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  • National Education Association Set to Endorse Homosexual Marriage

    06/20/2006 1:15:56 PM PDT · by khnyny · 67 replies · 2,058+ views
    American Family Association ^ | June 19, 2006 | Donald E. Wildmon
    Teacher's union begins plans to promote homosexual marriage in public schools The National Education Association is set to endorse homosexual marriage at their convention coming up in Orlando June 29 through July 6. The new NEA proposal essentially says schools should support and actively promote homosexual marriage and other forms of marriage (two men and one woman, three women, two women and three men, etc.) in their local schools. The new proposal, expected to pass overwhelmingly, is found under the B-8 Diversity paragraph: The Association... believes in the importance of observances, programs and curricula that accurately portray and recognize the...
  • CA: Senate committee agrees to add sexual orientation to curriculum (goes on to the full Senate)

    05/03/2006 8:49:34 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 18 replies · 586+ views
    AP on Bakersfield Californian ^ | 5/3/06 | Juliet Williams - ap
    A Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday that would require California's textbooks to include the contributions of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people to the state and nation's history. The bill outraged some religious and conservative family groups, which said it would indoctrinate students in what they view as an unacceptable lifestyle. The Senate Education Committee passed the bill by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Santa Monica, 8-3, along party lines. It now goes to the full Senate. "Our community is invisible in all of the teaching material, so that our students are never, ever given any information about the fact...
  • Global Indoctrination

    05/02/2006 10:56:23 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 2 replies · 407+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | May 1, 2006 | Rosemarie Capozzi
    The Global Education Conference held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. last month was used to teach educators how to bring global issues into the classroom. But, when it came time to practice the logistics of coordinating a debate the political opinions of the teachers could not be suppressed. The organization that put together the conference, Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), claimed to be a non-partisan group established to “educate and engage Americans in global issues….[in order to] create a generation of Americans that will support a U.S. role in the world that is appropriate….” But what is appropriate? AID...
  • Militant Islam invades school curriculum

    02/24/2006 9:55:16 AM PST · by Calpernia · 9 replies · 1,450+ views
    The Australian ^ | February 25, 2006 | Bernard Lane
    A RADICAL Muslim thinker who inspired al-Qa'ida is being served up as subject matter for high school students in NSW. Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian militant hanged in 1966 but still a powerful influence on violent Islamists, and the Pakistani fundamentalist Sayyid Maududi are the only two modern Muslim thinkers on a revised syllabus for studies of religion. Experts this week condemned the prominence of political Islam in the new syllabus, and especially the inclusion of Qutb. "I am surprised and dismayed that the NSW religion syllabus narrows modern Islamic thinkers to its totalitarians," said Daniel Pipes, whose US-based Middle East...
  • Curriculum

    01/13/2006 12:37:21 AM PST · by Joseph Reylan B. Viray · 1 replies · 324+ views
    J.Reylan B. Viray
    A Humanistic Curriculum: Solution for Philippine Moral Decline by: J. Reylan B. Viray The Problem Philippine society is faced with various problems such as economic, social and political. More and more Filipinos cannot cope up with the continuous increase of prices of basic commodities. Foreign debts servicing gets the biggest chunk of the National Budget. Oil prices in the world market rises to points where the Philippine Deregulation Law proved to be insufficient and futile. Trade markets are going down the drain. More investors, foreign and local, are pulling their investments from corporations for fear of unfavorable returns. Government agencies...
  • The Evil Virus Upon Us (Universities)

    10/20/2005 8:23:58 AM PDT · by freespirited · 25 replies · 1,066+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 10/19/05 | Suzanne Fields
    A magazine cover story about postmodern life on the American college campus depicts three monkeys in cap and gown, covering their ears, eyes and mouth, a parody of the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil caricature. But students at many colleges actually get quite the opposite. They're required to hear, see, speak and study all about evil, as long as it's the evil oppression of everybody in American society. There's an emphasis on multicultural studies and few campuses have escaped the disease, ... students study the life and murder of Tupac Shakur, the "gangsta" rapper ...There's "Queer...
  • Trying to close white-minority learning gap

