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  • U. of Miami starts nation’s first chair for study of atheism

    06/05/2016 2:58:10 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 20 replies
    seattle times ^ | 5/20/16 | L. Goodstein
    ...the University of Miami received a donation in late April from a wealthy atheist to endow what it says is the nation’s first academic chair “for the study of atheism, humanism and secular ethics.” ...established after years of discussion with a $2.2 million donation from Louis Appignani, a retired businessman and former president and chairman of the modeling school Barbizon... ....“I’m trying to eliminate discrimination against atheists,” said Appignani, 83, a Florida resident. “So this is a step in that direction, to make atheism legitimate.” ....It took some persuading for the University of Miami to agree to create a chair...
  • When A Nation Is Doomed - A Definition...

    05/03/2016 9:30:27 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 05/03/2016 | Tyler Durden
    Cynics, skeptics, and fiction-peddlers are frowned upon by the Obama administration (and the mainstream media) when it comes to our glorious leader's economic miracle. So we thought a simple litmus test might be useful to judge just how 'doomed' the nation really is... "When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing;  when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors;  when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work; and your laws no longer protect you against...
  • Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely

    04/30/2016 2:25:39 PM PDT · by PROCON · 94 replies ^ | April 29, 2016 | ROBINSON MEYER
    “A typical person is more than five times as likely to die in an extinction event as in a car crash,” says a new report.Nuclear war. Climate change. Pandemics that kill tens of millions. These are the most viable threats to globally organized civilization. They’re the stuff of nightmares and blockbusters—but unlike sea monsters or zombie viruses, they’re real, part of the calculus that political leaders consider everyday. And according to a new report from the U.K.-based Global Challenges Foundation, they’re much more likely than we might think. In its annual report on “global catastrophic risk,” the nonprofit debuted a...
  • These Earth Day predictions from 1970 never came true

    04/22/2016 5:10:54 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 28 replies
    Fox News ^ | 22 Apr 2016
    Back in 1970, when the world celebrated the first Earth Day, environmentalists were worried that without dramatic measures, the future would be catastrophic for the Earth and civilization. But their grim predictions haven’t come true, The Daily Caller News Foundation pointed out today, assembling a list of seven incorrect predictions of doom regarding the planet and civilization. The following are highlights from their list. The end of civilization within three decades Nobel laureate George Wald prophesied in 1970 that civilization would end “unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind,” The Daily Caller reported. Civilization is still here. Hundreds...
  • Newly discovered planet could destroy Earth any day now

    04/06/2016 10:01:06 PM PDT · by LucyT · 247 replies
    NYPost ^ | April 6, 2016 | TheSun
    A mysterious planet that wiped out life on Earth millions of years ago could do it again, according to a top space scientist. And some believe the apocalyptic event could happen as early as this month. Planet Nine — a new planet discovered at the edge of the solar system in January — has triggered comet showers that bomb the Earth’s surface, killing all life, says Daniel Whitmire, of the University of Louisiana. The astrophysicist says the planet has a 20,000-year orbit around the sun and, at its closest to us, it knocks asteroids and comets toward Earth. Fossil evidence...
  • Mysterious planet wiped out life on Earth once and could do it again THIS MONTH

    04/06/2016 8:04:16 PM PDT · by wastedyears · 79 replies
    The Scottish Sun ^ | 4/6/2016 | Alison Maloney
  • ‘DOOM’ — Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

    04/01/2016 8:49:08 AM PDT · by C19fan · 23 replies
    Breitbart ^ | March 31, 2016 | Staff
    Beat back the minions of Hell in the latest installment of the celebrated DOOM franchise.
  • Now there are solar SUPERFLARES: Distant sun seen producing bursts of energy more powerful...

