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  • Vermont just replaced its only only nuclear reactor with fossil fuels obtained from fracking

    02/02/2015 3:04:53 PM PST · by grundle · 26 replies
    wordpress ^ | February 1, 2015 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog Vermont just replaced its only only nuclear reactor (which had accounted for 71.8% of the state’s electricity production) with fossil fuels obtained from fracking For the past 42 years, Vermont’s only nuclear power plant was responsible for 71.8% of the state’s electricity production. This huge amount of electricity was generated by a single nuclear reactor.Vermont has just shut down this reactor.The replacement energy source for this shut down reactor is shale gas, a fossil fuel whose combustion causes global warming, and which is obtained from fracking.And all this time, I had thought that liberals in Vermont...
  • 1,700 Private Jets Fly to Davos to Discuss Global Warming [and talk about income inequality]

    01/20/2015 7:57:25 PM PST · by grundle · 80 replies ^ | January 20, 2015 | Peter Schweizer
    A squadron of 1,700 private jets are rumbling into Davos, Switzerland, this week to discuss global warming and other issues as the annual World Economic Forum gets underway. The influx of private jets is so great, the Swiss Armed Forces has been forced to open up a military air base for the first time ever to absorb all the super rich flying their private jets into the event, reports Newsweek. Decision-makers meeting in Davos must focus on ways to reduce climate risk while building more efficient, cleaner, and lower-carbon economies, former Mexican president Felipe Calderon told USA Today. Davos, which...
  • Rare September snow causes damage to trees and power outages in some areas [20" Snow in WY]

    09/13/2014 2:36:05 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 12 replies
    Casper Star Tribune ^ | 9/12/2014 | staff
    A late summer snowstorm dropped up to 20 inches of snow in parts of Wyoming. The rare September snow on Wednesday and Thursday damaged trees and caused power outages in some areas of northern Wyoming. While the heaviest snow fell in the Big Horn Mountains, the town of Buffalo received as much as 10 inches. The 3 to 5 inches that fell in Cody is the earliest recorded snowfall there since 1915, when records started being kept. The previous earliest recorded snowfall in Cody was Sept. 12, 1970. Other snowfall totals included 4 inches at Casper Mountain and 3 to...
  • Fracking prevents us from freezing to death

    01/27/2014 4:28:41 AM PST · by grundle · 6 replies
    It sure is cold outside. And its predicted to be even colder in the next few days. I want to thank everyone who works in the natural gas industry for saving my life literally. Without you, I would be dead. Thank you thank you so much.
  • Whistling Past the Wind Farm: Europe abandons country-by-country CO2 emissions targets

    01/23/2014 8:01:11 PM PST · by grundle · 9 replies
    Wall St. Journal ^ | January 23, 2014
    Wednesday the European Commission abandoned country-by-country targets for greenhouse-gas emissions after 2020. Under the new rules, everyone is committed in theory, but nobody is responsible for meeting the targets.
  • Scientists finally admit that their computer models exaggerate the amount of global warming

    09/17/2013 7:02:24 PM PDT · by grundle · 20 replies
    wordpress ^ | September 17, 2013 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog Global warming scientists finally admit that their computer models exaggerate the amount of global warming I’ve always suspected that the computer models that scientists use to predict global warming were programmed to exaggerate the amount of global warming.And now, the scientists who write these computer programs have finally admitted that that is indeed the case.The Telegraph reports:Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrongTop climate scientists have admitted that their global warming forecasts are wrong and world is not heating at the rate they claimed it was in a key report.One of the central issues...
  • New satellite dataset finds global temperatures decreased from 1982-2006

    08/03/2013 4:04:52 PM PDT · by grundle · 31 replies
    Climate Depot ^ | August 2, 2013 | Marc Morano
    A new peer-reviewed paper published in Energy & Environment analyzes 24 years of data from the European Meteosat weather satellite and finds global temperatures decreased over the period 1982-2006. According to the authors, Our observations point to a decrease in planetary temperature over almost the entire hemisphere, most likely due to an increase of cloudiness. The cloud filtered temperature change patterns, in figure 2c, indicate that the largest decrease occurs in the more cloudy regions of the hemisphere: the tropics and the temperate zones, while in the desert belt the temperature decrease is much smaller. This suggests that cloudiness changes...
  • The EPA and a seven-minute ambulance delay [EPA shuts down ambulance taking patient to hospital]

    05/31/2013 4:39:13 PM PDT · by grundle · 15 replies
    Washington Post ^ | May 30, 2013 | Mike DeBonis
    A Wednesday shootout on the streets of Washington Highlands left a cop injured and a carjacking suspect dead. But before the suspect expired, he went on an unusual ambulance ride that involved moving him from one vehicle to another on the shoulder of Interstate 295. While this might appear to be another story of Fire and Emergency Medical Services dysfunction, the story is rather more complicated. As WUSA-TV explains, newer-model diesel engines are required by federal regulations to have emission-control features that, in some circumstances, require the motor to shut down for regeneration a process in which the exhaust...
  • Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts into Earth's Upper Atmosphere [NASA says CO2 causes global cooling]

