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  • Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home (A Useful Idiot Speaks)

    12/08/2011 1:19:13 PM PST · by mojito · 21 replies · 1+ views
    New York Slimes ^ | 12/7/2011 | Nicholas Kristof
    If you want to understand the Islamic forces that are gaining strength in Egypt and scaring people here and abroad, let me tell you about my dinner in the home of Muslim Brotherhood activists. First, meet my hostess: Sondos Asem, a 24-year-old woman who is pretty much the opposite of the stereotypical bearded Brotherhood activist. Sondos is a middle-class graduate of the American University in Cairo, where I studied in the early 1980s (“that’s before I was born,” she said wonderingly, making me feel particularly decrepit). She speaks perfect English, is writing a master’s thesis on social media, and helps...
  • Vatican Documents Reveal Stalin's Forced Starvation Plan

    11/18/2011 6:59:37 AM PST · by marshmallow · 49 replies
    Zenit News Agency ^ | 11/17/11 | Elizabeth Lev
    Book Gives Details of 1932 'Killing by Hunger' in UkraineROME, NOV. 17, 2011 ( The sober skies and short days of November remind Romans that this is the month to pray for the dead. It seems fitting that this month opened with a presentation of new documents regarding one of the most tragic -- and virtually unacknowledged -- events of the modern age, the Ukrainian Famine. "The Holy See and the Holodomor: Documents from the Vatican Secret Archives on the Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Soviet Ukraine" by Father Athanasius McVay and Professor Lubomyr Luciuk was released Oct. 26 with...
  • Bias in the Media? What Next!

    05/05/2010 5:51:02 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 1 replies · 167+ views
    Grand Rants ^ | 05-05-10 | Stoutcat
    “Now, most people think that this left-leaning press bias is a relatively recent phenomenon, but it’s not. And the consequences are not just skewed elections, as if that’s not serious enough, that’s just political ruin. But the consequence of this left-leaning press bias has cost a lot of people their lives–a lot of people…”
  • Diary that helped expose Stalin's famine displayed

    11/19/2009 12:10:38 PM PST · by CutePuppy · 9 replies · 884+ views
    AP via Breitbart ^ | November 13, 2009 | Raphael G. Satter
    The diaries of a British reporter who risked his reputation to expose the horrors of Stalin's murderous famine in Ukraine were put on public display for the first time Friday. Welsh journalist Gareth Jones sneaked into Ukraine in March of 1933, at the height of a famine engineered by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Millions of people starved to death between 1932 and 1933 as the Soviet secret police emptied the countryside of grain and livestock as part of a campaign to force peasants into collective farms.Jones' reporting was one of the first attempts to bring the disaster to the world's...
  • The New York Times Helped Build the Wall

    11/09/2009 8:28:34 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 7 replies · 683+ views
    American Thinker ^ | November 9, 2009 | Jack Cash
    As freedom-lovers throughout the world celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the freedom-lovers at the New York Times, if there are any, have to be reflecting on that paper's own role in the Wall's construction. As it happens, no English-speaker was more responsible for the savage sprawl of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain that reinforced it than the Times' own ace reporter, Walter Duranty. In November 1933, the one-legged reporter had come to Washington, D.C. from Moscow to witness President Roosevelt officially recognize the Soviet Union. Duranty knew, and everyone else knew, that...
  • In the Nightmare "The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia"

    10/11/2008 5:42:45 PM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 27 replies · 1,291+ views
    National Review magazine ^ | Sept. 29, '08 | Ronald Radosh
    We know that history holds many surprises. One doesn't expect to learn more about the secret history of of the Gulag than we already know from both Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Acrcipelago" and Anne Applebaum's "Gulag: A history." This feat, however, is exactly what author Tim Tzouliadis has accomplished: the previously unknown story of the thousands of Americans who, during the Depression, sought employment and a better future in the "worker's paradise" built by the Bolsheviks. All kinds of Americans joined the exodus. Some of them were Communists or fellow-travelors but the majority were average Americans - skilled workers promised paid passage,...
  • Banished: 'The Forsaken' by Tim Tzouliadis

    08/03/2008 8:23:45 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 20 replies · 158+ views
    The NY Sun ^ | July 30, 2008 | RICHARD PIPES
    This is a very sad book, the story of thousands of Americans who, during the Depression, lured by sham Soviet propaganda and pro-Soviet falsehoods spread by the likes of George Bernard Shaw and the corrupt New York Times Moscow correspondent, Walter Duranty, migrated to the USSR in search of jobs and a role in the "building of socialism." It was, in the words of the author, "the least heralded migration in American history" and a period when "for the first time in her short history more people were leaving the United States than were arriving." Most of these expatriates, not...
  • Aftermath of a Soviet Famine

