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  • Cigar makers burned by fakes

    05/09/2006 11:58:00 AM PDT · by JZelle · 65 replies · 1,442+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 5-9-06 | Curt Anderson
    MIAMI -- Cigar aficionados beware: Those handmade Montecristos, Cohibas and Romeo y Julietas aren't necessarily premium smokes. Law-enforcement and cigar industry officials say counterfeiters are marketing millions of dollars in fake upscale cigars, some even pretending to be authentic Cubans that are illegal to sell in the United States. A crackdown uncovered several major counterfeit operations, including one in Miami that resulted in the seizure of more than $20 million in fake stogies, labels and packaging.
  • Spy culture takes toll on exiles' psyche (Castro's spys are everywere in the Cuban expat community)

    02/08/2006 2:35:34 PM PST · by presidio9 · 11 replies · 553+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | Wed, Feb. 08, 2006 | LYDIA MARTIN
    Growing up in Miami, young Cuban Americans rolled their eyes whenever the older generation warned there were spies everywhere. Agents of Fidel Castro who blended into el exilio and reported back to the island? It seemed too dime-store-novel to be true. But over the years, proof poured in. The latest: alleged Cuban agents at Florida International University. The old-timers have felt vindicated every time a spy is discovered -- just because they were paranoid didn't mean spies weren't out to get them. But just how damaging have those spies been? Whatever intelligence they may have swiped, their greatest toll could...
  • Patriot Act bars Cuban rebels

    04/12/2006 6:20:35 AM PDT · by twippo · 21 replies · 465+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | Apr. 12, 2006 | PABLO BACHELET
    Supporters of an old anti-Castro rebellion are having difficulties getting asylum in the United States because the Patriot Act labels them terrorists. WASHINGTON - Four decades ago, thousands of Cubans took to the Escambray mountains in a CIA-backed guerrilla war against Fidel Castro. Today, U.S. law brands them as terrorists.
  • Madame Librarian: Defending terrorists' privacy while ignoring real repression.

    02/11/2006 8:39:10 AM PST · by CyberAnt · 25 replies · 1,853+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | February 10, 2006 | Review & Outlook
    On March 10, parts of the Patriot Act expire again. Section 215, most famous for the alleged threat it poses to library patrons ... doesn't single out libraries but relates to official requests for "... books, records, ... etc.". The provision is not known to have been invoked yet .... To hear the ALA talk, librarians are the last bulwark defending our most cherished civil liberties against government assault. Yet two recent examples show again that self-anointed guardians of the public good can be very selective about the people, and rights, they choose to protect. One example came from Newton,...

    11/22/2005 6:17:03 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 30 replies · 1,005+ views
    AKI ^ | 11/22/05
    Tehran, 22 Nov. (AKI) - Iran's religious authorities in the holy Shiite city of Qom have officially invited Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, to convert to Islam, according to Hojatolislam Mohammad Reza Hakimi, quoted by Iran's Farda news agency. "I met Castro together with the Iranian foreign minister, Saiid Salili, and gave him some sacred Islamic texts translated into Spanish," said Hakimi, who recently returned from a government visit to Cuba. "We spoke with Castro for several hours, and I think I almost managed to convince him to become a Muslim," Hakimi added. "Castro certain that Cuba is suffering from...
  • 'Two-Faced French Sell Out Cuban Dissidents'

    07/25/2005 8:02:11 PM PDT · by blam · 3 replies · 248+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 7-26-2005 | David Rennie
    'Two-faced French sell out Cuban dissidents' By David Rennie, in Brussels (Filed: 26/07/2005) A leading Cuban dissident yesterday accused a "two-faced" French government of putting trade ahead of the suffering of the Cuban people. The comments by Marta Beatriz Roque, a 60-year-old economist who was arrested during a protest outside the French embassy in Havana on Bastille Day, came after Paris unilaterally ended a European Union diplomatic embargo against the regime of President Fidel Castro, and normalised relations with his government. Apparently emboldened by the French overture, Cuban authorities responded by launching the largest wave of dissident arrests since 2003,...
  • A Swift Climb Up the Ladder (Dumbocrat setup suspected sex partner as lobbyist)