    04/20/2013 5:08:10 PM PDT · by grundle · 23 replies ^ | March 22, 2012 | NASA
    A recent flurry of eruptions on the sun did more than spark pretty auroras around the poles. NASA-funded researchers say the solar storms of March 8th through 10th dumped enough energy in Earths upper atmosphere to power every residence in New York City for two years. This was the biggest dose of heat weve received from a solar storm since 2005, says Martin Mlynczak of NASA Langley Research Center. It was a big event, and shows how solar activity can directly affect our planet. Earth's atmosphere lights up at infrared wavelengths during the solar storms of March 8-10, 2012. A...
  • Hans Rosling: The magic washing machine [great criticism of environmental hypocrites]

    02/28/2013 4:31:14 AM PST · by grundle · 8 replies
    YouTube ^ | Hans Roslin
  • Grocery Bag Bans and Foodborne Illness [ER admissions and deaths up by 25% since plastic bag ban]

    01/24/2013 6:31:52 PM PST · by grundle · 50 replies ^ | November 2, 2012 | Jonathan Klick and Joshua D. Wright
    Abstract: Recently, many jurisdictions have implemented bans or imposed taxes upon plastic grocery bags on environmental grounds. San Francisco County was the first major US jurisdiction to enact such a regulation, implementing a ban in 2007. There is evidence, however, that reusable grocery bags, a common substitute for plastic bags, contain potentially harmful bacteria. We examine emergency room admissions related to these bacteria in the wake of the San Francisco ban. We find that ER visits spiked when the ban went into effect. Relative to other counties, ER admissions increase by at least one fourth, and deaths exhibit a similar...
  • A New Study Suggests That Global Warming Won't Kill Off The Polar Bears

    01/08/2013 4:29:40 PM PST · by grundle · 5 replies
    Business Insider ^ | December 21, 2012 | Jennifer Welsh
    A new study indicates that global warming may actually benefit Arctic animals and ecosystem, by expanding their ranges and increasing biodiversity in the area as warmer-climate species move north. The research was published yesterday, Dec. 20, in the Journal PLoS ONE. reported:"Scientists found that, in most cases, global warming will actually give a boost to Arctic and subarctic life. Looking at 61 mammal species that currently inhabit high-latitude Europe the scientists found that, under climate conditions forecast for the year 2080, the majority of the species will see their ranges expand. They found that warming will actually bring in...
  • New Study Says Global Warming is Good for Polar Bears

    01/08/2013 4:25:10 PM PST · by grundle · 9 replies ^ | December 31, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    The easiest way to take in this study is to take every one of those global warming propaganda posters of sad polar bears and draw a smile on that bear. "A new study indicates that global warming may actually benefit Arctic animals and ecosystem, by expanding their ranges and increasing biodiversity in the area as warmer-climate species move north." "They found that warming will actually bring in more species from further south, increasing biodiversity in the region. And, even in their worst-case scenario, they expect at most one species to go extinct: the Arctic fox. But, they suspect that this...
  • The worlds supply of resources is getting bigger, not smaller

    07/05/2012 4:46:47 AM PDT · by grundle · 7 replies ^ | July 5, 2012 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    According to the laws of physics, the total quantity of mass and energy is fixed. Therefore, we cannot create new mass or energy, and we cannot use up the mass and energy that we already have. But there is something else that we can do we can invent, build, and use technology to increase our standard of living. For example, petroleum was worthless until someone with a brain invented a way to use it, at which point the petroleum became a valuable resource. Likewise, today we take rocks that used to be worthless, and turn them into computer chips...
  • Germany replaces nuclear power with coal power, at insistence of environmentalists

    07/05/2012 2:53:32 AM PDT · by grundle · 19 replies
    July 5, 2012 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Germany replaces nuclear power with coal power, at insistence of environmentalists
  • Snowbird caps longest season with holiday skiing

    07/04/2011 9:36:21 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 17 replies
    Deseret News ^ | July 4, 2011 3:58 p.m. MDT | Jared Page
    By being open for skiing Monday, Snowbird set a record for the number of days it was able to stay open in a single season with 202, said Emily Moench, the resort's communications manager. The previous record of 201 was set in 2005. Snowbird also had a record for snowfall this season, with 783 inches topping the previous high by nearly 100 inches, Moench said. "It's a spectacular way to wrap of the season," she said of the holiday skiing. Skiing and snowboarding were limited to the upper mountain, where snow reportedly was about 12 feet deep. The lower...
  • Late spring snowstorm surprises Utahns

