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  • Polls and Dummies

    08/20/2008 1:41:50 PM PDT · by Mariner · 21 replies · 186+ views
    Limited Research | 8/20/2008 | Self
    Confession: I spent a little while on DU and DailyKoS. Sheesh, I feel dirty. Still, somebody had to do it. They ARE freaking out. Fractures are appearing over their BO selection...some saying Hillary had what it takes for a street fight and BO does not. They are genuinely disheartened by the latest polling trends...but the MAJORITY are convinced the "One" will pull it out in the end. They are afraid of the an election. They consider the GOP MASTERS of communication, and thereby manipulation, of the "dumb/stupid" electorate. These polls are driving them crazy.
  • DUmmie FUnnies 08-06-08 ("Sometimes I feel that this country is too stupid to elect Obama")

    08/06/2008 2:39:35 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 151 replies · 1,146+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | August 6, 2008 | DUmmies and Charles Henrickson
    "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" Americans are not smart enough or enlightened enough to vote for one as beautiful as Obamassiah. So says DUmmie MrScorpio, and a lot of his fellow DUmmies agree with him, as we see in this THREAD, "I hate to say this, but sometimes I feel that this country is too stupid to elect Obama." Actually, what the DUmmies are doing here is searching for yet ANOTHER excuse to use--like "election fraud," "racism," etc.--when Opossum loses on November 5th. So let us watch the DUmmies prepare themselves in advance for crushing disappointment, in Bolshevik...
  • Where are Hillary and Bill when Obama needs them(DU major barf alert, hilarious)

    08/01/2008 7:26:52 PM PDT · by maccaca · 42 replies · 302+ views
    democratic underground
    DU is in panic mode. They are asking where are Bill and Hillary when 'The One' is under attack. Major barf alert. I’ve seen Kerry on the M$M but am I missing something? While McCain goes negative, etc. where are the party leaders?? Why aren’t they out there ripping McCain and his campaign for going negative, etc? Where is Hillary/Bill, Edwards, Howard Dean, Pelosi, Reid, ??? Why aren’t they all over the place condeming the crap that’s taken place the last few days? I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they are going to wait until after the weekend? I...
  • Al Gore steals the show at Netroots [If the scientists tell us we may have as little as 10 years...]

    07/19/2008 12:52:48 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 23 replies · 165+ views
    Al Gore steals the show at Netroots By Lilly Rockwell | Saturday, July 19, 2008, 11:01 AM Former Vice President Al Gore stole the show from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fireside policy chat at the Netroots Nation conference in Austin on Saturday. Pelosi spent 45 minutes talking about abortion rights, efforts to bring the troops back from Iraq and why she didn’t think the Senate version of the FISA bill was appropriate. Some questions seemed to take her off guard, such as when one audience member asked about care packages being sent to troops, and if Congress should pass a...
  • How old is John McCain?

    06/18/2008 6:03:21 PM PDT · by Checkers · 116 replies · 273+ views
    polipundit ^ | Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 | W.C. Varones
    He’s so old that his young-enough-to-be-his-daughter trophy wife, for whom he dumped the woman who loyally waited for him while he was a POW, is old.
  • Democratic Underground Calls for Citizen's Arrests of Political Opponents

    06/06/2008 7:24:49 AM PDT · by mnehring · 70 replies · 293+ views
    Remember the recent farce when the Guardian's George Monbiot made a spectacle of himself by pretending he was going to subject John Bolton to a citizen's arrest for being a "war criminal"? If the kooks at Democratic Underground have their way, we'll be subjected to more tasteless entertainment along the same lines. DUmmies are advised not to announce they're coming before pouncing on their quarry, and to refer to for information as to when suitable victims might show up in their towns. There follows a long list of "war criminals," along with their alleged crimes, mostly having to do...
  • DUmmie moonbats plan to arrest "War Criminals" in 2009!