    08/06/2005 5:11:55 PM PDT · by Coleus · 31 replies · 1,089+ views
    North Jersey Newspapers ^ | 08.01.05 | Brian Aberback
    The achievement gap between minority and white students has long been a stain on the bright mosaic of culturally and racially diverse school districts.From North Jersey to Cleveland to San Diego, whites as a group generally score considerably better on standardized tests than their minority peers. Whites also tend to enroll in more honors classes, while minorities are more prevalent in remedial courses.Now, one Bergen County district is introducing a sweeping concept that it hopes will bridge its gap by addressing a wide range of possible roadblocks to academic success.The initiative includes dozens of ideas. Some are in the talking...
  • Inherit the Windbags: Pushing Ideology into Classrooms-(IntelDesign disturbs Planned Parenthood!)

    06/30/2005 10:35:00 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 23 replies · 711+ views
    PLANNED PARENTHOOD.ORG ^ | JUNE 30, 2005 | Eric Plosky
    When it comes to the classroom, religious extremists have an ambitious agenda: to replace science with ideology at every opportunity. As if denying even that their own ideas can evolve, they've recently taken up their dusty arms against an old, familiar issue — the teaching of evolution in public schools. New Name, Same Agenda The supposed rival to the theory of evolution — creationism — now goes by the new name of "intelligent design." Just as with other phrases (like the Bush administration favorite, "culture of life"), the name change is merely the latest tactic in an ongoing strategy by...
  • Namby-Pamby Nation - (Michelle Malkin on devastating curricula in our ed system)

    06/28/2005 9:11:31 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 15 replies · 849+ views
    White House senior adviser Karl Rove caused a firestorm last week after observing that liberals favor "therapy and understanding" to fight terrorism in a post-Sept. 11 world. Rove spoke the truth. But he barely scratched the surface. The left-wing Kumbaya crowd is quietly grooming a generation of pushovers in the public schools. At a time of war, when young Americans should be educated about this nation's resilience and steely resolve, educators are indoctrinating students with saccharine-sticky lessons on "non-violent conflict resolution" and "promoting constructive dialogues." Peaceniks are covering our kids from head to toe in emotional bubble wrap. They are...
  • Judge rules sex-education curriculum violates First Amendment rights (Maryland)

    06/07/2005 7:04:41 AM PDT · by GMMAC · 44 replies · 2,040+ views ^ | June 6, 2005 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Judge rules sex-education curriculum violates First Amendment rights Phyllis Schlafly June 6, 2005 A federal judge in Montgomery County, Md., has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the teaching of a sex-education course because it violates the First Amendment. I can't remember any other case in the last 30 years in which a judge sided with parents against a curriculum adopted by a school board. This sex-education curriculum was scheduled to be taught in three high schools and three middle schools despite parental protests and petitions with 4,000 signatures. After the court decision, the board voted 7-1...
  • Gun Safety 101 Sparks Debate (in Arizona Schools)

    05/24/2005 10:42:04 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 75 replies · 1,752+ views
    FoxNews ^ | May 25, 2005 | FoxNews
    Arizona schools have added a fourth "R" to reading, writing and arithmetic — rifles. Students who choose to enroll in this new course learn the safe way to handle a gun and earn one credit — the equivalent to ceramics or photography electives. Critics are gunning the debate; they say handing teenagers loaded weapons equals trouble. “We learn life skills, like when we miss [a shot], not to get mad. You learn a lot of cooperation with your team members,” said student Kim Peters. And many parents argue they would rather their children learn how to handle a gun and...
  • Lawyer defends intelligent design - (new "Monkey Trial" coming?)

    05/23/2005 5:32:19 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 74 replies · 1,281+ views
    “The social implications of Darwinism have been disastrous,” said Richard Thompson, the president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. “Nazi Germany used Darwin to justify a master race based on the idea that it’s survival of the strongest.” Thompson’s perception that teaching evolution is socially destructive is just one of the reasons why he volunteered to defend the Dover Area School District’s school board and administration against a lawsuit brought against them last December, he said. Eleven parents sued the district, saying a statement issued by the district to ninth-grade biology students that...
  • Joseph in Pharoh's Court - Christian Prof says Tolerance One-Way Street on Campus (U.Colorado!)