    04/26/2008 11:27:15 PM PDT · by Aristotelian · 30 replies · 453+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | April 27, 2008 | Peter Finn
    Ukraine's Pursuit of Genocide Designation Upsets Russians Who Say Others Died, Too MOSCOW -- Relations between Russia and Ukraine, bedeviled by disputes over natural gas supplies and NATO expansion, have lately been roiled by one of the great tragedies of Soviet history: the famine of 1932-33, which left millions dead from starvation and related diseases. Ukraine is seeking international recognition of the famine, which Ukrainians call Holodomor -- or death by hunger -- as an act of genocide. When Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin forced peasants off their homesteads and into collective farms, special military units requisitioned grain and other food...
  • View From America: Pulitzer disgrace

    04/28/2007 7:10:44 PM PDT · by Alouette · 22 replies · 1,014+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Apr. 28, 2007 | Jonathan Tobin
    In 1932, one of the most prestigious honors in journalism, the Pulitzer Prize, was awarded to Walter Duranty, a New York Times reporter who was then serving as foreign correspondent in the Soviet Union. Though many other Pulitzers have been handed out over the years, Duranty's is remembered more than most. In the on-line archive of the prizes (, his award is noted in a bland, one-sentence explanation that reads simply: "For his series of dispatches on Russia, especially the working out of the Five Year Plan." The reference is to Duranty's reporting on Stalin's economic plan. Duranty's dispatches helped...
  • "COLD CASE" - TWA FLIGHT 800 Movement in D.C. on FBI cover-up

    08/21/2006 8:19:46 PM PDT · by AnimalLover · 137 replies · 2,669+ views
    World Net ^ | August 17, 2006 | Jack Cashill
    Serious movement in D.C. – and if I hadn't been there, I would not have believed it. For several months Joan Wire and her daughter have been trying to secure an appointment with a highly effective government official we'll simply call Mr. Washington. Joan Wire is the stalwart wife of Mike Wire. Mike is the storied "man on the bridge," the single most critical eyewitness in the saga of TWA Flight 800, the 747 that was inexplicably blown out of the sky on the night of July 17, 1996. The CIA built its notorious zoom-climb animation around Mike's position on...
  • Vick Sticks with His Story - The Mullah Spin (Boycott the ComPost)

    05/25/2006 8:26:50 AM PDT · by winner3000 · 5 replies · 401+ views
    National Review ^ | 5/25/2006 | Michael Ledeen
    If you want to know what the mullahs want you to think, just read the “reporting” by the Washington Post’s own Karl Vick, who Wednesday shared a byline with Dafna Linzer from Tehran to announce nothing less than “a profound change in Iran’s political orthodoxy.” You may have thought that Iranian clerical fascism was not subject to such dramatic transformation, but Vick, the consensus candidate for the Walter Duranty Prize awarded to apologists for tyrants, believes otherwise. And what is the evidence? The Iranians are calling for direct talks with the United States on the mullahs’ project to go nuclear....
  • Former NY Times Reporter: '93 Pulitzer Should Be Revoked

    03/22/2006 1:25:23 PM PST · by montyspython · 76 replies · 1,822+ views ^ | March 22, 2006 | Sherrie Gossett
    Former NY Times Reporter: '93 Pulitzer Should Be Revoked By Sherrie Gossett Staff Writer March 22, 2006 Washington ( - Castigating the press for "journalistic crimes" committed during its reporting on the Balkans wars of the 1990s, retired New York Times reporter David Binder claims the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting awarded to both the Times and New York's Newsday "should, in all fairness and honesty, be revoked." Binder was speaking at a press conference for the release of a new book criticizing the war reporting. Binder wrote the foreword to the book by Peter Brock, titled "Media...
  • Traitors of Record: The Record of the New York Times

    12/19/2005 8:51:45 AM PST · by Fedora · 136 replies · 7,095+ views
    Original FReeper Research | 12/19/2005 | Fedora
    Traitors of Record: The Record of the New York TimesBy Fedora “. . .the most untrustworthy paper in the United States. . .” --President Dwight Eisenhower, referring to the New York TimesIntroductionLast week Senator John Cornyn criticized the New York Times for endangering national security with a James Risen story on NSA surveillance timed to coincide with a vote on the Patriot Act and, incidentally, with the release of a book by Risen. A review of the record illustrates that endangering national security through irresponsible leaks is nothing new for the New York Times. Some particularly outrageous examples are worth...
  • For The Cause: Times Should Disavow Past Pro-Soviet Propaganda