    07/21/2005 1:13:47 PM PDT · by Liz · 43 replies · 1,573+ views
    NY TIMES ^ | July 17, 2005 | JEFFREY GETTLEMAN
    In 1998.....Kay Elizabeth LiCausi, a 26-year-old graduate of Rutgers....started a job as scheduler.......for Representative Robert Menendez (D-NJ).....who was soon to become the highest-ranking Hispanic member of Congress. She quickly gained his trust, and less than three years later was promoted to director of his NJ headquarters. But in 2002..... Ms. LiCausi left his staff. Since then.......She has amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts as consultant, lobbyist and fund-raiser. Some of the work was orchestrated by Mr. Menendez, who steered more than $200,000 worth of political consulting and fund-raising contracts her way. Several of her clients are businesses and...
  • Clueless Commies & Cuban Contraband

    07/20/2005 1:31:56 PM PDT · by NRA1995 · 4 replies · 362+ views ^ | 7/18/05 | Mike S. Adams
    Right now, I’m sitting on my back deck smoking a Cuban Montecristo #2. Some call it breaking the law. But since the U.S. Army rejected my offer to go to Iraq to serve as an army sniper, the least I can do is help the troops by burning valuable enemy crops. After I finish this 52-ring by 6 1/8” figurado (and dispose of the evidence in my American-made toilet), I plan to watch that tape of Castro falling down the steps and busting his communist fanny on international television. The tape only runs about 30 seconds, butt (sorry) it is...
  • Castro and Terrorism: A Chronology

    06/11/2005 4:32:27 PM PDT · by F14 Pilot · 6 replies · 378+ views ^ | June 10, 2005 | Eugene Pons
    Since 1948 when, as a young student, Fidel Castro participated in the violence that rocked Colombian society and distributed anti-U.S. propaganda, he has been guided by two objectives: a commitment to violence and a virulent anti-Americanism. His struggle since and his forty-two years rule in Cuba have been characterized primarily by these goals. In the 1960's Castro and his brother, Raul, believed that the political and economic conditions that produced their revolution existed in Latin America and that anti-American revolutions would occur throughout the continent. Cuban agents and diplomats established contact with revolutionary, terrorist and guerrilla groups in the area...
  • Let’s grab a cab to the United States

    06/08/2005 10:29:49 AM PDT · by RS · 45 replies · 1,075+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 06/08/06 | The Associated Press
    A vintage blue taxicab converted into a seagoing vessel and carrying several Cuban immigrants was intercepted Tuesday off Key West by the Coast Guard, a television station reported.
  • Leftists accuse U.S. of harboring Cuban bomber (Terrorism Conference held in Havana)

    06/02/2005 4:50:58 PM PDT · by Libloather · 12 replies · 571+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 6/02/05 | Anthony Boadle
    Leftists accuse U.S. of harboring Cuban bomber By Anthony Boadle 45 minutes ago HAVANA (Reuters) - Left-wing politicians and intellectuals attending a conference on terrorism in Cuba accused the U.S. government on Thursday of harboring a Cuban exile blamed for the bombing of an airliner in 1976. They said the Bush administration had a double standard in its post-9/11 war on terror because it refused to extradite former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela to stand trial for the downing of a Cuban plane that killed 73 people. The meeting, headed by Cuban President Fidel Castro at Havana's convention...
  • U.S. Arrests Cuban Exile Accused in Deadly '76 Airline Bombing

    05/17/2005 9:19:04 PM PDT · by 4mor3 · 2 replies · 373+ views
    New York Times | 5/17/2005 | U.S. Arrests Cuban Exile Accused in Deadly '76 Airline Bombing
    <p>By U.S. Arrests Cuban Exile Accused in Deadly '76 Airline Bombing MIAMI, May 17 - Immigration officials arrested Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile suspected in a deadly airplane bombing and other attacks, on Tuesday, weeks after he slipped into the United States and shortly after he withdrew an application for political asylum.</p>

    03/21/2005 8:36:38 AM PST · by JesseHousman · 29 replies · 1,398+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 3/21/2005 | Oscar Corral
    A little-noticed change in federal benefit rules has kept scores of older Cuban immigrants from collecting disability checks that are considered one of America's last-ditch social safety nets, according to a pair of public service lawyers. People like Barbara Diaz, who arrived from Cuba five years ago, are left with little or no income, say the lawyers who are trying to address the situation. ''I don't regret coming to this country because it's the best in the world,'' said Diaz, 71. ``But I thought I would have this help, and I don't.'' Diaz was counting on receiving Supplemental Security Income,...
  • Female Castro supporters break up protest

