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  • Clinton camp laughs off questions about press conference blackout

    07/27/2016 11:28:47 AM PDT · by McGruff · 32 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 27, 2016 | Jonathan Easley
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager can’t guarantee that the Democratic presidential candidate will hold a press conference between now and the election and laughed off questions about why she doesn’t gaggle with reporters. Speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Wall Street Journal, campaign manager Robby Mook burst out laughing when asked if Clinton would hold court with reporters before Election Day. “We’ll see,” he said. Clinton has still not held a press conference this year. According to an analysis by the Washington Post, it has been more than 230 days since Clinton last held one on Dec. 4, 2015.
  • Group (CAIR) to sue FBI over man killed during questioning about Boston bombing

    03/03/2015 6:09:24 PM PST · by Red in Blue PA · 22 replies
    ORLANDO, Fla. – A civil rights group plans to sue the FBI for $30 million on behalf of the family of a Chechen man who was fatally shot while being questioned about a Boston Marathon bombing suspect. The Council of American-Islamic Relations Florida on Monday filed a notice of claim stating its intention to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the FBI over the death of Ibragim Todashev.
  • This Baptist Charity Is Being Paid Hundreds of Millions to Shelter Child Migrants

    08/05/2014 11:08:44 AM PDT · by Mariner · 142 replies
    Time ^ | August 4th, 2014 | Alex Altman @aaltman82 and Elizabeth Dias @elizabethjdias
    Contractors have taken on the huge task of sheltering thousands of unaccompanied child migrants In the late afternoon of July 9, Air Force One touched down at Love Field in Dallas. President Barack Obama ducked into a private room at the airport for a discussion about the crisis of undocumented children crossing the southwest border. Assembled around a wooden table were top Texas officials, including Governor Rick Perry and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, as well as the leaders of several faith-based charities. One of them was a man so anonymous, the White House pool report misspelled his name. Kevin Dinnin...
  • Rep. Steve Cohen: Tea Party Republicans 'Domestic Enemies' We Took Oath To Defend Against

    10/19/2013 8:05:12 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 98 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Watch out, Alan Grayson: you've got competition when it comes to uttering the ugliest slur on Tea Party Republicans . . . Sure, you've compared them to the Klan. But fellow Dem Steve Cohen has upped the ante. On Steve Kornacki's MSNBC show this morning, Cohen called Tea Party members of congress: "domestic enemies" that congressmen have taken an oath to defend the country against. Kornacki didn't challenge Cohen's libel, managing only to feebly observe that Cohen sounded "pessimistic." Think of it: a congressman has just accused many of his colleagues of treason, and the most you can muster is...
  • The Colonization of 21st-Century America

    06/24/2013 5:15:34 PM PDT · by bayouranger · 3 replies ^ | 24JUN13 | Timothy Birdnow
    When author Dinesh D'Souza diagnosed Barack Obama with anti-colonialism, he did so on the basis of Mr. Obama's seemingly inexplicable chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward the country he himself leads, and his eager attempts to move America down the economic and political ladder toward international mediocrity. Where others were accusing Obama of being clueless or socialist, D'Souza concluded -- based on Obama's infatuation with his Kenyan roots -- that he was fundamentally an anti-colonialist. One thing is clear; Mr. Obama denies American Exceptionalism. In fact, he aggressively resists it, preferring the United States to be "one among many." While there are certainly...
  • Communist Party slams Allen West

    04/11/2012 11:50:47 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 44 replies
    Politico ^ | April 11, 2012 | DARIUS DIXON
    A top official of the Communist Party USA on Wednesday ripped Rep. Allen West’s “sad ploy” for claiming that as many as 80 Democratic members of the House are communists. “I just think it’s an absurd way to cast a shadow over his colleagues. It’s kind of a sad ploy,” Libero Della Piana, a vice-chairman of the national Communist Party, said of the Florida Republican’s charge that about 80 House Democrats were members of the radical party. “It’s just guilt by association taken to an extreme,” he told POLITICO. He also said there are no members of Congress who are...
  • No great loss for state, nation

