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Keyword: cults

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  • Demonic Mendacity of the Organized Left

    10/11/2008 3:59:23 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 63 replies · 3,137+ views
    US Politics ^ | Oct. 8, 2008 | Linda Kimball
    In recent times, America has been experiencing an explosion of neo-pagan movements in concert with a relentless assault on truth, reality, first principles, universal moral law, and the created order of being---the two sexes (male and female) for example. These movements interface with mystical, quasi-Buddhist, occult Gnostic, and other ‘blood and soil’ notions: New Age cults, transcendental meditation, Wicca, goddess worship, ‘gay’ shamanism, reincarnation, Luciferian Theosophy, the Great Apes Project and all other animal rights agendas, Gaia worship, deep ecology, channeling and other such notions. All are types of pantheism, which stress in one way or another that mankind is...
  • Honest Opinion Request: Scientology, what are your thoughts about it?

    08/26/2008 9:25:14 PM PDT · by freeplancer · 76 replies · 251+ views
    xenutv ^ | FReeplancer
    I am neither against Scientology or am i a Scientologist. I am trying to educate myself and I want to know what other FReepers think about it. Please give me your honest impressions good or bad. Let it rip
  • Mormons, Scientologists face uphill battle against Wikileaks

    05/27/2008 8:26:20 PM PDT · by aMorePerfectUnion · 71 replies · 139+ views ^ | May 14, 2008 | Nate Anderson
    Can Mormon women wear pants when visiting a temple? Can men wear cummerbunds during a marriage ceremony? Are vasectomies an appropriate birth control option? The answers to these (no, no, and not really) and similar questions about Mormon practice and leadership might not seem to be especially secret, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't pleased about secret church documents hitting the Internet. In this case, the cause of the displeasure is the confidential Church Handbook of Instructions, published by Wikileaks on April 16. The church is currently trying to get the information pulled down using copyright...
  • Hey, Who Are You Calling a Cult?

    05/06/2008 10:06:47 PM PDT · by sevenbak · 122 replies · 229+ views ^ | Orson Scott Card
    He wrote to me in all innocence, a reader from a Catholic country where Mormon missionaries had only recently begun to gather congregations of believers. "I asked my priest," he said, "and he told me that Mormons are a cult." Setting aside the obvious riposte ("What did you think your priest would tell you, that Mormonism was true Christianity as restored by God to living prophets?"), I think it's worth considering just what we mean by "cult" and seeing whether it applies to the Mormon Church. Cult as Bad Word Anti-Mormons use "cult" the way gay activists use "homophobe"--as an...
  • Anti-Human Earth Day

    04/22/2008 2:52:01 PM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 8 replies · 82+ views
    The Atlas Society -- Your Center for Objectivism ^ | April 22, 2005 | Edward Hudgins
    [An oldie-but-goodie from 4/22/2005, appropriate for Earth Day and the environmentalist cult.] April 22, 2005 -- Today is a religious holiday that should make us all into atheists. April 22, 2005, marks the 35th anniversary of Earth Day. For many people it's simply a day to think warm and fuzzy thoughts about clean air, crystal lakes, verdant forests and soaring eagles. Until the 1990s May Day marked the worship by the communists of an abstraction called the "workers" at the expense of real flesh-and-blood workers and every other human being on the planet. The result was human carnage. Now Earth...
  • The Tolle Way

    04/21/2008 6:44:34 AM PDT · by stan_sipple · 16 replies · 154+ views ^ | 4-18-2008 | Bob Reeves
    Ryan Alberti had a pretty good idea what to expect when he signed up for the Web class jointly taught by Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey. He’d already listened to a CD of Tolle reading his books “The Power of Now” and “Stillness Speaks” and liked his simple, gentle way of speaking. “I think he’s really a genuine guy that has an ability to translate some spiritual things in a very down-to-earth way,” Alberti said. Alberti doesn’t watch Winfrey’s daily TV show, but his wife is a big fan and tells him about it. “Even though I haven’t seen (the...
  • Four Famous Cult Leaders, Four Different Fates

