they had a big business meeting and came to the conclusion that they needed a bigger truck. Evolutionists, of course, are using time in precisely the same manner in which the two rednecks are using truck size, and there...
  • Is There Bigfoot in Georgia?

    05/17/2006 10:51:26 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 68 replies · 1,662+ views
    WTVM9 ^ | 5/17/06 | Jon Kalahar
    Sometimes in this world there are certain things we just can't explain. Ghost sightings, the loch ness monster, and what about big foot? Well, bigfoot, that's one we may be able to help you with. Did you know there have been over fifty bigfoot sightings in Georgia? In Coweta County, the site of the most recent sightings in Georgia, we spoke with locals as well as a bigfoot researcher to find out if bigfoot really is living among us. This video put bigfoot on the map. The 1967 video filmed by Roger Patterson in California brought the mythical beast to...
  • Bigfoot:New Photo From Mt Hood National Forest ?

    05/04/2006 1:28:13 PM PDT · by llevrok · 51 replies · 3,756+ views
    There’s a new “possible” Bigfoot photograph that has been submitted to Cryptomundo. We are making no claims about it, but thought our readers might be interested in looking at this one. And pondering what it might be. It was taken by a scouting camera on April 30, 2006, in the Mt. Hood National Forest, near The Dalles, Oregon. The camera is a Cuddeback digital scouting camera, which was attached to a tree about three feet off the ground. It has a motion/heat detector. Could it be someone going by in a poncho? I asked the people who placed the camera,...
  • Malaysia denies capturing baby "Bigfoot"

    04/20/2006 11:48:29 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 21 replies · 373+ views
    AFP ^ | 4/20/06
    Malaysian wildlife officials denied capturing a baby "Bigfoot," amid fevered speculation over the existence of the mythical creature in the nation's southern jungles. The Berita Harian newspaper reported that a young Bigfoot was caught by a group of men thought to be from the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) near the southern town of Kota Tinggi two weeks ago. The paper quoted local residents as saying they had spoken to men who described shooting the creature with tranquiliser darts. The locals then peeked into the back of the their truck to see a large, hairy creature. But the department's...
  • Breaking News: Nahuelito Photographed (Lake Monster Pictures)

    04/17/2006 4:05:09 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 17 replies · 752+ views ^ | April 17, 2006
    Breaking News: Nahuelito Photographed Cryptozoologist Scott Corrales of Inexplicata is sharing that the latest photographs of a famed Lake Monster of Argentina has surfaced on April 15, 2006. Giving as a source El Cordillerano Edicion of Argentina for Monday, April 17, 2006, the article translated is "The Latest Photo of Lake Nahuel Huapi Monster." Here’s Corrales’ text, from Spanish to English: Photos were left behind by anonymous reader at the newsroom. The man came to our newsroom, spoke to the receptionist and left her an envelope with three photos and a note that read: "This is not a tree trunk...
  • Mothman Has His Own Museum

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    Charleston Daily Mail ^ | March 20 | Samantha L. Thomas
    Mothman has his own museum Samantha L. Thomas Daily Mail staff Monday March 20, 2006 Ohio's Appalachian Country The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil are names recognized worldwide, hunted by those with an insatiable curiosity. For residents of West Virginia's own Point Pleasant, there is another name that should be on that list: Mothman. The reported sightings of the large, winged creature with red glowing eyes started in the late 1960s, coinciding with many strange happenings in the area, including some saucer-like unidentified flying objects and climaxing with the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December 1967...
  • Tracking a Tall Tale (Bigfoot Safari???)

    04/03/2006 9:14:46 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 8 replies · 339+ views
    Canton Daily Ledger ^ | 1-04-06 | Bram Eisenthal
    Tracking a tall tale Bigfoot specialist inspires off-road safaris in the wilds of Vancouver Island BRAM EISENTHAL Special to The Globe and Mail SHAWNIGAN LAKE, B.C. -- They're as old as time, perhaps inhabitants of this planet longer than us. Some native North American tribes refer to them as naxnox, or supernatural beings, and have encountered them for centuries. Fishermen, loggers, hikers and day trippers claim to have seen them on occasion. We're talking about Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Wildman -- it doesn't matter what you call them, it appears they're here, living among us. Unless, that is, you think every...
  • Video Proof Disputed in Case of Ivory Bill

    03/24/2006 2:59:14 AM PST · by S0122017 · 7 replies · 258+ views
    scientific american ^ | March 20 2006 | David Biello
    Video Proof Disputed in Case of Ivory Bill The writer of a field guide to North American birds and three academic colleagues have challenged the videotape evidence offered as proof of the existence of an ivory-billed woodpecker in Arkansas' Big Woods region. Long believed to be extinct, the bird made headlines around the world last April when scientists announced that they had spotted it several times and caught it on film. But David Sibley and his team argue that the low-quality video shows the more common pileated woodpecker, not the ivory-bill, preparing to take flight from a tupelo tree and...