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  • Obama Regime Strips Redskins Trademark

    06/18/2014 3:18:08 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 12 replies ^ | 6/18/14 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I want you to imagine the federal government eliminating your private property rights due to the interpretation of political correctness by five people, or a very tiny minority of people. The tiny minority of people are ostensibly, they say, offended by something that you own. Imagine an agency of the federal government, without any proper adjudication before any sort of court, tribunal, or what have you, just comes along and, on their own whim, decides to eliminate your private property rights. Because of interpretation of political correctness, because they're liberals, because they're statists and authoritarians and assigned...
  • Disturbing Elements in the NBC/WSJ Poll

    06/18/2014 3:09:53 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 1 replies ^ | 6/18/14 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: The NBC News/Washington Post poll. It is indeed very bad for Obama, but it's irrelevant. The poll means nothing to Obama. His presidency is not over. It's just getting started. I say this because Obama is operating unilaterally. He doesn't have to face voters anymore. The lame duck analogy doesn't apply to Obama. Mostly when a president reaches lame duck status, it's usually meant to be that he's powerless. But that doesn't apply here to Obama. His lame duck status simply means: The fact that he doesn't have to face the voters anymore means there's no reason...
  • Don't Panic, Drive-Bys! The Obama Presidency is Just Getting Started

    06/18/2014 2:39:41 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 3 replies ^ | 6/18/14 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: So I got in here today, and I got a flash e-mail: "Hey, Rush, I know you've got a ban on MSNBC, but F. Chuck Todd said that the Obama presidency is over. It's done. It's fini because of the latest NBC News/Washington Post poll." I'm sad to say that F. Chuck Todd is wrong. In fact, the correct way to look at the Obama administration is that it's just now getting started. It is in no way over. It is in no way crumbling. It may be in public opinion, but that doesn't matter. I will...
  • Take Note, GOP: Obama Drops with Hispanics

    06/18/2014 2:50:37 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 21 replies ^ | 6/18/14 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I want to go back to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll for one little tidbit of additional information that was not imparted by F. Chuck Todd. However, it could be one of the reasons he's so despondent. Washington Examiner dug deep. "Hispanics Help Drive President Obama's Approval Rating to a Fresh Low." Hispanics. Now, remember, the conventional wisdom in Washington is the Republicans had better adopt the policies of the Democrats so that they get some Hispanic support so that they can win some elections again. And if they don't do that, it's sayonara -- or...
  • Irrelevant? Obama Declares Your Host His #1 Obstacle as EIB Inks Deal with Cumulus,

    08/23/2013 11:42:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    Rush ^ | August 23, 2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: So I got in here at the usual time after working very early this morning, late into last night on show prep and stuff, and at about ten o'clock I get an e-mail from Greta Van Susteren, and I thought, "No, no, no, no, I just did her show. She can't be asking me back." And it wasn't that. Her e-mail was, "Man, oh, man, do you live rent free in Obama's head." And I said, "What's this?" So I read further, and she just assumed that I knew what she was talking about, and I didn't,...
  • WH Tried to Interfere with WaPo´s NSA Story

    08/16/2013 6:42:04 PM PDT · by Nachum · 74 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 8/16/13 | Elizabeth Sheld
    The Washington Post´s article detailing the fourth amendment abuses by the NSA got some push back from the administration who attempted to "edit" the article before publication. The internal audit referenced in the article was obtained by the WaPo from Edward Snowden. The details of the audit indicated repeated and growing privacy violations by the NSA, violations which included obtaining thousands of American citizen´s communications records and using methods of information collection that were later deemed unconstitutional by a court. The Post was able to interview John Delong, NSA director of compliance for the article and they were initially
  • A Rare Rush Reflection on 25 Years

