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  • Of alarms, militias, and destiny

    01/04/2013 6:45:07 PM PST · by Wisconsinlady · 42 replies
    Bob Owens ^ | 01/04/13 | Bob Owens
    Anyone familiar with an accurate telling of the political truths leading up to the events of mid-April, 1775 in small towns and villages west of Boston knows that while the Colonials and their British masters were at loggerheads for the better part of a decade over a number of issues including taxation and liberty, the immediate and proximate trigger of the first American Revolutionary war was an attempt by General Thomas Gage to disarm the Colonists. Yes, the American Revolution was triggered by a gun control raid that was met with force by the American people.
  • Romney retreats into California seclusion

    12/03/2012 10:26:14 AM PST · by Colofornian · 231 replies
    Tampa Bay Times ^ | Dec. 3, 2012
    SAN DIEGO — The man who planned to be president wakes up each morning now without a plan. Mitt Romney looks out the windows of his beach house here in La Jolla...He devours news from 2,600 miles away in Washington about the "fiscal cliff" negotiations, shaking his head and wondering what if. Gone are the minute-by-minute schedules and the swarm of Secret Service agents. There's no aide to make his peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Romney hangs around the house, sometimes alone, pecking away at his iPad and emailing his CEO buddies, who've been swooping in and out of La...
  • Demography Isn't Destiny When Voters Are Economically Informed

    10/19/2012 5:30:53 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 3 replies
    Forbes ^ | 10/19/2012 | Carrie Lukas
    Political handicappers make it sound as if demography is destiny when it comes to which policies and candidates people support. Women are presumed to support Democrats; men to favor Republicans. Young Americans vote for liberals, while seniors go conservative. Voters in Southern states are reliably red; the coasts and Northeast are blue. Yet new research suggests that another factor powerfully affects one’s policy and political preferences: One’s awareness of basic truths about the U.S. economy. The Independent Women’s Voice, an educational advocacy organization, has been researching the relationship between economic literacy and support for policy ideas. Most recently, IWV commissioned...
  • Avoiding a Millennial Era Massacre

    08/21/2012 6:57:02 AM PDT · by RobaWho · 8 replies
    Self | Aug. 21, 2012 | Rob Cunningham
    This message, crafted with malice towards none, is an impassioned plea written solely to focus the thinking of my beloved fellow Americans on our impending national crisis. Specifically, my unconventional writing technique serves but one purpose; to encourage the estimated 80 million voting age millennials (citizens born between the years 1980 and 2005), to stop, think and honestly consider the gravity of the upcoming Presidential election: how might one or two decades of continued economic misery and arrested national development impact your life? Please, examine facts and ignore the typical media. If Barack Obama and the mainstream media are successful...
  • Who Wants to be a Kingdom of Priests?

    02/09/2012 4:47:32 PM PST · by Zionist Conspirator · 13 replies
    Moshe Feiglin for Chairman of Likud ^ | 2/9/'12 | Moshe Feiglin
    "And you will be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." (From this week's Torah portion, Yitro, Exodus 19:6) Before the giving of the Torah, before the Ten Commandments, before the most momentous and splendorous ceremony in history, the Creator explains why. Before "Honor your parents", before "Guard the Sabbath day to sanctify it", before all the 'how', G-d explains why He gave us the Torah; why this trek from the House of Bondage to the Land of Israel. What is the destiny? What is the purpose? "And you will be to Me a kingdom of priests...
  • All of the candidates except Gingrich, Romney and Paul should drop out before Iowa

    12/01/2011 5:54:03 PM PST · by TBBT · 42 replies · 1+ views
    The Daily Caller ^ | 12/1/2011 | The Tech Guys
    The Newt Surge is official. Over the last week, Gingrich’s Intrade odds of winning the nomination rose from 16% to 39%. Romney has faded a little but still leads with 47% odds. No one else is above 5% odds. The polls are even more stunning. Rasmussen shows Gingrich leading 38%-17% in a national poll. Real Clear Politics lists polls with Gingrich leading Romney by 15-30 points in Florida, South Carolina and Iowa, and trailing Romney by only 10 points in New Hampshire. In the general election match-up, Rasmussen has Gingrich leading Obama by 2% and Romney trailing Obama by 6%....
  • Arizona’s Immigration Law’s Ruling and the Spirit of Lawlessness in America

