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  • Muslim Student Challenges Jewish Professor, He Shuts Her Up On The Spot

    09/27/2014 6:21:21 PM PDT · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 53 replies ^ | 9/27/14 | David Horowitz
    Muslim Student Challenges Jewish Professor, He Shuts Her Up On The Spot Editor-In-Chief of NewsReal Blog, David Horowitz gave a lecture at UC San Diego to combat the ‘Muslim Students Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week’, what some are referring to ‘Hitler Youth Week’. During the question & answer portion of the talk, David had an interesting and bone-chilling encounter with a member of the MSA. He then went ahead to reveal the real intention of her visit to the meeting. What happens in this video is so chilling, it feels almost like its scripted and that it could be in a...
  • HOROWITZ: The Hell That Is The Obama White House

    08/20/2014 7:52:12 PM PDT · by NYer · 56 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | August 19, 2014 | David Horowitz
    Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet. Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace. How can one know this? Because the culprits haven’t been fired. Moreover, if they are serial liars like Susan Rice, they’ve actually been promoted to posts where their loyalty to the criminal-in-chief can do America and its citizens even more damage, if that...
  • Obama’s Treachery and Republican Silence

    08/11/2014 7:58:03 AM PDT · by SJackson · 18 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | August 9, 2014 | David Horowitz
    To order David Horowitz’s new book, “Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left,” click here. Barack Obama deliberately set out to lose the war in Iraq, and he did. He defied the advice of his joint chiefs of staff to secure America’s formidable military presence and keep 20,000 troops in country, and left Iraq to its own devices and the tender mercies of Iran. In doing so, he betrayed every American and Iraqi who gave his life to create a free Iraq and keep it out of the clutches of the terrorists. Iraq is now a war...
  • 12 ways the US administration has failed its ally Israel

    06/09/2014 9:09:34 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    Times of Israel ^ | 6/3/14 | David Horovitz
    Mere hours after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a government backed by the Islamic extremist Hamas group, the US State Department legitimized the arrangement, declaring that it would work with the new government because it “does not include members affiliated with Hamas.” What was saddest about Washington’s insistence on accepting Abbas’s paper-thin veneer over his government’s new nature — his “technocrat” ministers were all approved by Hamas — is that it represents only the Obama administration’s latest abrogation of leadership, logic and leverage at Israel’s expense. Rather than rushing to embrace a Palestinian government in which an unreformed...
  • McCain-Soros: A false trail

    02/15/2008 5:44:40 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 62 replies · 960+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | 2/15/2008 | David Horowitz
    McCain-Soros: A false trail The Internet and cable TV have been rife with allegations that George Soros funds John McCain. One of the sources for this claim is a book I co-authored last year called The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. What we reported was that Soros made a contribution to McCain's political organization when McCain was devising the McCain-Feingold bill. If you oppose that bill as I did and do, that's the end of the story. Soros is an anti-American radical, who thinks George Bush is responsible for...
  • The Horrific Story That Prompted David Horowitz’s Conservative Transformation

    12/04/2013 2:32:52 AM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 41 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 12-3-2013 | Erica Ritz
    David Horowitz, author of The Black Book of the American Left and the founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has spoken at length about how he was raised by “card-carrying communists” who always “described themselves as progressives.” He followed in their footsteps, becoming one of the founders of the New Left in 1960′s, which he described as an organization “formed by children of communists who wanted to get away from the taint that Stalin had put on (communism), and revive the vision.” So what made the born-and-raised communist become the staunch conservative and defender of American liberties...
  • David Horowitz on “The Black Book of the American Left” — on The Glazov Gang

    12/02/2013 4:06:52 PM PST · by amnestynone · 5 replies ^ | December 2, 2013 | David Horowitz interview
    On this week’s special edition of The Glazov Gang, the President of the Freedom Center, David Horowitz, came on the show to discuss his new collection of conservative writings, “The Black Book of the American Left, Volume I: My Life and Times.” David discusses his personal and intellectual journey out of the Left, his experience with the Black Panthers, the Left’s morbid objectives and its sinister tactics of perpetually camouflaging them, what Conservatives need to do to defend America, who Obama really is, and much, much more. Watch both parts of this special two-part series below:
  • Horowitz at Heritage Foundation: 'The Communist Party Is The Democratic Party'

