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  • Romney passes final test (This is what we can conclude after the final debate)

    10/23/2012 7:03:17 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 10/23/2012 | Rick Moran
    Bret Stephens at the Wall Street Journal: ***** Mitt Romney needed to pass the usual tests for Republican presidential candidates in his debate Monday night with President Obama. There was the Ford test (alternatively known as the Palin/Cain/Perry test): Would Mr. Romney say something so obviously misinformed, so manifestly silly, so revealingly ignorant as to disqualify him from serious consideration as a prospective commander-in-chief? He said nothing of the sort. There was the Goldwater test (unfairly named, but reputations are stubborn things): Did Mr. Romney make pronouncements so belligerent as to make ordinary people fear for their children's safety-or at...
  • Poll: Which candidate did best at the debate?

    10/23/2012 6:55:13 AM PDT · by securityMama · 9 replies
    The Sun Sentinel ^ | October 23, 2012 | N/A
    The eyes of the world were on South Florida on Monday evening as issues of the world; foreign and military policy; took center stage in a presidential campaign that's been dominated, until now, by the economy.
  • Sequestration will not happen, Obama says in final debate

    10/23/2012 5:49:59 AM PDT · by SkyPilot · 34 replies
    Federal News Radio ^ | 23 Oct 12 | Michael O'Connell
    Sequestration will not happen. President Barack Obama made this assertion Monday night during the third and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla. "The sequester is not something that I proposed," Obama said, of the $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts set to kick in on Jan. 2. "It's something that Congress has proposed. It will not happen. The budget that we're talking about is not reducing our military spending. It's maintaining it." Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney used the debate to outline their different approaches to reducing federal spending. "We're going to cut about 5 percent of the...
  • Last Debate Proves Mitt Way Ahead

    10/23/2012 5:20:30 AM PDT · by C. Edmund Wright · 56 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 10-22-2012 | C. Edmund Wright
    If anyone still doubts the Gallup Poll -- and common sense -- showing that Mitt Romney is way ahead in the polls, all they had to do was watch the third presidential debate to have their minds changed. Romney put the game into the "four corners" stall, running out the clock while turning away numerous chances for easy slam-dunks and taking care not to stop the clock. Barack Obama, meanwhile, was pressing, slashing, and committing all kinds of fouls. Referee Bob Schieffer, not wanting to share in Candy Crowley's sordid legacy, let the players play. That's the good news. The...
  • FREEP This Poll - Who Won The Third And Final Debate?

    10/23/2012 5:12:37 AM PDT · by MplsSteve · 11 replies
    Poll: Who won the third and final debate? Barack Obama Mitt Romney Was a draw Watched sports instead
  • The Final Debate (Obama vs the Incumbent)

    10/23/2012 4:50:33 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/23/2012 | Yuval Levin
    If you knew nothing about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney except what you saw in their final debate, you would have assumed that Romney was the incumbent president, that Obama was the challenger trying to unseat him, that Romney was clearly leading in the polls going in and that he remained there going out. You wouldn’t necessarily think Romney won the debate, but you would think he was winning the race. It was absolutely clear that both candidates understood that this debate was entirely about Mitt Romney. Romney’s only goal was to seem presidential, and Obama’s only goal was to...
  • Krauthammer: Romney Won Unequivocally; Obama's Responses Were Petty

    10/23/2012 4:31:30 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 159 replies ^ | 10/23/2012 | Krauthammer
    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it's unequivocal, Romney won. And he didn't just win tactically, but strategically. Strategically, all he needed to do is basically draw. He needed to continue the momentum he's had since the first debate, and this will continue it. Tactically, he simply had to get up there and show that he's a competent man, somebody who you could trust as commander in chief, a who knows every area of the globe and he gave interesting extra details, like the Haqqani network, which gave the impression he knows what he's talking about. But there is a third level...
  • Libya Is Debate's First Question -- And Question Left Unanswered

    10/23/2012 4:10:05 AM PDT · by Son House · 21 replies
    FoxNews ^ | October 23, 2012 | FoxNews
    But although moderator Bob Schieffer of CBS News raised the topic of the Sept. 11 attack in Libya in his first question onstage Monday in Boca Raton, Fla., Romney and then Obama instead responded by broadening the topic to Al Qaeda, the Arab Spring and the Middle East. Romney only mentioned Libya once, saying that the attack was carried out "apparently by, I think we know now, by terrorists of some kind against our people there." He went on to “congratulate (Obama) on taking out Usama bin Laden and going after the leadership in Al Qaeda. But we can’t kill...
  • Obama may have won the Boca debate battle but he knows he is losing the election war to Romney

    10/22/2012 11:58:46 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 28 replies
    The London Daily Mail ^ | October 22, 2012 | Toby Harnden
    If you had been on an extended vacation for the past four years, you would have been forgiven for watching this debate and thinking you were viewing a President Mitt Romney being challenged by a pretender called Barack Obama. It's not that Obama did not have command of foreign policy issues or did not make some telling points against an opponent who was vague at times and occasionally uncertain. But Obama clearly came into the debate believing he had to score points and change the dynamic of the race. In short, Obama started the 90 minutes here in Boca Raton,...
  • Mark Halperin (Time): Romney Did Himself More Good Than Obama

    10/22/2012 11:50:13 PM PDT · by Qbert · 21 replies ^ | 22 Oct 2012 | JOHN NOLTE
    Time's Mark Halperin is The Narrative and he's scoring the debate a tie -- giving both men a B+. But it's what Halperin writes  that should worry Obama fans.   Obama: Tried all evening to tease out for America the patent contradictions he sees starkly in Romney’s past statements, but could not cast them in sharp enough relief to break through for the non-expert viewer. Efforts to make Romney seem unpresidential and unprepared failed to rattle his opponent, but did produce a series of rhetorical moments that will get television replays. Still haunted by his Denver failure, he stayed hyped...
  • POLL: Who won the final debate?

