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  • The Dawn of the American Reawakening

    09/30/2009 12:10:56 PM PDT · by Califreak · 5 replies · 613+ views
    Rep. McClintock gave the following speech to the How to Take Back America Conference in St. Louis hosted by the Eagle Forum on September 26, 2009. A funny thing happened this summer on the Road to Serfdom. The American people decided we don’t want to go! We are watching something unfold across the country that is quite remarkable. We are watching Americans do what Americans have always done whenever we have sensed that our country or our freedom is in danger. Ever since the days of the Boston Tea Party, in times of crisis, we have set aside our personal...
  • Pray for our American Heroes

    05/27/2009 8:59:00 AM PDT · by Hiskid · 19 replies · 678+ views
    5/27/u09 | Hiskid
    As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: So the LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him. Deuteronomy 32:11-12
  • Obama' Stimulus (Phyllis Schlafly nails it!)

    03/01/2009 5:54:20 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 45 replies · 2,772+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 2-27-09 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Obama's Stimulus by Phyllis Schlafly, February 27, 2009 Under the subterfuge of helping the economy, Barack Obama's stimulus plan legislates vast new spending programs to finance liberal policy goals that are unnecessary and undesirable. The flow of taxpayers' money will be so gargantuan as to make Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society expansion of the welfare state look puny. Barack Obama revealed his long-term goals in a radio interview on Chicago's WBEZ-FM in 2001. Asked about the Earl Warren court decisions that started long lines of activist decisions in many areas, Obama argued that the Warren court didn't go far enough:...
  • Prayer Request for Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum

    02/26/2009 12:14:47 PM PST · by Blood of Tyrants · 36 replies · 3,098+ views
    Email | 2/26/09 | Unknown
    Dear Friends Orlean Koehle, California Eagle Forum President reports that on Tuesday Phyllis (85 years young) was speaking at UC Berkeley. As she was coming off the podium after giving a brilliant speech to about 150 students and adults in attendance (crowded into a room that only was meant to hold 70), she missed a step and fell and broke her hip. The college Republicans wanted her to join them for pictures afterwards out in the hall. Phyllis did not see the edge of the podium, which was hard to see, missed the step and fell on her right hip....
  • Senate to vote on S. 181Tell your Senators to OPPOSE S. 181!

    01/19/2009 4:54:32 AM PST · by Man50D · 8 replies · 817+ views
    UPDATE: On January 15th, 2009, the Senate voted on the motion to proceed to S. 181, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. The motion passed by a vote of 74 to 23 (Roll Call 4). This means that the Senate may begin debate on S. 181 at any time. The Majority promised Republicans that amendments would be allowed. Eagle Forum is urging Senators to reject S. 181 and instead support Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's alternative bill, S. 166. We will keep you updated as things develop. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed cloture on the motion to...
  • House to Vote on 'Hillary-Care' for Kids!

    01/13/2009 7:24:17 PM PST · by Man50D · 49 replies · 628+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | January 13, 2009
    Tell your Representatives to vote AGAINST the expansion of SCHIP! The House is scheduled to vote on the reauthorization and expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) on Wednesday, January 14th. The House will convene at 10:00 a.m. to begin legislative business, so your calls and emails are urgently needed! Sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the State Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (H.R. 2), would amend Title XXI of the Social Security Act to both reauthorize the program for the next five years and to expand the program to higher income families. If the...
  • GOP stalwarts blame media for Palin uproar

    09/03/2008 5:07:04 AM PDT · by markomalley · 23 replies · 207+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | 9/3/2008 | Lynn Sweet
    ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Republicans at their convention here are blaming the lefty media for the political travails Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin may face. After John McCain surprised everyone by tapping her to be his running mate on Saturday, Palin's been kept sequestered someplace here as news outlets raise questions about whether Palin has been properly vetted, if McCain knew her unwed teen daughter was pregnant before he picked her or if McCain's most important decision as a presidential candidate was somehow botched. I had not seen Phyllis Schlafly for years, and when I ran into the president of the...
  • Congress Set to Import More Foreign Workers: H-1B Visas