    11/26/2005 3:33:03 PM PST · by Isara · 9 replies · 839+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 11/28/2005 | Editor
    Media: It wasn't covered by The New York Times, but the Ukrainian protest outside the Times building was news fit to print.Haven't heard anything about the hourlong demonstration on Nov. 18? Few have. The establishment media ignored the Ukrainians' protest against the Pulitzer Prize that Times correspondent Walter Duranty got in 1932 for his reporting on Josef Stalin's Soviet Union in 1931. Our search could not turn up a single instance of news coverage of this event.Seems like the Times could at least have sent an intern downstairs to make note of the demonstration. ..... But we understand. Why should...
  • NYTimes/Duranty Protest

    11/15/2005 3:46:45 PM PST · by spanalot · 3 replies · 343+ views
    cybercossack ^ | 11/13/05 | UUAO Pres. V Kurylo
    NY Times/Duranty Protest - Friday, November 18, 2005 –12:00 noon –opposite the NY Times building - 229 West 43rd Street between 7th and 8th in Manhattan. Organizer: United Ukrainian American Organizations of Greater New York.
  • Lie about Genocide and Collect Your Pulitzer Prize

    11/13/2005 7:13:18 PM PST · by spanalot · 10 replies · 791+ views
    Samizdata ^ | 11/13/05 | Perry de Haviland
    The whole issue of Walter Duranty's Pulitzer Prize in 1932 has always pissed me off. It just rankles that he got away with it, so the least we can do is blacken the bastard's name posthumously for the sake of the millions of dead Ukrainians he lied about. Now that Harold Pinter has won a Nobel Prize for literature, I guess the tradition of lionising men of letters who are apologists for mass murdering leftists is still alive and well.
  • The Journalism of Warfare

    06/08/2005 5:36:10 PM PDT · by Cecily · 4 replies · 494+ views
    The New Criterion ^ | June, 2005 | Keith Windschuttle
    In December 1996, Robert Fisk of the London newspaper The Independent traveled to the mountains north of Khartoum where he met Osama bin Laden. The opening sentences of the article he wrote about the meeting went as follows: Osama Bin Laden sat in his gold fringed robe, guarded by loyal Arab mujahedin… . With his high cheekbones, narrow eyes and long brown robe, Mr Bin Laden looks every inch the mountain warrior of mujahedin legend. Chadored children danced in front of him, preachers acknowledged his wisdom. In a second article he wrote about the same meeting, Fisk upgraded bin Laden’s...
  • WSJ Book Review: In the Corridors of Power (Reporting From Washington, by Donald A. Ritchie)

    04/12/2005 5:49:39 AM PDT · by OESY · 1 replies · 437+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | April 12, 2005 | JONATHAN KARL
    My favorite nugget in Donald A. Ritchie's history of the Washington press corps concerns... Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent. According to Mr. Ritchie, whenever Duranty was in Washington, he would set up shop at TASS, the official news service of the Soviet Union. Mr. Ritchie writes: "Sympathetic to the Soviet regime, Duranty felt more comfortable writing at the TASS office than at the Times's bureau, under the frosty gaze of bureau chief Arthur Krock." ...Duranty had won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for a series of articles remarkable for their uncritical praise of Joseph Stalin as the...
  • North Korea, Without the Rancor [L.A. Times Puts Human Face on Mass Murder- Have to See to Believe]

    03/03/2005 8:55:51 AM PST · by TastyManatees · 21 replies · 978+ views
    L.A. Times ^ | 3/3/05 | Barbara Demick
    N. Korea, Without the RancorBy Barbara Demick, Times Staff WriterHe arrived at the entrance to a North Korean government-owned restaurant and karaoke club here in the Chinese capital with a handshake and a request. ... "There's never been a positive article about North Korea, not one," he said. "We're portrayed as monsters, inhuman, Dracula … with horns on our heads." ... "For basic life, we can live without America, but we can live better with" it, he said. Yet he voiced strong enthusiasm for his country's recent announcement that it had developed nuclear weapons. The declaration, which jarred U.S. officials,...
  • A Media Meltdown?