    11/13/2013 1:04:02 PM PST · by george76 · 33 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | 12 Nov 2013 | David Horowitz
    former Marxist-turned-conservative icon David Horowitz spoke at the Heritage Foundation to mark the launch of what will be a ten-volume compendium of his writings on leftism, The Black Book of the American Left. In his wide-ranging speech, Horowitz described his transition from left to right, and discussed the shortcomings of a conservative movement unwilling to deal with the ugly realities of what the American left represents. ... My parents called themselves progressives,” Horowitz explained with regard to his communist parents. “The agenda was a Soviet America...the slogan of the communist party in those days was peace, jobs, democracy. Sound familiar?”...
  • The Threat We Face

    10/10/2013 7:21:36 AM PDT · by libstripper · 53 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | O ct. 10, 2013 | David Horowitz
    I was born at the beginning of the Second World War into a family of high school teachers who were members of the Communist Party, and therefore were actually part of a vast conspiracy dedicated to the destruction of this country, although they would never have looked at it that way, and so-called liberals would be the first to deny it. n those days, the schools were old fashioned enough that my parents did not use their classrooms to indoctrinate students as tens of thousands of university professors and even more K-12 teachers regularly do today. It is also an...
  • Neo-Communism Out of the Closet

    01/18/2013 5:25:46 AM PST · by smoothsailing · 19 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 1-17-2013 | David Horowitz - Review & Commentary
    January 17, 2013 Neo-Communism Out of the Closet by David Horowitz Oliver StoneÂ’s Untold History of the United States is a ludicrous encapsulation of the KremlinÂ’s view of the Cold War, amplified by the Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Hamas version of the post-Communist decades. Indeed, America is portrayed by the Stone-Kuznick author-team as such an evil force in the events of the last 75 years, they evoke overt sympathy for the Germans and the Japanese during World War II, as well as for Stalin himself, and then for really any self-declared enemy of the United States,...
  • Horowitz: Democrats Groom the Mentally Disabled to Vote

    11/23/2012 10:12:14 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 53 replies
    Newsmax ^ | Friday, 23 Nov 2012 09:52 AM | David Horowitz
    I am incredibly steamed this Thanksgiving Holiday over what the Democrats are doing to my country. Everybody by now knows—or should know—how readily Democrats conduct election fraud, and how determined they are to defend it. James O’Keefe and others have taken videos of paid Democratic operatives encouraging citizens to vote twice. O’Keefe was even able to claim Attorney General Eric Holder’s own ballot at a district polling place by claiming to be him, and then to vote in his place. … But even knowing this, I was not prepared for a conversation I had at Thanksgiving dinner with my brother-in-law,...
  • Reflections of a Diaspora Jew on Zionism, America and the Fate of the Jews

    09/07/2012 2:43:11 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 17 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | September 7, 2012 | David Horowitz
    Editors’ note: In the following speech accepting the Ben Hecht Award for Outstanding Journalism from the Zionist Organization of America, David Horowitz notes that he wants everything that the Zionists want–a muscular Israel willing and able to defy the growing Jew hatred in the world; a Jewish State “armed to the teeth” and ready to use its military; an Israel augmented by the addition of its historical birthright of Judea and Samaria. Yet the paradox is that until now, Horowitz notes, he has never considered himself a Zionist in the sense that Theodor Herzl and other founders used that term....
  • A Disturbing Event: The American Conservative Union Embraces an Islamist

