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  • Keith Ellison's "Pants on Fire" Lie About His Nation of Islam Ties

    03/19/2018 12:28:20 PM PDT · by detective · 8 replies
    Front Page ^ | March 18, 2018 | Daniel Greenfield
    Keith Ellison has a Medium post denying his extensive history with Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. The post, with its references to MLK and Heschel is very blatantly aimed at liberal Jews. Too bad it's a bizarre series of distortions, evasions and lies. Ellison treats his time with the Nation of Islam as a conspiracy invented by the right to divide blacks and Jews. And claims that his only association with the NOI was the Million Man March.
  • Democrats distance themselves from Hillary Clinton’s ‘backward’ claim

    03/14/2018 2:28:08 AM PDT · by C19fan · 26 replies
    Washington Post ^ | March 13, 2018 | Michael Scherer
    Democratic senators facing tough reelection fights distanced themselves Tuesday from Hillary Clinton after she said President Trump’s voters came from less productive parts of the country and were attracted by a backward-looking message. “Those are kind of fighting words for me, because I’m partial to Missouri voters,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is running in a state Trump won by 19 points. “I think they were expressing their frustration with the status quo. I may not have agreed with their choice, but I certainly respect them. And I don’t think that’s the way you should talk about any voter...
  • They’ll get Trump…one way or the other

    03/08/2018 10:25:20 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 45 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/08/18 | Klaus Rohrich
    I have long believed that Donald Trump is such a thorn in the side of the Establishment and certainly the so-called Deep State, that those dark and shadowy puppet masters will stop at nothing to end his reign If there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of, it’s that the Donald Trump Presidency will not end well. It’s not because there is anything particularly wrong with the president, but the so-called ‘resistance’ is so committed that they are likely to go to any lengths to ensure that their goals are achieved. Trump has now been officially President of the United States...
  • Christie: 'Really Awful' People Are 'Trying to Hurt' Kellyanne Conway

    03/05/2018 10:09:09 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 19 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 03-05-2018 | Michael van der Galien
    In an interview with the New York Times, former Trump confidant and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out at unnamed people in the White House for trying to discredit Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president and Trump's former campaign manager. "She’s gotten a bad rap at times," Christie said, "but I think that’s because of some of the really awful people inside the White House who have been trying to hurt her, as opposed to anything the press came up with on its own." As The Hill points out, "Conway is one of the last major figures from the...
  • How leftists plan to use Parkland's dead

    02/27/2018 9:53:00 AM PST · by rktman · 15 replies ^ | 2/27/2018 | Lewis Dovland
    We are facing a crisis of rights. The recent Florida school shooting has started a dangerous wave of misdirected outrage about gun rights – and the misdirection is on purpose by those looking to control the dialog. To set the stage, consider two other recent instances where similar outrage gave the leverage to take immediate steps and accomplish things that would not have been possible if cooler (and less cowardly) heads had prevailed. First, the Charleston Church shooting in June of 2015. A young, mentally ill white boy killed nine black worshipers in a horrific crime. As bad as that...
  • Obama Now Data Mining President Trump’s Voter Base

    02/27/2018 7:30:38 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 28 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/27/18 | Judi McLeod
    Analytics is how Obama and his Google-taught number crunchers intend to take back the presidency Up for grabs in 2018 Midterms: the voter base of President Donald Trump, about to be confiscated by analytics savvy Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the fighting-their-way-back-from-exile Democrats. ‘Analytics’ is the tekkie word for VOTER TARGETING, and history proves that voter targeting always works. Analytics, aka voter targeting, is exactly how Obama captured the 2012 election. The Obama campaign team was able to access massive data, which in turn allowed them to identify the vote, transmit to voters the messages they wanted to hear. Analytics...
  • Progressives Must Stop Using Terror To Try And Intimidate Conservatives

