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  • Alan Grayson Lies to DUers in Plea for Donations

    10/12/2010 6:13:39 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 21 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | October 12, 2010 | P.J. Gladnick
    Just how desperate is Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson to get re-elected now that even liberals such as Contessa Brewer have questioned both his credibility and ethics? So desperate that Grayson is now pleading for donations at the Democratic Undergound. And in keeping with his normal operating procedure, Grayson accompanied his donation plea with a flat out lie. Here is Grayson making his pitch to the DUers with his lie highlighted: On Friday, the DC newspaper "Politico" reported that: (a) "conservative outside groups" have now spent over $9 million "slamming vulnerable House Democrats," and (b) the total against me will reach...
  • Bay State Lawyer Takes on FOX Yakker (Glenn Beck Slander Site)

    10/03/2009 2:16:24 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 33 replies · 2,156+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | Friday, October 2, 2009 | Jessica Heslam
    A Gloucester attorney is going up against FOX’s Glenn Beck and is defending the creator of a controversial Web site the right-wing yakker is trying to shut down. The site,, is based on a joke originally aimed at comedian Bob Saget. During a TV roast of the former “Full House” star, funnyman Gilbert Gottfried tried to squash rumors that “Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990.” The Web site was created last month by a Florida man, Isaac Eiland-Hall, after an online post - “Why haven’t we had an official response to the rumor that Glenn Beck...
  • Brit Hume busts DU'ers

    09/07/2006 3:43:24 PM PDT · by mware · 22 replies · 948+ views
    Brit Hume's ,Grapevine ^ | 09/07/06 | mware
    Brit Hume just outted a 'plot' by the DU on The Grapevine. The Democratic blogs,(Democratic Underground cited by name ) are going to release a 'Google Bomb'. According to Brit they have planned to have everyone post identical entries to a review of the movie 'Path to 9/11'. Then when someone googles it they will get tons of hits to DU where the "truth will be told about the movie."
  • Capital Girds For Weekend Of War Protests (UNSHAVEN ARM PIT ALERT)

    09/23/2005 2:54:12 PM PDT · by GianniV · 110 replies · 2,058+ views
    New York Sun ^ | 9-23-05 | MEGHAN CLYNE
    WASHINGTON - Hundreds of thousands of anti-war protesters will descend on the nation's capital this weekend, demanding that Congress and President Bush withdraw American soldiers from Iraq. Yet as Washington girded for three days of demonstrations, President Bush promised yesterday to remain firm in his support of the war effort. In remarks delivered at the Pentagon, the president said Americans who want to withdraw troops from Iraq to escape violence have "good intentions, but their position is wrong." "To leave Iraq now," Mr. Bush said, "would be to repeat the costly mistakes of the past that led to the terrorist...
  • Are DU'ers Stuffing this poll?? MSNBC Daily Opinion Poll

    09/08/2005 11:03:48 AM PDT · by tcrlaf · 31 replies · 733+ views
    Are The DU'ers Stuffing Today's MSNBC Online Poll??
  • ZOT! Why treat the "middle class" as sacred?

    05/19/2005 6:40:07 PM PDT · by righisright · 48 replies · 2,746+ views
    Let's face i, governments and unions are agents of THEFT and to a large degree, they are the bagmen of the middle class. They distort the markets for labor and trade so that some people are able to TAKE more resources out of the pockets of the owning class than they are entitled to. It makes me sick. Most of the people in the “middle class” in America have no business having what they have. If the just, God-given market forces were left alone, those thieves would be living in the shacks their productivity entitles them to and the wealthy...
  • DUer: My excellent adventure at my neocon congressman's office (Social security, movoeon)

    04/14/2005 3:56:47 PM PDT · by lowbridge · 7 replies · 379+ views
    The DUmp | 4/13/05 | Capn Sunshine Capn Sunshine (1000+ posts) Wed Apr-13-05 10:25 PM Original message My excellent adventure at my neocon congressman's office Well I just drove over to the local office of Rep. Gallegly here in Westlake Village. It's in a newer building, definitely AA or AAA-, among the highest rents in the area. Nice digs. The office itself is spacious, with a wall of windows and a view that takes in our local mountains beyond the 101. I know and have clients in this building. All of them are quite affluent. No one is at the front desk, but a nicely turned...
  • DUer: Why SHOULDN'T siblings be allowed to "marry" or enter civil unions?