    04/19/2008 1:09:28 PM PDT · by anymouse · 20 replies · 155+ views
    Now that big corporate lobbyists know they can't get amnesty for the millions of cheap laborers they have imported illegally, they are pushing to increase the number of so-called high-skilled workers by raising the cap of H-1B visas. The pressure is on the House of Representatives to pass an increase soon, most likely in the form of the SKIL Act (H.R. 1930), sponsored by Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ), usually a conservative ally. There are three reasons why Big Business wants to increase foreign workers: * H-1Bers are paid much less than Americans * The influx of H-1Bers depresses the "prevailing...
  • Seventh Annual Education Conference (Eagle Forum of California)MAR 29, 2008

    03/29/2008 8:31:54 PM PDT · by Syncro · 12 replies · 371+ views
    Eagle Forum of California ^ | March 29, 2008 | Orlean Koehle (CA State President)
    Eagle Forum of California March 29, 2008 Seventh Annual Education Conference Featured Speakers Phyllis Schlafly the national President of Eagle Forum, an internationally known speaker, author of 20 books, syndicated columnist, radio commentator, a constitutional attorney with a masters degree from Harvard. She will speak in the morning on “The Attack on US Culture, History, Religion, and Morals in our Public Schools.” Her topic in the evening will be “There is Still Hope; We Have Done the Impossible Before, We Can Do it Again.”Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., well-known syndicated columnist with World Net Daily.com., author or co-author of several best-selling books:...
  • Pro-, anti-immigration events this weekend (Duncan Hunter/Eagle Forum Alert)

    03/29/2008 7:40:11 AM PDT · by pissant · 29 replies · 491+ views
    Santa Rosa Press Democrat ^ | 3/29/08 | Martin Espinoza
    Two events directed at opposite ends of the illegal immigration debate take place this weekend in Sonoma County. Organizers say at least 3,000 people are expected to march Sunday through downtown Santa Rosa in a pro-immigration rally organized by the local field office of the United Farm Workers. Casimiro Alvarez, UFW regional director, said the rally and march come after a long period of relative silence from the local Latino immigrant community. He said the goal of the march is three-fold. “First, we want to honor the memory of Cesar Chavez and celebrate his life and work,” Alvarez said. “Second,...
  • Protect American Sovereignty Rally (Eagle Forum of California and many others; FReeper to speak)

    01/11/2008 6:17:22 AM PST · by The Spirit Of Allegiance · 19 replies · 207+ views
    Protect American Sovereignty Rally Sponsored by Eagle Forum of California Sacramento, State Capitol Building, West Side Steps Monday, January 14, 2008, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Please join us as we stand together to protect the sovereignty of our nation against the many influences that are seeking to destroy it: our porous, unprotected borders; the influx of millions of illegal immigrants; multi-culturalism that is dividing us and destroying our Judeo-Christian culture and traditions; the NAFTA Super Highways that are planned to crisscross our nation; the immense eminent domain taking that will be involved; the attack on private property rights; the...
  • Schlafly Stirs Audience Walkout

    10/16/2007 7:05:10 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 25 replies · 114+ views
    The Harvard Leader ^ | October 16, 2007 | SARAH J. HOWLAND
    Twelve audience members staged a silent walkout yesterday afternoon in the Agassiz Theatre to protest a conservative icon who has, in the past, downplayed the importance of domestic abuse. The demonstration occurred at a speech by Phyllis Schlafly, the woman credited with defeating the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s. Twenty minutes into the lecture on “The Culture War in the Courts,” as Schlafly criticized judges who upheld the right of public school to require programs emphasizing tolerance for homosexuals, the protesters stood up and silently left the room. “It’s important to listen to viewpoints, but there’s a line,”...
  • Poll: Public Wants Illegals to Go Home

    05/25/2007 11:25:37 AM PDT · by PghBaldy · 42 replies · 1,367+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | May 22 | Staff
    WASHINGTON - New polling shows a strong preference for enforcing U.S. Immigration laws that cause illegal aliens to go home. Advocacy groups and even some media outlets have released surveys showing support for legalizing illegals. However, those polls often gave voters a very limited choice between large-scale deportations or "earned legalization," or simply asked about conditional legalization without any alternative. When given the across-the-board enforcement option, with the goal of causing illegals to go home, the public strongly favors the enforcement approach over legalization with conditions. Contrary to the new Senate bill, most Americans want less and not more immigration....
  • Business Week Concedes Globalism Is A Problem