    02/15/2018 6:01:46 AM PST · by Kaslin · 17 replies ^ | February 15, 2018 | Kurt Schlichter
    It should be no surprise that less than a year after a Bernie Sanders fan took a rifle and attempted to erase the Congressional GOP for the crime of having different political views that some cretin decided to send Donald Trump Jr. a packet of mystery white powder. After all, Don Jr. is not a progressive, so don’t his and his family deserve to be terrorized, if not murdered? Or did I misunderstand the progressives’ stand by their near total silence? Well, not total silence. The Twitter left sure had a ball with it, yukking it up. Dousing someone...
  • Schiff: We're not going to revise Democratic memo

    02/13/2018 8:01:44 PM PST · by mojito · 68 replies
    The Hill ^ | 2/13/2018 | Brett Samuels
    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday night that members of his party won’t revise their countermemo, despite requests from the White House to do so. “We’re not going to make any revisions to it. The only question is what redactions will be made. And obviously we’d like to keep those to a minimum,” Schiff told reporters. “The White House has a different interest. I think their interest is in redacting anything that doesn’t reflect well on the White House,” Schiff added.
  • Did Hillary Clinton pull off the dirtiest dirty trick in US presidential history?

    02/14/2018 5:23:11 AM PST · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 53 replies
    New York Post via Fox News ^ | February 14, 2018 | Michael Goodwin
    What did Hillary Clinton know and when did she know it? New bombshell information emerges from unredacted Grassley-Graham memo; panel debates on 'Hannity.' For law enforcement, Congress and even journalists, exposing misdeeds is like peeling an onion. Each layer you remove gets you closer to the truth. So it is with the scandalous behavior of the FBI during its probe into whether President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in 2016. One layer at a time, we’re learning how flawed and dirty that probe was. A top layer involves the texts between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her married lover, Peter...

    02/13/2018 4:05:11 AM PST · by servo1969 · 27 replies ^ | 2/13/2018 | Daniel Greenfield
    What media coverage of a military parade tells us about the Left's madness. President Trump’s proposal for a military parade was met with total and absolute hysteria. Just like any and every other proposal that he makes. Military parades are a “public demonstration of power is characteristic of authoritarian regimes like North Korea and China,” the media screeched. That must be why we have them every year. The National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. has been an annual event since it was revived to honor World War II veterans. But it’s subdued compared to other parades across the country...
  • Democrats expand battleground, target 101 GOP seats

    02/08/2018 11:20:41 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 36 replies
    NBC "news" ^ | 2.8.18 | ALEX SEITZ-WALD
    House Democrats are stepping on the gas, with plans to target over 100 Republican-held congressional districts in the November midterm elections. At House Democrats' annual conference on Thursday, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), is expected to tell colleagues the committee is expanding the battleground to include 101 Republicans — the largest in a decade, a Democratic source familiar with the matter told NBC News.
  • Byron York: Scheming, speculation behind scenes as Democrats push intel memo [classified reveal]

    02/07/2018 6:31:13 AM PST · by huldah1776 · 27 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | Feb 7, 2018 | Byron York
    This time last week, there was growing tumult in Washington over the memo produced by House Intelligence Committee Republicans alleging "FISA abuse" in the Trump-Russia investigation. There were dire warnings that the release of the GOP memo would endanger national security, that doing so would be "extraordinarily reckless" without proper FBI and Justice Department review, and that the FBI had "grave concerns" about "material omissions of fact" that would "fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy." snip The Democratic memo, these Republicans say, is much different. "It's full of sources and methods," said one lawmaker, referring to highly classified information. "It includes...
  • Adam Schiff Sought To Obtain Nude Photos Of Trump From Russians

    02/06/2018 10:57:08 PM PST · by Helicondelta · 32 replies
    Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was pranked last year by Russian comedians who offered nude photos of President Trump. Schiff cautioned the man that “our Russian friends” could be eavesdropping on the call, and told him not to share anything he wouldn’t want them to hear. But the man went on to say that the Russians had “pictures of naked Trump” Schiff then told the man that his office would work with FBI to figure out “how we can obtain copies.” The California Democrat, however, had actually been speaking with Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey...
  • David Brooks Urges Fellow Democrats to ‘Rethink’ Extreme Abortion Position