    06/04/2008 5:41:02 PM PDT · by Thunder90 · 19 replies · 140+ views
    The moonbats plan to "Arrest" members of the Bush cabinet after Jan 2009. The moonbats are going even further into looneyland. Some of the moonbat's ideas for "Arresting" members of the Bush cabinet are to read them their rights and tell them that they are wanted for war crimes. Here is the link to their article:
  • DUmmieland Being Sabotaged??? (Same Avatar on ALL Thread Posts)

    05/15/2008 1:45:25 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 36 replies · 167+ views
    Self | May 15, 2008 | PJ-Comix
    HEY! Check it out! EVERY posting on all the DUmmie threads now have Avatars that say: "DO NOT DONATE TO DU." What's up with that? Okay, 'fess up. Which one of you LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS sabotaged DUmmieland?
  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-17-08 ("Tomorrow We Take On ABC, and Disney")

    04/17/2008 3:01:42 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 117 replies · 158+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | April 17, 2008 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    Thank you, Rush Limbaugh for making this Democrat primary the most entertaining one ever. As we have seen, Operation Chaos has already caused DUmmieland to go into full MELTDOWN and now the Daily KOs KOmmies are following suit. It wasn't even a half hour into last night's debate when some KOmmie went berserk with this THREAD titled, "Tomorrow We Take On ABC, and Disney." YEEHAW!!! Break out the ropes! Tomorrow we're gonna HANG 'EM HIGH for daring to ask tough questions. So let us now watch the crazed KOmmies mentally wilting under the effects of Operation Chaos while the...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-11-08 ("Darth Cheney's sunglasses...")

    04/11/2008 6:00:44 PM PDT · by Paul Heinzman · 67 replies · 53+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | 04/11/2008 | Growler, DUmmies and Paul Heinzman
    Dick Cheney is a man that no one is ambivalent about. People either love him or hate him. But love him or hate him, no one would accuse him of being a "wild and crazy guy." Or would they? Look at the picture above, taken directly from the Vice President's WEBSITE. Think it's a picture of an avid sportsman enjoying a sunny day of trout fishing? Look closer at his sunglasses. Closer...clo-oser. Notice a flesh-toned reflection? That reflection got DUmmie Growler wondering. In true DUmmie fashion, rather than zoom in on the sunglasses and apply a simple sharpening tool,...

    04/03/2008 12:56:59 PM PDT · by YoungBlackRepublican · 74 replies · 106+ views
    I am a conservative who has been living at the website Why? Cause it's like watching a car crash in slow motion. It's WW3 over there and I can't stop visiting, looking, and laughing at those guys over there. Do I need help? Or is my "Schadenfreude" ok. I mean we are talking about Dems
  • Interesting Cussing Comparison Between FR, Kos and the DU commies.

    03/29/2008 9:02:06 AM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 21 replies · 466+ views
    FR This is 48% LESS than other websites who took this test. DU This is 177% MORE than other websites who took this test. Kos This is 37% MORE than other websites who took this test.
  • DUmmie FUnnies 03-13-08 (DUmmie Praises DUmmie FUnnies For Exposing William Rivers Pitt!!!)

    03/13/2008 5:16:35 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 62 replies · 1,273+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | March 13, 2008 | DUmmie CorpGovActivist and PJ-Comix
    WOW! I have found some really INCREDIBLE information about Pied Piper Pitt courtesy of DUmmie CorpGovActivist who posted it on his BLOG. There is way too much information for me to post it all here but it is definitely of interest to all serious Pittology scholars. Among the many fascinating things you will find there are revelations about Pitt's maternal grandfather and his role in the Chappaquiddick coverup. As a bonus is the Pitt connection to the defense of pedophile priests. Like I said, way too much info to post here so check it out at the CorpGovActivist BLOG....
  • DUmmie FUnnies 01-04-08 ("Who Is On the Short Lists For Veep? Bobby Kennedy Jr. Anyone?")

    02/04/2008 5:44:17 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 38 replies · 62+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 4, 2008 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    Isn't it strange how the media is now highlighting how Barack Obama is closing in or passing Hillary Clinton in the various state polls for Super Tuesday yet are completely IGNORING the astounding surge by Mitt Romney in the primary states. Oh, so Obama has passed Hillary in California? Well, Romney has done the same thing by surging past McCain in that state but you wouldn't know it unless you searched hard for that fact in the MSM. Meanwhile on the leftwing blogs virtually all attention is focused on the Democrat race while my own interest in the moment...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 01-26-08 (Firestorm Erupting Over Hillary's Attempted Grab Of Stripped Delegates)

    01/26/2008 4:37:53 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 58 replies · 94+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | January 26, 2008 | KOmmies and PJ-Comix
    I saw this one coming from way back as soon as I heard that the DNC had stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates for moving their primaries up. I just KNEW that even though Howard Dean refused to seat delegates from those two states that Hillary would try to grab those delegates if it would help her. Well, it has happened. Yesterday morning, a statement was posted on Hillary's WEBSITE demanding that those delegates be seated. Gee, do you think Hillary would have made this demand if it would have helped Barack Obama? Of course not. However, Hillary...
  • Fire at White House office building forces evacuation (DUmmie Rant Cited)