    12/08/2015 10:39:29 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 12 replies
    Mailonline ^ | 12-3-2015 | Russ Swan
    Chloe Pugh, a PhD student at the University of Warwick's centre for fusion, space and astrophysics, and her colleagues made warning after studying a star 1,480 light years away in the Milky Way. This star, called KIC9655129, regularly produces superflares but the researchers found when it does so it produces wave patterns similar to those in our sun when it generates flares. Miss Pugh said: 'Solar flares consist of a series of regular pulses resembling waves, occasionally with multiple waves superimposed on one another. 'The properties of waves in a stellar superflare are consistent with those in solar flares.' This...
  • Christian group predicts the world will be 'annihilated' on Wednesday (Women, children, hardest hit)

    10/06/2015 11:03:54 AM PDT · by PROCON · 82 replies ^ | Oct. 6, 2015 | Adam Gabbatt
    While our planet may have survived September’s “blood moon”, it will be permanently destroyed on Wednesday, 7 October, a Christian organization has warned.The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has based its prediction of an October obliteration on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011. While that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time.
  • North Korea Orders Military To Be 'Ready For War'

    08/20/2015 3:35:03 PM PDT · by tcrlaf · 53 replies
    Sky News ^ | 08-20-2015 | Sky
    North Korea's leader has ordered its military to be fully ready for war, South Korea's Yonhap news agency says.
  • Francis on Prophets of Doom

    07/11/2015 4:55:51 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 39 replies
    Fatima Perspectives ^ | July 11,2015 | Christopher A. Ferrara
    In Evangelii Gaudium Francis declared (quoting John XXIII) that “We feel that we must disagree with those prophets of doom who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand.” Just over a year-and-a-half later, however, Francis declared in Laudato Si’ that “Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain.” A change of position? Perhaps an outright self-contradiction? It is neither. The two statements relate to different sorts of prophet. The first statement, echoing the truly fatuous optimism of John XXIII, scoffs at traditional Catholic “prophets of doom,” including a long line...
  • Bethesda pleases the raving crowd with Doom unveiling — releases in spring 2016

    06/14/2015 8:13:52 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 34 replies ^ | Dean Takahashi
    Yes, Doom is back. And now we know a lot more about what kind of Doom it’s going to be. If you’re a fanatic for one of the most groundbreaking first-person shooter franchises in gaming history, you’re going to be salivating. Bethesda Softworks showed off a preview tonight of its latest Doom game in front of a crowd of fans and press in advance of the Electronic Entertainment Expo game trade show in Los Angeles. The first demo showed an entire level of fine work with a shotgun, fist, machine gun, and chainsaw. The crowd reacted with cheers with every...
  • Amazon Tests Warehouse Robots To Replace Humans

    06/01/2015 5:05:00 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 20 replies
    Tech Times ^ | June 1, 6:30 PM | James Maynard,
    Amazon is testing robots that could one day replace human workers in warehouses. Amazon's Picking Challenge was a competition designed to select which robot could best perform duties normally carried out by human workers within warehouses. Warehouse robots were tested at the IEEE's International Conference on Robotics and Automation held in Seattle. They were made to select a paperback book, a bag of Oreo cookies, dog toys and a rubber duck from a shelf much like those typically seen in warehouses. Points were awarded for proper grasping and packing and deducted whenever a robot dropped, lost or broke an item....
  • North Korea strikes down US talks, vows 'final doom'

    02/03/2015 9:36:20 PM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 43 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 4/2/15 | Park Chan-Kyong
    North Korea on Wednesday appeared to rule out any resumption of dialogue with the United States, threatening to react to any US "war of aggression" with nuclear strikes and cyber warfare. The statement from the country's top military body, the National Defence Commission (NDC), came after reported moves by Washington and Pyongyang to revive long-stalled six-nation talks on denuclearisation. The NDC said recent comments from President Barack Obama had revealed that the United States' goal was to "bring down" North Korea. The statement was an apparent reaction to an interview Obama gave on January 22 in which he spoke of...
  • Global Strategist: Judgment Day Is Coming: “This Will Be The Most Important Event Of Our Lives”

    11/17/2014 10:44:21 AM PST · by blam · 71 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11-17-2014 | Mac Slavo
    Mac Slavo November 16th, 2014 There are few events that could lead to a truly cataclysmic upheaval of the global order. Right now, half a world away and out of the view of most Americans, exactly such developments have been set into motion. These events are so significant that they promise to shape the geopolitical landscape for decades to come. And, should the trend continue unabated it is only a matter of time before the American way of life as we have come to know it is no more. So says Casey Research Chief Global Strategist Marin Katusa in his...
  • Did Americans get what they want? (apocalyptic barf alert)