    12/14/2006 4:24:15 PM PST · by Paul Ross · 104 replies · 1,934+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 12/13/2006 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Business Week Concedes Globalism Is A Problem by Phyllis Schlafly, December 13, 2006 Economists, academicians and financial consultants for years have been preaching that globalism is the wave of the future and that anyone who wants to survive in business must ride its surfboard or drown. All of a sudden, Business Week is having second thoughts. This voice of business now says that the United States is no longer the captain of our fate because "globalization has overwhelmed Washington's ability to control the economy." As recently as ten years ago, the United States could set its course for economic...
  • The Race To The Middle For 2008

    12/03/2006 7:47:19 AM PST · by A. Pole · 83 replies · 1,114+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | November 29, 2006 | Phyllis Schlafly
    The best postmortem on the 2006 election came from that perennial politician, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). He said, "People want to know who's on their side. Whether it's health care or wages or retirement issues, they want to have someone on their side." The biggest electoral bloc of the "they" who are seeking friends is the middle class, which includes people variously labeled blue-collar workers, skilled workers, or Reagan Democrats. They are the swing voters, often called the moveables. President Ronald Reagan's victories absolutely depended on their support. But Presidents Bush I and II kicked them away from the Republican...
  • Texas Eagle Forum president: Fight Trans-Texas Corridor, North American Union

    09/27/2006 11:30:11 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 36 replies · 946+ views
    MyWestTexas.com ^ | September 27, 2006 | Ruth Campbell, Midland Reporter-Telegram
    Border security doesn't seem to matter to politicians, there is a move afoot to create a North American Union where the United States, Canada and Mexico would essentially be one market with a single currency -- the "Amero," a top Texas Eagle Forum official said Tuesday. Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams spoke to some 54 people at the Petroleum Club. Formed by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972, the St. Louis, Mo., and Washington, D.C.-based Eagle Forum is pro-family, pro-life group. She said those attending should keep their eye on the 2008 presidential race, ask their state representatives and senators to support...
  • Gay Rights Straightjacket

    08/18/2006 8:12:34 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 26 replies · 982+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | August 18, 2006 | Malcolm A. Kline
    Public schools are spending so much time on gay rights issues that about the only way left for reformers to bring Algebra back to classrooms would be to set up algebraic word problems involving cast members of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. “Just this week, police arrested a middle-school drama teacher in Waltham, Massachusetts for allegedly staging an elaborate production designed to molest male teens by offering them massages from prostitutes, then blindfolding them, donning a wig, and pretending to be the female masseuse,” author Dan Flynn notes on his web site. “On August 10, police arrested another middle-school...
  • Studies in Immigration Injustice

    08/01/2006 8:03:05 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 3 replies · 258+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | July 31, 2006 | Matthew Murphy
    At Accuracy in Academia’s Immigration Forum on Capitol Hill, Jessica Echard of Eagle Forum discussed guest worker programs. “Everyone has tried to distance themselves from the word amnesty,” she explained. Amnesty would give illegal aliens in the United States immunity from U. S. immigration laws they are currently violating. The bill that passed the Senate would allow guest workers into the United States to work free of immigration restrictions that would otherwise be in place, supposedly for finite periods of time. Echard gave the audience questions and “aspects we need to look at” when it comes to the different guest...
  • Another Republican for Education Spending

    06/27/2006 9:27:40 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 6 replies · 244+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | June 26, 2006 | Matthew Murphy
    Although educators usually like to slam GOP officeholders for “draconian budget cuts,” at least one Indiana Republican serving in the U. S. Congress indicates that their anger may be misplaced, if not unwarranted. “More government is now the accepted Republican belief,” Rep. Mike Pence said at the Eagle Forum Summit on June 8th. He then declared, “The era of Big Government Republican is over.” Rep. Pence opened his talk by using the analogy that he used at the 2004 Conservative Political Action Conference. He compared the Republican Party to a boat that is sailing on course. In the past two...
  • Confronting Academic Liberalism

