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  • Israeli Professor: Obama’s Language is Similar to ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

    08/14/2015 9:15:07 AM PDT · by SJackson · 17 replies
    Algemeiner ^ | AUGUST 13, 2015
    President Obama’s recent comments about the Iran deal “dredge up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” according to one of the most respected elder statesmen of Israeli academia. When an academic figure of this stature makes such a charge, the Obama Administration and it supporters should pay attention. Haifa University political scientist Abraham Ben-Zvi, who is no right-winger, is not the type to sling around accusations of anti-Semitism. But President Obama’s recent comments about Jewish “money” and “lobbyists” opposing the Iran deal “have taken a particularly harsh and dangerous turn,” Ben-Zvi wrote in Israel Hayom this week. Presidents should...
  • The Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism

    10/19/2014 6:25:31 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 6 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 10-19-2014 | William Kristol
    "Protocols.” You can’t turn on your TV without hearing about them. The last time the word featured so prominently in American public discourse was when Henry Ford took it upon himself to pay for and distribute half a million copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion almost a century ago. History, of course, isn’t repeating itself. The publication of those Protocols was designed to foster fear and loathing of Jews. The invocation of these “protocols” by Obama administration officials as they bungle the Ebola crisis is designed to shield themselves from justified fear and loathing on the part...
  • New Iran Prez: Our Economic Problems All Israel's Fault

    06/17/2013 12:25:48 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 16 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 17/6/13 | David Levy
    Hassan Rohani, Iran's new President, is being termed a “moderate” in Western media, but it appears that his moderation stops when it comes to Israel. In his first speech as Iran's new leader, Rohani quickly launched into a diatribe against Israel, blaming the Jewish state for Iran's economic problems. Those problems largely have their roots in the sanctions imposed by the West on Iran, the result of the previous government's refusal to allow international inspectors into some of its nuclear facilities, and its insistence at enriching uranium at a level that would allow Tehran to build nuclear weapons. Western countries...
  • Biden: Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes

    05/21/2013 10:23:59 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 61 replies
    Associated Press ^ | May 21, 2013 9:21 PM EDT | Josh Lederman
    Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues. … Biden says, quote, “Think—behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.” …
  • Tamerlan Tsarnaev got Mass. welfare benefits

    04/23/2013 8:57:15 PM PDT · by RightGeek · 68 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | April 23, 2013 | Chris Cassidy
    Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned. State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter. The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services said those benefits ended in 2012 when the couple stopped meeting income eligibility limits. Russell Tsarnaev’s attorney has claimed Katherine — who had converted to Islam — was working up to...
  • History of Hamas Murderous Attacks

    01/26/2006 8:17:27 AM PST · by Alouette · 10 replies · 659+ views
    Israel National News ^ | Jan. 26, 2006 | Hillel Fendel
    Hamas has set the destruction of Israel as its goal. Between September 2000 and April 2004, Hamas perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks against Israel and murdered 377 Israelis - nine every month. Hamas was founded by Islamic militant extremists in the Gaza Strip in 1988, shortly after the first intifada broke out. The word Hamas is an acronym for the Arabic words for "Islamic Resistance Movement." Though it is also involved in social and welfare programs, the organization is devoted chiefly to the obliteration of Israel. Its charter states, "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate...
  • Elders of Zion to Retire (Backward: A Purim Spoof)

    03/12/2009 4:58:29 AM PDT · by Loyalist · 6 replies · 338+ views
    Jewish Daily Forward ^ | March 12, 2009 | Anthony Weiss
    The Elders of Zion, the venerable and shadowy Jewish organization that controls the international banking industry, news media and Hollywood, has announced that it is disbanding so that members can retire to Florida and live out their golden years on the golf course. “We had a good run,” said one senior Elder, reminiscing over old photographs of world leaders in his musty, wood-paneled office at an undisclosed location. “Maybe we ran the world for just a little too long. Anyway, now it’s Obama’s problem.” After a humiliating year left most of its financial holdings, as well as the entire civilized...
  • The Language They Understand

