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  • NBC4 Investigation: Possible Terror Evidence In Robbery Probe?

    07/15/2005 12:37:43 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 179 replies · 3,555+ views
    NBC4 ^ | Friday, July 15, 2005 | ANA GARCIA (REPORTER)
    During the raid to arrest two robbery suspects at a local apartment, police said officers uncovered details of a possible terrorist cell, with alleged plans for an attack in the Southland. Images In an exclusive investigation, Channel 4 News has learned more about the two suspects under investigation by the FBI's counter terrorism task force and an alleged plot that targeted several prominent locations in the Los Angeles area.ANA GARCIA (REPORTER): Is it possible that an Islamic Prison Gang with possible links to Middle Eastern operatives were planning to blow up these targets? El Al Airlines at LAXIsraeli Consulate On...
  • Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause chaos on flight to Israel

    09/25/2014 11:57:16 AM PDT · by redreno · 18 replies ^ | 09/25/2014 | By David Millward
    An El-Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv was turned into an “11-hour nightmare” after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women. According to those on board the flight descended into chaos because of their demands. The flight was full with Israelis, secular, orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews – known as Haredim – flying home to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Even though the passengers had been pre-assigned seats before boarding, the ultra-Orthodox Jews refused to accept the arrangements because their beliefs required that men and women were segregated
  • Shouting Austrian Forces Munich Flight to Land

    06/06/2014 4:55:10 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 14 replies
    The Local ^ | 06 Jun 2014
    An Austrian man caused mayhem on an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Munich on Thursday, when he started shouting about terror attacks and bombs. Two men shot in Munich beer garden (27 May 14) Firefighters rescue man from women’s jail (23 May 14) Cheap flights get pricier as airlines expand (24 Apr 14) The 25-year-old man, from Tyrol, had to be restrained and the Boeing 737 made an emergency landing in Sofia, Bulgaria. About two hours into the flight the man jumped up and started shouting: "Here are the terrorists, we have a bomb! You’ll all be blown...
  • Turkey’s ban on Israeli flights could bring down El Al

    12/01/2013 8:27:47 AM PST · by aimhigh · 16 replies
    The Times of Israel ^ | 11/28/13 | Raphael ahren
    More than a month after El Al sent a furious letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complaining that Turkey was monopolizing the highly lucrative route between Israel and Turkey by banning Israeli airlines, Jerusalem has done nothing to change the outrageous situation, the airline’s CEO told The Times of Israel. Failure to tackle the issue could prove so costly as to bring down El Al, he said. . . . Air traffic between Israel and Turkey has soared by over 150 percent since the 2010 Gaza flotilla episode sent bilateral ties hurtling into the abyss. But only Turkey is benefiting...
  • Fearing Terror Attacks, El Al Halts Eilat Flights

    11/07/2013 4:36:34 PM PST · by Former Fetus · 7 replies
    El Al Airlines will no longer fly to Eilat because of safety concerns over new flight paths. The airline said Tuesday that it was canceling its night flights to Eilat. Two months ago, El Al said it was halting its daytime flights to the southern resort city. The decision on the night flights will go into effect in two weeks, when the routes changed for daytime hours will go into effect for nighttime hours as well. "The Civil Aviation Authority announced that it is changing the route of night flights as of Nov. 18 to a route which El Al...
  • Hackers Land on El Al, Haaretz and Dan -- But Not for Long

    01/26/2012 2:08:17 AM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 1 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 25/1/12 | Chana Yaar
    Palestinian Authority hackers briefly managed to pull down a few sites in Israel Wednesday night in the ongoing cyberwar launched by Iran and anti-Israel Arabs. Among the sites that fell prey to attacks were the home pages of El Al Airlines, the Dan Bus Company, the Israel Festival, Israel's CinemaTek and Ha'aretz newspaper. The home pages were replaced with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans such as "Free Palestine, Death to Israel," "Jew = Nazi" and a promise that "4 more Gilad Shalits will be abducted." The latter hacker remark is a reference to IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, kidnapped by Hamas-allied terrorists...
  • The Jihad Will Be YouTubed

