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  • Cheerios Brings Back Biracial Family for Super Bowl Ad (MSNBC race-baits conservatives)

    01/29/2014 6:11:42 PM PST · by kristinn · 90 replies
    MSNBC ^ | Wednesday, January 29, 2014 | Gabriela Resto-Montero
    The Cheerios family is back. The breakfast cereal’s new Super Bowl ad features the same fictional biracial family that sparked a conservative backlash last year. SNIP Link to YouTube video of ad.(On Twitter, MSNBC promoted this article with this message:Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.
  • NBC Cancels Radical Left Wing “The Chris Matthews Show”

    04/30/2013 10:21:50 PM PDT · by onyx · 104 replies
    The Palookaville Post ^ | April 30, 2013 | By The Paperboy
    (PP)- Tuesday NBC News, a radical left wing news organization, announced they mercifully will be ending “The Chris Matthews Show,” an unwatched syndicated public affairs production broadcast out of the NBC News Washington D.C. bureau. The final edition of the dismal program will be forced onto the airwaves July 21. The half-hour slobber-fest aired primarily on Sunday mornings, in an obviously failed attempt to compete with highly respected political programs like “FOX News Sunday.” “Matthews says he is ending the syndicated Sunday show to focus on some MSNBC show called “Hardball,” said a liberal political insider. “But Chris has to...
  • CNN, Esquire blame the 'right wing' extremists for Boston Marathon bombing

    04/15/2013 9:18:11 PM PDT · by NKP_Vet · 38 replies ^ | April 15, 2013 | Victor Medina
    "Esquire's Charles P. Pierce wrote in an online post on the magazine's website that we should not jump to conclusions and blame foreign terrorists, then blames it on right-wing domestic terrorists. He stated "remember that this is the official Patriots Day holiday in Massachusetts, celebrating the Battles at Lexington and Concord, and that the actual date (April 19) was of some significance to, among other people, Tim McVeigh, because he fancied himself a waterer of the tree of liberty and the like." CNN's Peter Bergen stated that the bomb type could point to right-wing domestic terrorists as well. "If it...
  • ABC and CBS Skip News of Tim Scott’s Historic Senate Appointment

    12/17/2012 6:24:04 PM PST · by chessplayer · 20 replies
    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Monday announced she will appoint Republican U.S. Representative Tim Scott to the U.S. Senate to replace the departing Senator Jim DeMint, but though he will become the “first African American U.S. Senator from the South since Blanche Bruce of Mississippi in 1881” and the only black -- Democrat or Republican -- in the current Senate, neither ABC nor CBS mentioned the news Monday night. Yes, the newscasts were dominated by the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, yet the NBC Nightly News managed to squeeze in 24 seconds to note Scott’s historic appointment.
  • NBC: Romney's 'Binders' Comment Shows He 'Doesn't Have Any Leg to Stand On' With Women

    10/18/2012 9:36:03 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 31 replies
    Between Wednesday's Nightly News and Thursday's Today, NBC displayed an obsession with the liberal meme of attacking Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" remark during Tuesday's presidential debate. The network's delusional hyping of the manufactured controversy reached a crescendo when Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski appeared on Today to proclaim: "Romney just completely doesn't have any leg to stand on when it comes to women and the economy." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump] Today co-host Savannah Guthrie teed up Brzezinski to slam Romney: " has taken on a life of its own. The Democrats...
  • Moderator Jim Lehrer the big loser after last night’s presidential debate (The Crying Left)

    10/04/2012 11:02:25 AM PDT · by Red Steel · 11 replies
    National Post ^ | Oct 4, 2012 1:21 PM ET | David Bauder, Associated Press
    NEW YORK — Jim Lehrer may be regretting his decision to come out of semi-retirement and moderate his 12th presidential debate. The veteran PBS anchor drew caustic social media reviews for his performance on Wednesday, with critics saying he failed to keep control of the campaign’s first direct exchange between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The candidates talked over Lehrer’s attempts to keep them to time limitations, and his open-ended questions frequently lacked sharpness. The tough assessments crossed party lines: Republican commentator Laura Ingraham wrote on Twitter that Lehrer seemed “a bit overwhelmed.” Comic and Democratic activist Bill...
  • Gawker article takes sympathetic look at pedophiles