    08/31/2004 11:55:28 AM PDT · by COURAGE · 47 replies · 3,298+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | August 31, 2004 | Glenn Harlan Reynolds
    Font Size: A Media Meltdown? By Glenn Harlan Reynolds  Published   08/31/2004  Though it's looking less likely than it was a few weeks ago, John Kerry could still pull off a win in this presidential election. But there's already one clear loser: the so-called "mainstream media" of network television and major newspapers. Whoever winds up in the White House next year, the position of these traditional media outlets (or "legacy media" as some call them) continues to decline. That decline is partly technological in origin. Monopolistic or oligopolistic newspapers and broadcast outlets were the result of technology: economies of scale...
  • Should This Pulitzer be Pulled? (New York Times)

    12/17/2003 12:14:43 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 14 replies · 473+ views
    Columbia Journalism Review ^ | Dec. 16, 2003 | DOUGLAS McCOLLAM
    Seventy years after a government-engineered famine killed millions in Ukraine, a New York Times correspondent who failed to sound the alarm is under attackIf you get off the elevator on the eleventh floor of the New York Times building, and head down a long hall leading toward the executive dining rooms, you pass under the fixed gaze of some of the finest journalists in American history. Along the walls hang portraits commemorating all eighty-nine Pulitzer Prizes awarded to the Times to date, including those given to such notable lights as Thomas Friedman, Anthony Lewis, J. Anthony Lukas, and David Halberstam....
  • Duranty was Stalin's spin doctor

    11/26/2003 10:46:59 AM PST · by knighthawk · 12 replies · 214+ views
    National Post ^ | November 26 2003 | Robert Fulford
    Walter Duranty, famous 70 years ago as a distinguished reporter for The New York Times, has slowly turned into a symbol of the wilfully deceptive reporting on the Soviet Union that misled the West about the nature of Stalinism for many years. This week Duranty appeared in the news again when the Pulitzer Prize board announced its decision not to strip him posthumously of the award he won in 1932 for persistently dishonest reporting from Moscow. Duranty served as Moscow correspondent from 1921 to 1934, wrote several books on Soviet politics and won an admiring public in America. Meanwhile, he...
  • Ukraine Marks Famine That Killed Millions

    11/22/2003 3:41:28 PM PST · by Land_of_Lincoln_John · 8 replies · 215+ views
    Associated Press ^ | November 23, 2003 | ANNA MELNICHUK
    KIEV, Ukraine - Increased international recognition of a forced famine that killed up to 10 million Ukrainians brought bittersweet relief Saturday to elderly survivors marking the 70th anniversary of a dark chapter in the history of Soviet communism. Gathering at a cathedral in the now independent Ukraine, survivors recalled their desperation during a famine historians say was provoked by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin as part of his campaign to force peasants to give up their land and join collective farms. "This year is of particular significance for Ukraine, because the world has recognized the crime against the Ukrainian people," said...
  • Lying N.Y. Times Keeps Tainted Pulitzer

    11/22/2003 12:43:37 AM PST · by kattracks · 3 replies · 198+ views ^ | 11/21/03 | Carl Limbacher and Staff
    Just because the left-wingers at the New York Times ran propaganda for Ed Asner's favorite genocidal dictator, Joseph Stalin, doesn't mean the paper has to return a tainted Pulitzer Prize. "The board determined that there was not clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception, the relevant standard in this case," Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler claimed today. After a worldwide outcry from Ukrainians and other decent human beings, a Pulitzer subcommittee in April launched a "review" of pro-Soviet propaganda written by the Times' useful idiot Walter Duranty, who in 1932 was handed the prize. Duranty somehow failed to report how Stalin's...
  • Pulitzer Committee Won't Revoke Times Pulitzer (For Duranty articles)

    11/22/2003 5:58:08 AM PST · by jalisco555 · 24 replies · 133+ views
    NewsDay ^ | November 21, 2003 | LARRY McSHANE
    NEW YORK -- The 1932 Pulitzer Prize awarded to a New York Times reporter accused of deliberately ignoring the Ukrainian forced famine will not be revoked, an administrator for the journalism awards said Friday. "The board determined that there was not clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception, the relevant standard in this case," said a statement from Sig Gissler, Pulitzer administrator. A review of Walter Duranty's work was launched in April by a Pulitzer subcommittee. In the 86-year history of the awards, no Pulitzer has ever been revoked.
  • Panel Won't Pull N.Y. Times 1932 Pulitzer