    06/20/2006 7:48:49 AM PDT · by JSedreporter · 6 replies · 790+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | June 16, 2006 | Julia A. Seymour
    Confronting Academic Liberalism by: Julia A. Seymour, June 16, 2006 One sued her university, another was caricatured in her college newspaper, and the third stood up against school administration and would not back down. Conservative student activists are no longer anomalies, rare individuals who stand up to fight against liberalism on their campuses. The Eagle Forum Summit not only drew student activists, it featured several student speakers who have been waging battles for conservatism in Georgia, Virginia and Utah. Ruth Malhotra spoke first about her experiences at Georgia Tech which included being singled out in class and being threatened with...
  • Phyllis Schlafly to Speak at Agnes Scott College (4/27, 7:30 PM)

    04/20/2006 5:39:35 PM PDT · by econnell · 30 replies · 1,243+ views
    ATLANTA (April 19, 2006) – Conservative spokeswoman Phyllis Schlafly will deliver a lecture on “The Failures of Feminism” on Thursday, April 27, at 7:30 p.m. in Presser Hall’s Maclean Auditorium. “We’ve wanted to bring a conservative speaker to campus for a while,” said Mary Szelistowski, chairman of the Agnes Scott College Republicans, which invited Schlafly to speak. “I’ve heard Phyllis Schlafly speak twice within the last four months, and I really enjoyed hearing her, and so we thought that she would be a great match for Agnes Scott.” The ASCR membership totals about 100, with 15-20 active members. The student...
  • Bush is out of touch with GOP regarding illegal immigration

    04/11/2006 7:52:33 AM PDT · by NCSteve · 95 replies · 1,909+ views
    Townhall.com ^ | 4/10/2006 | Phyllis Schlaffly
    Like many teenagers, President George W. Bush dashed off to Cancun for spring break. Protected by a long and impenetrable fence and plenty of security guards, he met privately with the Mexican president and wealthy chief executive officers from both countries. Bush should have gone to the Arizona border where U.S. citizens really need a fence to protect themselves, their children, their animals and their property from the hundreds of illegal immigrants who tramp across their land every night. Bush thus gave the back of his hand to the 88 percent of Republican House Members who voted to secure our...
  • Phyllis Schlafly Was Right

    02/08/2006 2:45:53 PM PST · by Paul Ross · 70 replies · 2,090+ views
    National Review Online ^ | February 8, 2006 | Kathryn Jean Lopez
    February 08, 2006, 7:54 a.m. Phyllis Schlafly Was Right Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review, February 8, 2006The woman has earned a few “I Told You So”s. Most of America's girls typically don't get to celebrate Phyllis Schlafly during "Women's History Month," but they should. Mrs. Schlafly not only had the right idea when she fought the Equal Rights Amendment during the 70s, but predictions she made back then are still accurate today. Schlafly, of course, was head of the National Committee to Stop ERA. And stop it she did — the U.S. Constitution was not amended. She argued that...
  • Is Ken Salazar Colorado's Charlie Rangel?

    02/06/2006 9:53:21 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 11 replies · 947+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | February 6, 2006 | Erik Rush
    Well, it's become quite apparent that U.S. Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) is quickly making a name for himself among the ranks of the slandering, sensationalizing far left. Since I live in Colorado, covered the primaries and election that put Salazar into office, and know some of the principals personally, I thought my take might shed some light onto the underpinnings of this bizarre phenomenon. First, on April 25, 2005, Senator Ken Salazar (affectionately known as "Gollum" by Colorado conservatives) commented that Focus on the Family (FOTF), the organization founded by Dr. James Dobson, has relentlessly and unfairly attacked him. In...
  • Conservatives Demand Nominee in Their Image (Supreme Court Being Declared a RINO-Free Zone)