    12/20/2007 9:31:22 PM PST · by granite · 9 replies · 127+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 20, 2007 | By James Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    Almost as quickly, the fire took on a political cast. The website Democratic Underground lit up with comments and questions from readers: "Too many documents to shred," nradisic posted at 9:48 a.m. "What records are being 'cleaned up?' " asked Botany, two minutes later. "What all is going up in smoke?" asked gratuitous, at 9:53 a.m. On the Huffington Post website, humorist Andy Borowitz had his own take: "The White House, one of the most historic structures in the nation's capital, burnt to the ground today after Vice President Dick Cheney attempted to incinerate a cache of CIA interrogation tapes...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 12-13-07 (Nurse Ratched Excludes Evil Elf From Iowa Debate)

    12/13/2007 7:00:12 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 57 replies · 61+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | December 13, 2007 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    Nurse Ratched doesn't like you. Watch out! You are in BIG trouble with with the passionless Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched wants you to raise your hands to answer the question. You will NOT be permitted to reply in any other way. Those are the rules as set down by Nurse Ratched aka Carolyn Washburn, the editor of the Des Moines Register. Washburn has made herself the most unpopular debate moderator ever with her Nurse Ratched antics which were on full display last night particularly when she demanded that the candidates must ONLY raise their hands in response to a...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-25-07 ("Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever.")

    11/25/2007 6:11:29 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 85 replies · 179+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 25, 2007 | KOmmie crowbar317, KOmmies, and PJ-Comix
    How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. I did all the cooking and for the first time learned how to make my own gravy which is much superior than the canned gravy in the stores. We sat around and enjoyed the food. Then watched the tube while drinking lots of beer. All in all a very pleasant Thanksgiving. However, there is a group for whom Thanksgiving was absolutely MISERABLE this year...the KOmmies (and probably DUmmies). Yes, the KOmmies just couldn't get politics out of their heads for the holiday. For that reason it has ruined their holiday as you...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-21-07 (Kenny Rogers & James Brown Thanksgiving Dinner)

    11/21/2007 5:32:15 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 17 replies · 47+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 21, 2007 | PJ-Comix
    Since I will be cooking a complete Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I have been looking at a lot of videos on how to prepare the meal for this holiday feast. My favorite of all the cooking videos is this one featuring Kenny Rogers and James Brown demonstrating how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving to all our DUmmie FUnnies fans! Even you, bleedinglib. (You can watch this Thanksgiving video on my BLOG.)
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-13-07 (VIDEO: Billy Jack Goes To Washington)

    11/13/2007 5:06:48 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 33 replies · 34+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 13, 2007 | PJ-Comix
    Most of you are familiar with the movie Billy Jack and its sequel The Trial Of Billy Jack which was listed as one of the Fifty WORST Movies of All Time. A few of the more astute among you even know that the Billy Jack character first appeared in a "prequel" called Born Losers. However, how many of you know that there was a movie called Billy Jack Goes To Washington? If you never heard of it, no wonder. It was set for release in late 1976 but after the first preview showing, it was put in the can...
  • Here's a few more possible Jihadi sites running on US servers.

    11/05/2007 6:34:15 PM PST · by templar11 · 16 replies · 141+ views
    11/5/2007 | templar11
    This is in addition to a post I saw in here last week about terrorist linked web sites running on US web servers. Here's a link to that post. Here are a few more sites that appear to be terror linked sites, running here on US ISPs: (as of 11/4/07) IP: Layered Technologies, Inc. 5085 W Park Blvd Suite 700 Plano, TX 75093 Phone: 972-398-7998 CONTACT THIS ISP and ASK THEM to CHECK & REMOVE this site if its terrorist content!!! These next 2 are IP in the US, but no company info can be found...
  • Possible Terrorist sites running on US web servers

    11/01/2007 8:50:36 PM PDT · by skully · 11 replies · 520+ views
    N/A | 11/1/07 | Skully
    Back in July there was a post by jveritas: That listed some of the prominent islamic terrorist websites and forums. Many of these were being hosted on servers here in the US. He listed the names of the companies and contact info and urged Freepers to contact them to get them shut down. Most of the sites he listed have since been shut down(at least here in the US) or no longer host jihadi content. I have however come across a few of the sites on the list and links that jveritas provided that make me suspicious that they...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 10-23-07 (DUmmies Go Stark Raving Mad!!!)

