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  • [Flashback] George Lucas makes anti-Trump ad modeled after Daisy attack ad.

    09/24/2018 10:59:09 AM PDT · by otness_e · 4 replies
    Oregon Live ^ | Oct 26, 2016 | Douglas Perry
    Is Donald Trump as dangerous as Darth Vader? Well, the Dark Lord of the Sith and his evil colleagues blew up Alderaan, Princess Leia's home planet. And "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, it seems, believes Trump could blow up Earth. That's why Lucas "proposed the idea" for a political ad that is now running in the key battleground state of Ohio, former Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley told "With All Due Respect" co-host Mark Halperin on Tuesday. The TV spot offers no lightsabers or Death Stars. The "Star Wars" universe, after all, is now owned by Disney. Instead, the inspiration was...
  • Hillary campaign brings back the ‘fear of nuclear war’ with new Daisy ad

    11/02/2016 9:53:54 AM PDT · by rktman · 37 replies ^ | 11/1/2016 | Jazz Shaw
    The Clinton campaign released an updated version of the famous “Daisy” ad this week suggesting that nuclear disaster is in America’s future if Trump is elected. CNN reports: A new ad out Monday — which features Monique Luiz, the same actress who at age three played “Daisy” in the ad for Lyndon B. Johnson’s campaign — is part of the campaign’s closing argument against the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. The campaign hopes to cast Trump as too reckless and unhinged to be trusted with the country’s nuclear arsenal. “This was me in 1964,” Luiz says as video from the iconic...
  • What and when babies first eat may affect diabetes risk

    07/13/2013 7:05:27 PM PDT · by neverdem · 6 replies
    Science News ^ | July 11, 2013 | Nathan Seppa
    Children predisposed to type 1 diabetes are better off waiting until 4 months of age to consume solid foods Infants at risk of type 1 diabetes who receive their first solid foods between ages 4 months and 6 months appear less likely to develop the condition than others given solid food before or after that time window, a new study finds. Type 1 diabetes, which can strike children at any age, occurs when an aberrant immune reaction kills cells in the pancreas, requiring a person to take insulin shots. Two studies in 2003 found an association between early first foods...
  • CNN: Rockwell's granddaughter paints terrorists; says global warming is bigger danger

    03/05/2012 3:47:28 PM PST · by Eddie Kritzer · 56 replies
    CNN ^ | 3/5/12 | Christopher Maloney
    “When you look that closely at someone, you almost always develop sympathy for them,” Rockwell says. “It's like sitting next to someone for a long bus ride. … I want to think about who these people are and why they made the choices they did. I want to share the results of my thoughts, which are my paintings, with other people.” She was particularly inspired to paint bin Laden. “We take for granted who he was and what he did and why, and stop thinking of him as a human being with profoundly human motivations. The war on terror is...
  • Daisy Baker’s Files for Bankruptcy Protection(fine-dining)

    07/26/2010 12:16:49 PM PDT · by Son House · 8 replies · 2+ views
    The Business Review ^ | July 26, 2010 | by Michael DeMasi
    Daisy Baker’s, a fine-dining restaurant in downtown Troy, N.Y., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will remain open as it reorganizes its debts. Jim Scully, president of Green Street Entertainment Corp., which owns the restaurant, said sales haven’t fully recovered from last year’s sharp downturn, when the recession especially hurt high-end restaurants nationwide. In past recessions, Daisy Baker’s could rely on short-term borrowing to make it through slow periods. But that’s not the case anymore. “We were always able to finance our operations to keep up with our seasonality, but banks stopped lending a couple years ago,” Scully...
  • Utah charter school once accused of having ties to terrorism shut down by state ( Fethullah Gülen )

    05/02/2010 10:11:54 PM PDT · by george76 · 6 replies · 423+ views
    Deseret News ^ | May 2, 2010 | Elizabeth Stuart
    For the first time since the charter school movement began, the Utah State Charter School Board moved Thursday to shut down an operational school. The vote to revoke the Beehive Science & Technology charter, a state contract that grants the independently run school public education dollars, was unanimous. Beehive's troubles came to the board's attention in July 2009, when a former board member accused the school of having clandestine ties to a controversial Turkish Muslim preacher. Fethullah Gülen, who doesn't recognize al-Qaida as a terrorist organization, was exiled from Turkey in 1998 for reportedly working to overthrow the secular government....
  • Yellow Lab Catches Salmon (Must See Video)

    12/19/2009 12:28:42 PM PST · by OneVike · 51 replies · 2,362+ views
    Ok, now I have seen hunting dogs track down an animal, but this is the first time I have ever seen a dog catch a fish. And not just any fish, this dog is playing in the water, then he sees a salmon and chases it until he catches it. then he brings it to shore for his owner. Awesome must see video. Check out the yellow lab chasing down and catching a huge salmon
  • Why did HAL sing 'Daisy'? Writt