    05/23/2005 5:20:36 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 696+ views
    While American universities may proclaim diversity as an exalted value, a recent study shows that the only freedom of thought that really exists on campus is "to believe the dominant political ideology. Other ideologies are marginalized." (Klien and Western. For full text of study, follow links below.) But Phil Mitchell doesn’t need a study to validate what he has experienced for over 20 years. "The truth is, universities are the most hostile, narrow-minded and intolerant environment in society," Mitchell said. Mitchell, 57, is a former history professor at the University of Colorado (CU) and a deeply committed Christian. He was...
  • Arrested father had point to make ---- Disputed school's lesson on diversity

    04/29/2005 1:33:52 PM PDT · by kingattax · 130 replies · 2,738+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | April 29, 2005 | Maria Cramer and Ralph Ranalli
    CONCORD -- For David Parker, the first alarm went off in January, when his 5-year-old son came home from his kindergarten class at Lexington's Joseph Estabrook School with a bag of books promoting diversity. Inside were books about foreign cultures and traditions, along with food recipes. There was also a copy of ''Who's In a Family?" by Robert Skutch, which depicts different kinds of families, including same-sex couples raising children. The book's contents concerned Parker and prompted him to begin a series of e-mail exchanges with school officials on the subject that culminated in a meeting Wednesday night with Estabrook's...
  • A U.N. curriculum in local schools?

    12/19/2004 10:41:46 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 13 replies · 822+ views
    OC Register ^ | 12/19/04 | Steve Greenhut
    If you have a serious discussion with almost any public school teacher, principal, superintendent or trustee, you are likely to hear about the importance of local control and of protecting school curricula from outsiders who want to promote their particular set of values. Yet a new curriculum gaining steam nationwide, known as the International Baccalaureate program, confirms what critics of public schools have long suspected: a) educators embrace local control only when it suits them; b) they are more than willing to promote particular values, provided they are politically correct values. IB is an international K-12 curriculum designed to promote...
  • WSJ -- America's C- : Why U.S. kids are falling behind in math and science.

    12/15/2004 5:22:25 AM PST · by OESY · 69 replies · 1,922+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | December 15, 2004 | Editorial
    ...As a new study on education standards world-wide shows, unlike in the U.S. and much of Europe, high school students in these countries actually learn something. In this country, the study's findings grabbed headlines for how poorly American students score.... Only a generation ago, U.S. high school students ranked No. 1. Today their performance has fallen below the OECD average -- except in reading, where Americans manage to eke out an "average."... Less publicized has been why U.S. scores are so low. The OECD researchers identified several key characteristics that most successful school systems share -- namely, decentralization, competition and...
  • Mathematics and Science Initiative

    12/15/2004 5:46:49 AM PST · by Republicanprofessor · 28 replies · 718+ views (Department of Education) ^ | none noted | William H. Schmidt, Michigan State University
    William H. Schmidt, Michigan State University Papers and Presentations, Mathematics and Science Initiative Today the President addresses a serious issue in American education—How well we as a nation do in educating our children in mathematics. Dr. Loveless has addressed this issue using data from our nation's report card—NAEP. I will address the same issue but from an international point of view. The data are clear. Recent results from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) show that US eighth and twelfth graders do not do well by international standards—ranking below average in both grades and, in fact, near the...

    12/11/2004 11:18:19 PM PST · by neggy · 59 replies · 5,579+ views
    12/12/04 | Neggy
    Please see the press release below. Anyone worried about political correctness, private property rights, declining standards on college campuses - there are some odious things happening right now at Colgate. Visit our new website for the details you won't hear on campus! Please help us try to reverse the tide of PC stupidity at Colgate. Students & Alumni for Colgate, Inc. P.O. Box 30 Hamilton, NY 13346 NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, December 9, 2004 INFORMATION CONTACT: Christine Burtt, sa4c executive director 303.722.9958 ALUMNI PROTEST COERCIVE PROPERTY TAKINGS AT COLGATE UNIVERSITY Colgate Demands Sale of Greek...
  • Now, the Theophobes - (Tony Snow's all time BEST!)