    03/20/2005 10:53:31 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 3 replies · 1,074+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 3/20/05 | Vanessa Arrington - AP
    HAVANA (AP) - With shouts of "Viva Fidel," female government supporters interrupted a weekly silent protest on Sunday by the wives of political prisoners after church services on the second anniversary of the crackdown that put 75 activists behind bars. No violence was reported and nobody was injured during the standoff between two opposing groups of women Sunday afternoon after Palm Sunday Mass at the Santa Rita Roman Catholic Church. But tensions ran high during the unusual, noisy confrontation, prompting curious neighbors to leave their homes and for cars along busy Fifth Avenue to slow down for a better look....

    03/01/2005 8:53:57 PM PST · by Corazon · 3 replies · 589+ views
    E mail received | Carlos M Aguilar
    FROM FILMMAKER/PHOTOGRAPHER CARLOS M. AGUILAR Dear Cuban Music and History Lovers, I'm so happy that an actress, a songwriter and a producer were three of the Oscar nominated Latinos-Spaniards for the 2004 Academy Award but, we must correct a big mistake amplified in front of hundreds of millions of viewers during last night's gala. Jorge Drexler won the award for best original song for "The Motorcycle Diaries." It's a good film about the early young life of Ernesto Che Guevara before he left his home to destroy other lands in his distorted quest to change the world.
  • What's that about Cuban doctors again?

    02/18/2005 7:31:15 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 224+ views
    Venezuela News and Views ^ | Feb. 18, 2005 | A.M. Mora y Leon
    A Castroite state-controlled media organ reports that El Barbudo is incensed about Cuba not having enough doctors in Cuba in this news item here. Oh really? It's enough to make me wonder if he's almost as oblivious to economics as El Supremo. Of course there aren't enough Cuban doctors, Castro! You sent them off to be spies in Venezuela! Cubans have noticed this. And so have Venezuelans! Daniel researched that Misión Barrio Adentro program and found quite a bit of evidence of such shenanigans here. You've got plenty of Cuban doctors, Castro. It's just that when you send them to...
  • For some Cuban detainees, freedom's just another word for nothing

    02/17/2005 3:50:24 PM PST · by chemicalman · 3 replies · 285+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 2/17/2005, 5:00 p.m. | JANET McCONNAUGHEY
    One of hundreds of Mariel Cubans being quietly released from prison by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Roberto Pedroso-Mesa had hoped to return to Florida, where he had lived. But because he had no one to call for bus fare, he was driven from a north Alabama jail to New Orleans. "Immigration brought me here, up to the Immigration building, and they let me go right there," he said through an interpreter Wednesday.But on Thursday, he had a work card — not a permanent "green card," but a temporary card showing it is legal to hire him. So did two...
  • Castro kitsch

    01/07/2005 9:35:14 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 425+ views
    The American Thinker, linking Babalublog ^ | Jan. 7, 2005 | Val Prieto, via A.M. Mora y Leon
    Val Prieto, at Babalublog, has some fun at the expense of a restaurant in Minneapolis which serves "revolutionary Cuban cuisine" amidst portraits of Che and Fidel. Val writes what getting a real meal is like in Havana... It's a masterpiece of debunking. He floors the guy in that magnificent storytelling way that only he can. >>Revolutionary Cuban cooking!? I wonder if the maitre'd hands everyone a ration card when they walk in the door. Or if they make the cafe cubano like they have been making it in revolutionary Cuba. One thin layer of fresh coffee grounds, one thin layer...
  • The Cuban Biotech Revolution

    01/03/2005 6:19:54 PM PST · by Calpernia · 13 replies · 677+ views
    Havana Journal ^ | December 2004 | By Douglas Starr
    The end of the cold war was cruel to Cuba. The country's trading partners, denied Soviet largesse, dried up. Hard cash ran low. What food the country could grow languished in the fields; trucks didn't have enough gasoline to bring the crops to market. And of course there was the US embargo. What Cubans call "the Special Period" produced one notable success: pharmaceuticals. In the wake of the Soviet collapse, Cuba got so good at making knockoff drugs that a thriving industry took hold. Today the country is the largest medicine exporter in Latin America and has more than 50...
  • Thank A Cuban-American