    10/28/2005 1:15:14 AM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 82 replies · 1,279+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 10/28/2005 | Ralph Z. Hallow
    Conservative leaders who helped force the withdrawal of Harriet Miers said yesterday that President Bush must now appoint someone whose judicial philosophy matches that of the two most conservative justices on the Supreme Court -- and said they would accept nothing less. "We want Bush to fulfill his campaign commitment to give us a nominee like Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas," said Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly. "Conservatives have this old-fashioned notion that candidates should fulfill the promises they made once they get elected."< /SNIP> Yesterday, Mr. Dobson called Miss Miers' withdrawal "a wise decision" and cited news reports of...
  • Young Women Challenge NOW's Campus Turf (NEW challenges NOW)

    09/10/2005 7:57:49 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 18 replies · 1,111+ views
    Women's Enews ^ | 08 September 2005 | Allison Stevens
    It has far fewer campus chapters than NOW, but a fledgling group called NeW is mounting a cultural challenge to the National Organization for Women and joining a growing attack on the progressive culture of U.S. universities. ___ WASHINGTON, D.C. (WOMENSENEWS)--"Out with the NOW, in with the NeW!" That is the motto of the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), a fledgling college group in Virginia that wants to change the campus culture of feminism and challenge the agenda of groups such as the National Organization for Women, which has more than 100 official and unofficial campus chapters in the nation....

    06/16/2005 7:14:52 PM PDT · by Coleus · 50 replies · 4,938+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 06.16.05 | Phyllis Schlafly
    JUST SAY NO TO CAFTA Tell Your Members of Congress to vote NO on CAFTA! The House of Representatives will soon vote on the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. CAFTA is a dangerous power grab that threatens our national sovereignty. It cannot be amended.   What you won't hear about CAFTA CAFTA is only the beginning. The Senate Republican Policy Committee policy paper admits that CAFTA's purpose is "integrating more closely with 34 hemispheric neighbors-thus furthering the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA)." Americans do not...
  • Perry Touts Benefits Of Trans Texas Corridor Plan

    03/15/2005 4:07:39 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 34 replies · 686+ views
    KWTX-TV 10 ^ | March 15, 2005 | KWTX
    Gov. Rick Perry, in satellite interviews with TV stations around the state Monday, said the $184 billion Trans Texas Corridor project is the best solution to the growing congestion on Interstate 35, especially in urban areas."It will take that massive amount of congestion out of city centers," Perry said.Perry's Trans Texas Corridor Plan calls for a 4,000-mile network of transportation corridors that would crisscross the state with separate highway lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks, passenger rail, freight rain, commuter rail and dedicated utility zones for water, natural gas and broadband communications. Click Here For Interactive Map Of Proposed Corridor...
  • Children Made Fatherless By Family Courts

    01/11/2005 8:27:22 PM PST · by Coleus · 4 replies · 482+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 01.12.05 | Phyllis Schlafly
    One impressive vote last November second has been overlooked by the media. By 85 to 15 percent, a ballot initiative in Massachusetts approved equal legal and physical custody of children whose parents are divorced. That ballot initiative is nonbinding, but it certainly is indicative of the will of the people and the growing recognition that children are best off under the care of both parents. The initiative came out of the grassroots with a massive signature-gathering effort during the summer. The proposition appeared on the ballot as follows: "Shall the State Representative from this district be instructed to vote in...
  • Capitol Legislative Academy, Citizen Lobbying, Jefferson City, MO

    12/06/2004 1:46:39 PM PST · by PreviouslyA-Lurker · 30 replies · 622+ views
    Missouri Eagle Forum ^ | Monday, December 6, 2004 (?) | Missouri Eagle Forum
    4th Annual Capitol Legislative Academy Tuesday, January 11, 2005 (please note change of date) 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Jefferson City, Missouri Capitol, House Hearing Room 7 Cost: $12 per person Please RSVP by Friday, January 7th at 636-458-9253 Citizen lobbying for the novice and the experienced. Working lunch and materials included in price. Presented by: Missouri Eagle Forum, Missouri Family Network, Families for Home Education, Concerned Women for America of Missouri and Citizens for Private Property Rights
  • Totalization: Sellout of the American Worker (Bush Admin & Illegal Immigration)