    07/28/2010 5:32:15 PM PDT · by kindred · 4 replies · 1+ views ^ | July 28, 2010 | DJP
    The current migration of foreigners seeking to enter into the United States illegally is being backed and supported by Obama, the Left and also Moderates (which was also previously supported by the Bush Administration, by the way). Even some prominent evangelical leaders have drunken the kool-aid on this. The supporters of illegal immigration have their own deranged reasoning and agenda in backing this endeavor, but it is one that is based on lawlessness and against the very fiber of the Constitution of the United States. In light of today’s ruling on Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070, is it a...
  • The Destiny of the Universe

    07/17/2010 4:54:59 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 29 replies · 3+ views
    FQXI ^ | 7/2/10 | Julie Rehmeyer
    A radical reformulation of quantum mechanics suggests that the universe has a set destiny and its pre-existing fate reaches back in time to influence the past. It could explain the origin of life, dark energy and solve other cosmic conundrums.The universe has a destiny—and this set fate could be reaching backwards in time and combining with influences from the past to shape the present. It’s a mind-bending claim, but some cosmologists now believe that a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics in which the future can affect the past could solve some of the universe’s biggest mysteries, including how life arose....

    02/03/2010 6:04:17 AM PST · by Ken4TA · 5 replies · 332+ views
    1878 AD | Edward White
    A LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITY THAT CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS HAVE ERRED ON HUMAN DESTINY. The following argument was presented by Edward White in his classic book, Life In Christ, Chapter 7, pages 65–70; published in 1878 AD, 3rd Edition, by Elliot Stock, London, England. This 559 page book is now in the Public Domain In reproducing White’s argument, and making it more palatable to read, I have taken the liberty to substitute a few words to bring it more in-line to our American English understanding. I believe it worthy of consideration to anyone who desires to learn a little history of...

    02/02/2010 7:26:29 PM PST · by Ken4TA · 18 replies · 313+ views
    Dec. 2009 | Kenneth Fortier
    Many, if not most Christians think or believe that the saints of both the Old and New Testaments are alive in some place between death and resurrection. But is that what Jesus and His apostles taught? Let’s find out! In Matthew 22:31–32 we read of Jesus saying: “But about the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what God said to you, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?’ (Ex. 3:6) He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” Luke records Jesus’ response this way: “But in...
  • Avatar: Film-making and Human Destiny (Part One) Klaes on Avatar: Part Two Movie Review (Long)

    01/16/2010 2:59:00 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 13 replies · 585+ views
    Centauri Dreams ^ | 1/15/10 | Larry Klaes
    Avatar: Film-making and Human Destiny by Administrator on January 15, 2010 by Larry KlaesJudging by the abundant reaction to Larry Klaes’ recent article on James Cameron’s Avatar — and by the continuing commentary in society at large — Larry seems to be vindicated when he says the film has become a focal point of discussion for many in the general public. Having engaged in the lively debate in these pages, Larry now wraps up our Avatar coverage with a look at the film’s message and its ramifications, along with comments on its use of science.To some the new film...

    08/01/2009 8:17:23 AM PDT · by Publius804 · 19 replies · 420+ views
    Spirit Daily ^ | N/A | Michael H. Brown
    WE ALL HAVE A 'DESTINY' AND IT'S WRITTEN IN HEARTS AND SOULS IN GOD'S SECRET IMPRINT You are a person of destiny. You are destined for Heaven. You are destined to be the best you can be. You are also unique. Period. Your greatness is not worldly greatness. And so your soul bears God's secret imprint. You could also call it a road map. Let's talk about destiny, which also means destination. Everyone has one. We are not talking about being a great Hollywood star or a famous athlete. We are talking about accomplishing God's Plan in the ordinary walk...
  • For a happier life, shake off your misplaced optimism

    05/02/2009 5:03:38 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 22 replies · 872+ views
    FT ^ | 04/30/09 | Alain de Botton
    For a happier life, shake off your misplaced optimism By Alain de Botton Published: April 30 2009 19:11 | Last updated: April 30 2009 19:11 It has been clear for a while, at least since the first talk started about “green shoots” of recovery, that what we have to fear above all is hope. Attempts to trust that the worst is over and to stop frightening ourselves seem doomed to project us into yet worse disappointment. We are not only unhappy but – believing calm and happiness to be the norm – unhappy that we are unhappy. It is time...