    01/01/2012 3:26:29 PM PST · by Cindy · 25 replies
    FOREIGN POLICY - The AFPAK Channel ^ | December 15, 2011 | by Raffaello Pantucci
    The Jihad Will Be YouTubed by Raffaello Pantucci December 15, 2011 FOREIGN POLICY - The AFPAK Channel SNIPPET: "While clearly the technology to make such videos is something that is universal, it does seem as though it is aspirant jihadists in the West who find it easiest to use. There was no evidence that Gul was being directed by foreign terrorist organizations to produce his material, and his case shows the continued existence of young Westerners producing radical material on their own. It may indeed be the case that the virtual armies have yet to fully emerge as active warriors...
  • Round Two in Hacker War: El Al Site Attacked

    01/16/2012 2:57:19 AM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 1 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 16/1/12 | Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    Hacker “OxOmar,” dubbed the “Saudi Hacker,” struck again on Monday, this time shutting down the El Al and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange information site. The cyber attack did not affect the site on which investors trade stocks, and trading was not affected. The hacker struck last month by invading thousands of accounts of Israeli credit card holders. The El Al site was shut down as of mid-morning, and the Stock Exchange site was available but not operable. OxOmar blocked the El Al site but did not take control of it or damage its content. The real damage is to the...
  • Eye spies: TSA rolls out new 'behavior detection officers'

    08/03/2011 8:52:28 AM PDT · by ccj85 · 49 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 8/3/11 | CJ Ciaramella
    Passengers flying through Boston’s Logan International Airport will notice the security screeners are chattier than usual, but it’s not an improved customer service policy. On Tuesday the Transportation Security Administration began a test-run at Logan of its SPOT program, which stands for Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques. SPOT uses trained screeners known as Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs) to determine if passengers are a threat, based on their reactions to a set of routine questions. “The vast majority of passengers will experience a casual greeting conversation with the BDO as they go through identity verification,” a TSA spokesperson said. “A...
  • How Airports Should Profile Terrorists

    11/27/2010 8:17:05 AM PST · by UniqueViews · 53 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | Nov. 27, 2010 | Deroy Murdock
    America must focus its finite capabilities on those who crave the destruction of planes and the people who ride them. What would that profile be? Today's threat comes almost exclusively from militant-Islamic males between about 18 and 35 who hail from the Middle East and predominantly Muslim African and south-Asian nations. This profile was not drawn by anti-Muslim bigots, nervous Jews, or paranoid Southern Baptists. The terrorists themselves created this profile. It's past time to employ terrorist profiling to shield Americans from those who want to murder us.
  • Look for Terrorists, Not Weapons (We should follow Israel’s example in airline security)

    11/23/2010 7:31:53 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Nationa Review ^ | 11/23/2010 | Mona Charen
    Back in January, the Obama administration announced a new policy for airline safety: country-based profiling. Travelers from 14 countries known to harbor terrorists would automatically receive extra scrutiny, including additional pat-downs or full-body scans. The named states were: Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. My reaction at the time was: You mean you weren’t already doing that? Apparently not. When underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab traveled from Nigeria to Detroit without baggage (it was reported at the time that he had purchased a one-way ticket, but that proved to be...
  • El Al: Security Without Sexual Assault

    11/23/2010 6:25:22 AM PST · by Brittany Pounders · 7 replies ^ | November 23, 2010 | Brittany Pounders
    It is the topic on everyone’s mind right now. If you know you have travel plans, you’ve begun dreading the experience more than ever. If flying gives you anxiety, it has most likely taken a backseat to the security measures you know you are about to experience. You‘ve never “sexted” and sending naked pictures of yourself on the computer or your phone never even crossed your mind -but with the new TSA imaging and the picture we’ve all seen (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere) you know the possibilities of real humiliation exist and your personal images could...
  • Airline apologizes after strip-searching US professor

    11/22/2010 3:25:11 PM PST · by Gondring · 83 replies
    Ma'an News Agency ^ | Published Monday 08/11/2010 (updated) 08/11/2010 22:26
    TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israel's national airline El Al on Monday apologized to a visiting professor strip-searched on her way to conference in Jerusalem, an Israeli newspaper reported. Heather Bradshaw, a neuroscientist, was travelling from the UK to Israel at the invitation of Hebrew University when she was subjected a physical examination in which she was asked to remove her bra. She told the Israeli daily Haaretz that El Al security personnel detained her at Luton airport in London on 31 October, confiscated all of her belongings, and repeatedly questioned her. After nearly an hour of examinations, she was...
  • Safest Airport in the World Profiles Passengers And Makes No Apologies For It (Video)