    11/20/2004 7:36:05 PM PST · by nj26 · 158 replies · 4,380+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 11/17/04 | Phyllis Schlafly
    The Democrats are trying to make a campaign issue out of George W. Bush's alleged plan to "privatize" Social Security, scaring seniors into thinking their checks will be cut off. That is a phony issue; all Bush suggests is to offer younger workers the option (not the compulsion) of transferring a very small part of their Social Security benefit into private investments. The real threat to Social Security doesn't come from giving young people this opportunity. The threat comes from the Bush Administration's plan to load illegal aliens into the Social Security system, an idea that would skyrocket costs and...
  • Supreme Court Sides With Pornographers Again

    07/13/2004 10:11:42 AM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 517 replies · 5,732+ views
    eagleforum.org ^ | July 14, 2004 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Do you ever wonder why the internet is so polluted with pornography? The Supreme Court just reminded us why: it blocks every attempt by Congress to regulate the pornographers. From its ivory tower, the Court props open the floodgates for smut and graphic sex. Over the past five years, it has repeatedly found new constitutional rights for vulgarity, most recently invalidating the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). This latest judicial outrage happened on the final day of the Supreme Court term, after which the justices headed out for a long summer break. Lacking teenaged children of their own, the justices...
  • The Constitutionalist Manifesto

    02/09/2004 7:10:22 PM PST · by Coleus · 11 replies · 183+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | 02.08.04 | Virginia C. Armstrong, Ph.D.
    The Constitutionalist Manifesto By: Virginia C. Armstrong, Ph.D. President, Blackstone Institute; Nat'l. Chrm., Eagle Forum's Court Watch Preamble America is engulfed in the fires of a Culture War, and federal judges for fifty years have been whipping the flames to a white-hot heat. Federal courts have usurped the power to define whether we and our loved ones are truly "persons" deserving of constitutional protections, and whether our religious beliefs are "acceptable" to the I.R.S., thus being constitutionally sheltered from destructive taxation. This "imperial judiciary" has also approved the exclusive teaching that all of us are nothing more than animals...
  • "Equipping For the Future" (Eagle Forum of California Third Annual Conference) (Pictures)

    02/07/2004 2:38:04 AM PST · by Syncro · 30 replies · 888+ views
    Eagle Forum of California Third Annual Conference ^ | Feburary 7, 2004 | Phyllis Schlafly
    <p>David Sterling – "Environmental Misinformation" David is an attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation, and former Chief Deputy Attorney General for California. He is an expert on the fraudulent science and scare tactics being used to promote the environmental agenda.</p> <p>Erin Anderson –"Violation of American Borders" Erin’s family owns land close to the Mexican border in Arizona, where she has witnessed personally the devastating effects of thousands of illegals coming across the borders every day. She is a consultant and senior analyst for national security issues.</p>
  • Update on Conservative Club of Rancho Cotate High School, Phyllis Schlafly Challenges Teachers

    02/07/2004 1:48:37 AM PST · by Syncro · 5 replies · 464+ views
    Email alert ^ | Jan 12, 2004 | Orlean Koehle
    Press Release: Santa Rosa, CA January 12, 2004Update on Conservative Club of Rancho Cotate High School Phyllis Schlafly Challenges Liberal Teachers to Debate; the Superintendent Faults the PrincipalBy Orlean Koehle, Eagle Forum of California State President Phyllis Schlafly's name appeared on the front page of the Press Democrat,Santa Rosa, CA, Friday, January 9, with the heading "Phyllis Schlafly Joins Controversy," telling of Phyllis' challenge to debate the liberal teachers who have been giving seventeen-year old Tim Bueler, President and founder of the Conservative Club, the most criticism and opposition. Phyllis will be coming to Santa Rosa to speak at a...
  • High schooler savors becoming a conservative hero

