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  • Has Anyone Read The Roots of Obama's Rage? (Vanity)

    11/24/2010 10:06:19 AM PST · by Ptarmigan · 14 replies
    Has anyone here read Dinesh D'Souza's The Roots of Obama's Rage? I happen to read beginning part of it and it is quite interesting about why Barack Obama is the way he is. His mother, Ann Durham, who was a self-hating White person. She was in a relationship with Barack Obama Sr., who was an avowed anti-colonialist from Kenya. He was opposed to Kenya becoming free market. They give birth to Barack Obama Jr., out President. Dunham than moves to Indonesia and marries Lolo Soetero and have a daughter, Maya Soetoro-Ng. Lolo Soetero used to be pro-Communist and anti-American and...
  • Conservatives Behind the Curve on Obama

    10/22/2010 6:05:11 PM PDT · by Conservative Coulter Fan · 13 replies · 1+ views
    AIM Report ^ | October 20, 2010 | Cliff Kincaid
    Dinesh D’Souza says in his new book that Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist. Stanley Kurtz has a new book, Radical-in-Chief, which says Obama is a socialist. The new book Dupes by Paul Kengor tells the unvarnished truth. And that’s because he makes use of material we started releasing back in February of 2008 about Obama’s communist mentor, Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis. New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon broke that story and we confirmed it. I hate to say, “We told you so,” but Herb Romerstein and I held a briefing in May 0f 2008 in Washington, D.C. releasing...
  • Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show! Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing them with Lies!

    10/05/2010 8:11:20 PM PDT · by abigail2 · 8 replies
    Bond Action, Inc. ^ | October 6, 2010 | abigail2
    THE JESSE LEE PETERSON RADIO SHOW TUNE INTO JESSE'S SHOW HERE 6 am to 9 am PST, 9 am to 12 pm EST BOND Action, Inc. has been created to educate, motivate and rally Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten our great country ”Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man”... Tickets for BOND's 20th Anniversary Fundraising Celebration are now available! Come join BOND Founder and President Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Special Guest Speaker Pat Boone for an evening of patriotic fun Saturday, October 16th, 2010 in Los Angeles CLICK HERE for...
  • INCREDIBLE! Dissecting What Drives Obamas Worldview (well spent time)

    10/03/2010 3:18:40 PM PDT · by SeanG200 · 37 replies
    Dennis Prager Show ^ | 10-3-2010 | Dinesh D'Souza
    Dinesh D'Souza fills in for Dennis Prager and talks about his new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage. Some of the most fascinating biographical info on what may drive Obama's worldview.
  • The Obamorons Strike Back By DINESH D'SOUZA

    09/26/2010 6:07:45 PM PDT · by SanFranDan · 57 replies ^ | 9/16/10 | Dinesh D'Souza
    During the 2008 election campaign I coined the phrase “Obamorons” to describe the uncritical cheerleaders of Obama–the people who would leap to his defense even if he drove a truck over his aged grandmother. Love-stricken TV host Chris Matthews comes to mind, complete with thrills running up his leg, as does English major Maureen Dowd, lifestyle columnist for the New York Times. The Times itself is a leading Obamoron outlet. Well, the Obamorons are now in a mad fury, and this time the culprit is my cover story in the September 27 issue of Forbes. The story is adapted from...
  • White House Attacks, Publisher Counters. (The Roots of Obama’s Rage by author Dinesh D’Souza)

    09/26/2010 3:57:26 PM PDT · by American Dream 246 · 101 replies · 3+ views
    Human Events ^ | Human Events
    “What are they so afraid of?” Buffeted by a series of attacks by White House spokesmen and left-leaning media, conservative publisher Regnery (sister company to has decided to come out swinging. Long slated for an October release, Regnery moved up the release date for bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial new book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, to this coming Monday, September 27. The new date will be just in time to respond to the front-page hit piece rumored to be coming in (where else?) the New York Times this weekend. The White House has been “generous” with its attention...
  • White House Attacks, Publisher Counters

    09/25/2010 9:20:27 AM PDT · by opentalk · 25 replies
    Human Events ^ | September 24, 2010 | Human Events
    "What are they so afraid of?” Buffeted by a series of attacks by White House spokesmen and left-leaning media, conservative publisher Regnery (sister company to has decided to come out swinging. Long slated for an October release, Regnery moved up the release date for bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial new book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, to this coming Monday, September 27. The new date will be just in time to respond to the front-page hit piece rumored to be coming in (where else?) the New York Times this weekend. The White House has been “generous” with its attention...
  • The Obama Agenda and the New Global Elite