    01/02/2010 1:57:09 PM PST · by Talkradio03 · 15 replies · 1,098+ views
    hotairpundit ^ | 1/2/10 | HAP
    "No matter how distasteful it may be to civil liberties groups, Israel actively profiles passengers"...Maybe we should take a page out of their playbook instead of our P.C.-Searching 85 year old grandmas at our Airports for explosives...
  • Forget the 'porn machines' --- How Israelis secure airports

    11/20/2010 10:15:09 AM PST · by kingattax · 14 replies
    NY Post ^ | November 19, 2010 | MICHAEL J. TOTTEN
    Air travelers in the United States are now given two options at the security gate -- be groin-groped by gloved Transportation Security Administration agents, or photographed "naked" in the back-scatter X-ray device that Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic calls "the porn machine." You can thank failed "underwear bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for this one. While armies tragically tend to fight the last war, the TSA looks for the item the most recent terrorist used. After 9/11, everything sharp -- even tweezers -- was banned. Ever since Richard Reid tried and failed to light his loafers on fire, security agents have...
  • Israeli airport technology detects intent of terrorists (and it ain't anything new)

    11/21/2010 6:56:28 AM PST · by EBH · 28 replies
    Israel 21c ^ | 5/8/2005 | David Brin
    Built to replace human selectors or random check ups of visitors, the SDS-VR-1000 is based on the assumption that sophisticated terrorists might not be included in suspect lists. Not many terrorists walk into an airport waving a banner announcing who they are. They don't carry handguns or try to conceal explosives as they debark from an international flight into the United States. And just as rarely do they have police records. So how can US officials go about identifying potential terrorists? A new solution is Israel's Suspect Detection Systems (SDS) - a company that has developed an advance automated filtering...
  • TSA and the El Al Myth

    11/20/2010 12:49:22 PM PST · by bsaunders · 30 replies
    Beyond the Cusp ^ | November 20, 2010 | B. Saunders
    Our ever-friendly Transportation Safety Administration sure has smacked a hornet’s nest with their new see-through body scanners and overtly invasive body inspections that border on criminal groping if done unofficially. The anger this has raised has once again brought to the front the example of the Israeli method of clearing people through questioning rather than all the hi-tech gadgetry. Some will always criticize the Israeli method due to the fact that it is a form of profiling. This is a mute and unsubstantiated complaint as the Israelis profile not by race, religion, or other physical traits, but profile by the...
  • "Securing the Homeland by Renewing American Strength, Resilience and Values" [ John Brennan]

    05/26/2010 4:01:20 PM PDT · by Cindy · 34 replies · 510+ views - Speech ^ | For Immediate Release May 26, 2010 | n/a # Note: The following text is a quote: Home • Briefing Room • Statements & Releases The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release May 26, 2010 Remarks by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan at CSIS “Securing the Homeland by Renewing American Strength, Resilience and Values” Thank you very much John, and I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to CSIS for inviting me back. You invited me here a little after six months after I came into this administration and I greatly appreciate the invitation...
  • The French establish profiling in airports - based on Israeli counterterrorism measures

    01/13/2010 7:37:05 AM PST · by drzz · 10 replies · 629+ views
    Article (in French) ^ | 01132010 | drzz
    French newspaper Le FIGARO announces today that profiling will be used in French airports. The French authorities have approved security measures based on Israeli counter-terrorism modus operandi. The slightest sign of nervosity could warn an agent, which will have the possibility to investigate suspects at any time and any place in the airport. Israeli profiling has been of much interest for French authorities since the aborted plot of Flight 253 in Detroit last month.
  • Learn from a system that works

    01/08/2010 3:05:19 AM PST · by Scanian · 15 replies · 636+ views
    NY Post ^ | January 8, 2010 | ELIZABETH SAMSON
    In the wake of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's failed at tempt to bomb Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day, President Obama yesterday talked up more advanced technologies as the road to better air security. But what America really needs to do is take a lesson from the security practices at the world's most targeted -- yet arguably most secure -- airport: Israel's Ben Gurion International. Obama claimed, "There is no silver bullet to securing the thousands of flights" each day. In fact, the Israeli methods are proven. Ben Gurion has the same x-ray machines and metal detectors as other major...
  • Lions' Den: Security Theater Now Playing At Your Airport (Daniel Pipes On Israelification Alert)