    11/08/2014 2:08:09 AM PST · by Dallas59 · 30 replies
    CNN ^ | November 7, 2014 | CNN
    If you were observing American elections from the outside, you might be asking yourself the following: Can't these people make up their minds? Four out of the last five elections (2006, 2008, 2010 and now 2014) were "wave" elections in which one party won a sweeping victory. They elect a president of one party, then two years later almost inevitably give the other party a huge victory in the midterm election. Why do they expect things to change? Good question. It's always dangerous to speak of a country of 319 million as having a singular will, or of an election...
  • Why Europe is doomed, in 3 paragraphs

    10/27/2014 6:52:49 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 10/27/2014 | By Matt O'Brien
    This, from Reuters, tells you everything you need to know about Europe's continued descent into depression: According to German officials, Merkel felt betrayed by Draghi's speech at a central banking conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in August in which he pressed Berlin for looser fiscal policy to stimulate the economy. Her entourage is also deeply skeptical about Draghi's plan to buy up asset-backed securities (ABS) and covered bonds in the hope of encouraging commercial banks to lend. Most of all, politicians in Berlin worry that if this scheme doesn't work, the ECB president will be tempted to launch full-blown government...
  • Lower oil prices are unambiguously good

    10/17/2014 9:03:36 PM PDT · by Abakumov · 41 replies
    Human ^ | October 18, 2014 | Larry Kudlow
    Steep stock market corrections often create shrouds of pessimism that do bad things to people’s brainpower. And one of the absolutely stupidest things I have heard in recent weeks is that the recent drop in oil prices is bad. You heard me right. Serious people on financial television are saying lower oil prices are a signal of worldwide economic collapse. Here at home that translates to recession, deflation, a profits collapse and rising unemployment. I’ve been around for a while, and I’ve seldom heard such gibberish. The latest stock market scare stems from a bunch of fears — such as...
  • A Cash-Strapped Corps Once Tried Training Marines With ‘Doom’

    08/04/2014 12:16:29 PM PDT · by C19fan · 25 replies
    War is Boring ^ | August 3, 2014 | Matthew Gault
    In the mid ‘90s the Marine Corps decided Doom II might make for an excellent training supplement. It did so for two reasons—a forward-thinking commandant and a budgetary shortfall. The Marines have always had to make due with little financial support compared to the other military branches. The USMC budget often lands somewhere around four percent of the Defense Department total. In 2010, that budget was about $40 billion. Back in the ’90s, it hovered around $10 billion. The Corps also needs to train all its troops with limited cash. Regardless of their specialization, every Marine is a trained rifleman.
  • Most Of The Earth's Species Are About To Be Destroyed In A Giant Mass Extinction

    07/25/2014 3:48:40 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 79 replies
    Yahoo Finance ^ | 7/25/14 | Lauren F Friedman -
    Approximately 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs went extinct, 75% of the planet's many species went with them. It was the world's fifth, and most recent, mass extinction event. Now, according to a July 25 review in the journal Science, the Earth seems to be at the cusp of a sixth mass extinction. Only this time, an asteroid is not to blame. We are. "Human impacts on animal biodiversity are an under-recognized form of global environmental change," the team of ecologists and biologists warn in Science. "Among terrestrial vertebrates, 322 species have become extinct since 1500, and populations of...
  • Global warming's bad, but farming can adapt, Cargill exec says

    06/26/2014 6:21:11 AM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 14 replies
    Pioneer Press ^ | 6-24-14 | Tom Webb
    Climate change may shrink the ice caps and devastate the coasts, but here in the farmlands of Minnesota and the Dakotas, a milder climate may bring some benefits, a new report suggests. That was one twist in a report issued Tuesday by a group of top corporate and political officials, including Greg Page, executive chairman of Wayzata-based agribusiness giant Cargill. While the group's other notables warned Tuesday about possible devastation ahead, Page delivered a conflicted -- even hopeful -- view of how food production would adjust to a changing climate. For instance, a warming climate is expected to shift the...
  • Yellowstone Volcano Eruption in 2014? Are Animals Fleeing Park As ‘An Alert’?