    02/12/2009 5:20:28 AM PST · by SJackson · 5 replies · 1,040+ views
    Jewish Press ^ | Feb 11 2009 | Phyllis Chesler
    Initially dismayed at the phenomenon, we have by now grown used to seeing pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas demonstrators behave like Holocaust-era Nazis. These haters goose-step, Nazi-style, and shoot out their arms as they deliver the Hitlerian sieg heil salute. They also chant and scream such charming slogans as "Jews to the ovens," "Hitler did not kill enough of you" and "Jews to the gas chambers." This is rank Jew-hatred; that much is clear. But we are also faced with a major paradox. These same "activists" routinely flash signs accusing Israel of being a "Nazi" state. To them, Gaza is "Auschwitz" and...
  • Iranian TV Series: Confirms 'Protocols of Elders of Zion'; 'Discovery of America financed by Jews

    11/09/2008 5:13:38 PM PST · by SJackson · 12 replies · 440+ views
    MEMRI ^ | 11-9-08
    Director of Iranian TV Series 'Secret of Armageddon' Comments on MEMRI TV's Translation of Series; Confirms 'Protocols of Elders of Zion'; Claims 'Discovery of America by Columbus was Made Possible by Money of Jewish Aristocrats" – Who Thought America Was Promised Land Following are excerpts from an interview with Said Mostaghasi, director of the Iranian TV series "The Secret of Armageddon." The interview aired on the Iranian news channel IRINN on September 25, 2008.To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit . Mostaghasi: "Protocols of Elders of Zion' Confirmed As Zionists" Goals By 'Many Documents and Many Reliable People'Said...
  • Jew Conspiracies at Huffington-Reviving the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion or variations

    09/19/2007 7:22:32 AM PDT · by SJackson · 27 replies · 109+ views ^ | September 19, 2007 | David Horowitz
    It’s apparently the season for revivals of the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion or variations thereof. This is the time worn paranoia that the Jews, while a miniscule fraction of the world’s population, nonetheless run it. The unspoken (and unexamined) implication is that the non-Jewish remainder of the human race is too stupid or too pathetic to thwart these designs. Obviously center stage in this conspiracy pageant for the moment is occupied by Walt and Mearsheimer’s new book The Israel Lobby, which is about the Hebrew puppeteers who pull the strings that make Bush and Cheney jump, and...
  • Check out the 2,092 TFP Protests Against the DaVinci Code movie starting May 19, 2006

    12/29/2006 3:44:26 PM PST · by Coleus · 17 replies · 468+ views
    TFP ^ | 12.29.06
    The History of a Nationwide Protest Against The Da Vinci CodeSumming it up: Rallies Take Sony to Task for The Da Vinci CodeA Time for Action—The Da Vinci Code RejectedFor all the Stories Telling the History of this Campaign, Click here  Where We Protested:Click the map below for a state-by-state look at the protest effort See the Protest Pictures   Click here for Photo Gallery Read the Blog of the CampaignClick The Da Vinci Code banner below for a two-week day-by-day account of the campaign's most intense days. Da Vinci Code Chronicle: Get the Arguments Against The Da Vinci...
  • Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism

    10/28/2003 7:07:05 AM PST · by Prince Charles · 6 replies · 2,509+ views
    Insight ^ | 10-27-2003 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism Posted Oct. 27, 2003 By Kenneth R. Timmerman Generations of Muslims in the Middle East have been raised on the anti-Western, anti-Semitic theologies of Ayatollah Khomeini and in the Saudi Wahhabi system of madrassas (religious schools). This foundation set the stage for the rise of Osama bin Laden. Doaa 'Amer is a professional TV anchor who hosts Muslim Woman Magazine on IQRAA TV, a satellite channel broadcasting throughout the Arab world. As she tells it, her job is to educate the next generation of children to be "true Muslims." Readers accustomed to hearing Islam described...
  • The Lie That Wouldn't Die (Jamie Glazov Interviews Protocols Expose Author Hadassah Ben-Itto Alert)

    08/28/2006 1:02:11 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 22 replies · 773+ views ^ | 08/28/06 | Jamie Glazov
    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hadassah Ben-Itto, a former Israeli judge, honorary president and past president of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists. She is the author of the book The Lie That Wouldn't Die: The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, now published in nine languages. Hadassah Ben-Itto FP: Hadassah Ben-Itto, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Ben-Itto: Thank you for inviting me. FP: What inspired you to write this book? Ben-Itto: During my years on the bench I was occasionally invited to represent Israel in various international bodies (UN, UNESCO), and like many Israeli delegates and representatives, I...
  • Public Chamber members propose to ban The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Russia

    01/28/2006 12:40:26 AM PST · by jb6 · 4 replies · 329+ views
    Interfax ^ | 27 January 2006
    Moscow, January 27, Interfax - Members of Russia's Public Chamber and human rights activists have proposed that a list be compiled of extremist literature whose dissemination should be formally banned. According to the report of an Interfax correspondent, together with Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, they considered the proposed amendments enhancing the criminal and administrative responsibility for extremist activity at a round-table conference in Moscow. ‘The most productive result of today's discussion was the unity of opinion on the need for a list of extremist literature,’ Genry Reznik, a well-known...
  • Why is the University of California Press Publishing Bigotry?