    08/28/2012 5:10:11 AM PDT · by SJackson · 4 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | August 27, 2012 | Raymond Ibrahim
    - FrontPage Magazine - - A Disturbing Event: The American Conservative Union Embraces an IslamistPosted By Raymond Ibrahim On August 27, 2012 @ 12:55 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | 27 Comments Correction: The original post of this article mistakenly cited the Washington Post for the story on Mahboob Khan and Ayman Zawahiri. The correct citation and link is the San Francisco Chronicle.The conservative movement appears to be at a crossroads in its approach to the threat of Islamic supremacism—not only abroad but at home. Does the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood as the dominant force of the “Arab Spring”...
  • "The New Leviathan: HOW LEFT-WING MONEY ... SHAPES American Politics & THREATENS America's Future"

    07/09/2012 3:13:45 AM PDT · by Yosemitest · 3 replies
    C SPAN 2 Book TV ^ | June 22, 2012 | David Horowitz
    "The New Leviathan:""How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics""and Threatens America's Future" By David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin David Horowitz contends that tax-exempt organizations of the political left,who present themselves are more aligned with the concerns of the poor and working class than conservative groups and the Republican Party, have assets over 100 hundred billion dollars and outspend conservatives seven to one. The author argues that the Left has used their finances to promote a progressive agenda that has transformed the political landscape. David Horowitz speaks at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles.
  • African-American Lynch Mob

    03/26/2012 5:07:25 AM PDT · by SJackson · 104 replies · 10+ views
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | March 25, 2012 | David Horowitz
    Is anybody else out there as sick and tired as I am of lynch mob racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (vide: Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse kids) who don the mantel of the “civil rights” movement to indict non-blacks in advance of the facts, and incite racial rage against them? Yet that is exactly what they – and scores of black leaders — are doing to an Hispanic individual named George Zimmerman. Along with a cast of thousands, they are holding him guilty of racism before the fact, justifying a hatred, as inflammatory as the hatred once spewed...
  • African-American Lynch Mob

    03/25/2012 9:24:59 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 91 replies · 2+ views
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | 3-25-2012 | David Horowitz - Commentary
    March 25, 2012 African-American Lynch Mob David Horowitz Is anybody else out there as sick and tired as I am of lynch mob racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (vide: Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse kids) who don the mantel of the “civil rights” movement to indict non-blacks in advance of the facts, and incite racial rage against them? Yet that is exactly what they – and scores of black leaders — are doing to an Hispanic individual named George Zimmerman. Along with a cast of thousands, they are holding him guilty of racism before the fact, justifying a...
  • David Brock: Media Matters Madman

    02/23/2012 3:47:47 AM PST · by SJackson · 5 replies · 1+ views
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | February 23, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    - FrontPage Magazine - - David Brock: Media Matters MadmanPosted By Daniel Greenfield On February 23, 2012 @ 12:47 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | No Comments David Brock is a member of an exclusive club of fake conservatives like Arianna Huffington who, when the winds turned blustery and the money looked better on the other side, crossed the Iron Curtain going the other way and headed to Moscow.There is something to be said for the right, which has attracted its defectors from the best of the left. And there is something to be said for the left, which has...
  • Here and After: Political warrior David Horowitz reflects on life and death.

    12/03/2011 3:03:46 PM PST · by neverdem · 6 replies
    City Journal ^ | 4 November 2011 | Theodore Dalrymple
    A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in This Life and the Next, by David Horowitz (Regnery, 128 pp., $24.95) Death is every life’s inevitable denouement, but La Rochefoucauld told us that we can no more stare it in the face than we can stare at the sun. For the most part, we continue our daily round in a state of presumed immortality, and because we are so unfamiliar nowadays with death—it having been carefully put out of our sight by a host of professionals—we treat it as an unwarranted intrusion into our affairs rather than as an existential...
  • See Glenn Beck‘s Epic Address at David Horowitz’s ‘Restoration Weekend’ (MUST see)

    11/26/2011 7:19:59 PM PST · by STARWISE · 78 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 11-25-11 | Billy Hallowell
    On November 19, Glenn Beck spoke at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s “Restoration Weekend,” where he addressed the current political situation in America, entrepreneurship, Occupy Wall Street, Israel and plenty more. “I think the question — how much trouble are we in — I’ll address. But the bigger question that I would like to address today is — how much trouble is the Left in?,” Beck said at the beginning of his speech. “Because America is waking up. And there’s only going to be one of us standing in the end. And I have every intention of it being us.”...
  • David Horowitz and Democrat Pat Caddell Explain the Radical Take-over of the US.