    08/01/2013 4:34:11 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | August 1, 2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first day of the 26th year of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, a network named after the talent and ability of the host. That comment dedicated to all 24- and 25-year-old women. The door just opened (with staff entering). I thought we'd already done everything. It's the 25th anniversary of the Excellence in Broadcasting. August 1st of 1988 is when this program began on a national scale. (Staff singing Happy Anniversary to Rush.) Thank you all very much. Ah, that is a gorgeous looking "macaroni" cake. That is gorgeous. The whole...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show, Mon-Fri, 12NOON-3PM EST, WABC-AM, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    06/18/2013 8:55:07 AM PDT · by carriage_hill · 117 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | Tuesday, June 18, 2013
    Subbing for Biggirl...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show, Mon-Fri, 12NOON-3PM EST, WABC-AM, Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    06/11/2013 8:37:54 AM PDT · by carriage_hill · 76 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | 6/11/2013 | Rush Limbaugh
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  • The Truth About Unemployment

    03/08/2013 2:07:26 PM PST · by Evil Slayer · 3 replies ^ | 3/8/13 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I played for you, an hour ago, a three-minute sound bite from my television show 1995 illustrating how Democrats use scare tactics to get everybody to agree with growing the budget and expanding government... By the way, this is a challenge for me. The Democrats are talking about what a great era the Clinton era was. They tell us now, when they want to come and raise taxes, "Well, look, let's go back to Clinton-era taxes. We had an economic boom and everything was great back then!" Of course, we played sound bites, a sound bite from...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show, Mon-Fri, 12NOON-3PM EST, WABC AM, January 24, 2013.

    01/24/2013 8:34:32 AM PST · by carriage_hill · 121 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | January 24, 2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    Call The Rush Limbaugh Show program line between 12noon and 3pm Eastern Time, at: 1-800-282-2882 E-mail Rush: Fax Rush at: 212-445-3963 Write a letter to Rush and mail it to: The Rush Limbaugh Show, 1270 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 Join This Ping List Now! Click Here To Join this Ping List! ___ Subbing for Biggirl, IMissPresidentReagan, rightwingintelligentsia ___
  • Media Shocked by Voter Reaction to Debate

    10/23/2012 12:13:47 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 34 replies ^ | 10/23/12 | Rush Limgaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: To the audio sound bites! This morning on CBS This Morning, I have a portion here of National Correspondent Dean Reynolds' report on a panel of undecided Ohio voters who watched last night's debate and what they got from it. Now, you can't see it, obviously. This is radio. But Norah O'Donnell's face in this sound bite is priceless. These people cannot believe what they are hearing. What we have here is an undecided Ohio voter on this panel, Norah O'Donnell and the cohost Charlie Rose. And they start off here with Dean Reynolds, who is a...
  • Who Met with Bob Schieffer Today?

    10/22/2012 4:12:52 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 22 replies
    RushLimbaugh,com ^ | 10/22/12 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: My question, who from the Obama team is meeting with Bob Schieffer today? Why would I ask? Because I think somebody from the Obama team met with Candy Crowley and reminded her -- see, if you go back, if you look, two weeks before the debate, Candy Crowley herself knew that Obama did not call Benghazi a terror attack, and then somebody, two weeks before the debate, called her attention to the fact that he had and gave her that transcript. I watched the debate, and Romney hears Obama say that he called it a terror attack,...
  • Slums, drugs, and spousal abuse..The sordid tale of Claire McCaskill

    10/20/2012 7:19:56 PM PDT · by katiedidit1 · 30 replies
    Red State ^ | 10/20/2012 | Jeff Emanuel
    The domestic violence in Shepard’s past is both shocking and repulsive in detail. On February 15, 1998, police were called to then-Mrs. Shepard’s house (the couple had been separated since June of the previous year) by a girlfriend. According to the police report (.pdf file), Mrs. Shepard said of her husband: Read on. Joseph entered my home. I told him to leave. He came up to me looking angry. I put my hands up to protect my breasts as they are sore (cancer). He has hit me before in the breast. He grabbed my wrist and arm and pushed me...
  • Will Obama Pull an October Surprise?