    07/05/2005 3:46:24 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 26 replies · 777+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | 05 July 2005 | Alan M. Dershowitz
    Why would the University of California Press (UCP) be publishing a sequel to a book that several distinguished historians have compared to the notorious czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? It is by an author whose previous works were eliminated from the curriculum by the Toronto School Board because they were “anti-Semitic.” This author has also been characterized as a “writer celebrated by neo-Nazi groups for his Holocaust revisionism…,” and as a purveyor of “crackpot ideas, some of them mirrored almost verbatim in the propaganda put out by neo-Nazis….” Imagine if a university press were publishing an...
  • Tearing Hatred Apart (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

    05/28/2005 11:51:30 AM PDT · by quidnunc · 18 replies · 622+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | May 28, 2005 | Jeffrey Weiss
    Last week, the Palestinian Authority made headlines in Israel when it deleted from its Web site a link to a notorious anti-Semitic tract. The same century-old tract is the target of the last major book by the late Will Eisner, the inventor of the graphic novel. It's the subject of a documentarythat debuted this year at the Sundance Film Festival. And it's inspired a new satire of anti-Semitism by two editors of Heeb, the Jewish humor magazine. What is it about an old, bigoted screed that merits such attention? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been the Jew-hater's...
  • New Book Reveals Lies Behind "Bible Of Anti-Semitism"

    04/14/2005 1:27:27 PM PDT · by kingsurfer · 19 replies · 652+ views
    The claim that Jews have a secret plan to rule the world was popularized by a 100-year-old book called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." The book allegedly was a transcript of a secret conference of Jewish leaders. While the notion of a Jewish conspiracy has long been discounted, the idea refuses to go away. A new book seeks to debunk the myth once and for all. "The Lie That Wouldn't Die" reveals that the man behind "The Protocols" was a Russian secret agent who plagiarized the text from a book of imaginary dialogues written nearly half a century...
  • Standing against the Protocols

    11/27/2004 1:17:45 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 3 replies · 219+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | Nov. 27, 2004 | Michael Vowell
    I was surprised last year when several Christians mentioned to me a secret conspiracy to control the world. They relayed to me that the leaders of this coup called themselves Illuminati, a powerful group of wealthy and corrupt Jewish leaders. I was astonished as they described the control these Jewish leaders supposedly exerted on worldwide markets, banks, and governments. These Christians pointed out to me certain emblems on currency, the wealth of some members of the Jewish community, and the powerful influence Jewish people have on politicians and the media. My face blushed red with frustration as they talked so...
  • Wal-Mart ends anti-Semitic book sale

    09/25/2004 6:31:42 AM PDT · by jalisco555 · 55 replies · 1,516+ views ^ | September 24, 2004 | Reuters
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Bowing to a barrage of complaints from Jewish groups, retail leader Wal-Mart Inc. has stopped selling "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," an infamous anti-Semitic tract long exposed as fake. Jewish leaders had complained that the book, which purports to tell of an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, was being sold on with a description that suggested it might be genuine instead of a forgery concocted by the Czarist secret police in the early 20th Century. The description, now withdrawn from the Wal-Mart Web site, said, "If ... The Protocols...
  • Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today

    06/06/2004 4:04:17 AM PDT · by George Frm Br00klyn Park · 148 replies · 1,647+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | Posted: June 4, 2004 | Staff??
    WorldNetDaily Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting todayItaly hosts 50th-anniversary confab of mysterious society of world leaders Posted: June 4, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2004 The 50th anniversary conference of the elite Bilderberg group – which many believe conspires semi-annually to foster global government – is under way in Stresa, Italy. The conference, which began yesterday and will run through Sunday, is being hosted at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees. Since 1953, the Bilderberg group has convened government, business, academic and journalistic representatives from the U.S., Canada and Europe with the express purpose of exploring the future of the...
  • Iranian TV Series:Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Jewish Control of Hollywood