    04/01/2014 7:35:35 PM PDT · by aMorePerfectUnion · 73 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | 4-1-14 | Z. Stieber
    A number of bloggers are posting videos that show bison and other animals allegedly leaving Yellowstone National Park, prompting theories that as earthquakes ramp up the seismic activity will set off the Yellowstone supervolcano. Two of the main bloggers behind the discussion stress that there’s no way to know when the supervolcano will go off but note that the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit on March 30 seemed to set off a reaction from the animals, who are moving for a reason. “Whether I believe this, or whether I don’t believe the story or not, I don’t know. I can...
  • The People vs Winter

    01/23/2014 6:54:34 AM PST · by navysealdad · 2 replies
    Ice-induced pavement pile-up's, out of control vehicles, winter fail wipe outs and the usual death defiers.
  • Pig Virus May Send Bacon Prices Soaring

    01/13/2014 9:22:31 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 33 replies
    Newser ^ | 1-11-14 | John Johnson
    (Newser) – Bacon lovers, be warned. A fast-spreading pig virus could send pork prices to record highs in the US, reports the Wall Street Journal. The PED virus, short for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, has hit farms in 22 states so far. It's lethal only to young pigs, not humans, but the Journal says the number of pigs being lost per week is likely to push pork prices beyond the record of $3.81 a pound. A post at Agri-Pulse predicts that the worst spikes will come in the summer.
  • Canada to phase out home mail delivery to cut big losses

    12/17/2013 12:41:41 PM PST · by TurboZamboni · 44 replies
    Rooters ^ | 12-11-13 | David Ljunggren
    Dec 11 (Reuters) - Canada's postal service will phase out urban home delivery within five years and hike the cost of postage stamps to try to stem soaring losses, the post office said on Wednesday. Canada Post, like the U.S. Postal Service, is suffering as customers switch to digital communications. In August it said it was on track to run short of cash by the middle of 2014 unless major changes were made. The government-owned corporation - which has a mandate to be self-financing - last month reported a third-quarter loss of C$109 million ($103 million) before tax and said...
  • Beneath Yellowstone, a volcano that could wipe out U.S.

    12/13/2013 6:45:20 AM PST · by rktman · 87 replies
    NYPost ^ | 12/13/2013 | James Seidel
    It’s the awe-inspiring pride of the United States – and it harbors a deadly power that could kill us all. Yellowstone National Park is pristine wilderness, full of scenic landscape and iconic hot-pools and geysers that attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. But it’s what lies beneath that has scientists scurrying. We’ve long known that Yellowstone is merely the skin on top of a supervolcano – a giant pool of magma sitting just under the Earth’s surface. Exactly how giant has been the subject of much speculation.
  • Study: US spewing 50% more methane than EPA says

    11/25/2013 2:51:21 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 68 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | 11/25/13 | Seth Borenstein - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is spewing 50 percent more methane — a potent heat-trapping gas — than the federal government estimates, a new comprehensive scientific study says. Much of it is coming from just three states: Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. That means methane may be a bigger global warming issue than thought, scientists say. Methane is 21 times more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide, the most abundant global warming gas, although it doesn't stay in the air as long. Much of that extra methane, also called natural gas, seems to be coming from livestock, including manure,...
  • There Is Only ONE Peaceful Path Left To Avoid Destruction

    10/25/2013 8:02:43 AM PDT · by Attention Surplus Disorder · 58 replies
    The Market Ticker ^ | 2013-10-25 | Karl Denninger
    Folks, if you have read me recently you know that I've said that you are the problem and that the reason this is true is that you won't go on strike, you won't picket DC and refuse to leave until the government stops stealing from you and debasing the currency, you won't reduce your spending and income to only that which provides necessities, and most of you go on to justify your behavior with "my kids (and/or family) deserve what I can provide." You're fools and I'm going to prove it. Further, I'm going to prove -- by arithmetic --...
  • Butter is bad – a myth we've been fed by the 'healthy eating' industry

    10/23/2013 7:58:58 PM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 69 replies
    the guardian via pioneer press ^ | 10-23-13 | Joanna Blythman
    Government and health charities have been doling out duff healthy eating advice for decades, but when are they going to admit it? That's the question raised by the remarks of cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, who writing in the BMJ has challenged the orthodoxy that the consumption of foods containing saturated fat, such as butter and red meat, causes heart disease. Malhotra is brave and principled to speak out, yet he is far from a lone voice. In 2010, a major review of scientific studies on fat, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that contrary to what we have...
  • Non-Participation As An Effective Weapon Against Tyranny