    12/05/2004 5:09:33 AM PST · by Read2Know · 2 replies · 214+ views
    Conservative Trailhead ^ | 12/05/2004 | Henry Ortuno
    The next time you meet a Cuban, say thank you. I am reading Ann Coulter's new book, How To Talk to a Liberal, when I came to her analysis on the Elián Gonzáles debacle. She devotes an entire chapter to this subject. I wondered why this injustice by the Clinton administration was any more significant than others about which she uses less space. Then I read the point of the chapter and realized why she saw the need to dedicate that much ink to the subject. In 1996, 40% of Cuban-Americans voted for Bill Clinton. In 2000, 77% of Cuban-Americans...
  • Cuban 'truckonaut' family call Costa Rica home

    12/02/2004 3:50:35 PM PST · by Rakkasan1 · 13 replies · 1,023+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 12-2-04 | LUISA YANEZ
    First they tried sailing to freedom in a retrofitted 1951 Chevy. Then it was a floating '59 Chevy pickup truck. Finally, the family of a Cuban migrant who masterminded the escapes in vintage trucks has found freedom. They arrived Wednesday in Costa Rica -- not in a vintage Chevy -- but on a flight paid for by the U.S. government. Luis Grass, 30, a master mechanic dubbed a ''truckonaut'' for his conversions of the classic vehicles into seaworthy escape vessels, was among the 20 migrants taken from the U.S. Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay to Costa Rica on Wednesday. He...
  • Triumph of the American spirit

    12/01/2004 3:55:42 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 182+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | Dec. 1, 2004 | Matthew May
    Are you not inspired and uplifted by the story of Carlos Gutierrez? When Gutierrez was but six years old, he and his family left their home in Havana, Cuba, for a vacation in Miami, unaware that they would never return to their homeland. Fidel Castro and his communists took over the island, confiscated the pineapple exporting business and property of Carlos Gutierrez’s father, and prohibited his family from returning. The Gutierrez family was forced to start anew in an unfamiliar place with an uncertain future. Carlos’s father worked for Heinz and began another business, though it was hit hard by...

    11/23/2004 12:15:15 PM PST · by mandingo republican · 59 replies · 3,059+ views
    FOLKS, THIS IS HOT - NATIONWIDE!!!! SEE BELOW AND SEND TO ALL ON YOUR LISTS! Burlington Coat Factory promotes t-shirts of communist murderer Che Guevara BOYCOTT BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY PROTEST Saturday Dec. 4, 2004 at noon at Burlington Coat Factory stores MIAMI: 11301 NW 12TH Street, Miami, FL 33172 NEW YORK: 707 6th Avenue, NY, NY 10010 LOS ANGELES: 22835 Victory Blvd., WEST HILLS, CA 91307 SAN FRANCISCO: 899 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103 WASHINGTON D.C.: 3524 South Jefferson Street Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041 Burlington Coat Factory has become "Burlington Che Factory." The company ran television ads promoting sales...
  • Pres. Bush Promises Freedom for Cuba in Stump Speech in Miama, Florida

    10/31/2004 12:18:46 PM PST · by BIOCHEMKY · 121 replies · 3,990+ views
    MSNBC ^ | October 31, 2004 | BIOCHEMKY
    In front of a large and highly energized crowd, President Bush announced his intention for the United States to bring freedom to the people of Cuba. The President promised to bring pressure to bear in order to ensure that every Cuban has the same freedoms as all Americans. The President's unexpected assertion was welcomed by a large crowd of supporters in a hugely resounding and highly energized way. The response of the largely Cuban-American crowd to the President's declaration of freedom for Cuba culminated with of those in attendance spontaneously and excitedly leaping to their feet and cheering very loudly...
  • Florida Democrat Braggadocio Mayor can't deliver promised votes

    10/26/2004 8:30:27 AM PDT · by MikeEdwards · 2 replies · 484+ views
    Canada Free Press newspapers ^ | October 26, 2004 | Judy McLeod
    For all of his braggadocio, television star of Democratic election advertisement fame, Hialeah, Florida Mayor Raul Martinez may not be able to deliver the votes of his own city to presidential hopeful John Kerry. With rhetoric that's "getting more vulgar" every day, the Cuban-born mayor seems to be turning the tide against his main man Kerry. "Martinez says we Cuban-American Republicans are walking with blinders on and he has even called us horses," says Hialeah resident Ana V. Amador. "But with our 44,080 versus 17,000 representation, we Republicans are the majority." . . . . . For the entire Canada...
  • I have an idea about our own scare tactic- VANITY