    12/09/2004 7:05:55 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 15 replies · 977+ views
    This approach would force students to study American history without consulting the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, every inaugural address, the bulk of writings by America's founders and much more. Taken to further extremes, it would deprive Stevens Creek students knowledge of the Roman Empire from Constantine on, the Crusades, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, most of the greatest artwork before the 20th Century, the oevre of English-language authors from Chaucer through Eliot (C.S. Lewis no doubt is strictly forbidden!), and the musings of great scientists who to this day puzzle over the existence of G-d. The result: a curriculum that...
  • Freedom and the American Campus: National Conference at North Carolina State University

    09/30/2004 11:24:13 AM PDT · by MikeEdwards · 1 replies · 255+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | Sept 30, 2004 | John Plecnik
    Another great story in the Canada Free Press newspaper called Freedom and the American Campus: National Conference at North Carolina State University on Liberal bias in education. Here is the fifth paragraph from it to give you an idea of what it is about: David Horowitz, president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and chief editor of, will also be making an appearance. Horowitz gained wide recognition for lobbying state legislators to adopt his Academic Bill of Rights, a document designed to take the political bent out of university curriculum and prevent liberal indoctrination. Recently, Coloradoís...
  • Military Kids Need Educators' Help in Overcoming Fears

    08/11/2004 4:24:32 PM PDT · by Ragtime Cowgirl · 20 replies · 454+ views
    DoD-AFPS ^ | August 10, 2004 | Rudi Williams
    Military Kids Need Educators' Help in Overcoming Fears By Rudi WilliamsAmerican Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, Aug. 10, 2004 – Educators always try to help children overcome their fears. But when they work with military kids, they find all kinds of fears they hadn't encountered before, said a retired Marine major general and former astronaut at a recent conference. Former astronaut and retired Marine Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden Jr. logged more than 6,000 flying hours, including more than 100 combat sorties in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and spent more than 680 hours in space. NASA photo(Click photo...
  • New four-winged feathered dinosaur?

    01/28/2003 1:54:40 PM PST · by ZGuy · 17 replies · 1,528+ views
    AIG ^ | 1/28/03 | Jonathan Sarfati
    Papers have been flapping with new headlines about the latest in a long line of alleged dinosaur ancestors of birds. This one is claimed to be a sensational dinosaur with feathers on its hind legs, thus four ‘wings’.1 This was named Microraptor gui—the name is derived from words meaning ‘little plunderer of Gu’ after the paleontologist Gu Zhiwei. Like so many of the alleged feathered dinosaurs, it comes from Liaoning province of northeastern China. It was about 3 feet (1 meter) long from its head to the tip of its long tail, but its body was only about the size...
  • Government Grants for JAZZ music and Curriculum Developers

    07/30/2004 9:42:27 PM PDT · by goodnesswins · 11 replies · 639+ views
    search on yahoo ^ | 7/30/04 | government your taxes
    Hey....any Jazz musicians or Teachers who do curriculum development for Humanities need money???? The government has some for you in the way of grants from about $200,000 - $370,000+ .....READ THEM BELOW NEA JAZZ MASTERS ON TOUR ________________________________________ ________________________________________ General Information Document Type: Grants Notice Funding Opportunity Number: PS 04-05 Posted Date: Jul 28, 2004 Original Due Date for Applications: Aug 30, 2004 Current Due Date for Applications: Aug 30, 2004 Archive Date: Sep 29, 2004 Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement Category of Funding Activity: Arts (see "Cultural Affairs" in CFDA) Expected Number of Awards: 2 Estimated Total Program Funding:...
  • Homeschool curriculum help please

    07/29/2004 9:56:15 AM PDT · by knak · 19 replies · 871+ views
    Can someone direct me to the thread that has links (possibly) of what you cirriculum some of you homeschoolers are using?
  • SAT essays worry keyboarders [must be handwritten]

