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  • "Fishing" for an Appropriate Repsonse

    08/08/2009 1:45:36 PM PDT · by Ari Bussel · 7 replies · 435+ views
    “Fishing” for an Appropriate Response by Norma Zager “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.” Edward R. Murrow Richard Nixon had an enemies list. Joe McCarthy gave a pass to those who turned in their communist neighbors and friends. The Nazis had the Hitler Youth who happily turned their traitorous family into the Gestapo for a new pair of black boots. In 2009 we have the “fishy” Chicago version of turn them in and we’ll take them out. In my last article, many responded they were...
  • Twitter Attack Was Another Political DDoS

    08/07/2009 12:46:06 PM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 10 replies · 1,021+ views ^ | Aug 7, 2009 | Erik Larkin
    The distributed denial-of-service attack that hampered access to social networking and blogging sites all went after one pro-Georgia blogger, according to security company reports. According to a post from F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen, the attacks focused on Cyxymu's accounts at Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Livejournal, and also included a "Joe Job" spam campaign that was designed to look as if the unwanted messages had been sent by Cyxymu. McAfee offers a similar analysis with a post that ties the spam campaign to the same botnet that launched the DDoS attack, and says that a cyxymu account at was also targeted....
  • Unearthed Video Obama March 2008 Praising Working The Grassroots Level To Bring About Change(Video)

    08/05/2009 11:47:39 PM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 5 replies · 411+ views
    hotairpundit ^ | 8/6/09 | talkradio03
    Obama should love Town Hall Protesters since he was one in Chicago, looks like their efforts to discredit people showing up at town halls are falling flat... (Video)
  • Boxer Objects To Health Care Protesters' "Attire" (video)

    08/05/2009 6:56:39 PM PDT · by CitizenM · 53 replies · 1,764+ views
    YouTube ^ | Unknown
    See Video at link. Barbara Boxer complains that protestors at the Town Hall meetings, etc. aren't well dressed!
  • Democrats: An Affront to Freedom

    08/05/2009 5:36:09 PM PDT · by It hits the fan · 2 replies · 203+ views
    It hits the fan ^ | 08/05/2009 | It hits the fan
    Democrats: An Affront to FreedomLike many of the rest of you, I have watched with glee as thousands of American citizens are giving their elected representatives the what for over this health care debacle being considered in Washington. It actually gives me the much fabled hope that folks are finally starting to wake up and take back OUR government. But in the midst of my glee, I also feel a sudden remorse at the characterization of these protesters coming from the White House and their bought and paid for media mouthpiece. Any student of history would rightfully revel in what...
  • Joker Poster: "Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery"

    08/03/2009 5:16:25 PM PDT · by PittsburghAfterDark · 177 replies · 4,840+ views
    KTLA-TV ^ | August 3, 2009 | KTLA News
    LOS ANGELES -- A poster showing President Barack Obama as Heath Ledger's "Joker" character from "The Dark Knight" is creating a stir on the streets of Los Angeles where the image began appearing over the weekend. The Obama-Joker poster shows President Obama with white face paint, dark eye shadow and smudged red lipstick and also has the word "socialism" printed in bold, dark letters under the image of his face. It's unclear who created the image and who is posting it across the city. No one has taken credit so far. Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson...
  • CATHOLIC BY CHOICE: No to Dissent, Yes to Fidelity

    07/14/2009 3:11:38 PM PDT · by tcg · 8 replies · 683+ views
    Catholic Online ^ | 7/15/09 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    ...There is so much good news which we need to proclaim about the Catholic Church. We need to raise our voices to be heard over the cacophany of dissent. We have the privilege of living in the age of the late Servant of God John Paul II and now receiving the extraordinary tutelage of Benedict the Builder. The “ecclesial movements” are flourishing, a sign of a new missionary age and a seed of springtime. New religious communities are being birthed and old ones are recovering their charisms and missionary impulse. New Catholic Colleges are being founded and older ones are...
  • Clerical discontent challenges Iran leader