    11/16/2009 4:47:22 PM PST · by Daffynition · 50 replies · 1,939+ views ^ | Nov 9 2009 | Nicholos Wethington
    Okay, so this may not be important breaking news about astronomy, but it may answer a burning question posed by most people who have watched or read "2001: A Space Odyssey": that is, why does the computer HAL-9000 sing the song 'Daisy Bell' as the astronaut Dave Bowman takes him apart? Well, Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke made HAL's final act in the world this song as a tribute to HAL's great ancestor, the first IBM computer to ever sing. Click below for more on this geeky topic! In 1962 Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote the novel – and...
  • 'Baby Alex' Ad Pleases Liberals, Offends Some Conservatives

    06/19/2008 5:59:39 AM PDT · by Sopater · 63 replies · 276+ views
    Cybercast News Service ^ | June 18, 2008 | Susan Jones
    ( - Does any doting mother want to think about putting her firstborn baby in harm's way? Liberal backers of Sen. Barack Obama are banking on a "no" answer. The liberal advocacy group is running a political ad featuring a new mother, bouncing baby boy on her lap, chiding John McCain about wanting to wage a "hundred-year" war in Iraq. "John McCain, when you say you would stay in Iraq for a hundred years, were you counting on Alex? Because if you were, you can't have him," the mother (actress) says with a quaver in her voice. (See video)...
  • So you want to get that Daisy BB gun?

    06/05/2008 11:07:44 AM PDT · by endthematrix · 35 replies · 1,350+ views
    Daisy Co ^ | 6-5-08 | ETM
    It is Daisy’s policy to only sell directly, via phone order or internet order, to persons 21 years of age or older who complete and submit this affidavit of age. You must already have an affidavit on file or complete one now in order for us to be able to process your order. State statutes and/or local ordinances prohibit the sale and possession of air guns, CO2 guns and slingshots in some areas. We are unable to ship airguns into Chicago, Morton Grove, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Manhattan, Queens, New York City and Staten Island. Persons in...
  • Please pray for my dog: she's critically ill [Update: Daisy has passed away]

    03/24/2008 2:03:27 PM PDT · by rintense · 169 replies · 1,736+ views
    3/24/08 | rintense
    <p>My beloved dog, Daisy, is critically ill. She has Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, a disorder that causes her body to attack and kill healthy red blood cells. Her blood levels are well below the normal/low range and her vet now has her in 'critical'. She will have surgery in the next 48 to remove a foreign object she ate- not sure its related to the IMHA at this point.</p>
  • Police plead for help in duck massacre case

    09/25/2005 3:43:14 PM PDT · by Amerigomag · 71 replies · 1,476+ views
    State AP Wire ^ | 09-25-2005 | Associated Press Staff
    CAMPBELL, Calif. (AP) - Seven weeks after a motorist intentionally killed a gaggle of ducks at a car wash, police say the case is going cold."We're reaching a dead end in the investigation," Campbell police Capt. Russ Patterson said Saturday An Aug. 5 surveillance videotape showed a man driving up and intentionally heading for the ducks, crushing several with his car. The driver mows down several more ducks before jumping out of his car and killing some with his hands. The attack went on for 16 minutes. Ten ducks were killed. Police received 50 to 75 calls a day in...
  • Dukes Of Hazzard: Roaringly Right (A Conservative Gives A Thumbs Up To The Movie Remake Alert)

    08/17/2005 9:48:29 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 90 replies · 2,150+ views ^ | 08/18/05 | Mary Katherine Ham
    I was prepared to really hate this movie. But I didn’t. I was ready to leave the theater with a big, cornbread-flavored chip on my shoulder, huffing about unfair representations of white Southerners. Instead, I left a little homesick. I was prepared to be saddened by what I was sure would be a blight on the good name of the Dukes of Hazzard County. Instead, I found myself once again marveling at the Hemi-charged flight of the General Lee. Perhaps it’s because my expectations were so low that I was able to enjoy this movie, but I think it was...