    06/30/2004 5:53:00 AM PDT · by LurkedLongEnough · 16 replies · 563+ views
    Republican-American ^ | June 29, 2004 | Justin Pope, AP
    At Greenwich Country Day, a prestigious Connecticut private school, computers have all but replaced pencil and paper. Typing instruction starts in second grade, and laptops are mandatory by seventh. Essays are typed, and often class notes are, too. As an adult in today's work world, you don't write anything," said Carol Maoz, head of the upper school (grades 7-9), adding she couldn't think of an occasion students would write out a longhand essay. "You type everything. There really is no need for proper handwriting." Maybe not indeed, even notes get passed in class via text message these days. But next...
  • Same-Sex 'Marriage' Goes to School -

    06/28/2004 12:53:05 PM PDT · by UnklGene · 46 replies · 486+ views ^ | June 28, 2004 | Mark Earley
    Same-Sex 'Marriage' Goes to School - Out of the Closet and Into the Classroom Mark Earley. If you're looking at the same-sex "marriage" debate and thinking it won't affect you, allow me to bring the truth home to you—before your own children bring it home themselves. Imagine finding out that your kindergartner's teacher read the story Heather Has Two Mommies or Daddy's New Roommate before nap time. Having two daddies or two mommies is just the same as having one of each, she explains. Or perhaps you'll learn over the dinner table that a special speaker visited your middle-schooler's health...
  • Californians Say Teach Scientific Evidence Both For and Against Darwinian Evolution, Show New Polls

    05/05/2004 11:10:33 AM PDT · by Michael_Michaelangelo · 351 replies · 502+ views
    Discovery Institute ^ | 5/3/04 | Staff: Discovery Institute
    SEATTLE, MAY 3 – Recent California voters overwhelmingly support teaching the scientific evidence both for and against Darwin’s theory of evolution, according to two new surveys conducted by Arnold Steinberg & Associates. The surveys address the issue of how best to teach evolution, which increasingly is under deliberation by state and local school districts in California and around the nation. The first survey was a random sample of 551 California voters living in a household in which at least one voter voted in the November 2002 general election and the October 2003 special election for governor. When asked: “Which statement...
  • Same-Sex Marriage and Schools: A Critical Review of the GLSEN Same-Sex Marriage Curriculum

    04/17/2004 11:56:21 PM PDT · by Blue Highway · 18 replies · 228+ views
    Dr. Throckmorton reviews a pro-homosexual curriculum that is being offered to High School students around the country. He suggested that the curriculum is deceiving and is not a balanced description of the homosexual lifestyle. The review in .PDF format is: Homo-sexual curriculum review
  • Board tells future school: Remove religion from lessons or lose charter

    04/09/2004 7:17:11 PM PDT · by chance33_98 · 7 replies · 268+ views
    Board tells future school: Remove religion from lessons or lose charter Transcendental Meditation, Natural Law fuel controversy CRISTINA BREEN BOLLING Staff Writer A controversial Cabarrus County charter school that plans to teach Transcendental Meditation and Natural Law Curriculum when it opens this fall must remove all religion from its curriculum or lose its charter. That was the message Thursday from the N.C. Charter School Advisory Board to the leaders of the Carolina International School. The school has been challenged in recent months by local residents who believe its so-called Natural Law Curriculum and emphasis on meditation are rooted in...
  • Parents of first-grade girl angered by children's book about gay princes

    03/18/2004 5:17:04 AM PST · by wallcrawlr · 226 replies · 1,400+ views
    Star Tribune ^ | March 18, 2004 | Associated Press
    WILMINGTON, N.C. -- The parents of a first-grader are fuming over the book their daughter brought home from the school library: a children's story about a prince whose true love turns out to be another prince. Michael Hartsell said he and his wife, Tonya, couldn't believe it when Prince Bertie, the leading character in ``King & King,'' waves off a bevy of eligible princes before falling for Prince Lee. The book ends with the princes marrying and sharing a kiss. ``I was flabbergasted,'' Hartsell said. ``My child is not old enough to understand something like that, especially when it is...
  • NCLB and Science Education