    02/07/2004 1:03:10 AM PST · by Syncro · 58 replies · 353+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | Mon, Jan. 26, 2004 | Rone Tempest
    Posted on Mon, Jan. 26, 2004 High schooler savors becoming a conservative heroBy Rone TempestLOS ANGELES TIMES ROHNERT PARK - Just before the final bell at Rancho Cotate High School on a recent afternoon, a campus supervisor reported to Principal Mitchell Carter on his walkie-talkie: "I'm in position. Subject in view."The focus of the extra security was a lanky, blue-eyed, 17-year-old high school junior, Tim Bueler, whose claims of political harassment by "liberal" students and faculty have made him into something of a youth hero among conservative online bloggers and radio talk show hosts across the country.Since the beginning...
  • Student fights for the right to be 'right' Conservative teen shakes up campus

    02/01/2004 9:21:02 PM PST · by Syncro · 88 replies · 1,147+ views
    San Francisco Cronicle ^ | January 31, 2004 | Peter Fimrite
    <p>Tim Bueler, like many cocksure 17-year-olds, is strident in expressing his political beliefs.</p> <p>And to him, the Republican Party leans too far to the left.</p> <p>That was the spark that launched his Conservative Club at Rancho Cotate High School in the Sonoma County town of Rohnert Park and ignited two months of rhetorical ugliness on campus. It also put him on the conservative talk show circuit, including an appearance Thursday on Fox television's "The O'Reilly Factor."</p>
  • Tensions persist at RP school

    01/31/2004 6:52:47 PM PST · by Syncro · 23 replies · 145+ views
    Santa Rosa Press Democrat ^ | January 31, 2004 | CECILIA M. VEGA
    Tensions persist at RP school January 31, 2004 By CECILIA M. VEGA THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Amanda Clarke, a bubbly 17-year-old who wears a heart-shaped stars-and-stripes pin on her Rancho Cotate High sweat shirt, giggles with one of her best friends about how they used to pass notes to each other in P.E. class. Oscar Gutierrez, a fellow junior who sports a sweat shirt with the colors of the Mexican flag emblazoned on the back, jokes about how he was always a soccer fan before Amanda introduced him to hockey. Lately, the pair hasn't had a lot to laugh about. She...
  • Announcement: Re-elect Justice Steven Wayne Smith to TX Supreme Court

    01/05/2004 11:31:48 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 67 replies · 637+ views
    Smith Reelection Campaign, Email | 01-02-04 | Smith Reelection Campaign
    Re-Elect Justice Steven Wayne Smith Texas Supreme Court, Place 5 ____________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Jan. 2, 2004) CONTACT: David Rogers, Campaign Manager, (512) 923-6188 (Austin) Supreme Court Justice Steven Wayne Smith announces campaign team and supporters Supreme Court Justice Steven Wayne Smith today announced his campaign team and his lengthy and growing current list of prominent conservative and Republican supporters. First among Smith's campaign team is his treasurer, former Congressman and Railroad Commissioner Kent Hance. Hance is a leading Republican activist and contributor. In 1978 , Hance beat political newcomer George W. Bush in a Congressional election -- the only...
  • Marriage Must Be Protected From The Judges

    10/14/2003 3:46:04 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 9 replies · 169+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | Oct. 15, 2003 | Phyllis Schlafly
    President Bush has proclaimed the week of October 12-18 as Marriage Protection Week because it's becoming clearer all the time that the institution of marriage needs protection against battering by the courts. The gay lobbyists have made it clear that their aim is to litigate to get activist judges to accord the status of marriage to same-sex relationships. A public not well informed about the U.S. Constitution, an acquiescent bar, and spineless Members of Congress have for years allowed activist judges to expand their powers at the expense of our elected representatives and in violation of the separation of powers....
  • RadioFR TTONIGHT (Tue) at 7/5 & 10/7! Lori Waters from the Eagle Forum and ON FIRE Tom Adkins!