    09/24/2010 7:59:44 PM PDT · by george76 · 25 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 22, 2010 | L.E. Ikenga
    By wearing a familiar mask of convention, Barack Obama will continue to dupe the majority of Americans into believing that he is -- at worst -- a run-of-the-mill, far-left liberal, even though he is not. Picking up on the recent Forbes magazine article written by Dinesh D'Souza, Newt Gingrich concluded that Mr. Obama's ideology is probably far beyond the realm of mainstream American thinking. In an interview done for NRO, Mr. Gingrich was quoted as asking, "What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior can you begin to piece together [his actions]?"...
  • White House Tries to Discredit FORBES Over Obama Cover Story

    09/24/2010 8:48:38 AM PDT · by opentalk · 32 replies
    Human Events ^ | September 23, 2010 | Human Events
    Human Events has learned that the White House raked Forbes magazine’s White House bureau chief over the coals yesterday for a story Forbes ran by respected conservative and New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza. Sources tell us the White House attempted to get the nation’s #1 business magazine to back away from its cover story titled, “How Obama Thinks.” The Forbes article is derived from D’Souza’s upcoming book The Roots of Obama’s Rage (Regnery, a sister company to Even though the book won’t be in stores until next week, left-leaning media and politicos have already joined forces in...
  • Nice Magazine You’ve Got There, Mr. Forbes…

    09/17/2010 3:22:03 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 20 replies ^ | September 17, 2010
    Back in July, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen wrote:What has come to be called the Obama Paradox is not a paradox at all. Voters lack faith in him making the right economic decisions because, as far as they’re concerned, he hasn’t. He went for health-care reform, not jobs. He supported the public option, then he didn’t. He’s been cold to Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu and then all over him like a cheap suit. Americans know Obama is smart. But we still don’t know him. Before Americans can give him credit for what he’s done, they have to know who he is....
  • More Claptrap For Bubbas From D'Souza (Huge, Enourmous Barf Alert!!!)

    09/16/2010 5:47:56 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | September 16, 2010 | Leftwing lunatic EUGENE ROBINSON
    Is Newt Gingrich just pretending to have lost his mind, or has he actually gone around the bend? His lunacy certainly seems genuine enough. It's one thing to be a rhetorical bomb-thrower, as Gingrich has long fancied himself, and another to lob damp squibs of pure nonsense into the fray. The man's contributions to the public discourse have become increasingly unhinged. The latest example comes in an interview with the conservative Web site National Review Online. Unsurprisingly, he was criticizing President Obama. Bizarrely, according to the Web site, he said the following: "What if (Obama) is so outside our comprehension,...
  • D'Souza Thesis: Why The Fear And Loathing?

    09/16/2010 5:42:00 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 32 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | September 16, 2010 | K.E. GRUBBS JR
    When last heard from, Dinesh D'Souza was remaking himself as a formidable Christian apologist. His best-selling 2007 book, "What's So Great About Christianity," was so well received by those who fill America's pulpits and pews that he recently rose to the position, newly provocative because of him, of the presidency of King's College. "Rose" isn't quite the right verb in one respect. To find the evangelical institution's "campus," one must first travel by elevator to the lower level of the Empire State Building. Even so, D'Souza can lift himself to a place to survey the left-wing landscape and choose which...
  • What’s Behind David Frum’s Attack on Dinesh d’Souza and Mr. Newt? (Hatred perhaps?)

    09/16/2010 8:57:21 PM PDT · by This Just In · 43 replies
    Big Journalism ^ | September 16, 2010 | Jeff Dunetz
    What’s Behind David Frum’s Attack on Dinesh d’Souza and Mr. Newt? Posted By Jeff Dunetz On September 16, 2010 Newt Gingrich stirred up a big of a controversy Friday night just by commenting on an article in Forbes Magazine by Dinesh D’Souza. The premise of the article is many of Obama’s positions were influenced by his dad. What then is Obama’s dream? We don’t have to speculate because the President tells us himself in his autobiography, Dreams from My Father. According to Obama, his dream is his father’s dream. Notice that his title is not Dreams of My Father but...
  • Inside Obama’s Brain (Dinesh D'Souza has struck a nerve)