    10/23/2007 4:15:06 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 128 replies · 85+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | October 23, 2007 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Freudenschade, baby! The DUmmies FINALLY found a hero in Pete Stark who refused to back down from his BDS remarks about president Bush. Only one little problem here, Stark was finally forced to back down today and now the DUmmies are in despair as you can see in this THREAD glumly titled, "(Rep) Stark Apologizes." No more heroes for them. Most likely they should blame Hillary for the Stark reversal because she can't afford to have Democrats perceived as Stark Raving Mad in the general election. So let us now watch the DUmmies go Stark raving mad in...
  • Poster At Uncovers "Phony Soldier" (A DUer)

    10/10/2007 3:53:03 PM PDT · by lowbridge · 5 replies · 443+ views ^ | October 9, 2007 | asdf2231
    Okay. He pissed me off. My Father served honorably through almost 23 years of service in the United States Navy. Started fixing Corsairs on a straight deck carrier off the coast of Korea. Ended up as a Leading Chief Petty Officer when he retired. Did Viet Nam. My wife did 10 years of honorable service and got out as a Major in the United States Army. Neither one of them ever felt the need to claim honors that didn't belong to them. This is one of Tom's First posts at the DUmp in 2005:
  • Crossposted from "An open letter to lurking Freeps/Republicans, and all at DU."

    09/13/2007 2:56:07 PM PDT · by SnakeDoctor · 111 replies · 1,973+ views
    Democratic Underground | September 12, 2007 | Vektor ** This is a post I discovered over at DU, and I thought my fellow FreeRepublicans might want to give it a read. I hope the moderators will allow this to remain in the main forum. Since this is a post from DU directed specifically at Freepers, and not an attack post from DU - I hope JimRob will let it stand so that we conservatives may have the opportunity to respond. If this is not the case, I apologize for posting it, and would certianly not object to its removal. However, since DU material is not allowed to...
  • What Makes a FReeper a FReeper?

    08/21/2007 9:43:30 AM PDT · by Bob J · 266 replies · 5,249+ views
    FR | 8-21-07 | Bob J
    I often wondered what exactly makes a FReeper a FReeper? Is it the simple act of reading articles on FR? Do you have to post articles or replies? To call yourself a FReeper do you need to engage in effective activism like writing letters to politicians, getting out in the street to carry signs, or, is being a FReeper an attitude. If so, what attitude is that? Knock yourself out.
  • 2 DU men beat doc for ‘hitting’ their car

    08/18/2007 2:51:06 PM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 5 replies · 396+ views ^ | 08/18/07 | Sahim Salim
    New Delhi, August 18: The Capital’s roads are becoming increasingly unsafe. In the third instance of road rage within a span of a month, a doctor was injured after two Delhi University students assaulted him at the traffic light in Jagatpuri on Friday night. ‘Reason’ for the attack: the students claimed Dr Aman Rahtogi, of Shanti Mukund Hospital, had bumped into their car near the traffic intersection, the doctors told Newsline on Saturday. Dr Rahtogi said he was headed for his private clinic, in Jagatpuri, after his shift at the hospital in his Alto car when the incident occurred. The...
  • Depleted Uranium: Radioactive Propaganda

    08/08/2007 1:30:54 PM PDT · by LeoWindhorse · 36 replies · 842+ views
    Hawai Reporter ^ | Wednesday, August 08, 2007 | Andrew Walden
    Anti-depleted uranium activists have enlisted the assistance of all of Hawaii’s leftist alternative weeklies in a campaign against depleted uranium. The Hawaii Island Journal June 30 caries a front page cartoon skeleton in an aloha shirt and the headline “Radioactive us -- danger depleted uranium.” Articles on the alleged risks of depleted uranium appeared in quick succession in Honolulu Weekly, June 13, Maui Time, June 21, and Big Island Weekly, June 27 as well as the Journal. Big Island Weekly points out that the latest anti-DU hype is based on observations in South Kona by an activist armed with a...
  • Hateful Left Cheers Roberts Medical News