    10/14/2003 5:03:46 PM PDT · by Bob J · 233+ views
    RadioFreeRepublic ^ | 10-14-03 | Bob j
    Click Here for the RadioFR website! Tonight on Radio FreeRepublic! 8pm/5pm - Chuck Muth Interviews Lori Waters from the Eagle Forum! 10pm/7pm - Tom Adkins is ON FIRE! If you have never listened to Tom, don't miss his show tonight and watch Tom slice and dice liberals! Tom has been called a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage and his shows are always intertaining and informative! Click HERE to listen LIVE while you FReep! HIFI broadband feed HERE! (when available) Would you like to receive a note when RadioFR is on the air? Send an email to radiofreerepublic-subscribe@radioactive.kicks-ass.net!...
  • Bush supports traditional marriage definition in issuing Marriage Protection proclamation

    10/06/2003 6:14:45 PM PDT · by truthandlife · 18 replies · 539+ views
    BP News ^ | 10/6/03
    President Bush has proclaimed Oct. 12-18 as Marriage Protection Week, calling the institution's preservation "essential to the continued strength of our society." The president issued the proclamation Oct. 3, one day after a coalition of 25 evangelical Christian and conservative organizations announced a campaign to preserve marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The effort, campaign leaders said, will begin with Marriage Protection Week and will work toward passage of a constitutional amendment to preserve the biblical and traditional definition of the institution. The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and other organizations formed the coalition...
  • McNeely Says Tactics May Backfire on TX Amendment 12: (AARP, Eagle Forum Oppose It)

    09/07/2003 12:02:59 PM PDT · by Theodore R. · 181+ views
    Austin, TX, American-Statesman ^ | 09-04-03 | McNeely, Dave
    Tactics may backfire on amendment Thursday, September 4, 2003 Texas voters are being hit with mail and television ads for or against Proposition 12, a proposed amendment to the Texas constitution. If it passes Sept. 13, it would allow the Legislature to place limits on noneconomic damages in lawsuits. It also would clear the way for limits in medical malpractice lawsuits that lawmakers have already passed. The fact that the proposed amendment and 21 others will face voters on the second Saturday in September — rather than the traditional first Tuesday after the first Monday in November — was an...
  • Can globalism amend our Constitution?

    08/12/2003 3:06:38 PM PDT · by LibertyAndJusticeForAll · 40 replies · 737+ views
    townhall.com ^ | August 11, 2003 | Phyllis Schlafly
    We live in a global economy, right? But the elites mouthing this mantra haven't shared with the U.S. people the news that globalism not only means open borders for the movement of goods and the migration of peoples, but also textbooks teaching children to be citizens of the world instead of patriots. Globalism also means bending the U.S. Constitution to conform to the opinions of foreigners who pompously enunciate new laws and new human rights. The utterings of these self-important bureaucrats in the United Nations and Europe could be merely matters for TV humor if it were not that U.S....
  • Great Phyllis Schlafly interview

    03/22/2003 9:56:59 PM PST · by mandingo republican · 1 replies · 220+ views
    A great American. I love her because the LEFT and the communists hate her and she is to me what real Americans are all about. She is amazing! http://www.eagleforum.org/radio/audio/SAVE/2003/jan03/ps-c-span.ram
  • Attention all college students and relatives/friends of college students

    03/05/2003 6:06:38 PM PST · by conservativejud · 15 replies · 388+ views
    3-5-03 | Judson Cox
    I am a college student pursuing degrees in economics, journalism and law. Because of the multiple courses of study, I have been in school a few years longer than average. Over the course of my studies, I have been enrolled in four colleges and will soon be in a fifth. In all of this time, I have had many professors. These pedagogues have ranged from the liberal to the marxist, to the downright anarcho/loony. As most of you already know, a moderate professor is rare and a conservative almost unheard of. The leftists control not only the classroom, but through...
  • Are Republican Platforms Worth Fighting For?

    07/28/2002 7:28:52 PM PDT · by Weirdad · 18 replies · 604+ views
    Obtained for fair use via OCR from the paper Texas Eagle Forum TORCH, Summer 2002, Volume 9, Number 4. Check for a web version later at http://texaseagle.org (not available at post time). Are Republican Platforms Worth Fighting For? Excerpts from Phyllis Schlafly's speech to Texas Eagle Forum's 2002 Banquet, 6/6/02 One of the main features of any political convention is adoption of the platform, the statement of our beliefs and goals. A party platform is like the flag soldiers carry into battle. It's the symbol of what we care about and what we think is worth our work and sacrifice....