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  • HSBC: Leading Western Enabler of Financial Jihad?

    05/04/2012 9:37:42 AM PDT · by LSUfan · 2 replies
    Shariah Finance Watch ^ | 4 May 2012 | Unknown
    We have covered HSBC frequently here on SFW, but Forbes and Reuters have just broken a story that paints a picture of HSBC as a financial institution out of control when it comes to vigilance against money laundering. Couple HSBC’s deplorable money laundering vigilance with the fact that they are one of the world’s most active participants and promoters of Shariah Finance and you end up with a worrisome combination indeed.
  • So, the Obama State Department declares the “War on Terrorism” Over

    05/04/2012 9:34:13 AM PDT · by LSUfan · 9 replies
    Terror Trends Bulletin ^ | 4 May 2012 | Unknown
    Late last week a State Department spokesman uttered “The war on terror is over.” That utterance was followed up by President Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan (“coincidentally” on the anniversary of the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, or so we are told…). While in Afghanistan, Obama gave a political speech aimed at folks back home in America in which he echoed the sentiments of his State Department spokesman in essentially declaring Al Qaeda beaten. Before we deconstruct this politically motivated fantasy, we should probably point out that we are not now, nor were we truly ever engaged in a...
  • Politics muddy debate over hydraulic fracturing risks

    05/04/2012 9:08:37 AM PDT · by CedarDave · 2 replies
    Drilling Contractor ^ | May 4, 2011 | Diane Langley
    Besides exploring for and producing energy resources, the energy industry is tasked with debunking myths and clarifying techniques used in hydraulic fracturing. ... According to proponents of hydraulic fracturing, the facts surrounding chemical use are clear – water and sand comprise the majority of the mixture used. The remaining components used to deliver the water down the wellbore and position the sand in fractures created in the formation – while they can probably be found in the kitchen cupboard – are proprietary ingredients. ~~snip~~“This is really a debate on a much larger scale; it has a bearing on the future...
  • More Bad News for Komen: Vice President Biden Will Skip D.C. Event [Too Bad So Sad]

    05/04/2012 8:54:20 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 7 replies
    Daily Beast ^ | 5/4/12 | Abigail Pesta
    As the Susan G. Komen foundation gears up for its most high-profile event of the year, its Global Race for the Cure in Washington, Vice President Joe Biden will not be hosting a kickoff barbecue for the annual D.C. race, as he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, have done in previous years. Meanwhile, U.S. Congressman Mike Honda, who formed a team for the race last year that raised more than $10,000—making him the top fundraiser on Capitol Hill—told The Daily Beast that he will not be participating this year, linking the decision to Komen’s move to cut funds to...
  • US to issue sweeping fracking rules on federal land

    05/04/2012 8:51:57 AM PDT · by CedarDave · 11 replies
    My Fox NY ^ | May 4, 2012 | The Wall Street Journal
    The Obama administration will soon issue sweeping new environmental safety rules for hydraulic fracturing on federal land, setting a new standard that natural gas wells on all lands eventually could follow. The rules, which are likely to be unveiled by the Interior Department within days, are designed to address concerns that the method of extracting natural gas known as "fracking" can contaminate groundwater. Among other things, they create new guidelines for constructing wells and treating waste water, according to a draft of the proposed rules reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. ~~snip~~The fracking rules apply to natural gas drilling on...
  • Democrats worried about Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts

    05/04/2012 8:42:31 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 70 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/04/2012 | Ed Morrissey
    Are Democrats about to lose the Senate seat held by the Kennedys since before I was born ... again? According to the Boston Herald’s Joe Battenfeld, a number of Democrats in Massachusetts are aghast over Elizabeth Warren's faceplant on her claims to Native American heritage, and now worry about whether her campaign has completely derailed: Elizabeth Warren’s stumbling efforts to douse the firestorm surrounding her claims of being a Native American minority have raised concerns among local and national Democrats who are questioning her campaign’s competence.“There’s nobody watching this that doesn’t think she’s in big trouble,” one well-known Massachusetts Democrat...
  • John Edwards' Main Source of Hush Money Was 101-Year-Old Woman