    04/20/2008 7:30:52 PM PDT · by mondoreb · 19 replies · 2,189+ views
    DBKP ^ | April 20, 2008 | Mondoreb
    cult: n. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing. Four men who are “called to lead a special mission”. Four groups of people who insist that their leader has found the true way; either to happiness, truth, safety, or all three. Four leaders, one method: all preach destruction that will surely be the outcome if others do not heed him and his One True Way. Four leaders, four different fates: one leader is dead, one is behind bars, one man is on the run for his life and one still walks free. 25 Signs...
  • Expert: FLDS Polygamist Group is A Classic Cult

    04/14/2008 10:23:50 AM PDT · by ansel12 · 61 replies · 624+ views ^ | 4/11/08 | Jim Cross
    The raid on a polygamist compound in Texas could signal the beginning of the end of a lifestyle that has flown under the radar in America, according to an expert on cults. The Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints, which operates the compound near Eldorado, Texas, along with other communities around the country -- including Colorado City, Ariz. -- fits the classic criteria of a cult, according to Rick Ross. He says there are about 50,000 polygamists living in North America and Mexico. ``The level of harm done by polygamist groups is horrific, and, in particular, this group (FLDS) has a...
  • Utah lessons applied in raid

    04/14/2008 9:12:47 AM PDT · by ansel12 · 52 replies · 72+ views
    Caller Times ^ | 4/13/08 | Dan Kelly
    Prosecutors have new weapons against polygamy and marriage involving underage teens because Texas lawmakers heeded Utah authorities' experience with the Mormon splinter group raided in Eldorado. In 2001, Utah authorities began a crackdown on underage marriages and arranged marriages of teenagers, targeting members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Mormon splinter group that had lived in two towns on the Utah-Arizona border. The allegations made national headlines -- young girls forced to marry older men, teenage boys ejected from the community to create a surplus of brides, and police officers who turned a blind eye...
  • Compound considered home for sect’s ‘elect’

    04/14/2008 8:57:15 AM PDT · by ansel12 · 24 replies · 140+ views ^ | 4/13/08 | Sylvia Moreno
    ELDORADO, Texas - The secretive and insular community established near this West Texas town by a radical offshoot of the Mormon Church is considered by the sect's members to be a holy shrine populated by its most fervent adherents and is propped up financially by members of the group living in other states, according to law enforcement officials and former members. Interviews with law enforcement authorities and former members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints depict the Yearning for Zion Ranch, which was raided last week by Texas authorities, as an outpost whose adult residents...
  • Private Revelation

    04/04/2008 10:25:41 AM PDT · by JosephJames · 3 replies · 118+ views
    My own work ^ | May 31, 1983 | Joseph Dwight
    What is private revelation? What is the meaning and purpose of private revelation? How does private revelation fit into the overall divine plan of glorifying God and saving souls? What is the significance and role of private revelation within the entire Mystical Body of Christ. the Church? What should be our prudent attitude toward private revelation? Before the Church has had time to investigate a particular apparition, how can we prudently determine whether an apparition is probably true or probable false? What is the prudent use of private revelation? What are the dangers of the imprudent use of private revelation?...
  • Canada orders ministry by Christians shut down

    03/22/2008 9:47:42 AM PDT · by ears_to_hear · 3 replies · 249+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | March 21,2008 | Bob Unruh
    "The Canadian government has ordered a Christian ministry that teaches doctrine and the differences between Christians and cults shut down because its reference materials were "critical" of the beliefs of those who are not Christian, WND has learned."..... For example, the ministry addresses the issue of "fads," including a "creeping Eastern mysticism" appearing in some churches, "turning meaningful prayer meetings into mind-emptying rituals called contemplative prayer promising experiences of a spiritual nature." "Feelings have often replaced the solid word of God," the website warns. "Numerous churches have become 'seeker' churches, disposing of the parts of the Gospel message that might...
  • Canada orders ministry by Christians shut down