    02/03/2018 6:42:26 PM PST · by EdnaMode · 25 replies
    Brietbart ^ | February 3, 2018 | Dr. Susan Berry
    The New York Times columnist David Brooks writes in a “memo” to Democratic Party leaders that their support for abortion on demand up until birth is hurting their party. Pointing out the failure of the Senate to muster 60 votes to protect unborn babies from abortion past the fifth month of pregnancy, Brooks notes, “I kept wondering: How much is our position on late-term abortions hurting us?” Taking his readers back through time before Roe v. Wade, when the Supreme Court created a right to abortion – though, as Alan Dershowitz has noted, none ever existed in the Constitution –...
  • DNC 'dead broke,' while RNC has nearly $40M

    02/03/2018 5:30:30 PM PST · by confederatecarpetbag · 51 replies
    The Week ^ | Feb. 2, 2018 | The Week staff
    The Democratic Party is carrying more than $6 million in debt, according to year-end filings — and has just $6.5 million in the bank. Do the math, and the party is working with just over $400,000 overall. Meanwhile, the Republicans are swimming in pools of money. The Republican National Committee had raised $132 million by the end of 2017 — about twice as much as the DNC — and entered 2018 with almost $40 million to spare, with
  • Democrats Using Same Strategy Republicans Tried in 2013

    01/21/2018 7:38:08 AM PST · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | January 21, 2018 | Debra J. Saunders
    In 2013, House Republicans shut down the federal government in a doomed effort to defund then President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. It lasted 17 days and accomplished nothing. Amazingly, Democrats have decided to follow the same lame playbook. Back in 2013, Obama called it the "Republican shutdown" -- and he was right, even if his party controlled the White House and Senate. Top aide Dan Pfeiffer likened the shutdown caucus to terrorists with a "bomb strapped to their chest." Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., had a similar view. The solidly conservative congressman called those pushing the shutdown "lemmings with suicide...
  • ‘Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton’ Starting To Leak Out (interview with DiGenova)

    01/21/2018 6:24:00 AM PST · by randita · 118 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 1/20/18 | Gini Thomas
    A former federal prosecutor says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy,” according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor, connects the dots on former Obama administration Justice Department and FBI officials who may have “violated the law, perhaps committed crimes” to politicize law enforcement and surveillance against political opponents. Video at link - great 101 summary.
  • The Democrat Dog that Didn’t Bark

    01/20/2018 9:38:46 PM PST · by JustTheTruth · 5 replies
    Vanity | 01/20/2018 | Vanity
    Usually we can expect two things when the guilty are about to be exposed: 1. Deflections and/or excuses from friends and allies of the perps, AND 2. Outright, flat denials from the perps themselves. So, when it comes to the growing body of information about FISA abuse in surveillance of political opponents, has anyone noticed that while we’ve been hearing a growing swell of deflections from friends and the corrupt MSM, we’re just not hearing the usual flat out denials from the perps themselves? There has been no such barking of clear, flat denials from the Core group of Democrat...
  • Lou Barletta: Dems Put Illegal Immigrants over American Citizens with Schumer’s Shutdown

    01/21/2018 3:38:22 AM PST · by smileyface · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | Jan 20 2018 | John Binder
    Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) called out Senate Democrats following a government shutdown led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and members of the Republican establishment, saying the Democratic Party put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. On Friday evening, Senate Democrats, including Schumer and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with well as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), voted against a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown because it did not include amnesty for at least 3.5 million illegal aliens and their illegal alien parents. Barletta quickly responded to the decision to...
  • The Insurance Policy To Prevent Trump From Becoming President

    01/21/2018 5:46:27 AM PST · by gaggs · 47 replies
    The Insurance Policy - An Epoch Graphic Showing The Connections Related To The "Phoney" Trump Dossier What's contained in the House Intelligence Committee memo on FISA abuses? The amazing graphic below and great in-depth reporting by Epoch Times may provide a hint. It's crazy to think that this exact image could be used in history books someday. This WAY bigger than Watergate. In fact, Watergate was a candle, this is 10,000 suns. A graphic showing the web of connections related to the Trump dossier Read more