    05/04/2012 8:03:51 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 23 replies
    ABC News ^ | May 4, 2012 | JAMES HILL and BETH LOYD
    The key person funding John Edwards' cover up of his affair was a 101-year-old philanthropist who had swooned over the Democratic presidential contender in 2007. Rachel "Bunny" Mellon was so taken with Edwards after meeting him at her Virginia estate in 2005 that she lent her personal plane to take him home to North Carolina, her confidante Bryan Huffman told the jury at Edwards' trial.
  • Best Buy Employee Wrongly 'Outed' Denver Man

    05/04/2012 7:20:49 AM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 43 replies
    ABC News ^ | 05-03-2012 | Susanna Kim
    A heterosexual man in Denver claims that a Best Buy employee wrongly "outed" him on Facebook after he left his phone for repair. Rich Dewberry said he brought in his mobile device to get fixed and was given a new phone. Shortly afterward, his Facebook status read, "I am gay, I'm coming out." "The phone just started ringing constantly after that from [an] ex-spouse to friends," he told ABC's Denver affiliate, KMGH. Dewberry said he was logged into his Facebook account on the phone he left with the store. "I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished,"...
  • 'Zombie' Ants And The Fungus That Saves Them

    05/04/2012 7:14:33 AM PDT · by Squawk 8888 · 15 replies
    NPR ^ | May 2, 2012 | Eyder Peralta
    As you can probably tell, at least one person on this blog's masthead likes ants. So we've always been bummed that we haven't had the opportunity to tell you about zombie ants, but today we are glad to report there is a new development in the field. Luckily, it's a good-news report about a fungus that limits the fungus that turns ants into zombies. In the current edition of the journal PLoS ONE, an international research team led by David Hughes of Penn State University reports that they've found the fungus that allows an ant colony to survive infestations by...
  • Parents' claws out after teachers' odd form of discipline (Kids forced to Crawl and Meow)

    05/04/2012 7:13:05 AM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 13 replies
    San Antonio Express News ^ | 05-04-2012 | John MacCormack
    About all that is certain regarding the bizarre situation with fifth-graders in Junction is that when the teacher tells you to hush, responding with meows isn't the brightest idea. And maybe forcing the entire fifth-grade class to crawl down the school's track, meowing as they went along, wasn't a well-thought-out disciplinary response. Junction, a quiet town of 2,700 about 120 miles west of San Antonio, is best known for its beautiful rivers and its annual ranch rodeo. But in the wake of the Wednesday showdown at the elementary school, it's getting a different sort of attention. Upset Junction parents are...
  • Argentina the Outcast

    05/04/2012 7:03:02 AM PDT · by C19fan · 3 replies
    Project Syndicate ^ | May 4, 2012 | Luiz F Lampreia
    Roughly 20 years ago, an important Argentine minister startled a newly arrived Brazilian ambassador by telling him that “Argentina is prodigal in three things: meat, wheat, and insane gestures.” The decision to expropriate 51% of YPF, Argentina’s biggest energy firm, from the Spanish company Repsol is one of those gestures. Added to its contempt for foreign creditors, and to the growing and arbitrary protectionism that violates all global and regional rules, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s decision pushes Argentina closer to being deemed internationally as a lawless country.
  • China: We’ll let Chen, er, study abroad

    05/04/2012 6:58:22 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/04/2012 | Ed Morrissey
    Both China and the US acted overnight to bring an embarrassing string of incidents with dissident Chen Guangcheng to a rapid conclusion. Beijing announced earlier that they would look favorably on a request from Chen to "study abroad", which would rid them of the international focus on their repressive regime that suddenly erupted this week: ChinaÂ’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the dissident Chen Guangcheng can apply to study outside China in the same manner as more than 300,000 Chinese students already abroad, signaling a possible breakthrough in a diplomatic crisis that has deeply embarrassed the White House and...
  • A teen with a job becomes a rarity in US economy