    07/30/2007 10:20:21 PM PDT · by · 53 replies · 2,880+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Matthew Sheffield
    Leftists talk constantly of their own "compassion" but you can always count on them to express glee whenever a prominent conservative or religious person dies or is injured. It's almost like clockwork. "Humor" blog had this to say about the Monday news that U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts had a minor seizure: Chief Justice John Roberts has died in his summer home in Maine. No, not really, but we know you have your fingers crossed. To get an idea of just how full of hate and ill humor Wonkette has become, realize this: the moonbats at Democratic Underground...
  • Some In Democratic Underground Worried About Backlash To Their Falwell Hate Rantings

    05/17/2007 1:49:33 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 63 replies · 2,132+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | May 17, 2007 | P.J. Gladnick
    Almost from the moment that Jerry Falwell's death was announced on Tuesday, the leftwing nutroots at the Democratic Underground began gleefully dancing upon his grave. Here are just a few of their hate rants about Falwell: Uncharitable or not, I am sorry his death was not more painful and drawn out. He did not deserve a relatively peaceful, painless and quick death. Rot in Hell Falwell! May Pat Robertson and James Dobson be next. I'm putting on my dancing shoes and am going to look for his grave! One more nail in the coffin for the hate crime that is...
  • Please help out this DU'er regarding Global Alarming, errr, Global Warming

    05/10/2007 11:46:37 AM PDT · by GeorgiaDawg32 · 16 replies · 513+ views
    Seen on the DU | 5/10/07 | GeorgiaDawg32
    No link provided, I won't be the cause of unnecessary hits from this website. Please ensure you use small words and short sentences in your replies. Keep your remarks on about a 6th grade level so this person will understand the answers BushOut06 (1000+ posts) Thu May-10-07 02:38 PM Original message Question for any lurking freepers Take a look around you. Wildfires are burning out of control in several states. Why do you think these wildfires are happening? Because the ground is DRY. Many places are experiencing record droughts. Each summer, we keep hearing about record highs, with 100-degree temps...
  • Sources: Virginia Tech gunman left note

    04/17/2007 8:55:01 AM PDT · by 3AngelaD · 528 replies · 21,996+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | April 17, 2007 | Aamer Madhani
    BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The suspected gunman in the Virginia Tech shooting rampage, Cho Seung-Hui, was a troubled 23-year-old senior from South Korea who investigators believe left an invective-filled note in his dorm room, sources say. The note included a rambling list of grievances and ended with the words "Ismail Ax" in red ink on the inside of one of his arms.
  • Which conservatives should we ALLOW on the air? (Y'all ain't gonna believe this thread)

    04/13/2007 7:20:04 AM PDT · by GeorgiaDawg32 · 19 replies · 874+ views
    Me | 4/13/07 | GeorgiaDawg32
    As if their normal threads aren't funny enough, along comes this one..what's exceptionally frightening is, they're serious Which conservatives should we allow on the air?!
  • The Woman in the Middle (Moderate Democrat Is New Target of Liberal Bloggers)

    02/21/2007 9:29:54 AM PST · by LM_Guy · 9 replies · 657+ views
    The Democratic majority was only three weeks old, but by Jan. 26, the grass-roots and Net-roots activists of the party's left wing had already settled on their new enemy: Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.), the outspoken chair of the centrist New Democrat Coalition. Progressive blogs -- including two new ones, Ellen Tauscher Weekly and Dump Ellen Tauscher -- were bashing her as a traitor to her party. A new liberal political action committee had just named her its "Worst Offender." And in Tauscher's East Bay district office that day in January, eight activists were accusing her of helping President...
  • N.Korea says South's Web ban violates freedom(blackest pot calling kettle black)

    01/26/2007 4:36:16 PM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 35 replies · 605+ views
    Reuters ^ | 01/26/07
    N.Korea says South's Web ban violates freedom Fri Jan 26, 10:40 AM ET North Korea said on Friday the South Korean government was violating the public's basic right to information by blocking access to Web sites sympathetic to the North. South Korea has denied access to more than 30 Web sites that it has designated "pro-North Korea" since 2004, including the North's official KCNA news agency's Web service and sites operated outside. "This is a fascist action against democracy and human rights as it infringes upon the South Koreans' freedom of speech and deprives them of even their right to...
  • Who are you more upset about dying? Ford or Hussain D.U. poll

    12/29/2006 7:15:02 PM PST · by Graybeard58 · 37 replies · 1,014+ views
    D.U. ^ | December 29, 2006 | D.U.
    Unbelievable, Ford 39% Hussain 39%
  • DU Lurkers:The People of Iraq finally have justice thanks to Bush, our troops and coalition partners