    03/05/2004 4:00:01 AM PST · by Kzoo Knight · 10 replies · 249+ views
    Who knows of any high schools that require all students to take semester courses of chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science in 9th and 10th grades? I've heard of schools that cover all four disciplines in 9th grade, which still allows three years for the more serious student to take more in-depth courses in the three core sciences. But I've not been able to find schools teaching a semester-only curriculum for two full years. Public schools in Portage Michigan are abandoning their college preparatory curriculum in favor of mandatory semesters for everyone, and many parents are upset, not just because...
  • K-12 academy hosts 'Queer State of the Union'

    03/04/2004 3:29:28 AM PST · by missyme · 27 replies · 432+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | March 4th.2004
    With same-sex marriage in the headlines, an elite Southern California prep academy distinguished for its "Crossdressing Day" and "Ménage à Prom" will host a forum tonight titled A Queer State of the Union, featuring a state lawmaker and prominent homosexual activists. Scene from Santa Monica school's play on "Gay Odyssey." Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, where many Hollywood celebrities send their children, was dubbed "Hollyweird High" by authors Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner in their book "Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon -- The Case Against Celebrity." According to faculty member Adam Behrman, who is...
  • Reading, Writing, and ... Homosexuality?

    02/21/2004 10:43:16 AM PST · by DemWatch · 48 replies · 1,521+ views
    TownHall ^ | Feb. 21, 2004 | Doug Giles
    Gone are the Norman Rockwell days of sending young Scooter off to school with his satchel slung over his shoulder, PBJ sandwich in his Superman lunch box and a wide-eyed expectancy of learning, the kind that makes individuals and nations great. With regard to the safe and trusted haven that was the public school, the fat lady has officially sung. Not only did Big Mama sing a while back, she’s been in the grave decomposing for a solid 40 years. I hate to sound like a freaked out parent, but I AM A FREAKED OUT PARENT! -- and I’m seriously...
  • What "Gay" Marriage Will Mean for our Children

    02/22/2004 4:50:09 PM PST · by GrandMoM · 155 replies · 1,528+ views
    Mission America ^ | 2/22/04 | Linda P. Harvey
    What "Gay" Marriage Will Mean for our Children By Linda P. Harvey Column originally published on, July 19, 2003 © 2003 "Same sex marriage? It doesn't bother me!" In many circles, this is the prevailing sentiment regarding the possible legalization of same-sex relationships as "marriages" in the U.S. If the Supreme Court in the state of Massachusetts rules in favor of the homosexual couples who have sued for marriage rights, then other states will most likely be forced to recognize these couplings as marriages under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution. There's just one...
  • Falling Boulder [Leftist Indoctrination Center alert]

    02/14/2004 8:15:17 AM PST · by Clint Williams · 18 replies · 432+ views
    World Magazine ^ | February 14, 2004 | Quick Takes
    Many American schools have sponsored pro-gay speakers, allowed pro-gay art displays, and sanctioned clubs called "Gay-Straight Alliances." But Colorado's Boulder Valley School District is going a step further, advancing new curriculum standards that would require students to "demonstrate" their acceptance of homosexuality. Among the skills the district has proposed as essential to a proper education: Students would have to demonstrate they can "provide peer support" for homosexual classmates; students would also have to demonstrate they can "advocate for a school environment free of ... homophobia." Other standards would require students to explain the health consequences of "heterosexism," and identify "diverse...
  • Grand Blanc considers adding Bible, creationism to curriculum

    02/10/2004 7:38:38 PM PST · by yonif · 6 replies · 205+ views
    mLive ^ | February 09, 2004 | Bob Wheaton
    Grand Blanc - Creationism and the Bible would be taught in Grand Blanc public schools under separate proposals that school officials said they will consider. Superintendent Gary Lipe also has approached other Genesee County school chiefs to ask them to consider jointly offering an online course on the Bible as literature or history. Lipe and other school officials said it's possible to teach about the religious topics in a nonreligious way, but a spokeswoman for the ACLU said it would likely challenge the school district in court. "We know the Bible cannot be taught as theology in public schools," Lipe...
  • Same-Sex Marriage Debate Moves Into Schools