    10/20/2004 2:50:23 PM PDT · by Liberatio · 16 replies · 490+ views
    I have an idea about using a scare tactic...a new one or maybe it isn't. Since Castro has come out and supported Kerry and Democrats want the illegal alien vote, then why can't we say that if Kerry gets into office, he will return illegal cubans back to Cuba. I think this might work with illegal Mexicans too because I think Fox (read Mexico's president, not the news channel--for the democrats) has come out in support of Kerry as well. It is only fair because of the scare tactics Democrats use to scare old people and victicrats (thanks for the...
  • Michael Moore Knocks Cuban Exiles, Capitalism, etc. in Book "Downsize This"

    08/01/2004 6:52:36 PM PDT · by Coleus · 33 replies · 4,920+ views
    p193 Miami -- It is there that a nutty bunch of Cuban exiles have controlled U.S. foreign policy regarding this insignificant island nation. These Cubans, many of whom were Batista supporters and lived high on the hog while that crook ran the country, seem not to have slept a wink since they grabbed their assets and headed to Florida. And, since 1960, they have insisted on pulling us into their madness. Why is it that in every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades-the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, IranContra, our drug abuse epidemic-the list...
  • Researchers Scour Cuban Records For Clues To Calusa

    03/14/2004 3:17:49 PM PST · by blam · 7 replies · 351+ views
    Naples News ^ | 3-14-2004 | Kristen Zambo
    Researchers scour Cuban records for clues to Calusa By KRISTEN ZAMBO, March 14, 2004 After years of belief to the contrary, the once mighty Calusa Indians, who lived centuries ago in Southwest Florida, may not be extinct after all. Nicknamed "The Fierce Ones," the Calusa Indians lived in Southwest Florida from around A.D. 100 to the early 1700s, when they were believed to have been killed off by invading Native American tribes, Spanish soldiers and foreign diseases such as smallpox. Their largest settlement in Florida was on Pine Island at Pineland, now the site of the Randell Research Center,...
  • Eight Cubans Caught on Floating Buick Returned Home; 3 in Limbo

    02/10/2004 3:05:52 PM PST · by nuconvert · 22 replies · 172+ views
    AP ^ | Feb. 10, 2004
    Eight Cubans Caught on Floating Buick Returned Home; 3 in Limbo The Associated Press Published: Feb 10, 2004 MIAMI (AP) - Eight Cubans who tried to reach the United States in a 1959 Buick converted into a boat were sent back to their homeland Tuesday by the Coast Guard. A judge has not decided what to do with three others who were in the car. The Cuban family of three remained on a Coast Guard cutter at sea while a federal judge in Miami decided whether they have any right to enter the United States. The group of 11 was...
  • Exile Activist Says Cubans in Floating Buick are Sent Back to Cuba, Car Sunk

    02/04/2004 6:05:09 PM PST · by nuconvert · 45 replies · 306+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 2-04-04 | LUISA YANEZ and TERE FIGUERAS
    Exile Activist Says Cubans in Floating Buick are Sent Back to Cuba, Car Sunk BY LUISA YANEZ and TERE FIGUERAS Feb 4,'04 The '59 Buick converted into a boat and headed to Florida Keys with 11 Cuban migrants onboard has been sunk by the U.S. Coast Guard and those onboard will be taken back to Cuba, according to an exile activist in Key West. The U.S. Coast Guard Wednesday morning refused to comment on the fate of the car, citing a policy not to comment on an ``ongoing mission.'' But Arturo Cobo, who ran the Cuban rafter house in...
  • Castro says Schwarzenegger all muscle

    11/01/2003 6:59:28 AM PST · by knighthawk · 9 replies · 98+ views
    Swissinfo ^ | November 01 2003 | Reuters
    HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban President Fidel Castro has praised California Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles but wonders how much brain power the former Mr. Universe has. "To judge from the photographs, he has a lot of muscle, but they have not tested him to see how much muscle he has in the brain," the bearded revolutionary quipped during a five-hour speech on Friday evening closing a Latin American social sciences conference. "He way well have more force in the arms than in the brain," Castro, 77, said of the former Austrian body builder who went from B-movie actor to Hollywood star...
  • Strong words for tough stance on Cuba