    11/21/2003 2:21:28 PM PST · by GeneD · 48 replies · 241+ views
    AP via ^ | 11/21/2003
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The 1932 Pulitzer Prize awarded to a New York Times reporter accused of deliberately ignoring the forced famine in Ukraine will not be revoked, an administrator for the journalism awards said Friday. "The board determined that there was not clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception, the relevant standard in this case," Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler said in a statement. A review of Walter Duranty's work was launched in April by a Pulitzer subcommittee. The review came amid complaints that Duranty's reports intentionally made no mention of the Soviet Union's forced famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933...
  • Before Jayson Blair: AIM and The New York Times

    11/13/2003 3:17:35 PM PST · by walford · 8 replies · 3,131+ views
    Accuracy In Media ^ | November 12, 2003 | William R Alford
    Receive FREE updates by email: | Before Jayson Blair: AIM and The New York Times By William AlfordNovember 12, 2003 Subsequent to the fallout over Jayson Blair's numerous instances of fraud, inaccuracy and plagiarism, senior staff at The N.Y. Times surely hoped that credibility doubts would end by throwing the 27-year-old journalist over the side in May. Questions nonetheless persisted over such practices as the widespread misuse of unnamed sources, attributing freelancers' work to staff reporters, and insufficient research and 'advocacy' journalism. On an early June "day that breaks my heart," publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. announced the 'resignations' of...
  • Walter Duranty's Pulitzer [NY Times' Letter to Ed.]

    11/13/2003 2:56:09 AM PST · by Pharmboy · 12 replies · 159+ views
    NY Times Letters ^ | November 13, 2003 | Mark Van Hagen
    To the Editor: Regarding Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s suggestion to the Pulitzer Prize Board that revoking Walter Duranty's 1932 prize recalled the "Stalinist practice to airbrush purged figures out of official records and histories" ("Times Should Lose Pulitzer From 30's, Consultant Says," news article, Oct. 29): Those targeted for "airbrushing" were already murdered, languishing in the gulag or forced into exile after having been falsely accused of espionage, treason, sabotage and other "crimes." The N.K.V.D., the predecessor of the K.G.B., then ordered libraries to expunge all mention and to relegate them to the status of non-persons, a fate that persisted for...
  • New York Times about to give up Pulitzer from '32

    11/09/2003 9:54:48 AM PST · by Chi-townChief · 13 replies · 587+ views
    Star Newspapers (Chicago) ^ | Sunday, November 9, 2003 | Michael J. Bowers
    Since Jayson Blair was exposed and fired on May 1, the New York Times has been performing atonement for partisanship and hubris. First came the long and painful front-page account of how management had been guilty of astonishing incompetence in failing to recognize Blair's deceptions. Next there was the establishment of the Siegal committee, which met for several weeks to recommend damage-control measures such as the appointment of an ombudsman for the first time ever. When this failed to end the storm, Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. fired Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd. (Sulzberger, a permanent boy...
  • Joseph Sobran "Airbrushing History?" {in Walter Duranty Case}

    11/06/2003 5:35:41 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 3 replies · 257+ views
    Joseph Sobran column ^ | 11-96-03 | Sobran, Joseph
    Airbrushing History? October 23, 2003 Professor Mark von Hagen, a historian at Columbia University, says a 1932 Pulitzer Prize should be rescinded. That was a long time ago. Why does it matter now? Because the prize went to a liar for his lies. And they were very influential lies, whose impact was of historic importance. The liar was Walter Duranty, Moscow correspondent of the New York Times. Duranty wrote at the time that the Ukrainian famine, which had been amply reported in the less prestigious Hearst newspapers, was a false rumor. But the famine was real, and it was no...
  • The Duranty phenomenon, the Khodorkovsky arrest

    10/28/2003 1:13:22 PM PST · by RussianConservative · 5 replies · 176+ views
    Russian Journal ^ | October 27, 2003 | John Helmer
    MOSCOW - There’s nothing more ungainly than newspapers, when their sanctimoniousness is aroused, and they try walking with their feet in their mouths. Call this the Duranty phenomenon. Walter Duranty was the New York Times journalist who won a Pulitzer prize, journalism’s highest award in the US, for his reporting on Russia in 1931. Duranty died in 1957, and his editors at the Times, plus his Pulitzer board judges, have all joined him in the grave, so they are easy targets for critics. They believe that Duranty’s Pulitzer should be rescinded on the ground that he failed at the time...
  • Prober recommends revoking (NY Times)'32 Pulitzer