    03/17/2005 1:55:21 PM PST · by lowbridge · 82 replies · 1,149+ views
    The DUmp | 3/17/05 RememberTheCoup (1000+ posts) Thu Mar-17-05 08:06 AM Original message Why SHOULDN'T siblings be allowed to "marry" or enter civil unions? Why do we so often hear about such a situation as a "slippery slope" result of allowing same sex unions? Why does a marriage/civil union have to imply a sexual relationship? Almost all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage are economic or legal in nature and not sexual. "Right of consortium" is one of the few I can think of that are sexual in nature. What if a man with a wife and a couple of small children...
  • DUer: Come on Iraqis! KICK OUT those OCCUPIERS!

    03/02/2005 2:04:03 AM PST · by lowbridge · 8 replies · 697+ views
    The DUmp | 3/1/05 | LynnTheDem LynnTheDem (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-01-05 10:27 PM Original message Come on Iraqis! KICK OUT those OCCUPIERS! Get with the new & revised many times bush Doctrine! All OCCUPIERS must be KICKED OUT of the ME! Heh! RW Americans; stupidest MFers on the planet. _____________________________ sparosnare (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-01-05 10:30 PM Response to Original message 1. but...but....we're not occupiers, we're liberators! That's why we went to war - to liberate those poor downtrodden people from the evil dictator Saddam. We're spreading democracy! (sarcasm off) __________________________________ mermaid (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-01-05 10:35 PM Response to Reply #1 2. Democracy My...
  • Hinchey staffer (Dan Ahouse) asks people to vote in "manipulated" online poll (Rove/Rather)

    03/01/2005 5:40:15 PM PST · by lowbridge · 2 replies · 1,966+ views
    The DUmp | 3/1/05 | Dan Ahouse mdmc (1000+ posts) Tue Mar-01-05 01:01 PM Original message Hinchey staffer asks DU for HELP! (DU this poll., please) Dan Ahouse runs the show for Hinchey down in D.C. Please help the BIG MO take on Kkkarl and the Orwellian right wing press. Please vote in this online poll. Dan's email message is below. Thank YOU, DU! Friends: As you may know, Maurice has been outspoken over the past week about his opinion that the White House political operation, led by Karl Rove, was behind the leaking of false documents to CBS regarding George Bush's military "service." His...
  • DUer: "Support The Troops"? Why?

    02/22/2005 10:33:21 PM PST · by lowbridge · 9 replies · 337+ views
    The DUmp | 2/22/05 SHRED (1000+ posts) Tue Feb-22-05 11:34 PM Original message "Support The Troops"? Why? I support the conscientious objectors and those who desert from this immoral occupation. Convince me why I should "support" the rest of the troops. ____________________________ Kathy in Cambridge (1000+ posts) Tue Feb-22-05 11:37 PM Response to Original message 2. *Opening Huge Umbrella for Impending Sh!tstorm* um, because most of them don't want to be there, and policy is set at the administration level. And please don't compare them to Nazis. Thanks you. ___________________________ wtmusic (1000+ posts) Tue Feb-22-05 11:42 PM Response to Reply #2 9. Funny...for...
  • DUer: Please, Senator Clinton, call them "Freedom Fighters"...

    02/20/2005 8:48:38 PM PST · by lowbridge · 16 replies · 449+ views
    The DUmp | 2/20/05 ClassWarrior (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-20-05 09:02 AM Original message Please, Senator Clinton, call them "Freedom Fighters"... They're not "Iraqi insurgents," they're citizens fighting for their home and country. They're "Freedom Fighters." NGU. _______________________ LinuxInsurgent (475 posts) Sun Feb-20-05 09:50 AM Response to Reply #1 13. frankly... Edited on Sun Feb-20-05 09:51 AM by LinuxInsurgent i could give a rat's ass about the American sympathies lie with the people of the world, who have to withstand the idiocy of the American public and the governments/militaries they allow to exist. And yes, Iraqi insurgents are freedom so far that...
  • FReep This Poll (Social Security, Bush's Plan)

    02/04/2005 3:36:31 PM PST · by lowbridge · 10 replies · 286+ views
    Currently: Yes: 38.1% No: 61.9% Total Votes: 318
  • DU: Poll question: Who's side are we on? or How would we want it to end?

