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  • On Hardball: Worried Next Terror Attack Could Strengthen Tea Party

    05/04/2010 5:20:15 PM PDT · by pissant · 33 replies · 986+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | 5/4/10 | Geoff "don't call me Charles" Dickens
    Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, brought on two former CIA officials to discuss the latest terror attack, and the MSNBC host agreed with Tyler Drumheller that the most recent attacker was motivated by his house being foreclosed on and also agreed with Robert Baer who feared another attack could lead to "The Tea Party being strengthened" which could lead to "people blaming the White House for a situation it didn't create." Baer also hit Matthews' sweet spot of talking points when he went on to warn that the last successful terror attack "got us into a war in Iraq we...
  • Senate probes clash over CIA reports on Iraq arms (Iraqi official who told U.S. that Iraq had WMD)

    09/16/2006 3:30:59 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 26 replies · 1,028+ views
    Reuters ^ | 9-25-06 | David Morgan
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate panel has begun an inquiry to determine what a top official in Saddam Hussein's government told the CIA about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in late 2002 as the Bush administration made its case for war. ADVERTISEMENT The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said in a September 8 report that it launched the investigation after the CIA's former chief of European clandestine operations appeared on the CBS' "60 Minutes" news magazine in April. The official, Tyler Drumheller, told CBS that the Iraqi government source had said Iraq had no active unconventional weapons program. Drumheller's...
  • CIA Learned in '02 That Bin Laden Had No Iraq Ties, Report Says

    09/14/2006 11:21:17 PM PDT · by endthematrix · 51 replies · 1,488+ views ^ | Friday, September 15, 2006 | Washington Post Staff Writer
    The CIA learned in late September 2002 from a high-level member of Saddam Hussein's inner circle that Iraq had no past or present contact with Osama bin Laden and that the Iraqi leader considered bin Laden an enemy of the Baghdad regime, according to a recent Senate Intelligence Committee report. Although President Bush and other senior administration officials were at that time regularly linking Hussein to al-Qaeda, the CIA's highly sensitive intelligence supporting the contrary view was apparently not passed on to the White House or senior Bush policymakers.
  • Bush's CIA Critic Claim Exposed as Untrue

    09/13/2006 7:52:05 AM PDT · by harpu · 51 replies · 2,316+ views ^ | 9/13/06 | Ron Kessler (Washington Wire)
    WASHINGTON — In a "60 Minutes" interview on April 23, Tyler Drumheller, a former chief of the CIA's Europe division, made a sensational charge. He claimed that President Bush and his White House ignored intelligence before the invasion of Iraq indicating that Saddam Hussein had no had weapons of mass destruction. On the CBS-TV show, and in subsequent media interviews that appeared throughout the world, Drumheller said that the White House was excited about the fact that the CIA was getting information straight from Naji Sabri, the then Iraqi foreign minister. But when the White House found out this source...
  • Iraq WMD red flags ignored, ex-CIA aide tells paper

    06/25/2006 1:03:51 AM PDT · by bd476 · 41 replies · 1,683+ views
    ABC News and Reuters ^ | June 25, 2006
    ABC News Iraq WMD red flags ignored, ex-CIA aide tells paper Reuters June 25, 2006 WASHINGTON - A former CIA officer says he made repeated efforts to alert top agency officials to problems with an Iraqi defector's claims about the country's mobile biological weapons labs but he was ignored, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. CIA officer Tyler Drumheller said he personally crossed out a reference to the labs from a classified draft of a U.N. speech by Secretary of State Colin Powell because he recognized the source as a defector, code-named Curveball, who was suspected to be mentally unstable...
  • Top Spy’s Story on Prewar Intel Is Finally Told

    04/29/2006 1:02:21 PM PDT · by visitor · 51 replies · 1,533+ views ^ | Posted on Apr. 25, 2006 | Robert Scheer
    Robert Scheer: Top Spy’s Story on Prewar Intel Is Finally Told Posted on Apr. 25, 2006 By Robert Scheer “The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy.” —Tyler Drumheller, formerly CIA’s top spy in Europe Confession time: In fall 2004, during a crucial presidential election campaign, I made the mistake of playing by corporate media rules that amount to self-censorship. Specifically, I joined other journalists in denying the public the right to learn of a definitive investigative report by CBS’ “60 Minutes” on President Bush’s disregard...
  • CIA Accuser’s Story Is A Year Old

    04/22/2006 10:12:15 AM PDT · by Sam Hill · 26 replies · 1,722+ views
    Sweetness & Light ^ | April 22, 2006 | N/A
    Our one party media is at it again. They are recycling a minor story that got no traction whatsoever this time last year to once again go after Bush.It's the same pattern. A disgruntled (fired) former official goes to the media, tells enough to get a book deal. Then, a year later, when the book is out, he goes on CBS's "60 Minutes" to promote it -- and of course attack the President.Then the DNC media report it all as news.Here's the latest example from the DNC's Associated Press [excerpted]: CIA warned Bush of no weapons in Iraq: retired officialSat...
  • CBS spinning (lying) again

    04/23/2006 4:14:39 PM PDT · by RVN Airplane Driver · 79 replies · 3,091+ views
    CBS 60 minutes
    CBS featuring a retired CIA agent saying Bush lied about Iraq...and as a feature had Joe Wilson as a testament to his allegations.
  • A Spy Speaks Out

    04/23/2006 4:36:06 PM PDT · by PghBaldy · 35 replies · 1,338+ views
    CBS News ^ | April 21 | Staff
    A CIA official who had a top role during the run-up to the Iraqi war charges the White House with ignoring intelligence that said there were no weapons of mass destruction or an active nuclear program in Iraq. The former highest ranking CIA officer in Europe, Tyler Drumheller, also says that while the intelligence community did give the White House some bad intelligence, it also gave the White House good intelligence — which the administration chose to ignore