    10/19/2012 12:34:21 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 68 replies ^ | 10/19/12 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Doug in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir. CALLER: Hello, Rush. This is truly an honor. RUSH: I appreciate that, sir. CALLER: I just want to throw this out. I expect Obama to try to pull something, and I want to know: Is he gonna try to pull something like foreign policy-wise before the debate on Monday, like a possible attack on Iran? RUSH: People have been thinking he would do something like that sometime this month. That would appear very suspicious, timing-wise. With this guy, anything's possible, but the way I'm looking at it honestly here, Doug, I...
  • Why Obama Didn't Bring Up the 47%

    10/05/2012 12:41:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies
    Rush ^ | October5, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Now, the 47% comment. I want to go back to the debate for a second because I had a brilliant take on it yesterday. Everybody's now admitting that I had a brilliant take. After 18 hours of intense news cycle coverage, I, El Rushbo, nevertheless had the unique take on the debate, what it meant, and the long-term ramifications of it. What it really was all about and why Obama was so bad? I had to answer. And it was none of these fake excuses that his lapdogs are coming up with to explain it and justify...
  • Where is All the Election Signage?

    10/02/2012 3:53:26 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 70 replies ^ | 10/2/12 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: People are sending me e-mails, folks. I got a note from a guy who was just in Washington. He said he couldn't find any evidence that there's a presidential campaign there. He didn't find any Obama signs. He didn't find any Obama bumper stickers. (Not much on Romney, either.) I got a story here from the Raleigh News & Observer: "At UNC-Chapel Hill, Finding Volunteers for Obama Campaign is Harder This Time." Four years ago here in south Florida where we live, there were college kids all over the place carrying Obama signs and passing out Obama...
  • The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Monday, September 17, 2012

    09/17/2012 8:07:32 AM PDT · by IMissPresidentReagan · 53 replies
    The EiB Network ^ | 09/17/2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke. . . it is time for . . . that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-the-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, serving humanity simply by showing up, and he’s not retiring until every American agrees with him, do NOT doubt him, with shrieks of joy at the mere mention of his name...
  • Ex-Limbaugh sponsor says dropping show during Fluke controversy hurt company (carbonite)

    08/14/2012 3:43:00 PM PDT · by spankalib · 57 replies
    On August 1 Carbonite released its 2d Quarter 2012 results, the first full quarter after dropping Limbaugh in March. The results shocked Wall Street, as Carbonite did not meet its growth targets, causing multiple analysts to drop the target price. The stock dropped 15% in a day.
  • Rush Just Said It: Obama Is "Economically Illiterate" (vanity)

    08/03/2012 9:39:42 AM PDT · by OrangeHoof · 32 replies
    Rush Limbaugh Show | 08-03-12 | OrangeHoof
    I've used this phrase for about a year and now Rush Limbaugh has said it to millions: Barack Obama is economically illiterate.
  • LIBERTY (Quotation: Rush Limbaugh Contrasts Conservatism from Liberalism)

    06/30/2012 3:33:46 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 4 replies
    Rush Limbaugh | Rush Limbaugh
    LIBERTY “[I]t’s hideous what liberalism does to the human spirit, it attempts to destroy it, even to the point of making enemies out of people who have achieved something, out of people who have become successful... Conservatism, on the other hand, doesn’t seek to control anybody. Conservatism seeks to liberate. Conservatism believes that the human being, the United States of America citizen, is capable of anything he or she wants. Conservatism believes in the goodness and the greatness and the potential... in every human being and wants to get as much out of the way in terms of obstacles as...
  • What Obama Will Say if Obamacare Loses

