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  • Save the planet, kill the whales

    12/15/2010 9:21:32 AM PST · by jpf · 11 replies
    my big mouth blog ^ | 12/15/10 | Flood
    I've often imagined what the world would be like if things were different, like for example if Dick Cheney had announced the theory of global warming in 2003. Undetected for decades, NASA scientists had discovered that a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, was warming our planet and posing a threat to our very existence. After a briefing from NASA scientists, the Vice President crawled out of his secret lair to announce the discovery to the world. Dick being Dick, the discovery was reason to immediately begin the construction of 10,000 nuclear power plants across the country, post haste. I'm just wondering...
  • Earth's Core Has Another Layer, Scientists Claim

    12/08/2010 12:01:06 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 64 replies · 1+ views ^ | 12/8/10 | Charles Q. Choi
    What may be a new outermost layer of the Earth's core has been found, geoscientists have revealed. This discovery could help solve mysteries of the planet's magnetic field, researchers say. The Earth's core is composed mainly of iron, divided into a solid inner center roughly 1,500 miles (2,440 kilometers) wide covered by a liquid outer layer about 1,400 miles (2,250 km) thick. Even though the bulk of the core is iron, researchers also knew it contained a small amount of lighter elements such as oxygen and sulfur. As the inner core crystallized over time, scientists think this process forced out...
  • Small (3 Meter) Asteroid to Give Earth a Close Shave (1044pm ET. missing Earth by 24,000 miles)

    11/16/2010 6:21:12 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 47 replies · 1+ views ^ | 11/16/10 | Tariq Malik
    A tiny asteroid will zip close by Earth tonight (Nov. 16) at a range much closer than the moon, but poses no threat of striking our planet or even entering the atmosphere, NASA has announced. The asteroid 2010 WA will pass Earth at 10:44 p.m. EST (0344 GMT), missing the planet by about 24,000 miles (38,000 kilometers), NASA's asteroid-watching team wrote on Twitter. It is nearly 10 feet (3 meters wide), so small it would simply break apart if it encountered Earth's atmosphere. NASA officials said the asteroid is a "very small space rock" that will pass the Earth at...
  • How Long Do You Want to Live?

    10/26/2010 12:58:39 AM PDT · by hawkins · 18 replies
    That Christian Website ^ | 10/26/2010 | Travis Main
    There is a song entitled, “I’ll live in Glory” that is sung at many congregations. Its first line reads “I’d like to stay here longer than man’s allotted days”. The reference is to staying upon the earth. Many people, including myself, have said, “What!” The reason for this response is that we want to go home to God. We are tired of living in a world of sin, jealousies, violence, hatred, and evil. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with this response. It reminds me of the words of Peter regarding Lot and his deliverance from Sodom and Gomorrah: •...
  • Large Swaths of Earth Drying Up, Study Suggests ("evapotranspiration" happens.)

    10/12/2010 12:54:33 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 23 replies
    The soils in large areas of the Southern Hemisphere, including large parts of Australia, Africa and South America, have been drying up in the past decade, a new study finds. The study is the first major one of its kind to look at the movement of water from the land to the atmosphere, called "evapotranspiration," on a global scale. This phenomenon returns about 60 percent of annual precipitation back to the atmosphere, in the process, using more than half of the solar energy absorbed by land surfaces. .. Most climate models have suggested that evapotranspiration would increase with global warming,...
  • Big Green CEOs Earn More Than Climate ‘Deniers’

    10/01/2010 11:09:35 AM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 4 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 9-29-10 | Mark Tapscott
    ...For all environmental nonprofits nationwide, Charity Navigator said the median salary for the top executive is $120,000. In other words, the median salary for the top officials with these 15 groups is $96,720 higher than the regional average for all nonprofits.
  • Are there hidden costs to over-dependence on China? Japan just found out

    09/27/2010 12:05:57 PM PDT · by goldendays · 26 replies ^ | 09/27/2010 | Matthew E. Kahn,
    "China mines 93 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals, and more than 99 percent of the world’s supply of some of the most prized rare earths .. Japan has been the main buyer of Chinese rare earths for many years, using them for a wide range of industrial purposes, like making glass for solar panels. They are also used in small steering control motors in conventional gasoline-powered cars as well as in motors that help propel hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius. American companies now rely mostly on Japan for magnets and other components using rare earth elements, as...
  • The Earth Doesn’t Care About what is done to or for it.