    07/08/2009 1:52:21 PM PDT · by DGHoodini · 235+ views
    Google hosted news ^ | 7/8/09 "4 hours ago" | ALI AKBAR DAREINI and LEE KEATH
    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's supreme leader has imposed his will on the streets with security forces that crushed mass protests over the country's disputed election. But he faces an unprecedented level of behind-the-scenes political discontent among the Muslim clerics who form the theological bedrock of the Islamic Republic. The bitterness could represent a deeper, long-term challenge to the rule of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The outright rejection by some clerics of election results that Khamenei ruled valid breaks a basic taboo against criticizing the man who in the philosophy of the Islamic Revolution literally represents God's rule on...
  • Revisiting the DC v. Heller ruling - Part III

    06/29/2009 4:55:03 AM PDT · by marktwain · 12 replies · 812+ views
    In parts one and two, we looked in detail at the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States. In this third part, we will examine the dissenting opinions. Dissenting opinions hold no rule of law, but are oftentimes cited as persuasive authority by those who wish to change laws or file additional lawsuits. They can even be used by a future court to overturn a previous decision. While we won in this case and SCOTUS affirmed that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is indeed an individual right and that the DC gun ban is unconstitutional, we...
  • Expose and Engage the ‘Fifth Column’ in the Catholic Church

    06/26/2009 3:23:06 PM PDT · by tcg · 12 replies · 1,018+ views
    Catholic Online ^ | 6/26/09 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    First, let’s begin with some terminology. The term “fifth column” generally refers to a group within a larger community which intentionally and covertly collaborates with an outside enemy so as to weaken that group from within and undermine its leadership and effectiveness. The expression seems to have originated with the Spanish Civil War but has now been expanded to refer to a strategic use of covert activity and dissent within a State, or, as in this instance, even within a Church. I use the phrase “fifth column” in reference to people within our Church, fellow Catholics. These folks have rejected...
  • The Accelerating Push to Criminalize the Right

    06/21/2009 5:16:26 AM PDT · by FromLori · 19 replies · 1,422+ views
    The New American recently warned that Americans who oppose policies emanating from Washington are being tarred as right-wing extremists and even potential terrorists by the Obama administration's Department of Homeland Security as well as by the New York Times and other liberal media organs. This push to demonize and even criminalize political dissent appears to be accelerating. Earlier this month, New York Times columnists Frank Rich and Paul Krugman wrote pieces laying the blame for the murder of an abortionist and a U.S. Holocaust Museum security guard at the foot of President Barack Obama's critics. Both have received figurative high-fives...
  • Pentagon pulls description of protesters as 'terrorists'

    06/20/2009 3:31:52 AM PDT · by Man50D · 57 replies · 1,341+ views ^ | June 19, 2009 | Bob Unruh
    The Department of Defense has withdrawn a training manual question that linked protesters across the United States to terrorism, but there's evidence coming to light that describing Americans as terror suspects, or "low-level" terror suspects, is routine. reported just days ago that the U.S. Department of Defense had included in a training course a question that defined protesters as terrorists.According to the letter from the Northern California ACLU, the DoD's "Annual Level 1 Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness Training for 2009" tells department personnel "that certain First Amendment-protected activity may amount to 'low-level terrorism.'" Specifically the training "Knowledge Check 1" asks, "Which...
  • Pentagon Exam Calls Protests 'Low-Level Terrorism,' Angering Activists

    06/18/2009 4:41:06 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 23 replies · 809+ views
    Fox News ^ | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | James Osborne
    A written exam administered by the Pentagon labels "protests" as a form of “low-level terrorism” — enraging civil liberties advocates and activist groups who say it shows blatant disregard of the First Amendment. The written exam, given as part of Department of Defense employees’ routine training, includes a multiple-choice question that asks: “Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorism?” — Attacking the Pentagon — IEDs — Hate crimes against racial groups — Protests The correct answer, according to the exam, is "Protests."
  • The New Push to Criminalize Dissent