    10/22/2003 10:32:38 PM PDT · by kattracks · 2 replies · 170+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 10/23/03 | Sara Kugler
    <p>NEW YORK — A 1932 Pulitzer Prize awarded to the New York Times should be revoked, says a historian assigned by the newspaper to review the winning work, which has been questioned for years.</p> <p>A subcommittee of the Pulitzer Board has reviewed the awarding of the prize won in 1932 by Walter Duranty for his series on the Soviet Union. The review was sparked by complaints that Mr. Duranty deliberately ignored, in later coverage, the forced terror famine in the Ukraine that killed millions of people.</p>
  • Historian hired by NY Times says 1932 Pulitzer Prize should be rescinded

    10/22/2003 2:11:35 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 62 replies · 251+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 10-22-03 | SARA KUGLER
    <p>NEW YORK (AP) -- A 1932 Pulitzer Prize awarded to The New York Times should be revoked, according to a historian hired by the newspaper to review the winning work, which has been questioned for years.</p> <p>A subcommittee of the Pulitzer Board has been reviewing the prize won by writer Walter Duranty for his series on Russia. The review was sparked by complaints that Duranty deliberately ignored in later coverage the forced famine in the Ukraine that killed millions of people.</p>
  • Gareth Jones: correspondent who reported the Great Famine (Campaign to strip the NYTs of a Pulitzer)

    07/22/2003 7:57:24 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 28 replies · 281+ views
    The Ukrainian Weekly ^ | 7/22/03 | Roxolana Woloszyn
    Beginning in 1928 and through 1933 Joseph Stalin implemented his Five-Year Plan of Collectivization. Under this Five-Year Plan Ukraine in particular suffered from an imposed famine that lasted from 1932 until 1933, during which about 7 million to 10 million people perished. Journalists like George Bernard Shaw and Walter Duranty who were in Moscow at the time made no attempt to let the world know the truth about this famine that Stalin imposed, rather they denied any possibility of this. The article "Gareth Jones: Hero of Ukraine" by Martin Sieff of United Press International (UPI) cites a statement made by...
  • Duranty Update: Pulitzer admits precedent that would withdraw Duranty prize from New York Times

    07/18/2003 9:50:05 AM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 6 replies · 270+ views
    Insight ^ | July 17, 2003 | John Berlau
    In this week's Insight cover story ("Duranty's Deception," July 22-Aug. 4) and in other articles on the campaign to take away New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Soviet Union because it has been proved to be deliberately fraudulent, it has been written that no Pulitzer has ever been revoked or withdrawn. It is stated that the Washington Post returned the Pulitzer awarded Janet Cooke in 1981, but that no action was taken by the Pulitzer Prize board. "Although the Pulitzer has never been revoked, it was once returned," said the Associated Press in...
  • A Tale of Two Journalists: Walter Duranty, Gareth Jones, and the Pulitzer Prize

    07/16/2003 2:03:20 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 43 replies · 846+ views
    The Day ^ | 7/16/03 | Prof. James Mace,
    On June 24 the Pulitzer Prize Committee was sent an open letter by Dr. Margaret Siriol Colley and Nigel Linsan Colley, Bramcote, Notts, UK, too long to be recounted here in full, but which can be read on the Internet at (here) The lady is the niece of one Gareth Jones (1905-1935), a journalist who had had the courage to tell the truth about the despicable things he had seen in Ukraine in the spring of 1933. For his courage he paid with his professional reputation and being long all but forgotten. The hatchet man in this tale was one...
  • Duranty's Deception

    07/08/2003 11:38:23 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 1 replies · 128+ views ^ | Tuesday, July 9, 2003 | By John Berlau
    Duranty's DeceptionBy John BerlauInsight Magazine | July 8, 2003 Reeling from a scandal involving alleged plagiarism and false reporting from former star reporter Jayson Blair, the New York Times is relying heavily on its carefully cultivated reputation for decades of integrity and objectivity in reporting. Even though its two top editors resigned in disgrace, Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. is telling shareholders and readers that this is a minor blemish for a newspaper that historically has held to the "highest standards of integrity and journalism." With the famously liberal paper citing its history to try to redeem its image,...
  • Duranty's Deception

    07/07/2003 8:12:36 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 15 replies · 160+ views
    Insight ^ | July 7, 2003 | John Berlau
    Reeling from a scandal involving alleged plagiarism and false reporting from former star reporter Jayson Blair, the New York Times is relying heavily on its carefully cultivated reputation for decades of integrity and objectivity in reporting. Even though its two top editors resigned in disgrace, Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. is telling shareholders and readers that this is a minor blemish for a newspaper that historically has held to the "highest standards of integrity and journalism." With the famously liberal paper citing its history to try to redeem its image, critics are taking the opportunity to hold the Times...
  • Duranty's Decepction