    10/17/2011 12:10:29 AM PDT · by Nachum · 43 replies
    New Zeal ^ | 10/17/11 | Trevor
    The best explanation of what is happening to America that I have yet seen. This doesn’t go far enough and misses the role of the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Institute of Policy Studies, Demos etc, but very good none the less.
  • David Horowitz: Points in Time

    10/15/2011 1:26:54 PM PDT · by Kaslin
    Pajamas Media ^ | October 15, 2011 | David Solway
    An overview of one man and his work. One of the more difficult problems a reviewer faces when dealing with a Horowitz book is how not to go on indefinitely, for each new release takes its place in a qualifying continuum compelling awareness of the whole. In other words, Horowitz has reached the point in time in his career when, as T.S. Eliot said about literature in general in his seminal essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” a new work involves “the presence of the past.” “The existing monuments,” Eliot writes, “form an ideal order…which is modified by the introduction...
  • Ivory Tower Hate

    09/12/2011 3:11:07 PM PDT · by Shout Bits · 11 replies
    Shout Bits Blog ^ | 09/12/2011 | Shout Bits
    Princeton Professor Paul Krugman's ugly New York Times blog on the post 9/11 environment stopped short of accusing Pres. Bush of masterminding the attacks, but it did accuse Bush and his associates of cashing in on the tragedy, of being "fake heroes." If nothing else, the timing was hateful – the very week when the former President was called on to emerge from relative obscurity to lend gravity to the memorial ceremonies. Krugman's hate cannot hold a candle to retired MIT professor, and radical anti-American, Noam Chomsky's article in Al Jazeera. Chomsky goes a step further to condemn the US...
  • GOProud and Birchers ousted as CPAC co-sponsors (David Horowitz survives vote)

    07/31/2011 7:18:57 PM PDT · by Hawk720 · 29 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 07/29/2011 | Matt Lewis
    According to official letters obtained by The Daily Caller, the gay conservative group GOProud and the ultraconservative John Birch Society won’t be co-sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2012. The decision was reached by a full vote of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. The ACU organizes and hosts CPAC each year. Representatives of GOProud and the John Birch Society were notified of the decision via mail Friday afternoon. The decision comes after GOProud’s 2011 sponsorship sparked severe criticism from ACU board members, and prompted several social conservative groups to boycott the event. The controversy reached a...
  • David Horowitz vs. John “None Shall Pass” Gwardino

    04/04/2011 1:09:06 PM PDT · by Walter Scott Hudson · 3 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | April 4, 2011 | Walter Hudson
    I was born to Jehovah's Witness parents. When I became a teenager, I began to question that worldview. At the age of 17, I disassociated from the religion and went my own way. Over the years which have followed, my paradigm has developed according to newly acquired knowledge and experience. It continues to develop. I hope it never stops developing. Due to this background, I have a tremendous respect for the humility required to reconsider a publicly established position in light of new evidence. David Horowitz recently did so in a post denouncing nation-building. He expressed well-informed doubts regarding the...
  • David Horowitz on Nation-Building: “I agree with Haley Barbour”

    03/29/2011 2:43:12 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 5 replies
    Yesterday the Washington Times published an article on the continuing conflicts over foreign policy within the GOP and the Conservative Movement. NewsReal Blog‘s Editor-In-Chief David Horowitz was quoted: David Horowitz, a prominent member of the party’s neoconservative wing, said his own views are changing and he has come around to Mr. Barbour’s position. “I agree with Haley Barbour and am not surprised that he too has come to this conclusion,” Mr. Horowitz said. “Afghanistan is now our longest war, in large part because we are trying to remake a nation which has barely emerged from the seventh century, and in...
  • The Right Must Admit It Was Wrong About Democracy in the Mideast