    03/22/2008 4:18:16 AM PDT · by Man50D · 101 replies · 3,305+ views ^ | March 21, 2008 | Bob Unruh
    The Canadian government has ordered a Christian ministry that teaches doctrine and the differences between Christians and cults shut down because its reference materials were "critical" of the beliefs of those who are not Christian, WND has learned. So what used to be called MacGregor Ministries with offerings in how to recognize and eliminate "faulty fads" in Christian churches has been re-created in the United States, and now operates under the name MM Outreach Media Ministries. Lorri MacGregor, who has dedicated her life to explaining the straight and narrow of Christian beliefs since she found her way out of the...
  • You Tube: Obama - Cult of Change

    03/02/2008 11:59:41 AM PST · by vrwc54 · 16 replies · 171+ views
    You Tube ^ | 03/02/08 | sp43vms
    Obama - Cult of Change Are you one caught up in the hysteria of Obama mania?
  • Launches Second Obama Music Video (".. Chanting His Name Makes Me a Better Person")

    03/01/2008 8:40:34 AM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 26 replies · 754+ views
    TVWEEK ^ | February 29, 2008 9:54 AM | Daisy Whitney
    The video is available at and features appearances by Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillippe, George Lopez and others.’s previous video, “Yes We Can,” has racked up more than 10 million views.
  • COMMENTARY: The Huckabee Phenomenon and the fall of the old 'religious right'

    01/03/2008 8:38:17 PM PST · by 11th_VA · 244 replies · 467+ views
    <p>LOS ANGELES (Catholic Online) - First, it was Larry Sabato and then it was Rush Limbaugh. Sabato is the Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics of the Center for Politics at the University of at the University of Virginia.</p>
  • Mitt Romney: Ronald Reagan in Sacred Underwear?

    12/26/2007 7:02:35 PM PST · by TheLion · 400 replies · 447+ views
    The Student Operated Press ^ | December 24, 2007 | John Lillpop
    Bleeding-heart types looking for a "minority cause” for which to advocate in the 2008 presidential elections are torn between the candidacies of a woman, two African- Americans, a Hispanic and a former mayor of Cleveland who is more of a communist than Vladimir Putin. Tough choices, those, and all of them Democrats. In the interest of fairness, however, the name of Mitt Romney should be added to the shopping list of those searching for an oppressed minority to support. As a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Romney is aligned with one of...
  • Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?

    Was The Book of Mormon given to Joseph Smith by an angel or created from a work of fiction? Who was Solomon Spalding and did he have a connection with Joseph Smith? This book critically examines key historical documents, personal testimonies, and records of 19th-century Mormon history concluding that The Book of Mormon is an "adaptation of an obscure historical novel" written by Revolutionary War veteran Solomon Spalding during the War of 1812. In twelve chapters, the authors lay out the evidence for the assertion that Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, and Joseph Smith Jr. adapted and embellished the Spalding manuscript...
  • STATE OF THE FAIR TAX (Mike Huckabee getting support from Scientology-related tax org.!!)

    11/29/2007 12:00:57 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies · 227+ views
    The American Spectator ^ | November 29, 2007 | The Prowler
    With word that the FairTax political operation has run out of money, the talk in Iowa is that a new organization may be coming to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's aid. A 501c4 organization is said to be forming to help Huckabee in the 30 or so days leading up to the Iowa Republican caucus. Huckabee has been leveraging the support of two semi-obscure groups in Iowa, the FairTax group, a one-time offshoot of the Church of Scientology, and a second-tier home-schooling coalition, which operates a 501c4 and has been attempting to organize support for Huckabee in Iowa, South Carolina,...
  • Romney: Where the Conversation Breaks Down

    11/22/2007 11:34:28 AM PST · by XR7 · 19 replies · 123+ views
    HoleintheWall ^ | 11/22/2007 | Dan Whitmarsh
    On Sunday, someone handed me an article from the November 12 U.S. News and World Report, in which they interview one of the Mormon Church's Council of Twelve Apostles - the LDS governing body. Its tied in with the discussion relating to Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith. In the article, Elder M. Russell Ballard answers a series of questions posed by USN&WR reporter Jay Tolson. In reading the interview it's easy to see why dialogue breaks down so quickly between Christians and Mormons. Whether Mr. Ballard is disingenuous or clueless is tough to tell, but his answers to the questions show...