    05/04/2012 6:44:28 AM PDT · by C19fan · 38 replies
    TODAY - MSNBC ^ | May 4, 2012 | Allison Linn
    Nick Gentry will be able to celebrate two major accomplishments this month: He’s graduating from high school and, after a very long job search, he has landed his first job. That Gentry, 18, will be collecting a paycheck makes him a rarity in today's working world. Only about 25 percent of 16- to 19-year-olds currently are working, a drop of 10 percentage points from just five years ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Destiny of a nation lies in Arizona immigration case

    05/04/2012 6:40:49 AM PDT · by lward99 · 6 replies ^ | 5/3/2012 | Jeff Kuhner
    President Obama wants to destroy America. This isn’t hyperbole; it is fact. This is the essence of the administration’s lawsuit against Arizona. Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law, known as SB 1070. The measure was passed by the state Legislature and signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Opinion polls consistently show a strong majority of Arizonans supports SB 1070. Hence, the administration is seeking to overturn the democratic will of the people. Mr. Obama wants to subordinate states’ rights to the growing federal Leviathan.
  • Chris Christie’s Islam Problem

    05/04/2012 6:36:53 AM PDT · by ZULU · 22 replies
    Mark Levin and National Review ^ | May 1, 2012 | Daniel Pipes & Steve Emerson
    A Quinnipiac poll in April showed Chris Christie as the most popular potential Republican vice-presidential candidate, thanks to his budget cuts and standing up to government employees’ unions. But the governor of New Jersey has a problem, specifically an Islam problem, that can and should get in the way of his possible ascent to higher office. Time and again he has sided with Islamist forces against those who worry about safeguarding American security and civilization.
  • Unemployment rate at 8.1%, only 115K jobs added, participation rate shrinks again to new low

    05/04/2012 6:35:44 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/04/2012 | Ed Morrissey
    The April jobs report fell short of analysts expectations, as only 115,000 jobs were added. Consensus expectations had been in the 165K-170K range, which still would have been below the rate jobs were added in February, January, and December. While the jobless rate dropped slightly, the number of jobs added came in short of March's disappointing level: Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 8.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment increased in professional and business services, retail trade, and health care, but declined in transportation and...
  • Elizabeth Warren brings no peace to Dems

    05/04/2012 6:29:47 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 34 replies
    Boston ^ | May 4, 2012 | Joe Battenfeld
    Elizabeth Warren’s stumbling efforts to douse the firestorm surrounding her claims of being a Native American minority have raised concerns among local and national Democrats who are questioning her campaign’s competence. “There’s nobody watching this that doesn’t think she’s in big trouble,” one well-known Massachusetts Democrat said. Joe Trippi, a prominent national Democratic consultant, told the Herald that while Warren has time to recover, the campaign should have anticipated this issue would surface. One well-known Massachusetts Democratic strategist faulted Warren and her campaign for failing to put out a consistent message. The strategist also said many local Democrats are alarmed...
  • A Nation of Julias (Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you)

    05/04/2012 6:24:37 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    National Review ^ | 05/04/2012 | Rich Lowry
    In the competition for the creepiest campaign material of 2012, we may already have a winner. It is “The Life of Julia,” the Obama reelection team’s cartoon chronicle of a fictional woman who is dependent on government at every step of her life. The phrase “cradle-to-grave welfare state” originated with Clement Attlee’s socialist government in post–World War II Britain. Back then, it was meant as a boastful description of a new age of government activism. Subsequently, it became a term of derision for critics of an overweening government. In the spirit of Attlee, the Obama campaign revives the concept of...
  • No Jobs? Employment Is At 40-Year High For Those 55 And Up