    09/18/2003 1:38:27 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 1 replies · 226+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | Sept. 17, 2003 | OSCAR CORRAL
    National security advisor Condoleezza Rice emphasizes to Cuban-American lawmakers that President Bush won't back down on his views. National security advisor Condoleezza Rice has written South Florida Republican legislators to stress that President Bush is committed to the economic embargo against Cuba and bringing democracy to the island. Her letter underscores the importance in the next presidential election of the Cuban-American electorate, a voting block considered necessary by the GOP to win in Florida, which is expected to be a key state. Rice, writing to State Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, was responding to a letter that GOP state legislators had...
  • Cuban Rolls World's Biggest Cigar

    08/29/2003 7:00:48 AM PDT · by bedolido · 6 replies · 518+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 08/29/03 | ANDREA RODRIGUEZ
    HAVANA (AP) -- A Cuban cigar maker has shattered his own record for the world's longest cigar by rolling a 45-foot-long stogie, the Guinness Book of World Records said. It took Jose Castelar Cairo five days to manufacture the cigar - a feat that far surpassed his 35-foot cigar that set the record in 2000. The latest and greatest cigar was rolled in November, but only recently certified by Guinness. Castelar proudly displayed both Guinness certificates on Thursday. Castelar's first milestone was a 9-foot cigar he and his buddies rolled in 1999 as a way to attract passing tourists. "We...
  • Squandering the Cuban vote

    08/01/2003 10:41:38 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 26 replies · 217+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Aug. 2, 2003 | WT Editorial
    <p>It is not an overstatement to argue that George W. Bush is president today largely because of Cuban Americans. After Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno ordered an armed raid to take 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez away from his family and ship him off to communist Cuba, outraged Cuban Americans turned out in force to vote against Democratic candidate Al Gore in retribution for the administration's mistreatment of one of their own. More than 80 percent of Florida's 400,000 Cuban-American votes were delivered for Mr. Bush in 2000. This put him over the top in that state's close election, and thus, provided the electoral votes to defeat Mr. Gore.</p>
  • Cubans' return 'just not right,' Gov. Bush says

    07/31/2003 11:15:11 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 35 replies · 237+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | July 31, 2003 | PETER WALLSTEN
    With political tension building over the U.S. government's decision to ship 12 boat hijacking suspects back to face prison in Cuba, Gov. Jeb Bush took the unusual step Thursday of criticizing his own brother's administration for the negotiations that led to the repatriation. The governor's rebuke, delivered during an interview with The Herald, comes as President Bush and the Republican Party face a rising tide of anger among Cuban-American exile leaders, who say last week's repatriation of the boaters is the latest offense by a GOP president who has failed to fulfill campaign promises to toughen policies targeting Fidel Castro's...
  • Cuban migrants attempt to cross the Florida Straights (Possibly a picture of Democrat Contenders)

    07/24/2003 8:15:42 AM PDT · by bedolido · 64 replies · 1,078+ views
    Yahooooooo ^ | 07/24/03 | Staff Writer
    Twelve Cuban migrants attempt to cross the Florida Straights Wednesday, July 16, 2003 in a boat fashioned out of a 1951 Chevy pickup truck driving it within 40 miles of the United States before they were found by the U.S. Coast Guard (news - web sites) and returned to Cuba. (AP Photo/U.S. Coast Guard, Gregory Wald)
  • Cuban Jamming Demands A Firm Response

    07/22/2003 11:11:18 PM PDT · by Utah Girl · 3 replies · 189+ views
    The Heritage Foundation ^ | 7/22/2003 | Stephen Johnson
    For nearly four decades, Cuba has maintained sophisticated electronic intelligence- gathering and offensive capabilities, which range from tapping U.S. phone conversations to jamming radio communications signals and launching computer viruses. To date, U.S. decision-makers have done little more than work around them, since they were never considered serious threats. Washington should reconsider that stance in light of the following events: Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts to Iranian audiences have been jammed, and Cuba is a prime suspect in this obstruction; Cuba has drafted proposals for a United Nations summit on information technology promoting the legalization of jamming and state control...
  • 15 Cubans Repatriated by US (= Refugees handed over to brutal dictator by US)