    04/04/2012 2:53:32 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 22 replies ^ | 4/4/12 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Frank in Salt Lake City. You're up first. Great to have you on the program. Hi. CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you? RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you. CALLER: Good. I've been listening to you since the mid-eighties when I used to take my kids fishing on the Sacramento River. RUSH: Wow. Yeah, you are a lifer. CALLER: Well, listen, here's my comment. I believe that what Obama has done here is light the fuse to question the Constitution. He's done it through the mechanism of going after the Supreme Court and questioning the Supreme Court's authority...
  • ‘Talkers’ magazine publisher: Limbaugh likely ‘has the biggest audience he’s had in years’

    03/14/2012 8:11:49 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 20 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | March 14, 2012 | Caroline May
    There has been no measure of his listenership since the Fluke flap. But nonpartisan radio expert Michael Harrison told The Daily Caller that Limbaugh’s numbers likely are going nowhere but up — despite the anti-Limbaugh push. Harrison is founder and publisher of Talkers magazine, the industry’s leading trade journal. According to Harrison, even if all the publicity is negative, it is a “good bet that Rush is enjoying pretty high ratings” last week and going into this week. “The irony is that he probably right now has the biggest audience he’s had in years, and the double irony of all...
  • Electability and Qualifications: Don't Be Imprisoned by the Perceptions of Others

    01/06/2012 3:38:42 PM PST · by Evil Slayer · 9 replies ^ | 1/6/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Grass Lake, Michigan; that's next, and Shelly. It's great to have you on the program. Hi. CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Michigan. RUSH: Thank you. CALLER: I was listening yesterday and getting increasingly frustrated with a lot of people calling in to support Romney but they seem to have a short-term memory when it comes to the behavior of the press just prior to the national election in the fact that we saw the press systematically support John McCain. They praised him for being a "maverick," going against his party. He was all buddy-buddy with the...
  • The Final Days of the Incandescent Light Bulb

    12/09/2011 6:07:38 PM PST · by Evil Slayer · 137 replies ^ | 12/09/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: In three weeks and one day the 100-watt incandescent light bulb will be illegal. In three weeks and one day it will be illegal to sell a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. And who did this? The federal government. The federal government, under the auspices of a hoax, mankind global warming. You know, I've been staying in a lot of hotels lately, been doing a little traveling, and hotels are like a lot of other businesses, they just run scared of any regulatory agency. Nobody stands up to regulatory agency, and you can understand it. So you walk...
  • GOP Race Has Become Search for Perfect Candidate (Doesn't Exist and Isn't Necessary to Beat Obama)

    11/30/2011 4:49:04 PM PST · by Evil Slayer · 45 replies ^ | 11/30/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I haven't shared with you my thoughts on this Herman Cain situation, the latest. (sigh) Well, this is a frustrating thing. In fact the entire circus that is now... Well, it's now becoming a circus. This whole Republican race, it doesn't matter where you go -- I don't care what website you go to, I don't care what network you tune in -- all we're hearing is all the shortcomings of all of these people. I don't care if it's Herman Cain or Bachmann or Romney or Newt, all we're hearing is their shortcomings. The headlines are,...
  • The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    11/23/2011 8:55:15 AM PST · by Enterprise · 132 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | 10-23-11 | Rush Limbaugh
    Quick bicycle drive by posting.
  • Newt Schools Debate Moderators

    11/10/2011 3:10:30 PM PST · by Evil Slayer · 69 replies ^ | 11/10/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I want to get a couple sound bites in, otherwise Cookie's gonna resign. I'm gonna pick a couple of Newt just letting the media have it. I love these. This is during the debate. Jim Cramer, who escaped from the zoo to moderate the debate said, "Speaker Gingrich, do you think that companies can both be profitable and be able to create jobs? You think that's a dichotomy?" This why I'm asking, "How did he get out of the zoo?" Do you think a company could be profitable and create jobs? Even if this is a trick...
  • Pearls of Wisdom