    05/04/2012 6:20:05 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 41 replies
    As the jobs crisis wears on, with payrolls still 5 million below their pre-recession peak, the share of age 55-and-older Americans working has recovered to near a 42-year high. Workers under 55 have borne the brunt of the jobs recession, which may mean that its economic effects — due to long-term unemployment, underemployment and stretched household balance sheets — may linger. Before the financial crisis, economists worried that labor shortages would develop in some occupations as baby boomers left the workforce. But that's moved to the back burner since the recession began in December 2007. Job holders 55 and up...
  • ROLL CALL: Are Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Rekindling Their Romance? [Lost Souls]

    05/04/2012 6:13:03 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 19 replies
    Everything old is new again! Former girlfriends Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reunited on Thursday at Le Baron in New York City - but is it more than just friends? "Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing and they left the club holding hands. They didn't care who saw them, and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days - they couldn't get enough of each other!" a source claimed to X17online.
  • Women, Welch Clash at Forum

    05/04/2012 6:07:11 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 17 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | May 4, 2012 | John Bussey
    ... On Wednesday, Mr. Welch and his wife and writing partner, Suzy Welch, told a gathering of women executives from a range of industries that, in matters of career track, it is results and performance that chart the way. Programs promoting diversity, mentorships and affinity groups may or may not be good, but they are not how women get ahead. "Over deliver," Mr. Welch advised. "Performance is it!" Angry murmurs ran through the crowd. The speakers asked: Were there any questions? "We're regaining our consciousness," one woman executive shot back. Mr. Welch had walked into a spinning turbine fan blade....
  • When All Else Fails, Hope For More Stimulus

    05/04/2012 5:51:04 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Mike Shedlock
    Eurozone Markit Final Manufacturing PMI numbers were released yesterday. The results, as I warned months in advance, were decidedly not pretty.   Final Markit Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 34-month low of 45.9 Production declines across big-four economies for first time in the year-to-date Weak demand and falling intra-Eurozone trade volumes hurting both output and employment The weak PMI number reflected a drop in Eurozone manufacturing production for the second consecutive month, as new order inflows declined at the fastest pace since December. Austria was the only nation to see production rise in April. Manufacturers reported weak demand from both domestic and export...
  • New Jobless Claims: Thunderdome Edition

    05/04/2012 5:35:50 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 87 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Political Calculations
    Previously, we advanced two possible hypotheses that might explain what is currently happening with the number of seasonally-adjusted initial unemployment insurance claim applications being filed in the U.S. each week: The number of new jobless claims filed each week is in the process of leveling out somewhere between 370,000 and 380,000, which is about 60,000-70,000 higher than the typical levels that were recorded before the December 2007 recession began. Rising oil and gasoline prices in the U.S. have derailed the most recent falling trend in new jobless claims, and a new, negative trend has begun where the number of claims...
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    05/04/2012 4:56:25 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Diana West
    Remember the sci-fi cult classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? The 1956 movie is about a small town where extraterrestrial "pods" take over the townspeople. Even pillars of the community change into zombielike clones, as revealed by their blank stares and abnormal impulses. Outwardly, though, the "pod people" remain unchanged. The town doctor, played by Kevin McCarthy, figures out what's going on, but, as the movie progresses, there are fewer real people to warn. Soon, they've all gone over to the Other Side! The climactic sequence features McCarthy, the last free man, running across a rugged landscape and onto a...
  • Ruling on health care law may affect Medicare [BO Tries to Intimidate SCOTUS]

    05/04/2012 4:22:04 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 36 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | 5/4/12 | Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
    ... In papers filed with the Supreme Court, administration lawyers have warned of “extraordinary disruption’’ if Medicare is forced to unwind countless transactions that are based on payment changes required by more than 20 separate sections of the Affordable Care Act. Opponents say the whole law must go. The administration counters that even if it strikes down the insurance mandate, the court should preserve most of the rest of the legislation. That would leave in place its changes to Medicare as well as a major expansion of Medicaid coverage.
  • Student suspended for wearing religious T-shirt