    01/06/2010 3:01:23 PM PST · by goldstategop · 7 replies · 659+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 1/06/2010 | Daniel Pipes
    As hands are wrung in the aftermath of the near-tragedy on a Northwest Airlines flight approaching Detroit, a conversation from London's Heathrow Airport in 1986 comes to mind. It consisted of an El Al security agent quizzing one Ann-Marie Doreen Murphy, a 32-year-old recent arrival in London from Sallynoggin, Ireland. While working as a chambermaid at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, Murphy met Nizar al-Hindawi, a far-leftist Palestinian who impregnated her. After instructing her to "get rid of the thing," he abruptly changed his tune and insisted on immediate marriage in "the Holy Land." He also insisted on their...
  • Aviation Security and the Israeli Model

    12/31/2009 9:57:01 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 11 replies · 761+ views
    New York Times ^ | December 30, 2009 | rondamerc
    Stress Security, Not ConvenienceThe safest airline in the world, it is widely agreed, is El Al, Israel’s national carrier. The safest airport is Ben Gurion International, in Tel Aviv. No El Al plane has been attacked by terrorists in more than three decades, and no flight leaving Ben Gurion has ever been hijacked. What are the Israelis doing that we aren’t? Airports in the United States and many other countries are built around convenience while in Israel it’s all about security. We get our boarding passes online and check our baggage at the curb. At T.S.A. checkpoints, youths stare at...
  • 'El Al, Air France planes nearly crash'

    12/29/2009 3:56:10 PM PST · by sofaman · 30 replies · 1,146+ views
    JPost ^ | Dec 29, 2009 21:38 | Updated Dec 29, 2009 23:06 | JPOST.COM STAFF
    An El-Al passenger jet bound for New York nearly collided with an Air France airliner over the skies of Belgrade on Monday, Channel 2 revealed on Tuesday evening. According to the report, the Serbian air controller made a mistake and instructed the Air France airplane to fly on a route already used by the El Al plane, so that the jets were on a collision course. The two planes were about to crash in midair, but emergency alarms alerted both pilots and the El-Al plane changed course at the last minute, when the distance between the aircraft was only 300...
  • Debate: C.A.I.R. VS. (Former) SECURITY CHIEF FOR EL-AL AIRLINES (Re: "Profiling) My Challenge

    12/28/2009 12:30:33 AM PST · by AmericanInTokyo · 22 replies · 1,432+ views
    AmericanInTokyo proposal ^ | 28 December 2009 | AmericanInTokyo
    VS. WHO: Yeffet Isaac, Former Director of El-Al Airlines Security -VS.- Ibrahim Hooper Executive Director of C.A.I.R.WHAT: A Well Overdue DEBATEWHEN: As Soon As PossibleWHERE: LIVE NATIONWIDE on American TV, CNN, FOX, Major Networks, Radio Stations, NPR, etc., With Studio Audience Able to Ask QuestionsWHY: America dodged a major bullet on Christmas Day in Detroit. Reports are that additional terrorist acts involving US airliners are probably on the way. El-Al has a clean record of never being attacked by Islamist Extremists. C.A.I.R. has stated that the US should not, at all costs, racially and religiously profile passengers in the...
  • California: Muslim gets 70 months for plot to attack U.S. synagogues and kill Jews

    08/19/2009 3:36:41 AM PDT · by Cindy · 12 replies · 943+ views
    SANTA ANA – A man was sentenced to 70 months in prison today for his role in a domestic terrorism plot to wage war on the United States by attacking Jewish synagogues and military bases. Hammad Riaz Samana is the fourth member of Jami'yyat Ul-Islam Is-Shaheeh, or JIS, a prison-founded group that wanted to make a political statement that also had plans to attack the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles and El Al Israel Airlines at the Los Angeles International Airport. Samana was 21 when he was charged in the case in July 2005, along with the cell's mastermind, Kevin...
  • Now Playing on El-Al: Anti-Hevron Skit