    10/04/2011 3:40:34 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer ^ | 10/4/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    "Major news organizations are reporting that Governor Christie is going to say again that he is not running. This will leave Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard stranded at the altar once again." "Government doesn't have any money until it goes and gets it from other people." "The Durbin amendment was tacked onto the already stupid Dodd-Frank bill at the last minute and that's what caused these debit card fees to increase at Bank of America in the first place. So if you object to this new $5 fee, your real target should be to send Dick Durbin home." "I...
  • Don't Let the Left Pick Our Nominee

    10/03/2011 3:04:35 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 13 replies ^ | 10/3/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: No, we don't have the audio of what Herman Cain said to Christiane Amanpour. I just want to tell you what he said 'cause I got some e-mails, "Why are you getting so exorcised about this?" The reason I'm getting so exorcised about it is -- and I will admit I'm exorcised about it -- is not to criticize Herman Cain. Our guys are gonna have to learn at some point how to deal with these people. We're gonna have to stop going on their shows if we're not gonna know how to deal with them. When you are...
  • A Preview of the GOP Debate

    09/22/2011 3:41:13 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 13 replies ^ | 9/22/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Harlingen, Texas, this is Regan. Regan, you're next. Great to have you with us. Hi. CALLER: Hi, Rush. My name is Reagan, like the president. RUSH: Oh, I'm sorry. CALLER: Yes. Home-school fighting Texas Aggie dittos. This whole thing with the in-state tuition for illegals has been mischaracterized. The bill states that in order to get in-state tuition, you have to have first applied for citizenship; and that's in there because the United States Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to deny public education to illegal aliens. RUSH: Mmm-hmm. That's right. CALLER: And it was passed by over...
  • Alfred E. Neuman Goes to the UN

    09/21/2011 5:00:25 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 39 replies ^ | 9/21/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I was just sent a Web link to a hilarious picture of Obama taken with world leaders. Obama committing a major faux pas. You're never supposed to wave in these pictures because you end up covering somebody's face. I just printed it. I'll send the link to Koko, but I won't have time to do that until the next break and we'll link to it at In the meantime, let me take the Dittocam off and zoom in on this. You're gonna have to watch the zoom while I zoom in on this, getting close, scanning...
  • Another Offensive Obama Speech: The Warren Buffett Tax Hike Plan

    09/19/2011 2:08:20 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 10 replies ^ | 9/19/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Well, folks, did you hear President Obama's... what was that? It was a teleprompter campaign speech in the Rose Garden. There was an audience there, but they didn't applaud until it was all over. I don't know what we're dealing with here. In terms of stability, this was bold, bald-face lying to the American people, compounded on top of lies I don't think I even saw during the Clinton years. This today was just very troublesome, worrisome. He raised more straw men in one stump speech -- and that's what this was, a campaign stump speech --...
  • The Lessons of the NY-9 Election

    09/14/2011 2:29:05 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 6 replies ^ | 9/14/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: It's a tough district for Democrats, folks, we all have to realize this. They've held that seat for 93 years. It's a tough place for 'em. New York 9, very, very tough place. That Debbie "Washerwoman" Schultz, head of the Democrat National Committee said that, a very tough district for the Democrats. Feeling sorry for 'em today. How are you, folks? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh, you talk about having an itch and unable to scratch it but today I can. Great to have you here, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. All during this...
  • Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now! Bam is "Debt Man Walking" in 2012

    08/08/2011 1:43:36 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 18 replies ^ | 8/8/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Does anybody now doubt that this is on purpose? I mean, after all, Barack Obama inherits a AAA credit rating from George W. Bush, and look what he does to it. Obama is always running around complaining and whining and moaning about all that he inherited from George W. Bush. Well, he inherited a AAA credit rating, an unemployment rate of 5.7%. Does anybody doubt that this is on purpose? Well, look, my credit rating doesn't suck. There are a lot of individual Americans whose credit ratings aren't in trouble. The United States has never been in...
  • Democrats Call Conservatives Hostage Takers, Villains, Terrorists -(remember O's civility speech?)