    03/28/2011 10:44:35 PM PDT · by neverdem · 135 replies
    HUMAN EVENTS ^ | 03/28/2011 | Daniel J. Flynn
    Listen. Do you hear the “Obama lied/People died” chants? Look. Can you see the throngs gathering on the National Mall to protest, “No Blood for Oil”? No? You can’t? Well, neither can I. But lefties will protest a Democratic President’s war as they did a Republican President’s war, right? The Nobel Peace Prize winner-in-chief’s “kinetic military action” in Libya has unmoored liberals from their loudly professed convictions. He has sent conservatives back to—or at least rethinking—theirs. Specifically, the Right has reconsidered George W. Bush-era delusions regarding the universality of Western principles, their easy transplantation through nation-building democracy as an antidote...
  • Why I Am Not a Neo-Conservative (by David Horowitz)

    03/24/2011 9:42:01 AM PDT · by Qbert · 46 replies ^ | 3/23/2011 | David Horowitz
    When George Bush launched the military campaign to remove Saddam Hussein and enforce Security Council resolution 1441 and sixteen other Security Council resolutions he had defied, I was for it. I would be for it today. It was a necessary war and a just war. By toppling a monster who had defied international order and was an obvious threat, Bush did the right thing. When he named the campaign Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was also an enthusiast. It put the Democratic Party, which soon betrayed the war, and the political left, which instinctively  supports America’s enemies, on the defensive. When...
  • David Horowitz on the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts” (Brooklyn College)

    03/20/2011 11:47:47 PM PDT · by OddLane · 5 replies
    The Silent Majority No More ^ | March 20, 2011 | TSMNM
    On March 10, 2011, David Horowitz spoke at Brooklyn College . He was invited to speak in opposition to the annual Hate-a-Jew Week (aka Israel-Apartheid Week ) and due to the threats from the anarchists on-campus, we had to pass through security before we were permitted to enter the auditorium. The title of his presentation was “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict : Myths and Facts”. The video that follows is the complete 60 minute presentation by Horowitz followed by the Q and A. This event was nearly aborted by a lack of support from the Jewish organizations and faculty at Brooklyn College...
  • David Horowitz Does Battle At Brooklyn College

    03/10/2011 11:26:46 PM PST · by OddLane · 31 replies
    American Rattlesnake ^ | March 11, 2010 | Gerard Perry
    Today I decided to return to my old stomping grounds at Brooklyn College in order to witness a lecture delivered by acclaimed polemicist, writer, political and human rights activist, and former leader of the new left, David Horowitz. Invited to speak by student leader Yosef Sobel, and sponsored by Professor Langbert-both of whom can be seen below-Mr. Horowitz delivered an impassioned, but unerringly rational, defense of freedom of speech, pluralism, and diversity, all values under attack in the Middle East and on American campuses-the primary theme of the evening. He began by noting the extreme impediments he-and the people who...
  • David Horowitz's Keynote at CPAC 2011 [The most important and least reported speech at CPAC.]

    02/13/2011 12:45:16 PM PST · by newheart · 29 replies
    YouTube ^ | February 12, 2011 | David Horowitz
    Speaking on education reform and the Muslim Brotherhood and its connections. Horowitz' speech.
  • Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol, and the Unholy Alliance of Radical Islam and the American Left

    02/08/2011 9:46:48 AM PST · by HorowitzianConservative · 67 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | February 8, 2010 | David Horowitz
    Bill Kristol is entitled to his optimism about democratic revolutions in the Islamic world. Perhaps the elections in Egypt will turn out better than those in Gaza where Hamas now rules a terrorist state; Iraq, which has instituted an Islamic Republic; Lebanon, where Hezbollah now rules a terrorist state; and Afghanistan, which is a kleptocracy wooing the terrorist theocracy in Iran. What he should not be doing as a conservative leader is demonizing Glenn Beck, who has done more to educate Americans about the unholy alliance between the secular left and the Islamic jihadists than anyone else. Kristol needs to ...
  • Radical-in-Chief