    07/07/2003 1:14:14 AM PDT · by DPB101 · 18 replies · 253+ views
    Insight Magazine ^ | 7/7/03 | John Berlau
    Duranty intentionally misreported that there was no forced famine in the Ukraine when, in fact, millions were dying as a result of Stalin’s starvation policy. Reeling from a scandal involving alleged plagiarism and false reporting from former star reporter Jayson Blair, the New York Times is relying heavily on its carefully cultivated reputation for decades of integrity and objectivity in reporting. Even though its two top editors resigned in disgrace, Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. is telling shareholders and readers that this is a minor blemish for a newspaper that historically has held to the "highest standards of integrity...
  • Pulitzer Prize Board keeps information regarding Duranty review under tight wraps (Freep the Board)

    06/29/2003 12:07:32 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 4 replies · 176+ views
    The Ukrainian Weekly | 6/29/03 | Andrew Nynka
    PARSIPPANY, N.J. - The Pulitzer Prize Board, under pressure from an international campaign asking to revoke a 1932 award, has kept information regarding a Pulitzer Board subcommittee review of the award given to The New York Times' Walter Duranty locked tightly behind closed doors. "I am not going to get into confidential proceedings of an internal review," said Sig Gissler, administrator for the Pulitzer Prizes, during a June 20 telephone interview with The Ukrainian Weekly, which sought to find further details regarding the subcommittee. Nor would the administrator say when a decision on Mr. Duranty's prize could be expected.

    06/25/2003 5:35:54 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 18 replies · 210+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 6/25/03 | Charles Leroux
    In 1932, the Pulitzer Prize went to a foreign correspondent who concealed a famine and the deaths of millions. Ukrainians want that prize revoked. Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent from 1922 to 1941, once called Josef Stalin, "the greatest living statesman." Malcolm Muggeridge, Moscow correspondent for the Manchester (England) Guardian, once called his colleague Duranty, "the greatest liar I ever knew." The Pulitzer Prize committee, in announcing its 1932 journalism award to Duranty for dispatches on Russia, especially Stalin's emerging Five Year Plan, lauded his "scholarship, profundity, impartiality, sound judgement, and clarity."
  • Open Letter to revoke Duranty's Pulizer on behalf of Gareth Jones (bad PR for the New York Times)

    06/24/2003 8:10:20 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 152 replies · 2,230+ views
    Gareth Jones Archives Website ^ | 6/24/03 | Dr. Margaret Siriol Colley/ Nigel Colley
    Open Letter to revoke Duranty's Pulizer on behalf of Gareth Jones To The Pulitzer Prize Committee, Columbia University, 709 Journalism Building, 2950 Broadway New York, NY, USA, 10027. An open letter to the committee deliberating on the revocation of the 1932 Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence from Walter Duranty. Dear Sirs, Re. Duranty & Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (1905 -1935) This is a personal plea to revoke the 1932 Pulitzer Prize from the infamous journalist, Walter Duranty, who libelously damned the truthful reporting of my uncle, Gareth Jones. On March 31st 1933, Gareth Jones, a young Welsh journalist, returning from an...
  • One Pulitzer That Should Shake the World (Moscow Times: New York Times hid communist crimes)

    06/15/2003 8:51:20 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 31 replies · 469+ views
    Moscow Times ^ | 6/15/03 | Matt Bivens
    WASHINGTON -- America's most coveted journalism award is the Pulitzer Prize, and The New York Times has collected 89 of them. But now one of those Pulitzers is being challenged because the honored reporter was a fraud. Is this about Jayson Blair, the whiz kid whose faked articles have deeply embarrassed his paper? Yes and no. The prize in question was won in 1932 by Walter Duranty for "excellence in reporting" out of the Soviet Union. That same year, the Stalin regime sealed the borders of Ukraine, ordered the confiscation of grain, and engineered a mass famine -- one so...
  • The Blair affair fuels a 70-year-old scandal (LA Times on Walter Duranty, Stalin and the NYTs)

    06/13/2003 8:42:12 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 15 replies · 230+ views
    LA Times ^ | 6/14/03 | Tim Rutten
    The New York Times' Walter Duranty won a Pulitizer for reports promoting Stalin. Among all the unforeseeable permutations of the Jayson Blair affair, none is more unexpected -- or more problematic -- than its role in reviving the 13-year-old campaign to strip the New York Times' Walter Duranty of the Pulitzer Prize he won in 1932 . . . But the Times has forthrightly confronted its institutional complicity, most recently in the 150th anniversary issue it published two years ago. In that same issue, former Times Executive Editor Max Frankel commented at length and with equal candor on what he...
  • Pulitzer-winning Lies (from The New York Times)