    01/06/2011 8:44:06 AM PST · by Graybeard58 · 13 replies
    Waterbury Republican-American ^ | January 6, 2011 | Editorial
    As the final days of his long congressional career were falling from the calendar, corrupt Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd was uplifted as one special interest after another heaped praise upon him. They were the beneficiaries of his years of generosity with other people's money and his advocacy of federal mandates that enriched them. And for all those years, they completed the quid pro quos by delivering copious sums and manpower for his re-election campaigns. In another context, prosecutors would call this extortion or racketeering; in this context, however, it's just called government. The news media, new and old, also kissed...
  • Navy training along Pacific coast draws fire

    12/24/2010 8:14:10 PM PST · by SmithL · 59 replies · 3+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 12/24/10 | Rob Hotakainen
    WASHINGTON – Could Ruffles and Granny be in trouble? At 59, Ruffles is the oldest known male orca in the world, one of an estimated 150 orcas known to inhabit Puget Sound and the coast of Washington state. Granny is his 99-year-old mother. Environmentalists fear for the safety of the whales as the U.S. Navy prepares to expand operations in its Northwest Training Range Complex, which stretches from the coast of Washington to Northern California. "They're all very susceptible," said Howard Garrett, president of Orca Network, a nonprofit group based in Whidbey Island in Washington. "The Navy is single-minded. …...
  • Absolutism Redux (Be very afraid - Cass Sunstein)

    09/10/2009 3:49:07 PM PDT · by khnyny · 20 replies · 2,172+ views
    NationalReviewOnline ^ | December 13, 2004 | Tom G. Palmer
    You owe your life — and everything else — to the sovereign. The rights of subjects are not natural rights, but merely grants from the sovereign. There is no right even to complain about the actions of the sovereign, except insofar as the sovereign allows the subject to complain. These are the principles of unlimited, arbitrary, and absolute power, the principles of such rulers as Louis XIV. Intellectuals have assiduously promoted them; think of Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes. A new intellectual champion of absolutism has now emerged. Mild-mannered University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein has been advancing the...

    10/02/2007 4:20:59 PM PDT · by RDTF · 140 replies · 430+ views
    The Drudge Report ^ | Oct 2, 2007 | Drudge
    Washington, DC—Senate Democrats today sent the following letter to Mark P. Mays, CEO of Clear Channel Communications, calling on him to publicly repudiate Rush Limbaugh’s characterization of troops who speak out against the Iraq war as “phony soldiers.” Despite recent Republican comments condemning verbal attacks on our troops, when given the opportunity to join us in signing this letter, not a single one did so. The text of the letter is below and attached: October 2, 2007 Mr. Mark P. Mays CEO, Clear Channel Communications Inc. 200 East Basse Road San Antonio, TX 78209 Dear Mr. Mays, At the time...
  • An inconvenient issue: illegal immigration and the GOP (RINOs fret as 2008 approaches--Must Read!)

    07/21/2007 2:23:18 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 104 replies · 2,414+ views
    GOPublius ^ | July 19, 2007
    The GOP leadership is waking up to a persistent reality, and it's one that has fundraisers and strategists at the RNC up at night. Conservatives, the core constituency of the Republican Party, are irate. Far from a passing hobbyhorse, the illegal immigration issue has galvanized Republican voters like no single issue in recent memory, and conservatives are refusing to let it go. The Senate's comprehensive immigration bill, backed by the President and pushed by the GOP establishment, was more than a mere legislative miscalculation, is was the straw that broke the conservatives' back. Moreover, to listen to conservatives, it wasn't...
  • Books on the Right - A Nativist's Paranoid Vision (Travis McGee)

    07/17/2007 6:17:51 PM PDT · by CodeToad · 183 replies · 3,308+ views
    Souther Poverty Law Center ^ | 7-17-2007 | Susy Buchanan
    In 1973, a Frenchman named Jean Raspail wrote a bitter and paranoid novel about the "invasion" of his native land by starving Third World refugees. The book was a racist vision of the consequences of non-white immigration, aided and abetted, in the author's view, by the weak-minded liberals who failed to resist it. For almost 35 years, The Camp of the Saints has been a Bible to the radical right. Now, courtesy of former Navy SEAL Matthew Bracken, comes the American version — a portrait of the apocalypse Bracken fears will overtake America thanks to undocumented immigration from the south....
  • House Vote On Iraq: A Lethal Mistake (Melanie Morgan Warns Islamofascism Is Danger To Freedom Alert)

