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  • NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs

    09/27/2011 2:01:44 PM PDT · by Bed_Zeppelin · 235 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 9/27/2011 | Matthew Boyle
    As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending Congressional elections for the next couple of years. “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, North Carolina, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.” Perdue said she thinks that temporarily halting elections would allow members...
  • As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe (NY Slimes Cheerleading for Dictatorship)

    09/28/2011 3:34:16 AM PDT · by SkyPilot · 26 replies · 2+ views
    NY Slimes ^ | 27 Sep 2011 | NICHOLAS KULISH
    MADRID — Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike. Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history. Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries. Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over. They are taking to the streets, in part, because...
  • No Way To Treat A Dictator

    08/03/2011 5:51:30 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | August 3, 2011 | Staff
    Rule Of Law: What does it say about the prospects for democracy in Egypt when its military rulers put former dictator Hosni Mubarak, caged and on a gurney, through a show trial? Very little, if history is any guide. The Arab world is cringing with apprehension at the hasty, desperate trial of the former despot, who until February ruled Egypt with an iron hand for 30 years. It's not that the charges against Mubarak — corruption and violence against protestors — are likely false. It's that this trial has all the earmarks of mob-pleasing revanchism that will shake citizens' trust...
  • Black Caucus urges Obama to use 14th Amendment debt fix (Compare to Emancipation Proclamation!)

    07/31/2011 10:03:40 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 67 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 30, 2011 | Mike Lillis
    The Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) urged President Obama on Saturday to sidestep Congress and hike the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit on his own. In a letter to the president, the lawmakers argue that he has "both the authority and a moral obligation" to invoke the Constitution's 14th Amendment "to avoid an economic catastrophe of historic proportions." "We must not allow a political deadlock to cause the United States to default for the first time in our history," the CBC members wrote. "Now that Congress has borrowed money and incurred debt, we cannot – as a...
  • DNC Chair Says Opposition to President Is Dangerous

    07/30/2011 5:48:38 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 40 replies
    A Semi-News/Semi-Satire from AzConservative ^ | 29 July 2011 | John Semmens
    Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla), chair of the Democratic National Committee, accused House Republicans of acting like dictators for their persistent opposition to President Obama’s Government. “President Obama is trying to lead this country through perilous times,” Wasserman-Schultz said. “We need all hands to pull together toward a common goal. Yet, the Republicans adamantly refuse to accept his leadership. They cling to their own agenda of lower taxes and lower spending despite being told repeatedly that the President rejects these goals.” “The president was elected to rule over all of America,” Wasserman-Schultz insisted. “It is our obligation as members of Congress...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz says GOP seeks ‘dictatorship … spark panic'

    07/27/2011 3:43:00 PM PDT · by Nachum · 125 replies
    Politico ^ | 7/27/11 | MIKE ALLEN
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Wednesday that House Republicans are trying to impose “dictatorship” through their tactics in the debt-ceiling negotiations. She said the GOP rhetoric could “spark panic and chaos,” which she called “potentially devastating” to the economy. The chair telephoned POLITICO to express “significant disappointment in where … Republicans have allowed this debate to degenerate.” “Aren’t we at the point where the closer we get to chaos, the more concern that there should be about coming to the table and compromising with Democrats?” Wasserman Schultz asked. “This is not leadership. This...
  • La Raza wants a dictator (Incredible excerpt from the Obama speech yesterday) Obama's in favor

    07/26/2011 7:00:16 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 35 replies
    He goes into this at about 15 minutes into the video. You need to hear these people. The text does *NOT* do it justice. This is what danger we are in. Obama's La Raza speech And I promise you, we are responding to your concerns and working every day to make sure we are enforcing flawed laws in the most humane and best possible way. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. (Applause.) And believe me, right now dealing with Congress -- AUDIENCE: Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes,...
  • Obama: "It's tempting to bypass congress and change the rules on my own."

    07/25/2011 3:56:08 PM PDT · by freemike · 75 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 7/25/11 | freemike
    Second time in a few days Obama has stated publicly he wishes he could be a dictator.I called Rand Paul's office and Boehner's office and my own Senator's. The GOP needs to call Obama out on this crap! American Presidents don't go around repeatedly giving speeches fantasizing about how tempting it is to be a dictator! Obama
  • Whether it's health care or cars, Obama knows best

    06/29/2011 7:48:26 PM PDT · by Clairity · 18 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | June 29, 2011 | Philip Klein
    Having already passed a law telling Americans what kind of health insurance they must buy, President Obama is preparing to dictate what type of cars everybody must drive. If Obama opts for the higher goal, it could increase car prices by nearly $10,000, and cost 1.7 million jobs, according to a study by the Center for Automotive Research, as cited by Popular Mechanics. Not only do CAFE standards restrict choice, they can kill. A 2002 report by the National Academies of Sciences found that the increase in fuel economy standards in the 1970s and 1980s boosted the production of lighter-weight...
  • Progressives target the constitution (Time shreds it, CNN shrugs it off)

    06/24/2011 8:49:11 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 31 replies · 1+ views
    Time and CNN
    This is how the progressives do it. Plant some seeds, then before you know it these kinds of ideas will be all over the media. Time magazine cover features shredded U.S. Constitution, asks if it still matters And This Exists: Iceland Rewrites Their Constitution Using Suggestions Through Twitter This second link has me more troubled than the first. The things that Fareed Zakaria are saying could practically be lifted right out of the pages of The Road to Serfdom. I don't think it's possible to state just how much danger we are in. These progressives are out for blood.
  • book publishing announcement - I AM JOHN GALT by Don Luskin