    04/04/2009 7:01:30 AM PDT · by mick · 14 replies · 770+ views
    FINANCIAL SENSE ONLINE ^ | 4-3-2009 | J.R.Nyquist
    It seems that we take our good fortune for granted, and when fortune turns ugly we lament the world’s unfairness. What do those who are blessed by fortune really know about the unfairness of the world? If the U.S. economy collapses and America goes hungry, will we remember the misfortunes of Bangladesh, Biafra, or Sudan? If millions suffer abroad, do we imagine that we are immune? The happiness of America, suggests Philosophy, is chance happiness. By its very nature, this happiness cannot last. It is temporal, it is transitory. One day our material happiness must turn to physical suffering and...
  • I am feeling a little blue, heartfelt vanity.

    10/16/2008 1:35:33 PM PDT · by kyperman · 44 replies · 923+ views ^ | 10/16/08 | kyperman
    I just took a look at the latest poll numbers and the electoral college map. It's pretty blue. There are the red states of the heartland, flyover country as they say, but there are a lot of blue states on that map as well..too many. I remember pretty vaguely, but I do remember 1984, when Reagan won his 2nd term in a complete landslide, the map was Red, all red, except for Minnesota and DC. That was great...I remember even then a feeling of happiness and peace. Reagan, 4 more years, we can relax, we are in good hands. I...
  • Stone Of Destiny Is Fake, Claims Alex Salmond

    06/17/2008 1:51:25 PM PDT · by blam · 62 replies · 206+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 6-16-2008 | Auslan Cramb
    Stone of Destiny is fake, claims Alex Salmond By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent Last Updated: 1:41PM BST 16/06/2008 Alex Salmond dropped a cultural bombshell yesterday when he claimed that the Stone of Destiny, one of Scotland's most famous relics, was a medieval fake. Alex Salmond arriving at the Scottish Grand Committee in Dumfries carrying the Stone of Destiny Scottish, English and British monarchs have been crowned on the ancient coronation stone since the ninth century. It spent 700 years under the chair in Westminster Abbey after it was seized in 1296 by King Edward I, and was finally returned to...

    02/04/2008 10:20:12 AM PST · by Reaganesque · 1 replies · 989+ views
    The Heritage Foundation ^ | 10/27/1964 | Ronald Reagan
    This speech is a verbatim transcript of "The Speech" given as a portion of a pre-recorded, nationwide televised program sponsored by Goldwater-Miller on behalf of Barry Goldwater, Republican candidate for the presidency whom Ronald Reagan actively supported. Thank you very much. Thank you and good evening. The sponsor has been identified, but unlike most television programs, the performer hasn't been provided with a script. As a matter of fact, I have been permitted to choose my own ideas regarding the choice that we face in the next few weeks. I have spent most of my life as a Democrat. I...
  • Will Character Be Destiny? (Is Hillary Inevitable?)

    11/23/2007 4:10:21 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 4 replies · 112+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 23 November 2007 | KIMBERLEY STRASSEL
    <p>Until recently, the biggest thing going for Hillary is that she has appeared "inevitable." This is no accident. Mrs. Clinton may not be as naturally gifted as her husband, but she does have access to his playbook. One of Bill's more brilliant strategies when he ran in 1992 was to campaign as if he were already the nominee. It gave an otherwise little-known governor the legitimacy to sideline his opponents.</p>
  • Hillary Leads Giuliani in Three U.S. Polls

    11/10/2007 10:35:20 AM PST · by Ol' Sparky · 58 replies · 74+ views
    Anges Reid Global Monitor ^ | 11/10/2007 | Staff
    (Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton could defeat Republican Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 United States presidential election, according to three recent voting intention polls. In a survey by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion released by WNBC, 50 per cent of respondents would vote for the New York senator, while 40 per cent would support the former New York City mayor. In a study by Gallup for USA Today, Rodham Clinton holds a six-point lead over Giuliani. In a poll by Opinion Research Corporation released by CNN, the Democrat also leads the Republican by six...