    07/29/2011 3:39:27 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 7 replies ^ | 7/29/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: So this Politico piece. Maybe it's an opinion piece. I said it was a news story, because it's bylined. But it may well be a column. The headline is "The Tea Party's Terrorist Tactics." Before I get to this, let me show you what a coordinated thing this is. We have a media montage of Democrats (no media in here) talking about the Tea Party. Listen. STENY HOYER: (rotunda noise) The Republicans are holding hostage the credit of the United States of America. DEBBIE "BLABBERMOUTH" SCHULTZ: ...our Republican colleagues to hold our economy hostage. DINGY HARRY: The...
  • Rush Limbaugh Show Thread,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,WABCAM,EDT, Friday 29,2011

    07/29/2011 9:03:32 AM PDT · by Enterprise · 184 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | 7-29-11 | Enterprise
    Let's Roll!
  • The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    07/06/2011 8:47:42 AM PDT · by Enterprise · 141 replies · 1+ views
    The EIB Network ^ | 7-6-11 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke. . . it is time for . . . that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-the-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, serving humanity simply by showing up, and he’s not retiring until every American agrees with him, do NOT doubt him, with shrieks of joy at the mere mention of his name...
  • Malcontent Caller #1: Walter Explains His Support for Obama (fear the future)

    05/24/2011 3:10:53 PM PDT · by Libloather · 19 replies
    Rush Limbaugh .com ^ | 5/24/11 | The Maha
    Malcontent Caller #1: Walter Explains His Support for ObamaMay 24, 2011 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Okay, we have some "malcontents" on the phone, Snerdley tells me. You described them as "malcontents." All right, well, we're gonna start with one. Walter in Edgewater, New Jersey. Great to have you, sir. You're malcontent number one on the EIB Network. CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Yeah, just a quick question: If President Obama if doin' such a bad job, then why are a lot of Republican candidates droppin' out or don't want to run against him? Don't they care about the country? RUSH: Uh, the...
  • How to Understand Rush Limbaugh

    02/02/2011 5:56:20 AM PST · by My hearts in London - Everett · 74 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | February 2011 | Wilfred M. McClay
    One of the many strategic errors made by the Obama administration in the early days of 2009 was its decision to take on talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh—though it was, perhaps, hard to blame the president and his people for trying. After all, they were riding the wave of a big electoral win and feeling pretty invincible, with large majorities in both houses of Congress and a messiah in the White House, and Limbaugh had just stunned the country, days before Obama was inaugurated, by summarizing his feelings about the new president in four simple words: “I hope he fails.” Limbaugh...
  • Rush Limbaugh Mocks Bill O’Reilly In Book

    05/25/2010 7:19:26 AM PDT · by raptor22 · 65 replies · 2,317+ views
    The Hill ^ | May 25, 2010 | Christina Wilkie
    In a new biography on sale Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh calls fellow conservative talk show host Bill O’Reilly a “Ted Baxter” — after the fictional character on the “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” who was portrayed as a vain, shallow, buffoonish TV newsman. “Sorry but somebody’s gotta say it,” Limbaugh is quoted as saying in Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One by Zev Chafets. At press time, O’Reilly had yet to respond to the comment.
  • Rush Becomes an Issue in the Race to Fill Obama's Senate Seat

    05/11/2010 4:24:36 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 579+ views ^ | May 11, 2010 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: So this guy running for the Senate, Mr. Kirk, has got to explain why he joined Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Giannoulias, you Democrats need to explain why you are siding against the American people, from the administration on down. Speaking of Elena Kagan, there's some incredible things about her in the news. This is from Investor's Business Daily. I know he needs to explain to voters how his family's bank failed and where the money went, but no he doesn't, because in Chicago everybody expects a Democrat to be corrupt. It's the stupid ones that get caught...
  • 'Obama's Katrina': an Illustrated Timeline