    01/13/2011 5:25:05 AM PST · by SJackson · 8 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 1-13-11 | Stanley Kurtz
    [Below is a talk given by Stanley Kurtz at the Wednesday Morning Club on January 5, 2011.] David Horowitz: It’s been 20 years with the Center trying to tell conservatives that these people are not liberals, that they are leftists and if their dreams are fulfilled they will destroy the United States, and very, very dangerous people. And while conservatives have given me support and given our Center support, they never quite got into their system what I think is the appropriate view of our opponents in these battles. Conservatives, as you’ve probably heard me say, are far too decent...
  • Video of David Horowitz Speaking at UC San Diego

    01/12/2011 2:15:50 PM PST · by shortstop · 16 replies
    The Internet ^ | unknown | David Horowitz
    Click on the link: Eye opening... You will be chilled by the student's final answer. This is David Horowitz speaking at USC in San Diego . A student member of the MSA (Muslim Students Assoc) asks him a question. Listen to her response when he asks HER a question. And she has the "privilege" of attending school in our "free" country! God help us, because this is what our grandchildren's great-great-great, etc. etc. grandchildren will be facing.
  • A Showdown with Evil

    12/27/2010 4:13:37 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 6 replies
    Dr. Jamie Glazov and his Canadian publisher, Mantua Books, have just published a new kind of “samizdat” which is the Russian word for self-publications written by dissidents and passed from hand to hand. “Self-publishing” (by hand, on typewriters, on printing presses) was a 20th century way of dealing with Soviet government censorship. The Russian authors and readers who were found with such writing in their possession were routinely subjected to harsh imprisonment. Westerners, (and this includes Israel), do not live in a Soviet Gulag and are not subject to political censorship, but we do face a new kind of Orwellian...
  • Neoconservative Blind Spots

    12/06/2010 10:24:01 AM PST · by Academiadotorg · 76 replies
    Accuracy in Academia | December 6, 2010 | Malcolm A. Kline
    Because the conservatives most likely to be employed in academia are of the neo variety, students may not get an accurate picture of conservatism or, for that matter, America. In fairness, because many neoconservatives are reconstructed leftists, they can counter the Campus Left in ways that more mild-mannered conservative Ph.D.’s could or would. “The neocons have waged a matchless intellectual war against the practices of America’s tenured radicals,” C. Bradley Thompson writes in Neoconservatism: An Obituary for an Idea. “They have been trenchant critics of the major ideas that have dominated America’s universities since the 1960s, such as nihilism, relativism,...
  • Seducing Teen Girls Leftward: 10 Shocking Items Lurking on the Library Shelves

    12/01/2010 5:33:11 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 21 replies · 2+ views
    Where can you find oral sex, drug use, a fondness for big government social programs and addictions to multiple sexual partners? If you immediately thought of the Clinton Presidential Library, you’re close, but it’s not the only library dedicated to debauchery. I have spent the last week reading books and magazines I randomly selected off the public library shelves. I literally closed my eyes and just started grabbing stuff, which makes what I found that much more disturbing. The results of this experiment are filled with leftist brainwashing, explicit sex, foul language, drug use, alcohol abuse, permissive parents, abusive parents...
  • PANEL VIDEO: Karen Lugo, John Yoo, Marc Thiessen and Andrew McCarthy on Terrorism and Our Courts

    11/28/2010 8:08:30 PM PST · by damonw
    The Religion of Conquest ^ | 11/28/10 | damon
    I found this video, and the three listed in my first comment, at David Horowitz TV. I learned allot watching this video about how trying terrorist in civilian courts neuters our intelligence agencies and how woefully inadequate our civilian courts are in trying them. That's the reason why a terrorist recently was acquitted of almost 250 charges of murder and only a peripheral charge stuck. You'll learn what harm the Obama administration is really causing our country. It's almost as if he does not want us to win the so called war on terrorism.
  • 4 Reasons Glenn Beck is a Two-Faced Enemy of Patriotism (According to Paleo-Libertarians)