    06/27/2007 8:26:40 AM PDT · by firehat · 638 replies · 11,410+ views
    FIREHAT ^ | June 27, 2007 | Norman Liebmann
    GEORGE W. BUSH - MEGAMORON AMERICA’S LAMEST DUCK © by Norman Liebmann Reflecting on Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humbug, Bush’s Open Borders, and Bill Clinton’s Open Zippers, it is a mercy that The Soprano’s series ended before Tony’s murky-minded son, A.J., could grow up to be President. The nation is in enough trouble, not the least of which is the Bush scheme for hemispheric Mexificiation. Bill Clinton made our capital into The District of Decadence, a laboratory for culturing liberals and lice. Under his purview, corruption became ambience and greed became “local color”. Under Bush Washington has not recovered. Clinton’s...
  • 1,500 cruise ship passengers without toilets for 'three days'

    10/23/2006 6:17:19 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 17 replies · 572+ views
    Around 1,450 passengers on a luxury cruise ship have been left without toilets for three days, according to people on board. A series of blockages in the plumbing system is said to have led to "mayhem" on board Thomson's Destiny cruise ship. Tour operator Thomson admitted that there have been problems with the vacuum system of the toilets, but said it was bringing in a team of "super-technicians" to fix the system overnight. A spokeswoman said: "The team of 10 experts will be working through the night to ensure that the problem will be sorted." She was unable to confirm...
  • 52 Reasons To Stop Mowing (Zot a la Gallagher)

    07/25/2006 6:58:41 AM PDT · by fruitarian108 · 420 replies · 6,084+ views
    Fruitarian Network ^ | 1973 first version | Nonmowing Coalition
    52 REASONS NOT TO MOW 37 WAYS TO HELP TREES Please download with 100% cotton, rice, recycled, or scrap paper Ron Howard, director of A Beautiful Mind and many other films,made his first film at age 8.. an anti mowing film which showed the nature of mowers' attacks on lawns. Art Buchwald: People shouldn't be judged by the length of their grass. In 2003 through now, the world has seen floods, famine, fire, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados and other disasters created by the unprecedented destruction of trees around the world. Trees are nature's weather stabilizers. We need trillions of trees.. new...
  • Destiny Norton's Body Found (5-yr old in Utah)

    07/24/2006 11:54:44 PM PDT · by Choose Ye This Day · 29 replies · 3,304+ views
    Deseret News ^ | July 25, 2006 | Paul Foy
    Salt Lake City police officers have found the body of missing 5-year-old Destiny Norton in the basement of a home in her neighborhood and have arrested the man living there, police Chief Chris Burbank announced. The body was found at 8:30 p.m. Monday, Burbank said The man being held for investigation of homicide was identified as Craig Roger Gregerson. Earlier Monday, police had issued a sketch of a man seen driving a black Dodge pickup with a girl who looked like 5-year-old Destiny Norton. Burbank told a news conference Monday night that the leads on Gregerson and on the man...
  • What's So Great About America?

    07/03/2006 12:04:46 PM PDT · by screamradish · 46 replies · 1,396+ views
    American Enterprise Online ^ | June 28, 2006 | Dinesh D'Souza
    What's So Great About America? By Dinesh D'Souza During the week of the Fourth of July, TAE looks back to its April/May 2002 issue when Indian-born scholar Dinesh D’Souza shared his thoughts on his adopted country of America. The newcomer who sees America for the first time typically experiences emotions that alternate between wonder and delight. Here is a country where everything works: The roads are paper-smooth, the highway signs are clear and accurate, the public toilets function properly, when you pick up the telephone you get a dial tone. You can even buy things from the store and then...
  • Hi - I'm new here and like to post random items I receive in email, please don't ZOT me.