    10/17/2013 12:34:17 PM PDT · by RKBA Democrat · 18 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10-16-13 | Brandon Smith
    Legitimate revolution takes time, patience and fortitude. Unfortunately, this is a strategic concept that is lost on many Americans today who suffer from a now common ailment of attention deficit disorder and an obsession with immediate gratification. Even some who have their hearts in the right place and who work to defend and resurrect our nation’s founding ideals seem to believe that any action to defeat corrupt oligarchy must be effective immediately, otherwise, it’s not worth the attempt. History, of course, teaches us the opposite. The American rebellion against the British monarchy was not an abrupt or immediate affair. Anger...
  • By 2047, Coldest Years May Be Warmer Than Hottest in Past, Scientists Say

    10/10/2013 1:49:43 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 46 replies
    The New York Times ^ | October 9,2013 | By JUSTIN GILLIS
    The research comes with caveats. It is based on climate models, huge computer programs that attempt to reproduce the physics of the climate system and forecast the future response to greenhouse gases. Though they are the best tools available, these models contain acknowledged problems, and no one is sure how accurate they will prove to be at peering many decades ahead. The models show that unprecedented temperatures could be delayed by 20 to 25 years if there is a vigorous global effort to bring emissions under control. While that may not sound like many years, the scientists said the emissions...
  • Residents warned of mercury exposure after fluorescent light bulbs dumped at Dallas playground

    10/05/2013 8:04:02 PM PDT · by Arthurio · 74 replies
    DALLAS -- The parks and recreation department is warning residents near a south Dallas playground to be on the lookout for symptoms of mercury exposure after light bulbs were illegally dumped at the playground and a vacant lot across the street. Nearly 1,000 electrical and fluorescent light bulbs were found Thursday at the Peary Play Lot in the 2800 block of Peary Ave. near Malcolm X Boulevard.
  • Shutdown Preparations Prove Most Government Is Waste

    10/01/2013 5:37:59 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    IBD ^ | 10/01/2013
    <p>Big Government: When the government shuts down, the president will do without three-fourths of his White House staff — 1,265 taxpayer-salaried federal workers. That's a fraction of the government's total waste.</p> <p>House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who didn't show up to vote on the budget last week, recently claimed, "the cupboard is bare. There's no more cuts to make" in a government that spends almost $4 trillion each year. But it's funny how when the massive state apparatus is starved of its cash flow, lots of things magically appear in that bare cupboard.</p>
  • 10 Ways a Government Shutdown Might Affect You – Even if You're Not a Federal Worker

    09/28/2013 9:51:20 AM PDT · by mdittmar · 65 replies
    NBC 10 Philadelphia ^ | Sep 27, 2013 | Associated Press / NBC 10 Philadelphia
    Trash pickup, national parks, building inspections (and parking tickets) may be put on hold More than a third of federal workers would be told to stay home if the government shuts down -- but even if you're not one of those facing a furlough, your daily life could be affected in ways you might not expect. Details about shutdown plans for each agency were expected to be posted on the OMB and individual agency websites by Friday afternoon, according to union officials. Formal furlough notices would be sent on Tuesday, the beginning of the new fiscal year. Services considered critical...
  • Michael Barone: The Great Global-Warming Disappointment; Report undercuts alarmists’ predictions.

    09/27/2013 7:47:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 32 replies
    National Review ^ | 09/27/2013 | Michael barone
    Events have failed to fulfill the prophecy. Preachers have suddenly been struck dumb by uncertainty. Believers are understandably nervous and some, under their breath, are abandoning the dogma. These sentences could have been written at the end of the day on October 22, 1844, about the Millerites, a religious sect started in upstate New York. Preachers had told their followers that Jesus would return to earth that day. He failed to show. But the subject here is not Millerism, but another kind of religious faith: the faith of the global-warming alarmists. And while it’s not likely to have the impact...
  • You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure

    09/23/2013 4:47:23 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 103 replies
    The Organic Prepper ^ | 9/23/13 | Daisy Luther
    If you haven’t been in a bubble cut off from all forms of media lately, it would be impossible to have missed all of the warnings being issued about the impending loss of our electrical grid. This isn’t just coming from so-called “gloom and doom” sites or from alternative media. Major mainstream media sources such as ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CBS News have all issued the alerts. Unfortunately, the hordes seem to be brushing these warnings off as something that cannot happen, because the reality is too unpleasant to even contemplate. Many seem to...
  • Defund ObamaCare? Not Happening