    07/12/2007 11:44:20 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 22 replies · 1,401+ views ^ | 07/13/2007 | Melanie Morgan
    The politicians in Washington are dating impending doom. The vote yesterday by the House of Representatives in surrendering to the jihadists in Iraq spells T-R-A-V-E-S-T-Y in just about any dictionary. Our stolidly sturdy troops in Iraq are beginning to get the idea that we, as a nation, are giving up on them, and it's time to let these honorable men and women in uniform know that the public won't allow the politicians to bail on them. The people of this nation cannot give up on our troops – no matter how tempted the politicians become to do just that. We...
  • DESECRATION: Spotted At Camp Democracy (Anti-American Leftists Trash POW-MIA Flag at DC Protest)

    09/18/2006 7:34:03 PM PDT · by tgslTakoma · 11 replies · 1,000+ views
    Mr. Smash Goes to Washington ^ | Monday, September 18, 2006 | Citizen SMASH
    From SMASH's blog tonight... "WITH BUSHS APROVAL (sic) POWS HAVE BEEN TORTURED SHAME ON YOU AMERICA SHAME ON YOU!" For these clowns, nothing is sacred. I have it on good authority that some Vietnam veterans are seriously pissed off... And hey, they made that poor P.O.W. look like E.T.!
  • Some of the people behind the "Immigration" protests. Domestic Enemies. (Get ready to get mad)

    03/29/2006 10:25:48 AM PST · by Jeff Head · 252 replies · 7,449+ views
    Mexica-Movement ^ | March 29, 2006 | Jeff Head
    Use the link...these people speak for themselves. Mexica-Movement - Gran Marcha If you are a loyal prepared to GET MAD!
  • The Peculiar Alliance

    09/06/2005 10:54:17 PM PDT · by AZ_Cowboy · 15 replies · 354+ views
    FrontPage ^ | 9/6/05 | Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
    There have been rumblings of late about the developing alliance between Islamic radicals and neo-Nazis. In late May, Israeli president Moshe Katzav gave a speech before the German parliament in which he warned, "Let's not be surprised if terror organizations use neo-Nazis for carrying out terror attacks." And on August 5, WorldNetDaily reported, "Neo-Nazi skinheads are working with radical Islamists in a growing unholy alliance that has European law enforcement officials concerned about a new front in the war on terrorism." Such an alliance seems unlikely on its face; after all, neo-Nazis view most Muslims as racially inferior, while Islamic...
  • Freeper Joanie-f review of "The Great Raid" and what we dare not foget from it

    08/14/2005 6:57:07 PM PDT · by Jeff Head · 119 replies · 1,966+ views
    FR ^ | 13-Aug-2005 | Joanie-f
    As you probably already know, I am not a movie-goer – only set foot in a theater maybe once or twice a year, if that -- for three reasons: (1) most of the ‘stuff’ that passes for cinematic excellence these days is no more visually or intellectually rewarding than staring at road kill, (2) I cringe at the thought of lining the pockets of the politically-activist Hollywood left, and (3) I’d rather be biking. :) With that disclaimer out of the way … Rick and I saw the just-released movie ‘The Great Raid’ last night. Knowing the shared love that...
  • "Christianity Is My Spritual Home" (Jane Fonda Tells How She Was Saved...)

    04/27/2005 10:53:52 AM PDT · by meandog · 100 replies · 3,898+ views ^ | 4-27-05 | Lisa Schnieder
    Jane Fonda talks about how she is 'riveted' by faith and why feminism is what Jesus taughtFrom her longtime political activism to her Oscar-winning acting, Jane Fonda has never done anything halfheartedly, and she brings this characteristic intensity to her faith. When she talks about "feeling the presence of the Almighty," her view of Jesus, and the way she prays, her voice wells from deep within her chest. You may know this voice from her films (among dozens of others: Barbarella, Klute, On Golden Pond, and currently in theaters, Monster-in-Law), or from her aerobics videos ("feel the burn!"), or from...
  • Alberto Gonzales targeted by media low-lifes

    01/23/2005 6:25:00 PM PST · by Brian Allen · 3 replies · 147+ views
    Brookes News ^ | Monday January 24 2005 | Gerard Jackson
    Alberto Gonzales targeted by media low-lifes BrookesNews.Com Marian Wilkinson is not alone in her political bigotry and prejudiced reporting: the repulsive Roy Eccleston is every bit her equal. Terror lawyer Bush's new legal chief revealed just how low this creep can sink (Murdoch’s Australian, 12 November 2004). He quickly set the tone with this opening statement: “Alberto Gonzales the White House lawyer, who advised George W. Bush to ignore the Geneva Conventions when interrogating suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners, will become the new US Attorney-General.” The only thing in it that is true is the bit about becoming “the new...
  • RESEARCH THREAD: Compiling List of Left Wing Violence Against GOP