    05/24/2011 11:50:58 AM PDT · by FreeKeys · 9 replies
    You've sent me emails in the past, commenting on my appearances on CNBC's Kudlow Report, my columns for the Wall Street Journal, National Review, SmartMoney or, my Krugman Truth Squad column, or my blog The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor & Stupid. So I thought you'd like to know that thanks to the encouragement of people like you, I've written a book that brings together all the ideas I've been talking about, writing about and blogging about over the past ten years. My new book, written with Andrew Greta, is called I Am John Galt, and it was...
  • Senate Seeks to Create Caesar (Republic to Dictatorship in senate bill)

    05/08/2011 7:42:03 PM PDT · by Whenifhow · 27 replies ^ | 5.8.11 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
    While all of America is distracted and focused on the death of Osama bin Laden, our President and his minions have been fast at work laying the groundwork for S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 to speed through the Senate and then make its way into the House and then to the President to sign. Yes, the other hand is quickly forming into a dictatorial fist that is about to smash our Constitution. As you will recall, the beginning of the end of liberty in Rome commenced with Augustus Caesar who compromised the authority of the...
  • Democracy's demise in Latin America: Ecuador on brink of a 'perfect dictatorship'

    05/05/2011 6:47:37 AM PDT · by decimon · 6 replies
    Christian Science Monitor: ^ | May 4, 2011 | Osvaldo Hurtado
    Quito, Ecuador – The 2010 Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, used the term “perfect dictatorship” to describe Mexico’s political system under the absolute control of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for most of the 20th Century. That term also fits the current governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia – and now Ecuador – like a glove. Even though Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa is the most powerful president that Ecuador has had since the early 20th Century, he is still determined to gain full control of the two institutions over which his sway is incomplete: the justice system and...
  • State Department Wants To Make It Harder To Get A Passport

    04/26/2011 7:04:34 PM PDT · by Yet_Again · 81 replies
    If you don’t want it to get even harder for a U.S. citizen to get a passport — now required for travel even to Canada or Mexico — you only have until Monday to let the State Department know. The U.S. Department of State is proposing a new Biographical Questionnaire for some passport applicants: The proposed new Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names, addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth; and a...
  • The coming American dictatorship By John Silveira Has anyone else read it? Opinions?

    03/13/2011 7:09:08 PM PDT · by Chickensoup · 23 replies
    3/13/11 | chickensoup
    The coming American dictatorship By John Silveira Has anyone read this? I would like to hear the opinions. Particularly about the information about the Constitution and presidential executive orders.
  • Soros: The Chinese Model Of Suppressing Individuals Could Become The Envy Of The World

    03/10/2011 7:32:01 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 58 replies · 1+ views
    Business Insider ^ | 03/09/11 | Courtney Comstock
    Soros: The Chinese Model Of Suppressing Individuals Could Become The Envy Of The World Courtney Comstock Apparently, Soros is considering the possibility that people might some day want to be censored and live in a socialist society like China's. He said yesterday at the Traveller’s Club in Paris, according to Dealbook: “The world does need order, and that order needs maintenance. The idea that markets can correct their excesses turned out to be false. “Perfect order and global governance are not realistic expectations. However, it is a sad fact that Western democracies provide less successful leadership than China.”
  • China For A Day Or America For Eternity

    02/27/2011 10:20:59 AM PST · by Absolutely Nobama · 6 replies
    www.absolutelynobama.alan ^ | 02/27/11 | Alan Levy
    Back in 2008, the Clown Prince of the New York Slimes' editorial page, Thomas Friedman, wrote this in his book, "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" (What's that, you say ? You haven't read it ? Most of America hasn't. Like most lib books, Hot, Flat, and Crowded was a dud. The only reason I read it is the fact that I bought it for one measly dollar at the library.) : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "That night I thought a lot about our conversation. I replayed it several times in my head, and eventually a mischevious thought occurred to me: If only...If only America...
  • Forget the Facebook idealists. It's the Brotherhood we should fear

    02/10/2011 9:31:15 PM PST · by Niuhuru · 5 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | By Richard Pendlebury | By Richard Pendlebury
    For an organisation that claims a following of millions and is feared by most Arab leaders – and many in the West – it is a very discreet HQ. My path there takes me up the cramped and dusty staircase of an apartment block overlooking the Nile in the Giza district of Cairo. Only a small sticker, which someone has tried to tear off, tells me that I am in the right place.
  • Just Another Arab Dictatorship

    02/03/2011 9:58:10 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 3 replies
    The Strategy Page ^ | 1/30/2011 | The Strategy Page
    Changes in government in Lebanon and Egypt bring Israel closer to war, on two fronts. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has bullied and bribed its way into creating a majority coalition in parliament. While representing only a minority of Lebanese (most of the Shia), Hezbollah is backed by Iran and Syria (which is also dependent on Iranian cash). Lebanon has always been divided by religion (many different strains of Islam and Christianity) and clan politics. Long considered part of Syria, but what is, and was, Syria has been part of other empires for over a thousand years. In the 1940s, Lebanon and...
  • Internet Kill Switch(controlled by Obama, exempt from judicial review) Act On Senate's Agenda

    01/25/2011 8:28:09 AM PST · by Innovative · 34 replies
    TMCNet ^ | Jan. 25, 2011 | Tracey E. Schelmetic
    ...once again the topic of an executive branch-controlled "Internet kill switch" has reared its head in Washington, on the tech blogs and in the national media. The bill ... granted the President authority to shut down part of the Internet for an indefinite time. A later version of the bill reduced that time to 120 days, unless Congress approves an extension. A relatively new part of the bill that exempts the legislation from judicial review is once again firing up the bill's critics. According to CBS News, the revised version of the bill, introduced in December, includes new language saying...