    09/14/2013 8:19:21 AM PDT · by rktman · 18 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 8/14/2013 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
    While Americans demand vociferously the defunding of ObamaCare in hopes of getting rid of the most destructive and freedom-robbing piece of legislation passed in modern times, Congressmen pretend to make valiant efforts to do so via various proposals that only low information and extremely naïve voters can believe to be true. Their efforts are akin to a handful of people standing on the tracks of an oncoming speeding train, waving their hands in hopes that the engineer will see them in time and be able to stop thousands of tons of momentum at the last minute. Even Heritage President, Jim...
  • Blockbusters struggle to sustain fanbase amid 'summer of doom'(Hollyweird)

    07/26/2013 7:02:51 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 49 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 7-26-13 | Xan Brooks
    At last week's Comic-Con event in San Diego, the film director Zack Snyder bounded on stage to announce a bold new merger. His next Warner Bros blockbuster would pit Batman against Superman, two costumed superheroes in one movie. "Let's face it," said Snyder, "this is beyond mythological." The fanbase was galvanised. Hyperbole hit the roof. But in Hollywood, alarm bells were ringing. Industry insiders are referring to this season as "the summer of doom" – an overcrowded huddle of big-budget spectaculars, without the audience to sustain them. US box office takings are down 19% on the same period last year,...
  • UN says 1st decade shows accelerated warming trend (major doomage!)

    07/03/2013 5:50:37 AM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 15 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 7-3-13 | AP(Administration Propaganda)
    GENEVA—U.N. climate experts say the first decade of the new millennium was an unprecedented era of climate extremes, with more countries than ever before seeing their temperature records broken. The World Meteorological Organization's analysis Wednesday says average land and ocean surface temperatures during 2001-2010 rose from the previous decade and were up almost a half-degree Celsius from the 1961-1990 global average. The U.N. agency cites heatwaves in Europe and Russia, droughts in the Amazon Basin, Australia and East Africa, and huge storms like Tropical Cyclone Nargis and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Sequester Hits, Disasters Loom

    03/02/2013 10:09:07 AM PST · by John Semmens · 25 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 2 March 2013 | John Semmens
    “Fiscal bloodbath” is how one federal official speaking off-the-record described the early impacts of the much dreaded budget sequester. “We’re looking at the cancellation of many mission-critical government activities. There’s no way of knowing whether the country will ever be able to recover.” Anticipation of the cutbacks in spending inspired the Department of Homeland Security to release illegal aliens slated for deportation into the communities near where they were incarcerated. Secretary Janet Napolitano denied any responsibility for the early release and attributed it to a “misunderstanding by a low-level employee.” “I don’t really know why we were holding these people...
  • Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops

    02/27/2013 4:13:38 PM PST · by SkyPilot · 8 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 27 Feb 13 | John McCormack
    Many conservatives and Republicans are greeting the looming sequestration spending cuts with a collective yawn. "The much-ballyhooed 'sequester' is a cut of $85 billion in a nearly $4 trillion federal budget. Good, let’s do it," writes one contributor to National Review Online's symposium on sequestration. It's true that sequestration is a tiny cut to total federal spending. But it is also true that sequestration is a major cut to defense spending. According to the House Armed Services Committee, the 2011 Budget Control Act (the law that imposed both spending caps and sequestration) will force the Marine Corps to shrink by...
  • Study: Earthworms May Contribute to Global Warming [Invasion of the Worms]

    02/06/2013 7:26:28 AM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 36 replies
    DailyCaller ^ | 02/06/2013 | Michael Bastasch
    As environmentalists and politicians fret about man-made Global Warming, they may be ignoring another culprit: earthworms. According to a new study by an international team of researchers, earthworms could be contributing to global warming. The study looked at results from 237 separate experiments from published stories to explore earthworms’ role in affecting global warming. “Our results suggest that although earthworms are largely beneficial to soil fertility, they increase net soil greenhouse-gas emissions,” according to the study’s abstract. Worms affect how much carbon dioxide is produced in the soil and how much escapes into the atmosphere...
  • Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats for "fiscal cliff": Reuters/Ipsos poll