    06/15/2009 7:00:02 PM PDT · by FromLori · 28 replies · 802+ views
    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) withdrew its controversial report on “Right Wing Extremism” (PDF) as a terrorism threat back in May, but now left-wing media pundits say it’s time to bring back the report that tarred all U.S. military veterans and any political conservative as potential terrorist threats. Last Friday, the New York Times’ Paul Krugman launched a full endorsement of government attacks on the political right: “With the murder of Dr. George Tiller by an anti-abortion fanatic, closely followed by a shooting by a white supremacist at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the analysis looks prescient…. Politicians...
  • Broader Fed Role Provokes Wide Dissent

    06/18/2009 2:12:40 AM PDT · by DoughtyOne · 11 replies · 856+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 06/18/2009 | Patrice Hill
    President Obama's plan to revamp financial regulations triggered immediate criticism Wednesday from both the political left and right over the expanded policing authorities given to the Federal Reserve while business groups grumbled about a powerful new agency charged with protecting consumers against abusive lending.
  • Schultz: Cheneys ‘Not American, Don’t Love The Country’

    05/13/2009 4:43:12 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 43 replies · 1,219+ views
    FinkelBlog ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    I’ve been wondering why all those “Dissent Is Patriotic” bumper stickers that abounded here in the liberal haven of Ithaca, NY during the Bush era disappeared once Barack Obama came to office. Now I think I know why: Ed Schultz must have come to town and ripped them off. On his MSNBC show this evening, reacting to Dick and daughter Liz Cheney’s dissent from PBO’s national security policies, Schultz claimed that they are “not American” and “don’t love the country.” View video here.
  • Suddenly, dissent is no longer quite so patriotic

    05/09/2009 10:28:08 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 38 replies · 2,164+ views
    The Andover Eagle-Tribune ^ | May 10, 2009 | Taylor Armerding, Associate Editor
    What a difference an inauguration makes. It was only a few months ago that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" was still the rage among the elite, liberal, "tolerant" class. But then Barack Obama became president. And now, suddenly, dissenters are paranoid, violent extremists worthy of surveillance by the federal Department of Homeland Security. Returning war veterans, who tend to be conservative and believe that terrorists ought to be called terrorists, need to be watched. Average working Americans who held polite "Tea Party" protests on April 15 against confiscatory taxes and rampant government spending — protests marked by a...
  • Megan Meier law would outlaw cyber-bullying (Attack on free speech)

    05/09/2009 10:02:35 PM PDT · by markomalley · 51 replies · 1,668+ views ^ | 5/7/2009 | Andy Carvell
    A proposed new law would punish those who bullied, harassed or intimidated others online with jail, a fine, or both. The “Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act”, proposed by Republican senator Linda Sanchez, is designed to deter the kind of behavior which led to the death of Megan Meyers, after a cyber-bullying campaign from the mother of one of her schoolmates. The text of the bill defines in very broad terms the kind of action that could be considered unlawful, as well as the penalties Sanchez and the supporters of the bill would like to see imposed. The text of the...
  • African Americans starting to gripe against Obama

    04/26/2009 1:01:01 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 79 replies · 4,056+ views
    I thought I'd share this, I don't normally post vanities but its something I think you all should hear, a growing number of African Americans are starting to not like the idea of Obama as our first black president. I've been hearing from African Americans in New Hampshire, Maine and Mass and found that they do not like him one bit. One guy at a bar told me that He used to support him but that he might change from Democrat to republican because of what he did in office. A friend of mine in Nebraska was at a church...
  • Enemy of the State?