    05/04/2012 4:14:15 AM PDT · by mkleesma · 22 replies
    The Globe and Mail ^ | 05/04/2011 | The Canadian Press
    A Grade 12 student in Nova Scotia has been suspended for wearing a T-shirt publicizing his religious beliefs. The South Shore Regional School Board suspended William Swinimer from Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin for five days for wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words, “Life is wasted without Jesus.” School board Superintendent Nancy Pynch-Worthylake said the wording on the shirt is problematic because it is directed at the beliefs of others.
  • Terrorism University

    05/04/2012 4:03:45 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Ryan James Girdusky
    This week, failed terrorist Adis Medunjanin was found guilty of attempting to blow up the New York City subway system. Medunjanin’s two cohorts, Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay pled guilty and cooperated with the feds. According to the New York Post, “the trio planned to detonate would have caused significant destruction and death in a subway car.” The story that goes untold is the one of the college that funded and facilitated the trio, while also ignoring the warnings of Islamic extremism on campus. The three failed terrorists met at Flushing High School where they became friends. Both Medunjanin...
  • Obama Fails on Human Rights

    05/04/2012 3:58:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Linda Chavez
    The Obama administration's record on human rights, never strong, just got a whole lot worse. This week's dramatic saga of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng's escape from house arrest in Shandong province to safety inside the U.S. Embassy to the embassy's role in handing him over to Chinese authorities is a disgraceful tale. Once again, the Obama administration has chosen to put human rights violations on the back burner, as it has nearly every time it has been asked for help, whether from Iranian protesters in 2009 or Syrian freedom fighters today. Chen's fate was complicated by the arrival in...
  • Kentucky Basketball Team to Visit White House [Don't Worry About Unemployment Numbers]

    05/04/2012 3:52:30 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 18 replies
    WFPL ^ | 5/1/12 | Kenny Colston
    The University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball team is heading to Washington D.C. to meet President Barack Obama this Friday...
  • Obama's Disgraceful Abandonment of Chen Guangcheng

    05/04/2012 3:43:44 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Mona Charen
    It's hard to know which is worse: one's grief over Chen Guangcheng's fate or the fury over the Obama administration's abandonment of him to that fate. Chen was already an internationally known human rights activist when he remarkably showed up at the U.S. embassy in Beijing last week seeking refuge. A blind, self-taught lawyer from Shandong province, Chen had been held prisoner for 19 months for the crime of publicizing Chinese atrocities by those enforcing the "one child" policy. Chen had chosen a moonless night (his captors were not blind) to scale several high walls and stumble his way to...
  • Piers Morgan Slays Himself in Goldberg Interview

    05/04/2012 3:28:18 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 37 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | David Limbaugh
    There was a silver lining for Jonah Goldberg in Piers Morgan's ambush interview of him allegedly concerning his new book, "The Tyranny of Cliches." Jonah couldn't have written a better script to illustrate his book's theme. Someone really should explain to Morgan that when a host invites a guest to discuss the guest's book, the host ought to at least make a good-faith effort to pretend he has the slightest interest in allowing the author to expound on the book's contents -- as opposed to using the author as a prop to indulge the interviewer's own arguments against conservatives and...
  • Jill Biden In Town To Recognize Military Families, Speak At BC Graduation [Lapdog Local Media]

    05/04/2012 3:20:46 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper
    CBS Miami ^ | 5/3/12
    Dr. Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, will visit Coast Guard Base Miami Beach Thursday to talk with spouses of Coast Guard members. She’s expected to talk at 4:30 p.m. First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden just celebrated the one-year anniversary of Joining Forces, their initiative to honor, recognize and serve veterans, service members and military families. Friday, Dr. Biden will be speaking at the Broward College graduation commencement ceremony.
  • Buying Obama: How the UAW Got the Best Investment Returns in History