    11/23/2010 5:26:38 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 41 replies
    Radical libertarians insist Glenn Beck is a big government neo-con socialist statist (no decent libertarian would associate themselves with former communist-turned conservative David Horowitz, who exposes libertarian radicalism for the leftism it is), because he considers America the greatest nation on earth. Beck has the gall to list all the great things America has achieved. Such traitorous rhetoric and affiliations does not sit well with radical libertarians. After all, America is a colonizing, nation-grabbing, state’s rights espousing thief. America should exist without any formal central government, military or police, and Glenn Beck should demand this! Libertarians are none too happy...
  • David Horowitz: Democratic Party Will Disappear From the Political Scene

    11/19/2010 10:46:29 AM PST · by Qbert · 60 replies
    NewsMax ^ | 11/19/2010 | Jim Meyers, with Kathleen Walter
    Conservative activist and best-selling author David Horowitz tells Newsmax that the Democratic Party has been “seized by a religious cult” of leftists and will go the way of the 19th-century Whig Party — disappearing from the political scene. He also declares that giving terrorist suspects the rights of American citizens and trying them in civilian courts is “a form of national suicide” and says the tea party movement is a “huge development” that will keep Republicans true to conservative principles. [Snip] Asked about the political problems the Democrats face in the wake of their poor showing in the midterm elections,...
  • We Don't Need No (Leftist) Education

    10/13/2010 2:31:22 AM PDT · by Ronbo1948 · 45 replies · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | October 13, 2010 | By Robin of Berkeley
    David Horowitz is one of those rare people who change lives. I know, because he changed mine. When I started snapping out of my Leftist trance three years ago, I had nowhere to turn. I didn't have the foggiest idea why thugs were surrounding Obama. Weren't the progressives the good guys? I turned to my local Borders bookstore for some answers. There I found the writings of David Horowitz, to which I could immediately relate. Like me, Horowitz was a Jew from New York who was hoodwinked by radicalism. But that's where the similarities stopped. My parents were JFK-type liberals...
  • The Left/Islamo-Nazis/Homosexuality/Women's Rights/and Contradictions

    09/10/2010 9:32:50 AM PDT · by SeanG200 · 2 replies
    Religio-Political Talk (RPT) ^ | 9-10-2010 | Papa Giorgio
    This post includes and excerpt from a recent article on Front Page Magazine, a small excerpt from David Horowitz's book, Unholy Alliance as well as some input by Melanie Phillips and Dennis Prager with some joining commentary by yours truly. All references linked for your following through and use.
  • Are Anti-Tea Partiers Racists?

    07/20/2010 4:27:01 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 20 replies
    The Democrats and other leftists are calling the Tea Parties racist. No surprise there. Race-baiting and race mongering have been a second nature to the left for decades. A typical race-baiting tactic is to ask how come the Tea Parties have so few blacks? The answer may be racism but it’s not the Tea Parties’ racism. According to recent polls 91% of blacks approve of the job Barack Obama is doing. Only 39% of non-blacks (that includes Asians and Hispanics) feel the same way. Only someone with suicidal instincts would point to these statistics as indication that the racial shoe...
  • 5 Signs Sharia Law Is Coming to a Town Near You

    07/15/2010 8:54:36 AM PDT · by Rhonda Robinson · 44 replies
    David Horowitz's ^ | July 15, 2010 | SALLY MEININGER
    It was primarily Christians who sought freedom of worship by coming to the New World, but since then America has flourished with just about every hybrid of religion you can imagine. And we manage to get along pretty well. Of course we must ‘endure’ overly nice people with tracts and flowers or those who woo you with green Jell-O. But bottom line, if we don’t like it, we ignore it, we shut the door, we abstain. It’s our right as Americans because we’re free to worship…or not. Lately, there’s been a new kid on the American block. Sharia, an interpretation...
  • Horowitz: "Rules for Radicals: What Constitutional Conservatives Should Know About Saul Alinsky"