    04/16/2009 2:42:34 AM PDT · by Scanian · 9 replies · 715+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | April 16, 2009 | Pamela Meister
    According to the nororious recent government report, I am a "radical right wing extremist." If you didn't vote for Barack Obama, if you're unhappy with our tanking economy and the government's complicity in said tanking, or perhaps more odiously, you are a war veteran - you are, for all intents and purposes, an enemy of the state, subject to surveillance by law enforcement and security officials, who have been officially advised of the danger you represent. So let's see: I didn't vote for Obama. I am unhappy with the government's complicity in our economic decline and the power grab that...
  • Lessons from the U.K.: How Pansy-Ass Political Dissent In the U.S. SHOULD Be

    04/04/2009 8:51:13 PM PDT · by bloodmeridian · 8 replies · 655+ views
    Feed Your ADHD ^ | 4/4/2009 | Dr. Dave
    Because we live among friggin' wimpy assholes who have no common sense and wipe other people's bottoms to maintain peace and pussyfoot around everyone's b.s. sensitive side -- just don't even look at this if you are a... Woman...who am I kidding...women in the U.S. have more balls than most men... "Metrosexual"...just click away...NOW! Your ears might get singed and your eyes might melt and your frail little psyche might just implode from watching this raunchy bit of deserved U.K. snark by GOT.
  • President Irked by Criticism from Catholic Bishops

    03/30/2009 12:14:14 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 25 replies · 925+ views
    A Semi-News/Semi-Satire from AzConservative ^ | 28 March 2009 | John Semmens
    The latest round of criticism aimed at his pro-abortion nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas), shows signs of getting under President Obama’s skin. “The last thing we need is priests meddling in politics,” Obama is reported to have groused by a source wishing to remain anonymous. “Haven’t they heard of ‘separation of church and state?’” The President is said to be especially puzzled by the declaration that Catholic politicians who support abortion be denied Holy Communion. “Why can’t they accept an honest difference of opinion?” Obama asked. “And even if the priests think it’s...
  • OBAMA: I have an idea: Let’s outlaw dissent!

    03/24/2009 2:42:45 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 30 replies · 1,053+ views
    Hennesy's view ^ | Bill Hennessy
    On Friday, US Premier Barack Hussein Obama tipped his hand on his plans of banning dissent.   He told reporters that Republicans must “stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.” Were Obama an ordinary politician, we’d take this comment as a harmless, oral wish.  Limbaugh is an effective advocate for conservatism, limited government, lower taxes, freedom, and peace-through-strength—all things Obama hates.  Obama’s not a typical politician in the American sense; he’s a communist.  He’s a totalitarian. During the election of 2008, Obama sent thugs to threaten, cajole, and intimidate dissidents of his campaign.  They attacked radio stations in Chicago and other cities.  They...
  • ‘Bishop who knows how to Bishop’: Bishop Martino Refuses Misericordia University

    03/19/2009 3:58:29 PM PDT · by tcg · 4 replies · 522+ views
    Catholic Online ^ | 3/20/09 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    A very dear friend of mine, an evangelical Protestant minister who is a Champion of Life, commented to me upon reading it, “Boy, does this Pope know how to Pope!” In this instance, my reaction to Bishop Joseph Martino’s continued defense of the truth in his Diocese was “Boy does this Bishop know how to Bishop!” And further, how desperately we all need him - and others like him - as we walk through the smoke of what Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, right before he was elected to the Chair of Peter, prophetically called “the dictatorship of relativism.” The latest news...
  • Not tolerating dissent comment from Gibbs

    03/17/2009 4:53:27 PM PDT · by SendShaqtoIraq · 4 replies · 678+ views
    Don't really know where to post this, but I know in some article here there was a quote from Gibbs along the lines of "he (obama) is not going to tolerate any dissent." thought i had copied it and emailed it to myself but can't find it. does anyone else remember this and know where i can find it?
  • Thou Shalt Not Dissent

    03/06/2009 12:16:05 AM PST · by DakotaRed · 10 replies · 448+ views
    Right In A Left World ^ | March 6, 2009 | Lew Waters
    It seems the thin-skinned messiah occupying the Oval Office doesn’t like it much when his word is not instantly accepted as gospel. In spite of having his surrogates attack opponents unmercifully during his quest for the supreme power, words spoken against him bring throngs of thugs to do the dirty work he tries to distance himself from. We saw a taste of this during the campaign when “Joe the Plumber” asked the anointed one about his small business tax plans. The attack machine went into high gear digging for dirt on Samuel Wurzelbacher in confidential records databases. Of course, the...
  • "When It Came" [In Defense of the Republic]