    05/04/2012 3:17:48 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | John Ransom
    The Wall Street Journal has an excellent expose by Sharon Terlep about how Obama’s economic policies end up as bad investments- for the rest of us. You know? The 99 percent non-bailout people. OK, it’s really not about that. It’s about how even the worst union workers and plants under the UAW bailout got bailed out, while great workers at productive plants got the shaft- because they weren’t UAW shops.Reports Terlep:In the end, "we had to take care of our own members," says Cal Rapson, the former UAW vice president leading negotiations with GM. "It was unfortunate what happened to...
  • Comcast Boasts 'Diversity,' on and off Camera

    05/04/2012 3:11:13 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 26 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Brent Bozell
    The new frontier just keeps arriving. New York magazine reports NBC programming chief Robert Greenblatt has given the go-ahead for a new sitcom called "The New Normal." NBC's new normal is about two gay men who start a family using a surrogate. Greenblatt is apparently so enamored with the concept that he's strongly considering having the 20th Century Fox TV-produced sitcom launch by August, following NBC's broadcast of the summer Olympics. The show comes from Ryan Murphy, the gay creator of "Glee," "American Horror Story," and "Nip/Tuck." This is only part of a growing Comcast/NBC Universal campaign promoting homosexuality. In...
  • Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be "Julia"

    05/04/2012 3:07:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | May 4, 2012 | Michelle Malkin
    Quick, hide under the covers. The nation's storyteller, Barack Obama, unveiled a frightening new fable on the Internet intended to scare women away from supporting fiscal conservatives in November. But as is increasingly common with Obama's social media propaganda initiatives, "The Life of Julia" immediately flopped. Why? Because 1) self-sufficient women voters aren't as sheeple-ish as Democratic strategists make them out to be, 2) conservative activists are overtaking Obama's zombie army online, 3) non-delusional Americans don't want cradle-to-grave utopians turning their country into the next Greece or Spain, and 4) responsible grownups are getting sick and tired of radical Saul...
  • Media Matters, NOW unite to force Limbaugh off the air

    05/04/2012 2:59:02 AM PDT · by Rufus2007 · 38 replies
    TheDC ^ | May 4, 2012 | Caroline May
    “Start listening to Rush Limbaugh.” That was the unexpected message representatives from Media Matters for America and the National Organization for Women delivered to NOW chapter leaders in a secret, narrowly focused strategy session Wednesday night. In audio of the NOW/MMFA strategy webinar obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, the liberal organizations plotted the best ways to get the radio giant and veritable burr in their collective saddles off the air. Go after the local advertisers The key, according to Media Matters online outreach director Jay Carmona, is to target Limbaugh at the local level — specifically advertisers in local...
  • Family: Disband FAMU band to stop hazing [Homosexual Band Member Murdered at Black University]

    05/04/2012 2:31:16 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 17 replies
    CBS ^ | 5/3/12
    There was no single blow, stomp or strike to Robert Champion's bruised and battered body that killed him as he was pummeled by fellow Florida A&M University marching band members during a hazing ritual aboard a charter bus last fall. Instead, his death was caused by multiple blows from many individuals. That inability to pinpoint which blow ultimately caused the 26-year-old drum major's death led authorities to charge 13 defendants Wednesday with hazing rather than more serious counts like manslaughter or second-degree murder.
  • Swing-State Voters Oppose Obamacare

    05/04/2012 12:13:42 AM PDT · by neverdem · 8 replies
    National Review Online ^ | May 3, 2012 | Ammon Simon
    Over at The Volokh Conspiracy, Randy Barnett points out a new Quinnipac poll of swing-state voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The poll is consistent with previous polling data on Obamacare, indicating that striking down all or part of Obamacare would not do great damage to the Supreme Court’s public image and perceived credibility.According to the poll, 53 percent of Florida voters, 52 percent of Ohio voters, and 46 percent of Pennsylvania voters think Congress should try to repeal the health-care law. This is notable for how far voters are willing to go in their opposition to Obamacare, when offered that...
  • Global Warming Melts Away