    10/22/2012 11:26:04 PM PDT · by Overkill_GOP · 25 replies ^ | 10/22/12 | Overkill
    Obama is killing Romney here... let's do something about it.
  • So, About That Debate Thing Tonight...

    10/22/2012 10:41:15 PM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 74 replies
    Self/Vanity | 10/23/2012 | my favorite headache
    So, the debates are FINALLY over and done. The media is calling it a 3 to 1 win for Obama/Biden although in all reality it is the other way around or a tie with the loss going to Mitt Romney tonight. Judging from friends and a large number of politico's I associate with...most had turned the debate off after the first 30 minutes or were watching the NLCS Game 7 on Fox. The reason? Enough is enough. My most hardcore of Conservative friends and relatives saw Romney for what he truly is deep down inside...a moderate Republican who is a...
  • TRENDING: 'Horses and bayonets' shows Obama's debate strategy

    10/22/2012 10:30:02 PM PDT · by Qbert · 79 replies
    CNN ^ | 10/22/2012 | Kevin Liptak
    (CNN) - Perhaps it only makes sense that a candidate who prepared for a presidential debate near Colonial Williamsburg would choose to slam Mitt Romney's plan for more Navy ships by using the phrase "horses and bayonets." President Barack Obama's quip - meant to make the point that modern warfare doesn't require the type of equipment it did in the past - appeared part of a larger strategy of casting his opponent as stuck in a time warp on important issues. And Republicans, seeing an opening, are making sure shipbuilders just down the road from President Barack Obama's Virginia prep...
  • Freep this poll: Who won the debate?

    10/22/2012 10:16:39 PM PDT · by daniel885 · 29 replies
    RLCSC ^ | 10/22/2012 | RLCSC
    Freep this poll... It's being passed around several left-wing sites and they have Obama with a slight lead on a REPUBLICAN web site!!
  • List of debate polls that need attentions

    10/22/2012 10:03:35 PM PDT · by FunkyZero · 9 replies
    10/22/2012 | various
    List of polls regarding tonights debate that could really use a freep-bombing.
  • Correcting Obama's Debate Comments on the United States Navy

    10/22/2012 9:41:46 PM PDT · by kevinaw2 · 33 replies
    Ward World ^ | 10/23/2012 | Ward World
    Earlier this evening in the Third Presidential Debate Mitt Romney raised legitimate concerns about the current and shrinking size of the United States Navy. The President responded snarkily by saying that size does not matter because we have these these "things" called Carriers that "planes can land on" and these "things" that go underwater. This pathetic attempt at rebuttal by Obama is quite simple. The first submarine commissioned by the United States Navy was "USS Holland (SS-1)" on October 12, 1900. The first Aircraft Carrier commissioned by the United States Navy was the USS Langley (CV-1) on March 20, 1922. ...
  • R/e 3rd Debate: Pundits Proclaim: Romney Passes 'Commander-in-Chief Test'

    10/22/2012 9:29:20 PM PDT · by annajones · 23 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 10-22-2012
    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney may have exchanged a tactical defeat for a strategic victory in Monday’s foreign policy debate, losing on points to the president by most accounts but scoring a solid performance that left major pundits declaring he had passed “the commander in chief test” in resounding fashion. Similarly, Fox News commentator and Newsmax contributor Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster, told Newsmax shortly after the debate that Romney succeeded in demonstrating he is presidential “and on an equal footing with President Obama” in the foreign-policy arena. Overall, Romney avoided making any major blunders and repeatedly turned the discussion...
  • Romney Won All Three Pre-Debate Coin Tosses!

    10/22/2012 8:50:38 PM PDT · by zencycler · 12 replies
    CNN Politics ^ | 10/22/2012 | Debate Blog
    ROMNEY WINS THIRD COIN TOSS IN A ROW: Romney therefore gets first question and last closing statement in tonight’s debate. Odds of winning all three coin tosses: 12.5%.
  • Who Won the Presidential Debate: Romney Won, and Will Win the Presidency

    10/22/2012 8:32:42 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    PolicyMic ^ | October 22, 2012 | Amy Sterling Casil
    Covering a lot of ground, from Libya and Syria to Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the third presidential debate was alternately frustrating, boring, and repetitive. Mitt Romney grew stronger throughout the debate, while the President grew weaker. Romney's closing statement struck the exact right note of working in a bi-partisan manner to "carry the torch" of freedom back to America in the future. Romney also did something the President neglected to do: He asked for the job. The President may have hurt himself with a few snarky comments early in the debate with comments like, "I'm glad you recognize Al Qaeda...
  • Freep this poll: Who won the debate?

    10/22/2012 7:47:58 PM PDT · by daniel885 · 24 replies
    RLCSC ^ | 10/22/2012 | RLCSC
    Who won the debate?