    12/27/2012 1:16:46 PM PST · by John W · 32 replies
    Reuters ^ | December 27, 2012 | Reuters
    (Reuters) - Americans blame Republicans in Congress more than congressional Democrats or President Barack Obama for the current "fiscal cliff" crisis, as the deadline approaches for action to avert big tax increases and spending cuts, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Thursday. When asked who they believed to be more responsible for the "fiscal cliff" situation, 27 percent blamed Republicans in Congress, 16 percent blamed Obama and 6 percent pointed to Democrats in Congress. The largest percentage - 31 percent - blamed "all of the above."
  • 12/12/12 is here!!

    12/11/2012 10:05:04 PM PST · by Fledermaus · 30 replies
    12/12/12 | Fledermaus
    I feel like that geekie lower level military guy at one of the three bases about to get nuked by Joshua still playing the game... "Yeah, we're still here"!
  • Faber: Market To Drop 20% Now, 50% Later, Complete Global Societal Collapse In 5 Years

    11/13/2012 5:27:08 AM PST · by ExxonPatrolUs · 26 replies
    CNBC ^ | 11-13
    Dr Doom Video Link At Link.
  • Anybody else have the feeling we've been "played?-and other thoughts musings (Vanity) Very long one.

    11/07/2012 5:44:53 AM PST · by Pajamajan · 29 replies
    Me | Me
    Why do I have a vague sense that I've been "played" once again?- As was the case in 2008-when McCain "didn't quite" make it to the winners circle. Romney was much better than McCain at campaigning-but to be honest- the whole time- it just always felt like "something was missing" from their (Romney/Ryan) efortts- Like they were holding back for some reason.Add to this the bizzare coverage of Fox news (calling state after state for O before even 1% of the vote was recorded exc..), and it looked like "the fix was in".The question is: Why?Maybe to collapse our dollar...
  • 10 dire consequences of Obama's re-election victory

    11/07/2012 12:03:00 AM PST · by waus · 16 replies
    Natural News ^ | 11-7-12 | Mike Adams
    What does an Obama re-election mean for the next four years in America? Now that he's in his second and last term, of course, Obama no longer needs to restrain his actions according to popularity. He can simply unleash any desirable executive order and rule by decree, bypassing Congress as he has frequently promised to do.
  • DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE: Ten Things to Know About Denver Debate Last Night

    10/04/2012 7:32:26 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 59 replies
    HIllbuzz ^ | 10/4/2012 | Kevin Dujan
    10. Obama was injected with amphetamines or something before the debate and they wore off about 20 minutes in. Here in Chicago, word on the street for the last month has been that Valerie Jarrett was specifically tasked with getting Obama off coke and other drugs before the debates so that he would not embarrass himself on stage for an hour and a half. So, word is that Obama’s been detoxing since at least September. This explains how haggard he’s looked and how prickly he’s acted for a while now…it’s what addicts look and act like when they’re cut off...
  • Global bacon shortage "unavoidable," group says

    09/25/2012 10:04:52 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 15 replies ^ | Sept. 25, 2012 | Alex Sundby
    (CBS News) BLTs next year might have to forego the B, according to a British trade group. Britain's National Pig Association, "the voice of the British pig industry," warned recently that a global shortage of bacon and pork "is now unavoidable" because of shrinking herds. The trade group reported Thursday that annual pig production for Europe's main pig producers fell across the board between 2011 and 2012, a trend that "is being mirrored around the world." The group tied the decline to increased feed costs, an effect of poor harvests for corn and soybeans. Even though the pig association issued...
  • U.S. On The Highway To Hell

    08/28/2012 3:04:26 PM PDT · by blam · 65 replies
    TMO ^ | 8-28-2012 | Chris Kitze
    U.S. On The Highway To Hell Politics / US Politics Aug 28, 2012 - 02:19 AM By: Chris Kitze (Monty Perlerin / Role of The Government in The Economic Crisis At this point, everything the government is doing – and not just the US government but governments everywhere − is not only the wrong thing but exactly the opposite of the right thing. They’re passing more laws, raising taxes, creating more currency and incurring more debt. They should be doing the opposite. We’re currently still in the eye of the storm. Their actions guarantee that when we go back...