    05/03/2012 10:08:58 PM PDT · by neverdem · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | May 3, 2012 | Randall Hoven
    Wondering where things stand on global warming? Let's go to the science of it. And by "science" I mean physical observations. Nothing complicated. What do thermometers say? What's happening with polar ice caps? And carbon dioxide? In the following analysis I use publicly available data as provided by government scientists at places like NASA, the U.K. Met office, and NOAA. This is the data we're told to use and trust. I'm using it and trusting it. Measured Temperatures. The two charts below show recent global temperatures (NASA/GISS data) in units of hundredths of a degree above the 1951-1980 average. The...
  • Welcome to the G-Zero World

    05/03/2012 10:01:55 PM PDT · by iowamark · 3 replies ^ | May 2, 2012 | Ian Bremmer
    For the first time in seven decades, we live in a world without global leadership. In the United States, endless partisan combat and mounting federal debt have stoked fears that America's best days are done. Across the Atlantic, a debt crisis cripples confidence in Europe, its institutions and its future. In Japan, recovery from a devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown has proven far easier than ending more than two decades of political and economic malaise. A generation ago, these were the world's powerhouses. With Canada, they made up the G7, the group of free-market democracies that powered the global...
  • Romney and the '60s

    05/03/2012 9:50:55 PM PDT · by neverdem · 25 replies
    American Tthinker ^ | May 2, 2012 | J.R. Dunn
    The major Demo tactical effort against Mitt Romney is based on portraying him as a robotic, out-of-touch figure not much like other Americans -- at least not Americans of the 21st century. Romney is a creature of the 1950s, raised and indoctrinated within a Mormon cocoon, a man effectively living in a time warp. He uses words like "zany." His hair looks funny. He's been married to the same woman for nearly half a century. What kind of post-'60s American is this? The key element here, repeated in piece after piece, is that Romney was "untouched by the '60s." Liberals...
  • 4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters (It's not called enemedia for nothing!)

    05/03/2012 9:12:08 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 57 replies
    The New York Times ^ | May 3, 2012 | Sabrina Tavernise
    STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — This is the land of die-hard Democrats — mill workers, coal miners and union members. They have voted party line for generations, forming a reliable constituency for just about any Democrat who decides to run for office. But when it comes to President Obama, a small part of this constituency balks. “Certain precincts in this county are not going to vote for Obama,” said John Corrigan, clerk of courts for Jefferson County, who was drinking coffee in a furniture shop downtown one morning last week with a small group of friends, retired judges and civil servants. “I...
  • Support Myth Obamney? I SAY "HELL NO!" (VANITY)

    05/03/2012 8:47:24 PM PDT · by Neil E. Wright · 299 replies
    self | May 3, 2012 | Neil E. Wright
    "We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the Party over to the so-called moderates wouldnÂ’t make any sense at all." -- President Ronald ReaganThere has been a lot of discussion on this forum on whether or not a "conservative" can or should support Mitt Romney in the general election. I am 60 years old, and for all of my adult life, since I joined the U.S....
  • David Frum’s new novel is awful

    05/03/2012 8:36:55 PM PDT · by Publius804 · 8 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 05/03/2012 | Mark Judge
    How can someone who writes compelling nonfiction be so terrible at fiction? I’ve just read the first few chapters of David Frum’s new novel, “Patriots.” It is bloody awful. It also defeats the purpose that Frum claims he intended for it, which was to write a novel that tells deeper truths than journalism. In fact it retreads ground Frum the journalist has gone over many times before, most notably his increasingly shrill belief that conservatives are nuts. Frum is a former conservative who is now trending liberal and may in fact be headed for the netherworld of Andrew Sullivanville; he...
  • 13-year-old finds mistake in Metropolitan Museum of Art map