    05/02/2004 11:01:17 AM PDT · by hope · 8 replies · 211+ views
    MEMRI ^ | 4.30.04
    Special Dispatch Series - No. 705 April 30, 2004 No.705 Iranian TV Series Based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Jewish Control of Hollywood Throughout the first two weeks of April, the Iranian TV station Al-Alam aired a documentary titled Al-Sameri wa Al-Saher. The series purports to explain how the Jews control Hollywood by the directives set out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The following are excerpts from the documentary: [1] The False Myth About the Murder of Six Million Jews"The most important film produced under Zionist guidance in the 60s was...
  • Protocols of Hate Block Peace

    01/04/2004 11:26:01 PM PST · by katman · 4 replies · 1,374+ views
    The Globe and Mail ^ | January 3, 2004 | Marvin Kurz
    A joke that circulated in various forms during the Second World War imagined a confrontation between a Nazi and a Jew. "The Jews are the cause of all of the problems of the world " says the Nazi. The Jew nods sagely and replies: "Yes, the Jews and the bicycle riders." "Why the bicycle riders?" asks the incredulous Nazi. "Why the Jews?" his interlocutor replies. The joke, and its unspoken background of the Holocaust, illustrates the dangers of hate propaganda. It can put wild and dangerous ideas into the minds of otherwise rational people. Rick Salutin's recent article about the...
  • Jewish Holy Books...: The Torah & the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' [Islamikazi blood libel!]

    12/02/2003 10:02:20 AM PST · by Slings and Arrows · 22 replies · 235+ views
    MEMRI ^ | 12/3/03 | MEMRI
    Special Dispatch Series - No. 619 December 3, 2003 No.619 Jewish Holy Books On Display at the Alexandria Library: The Torah & the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' Recently, a manuscript museum opened at the new Alexandria Library, which was renovated by the Egyptian and Italian governments via UNESCO. In the November 17, 2003 issue of the Egyptian weekly Al-Usbu', correspondent Jihan Hussein reported [1] that the museum had added "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to the display case of the holy books of the monotheistic religions, next to a Torah. The book on display is...
  • Bush demands Israel's blood

    11/22/2003 2:40:17 PM PST · by joesnuffy · 42 replies · 368+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | November 22, 2003 | Mike Evans
    <p>Speaking in London on Wednesday, President Bush said, "Israel should freeze settlement construction, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, and not prejudice final negotiations with the placement of walls and fences."</p> <p>Happy Thanksgiving! It's time to carve up the turkey. It is, however, customary to kill the bird and drain its lifeblood before serving it. I find it strangely coincidental that every time Tony Blair is in trouble over the Iraq war, Bush runs to the rescue by donating Israel's lifeblood!</p>
  • 'Protocols' Live To Poison Yet Another Generation

    08/28/2003 5:33:26 AM PDT · by SJackson · 5 replies · 347+ views
    The Forward ^ | 8-28-03 | WILLIAM KOREY
    History's most virulent antisemitic propaganda essay, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," was first published 100 years ago this week. Though the Protocols turned out to be both a notorious plagiarism and a shocking forgery, the essay would exercise a powerful impact upon the modern era, principally as a critical factor in generating the Holocaust. Despite its gross falsehood and the horrors it sparked, the Protocols strikingly continues to be promoted today, most alarmingly in such important institutional settings as the United Nations and Middle Eastern governmental media. The first publication to print the Protocols was the St. Petersburg...
  • Protocols of Paterson: Born to observant Muslim household, I'll tell the community's guilty secret

    12/11/2002 5:11:28 AM PST · by SJackson · 20 replies · 371+ views
    frontpagemagazine/ ^ | December 11, 2002 | Irfan Khawaja
    As someone born in an observant Muslim household in north Jersey, I'd like to tell you about the Arab/Muslim community's guilty secret. [Published in a somewhat edited form in the Herald News of West Paterson, NJ, November 25, 2002.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The recent serialization of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by The Arab Voice of Paterson is a major affront to the Jewish community, and a disgraceful act of bigotry on the part of Walid Rabah, the paper's editor. As most people know, the Protocols are a series of documents composed in nineteenth-century Czarist Russia, outlining a supposed Jewish...