    03/29/2009 10:04:58 AM PDT · by Nachum · 153+ views
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 3/29/09 | Yehudah Lev Kay
    ( Travelers on Israeli airline El-Al report that its flights now feature a satire about residents of Hevron which many have termed “anti-Semitic.” The producers of the film may face libel suits. The offending skit was aired earlier in the month on the satirical Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Land) show on Channel 2 TV. The popular show has run for six seasons in Israel and is similar to the American program Saturday Night Live. (The Hevron film clip can be viewed here in Hebrew.)
  • Report: Attack on Israeli Aircrew in Canada Thwarted

    09/03/2008 1:24:04 PM PDT · by maquiladora · 6 replies · 257+ views
    Plans by an unknown group to attack staff of Israel's national carrier El Al in Canada have been thwarted, Israel's private Channel Two television reported on Wednesday. Without giving the nationalities of the alleged attackers, it said they had monitored the comings and goings of El Al aircrew at a Toronto hotel. Security procedures for crews overnighting at the hotel between flights have now been changed, it added. On Tuesday, Israeli newspapers reported that at least five attempts by Hizbullah to abduct Israeli businessmen in Africa, Asia, and South America had been foiled. Each time, Hizbullah -- which fought a...
  • El Al, American Airlines Announce Cooperation Deal (Code-Sharing To Take Effect Sep. 2nd Alert)

    07/29/2008 3:38:13 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 122+ views ^ | 7/29/2008 | AP via Ynetnews
    Israel's national airline, El Al, and American Airlines said Tuesday they will begin selling tickets on each other's connecting flights beginning in September. The agreement replaces a code-share deal that El Al had with Delta Air Lines Inc. until late last year, when Delta began its own direct flights from the United States to Tel Aviv. The agreement with American will begin Sept. 2. American will sell tickets on El Al flights from the US to Tel Aviv as if they were American jets. El Al will sell seats, or place its "code" on tickets, on some American domestic flights...
  • Shin Bet fears attack on Israeli plane

    04/04/2008 12:06:21 AM PDT · by maquiladora · 9 replies · 120+ views
    The security measures on aircraft belonging to Israeli airlines and around them during takeoffs and arrivals abroad have been significantly boosted over the past few days for fear that Hizbullah would act on its promise to avenge the February assassination of its top commander Imad Mugniyah. The number of armed security guards on some of the flights to several destinations has been increased, as was the number of guards surrounding the plane after the landing and before the takeoff. "The threat is extremely concrete, and there is no choice but to do everything possible," a source involved in aviation security...
  • El Al May Buy Four Boeing 777-220 Jets

    03/12/2008 9:32:34 AM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies · 888+ views
    Arutz 7 ^ | March 14, 2007 | staff
    ( El Al Airlines said it is negotiating with Boeing on the purchase of four new 777-220 jets, with delivery beginning in 2012. The airline said no final agreement is expected after several weeks and is subject to approval of the executive board, Reuters News Agency reported. All of El Al's planes are made by Boeing, and it would have the option to convert its purchase to 777-300 jets by the end of this year. El Al recently bought two 777 planes for its routes to the United States and Asia and said additional planes are needed to meet a...
  • Graffiti found on El Al plane in Italy-police

    03/11/2008 2:14:12 PM PDT · by george76 · 16 replies · 628+ views
    Yahoo! ^ | Mar 11, 2008 | Nicola Scevola and by Dan Williams
    A source close to the Italian airport police said local authorities only learned of the graffitti after the plane left the Italian airport for Tel Aviv on Monday. Pro-Palestinian graffiti written in Arabic has been found scrawled inside the cargo hold of an El Al plane during unloading at Milan's Malpensa airport, raising Israeli concerns about Italian airport security. "It was something like 'Long Live Palestine',"... "It has happened once before." Israel's flag carrier, which normally uses round-the-clock security for its planes...
  • Israeli Arabs call for El Al boycott

    09/18/2007 10:18:24 AM PDT · by Alouette · 20 replies · 435+ views
    YNet ^ | Sept. 18, 2007 | Roee Nahmias
    Civil liberties group calls on Arab sector to protest humiliating security screenings at Ben Gurion airport, shun national airline Roee Nahmias Published: 09.18.07, 17:54 / Israel News Israeli Arabs should boycott El Al, a new pressure group said in its first press conference Tuesday in Nazareth. The group, a subcommittee for Arab civil liberties in Israel, has been formed under the auspices of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee. The boycott call comes in protest of the screening process Israeli Arabs citizens are subjected to at Ben-Gurion airport. Aside from the airport issue, the new group said it wanted to fight...
  • Israel evacuates passengers from airplanes over bomb alert