    10/23/2004 11:35:20 AM PDT · by Doctor Raoul · 105 replies · 6,727+ views
    Sometime ago, the the vast body of Freeper Knowledge put together a very impressive list of calls for violence against people made by various left wingers. Hot headed neanderthals like Alec Baldwin and Spike Lee were known, but when you added up all the incidents, it was newsworthy and did recieve attention in major media. What I would like to do with your help is compile all the incidents of left wing violence, violence so common in this election that it is without precident. For example, there are the invasions of GOP offices by "Brownshirts For Kerry" organized by...

    10/13/2004 9:05:32 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 432+ views
    Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge BY THOMAS LIPSCOMB - Special to the Sun October 13, 2004 An official Navy document on Senator Kerry's campaign Web site listed as Mr. Kerry's "Honorable Discharge from the Reserves" opens a door on a well kept secret about his military service. The document is a form cover letter in the name of the Carter administration's secretary of the Navy, W. Graham Claytor. It describes Mr. Kerry's discharge as being subsequent to the review of "a board of officers." This in it self is unusual. There is nothing about an ordinary honorable discharge action in...
  • Violence Won't Stop Iraqi Power Turnover (Conde Rice on ABC's "This Week")

    04/18/2004 4:49:16 PM PDT · by Ragtime Cowgirl · 5 replies · 536+ views
    DoD-AFPS ^ | April 18, 2004 | Rudi Williams
      Violence Won't Stop Iraqi Power Turnover By Rudi WilliamsAmerican Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, April 18, 2004 – It was probably predictable that insurgents would try to prevent the transfer of power to Iraqis on June 30, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said on ABC's "This Week" today. The insurgents "been aggressive and violent in the last couple of weeks," Rice told host George Stephanopoulos. "We're responding to that. We're also responding politically by working with the people on the ground, including local leaders and members of the governing council." She said the people the coalition is working with...
  • Honor, Racism, Service Rifles & "Assault Weapons": One Black Cop's View

    03/08/2004 7:04:14 PM PST · by TERMINATTOR · 37 replies · 2,589+ views
    2nd Amendment Police Department ^ | 3/8/04 | Henry "Snake" Bowman, Police Officer
    " Well, you Sons of Bitches, now you know how I feel!"                                       -General George S.Patton- You may not like what I'm going to say here, but the First Amendment is still in effect (at the time of the time of this writing) so I'm going to exercise my right to rant: Prepare to get your feathers ruffled!... If you are an uniformed Police Officer of any rank and do not fully, and honorably support the pre-existing God given rights enumerated in the 2nd Amendment, you are a disgrace to your Badge and your oath of office to protect...
  • A federal constitution with the heart of a manifesto [EU]

    08/02/2003 7:23:26 AM PDT · by Ragtime Cowgirl · 9 replies · 207+ views
    A federal constitution with the heart of a manifestoBy Noel Malcolm(Filed: 28/07/2003) In the minds of government ministers, it is a mere "tidying-up exercise" which will impart new "clarity" to an existing state of affairs. In the opinions of its opponents, it is the greatest alteration in the rights and powers of government in this country since 1688 - or, possibly, since the execution of Charles I in 1649. But in the hearts and minds of the British people, the new European Constitution has hardly made any impression at all; it is viewed with either vague apprehension or almost...
  • While we celebrate Baghdad's fall, WATCH OUT FOR DOMESTIC ENEMIES

    04/09/2003 2:32:35 PM PDT · by martin_fierro · 19 replies · 293+ views
    FBI ^ | FBI
    While we celebrate the fall of foreign enemies, we should also be aware of suspected DOMESTIC terrorists: Adnan G. El Shukrijumah Dr. Mohammed Khan Aafia Siddiqu Amer El-Amaati Habis Abdulla Al Saoub THESE INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING THESE INDIVIDUALS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FBI OFFICE, THE NEAREST AMERICAN EMBASSY OR CONSULATE, OR SUBMIT A TIP THROUGH FBI.GOV.