    03/01/2009 9:56:32 PM PST · by Avoiding_Sulla · 24 replies · 1,692+ views
    Eternity Road ^ | March 1, 2009 | Francis W. Porretto
    The president-designate's gaze passed swiftly over the faces of the cameramen. All were doing their best to retain a professional demeanor. None were entirely successful. The overwhelming majority of them, like the majority of their brethren in journalism, had supported the deposed administration. Few had any sympathy for the views of those who were to replace it. Yet each of them had volunteered for his assignment, knowing full well what had come to pass. "I wish it could have been otherwise, but the late president gave us no choice. He had decided to place himself and his associates above the...
  • Michigan Proposed House Bill No. 6394 (Very Dangerous)

    02/21/2009 5:07:20 AM PST · by paratrooper82 · 22 replies · 1,691+ views
    Michigan Registar ^ | September 03, 2008 | Kevin Elsenheimer
    HOUSE BILL No. 6394 September 3, 2008, Introduced by Reps. Elsenheimer and Walker and referred to the Committee on Intergovernmental, Urban and Regional Affairs. A bill to amend 2006 PA 110, entitled "Michigan zoning enabling act," (MCL 125.3101 to 125.3702) by adding section 409.
  • Join the Patriotic Resistance To Obama’s Agenda And The Massive Government Spending Spree!

    02/14/2009 8:29:55 AM PST · by jan in Colorado · 70 replies · 1,738+ views ^ | 2009 | Grassfire
    President Obama is moving quickly to implement his liberal, “post-American” agenda. Right now, Obama and the Pelosi-Reid Congress are using the economic crisis to push massive and unprecedented new government spending that will rapidly move America to the socialist Left. Who can stop the Obama agenda? Only an unprecedented idea-based Resistance from freedom-loving citizens can prevent the full implementation of Obama’s march to the Left. That’s why is seeking to identify and mobilize grassroots citizens who will Join The Resistance— an alliance of patriotic, resilient and determined conservatives who will not forsake their principles.

    02/06/2009 9:06:00 PM PST · by GoodDay · 26 replies · 1,647+ views
    George Reisman's Blog on Economics ^ | January 28, 2009 | George Reisman, Ph.D
    Limbaugh is a major thorn in the side of the Left. They need to remove him, because his criticisms serve to slow their advance and might even help to stop them in their tracks. That’s why I’m for Limbaugh and I too hope Obama fails at every turn in his efforts to expand the powers of government.
  • Frank Rich: Dissent Is Unpatriotic

    02/01/2009 5:04:36 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 54 replies · 1,671+ views
    FinkelBlog ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    This is really too . . . rich. Frank of-the-same-name accusing Republicans who oppose "President" Pelosi’s bloated stimulus bill of being unpatriotic. Here’s how Rich put it in his column of this morning [emphasis added]: "The crisis is at least as grave as the one that confronted us — and, for a time, united us — after 9/11. Which is why the antics among Republicans on Capitol Hill seem so surreal. These are the same politicians who only yesterday smeared the patriotism of any dissenters from Bush’s “war on terror.” Where is their own patriotism now that economic terror is...
  • More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

    01/28/2009 9:03:43 PM PST · by epow · 11 replies · 733+ views
    Inhofe EPW Press Blog ^ | 01/28/09 | Marc Morano
    Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008 Update: January 28, 2009: James Hansen's Former NASA Supervisor Declares Himself a Skeptic - Says Climate Fears "Embarrassed NASA" Update: December 22, 2008: 11 More Scientists Join Senate Report Link to Full Printable PDF Report INTRODUCTION: Over 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 231-page U.S. Senate Minority Report -- updated from 2007’s groundbreaking report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” --...
  • Write a letter to the editor, go to jail? (Vanity)