    04/26/2007 5:52:17 PM PDT · by jdm · 148+ views
    Xinhua ^ | April 27, 2007
    Israel evacuated passengers from airplanes at Ben-Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv on Thursday, after securities found package suspected to be bomb, the Al- Arabiya TV reported. Meanwhile, local daily Jerusalem Post also reported the evacuation at the airport, saying it was made after a suspicious object was found Thursday evening during the security check at Ben Gurion Airport. It said the security personnel detected the object when they were checking electrical device being loaded onto an El-Al plane bound for Moscow. The object was being sufficiently analyzed, said the report.
  • Passengers evacuated from smoking jet before takeoff at Israeli airport

    03/25/2007 12:30:04 AM PDT · by jdm · 10 replies · 499+ views
    AP via IHT ^ | March 25, 2007
    An El Al jet taxiing before takeoff at Ben Gurion International Airport filled with smoke on Sunday, forcing passengers and crew to flee the aircraft on emergency slides, airport officials said. The 128 passengers and crew members on the Zurich-bound 737 were evacuated after smoke began billowing out of vents on the plane, airport spokesman Yiftach Kramer said. No one was hurt in the mishap, the cause of which was still unknown, he said. "The plane started taxiing before takeoff, and while it was taxiing the plane filled with smoke and there was a burnt smell," passenger Shlomi Safran told...
  • In Neutral Switzerland, A Rising Radicalism

    07/21/2006 8:17:49 AM PDT · by dolphin_CAGE · 2 replies · 346+ views
    CAGE ^ | 07.21.2006 [03:02] | Washington Post
    BERN, Switzerland -- For centuries, this Alpine nation has successfully relied on a strict policy of political neutrality to insulate it from the wars, invasions and revolutions that have raged outside its borders. These days, a new threat has emerged: one from within. As they have elsewhere in Europe, Islamic radicals are making inroads in Switzerland. Last month, Swiss officials announced the arrests of a dozen suspects who allegedly conspired to shoot down an Israeli airliner flying from Geneva to Tel Aviv. In a related case, a North African man has been charged with organizing a plot from Swiss soil...
  • Swastikas on El-Al flight from Milan

    11/06/2006 3:26:43 PM PST · by Alouette · 36 replies · 1,041+ views
    YNet ^ | Nov. 6, 2006 | Eli Senyor
    El-Al passengers held up after arriving from Milan. The reason: Swastikas were sprayed inside cargo hold of aircraft. El-Al: We filed official complaint to Italy Eli Senyor Published: 11.06.06, 22:24 Several swastikas were discovered Monday night in the cargo hold of an El-Al aircraft which was on its way from Milan to Tel-Aviv. The swastikas were discovered when the cargo doors were opened in Ben Gurion Airport, and all passengers were held for questioning. The incident, which caught the passengers by surprise, was discovered only after the aircraft had landed in Israel after a scheduled flight from Milan's international airport....
  • Israeli gets passport back (arrested with magazine of bullets in El Al flight to India)

    11/01/2006 2:06:47 AM PST · by CarrotAndStick · 6 replies · 538+ views
    YNet News ^ | Published: 10.30.06, 14:32 | Roee Mendel
    A month and a half after being arrested in Mumbai for carrying bullets in her rucksack, Noa Haviv is expected to gain back her freedom Monday after an Indian judge instructed authorities to return her passport. She is expected to return to Israel in the coming days. Haviv, a 28-year-old from Jerusalem, was arrested upon arrival to India on an El Al plane from Israel. A cartridge loaded with 16 9mm bullets was found in her bag, which belonged to her brother. Haviv was released about a week later, but her passport was held by local authorities and she was...
  • El Al planes carrying arms not allowed to refuel in Europe