    12/29/2006 7:32:20 PM PST · by Trueblackman · 89 replies · 2,682+ views
    Freerepublic ^ | 29 Dec 2006 | Trueblackman
    For the Democratic Underground Losers, the fact of the matter is that Saddam has finally met his maker and is welcomed in hell, thanks to the leadership of President Bush, our troops and coalition partners. Unlike the failed leadership of former President KKKlinton(I will forever spell it with a triple K)who could not even get a conviction against Slobodan Milosevic and who in the end died without being convicted of one crime and our troops remain forever stuck in Balkans in an openended and failed babysitting mission.
  • DU Exclusive: A post from the Man Upstairs

    12/17/2006 12:03:48 PM PST · by WinOne4TheGipper · 27 replies · 732+ views
    Dec. 17, 2006 | DUmmies
    From the DUmp: liberaldemocrat7 (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-17-06 12:05 PM Original message A word from God. Edited on Sun Dec-17-06 12:10 PM by liberaldemocrat7 I'm channeling God today as he spoke to me, a Jewish person. To those who don't believe in me, then you have that right, have a good day and you need not read any further. To the people of the earth I don't just focus on and favor the people of one country. I value everyone who ever existed from the beginning of time to today and beyond to, to, to, forever. I love the Romans,...
  • DU moderators deleting “a great many posts” agreeing with David Duke

    12/14/2006 7:41:50 PM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 7 replies · 638+ views
    Hot Air ^ | December 14, 2006 | Allahpundit
    Star tipster RLW caught this exchange buried in a thread critical of the anti-semite turned “anti-Zionist.” Evidently DU moderators aren’t comfortable with a Klansman as a spokesman for the progressive position on Palestine. But “a great many” of their readers are. Good news for Hillary, though, huh? She’s got an advantage over Obama that she didn’t anticipate. At least they’re deleting them. Click the image for full size.
  • The tinfoil at the DU is working overtime re: Sen. Johnson- You can't make this stuff up..

    12/14/2006 6:17:51 AM PST · by GeorgiaDawg32 · 20 replies · 970+ views
    Me | 12/14/06 | GeorgiaDawg32
    You gotta see this simply can't be made up.. Finally, skinner had his say.. and to think, these people can vote..:(
  • DU "approved" list of Blue vendors

    12/20/2004 7:44:30 AM PST · by An Old Marine · 18 replies · 425+ views
    Raven Brooks is making his Christmas list, but he is less concerned with what to buy than where to shop. Brooks is one of a small group of frustrated Democrats who met while commiserating online after President Bush defeated Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.). Disenchanted and desperate for a voice, they started The two-week-old Web site lists the political contributions of major companies to encourage people to shop at stores and buy products from businesses that supported Democratic candidates. "If you are a progressive or a liberal, you won't be represented adequately by this administration, or this Congress," Martha...
  • The Gullibility of DUmmies

    11/19/2006 9:07:27 AM PST · by Bird Jenkins · 2 replies · 464+ views
    DUmmieland ^ | The DUmmie community
    Check out the DUmmie response to an obviously satirical news story! Just goes to show that these mouthbreathers will accept any absurdity as gospel as long as you play to their biases! The gist of it: a fake news site put up a joke story about Donna Fiducia of Fox News being fired for giggling every time she said "fair and balanced". The fools on DU are ready to adopt her as their own! Hilarious!
  • FBI: L.A. Man Mailed Threatening Letters - (DU claims freeper involved)

    11/13/2006 2:59:16 PM PST · by VoodooEconomics · 12 replies · 2,024+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Sunday, November 12, 2006 | AP
    LOS ANGELES -- A man was arrested and accused of mailing threatening letters laced with white powder to Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, David Letterman and other high-profile figures, the FBI announced Sunday. FBI agents took Chad Conrad Castagana, 39, into custody Saturday on charges of conveying false information and sending threats via the U.S. mail, the bureau said in a statement.
  • Liberal blog claims "fake anthrax" mailer is a Freeper (Also DUer see post 14)