    01/21/2009 9:38:44 AM PST · by Signalman · 79 replies · 1,359+ views
    1/21/2009 | Self
    Will it become a crime to criticize "The Messiah"? After observing the collective psychosis of the MSM the past few days (especially my local rag, the Ventura County Star)which has equated the inauguration of Obama with the immaculate conception, I am wondering if dissent of the government and, especially, Obama will now put me on a "Suspect List" and make me subject to questioning by the authorities and, perhaps, subsequent arrest. I used to write letters to the opinion section of The Star taking a pro-conservative line. But now, after viewing editions of The Star over the past few days...
  • Dissent Is Patriotic! (Vanity)

    01/06/2009 1:15:26 PM PST · by ForeignDude · 64 replies · 3,596+ views
    I am calling on all Freepers, conservatives, constitutionalists, classic liberals, patriots from all walks of life, all who care for this great Nation: On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, wear a black armband in mourning for our Nation. Pass this along to all you know. Show Obama and his slaves that free men and women yet remain in the Land and that they will NOT go quietly into that good night!
  • Obama Radio Critic finds Talk Show time slashed

    01/02/2009 8:20:49 AM PST · by Maxstake · 12 replies · 906+ views
    Wolrd Net Daily ^ | 01/01/09 | Bob Unruh
    By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily Politically active Barack Obama supporters in Michigan have tried to silence criticism of the president-elect on a talk program at a community radio station by cutting its air time, the program host says. Officials with radio station WRHC told WND the dispute involved talk show host Martin Dzuris' coverage of local issues as well as national issues. But Dzuris explained in a lengthy interview with WND he attended at least one meeting where radio station officials discussed specifically how to reduce Dzuris' criticism of Obama, which has linked Obama's statements taken directly from his...
  • Dissent is Patriotic, As Long As You Don’t Try It Against Democrats

    12/22/2008 5:52:03 AM PST · by Invisigoth · 6 replies · 691+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | December 22, 2008 | Paul Ibrahim
    Any American who has paid even shallow attention to the news this millennium has witnessed top Democrats spending much of the Bush presidency propagating the myth that Republicans have been in the business of labeling anti-war Democrats as “unpatriotic.” Of course, many of these Americans also realize that no such labels were ever actually used by President Bush or other high-level Republicans against the Democrats. (It was, of course, Democratic Senator Bob Graham who labeled Bush’s policies as “anti-patriotic at the core.”) Regardless, due to a relentless propaganda campaign by the left and its friends in the media, the myth...
  • Fr. Roy Bourgeois Publicly Rejects the Magisterium; Excommunication Looms

    11/13/2008 4:49:28 PM PST · by tcg · 11 replies · 551+ views
    Catholic Online ^ | 11/13/08 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    However, all that changed on August 9th when Fr. Bourgeois chose to become a “concelebrant” and homilist at the attempted ordination to the priesthood of Janice Sevre-Duszynska. The attempted “ordination” occurred at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, Ky. Now, Fr. Bourgeois has decided to engage in a new crusade, one which involves public and direct defiance of the Holy See and a repudiation of the unbroken teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church concerning sacred ordination. According to a letter which Fr. Bourgeois released to the Press, he has received a letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine...
  • Live on Less and Love It

    11/10/2008 9:52:05 PM PST · by TenthAmendmentChampion · 96 replies · 1,581+ views
    Mother Earth News ^ | October 2007 | Craig Idlebrook
    On paper, my wife and I are poor. How poor? In 2005 we made $4,303.84 combined; in 2004 we made half that. We’re in such a low tax bracket that I have trouble convincing the government of our tax return’s accuracy; they simply can’t believe Americans can live on that kind of money. Yet in many ways, we’re better off than a Wall Street banker: We’ve saved enough money to buy land without a mortgage, we have no credit cards or monthly bills, I work 20 flexible hours a week from home, and my daughter has two stay-at-home parents. Simply...
  • Emanuel Has "Sharp Elbows", But We Have "Right Wing Rage" (New MSM Anti-conservative Meme Alert)

    11/07/2008 3:54:31 PM PST · by goldstategop · 12 replies · 1,441+ views
    Rush ^ | 11/7/2008 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: I want to take you back to an Associated Press story, Thursday, December 27th of 2007, a little less than year ago. AP-Obama: "Barack Obama declared today that he is the only candidate who can bring true change in Washington, hoping to persuade Iowa voters to give him the first victory in the Democrat presidential race. Making his case against Hillary Clinton without naming her," and this is the money part of the story, Obama said, "The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result." So...
  • L.O.M.A.