    02/09/2004 3:16:36 AM PST · by kattracks · 24 replies · 483+ views ^ | 2/09/04 | Robert B. Bluey
    ( - All eyes are on Massachusetts this week as the state Legislature prepares to address the question of same-sex marriage. But even outside the State House in Boston, public schools across the country are being encouraged to debate the issue in their classrooms. Teachers now have an easily accessible "curriculum guide" at their disposal. The six-point lesson plan is the work of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which advocates an end to what it considers an anti-homosexual bias in schools. The group, best known by its GLSEN acronym, has been influential in the creation and support of...
  • Bringint the Bible back to School

    01/28/2004 8:22:31 PM PST · by CourtneyLeigh · 5 replies · 474+ views
    American Family Association Journal, ^ | September 2000 |
    American Family Association Journal, September 2000 BRINGING THE BIBLE BACK TO SCHOOL Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club was the setting July 25 for an important announcement that is likely to have far-reaching impact on the students attending our nation’s public schools and, perhaps, the future of America itself. The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS) is a proactive organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina, that is devoted to returning the study of the Bible as an elective course to junior and senior high school classrooms nationwide. Its president, Elizabeth Ridenour, says tremendous progress has been made...
  • Pakistan - Maqbool wants journalism taught in all colleges

    12/17/2003 7:43:46 AM PST · by LurkedLongEnough · 217+ views
    LAHORE: Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool said on Tuesday the government would try to introduce journalism degrees in colleges all over the Punjab to groom professionals for Pakistan’s burgeoning media sector. Talking to reporters after inaugurating the expansion plan of the Punjab University’s Mass Communication Department, Mr Maqbool said he would discuss the introduction of bachelors in journalism courses in more colleges and the required teachers and infrastructure with the provincial government. He said the PU Mass Communication Department had “to take the lead” in terms of developing a curriculum and training teachers in this drive to expand the teaching of...
  • Author of Saudi Curriculums Advocates Slavery ("Slavery is a part of Islam," prominent scholar says)

    11/09/2003 10:36:09 AM PST · by Alouette · 72 replies · 13,474+ views
    Saudi Information Agency ^ | Nov. 7, 2003 | Ali Al-Ahmed
    (Washington)… November 7, 2003 …The main author of the Saudi religious curriculum expressed his unequivocal support for the legalization of slavery in one of his lectures recorded on a cassette and obtained exclusively by SIA news. Leading government cleric Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan is the author of the religious books currently used to teach 5 million Saudi students, both within the and in Saudi schools aboard – including those in the Washington, D.C. metro area. “Slavery is a part of Islam,” he says in the tape, adding: “Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”...
  • Transformational Education - The new Mission of schools

    09/15/2003 1:40:01 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 10 replies · 348+ views
    "The Declaration of Independence has no legal status in defining people's rights and privileges."--Minnesota Senate Education Committee Chairman, Steve Kelley Minnesota, like every state in the nation, is in a battle with the federal government for control of education. The National Content Standards dictated through Federal Goals 2000 did NOT go away with a change of administration. President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) continues to name and fund, for example, the Center for Civic Education (CCE), first named by HR6 in 1994 and mandated by Goals 2000 as the standard for America's Civics and Government curriculum. In fact, both...
  • Interested in becoming EMT

    07/20/2003 9:33:59 PM PDT · by sdk7x7 · 3 replies · 591+ views
    Fellow FReepers... I'm looking for some info here. I'm going to be 18 soon and, next summer, I'd like to serve as a voluteer EMT with the local ambulance corps. (After 9/11 I became very dedicated to the notion of helping others, specifically in emergency situations.) If there's anyone with general info on the TRAINING to become an EMT (basic level) or, more specifically, an EMT in New York state, please reply to me. I basically want to know how the courses are broken down (they're provided by the ambulance corps I think)... are they done once a week? Twice...
  • Johnny Still Can't Read