    06/10/2006 4:25:12 PM PDT · by concernedcitizenusa · 95 replies · 6,860+ views
    snopes ^ | 6-10-2006 | ConcernedCitizenUSA
  • Malvo and the War Debate (ZOT!!! Why not to go off antipsychotic meds without a doctor’s guidance)

    05/29/2006 6:48:25 AM PDT · by DanPride · 80 replies · 4,217+ views
    Me | Today | Dan Pride
    I am curious why none of the media covers the most important aspect of the Malvo shootings. If you look at Newspapers on the dates when the shootings are underway you discover something I find quite interesting. The shootings begin to dominate the news the day before the debate on the Iraq war starts and they catch them the day after the declaration of war??? If you ask most people "do you remember the debate about starting the second Iraq war", they will all answer "yes of course". But if you followup with the question "name one point in the...
  • What is a FReeper? (zot)

    05/30/2006 12:41:24 PM PDT · by Uddercha0s · 183 replies · 7,024+ views
    5/30/06 | Uddercha0s
    I recently received a reply to a post that stated: "This should be beneath a "freeper". Sad." So I asked.. what is it that makes a FReeper? My reply (and I will admit was tasteless) was also questioning. It stirred controversy and was removed? Why Moderators? Can you not tell me? Did it not meet with your "FReeper" mentality? According to all posted guidelines it should be listed but no, you chose to delete it. Yes.. I'm the first one IBTZ, I'm sure you'll nick me for speaking up..
  • Echoes of the 19th century's forgotten conflict

    05/14/2006 6:52:43 PM PDT · by SuzyQ2 · 27 replies · 1,383+ views
    World Defense Review ^ | May 13, 2006 | W. Thomas Smith Jr.
    In early 1846, Pres. James K. Polk dispatched an expeditionary force to the border hoping to provoke hostilities. It worked. In April, Mexico declared war. The American Army won two back-to-back victories. The U.S. formally declared war in May, and – after a series of very bloody battles – Mexico was defeated in 1848. America's victory resulted in the vast acquisition of new U.S. territories stretching to the Pacific: A bone of contention for some Mexicans (and other Hispanics) in the current immigration reform debate.
  • World's nations will shoot for the moon in the next decade

    03/05/2006 5:09:20 PM PST · by TheGoodBoy · 14 replies · 547+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Sunday, March 5, 2006 | Keay Davidson
    In the "space race" of the early 1960s, when reporters asked U.S. rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun what he expected to find on the moon, he jokingly replied: "Russians." Nowadays, his answer might be: "Indians, Chinese, Japanese and Europeans." India, China, Japan and Europe are busy launching, or planning to launch, robotic spaceships to the moon and points beyond.
  • The job in front of you...

    02/23/2006 9:20:19 PM PST · by pickrell · 8 replies · 1,432+ views
    23 February 2006 | Ron Pickrell
    In a recent post here on Freerepublic, the dean of the graduate school of business at the American University of Paris believes that an internally built rebellion, aimed at toppling the clerics in Iran, cannot succeed due to the ruthless efficiency of the Iranian security services. The argument runs that only the thought of a nuclear Iran commands any attention from the outside world. "No foreign power can ever care about us Iranians, more than we care about ourselves." His argument concludes that only those Iranian expatriots safely outside of Iran can intervene to topple the current barbaric clerical rule....
  • Density Is Destiny: On Politics and the Paperboy ( Why the Right is winning the Political Argument)

    12/22/2005 12:20:37 PM PST · by SirLinksalot · 15 replies · 945+ views
    TechCentral Station ^ | 12/21/2005 | Patrick Cox
    Density Is Destiny: On Politics and the Paperboy By Patrick Cox Why are things the way they are, politically speaking? Why are the Republicans' most effective ads straightforward clips of Democrats contradicting themselves? Why are conservative pundits so frequently flanking their liberal counterparts? Why is the left-of-center blogosphere moving their party away from the Democrats’ historic base while the right-of-center is co-opting libertarians and moderates? Realizing that this is a question of the same magnitude as Douglas Adams' "Life, the Universe and Everything?" I nevertheless propose that the answer is "population density" in general and "the cost of newspaper delivery"...
  • A little inspiration from two enigmatic clowns

    10/25/2005 6:40:22 PM PDT · by DCDeliberate · 15 replies · 481+ views
    I thought you might enjoy the video. On all fronts the political fight is being fought. Its a nice break from the daily discussion and quite entertaining too.
  • America’s Munificent Destiny - (James Atticus Bowden - who we ARE; what we must do in the world!)