    05/03/2012 7:12:30 PM PDT · by posterchild · 7 replies ^ | May 03, 2012 | Eric Pfeiffer
    New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) is one of the world's premier destinations for artistic and historical exhibitions. But this epicenter of worldly culture is not above admitting the occasional mistake. Even when the correction comes from one curious 13-year-old boy. The Hartford Courant reports that 13-year-old Benjamin Lerman Coady found an error in the Met's Byzantine Gallery during a recent visit. The seventh-grader is a fledgling history buff who recently studied the Byzantine Empire in school. While checking some of the dates on the map, Coady noticed that sections featuring Spain and Africa were missing.
  • Marine Corps kids respect on the playground. COLORS!!

    05/03/2012 7:06:30 PM PDT · by randita · 29 replies
    You Tube ^ | 3/22/11 | usmcbfly
    This an inspiring video of young children stopping play and standing at attention when they hear the Marine Corp Colors. Kudos to their parents! Marine Corps kids respect on the playground. COLORS!!
  • The gift of serenity - Some less-known facts on Down syndrome

    05/03/2012 6:36:14 PM PDT · by Coleus · 7 replies
    NY Post ^ | May 2, 2012 | George F. Will
    When Jonathan Frederick Will was born 40 years ago — on May 4, 1972, his father’s 31st birthday — the life expectancy for people with Down syndrome was about 20 years. That is understandable. The day after Jon was born, a doctor told Jon’s parents the first question for them was whether they intended to take Jon home from the hospital. Nonplussed, they said they thought that is what parents do with newborns. Not doing so was, however, still considered an acceptable choice for parents who might prefer to institutionalize or put up for adoption children thought to have bleak...
  • President Obama Is No Transcender—He's The Divider In Chief

    05/03/2012 5:39:48 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | May 3, 2012 | CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
    Poor Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. Once again he's been pilloried for fumbling a historic Supreme Court case. First shredded for his "train wreck" defense of ObamaCare's individual mandate, he is now blamed for the defenestration in oral argument of Obama's challenge to the Arizona immigration law. The law allows police to check the immigration status of someone stopped for other reasons. Verrilli claimed that constitutes an intrusion on the federal monopoly on immigration enforcement. He was pummeled. Why shouldn't a state help the federal government enforce the law? "You can see it's not selling very well," said Justice Sonia Sotomayor....
  • Obama's Memoir A Tissue Of Lies

    05/03/2012 5:20:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 40 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | May 3, 2012
    Public Trust: Our president, it seems, is quite the fabulist. A new book reveals he fabricated yet another story in his 1995 memoir, this one about a white girlfriend complaining about black anger. In his supposedly nonfiction memoir, "Dreams From My Father," Obama claims he and the girlfriend got into a "big fight" after seeing a New York play by a black writer. He became annoyed when she allegedly asked "why black people were so angry all the time." Obama biographer David Maraniss contacted the former girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, who insists the scene never took place. She says they never...
  • Giant Black Hole Shreds and Swallows Helpless Star

    05/03/2012 5:19:20 PM PDT · by neverdem · 45 replies
    ScienceNOW ^ | 2 May 2012 | Ken Croswell
    Enlarge Image Slaughtered star. A black hole (upper left) tears a helium-rich star to shreds. Credit: S. Gezari/Johns Hopkins University and J. Guillochon, UC Santa Cruz/NASA Some people seem born under an unlucky star. But some stars are equally unlucky themselves. Astronomers have spotted a star in another galaxy plunging toward a giant black hole and being ripped to shreds, sparking a flare so brilliant that observers detected it from a distance of 2.1 billion light-years. By watching the flare brighten and fade, scientists have achieved the unprecedented feat of reconstructing the life story of the doomed sun. Giant...