    11/05/2008 5:23:09 PM PST · by grandpa jones · 11 replies · 840+ views
    L.O.M.A. ^ | 11-05-08 | nuke
    The blog is taking a new direction, hence the new header, and the new name. L.O.M.A. Loyal Opposition My A**. Climb aboard, and join us as we express the highest form of patriotism — Dissent.
  • Conservatives, Time to Adopt Saul Alinsky Tactics

    11/05/2008 1:59:20 PM PST · by samsmom · 179 replies · 8,769+ views ^ | April 2008 | John Perazzo
    Born to Russian-Jewish parents in Chicago in 1909, Saul Alinsky was a Marxist who helped establish the dual political tactics of confrontation and infiltration that characterized the 1960s and have remained central to all subsequent revolutionary movements in the United States. Though Alinsky is generally viewed as a member of the political left, and rightfully so, his legacy is more methodological than ideological. He identified a set of very specific rules that ordinary citizens could follow, and tactics that ordinary citizens could employ, as a means of gaining public power. His motto was, "The most effective means are whatever will...
  • Vanity: Make 'Em Pay

    11/05/2008 11:22:33 AM PST · by EricT. · 44 replies · 3,269+ views
    vanity | 11-5-08 | Self
    Yesterday I made a decision that will affect my personal buying habits and choices. I have realized that American unions do so much political harm these days and I have decided to do whatever I can to avoid purchasing any union made product or service. Since they have done so much to push socialism in this country, I figure it's high time that entrepreneurial rugged individuals like myself stop supporting them. Many of us avoid Chinese made items while ignoring our own domestic Marxists. It's time for a change they weren't expecting.
  • Dissent is Patriotic (that is what the left says)

    11/05/2008 9:11:35 AM PST · by do the dhue · 60 replies · 2,186+ views
    me | 11/05/08 | me
    Remember when the left said that dissent is Patriotic? Well, I promise to be more Patriotic. Please allow me start now: IMPEACH OBAMA! IT IS OBAMA FAULT!!!! OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!! OBAMA STOLE THE ELECTION!!! Illinois is missing and idiot! Help us return the idiot to the rightful owner!! These are my new Patriotic Battle Cries. Last night was a bad night. But today marks the beginning of payback time. Today marks the day I become more Patriotic in the left's eye. My dissent should make the left very proud of me. I will not allow a Fascist...
  • Vanity: How Can I Support Him As President?

    11/05/2008 7:05:50 AM PST · by AUJenn · 76 replies · 2,587+ views
    What do you do if you honestly just do not feel that you can support this man? He flies in the face of everything I believe in. In everything my family believes in. How do you support someone who is in stark opposition to your core principles and beliefs? This isn't cute or funny to me. It's scary. The Black Panther deal yesterday was scary. Hearing thugs happily proclaim how they voted more than once was scary. And no one seems to care. A conservative radio show that I listen to regularly is opening the phone lines only to Obama...
  • No Moral Equivalence! No Compromise with Evil!