    09/16/2010 9:12:25 PM PDT · by This Just In · 26 replies
    Andrew Klavan ^ | September 16, 2010 | Andrew Klavan
    Inside Obama’s Brain by Andrew Klavan in politics I’m very wary when people try to psycho-analyze their political opposition. It’s fun, I know – and unavoidable sometimes. But in general, it strikes me as a suspiciously easy way of avoiding out-and-out confrontation with their ideas. After all, just because some guy is a self-righteous clown who tries to make friends in men’s room stalls doesn’t mean his policy suggestions are wrong. Just means he’s, you know, cree-pay. That said, Dinesh D’Souza’s cover piece in the new Forbes, “How Obama Thinks,” is both devastating and remarkably convincing. For those of us...
  • How the World Thinks

    09/16/2010 10:33:53 AM PDT · by Big Bureaucracy · 4 replies
    Big Bureaucracy ^ | September 16th, 2010 | Ellie Velinska
    Dinesh D'Souza article in Forbes titled How Obama thinks is fueling hot debate over the influence of the anti-colonialism ideology over the thinking of the US president today. D’Souza is part of the first generation of folks in post-colonial India so he knows the talking points of the anti- and neo-colonialism propaganda. To put it in perspective let’s add to it couple of the official slogans of the Communist Party of Soviet Union: Greeting to the peoples of Africa, struggling against imperialism and racism, against all remnants of colonialism, and for freedom and national independence! Peoples of the world!...
  • Is Obama a socialist? No, he’s worse than that

    09/16/2010 8:17:48 AM PDT · by opentalk · 38 replies · 1+ views
    Daily Mail UK ^ | September 16, 2010 | Mary Ellen Synon
    Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express have roared right through the latest round of Republican Party primaries this week, rattling the party establishment and terrifying the Democrats. For those of you who are trained in the fastidious ways of the British ‘liberalism’ and are therefore shocked and can’t think why the American Right is gaining such strength, here’s the reason: Barack Obama. Americans are waking up to the fact that they have elected a man as president who is every inch an exotic creature. Which was rather fun at first. The problem is, America is discovering that Mr Obama...
  • Dinesh D'Souza Named President of The King's College in NYC

    09/11/2010 9:50:44 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies
    NEW YORK - The King's College has named former White House policy analyst and best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza as the school's new president. D'Souza previously served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Located in the Empire State Building, The King's College is a Christian liberal arts college that educates students to bring firm Christian conviction and strong moral character to positions of leadership in the institutions of government, civil society, media, law, education, business, the arts and the church. The King's College...
  • How Obama Thinks (Best, most thorough article on Obama's pysche I have seen yet)

    09/09/2010 7:41:16 AM PDT · by milwguy · 270 replies
    forbes ^ | 9/7/2010 | Dinesh D'Souza
    Obama Sr. was an economist, and in 1965 he published an important article in the East Africa Journal called "Problems Facing Our Socialism." Obama Sr. wasn't a doctrinaire socialist; rather, he saw state appropriation of wealth as a necessary means to achieve the anticolonial objective of taking resources away from the foreign looters and restoring them to the people of Africa. For Obama Sr. this was an issue of national autonomy. "Is it the African who owns this country? If he does, then why should he not control the economic means of growth in this country?" As he put it,...
  • How Obama Thinks [Obama Exposed!]

    09/09/2010 12:56:05 AM PDT · by Undocumented_capitalist · 87 replies
    Forbes Magazine ^ | 09/09/2010 | Dinesh D'Souza
    The President isn't exactly a socialist. So what's driving his hostility to private enterprise? Look to his roots. Barack Obama is the most antibusiness president in a generation, perhaps in American history. Thanks to him the era of big government is back. Obama runs up taxpayer debt not in the billions but in the trillions. He has expanded the federal government's control over home mortgages, investment banking, health care, autos and energy. The Weekly Standard summarizes Obama's approach as omnipotence at home, impotence abroad. The President's actions are so bizarre that they mystify his critics and supporters alike.
  • Ben Stein Exposes Richard Dawkins (Dawkins admits possibility of ID, Just Not God).

    04/21/2008 7:23:01 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 691 replies · 1,090+ views
    Townhall ^ | April 21, 2008 | Dinesh D'Souza
    In Ben Stein's new film "Expelled," there is a great scene where Richard Dawkins is going on about how evolution explains everything. This is part of Dawkins' grand claim, which echoes through several of his books, that evolution by itself has refuted the argument from design. The argument from design hold that the design of the universe and of life are most likely the product of an intelligent designer. Dawkins thinks that Darwin has disproven this argument. So Stein puts to Dawkins a simple question, "How did life begin?" One would think that this is a question that could be...