    09/21/2010 3:07:23 PM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 26 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 9-12-2010 | george will
    The cover of The American Scholar quarterly carries an impertinent assertion: “The Earth Doesn’t Care if You Drive a Hybrid.” The essay inside is titled “What the Earth Knows.” What it knows, according to Robert B. Laughlin, co-winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics, is this: What humans do to, and ostensibly for, the earth does not matter in the long run, and the long run is what matters to the earth. We must, Laughlin says, think about the earth’s past in terms of geologic time.
  • My Demands - James Lee (Discovery Channel Gunman) Manifesto

    09/01/2010 4:58:15 PM PDT · by magellan · 32 replies · 3+ views ^ | July 17, 2010 | James Lee
    The Discovery Channel MUST broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet and to do the following IMMEDIATELY: 1. The Discovery Channel and it's affiliate channels MUST have daily television programs at prime time slots based on Daniel Quinn's "My Ishmael" pages 207-212 where solutions to save the planet would be done in the same way as the Industrial Revolution was done, by people building on each other's inventive ideas. Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution. A game...
  • Earth's upper atmosphere shrinking, scientists say

    08/27/2010 11:33:22 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 50 replies
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 8/27/10 | AFP
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – The upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere are unexpectedly shrinking and cooling due to lower ultraviolet radiation from the sun, US scientists said Thursday. The sun's energy output dropped to unusually low levels from 2007 to 2009, a significantly long spell with virtually no sunspots or solar storms, according to scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. During that period, the thermosphere, whose altitude ranges from about 55 to 300 miles (90 to 500 kilometers), shrank and contracted from the sharp drop in ultraviolet radiation, said the study published in the American Geophysical Union's...
  • NASA Photo of the Day: Let There Be Light!

    08/16/2010 4:53:37 PM PDT · by EnjoyingLife · 4 replies ^ | January 3, 2010 | National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    The International Space Station (ISS) was over the North Pacific Ocean (latitude 4.9, longitude -117.0) on January 3, 2010 at 12:27:52 GMT when this spectacular photo was taken by an astronaut aboard the ISS. Via (medium, large, huge)
  • 'Jupiter swallowed planet 10 times the size of Earth'

    08/13/2010 12:01:53 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 36 replies · 1+ views
    Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, might have gained its dominant position after swallowing up a smaller planet, scientists believe. Studies on Jupiter have revealed that the giant planet, which is more than 120 times bigger than the Earth, has an extremely small core that weighs just two to 10 Earth masses. Now scientists have claimed that Jupiter's core might have been vaporised in huge collision with a planet up to ten times the size of Earth, the New Scientist reported. Researchers led by by Shu Lin Li of Peking University in China have modelled what might have...
  • Arctic rocks shed light on ancient Earth's inner workings

    08/12/2010 4:26:56 PM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 16 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | August 12, 2010 | Amina Khan
    Geochemists studying Arctic rocks say they have found evidence of ancient rock from the interior of the Earth that is nearly as old as the planet itself. Such material gives scientists an idea of what the mineral structure of the inner Earth used to look like billions of years ago and may force them to adjust their theories about the evolution of the planet's structure over the eons, said Matthew Jackson, a geochemist at Boston University and lead author of the paper.
  • Abandon Earth or Face Extinction, Stephen Hawking Warns

    08/09/2010 8:53:02 AM PDT · by Scythian · 255 replies · 1+ views
    It's time to abandon Earth, warned the world's most famous theoretical physicist. In an interview with website Big Think, Stephen Hawking warned that the long-term future of the planet is in outer space. "It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn't have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet," he said. "I see great dangers for the human race," Hawking said. "There have been a number of times in the past when its survival has been a question...
  • Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth

    08/03/2010 5:55:47 PM PDT · by Bad~Rodeo · 55 replies · 279+ views ^ | August 03, 2010
    Earth is bracing for a cosmic tsunami Tuesday night as tons of plasma from a massive solar flare head directly toward the planet. The Sun's surface erupted early Sunday morning, shooting a wall of ionized atoms directly at Earth, scientists say. It is expected to create a geomagnetic storm and a spectacular light show -- and it could pose a threat to satellites in orbit, as well.
  • Nasa scientists braced for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth

    08/02/2010 5:25:07 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 31 replies · 38+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 8/2/2010 | Andrew Hough
    Earth could be hit by a wave of violent space weather as early as Tuesday after a massive explosion of the sun, scientists have warned. Sunspot 1092 may combine with a large filament of cool gas stretching across the sun's northern hemisphere to produce interference with communication systems on Earth The solar fireworks at the weekend were recorded by several satellites, including Nasa’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory which watched its shock wave rippling outwards. Astronomers from all over the world witnessed the huge flare above a giant sunspot the size of the Earth, which they linked to even larger eruption...
  • Space Weather Turns into an International Problem

    07/18/2010 10:39:47 PM PDT · by george76 · 19 replies · 1+ views
    nasa ^ | July 16, 2010 | : Dr. Tony Phillips
    Sometimes a problem is so big, one country cannot handle it alone. That's the message scientists are delivering at today's International Living with a Star (ILWS) meeting in Bremen, Germany, and representatives from more than 25 of the world's most technologically-advanced nations have gathered to hear what they have to say. "The problem is solar storms—figuring out how to predict them and stay safe from their effects," says ILWS Chairperson Lika Guhathakurta of NASA headquarters. "We need to make progress on this before the next solar maximum arrives around 2013." The sun and Earth are separated by 93 million miles...
  • Earth is much younger than previously thought

    07/18/2010 11:53:54 AM PDT · by Abin Sur · 31 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | July 11, 2010 | Richard Gray
    Researchers have calculated that the planet could have taken far longer to form following the birth of the solar system 4.567 billion years ago than scientists have previously believed. By comparing chemical isotopes from the Earth's mantle with those from meteorites, geologists at the University of Cambridge claim the planet reached its current size around 4.467 billion years ago. Scientists have in the past estimated that the Earth's development, a process known as accretion where gas, dust and other material clumped together to form the planet, happened over just 30 million years. But the new research suggests this process may...
  • Texas Canyons Highlight Geologic Evidence for Catastrophe

    07/10/2010 5:35:51 PM PDT · by lasereye · 14 replies
    Institution for Creation Research ^ | July 8, 2010 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    In the summer of 2002, record rainfall in the Texas Hill Country overfilled Canyon Lake. Water coursed over the top of its dam and carved huge, steep-walled canyons through the limestone bedrock downstream. The scoured riverbed, now called Canyon Lake Gorge, is over a mile long and has been cordoned off for scientific study. After studying the area for the last eight years, scientists are now making the same kinds of conclusions about rapid, catastrophic processes having sculpted the earth that creation geologists have been teaching for decades. In a paper published in Nature Geoscience, geologists Michael Lamb and Mark...
  • Complex, Multicellular Life from Over Two Billion Years Ago Discovered

    07/06/2010 2:59:07 AM PDT · by jerry557 · 77 replies · 6+ views
    The discovery in Gabon of more than 250 fossils in an excellent state of conservation has provided proof, for the first time, of the existence of multicellular organisms 2.1 billion years ago. This finding represents a major breakthrough: until now, the first complex life forms (made up of several cells) dated from around 600 million years ago. ---snip--- By studying the sedimentary structures of this site, the scientists have shown that these organisms lived in a shallow marine environment (20 to 30 meters), often calm but periodically subjected to the combined influence of tides, waves and storms. In order to...