    07/21/2003 9:22:20 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 17 replies · 409+ views
    VOA News ^ | July 21, 2003 | David Gollust, State Dept.
    The United States Monday repatriated 15 Cubans who had been aboard a Cuban government boat they seized at gunpoint last week and was later intercepted in international waters off the Bahamas by the U.S. Coast Guard. The return came after the Cuban government promised that anyone found guilty in the case would receive no more than ten years in prison. The return of the 15 Cubans followed intensive bilateral contacts climaxed by a diplomatic note from Cuba pledging the ten-year limit on any jail terms handed down in the case. The affair began last Tuesday, when 11 Cuban men and...
  • Mystery Man Jailed In Sallisaw

    07/09/2003 4:49:36 PM PDT · by Lauratealeaf · 12 replies · 234+ views
    The Times Record Online ^ | July 9, 2003_ | Marcus Blair
    POTEAU — Authorities remain uncertain about the identity and significance of a man arrested in Sequoyah County who is of interest to several federal agencies. The man who identified himself as Juan Carlos Fals may have as many as 15 aliases, said Richard Gray, district attorney. Fals appears to have two social security numbers and has a record of arrests in Florida, but his booking photo in Sequoyah County does not match a photo taken by Florida authorities. “We don’t know who he is, but this thing has escalated and we may be sitting on a powder keg,” Gray said....
  • Wake Me Up When Cuba Is Free At Last!

    06/14/2003 8:12:34 PM PDT · by fed_up_with_un · 197+ views
    War to Mobilize Democracy ^ | 6/14/2003 | Donnel Jones
    Wake Me Up When Cuba Is Free At Last! By Donnel Jones, June 14, 2003 Home   Search   Forum   Terms I really can't bear it. Castro has flipped his lid and is alienating one of his few, remaining allies: the European Union. Whatever unlikely moral intelligence is left in the E.U., it should be commended for aligning itself with the United States in its censure of Cuba's most recent brutal crackdown on dissidents. Of course, this censure took the form of an announcement that the E.U. would "review" its relationship with the Caribbean dictatorship, so one shouldn't get one's hopes up. To help...
  • Dissidents sentenced to up to 27 years in Cuban crackdown

    04/08/2003 9:10:21 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 12 replies · 168+ views
    Sac Bee ^ | 4/7/03 | Anita Snow - AP Havana
    <p>HAVANA (AP) - Fidel Castro's government dealt a crippling blow to Cuba's opposition movement Monday, sentencing peaceful activists, journalists and an economist to up to 27 years in prison for allegedly collaborating with U.S. diplomats to undermine the socialist state.</p>
  • Cuban argues with fake referee in April Fools' gag

    04/01/2003 8:16:58 PM PST · by TexRef · 6 replies · 216+ views ^ | April 1, 2003
    DALLAS (AP) _ Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pulled an April Fools' gag during a timeout in the second quarter of Tuesday night's game against the New Orleans Hornets, getting into a shoving match with a phony game official. Cuban, heavily fined last season for his complaints about officiating, went onto the court during the stoppage in play and began arguing with a man dressed as a game official. Cuban began shoving the man and was restrained by one of the team's equipment managers before it became apparent that the incident had been staged. The real officials chuckled at Cuban's...
  • JF Kennedy's speech (Applicable to justification for Iraq War)

    03/15/2003 8:53:25 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 4 replies · 638+ views
    JFK Library ^ | Oct. 22, 1962 | J.F. Kennedy
    "Neither the United States of America nor the world community of nations can tolerate deliberate deception and offensive threats on the part of any nation, large or small. We no longer live in a world where only the actual firing of weapons represents a sufficient challenge to a nation's security to constitute maximum peril. Nuclear weapons are so destructive and ballistic missiles are so swift, that any substantially increased possibility of their use or any sudden change in their deployment may well be regarded as a definite threat to peace. The 1930's taught us a clear lesson: aggressive conduct, if...
  • Cuban torturers hiding in Florida?