    09/04/2006 9:06:21 AM PDT · by Alouette · 57 replies · 1,439+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Sept. 4, 2006 | Avi Krawitz
    Israel's security is at risk due to the decision by several European nations not to allow El Al cargo planes carrying arms shipments to land - and therefore refuel - on their way to Israel. According to El Al pilots' spokesman Itai Regev, the decision by England, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy - whose national carrier Alitalia recently won a bid to be the preferred carrier for Israeli public servants flying abroad on official business - not to allow arms-laden El Al flights to refuel necessitates the transport of significantly smaller quantities of weapons and ammunition per flight. At a...
  • Airline Insecurity (Meet The PC World Of Airline Insecurity Alert)

    08/22/2006 3:26:00 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 7 replies · 533+ views ^ | 08/22/06 | Aaron Hanscom
    Confiscating hair gel and Starbucks coffee is this year’s equivalent of the banning of nail clippers and lighters. Put another way, the enhanced security measures put into place at airports across the world following this month’s disruption of a plot by British Muslims to smuggle liquid explosives onto several transatlantic flights aren’t making airline passengers feel much safer. Which is why Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has tried to reassure American travelers about boarding an airplane by reminding them of such protections as the “prohibition on liquids, gels and beverages in carry-on baggage.” The problem is that while possible liquid...
  • While US flying Becomes More Painful, El Al Continues Effective Security

    08/14/2006 1:52:34 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 70 replies · 1,684+ views ^ | 8/13/06 | Domenico Bettinelli
    Doing more thinking about the new, more onerous restrictions on what you can carry on board flights today, I’m reminded that El Al, as far as I’ve been able to tell, has never had an in-air attack on one of its aircraft via a weapon smuggled on board. How do they do it? After all, they are target Number One of every Islamic terrorist in the world. And they don’t do it by making every passenger submit to multiple indignities and force them to fly bereft of their possessions. The difference is that while the Transportation Security Administration screens out...
  • Terrorists planned to blow up El Al plane

    05/20/2006 11:51:47 PM PDT · by Enchante · 8 replies · 599+ views
    Ynet News ^ | 05/19/06 | Ynet News Staff
    The plot to shoot the plane was uncovered by Claude Kuvasi, a Swiss secret service member who worked under the codename Babylon. Swiss newspaper Blick reported that Kuvasi was planted as an undercover agent in an Islamic center in Geneva to find out if a terror cell was operating in it. In order to encourage the trust of the head of the Islamic center, Hani Ramadan, Kuvasi converted to Islam. According to reports, one of the operatives of the centers told the agent, who was dining with him, that he was a member of a cell planning to blow up...
  • El Al to go the Airbus route for first time

    04/17/2006 6:25:50 AM PDT · by Skyleader · 6 replies · 513+ views ^ | 04/17/06 | Zohar Blumenkrantz
    El Al to go the Airbus route for first time By National air carrier El Al has decided for the first time to by Airbus airplanes instead of purchasing from Boeing. TheMarker has learned that a delegation of high level executives from the European consortium is about to sign a contract and financing arrangements with the heads of the Israeli airline. A series of meetings, held under a veil of secrecy, ended Tuesday night at the Ramat Hahayal offices of the Borovich Mozes Group. It was agreed that Airbus financial experts will come to Israel immediately after Passover to iron...
  • Boeing and El Al Airlines Finalize Order for Two 777-200ERs

    12/13/2005 10:25:28 AM PST · by Righty_McRight · 5 replies · 330+ views
    Boeing ^ | Dec. 13, 2005
    SEATTLE, Dec. 13, 2005 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE- BA] and El Al Airlines of Israel have signed an agreement for the purchase of two Boeing 777-200ER (Extended Range) jetliners. The airplanes, together valued at $362 million at list prices, are scheduled for delivery in 2007. The new 777-200ERs will help El Al expand service to meet growing demand for air travel in the Israeli market. El Al already operates four 777s on routes to New York and the Far East from Tel Aviv and will operate the new 777s to destinations in the U.S. and the Far East. "The...
  • El Al (Israeli airline) profit up despite fuel prices

    11/24/2005 12:43:03 PM PST · by anotherview · 4 replies · 437+ views
    Globes ^ | 24 November 2005 | Yuval Mendelson
    El Al profit up despite fuel prices The airline’s revenue rose 17% to $485.2 million in the third quarter, and profit was $52.2 million. Yuval Mendelson 24 Nov 05 09:39El Al Israel Airlines (TASE: ELAL), controlled by Knafaim-Arkia Holdings (TASE: KNFM), today reported its results for the third quarter of 2005. The report can be summarized as an improvement, despite higher fuel prices. It is important to mention that, over the past year, ticket prices charged by El Al and other international airlines have risen along with fuel prices. El Al posted a $52.2 million net profit in the third...
  • Report: Dutch police foil attack on El Al plane