    07/06/2010 1:28:56 PM PDT · by hillsdale1 · 7 replies · 1+ views
    Hillsdale College - The Kirby Center ^ | 7/6/10 | Hillsdale College
    David Horowitz will deliver this month’s “First Principles on First Fridays” lecture, sponsored by Hillsdale College's Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C. It will take place on Friday, July 9, from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. at Ebenezers Coffee House, located at 201 F Street, N.E. Coffee, fruit, and pastries will be served. The lecture topic will be "Rules for Radicals: What Constitutional Conservatives Should Know About Saul Alinsky"
  • Second Thoughts : On the complexities and contradictions of Christopher Hitchens (Part 1)

    07/06/2010 9:10:51 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies · 3+ views
    National Review ^ | 07/06/2010 | David Horowtiz
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had just finished this essay when I heard the terrible news that my friend Christopher had a cancer whose prognosis was dire. My heart and thoughts go out to him, as they would to a brother. I have known Christopher as a man of great courage and decency and have an affection for him that is not adequately expressed in the intellectual argument that follows. It is indeed an intellectual argument, and Christopher, I am sure, will welcome it as a testament to the way in which he has challenged us all — just as I am...
  • NRB Book Club: Christopher Hitchens on Horowitz and Humor

    06/07/2010 6:07:50 PM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 2 replies · 19+ views
    David Horowitz's News Real Blog ^ | June 6, 2010 | Ben-Peter Terpstra
    Hitchens is a big fan of humour, to be sure, and elsewhere, Horowitz has written about his experiences with the Black Panthers. But what strikes me about the British-born polemicist is that he often (not always) finds the “funny” in the “pain.” Indeed, after having lived through a post-Dickensian Dickensian boarding-school experience he casually observes (p. 62): I have just looked up the gleaming new website of Mount House, and realized that if I have set all this down in my turn, it is because I was among the last generation to go through the “old school” version of Englishness....
  • Left, Right and Wrong

    05/19/2010 5:04:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies · 394+ views ^ | May 19, 2010 | Jonah Goldberg
    We are taught to believe that ideology is the enemy of free thought. But that's not right. Ideology is a mere checklist of principles and priorities. The real enemy of clear thinking is the script. We think the world is supposed to go by a familiar plot. And when the facts conflict with the script, we edit the facts. So, for instance, David Horowitz is a stock villain on U.S. campuses because he deviates from the standard formula of coddling the usual victims and lionizing the usual heroes. Once a committed left-wing radical, Horowitz now resides on the right. Two...
  • David Horowitz Challenges Muslim Woman

    05/12/2010 3:13:19 PM PDT · by scottfactor · 11 replies · 825+ views ^ | 05/12/2010 | Scott Factor
    Horowitz called this woman out. She's a member of the Muslim Students Association and refused to condemn a terrorist organization. ....typical. These people refuse to condemn all of these Islamic terrorist organizations. A brief transcript of the video follows.
  • David Horowitz confronted by Muslim Student calling for second Holocaust

    05/12/2010 6:17:32 AM PDT · by AnotherDayInParadise · 10 replies · 684+ views
    Video of student stating her support for Hamas and Horowitz's response.
  • ‘FOR IT’: Muslim Student in San Diego Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust -Video

    05/12/2010 5:30:26 AM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 50 replies · 2,122+ views
    Yahoo ^ | May 12, 2010
    During the Question and Answer period, David Horowitz had a chilling exchange with a member of the MSA, a Student, in which he prodded her to reveal the depraved depths of her Jew-hatred. What’s shocking is not so much that she holds such views, but rather that she was willing to admit it. - 05 10 2010 Link to Youtube Here