    05/18/2003 8:26:04 AM PDT · by YoungKentuckyConservative · 10 replies · 235+ views
    WSJ Opinion Journal ^ | 5/16/03 | NCPA
    <p>It has been 20 years since "A Nation at Risk," the 1983 report on education in America, concluded that the "intellectual, moral and spiritual strength of our people" were threatened by a failing education system.</p> <p>The report recommended better-educated and -qualified teachers, regularly assessing teacher and student performance, and performance pay for better teachers. It also proposed a much stronger curriculum, particularly in math and English.</p>
  • NJ, No Founding Fathers? That's our new history Curriculum

    01/30/2002 10:10:09 AM PST · by Coleus · 90 replies · 3,183+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Ellen Sorokin
    <p>The Pilgrims and the Mayflower also are excluded, as well as the word "war," which has been replaced with "conflict" in lessons about the early settlers, colonization and expansion.</p> <p>Also gone are most references to the inhumane treatment many American soldiers endured in wars overseas during the 20th century. However, the standards specifically note that students should identify slavery, the Holocaust and modern Iraq as examples "i n which people have behaved in cruel and inhumane ways."</p>
  • US Firm Is Hired To Purge Schools Of Saddam's Doctrine

    04/21/2003 4:10:04 PM PDT · by blam · 16 replies · 253+ views
    Independent (UK) ^ | 4-22-2003 | David Usborne
    US firm is hired to purge schools of Saddam's doctrine By David Usborne in New York 22 April 2003 The United States is taking the first steps towards rebuilding Iraq's creaking and highly politicised school system with a view to excising the image and doctrines of Saddam Hussein from classrooms. A private company based in Washington DC, Creative Associates International, is preparing to deploy teams of education experts throughout the country after winning an initial contract from the US government. Its task is to prepare Iraqi primary and secondary schools for the new year starting in October. The contract, which...
  • PC in NJ

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    Catholic Exchange ^ | 2/6/02 | Dr. Richard Ferrier
    The Jan. 28th edition of the Washington Times reports that "George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are not included in the revised version of the New Jersey Department of Education history standards. The Pilgrims and the Mayflower also are excluded, as well as the word 'war,' which has been replaced with 'conflict' in lessons about the early settlers, colonization and expansion." The educrats and shallow politicians may not like to admit it, but there is a war going on in education, and New Jersey, the location of Washington's great revolutionary victories at Trenton and Princeton, is among the battlefronts. ...
  • FR Homeschoolers 1/6/2003

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    FR Homeschoolers | 1/6/2003 | TxBec
    This is our own corner of Free Republic where homeschoolers can discuss what curriculum we use, vent when needed, share our successes, compare notes, alert each other to things we find on the internet, and vent some more. Homeschool Forum Thread #1Homeschool Forum Thread #2 Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)
  • FR Homeschoolers 12/5/2002

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    FR Homeschoolers | 12/5/2002 | TxKid
    This is our own corner of Free Republic where homeschoolers can discuss what curriculum we use, vent when needed, share our successes, compare notes, alert each other to things we find on the internet, and vent some more. Homeschool Forum Thread #1Homeschool Forum Thread #2 Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)
  • FR Homeschoolers 12/4/2002

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    FR Homeschoolers | 12/4/2002 | TxKid
    This is our own corner of Free Republic where homeschoolers can discuss what curriculum we use, vent when needed, share our successes, compare notes, alert each other to things we find on the internet, and vent some more. Homeschool Forum Thread #1Homeschool Forum Thread #2 Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)
  • FR Homeschoolers 12/3/2002

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    FR Homeschoolers | 12/3/2002 | TxKid
    This is our own corner of Free Republic where homeschoolers can discuss what curriculum we use, vent when needed, share our successes, compare notes, alert each other to things we find on the internet, and vent some more. Homeschool Forum Thread #1Homeschool Forum Thread #2 Free Republic links to education related articles (thread#8)