    11/05/2005 9:04:37 AM PST · by Mount Athos · 14 replies · 737+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Nov. 5, 2005
    Dutch television announced on Friday that Netherlands police arrested a youth who allegedly intended to shoot down an El Al airplane at Schipool Airport outside of Amsterdam. Samir Azuz, 19, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent, was arrested with six other co-conspirators, Israel Radio reported. According to the Netherlands intelligence service, the suspects enlisted the cooperation of two employees at an office near Schipool in order to perform reconnaissance. They also acquired weapons. Reports revealed that Azuz, apparently expecting to die while bringing down the airplane, had prepared a videotape saying goodbye to his parents. Approximately six months ago Azuz...
  • El Al to buy 2 Boeing 777s

    10/02/2005 7:14:51 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 243+ views
    Reuters ^ | October 2, 2005
    TEL AVIV (Reuters) - El Al Israel Airlines said on Sunday it signed an agreement with Boeing Co. for the purchase of two 777-200 ER jets for about $246 million. El Al, Israel's national carrier, expects to take delivery of the long-range wide-body jets in 2007. Each aircraft will cost between $117 million and $123 million, in accordance with the extras the company orders, El Al said in a statement.
  • El Al Suspends All Turkey Flights

    06/25/2004 2:57:52 PM PDT · by blam · 31 replies · 290+ views
    BBC ^ | 6-25-2004
    El Al suspends all Turkey flights El Al says is trying to find alternative flights for stranded passengers Israeli airline El Al has suspended all its flights to Turkey in a row over security in Istanbul. The suspension, which started on Thursday, has left air passengers stranded in both Turkey and Israel. The dispute follows weeks of growing tension between the two countries' governments, after Turkey's prime minister criticised Israel's treatment of Palestinians. But the row is thought to be unrelated to Thursday's bomb attacks in Turkey. The flights were halted after reports that the number of Israeli guards permitted...
  • El Al seeks U.S. okay for FlightGuard use

    04/26/2004 3:25:01 PM PDT · by yonif · 6 replies · 148+ views
    Haaretz ^ | April 27, 2004 | Zohar Blumenkrantz
    Israel has asked the United States to allow El Al planes to land in its airports while equipped with new "FlightGuard" devices. FlightGuard is a special system designed to protect civil aircraft from missiles. Israel Transportation Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who left at the end of last week on a trip to the U.S., will discuss the missile defense system with his American counterpart, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. An initial test of the FlightGuard system on El Al aircraft is scheduled for this coming June. Israel's Transportation Ministry intends to equip all civilian aircraft with the missile defense system; as a...
  • Missile-protected El Al planes may be banned from U.S. airports

    04/23/2004 10:54:43 PM PDT · by yonif · 68 replies · 314+ views
    Israel Insider ^ | April 23, 2004 | Ellis Shuman
    The "Flight Guard" electronic counter-measure system to protect civilian aircraft against shoulder-fired surface to air missiles will be installed on El Al planes in June, as part of an Israel Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA) test, Transportation Minister Avigdor Lieberman said yesterday. The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), however, refuses to allow civilian planes to be equipped with the flare-based system due to the safety risks. According to Transportation Ministry spokesman Avner Ovadiah, the new anti-missile system will be installed on one El Al aircraft in June, with tests lasting two to three months. If the tests are successful, he said,...
  • El Al to test anti-missiles system on planes

    04/22/2004 5:58:02 PM PDT · by yonif · 1 replies · 163+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Apr. 22, 2004 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
    El Al Israel Airlines is to begin testing a system to guard its aircraft against missiles, a government official said Thursday, 19 months after an Israeli civilian jet narrowly escaped being shot down by two shoulder-fired missiles in Kenya. El Al has long had one of the most intensive security systems in international aviation, but the Kenya attack - against an Israeli Arkia charter jet - underscored the need to protect its aircraft from missiles. Israeli experts said the attack failed because the missiles were old and inaccurate, and not - as had been speculated at the time - because...