    05/02/2010 12:16:54 PM PDT · by Matchett-PI · 341 replies · 5,328+ views
    Directorblueblogspot ^ | May 01, 2010 | Doug Ross
    20 April 2010: An oil rig rented and operated by BP in the Gulf of Mexico explodes, killing 11 workers. 21 April 2010: All 115 workers are evacuated from the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig. 22 April 2010: The Deepwater Horizon collapses into the sea and sinks. 22 April 2010: President Obama delivers a speech on Wall Street to advocate more government intervention in the country's financial sector, but offers no reforms for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, which helped precipitate the 2008 meltdown. He also delivers a speech regarding the contributions of Earth Day to environmental awareness. Meanwhile, 200,000...
  • Defending Against Enemies Domestic

    03/30/2010 5:08:26 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 26 replies · 1,257+ views ^ | March 30, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Homeland Security: Forget about foreign jihadists getting nukes or planting bombs in their underwear. The real enemies, some say, are domestic militia groups who play at war and those nasty Tea Party racists. The raid on a Michigan militia group accused of plotting war against the government will no doubt feed into the arguments of those who claim in the wake of health reform that the vast right-wing conspiracy is not only angry, but armed and dangerous. According to an Associated Press report, "Authorities said the arrests underscored the dangers of homegrown right-wing extremism of the sort seen in the...
  • (Rush) Limbaugh Vows to Leave US Over Health Care

    03/09/2010 2:13:29 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 57 replies · 851+ views
    AOL News ^ | March 9, 2010 | David Knowles
    Limbaugh Vows to Leave US Over Health Care (March 9) -- Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has thrown down the gauntlet. If the U.S. Congress passes health care reform, Limbaugh will leave the country to receive his medical treatment. Specifically, Limbaugh told a caller that he envisions traveling to Costa Rica should the government, through a federal program costing upwards of $1 trillion, expand health care coverage to approximately 30 million Americans who are currently uninsured. Costa Rica, as it happens, offers universal heath care to all of its residents. Limbaugh's guarantee is but the latest variation of what...

    02/05/2010 11:11:12 AM PST · by Ronbo1948 · 50 replies · 1,609+ views
    The Freedom Fighter's Journal ^ | February 5, 2010 | Ronbo
    Rush Limbaugh shoots another round at Leftist Political Correctness.
  • Video: Rush Rips Political Use Of Haiti Disaster

    01/14/2010 2:11:15 PM PST · by careyb · 11 replies · 1,016+ views
    EIB ^ | 1/14/10 | Rush
    Liberals won't like this one bit.
  • Limbaugh: Five Years Later, Ebryonic Stem Cells Have Failed To Cure Anything

    01/13/2010 3:23:17 PM PST · by raptor22 · 18 replies · 1,318+ views ^ | January 13, 2009 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Oh. "Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed. California's Proposition 71 was intended to create a $3 billion West Coast counterpart to the National Institutes of Health, empowered to go where the NIH could not — either because of federal policy or funding restraints on biomedical research centered on human embryonic stem cells. Supporters of the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, passed in 2004, held out hopes of imminent medical miracles that...
  • Annual - How has Rush Affected your life?

    01/01/2010 10:10:48 AM PST · by ODDITHER · 62 replies · 1,111+ views
    1/1/2010 | Freepers
    Once a year I like to find out how fellow freepers came to become members of Because of the curtain situation with Rush's health I thought we could all ruminate on how he has affected our lives. I was always conservative, however I felt that I was in a tiny minority and kept my political views to myself. The main stream media had convinced me that I was in the minority. The day after Clinton was elected, I was in the car searching for news about the election and found Rush. I became hooked from that day forward. Rush...
  • Is Rush out of the hospital?

    01/01/2010 9:59:22 AM PST · by GoCards · 88 replies · 2,992+ views
    Has anyone heard anything? Still worried.