    11/05/2008 5:45:52 AM PST · by MrChips · 25 replies · 2,237+ views
    <p>Oh please! There is is no moral equivalence, here. I will NOT congratulate Obama as if I am the “loyal opposition” who simply apposes his ideas. I will NOT congratulate a man who promises as his first act in office to slaughter millions of unborn babies! The Freedom of Choice Act be damned! I will NOT congratulate a man who threatens to take away our freedoms. Welcome to the Fairness Doctrine and to the new “civil defense force” (whatever the Hell that turns out to be); will the 2nd Amendment fall after he destroys the 1st? I will NOT congratulate a man who buys the presidency with an obscene amount of money (Soros?) and a “Mainstream Media” which is no longer “mainstream.” (Let's just call it PRAVDA). And NO! I will NOT congratulate a man who threatens to tax me out of my house and my life savings so that he can “spread the wealth around.” Nor will I congratulate a man who threatens to weaken the country my father fought and bled for in World War II, a highly decorated 85-year-old veteran who had to endure some thug who this week tore down his McCain/Palin sign which he had placed so proudly in his front yard. If the Left can oppose and destroy conservatives when they are elected merely on the promise of protecting the American Dream, what is the Right to do when a leftist is elected promising sweeping change that would destroy that Dream? Evil must be opposed, not congratulated. This morning, a colleague chided me when I called it Evil. I told him that I had wept lat night for the coming slaughter of the unborn. Yes, it's Evil. The word was good enough for Ronald Reagan. And it is good enough for me.</p>
  • "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

    11/05/2008 5:11:47 AM PST · by DCRoush · 23 replies · 4,843+ views
    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith | Padme Amidala
    "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause." Sorry, I couldn't help but be reminded of this scene from "Revenge of the Sith." I only hope that Obama isn't as bad as Emperor Palpatine. Just think, in Star Wars, it took an evil emperor to give way to Luke Skywalker (Jindal? haha) and Princess Leia (Palin?)! Hope is not lost, my friends, keep your faith where it belongs and try and look at things optimistically. If things get bad, there's no one to blame but Obama which will only guarantee us victory the next time around!
  • One FReeper's "John Galt" Manifesto

    10/16/2008 7:15:26 PM PDT · by NewJerseyJoe · 70 replies · 2,764+ views
    "Galt's Gulch" | 10/16/08 | NewJerseyJoe
    Atlas Shrugged has been on my mind a great deal these past few weeks. I don't hold with Ayn Rand on everything -- her view of what constitutes "morality," for example, is in complete opposition to my closely held religious faith. And she could have used a good editor; the damn book could have been half its size but just as effective. However, Rand did have incredible foresight into the political and socioeconomic ills that were occurring around her and that abound, nearly unchecked, in our world of 2008. Apparently, I'm not the only person who has been thinking along these...
  • It is now time for Atlas to Shrug...

    11/04/2008 7:17:47 PM PST · by Republican Extremist · 352 replies · 13,573+ views
    self | 11-4-08 | Republican Extremist aka JLB
    As it appears that Obama has won this election, following Fox News calling both Ohio and PA for him, I think it is now time for the businessmen and women who run this country to make it quite clear what the consequences are to those people who sold out their freedom for empty promises.Small business owners, your taxes are now going to be raised. You now will face the difficult choice of either cutting your costs by laying people off, or by passing the increased costs of taxation on to your customers. This time I want you to take the...
  • Farewell To A Great American

    11/04/2008 11:02:10 PM PST · by stevelackner · 52 replies · 2,379+ views
    STEVELACKNER.COM ^ | November 4, 2008 | Steven W. Lackner
    Congratulations to Barack Obama. America has transcended race and this is a historic election in that regard. It is now time for all of America to move beyond the politics of race relations and unite in common as one people. This election should finally put the race-baiters such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of business. Conservatism has been put in exile. The decision America made tonight was a poor one. The answer for Republicans cannot be to despair and surrrender America to this onslaught of liberalism, but rather to return to Republican principles and remain steadfastly dedicated to...
  • Dubya seceeded by Aitch! What is the new Grass Roots movement?

    11/04/2008 8:49:00 PM PST · by An American! · 71 replies · 2,203+ views
    Self | 11/04/2008 | Self
    8 years ago our beloved W (Dubya) was elected and now we have an H (Aitch). I am in total shock that our United States elected someone we know next to nothing about. With so many unanswered questions why did it not matter to almost 55% of Americans? I am in shock that Murtha was re-elected. I am in shock that the polls were right. Now is the time to not over-react, but to begin laying a foundation for a future victory. What issues are good ones for a grass roots movement? Abortion? Faith? Flat Tax? Property rights? It is...