    11/13/2006 10:21:14 AM PST · by mucho muchacho · 214 replies · 20,453+ views
    Raw story ^ | Monday November 13, 2006 | Larisa Alexandrovna and Brian Beutler
    The man arrested on Saturday for sending more than a dozen envelopes containing "fake anthrax" to anti-war celebrities, journalists, and politicians may have ties to the conservative supersite Free Republic, RAW STORY has found. Chad Castagana, a 39 year old Californian named as the FBI's prime suspect in the case, is due in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles today, where procecutors are expected to file criminal complaint against him for sending threatening letters through the U.S. mail. Castagana has an extensive online history, often writing about science fiction and conservative politics, and many bloggers are convinced that he is...
  • Dear Dismayed Conservatives (barf alert DUmmie editorial)

    11/08/2006 11:51:34 AM PST · by MetaCon · 205 replies · 2,877+ views
    Dear dismayed conservatives: I hereby make these promises to you. We will protect your lives and livelihoods. We will listen to and respect your beliefs. We will never try to force you to change your religion, sexual orientation, or first language. We will do our best to reduce the number of abortions in our country. We will have no tolerance for corruption and cronyism, even in our own party. ESPECIALLY in our own party. We will never tell you that you are unpatriotic. We will never tell you that your opinion doesn't count. We will never waste your lives for...
  • DU lefties openly discussed overthrowing US gov if Kerry lost '04 election

    11/06/2006 3:58:30 AM PST · by exposing_the_left · 49 replies · 2,099+ views
    Democratic Underground blog ^ | 11/06/06 | exposing the left
    During the 2004 presidential election, bloggers at the Democratic Underground actually discussed an "Islamic-Communistic" overthrow of the US Government if Kerry lost the election! All of the following is from the website of the Democratic Underground. (a link to original source is included at the end) This thread continued for THREE entire weeks before the moderator bogusly stepped in and put an end to it. As of Nov 6, 2006, the thread is still up on the Democratic Underground website. --LC (exposing_the_left) Forward begins -- Post from: Lori Price CLG (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-22-04 11:17 PM Response to Reply #10...
  • DUers state their religion (or lack thereof)

    11/05/2006 5:42:30 PM PST · by RightSideRedux · 51 replies · 915+ views
    Right Side Redux ^ | 11/05/06 | Justin @ RSR
    This should come as no surprise. Here are the religious practices self-identified at the Democratic Underground polls: sourceYesterday I also posted these gems: 2008 Candidate of Choice for the Dems Where will you get your news on election night?
  • Democratic Underground = Pro-Saddam

    11/05/2006 10:19:39 AM PST · by Right-Wing Champion · 63 replies · 1,953+ views
    Sunday, November 5, 2006 | Patriotic American
    ***Actual comments from*** "Evidence suggests Iran gassed the Kurds as an act of war, and in any event, the US Government has killed more Iraqis than Saddam's regime ever did." "The US is complicit in the making of Saddam, and...Bush and his corporate fascists have butchered hundreds of thousands of people so that they could secure the fortunes of thier elitist families and friends. There is little difference between the two - oh, except the latter controls the propaganda machine." "If this is what Saddam deserves then a whole bunch of Americans deserve the same thing, for exactly the...
  • UK paper: Israel used 'uranium bombs' [Puke!]

    10/30/2006 4:21:56 AM PST · by Alouette · 14 replies · 640+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | October 28, 2006 | Josh Brannon
    The IDF on Saturday denied a report by the British newspaper The Independent claiming that Israel used uranium-based munitions, including uranium-tipped bunker-buster bombs, during its war against Hizbullah in Lebanon this summer. "The IDF Spokesman's Office wants to make it clear that no munitions containing uranium were used in the war in Lebanon," an IDF spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. According to the report, scientists found two soil samples thrown up by Israeli heavy or guided bombs which showed "elevated radiation signatures." "Scientific evidence gathered from at least two bomb craters in Khiam and At-Tiri, the scene of fierce fighting...
  • DU's Skinner had a little visit from the Secret Service!

    10/27/2006 3:15:39 AM PDT · by Cyclops08 · 21 replies · 743+ views
    10/27/06 | Vanity
    On my trips to DU, I've read calls for revolution, sedition, and yes, threats. and now Skinner has had a personal visit from the SS! But he will not cooperate in any investigation against those who made threats against the President. Even though he says they were banned last week, Skinner will protect their identities if he can... In all fairness, the SS asked for identifying info without a warrant. But they did ask nicely! Skinner doesn't want to give then any information even with a warrant, which is now in the works. Methinks the great Mucky-muck Skinner will fold...