    06/17/2005 4:44:13 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 255+ views
    Nations, like men, have destinies. They choose to fulfill them or fail. Free Will, not fate, makes choices at every crossroads in life for men and nations alike. President George W. Bush stated the vision for the United States as “our generational commitment to the advance of freedom”. That vision may be part of a greater destiny for our Nation. America has a Munificent Destiny, if we, The People, choose it. America’s Munificent Destiny serves us for a century, perhaps longer. America’s Munificent Destiny is to use our phenomenal aggregation of wealth, power, technology and culture with pragmatic generosity. The...
  • Communism and human nature (Bolshie Mod sez, Arise ye kittens of the earth!)

    04/05/2005 10:50:57 AM PDT · by Sammy sam · 153 replies · 8,234+ views
    Many argue that communism will never be possible because of "human nature". The essence of this false argument is the belief that a communist society would consist of an all-powerful central government that would tell everybody what to do--and would therefore undermine the creative initiative of individuals and the search for happiness. • This argument is based on two false assumptions: (1) It assumes that a communist society will look like the former Soviet Union, or the current China, North Korea, etc (ie: corrupt police states with a feudal-style ruling class) (2) It assumes that people will only work in...
  • Shiavo's "Legal" Legacy

    03/31/2005 7:45:38 AM PST · by hdrabon · 20 replies · 917+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 3/31/05 | Hubert D. Rabon
    Judge critical of Bush, Congress One of the appeals court judges rebuked the White House and lawmakers Wednesday for acting “in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers’ blueprint for the governance of a free people — our Constitution.” “Any further action by our court or the district court would be improper,” wrote Judge Stanley Birch Jr., appointed by President Bush’s father.
  • America's Munificent Destiny

    02/15/2005 2:11:38 PM PST · by freeholland · 417+ views
    Nations, like men, have destinies. They choose to fulfill them or fail. Free Will, not fate, makes choices at every crossroads in life for men and nations alike. President George W. Bush stated the vision for the United States as “our generational commitment to the advance of freedom”. That vision may be part of a greater destiny for our Nation. America has a Munificent Destiny, if we, The People, choose it. America’s Munificent Destiny serves us for a century, perhaps longer. America’s Munificent Destiny is to use our phenomenal aggregation of wealth, power, technology and culture with pragmatic generosity. The...

    02/10/2005 6:27:02 PM PST · by Quix · 6 replies · 1,381+ views
    A Glimpse Ahead Timothy Snodgrass The Impossible Will Come Alive In 2005 01/28/05 In January of 2004, as we began to intercede for the New Year the Holy Spirit gave us the prophetic slogan, "The Seas will Roar in 2004". This year we were given a new slogan, "The Impossible will come Alive in 2005". As the veil of darkness begins to come down over nations and regions, along with great shakings will come great breakthroughs; signs, wonders, healings and a spectacular release of miracles in impossible circumstances. This year, although we are ultimately poised to gain much ground, there...
  • Lessons the Democrats Must Learn

    11/12/2004 4:19:06 AM PST · by cbcloud · 19 replies · 916+ views
    Barron's ^ | 4 November 2004 | Howard Gold
    When you look behind the numbers, that's the real meaning of Tuesday's stunning reelection victory by President George W. Bush over Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry. The election, which many polls said was neck and neck going in to the voting, wound up with a decisive victory, albeit not a landslide, for the president, who got 51% of the popular vote. The pundits are scrambling to explain it all. Some say Senator Kerry's lack of focus until late in the campaign and his difficulty in explaining his votes on the Iraq war raised questions about his ability to lead the...
  • "No Fate . . . But What We Make"