    08/05/2005 4:28:23 AM PDT · by Chi-townChief · 120 replies · 2,680+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | August 5, 2005 | DOUG ELFMAN TELEVISION CRITIC
    Some actors who used to be in "The Dukes of Hazzard" think it was a family TV show. John "Bo Duke" Schneider once called it "a great way to be able to help raise your kids." My Southern grandma would have told him he's out of his cotton-pickin' mind. Bo and his cousin Luke ran moonshine in their hot rod car for their Uncle Jesse so Jesse could pay the mortgage on his Georgia farm. They fought the law, because the corrupt sheriff and the local boss entered schemes with criminals who would shoot at the Dukes. And their barmaid...
  • 'Cooter' Urges Fans to Skip 'Dukes' Movie

    07/13/2005 6:55:01 PM PDT · by oldfarmer · 81 replies · 2,987+ views
    AP ^ | 12 July 2005 | Doug Gross
    ATLANTA - If television's "Crazy Cooter" has his way, fans of the "Dukes of Hazzard" may be speeding away from a new movie version of the cornpone classic faster than the Duke boys running from Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. Ben Jones, a former Georgia congressman who played the wisecracking mechanic on the popular series from 1979-85, said profanity and sexual content in the film make a mockery of the family friendly show. "Basically, they trashed our show," said Jones, who now lives in the mountains of Washington, Va. "It's one thing to do whatever movie they want to do, but...
  • Kitty Help

    03/15/2005 10:38:43 AM PST · by Finger Monkey · 35 replies · 805+ views
    BerthaDee | n/a | BerthaDee
    A friend's cat appears to have eaten some reel to reel tape, said tape appears to be obstructing her digestive tract. Daisy, the cat, is now not eating, has been vomiting and is not drinking, and is lethargic. He, my friend, is taking Daisy to the vet this afternoon. Does anyone now if reel to reel tapes are toxic? Or if it breaks down in stomach acid to some horrific toxin? Also, Daisy is QUITE large. Has anyone out there ever had surgery on an overweight cat? And how did the cat fair? Thanks for any advice. I am glad...
  • The Dukes of Hazzard Set Visit Preview (new pics)

    01/31/2005 7:23:36 PM PST · by stainlessbanner · 141 replies · 11,511+ views
    filmforce ^ | 31-jan-2005 | steve head
    For months now, under a veil of secrecy on the country backroads north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the General Lee, with its rooftop confederate flag, has been pedal to the metal, taking jumps and zooming past movie cameras. You've seen Smokey and the Bandit, you've seen The Blues Brothers, now wait until you see the cop-evading action they're cooking-up for The Dukes of Hazzard. The crew has one goal in mind: to make this a high-speed, rally-racing, drift-driving, dirt and dust tour de force. IGN FilmForce visited the set last week, and we're gearing up to deliver you guys the...
  • "Kerry's Daisy" CARTOON by Linda Eddy with story by Roger Hughes

    04/05/2004 12:44:27 PM PDT · by IPWGOP · 39 replies · 331+ views
    Daisy is stalking Kerry a spoof by Roger Wm. Hughes Sen. John Kerry has been plagued by an insidious problem since his vacation. The Secret Service has tried to keep it quiet, but now the truth is coming out. The incident of the Secret Service agent running into Kerry was no accident. The agent was actually trying to tackle a daisy, which had suddenly shown up after Kerry bought a new ski coat. The daisy appeared to be attacking, uhm, the Senator’s private parts. There is a rumor that this is why Kerry has not been a forceful candidate....
  • CAPTION THIS: John Kerry as "Alpha Weenie" - with yellow flower-power zipper pull

    03/31/2004 7:26:29 AM PST · by RonDog · 103 replies · 1,083+ views ^ | March 29, 2004 | Hindrocket (via Hugh Hewitt)
    From Hindrocket with 29, 2004A Ray of HopeMy main reason for optimism, vis a vis the November election, is John Kerry. You probably remember his snowboarding vacation, which we posted a photo or two of last week. But Mrs. Rocket called my attention to this picture, which I hadn't seen: Mrs. Rocket pointed out a detail which had escaped my fashion-oblivious notice, namely, the yellow flower-power zipper pull. The whole look, of course, is appalling: the vest, the gloves, the botox. It is Mrs. Rocket's opinion that the American people will not elect as President a man who wears...
  • Anti-War Group Remakes 'Daisy' Ad (BARF and Ed Asner Alerts)

    01/18/2003 8:09:40 AM PST · by Timesink · 12 replies · 254+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | January 17, 2003 | Suzanne Vranica January 17, 09:42 AM Stark Antiwar Ad Is Invoked Again By Suzanne Vranica A JARRING ANTIWAR commercial running in some local markets is causing a stir, with NBC-owned stations in Los Angeles and Washington refusing to air the spot. The commercial is a remake of the famous 1964 "Daisy" ad that depicted a little girl plucking one daisy petal after another as a voice counts down to a nuclear-bomb blast. That ad was made by Tony Schwartz, a legendary adman. The new version, created on behalf of, a grass-roots organization, features a blond girl picking petals off a...