    02/16/2003 7:39:27 PM PST · by Kenny Bunk · 5 replies · 228+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | Feb 16,2003 | HP Albarelli
    Cuban torturers hiding in Florida?Officials searching for men who brutalized Americans in Vietnam A special criminal investigations unit in the U.S. Department of Justice is pursuing reports that two notorious Cuban nationals suspected of participating in a brutal torture program conducted against American POWs in Vietnam are hiding somewhere in southern Florida. A public affairs spokesman for the Justice Department declined to comment on the investigation, citing policies on open cases, but former State Department official Richard Krieger, who now directs Florida-based International Educational Missions, which haunts foreign war criminals and human-rights violators in the U.S., said that "Justice is...
  • Florida building inspector fired for remarks about Cuban immigrants

    01/24/2003 7:10:51 PM PST · by chasio649 · 2 replies · 287+ views
    <p>MIAMI SHORES, Fla. (AP) -- A municipal building inspector was fired after telling a newspaper columnist that south Florida's influx of Cuban immigrants led to the demise of the Orange Bowl parade.</p> <p>Miami Herald columnist Jim DeFede also wrote that Charley Esher, 72, blamed Cubans and other immigrants for local government corruption.</p>
  • More Facts Uncovered in Chavez - Al Qaeda Collaboration

    01/05/2003 9:39:18 AM PST · by shanec · 42 replies · 5,516+ views
    Militares Democraticos ^ | 1/5/03 | By Luis Garcia, in Miami
    More Facts Uncovered in Chavez - Al Qaeda Collaboration Major Juan Diaz Castillo:Planned $1M support forAl Qaeda, then defected By Luis Garcia, in Miami Whistle-blower Major Juan Diaz Castillo, pilot of the Venezuelan Airforce One, revealed more details of how president Hugo Chavez supported Al Qaeda in the aftermath of 9/11. In statements to the press in Miami Saturday, the defector shed new light on the terrorist support network recently uncovered in the highest level of the Venezuelan government. Major Juan Diaz Castillo, Chavez's personal pilot, was assigned the job of planning the delivery of the $1 million collaboration to...
  • Cuban jet stowaway survives sub-zero temperatures in wheel well [Hold muh (frozen) beer alert]

    12/11/2002 5:50:50 PM PST · by fone · 25 replies · 801+ views
    Cleveland Plain Dealer ^ | 12/11/02 | Associated Press
    [Warning: Link may expire] Montreal - A Cuban man who hid in the wheel compartment of a DC-10 jet wrapped his shirt around heating pipes to survive temperatures of nearly 40 below zero and avoid falling out during the four-hour flight to Canada. "I consider myself very lucky to have survived. Thank God," the stowaway, in his 20s, said Monday night after his first appearance before the refugee panel. The man, who cannot be identified by name under a publication ban imposed by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board, has been ordered held until a hearing Friday. Robert Gervais, a spokesman...
  • Elian 2

    11/26/2002 8:58:43 PM PST · by dreamusic · 6 replies · 172+ views
    CNN.COM ^ | Nov. 26, 2002 | Mark Potter
    <p>KEY WEST, Florida (CNN) --Three years to the day after Elian Gonzalez was found clinging to an inner tube off the coast of Florida, a 13-year-old Cuban boy was found Monday hiding on a boat, raising thorny legal issues reminiscent of the Gonzalez case.</p>
  • Almost Blowing Up The World, A Child's Memoir Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

    10/23/2002 3:45:03 AM PDT · by Jeremiah Jr · 21 replies · 452+ views
    Dan's Papers ^ | October 18, 2002 | Jerry Cimisi
    Almost Blowing Up The WorldA Child's Memoir Of The Cuban Missile Crisis — Or, How I Escaped The ApocalypseBy Jerry Cimisi Forty years ago in late October, I came in from a lovely autumn day and sat down to dinner, surprised to see President Kennedy on the gray-blue cast of our black and white television, pre-empting reruns of the Three Stooges to announce that the Soviet Union was placing nuclear missiles in Cuba. Thus began a vivid fearful week in the life of an eleven year-old boy who lived in Rosedale, Queens. The fear was not irrational. The memories are...
  • Gov. Jeb Bush names first Hispanic to Florida's Supreme Court; grandson of Cuban dictator

    07/10/2002 10:06:39 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 61 replies · 1,126+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 7-10-02 | JACKIE HALLIFAX
    <p>TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) --  Gov. Jeb Bush on Wednesday named a grandson of former Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista as the first Hispanic on the Florida Supreme Court.</p> <p>Raoul Cantero III, a Miami attorney and Harvard Law School graduate, replaces Justice Major Harding, who is retiring after 11 years.</p>