    10/06/2004 6:17:10 AM PDT · by Mr.Atos · 3 replies · 294+ views
    My Sandmen ^ | 10.05.04 | Dueler88
    In the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the very buff-and-ready Sarah Connor pulls out her K-Bar from her belt holster and carves "No Fate" in to a park bench somewhere in the Desert Southwest. This is further explained in the movie to mean "No fate but what we make." What a pithy, yet profound, statement. Much of the Left complains that Bush's policies vis-a-vis Iraq do not reflect reality. To play off the above notion, I will say that there is no reality but what we make. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor (sorry - I was channeling John Belushi aka...
  • why do you guys keep banning me? (Zot! Because we can) (Juwish modz totally rewl!)

    06/30/2004 10:19:24 AM PDT · by jj_fate · 65,596 replies · 239,374+ views
    why do people keep banning me everytime I put up interesting articles? I work for a website I think some of you are familiar with called phantirath weekly world news and each time we put somthing up on FR no matter how conservative it is it keeps getting banned. Whats the matter with it?! Damn man what are you marxist socialists communists? I just got a call this mroning from a Juwish friend of mine who said that you banned an important article about Zionism and Noam Federman and about how we were to support israel. I thought you guys...
  • Krauthammer: America has been lost in space. It's time to find our nerve again

    01/09/2004 10:23:59 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 58 replies · 564+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 01/31/2000, Volume 005, Issue 19 | Charles Krauthammer
    If you were to say to a physicist in 1899 that in 1999, a hundred years later . . . bombs of unimaginable power would threaten the species; . . . that millions of people would take to the air every hour in aircraft capable of taking off and landing without human touch; . . . that humankind would travel to the moon, and then lose interest . . . the physicist would almost certainly pronounce you mad. --Michael Crichton I - WHAT MANNER OF CREATURE ARE WE? It took 100,000 years for humans to get inches off the ground....
  • Stone Of Destiny - Stone Of Scone - Stonel Tea Tephi - Lia Fail

    10/17/2003 8:53:28 PM PDT · by blam · 69 replies · 1,085+ views ^ | 1983 | Bertrand L. Comparet
    The Stone of Destiny by Rev. Bertrand L. Comparet, A.B., J.D. 1901-1983 Bertrand L. Comparet was a native Californian, born in San Diego. He was graduated from Stanford University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor. He was admitted to the California Supreme Court or California Bar in 1926 and by the United States Supreme Court in 1956. From 1926 to 1932 he was a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County and from 1942 to 1947 was Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego. Since that time he has been in private law practice....
  • The 51st and 52nd states

    06/07/2003 11:21:23 AM PDT · by Mister Magoo · 81 replies · 495+ views
    National Post ^ | June 7, 2003 | Lawrence Solomon
    The 51st and 52nd states Alberta is already more American than Canadian in some ways, while a left-leaning State of British Columbia would keep the Democrats happy Lawrence Solomon Financial Post Thursday, June 05, 2003 CREDIT: National Post A map of "the 51st and 52nd states". George Bush wants Alberta's oil but, if it were up for grabs, he'd want Alberta even more. With Alberta as America's 51st state, the U.S. would secure 300 billion barrels of recoverable oil reserves, more than exist in Saudi Arabia. U.S. oil imports would plummet and America's great dependence on foreign oil would vanish....

    05/19/2003 10:03:25 PM PDT · by Mister Magoo · 54 replies · 325+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | May 19, 2003 | Associated Press
    <p>SAN ANTONIO (AP) - The Dallas Mavericks missed their first free throw and made their final 49. Yep, 49 in a row.</p> <p>That superb free throw shooting - along with a few defensive gimmicks from Don Nelson's book of tricks - was how the Mavericks pulled off a stunning comeback and beat the San Antonio Spurs 113-110 Monday night in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.</p>
  • What if I didn't know (would it matter)?

    08/31/2002 12:07:31 AM PDT · by raygun · 1 replies · 181+ views
    chain eMail | unknown | unknown
    IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If...