    06/12/2003 11:35:37 AM PDT · by DPB101 · 20 replies · 611+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 6/12/03 | Arnold Beichman
    AT LONG LAST a Pulitzer Prize committee is looking into the possibility that the Pulitzer awarded to Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent whose dispatches covered up Stalin's infamies, might be revoked. In order to assist in their researches, I am downloading here some of the lies contained in those dispatches, lies which the New York Times has never repudiated with the same splash as it accorded Jayson Blair's comparatively trivial lies: "There is no famine or actual starvation nor is there likely to be." --New York Times, Nov. 15, 1931, page 1 "Any report of a famine...
  • Analysis: Shame of Duranty's Pulitzer

    06/12/2003 6:04:32 AM PDT · by wretchard · 2 replies · 229+ views
    UPI ^ | 6/2/2003 | Martin Sieff
    WASHINGTON, June 2 (UPI) -- As the U.S. media still digests the shock and lessons of the Jayson Blair affair at The New York Times, a far older and far worse journalistic wrong may soon be posthumously righted. The Pulitzer Prize board is reviewing the award it gave to New York Times Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty more than 70 years ago for his shamefully -- and knowingly -- false coverage of the great Ukrainian famine."In response to an international campaign, the Pulitzer Prize board has begun an 'appropriate and serious review' of the 1932 award given to Walter Duranty of...
  • Pulitzer Probes Times Writer Duranty over Stalin Ties

    06/11/2003 12:15:51 PM PDT · by Libertarian Jim · 17 replies · 378+ views
    Associated Press ^ | June 10, 2003 | Larry McShane, AP
    Pulitzer Probes Times Writer's 1932 Award Tue Jun 10,10:33 PM ET Add U.S. National - AP to My Yahoo! By LARRY McSHANE, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK - A Pulitzer Prize awarded in 1932 to a New York Times correspondent is under review and could be revoked because of complaints that he deliberately ignored the forced famine in the Ukraine that killed millions.   The review of Walter Duranty's work was launched in April by a Pulitzer subcommittee. No Pulitzer has ever been revoked in the 86 years that the prize has been awarded. Members of the Ukrainian Congress Committee...
  • Pulitzer Prize board begins review of Duranty's award (more bad publicity for the New York Times)

    06/01/2003 6:56:43 PM PDT · by DPB101 · 59 replies · 946+ views
    The Ukrainian Weekly ^ | 5/25/03 | Andrew Nynka
    PARSIPPANY, N.J. - In response to an international campaign, The Pulitzer Prize Board has begun an "appropriate and serious review" of the award given to Walter Duranty of The New York Times, an administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes said on May 20. The board's administrator said in a telephone interview that the review began as a result of the thousands of letters and e-mails the board received in early May. A confidential review by the 18-member Pulitzer Prize Board is intended to seriously consider all relevant information regarding Mr. Duranty's award, said Sig Gissler, administrator for the Pulitzer Prizes. "There...
  • From Duranty to Blair - Tradition Continues

    05/29/2003 8:28:17 AM PDT · by americanSoul · 7 replies · 173+ views
    National Post ^ | May 29, 2003 | Ian Hunter
    Jayson Blair, the reporter recently sacked when The New York Times discovered his penchant for fabricating stories, is not the first reporter to have trouble with the truth. More than half a century ago another New York Times reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for lying. His name was Walter Duranty, his beat was Russia, and shilling for Joseph Stalin was his specialty. On May 1, 2003 a concerted worldwide campaign began to have Duranty (who died in 1957) stripped of his 1932 Pulitzer Prize; thousands of postcards have been mailed to the Pulitzer Committee requesting a posthumous revocation of Duranty's...
  • The New York Times Has Been Lying to America for 70 Years - Ever Since Walter Duranty in 1932!

    05/15/2003 3:48:51 PM PDT · by ComtedeMaistre · 17 replies · 408+ views
    Comte De Maistre
    The New York Times is spinning like crazy, over l'affair Jayson Blair. I just cannot believe how many conservatives, who ought to know better, are allowing themselves to be spun by the rootless cosmopolitans of the NYT and the rest of the liberal media. The young Jayson Blair is simply a little liar, who was well-trained by the big liars at the top ranks of that daily liepaper. Now that the little liar has been caught, the big, fat liars are trying to cover their fat, hairy, behinds, offering up the little liar - whom they trained in their tricks...