    09/08/2012 6:52:09 PM PDT · by Houmatt · 34 replies ^ | 9-8-12 | Twitchy Staff
    Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers is only one of many who are “super troubled” by an article published yesterday by Gawker which takes a sympathetic look at pedophiles. And by “sympathetic,” we mean depraved.
  • Romney's Trip Has Been So Successful Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Endorsed Obama

    07/31/2012 3:13:08 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    Rush ^ | July 31, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: So a bunch of reporters start shouting questions at Mitt Romney in Poland. We have the audio this coming up in due course. A bunch of reporters start shouting at Romney. He's very, very close to their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And one of Romney's press people starts shouting at the reporters. (imitation) "Shut up! This is a holy site for the Polish people. Kiss my butt." He told the reporters to shove it. So now they're all over this guy. He eventually called and apologized. Now, it wasn't long ago that this guy, Neil Munro,...
  • Romney's Media Handicap

    05/16/2012 4:13:33 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | May 16, 2012 | Jonah Goldberg
    Perhaps Mitt Romney played it right when he was meek and contrite in response to the Washington Post's front-page allegations that he bullied a kid half a century ago in high school. Romney no doubt feels embarrassed by the charges, even if most of us struggle to understand their relevance or gauge their veracity. But the time is coming for Romney to get angry, very angry, with what is increasingly, quaintly called "the mainstream media." The Post's decision to play up the story as if it were major news -- front page, thousands of drably dull self-serious words piled high...
  • Gingrich Unloads on Fox News in Private Meeting

    04/11/2012 5:15:16 PM PDT · by VinL · 305 replies
    Real Politics ^ | 4-11-12 | Conroy
    - During a meeting with 18 Delaware Tea Party leaders here on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich lambasted The Fox News Channel, accusing the cable news network that employed him as recently as last year of having been in the tank for Mitt Romney from the beginning of the Republican presidential fight and singling out former colleagues for attacking him out of what he characterized as personal jealousy. “I think Fox has been for Romney all the way through,” Gingrich said during the private meeting at Wesley College to which RealClearPolitics was granted access. “In our experience, Callista and I both believe...
  • Sarah Palin: The 50 memes used against her

    03/16/2011 5:17:02 AM PDT · by techno · 11 replies
    March 16, 2011 | techno
    Never in the history of the world have so many memes been crafted by the MSM, the Left or Palin's enemies in the GOP establishment to bring someone down. Normally by now, the prey would have quit, ended up being subdued, being imprisoned as political prisoner or been killed. Instead Sarah Palin has managed to keep her head above water, risen from the proverbial ashes as a phoenix on several occasions and even had the effrontery to thrive in defiance of her enemies. So in the interest of reminding folks of the crucible that Palin has emerged here are 50...
  • CBS's Rodriguez: Will Christine O'Donnell 'Play Media Victim' Like Palin?

    09/20/2010 12:15:24 PM PDT · by Nachum · 53 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 9/20/10 | Kyle Drennen
    Following a report on Monday's CBS Early Show that slammed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell for comments she made on Bill Maher's 'Politically Incorrect' in the 1990s, co-host Maggie Rodriguez suggested O'Donnell's response: "Well, she could do what Sarah Palin has done and which has worked so beautifully for Sarah Palin, and that is to play media victim." Rodriguez made the comment to political analyst John Dickerson, who added: "That's right. And the victim card is one that Sarah Palin has played, Rand Paul has done the same thing. It's a bit of a time-honored technique and
  • Joe McGinniss Fires Back at Sarah Palin (Compares her & supporters to Nazis)

    06/01/2010 12:13:56 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies · 559+ views
    CBS News ^ | June 1, 2010 | Kevin Hechtkopf
    Last week, Sarah Palin took to Facebook and the airwaves to slam a journalist who moved into the house next door to her in Wasilla, Alaska, as he writes a book about her. --snip-- Now journalist Joe McGinniss is firing back. In an interview on NBC's "Today," McGinnis defended himself and called Palin's comments "ugly innuendo" and "revolting." --snip-- "I'm not observing them at all. I'm here to talk to people who've known them for forty years in Wasilla," he said in the interview. "I don't care how they behave in their backyard. And I don't care what they do...
  • "60 Minutes" Hit Job On Palin Was Truly A Joke