    01/25/2005 4:03:16 AM PST · by lowbridge · 15 replies · 338+ views
    The DUmp | 1/22/05 | Truman01
    Enormous thread (over 200 posts): Truman01 (729 posts) Sat Jan-22-05 12:27 PM Original message Poll question: Who's side are we on? or How would we want it to end? Right now we have the elections being planned in Iraq. We know the insurgents are going to try to disrupt them with bombs and other attacks. Who's side are we on? Do we think it would be a good thing for the insurgents to force the US to leave or that the elections go through and elect an Iraqi government? Poll result (156 votes) The insurgents should win, US leaves......
  • DUers/Anarchists to throw eggs at Bush on Jan. 20, intefere with air traffic with balloons

    01/18/2005 5:51:43 PM PST · by lowbridge · 31 replies · 625+ views
    The DUmp | 1/18/05 diamond14 (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-18-05 04:52 PM Original message thank gaawwwwddd...more EGGS have arrived in DC for the CORONATION ! we were worried for a while, as our grocery stores were all sold out of eggs...but everything looks OK right now....there should be some on the shelves for 'recently arrived' protestors....thank gawwwdddd... we wait with baited breathe for ANOTHER GREAT 'MICHAEL MOORE' MOMENT in the coronation parade..... ___________ jeff30997 (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-18-05 05:03 PM Response to Original message 2. Make sure the eggs are really rotten. ________________________ tedzbear (1000+ posts) Tue Jan-18-05 05:57 PM Response to Reply #10...
  • DU Poll: Are you losing interest in what John Kerry says or does?

    12/20/2004 6:45:53 AM PST · by lowbridge · 10 replies · 233+ views
    The DUmp | 12/17/04 patricia92243 (1000+ posts) Fri Dec-17-04 03:04 PM Original message Poll question: Are you losing interest in what John Kerry says or does?1 Right or wrong, I find myself skipping over threads that quote him or give his opinion on this or that. I'm sorry - but I'm beginning to find him irrelevant. Poll result (298 votes) 1. Yes (209 votes, 70%) 2. No (85 votes, 29%) 3. Other (4 votes, 1%) _____________________________
  • Feel The DU Love For The Troops....

    12/01/2004 9:15:44 AM PST · by lowbridge · 9 replies · 382+ views
    The DUmp | 12/1/04 Khephra (1000+ posts) Wed Dec-01-04 05:20 AM Original message Marines: Fallujah Battle a Source of Pride (some sickening quotes) Edited on Wed Dec-01-04 05:26 AM by khephra snip........ "Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq," said Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn. "It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best." snip.......... "Fallujah has been a life-changing event for many of the Marines, fighting in an environment that is just unfathomable to anyone outside," said Bourgeois, an explosives expert who retired from active...
  • DUer: US Forces="Baby Killers"

    11/09/2004 12:37:12 PM PST · by lowbridge · 25 replies · 479+ views
    The DUmp
    webster_green (1000+ posts) Tue Nov-09-04 10:05 AM Response to Reply #2 11. Baby killers Sorry, but its true
  • DUers REAL feelings towards the military (DU on the 14 wounded Marines).

    11/06/2004 10:07:56 AM PST · by lowbridge · 69 replies · 2,526+ views
    The DUmp Tight_rope (1000+ posts) Sat Nov-06-04 07:31 AM Response to Original message 1. Oh well. I could care less. Tell it to the Chimp! ________________________ MrPrax (1000+ posts) Sat Nov-06-04 07:41 AM Response to Original message 3. Too bad... Only wounded... ______________________________ aneerkoinos (1000+ posts) Sat Nov-06-04 08:22 AM Response to Reply #3 7. Come on Marines with their stupid tribal codes of "honour" and barbarous bloodlust is about the dumbest shit I can imagine, but they are humans too, even if remotely. Most of all, wishing ill for others is not good for your own mental health - been...

    11/03/2004 4:50:45 PM PST · by PureSolace · 100 replies · 2,804+ views
    DUmmieLand | Nov.3.2004 | DUers
    So, I was just over in DUmmieLand to see if their "Forum Lurker Ban" has been lifted. It's not, but on their front page they had this to say... I ended up ROFLMAO!!! :) enjoy... ---SNIP--- This is a pretty diverse group of people, and it's clear that people are going to deal with this election defeat in different ways. Some members are going to come to DU looking for a shoulder to cry on. Others are going to come here looking for a fight. Still others may have completely different feelings entirely. We believe that it is understandible and...