    01/11/2010 3:45:27 AM PST · by militanttoby · 80 replies · 4,194+ views ^ | January 11, 2010 | John Ziegler
    As cynical as I have become about the news media, even I never thought I would see the day where "60 Minutes" provided far more comedy than "Saturday Night Live," but Sunday’s edition of the formerly respected news magazine gave the educated viewer infinitely more laughs than SNL delivered (although Charles Barkley’s pathetic performance may have still somehow been even worse than that of Anderson Cooper). Specifically I am referring to the segment that was allegedly devoted to the new book “Game Change” about the 2008 Presidential election. Quite simply, (partly because it dealt with subjects about which I have...
  • Eight-Figure Couric Demands 'Humility' From Seven-Figure Wall Streeters

    10/23/2009 6:38:14 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 44 replies · 2,106+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Dispatch from the Department of Pot-Meet-Kettle . . . Katie Couric has demanded "humility" from Wall Streeters making seven-figure incomes. This from a woman pulling down . . . eight figures [an estimated $15 million/year] from CBS while cementing the Evening News' caboose status. Couric made her hypocritical plea in her "Notebook" segment yesterday, commenting on Pres. Obama's pay czar's plan to cut compensation for employees of financial firms that have received bail-out bucks [emphasis added]:
  • NYT: Bush Protested Planned Israeli Strike on Iran (already had plans for U.S. strike!)

    01/10/2009 3:53:02 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 107 replies · 7,450+ views
    Fox News ^ | January 10, 2009
    <p>A secret Israeli plan for airstrikes on Iran's nuclear facility was scuttled last year when the United States rebuffed Israel in its request to fly through Iraqi airspace, according to a New York Times report on a covert U.S. program.</p>
  • The MSM loses its mind over undocumented plumbers(MSM Lies Joe's boss does have license)

    10/16/2008 8:25:32 PM PDT · by DaveTesla · 77 replies · 3,108+ views
    Stop The ACLU ^ | 10/16/08 | Stop The ACLU
    [posted by ArrMatey] By now I hope you read my earlier post below. Link is here. Across the blogosphere, we have news that Joe the Plumber, single father, American working guy, aspiring business owner, is about to be shut down and put out of work, to the great glee of Obama supporters. I am angry. I know I ought not blog angry. I’m going to count to a hundred, listen to some Men without Hats, and finish writing this in a few…. I’m back. It’s amazing what a few minutes listening to Pop Goes the World can do for you....
  • CBS: Joe The 'Not Registered' Plumber Owes Back Taxes

    10/16/2008 3:48:21 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 209 replies · 6,093+ views
    HOLLAND, Ohio (CBS) ― Republican John McCain said Thursday that 'Joe the Plumber,' whose questions about Democrat Barack Obama's tax policy became a centerpiece of the final presidential debate, was the real winner of the televised forum. But it turns out that 'Joe The Plummer' doesn't have a plumbing license, owes back taxes, makes less than $250,000 a year and is a registered Republican, according to television, newspaper and wire service reports Thursday. Joe Wurzelbacher, 34, of Holland, Ohio was cited by McCain in Wednesday evening's debate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but...
  • Betrayed by Our Media ("US massacre of children goes unreported")

    06/30/2007 11:11:16 AM PDT · by pabianice · 24 replies · 1,396+ views
    Arab News ^ | 6/29/07 | Al Maeena
    When a South Korean student began his killing spree on the grounds of Virginia Tech back in April this year, slaughtering 32 people, the incident generated extensive coverage worldwide and grabbed the headlines in the regional press as well. There were editorial comments too in the regional press expressing total shock and questioning the state of mind of Cho, the Korean student behind the carnage. And in the letters pages of the local papers readers expressed sympathy and compassion for the families of the fallen. An equally gruesome incident happened this month but hardly a line appeared in our newspapers....
  • Most Americans favor letting illegal immigrants become citizens, poll finds (criminals excluded)

    06/12/2007 4:54:57 PM PDT · by BurbankKarl · 82 replies · 1,641+ views
    LA Times ^ | 6/12/07 | Janet Hook
    A strong majority of Americans — including nearly two-thirds of Republicans — favors allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens if they pay fines, learn English and meet other requirements, a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found. That is a striking show of support for the central tenet of legislation that has stalled in the Senate amid vocal opposition from conservatives to provisions allowing such a path to citizenship. Only 23% of adults surveyed opposed allowing immigrants to become legal. That bolsters the view, shared by President Bush, that the bill's opponents represent a vocal minority, whereas most people are...