    05/24/2010 5:27:19 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 10 replies · 477+ views
    KSL-TV, SLC, Utah ^ | 5/24/2010 | staff
    SALT LAKE CITY -- Many Utahns woke up to a blanket of snow Monday morning. The wet and slushy weather caused a few problems throughout the day, but the late storm was mostly an inconvenience. Record-setting late snowfall The storm produced the latest spring snow ever recorded at Salt Lake City International Airport. It arrived late Sunday night and produced huge, heavy snowflakes as Salt Lake City commuters arrived for work Monday morning. Much of the snow on the valley roads either didn't stick or quickly melted away. The Wasatch Mountains got significant snow for this time of year. Nine...
  • Supreme Court Rules For Navy

    11/20/2008 3:57:14 PM PST · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 12 replies · 527+ views
    Navy Newsstand ^ | Department of the Navy | Department of the Navy
    WASHINGTON (NNS) -- On Nov. 12 the Supreme Court ruled for the Navy on the challenge to Navy's use of sonar for the 14 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) combat certification training exercises off the coast of Southern California (SOCAL). In a strongly worded opinion, supported by a majority of the Justices, the Court recognized both the public interest and the Navy's interest in effective realistic training to ensure the Navy is able to track and target enemy submarines. The Supreme Court vacated the two training restrictions in the preliminary injunction that Navy told the court unacceptably restricted our Sailors' ability to...
  • Tropical ocean sucks up vast amounts of ozone [& methane; Al Gore not amused]

    06/28/2008 1:11:22 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 18 replies · 288+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 26 June 2008 | Nora Schultz
    An important mechanism for sucking ozone and methane out of the atmosphere has been discovered over the tropical Atlantic. The finding reveals how the two greenhouse gasses are kept in check by natural chemical reactions. The data collected in Cape Verde, off the western coast of Africa, suggests that 50% more ozone is being destroyed above the tropical Atlantic Ocean than previously thought, because of halogens released by the seawater. The process also increases the amount of methane pumped out of the lower atmosphere by up to 12% each day. It could occur in tropical oceans worldwide and could considerably...
  • Island Shrinking by Global Warming But for Over 100 Years?

    12/08/2007 10:48:14 AM PST · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 34 replies · 556+ views
    Men's News Daily ^ | 12/8/2007 | Warner Todd Huston
    Global warming acolytes have a favorite image, that of Al Gore's fabulist tale of 20 foot waves engulfing our coast lines. Invoking that awesome image, the L.A. Times published a story last month that is supposed to be just another global warming scare piece. Still, even the Times couldn't lie through its teeth in every instance because, while the island of Kivalina, Alaska really has been shrinking, even the Times admits its been doing so for well over 100 years. It's a bit hard to pin that all on "global warming," though, since few claim that the phenomenon has been...
  • Fall in weather deaths dents climate warnings [Greenpeace is angry about this!]

    12/02/2007 10:19:15 AM PST · by grundle · 24 replies · 125+ views ^ | December 2, 2007 | David Smith
    GREEN scientists have been accused of overstating the dangers of climate change by researchers who found that the number of people killed each year by weather-related disasters is falling.Their report suggests that a central plank in the global warming argument that it will result in a big increase in deaths from weather-related disasters is undermined by the facts. It shows deaths in such disasters peaked in the 1920s and have been declining ever since.Average annual deaths from weather-related events in the period 1990-2006 considered by scientists to be when global warming has been most intense were...
  • Navy Disappointed With Lawsuit Against Anti-Submarine Warfare Training

    05/21/2007 10:52:51 AM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 5 replies · 558+ views
    Navy Newsstand ^ | 5/19/2007, 3:54:00 PM | Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs
    PEARL HARBOR (NNS) -- The Navy is disappointed with EarthJustices decision to pursue litigation against critical training activities in Hawaiian waters, the deputy commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said. These fleet training activities are essential to the Navys ability to ensure our nations armed forces are fully combat ready and adequately trained according to established, time-tested standards, said Rear Adm. John M. Bird. The suit, filed May 16 by EarthJustice on behalf of five non-government organizations, asks the court to prohibit naval sonar exercises near Hawaii, saying that sonar can have a negative impact on marine mammals. But such...
  • Utah doctors cry foul air, push lower speed limit, mass transit

    04/03/2007 5:55:39 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 22 replies · 639+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 04/03/2007 | Judy Fahys
    They might seem an unlikely group to storm Utah's halls of power to demand action on behalf of the people. But that's exactly what Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment promised Monday, launching a campaign to cut the air pollution that is sickening Utahns and killing as many as 1,000 of them a year. Otherwise, they say, Utah's air-pollution crisis will become an air-pollution catastrophe that claims the health and the lives of people forced to breathe the bad air. Scott N. Hurst, an LDS Hospital anesthesiologist, likened air pollution's impacts to those of smoking cigarettes. "You and I can...
  • Weather Channel Host Shows Climate Alarmists' Ugly Side

    03/25/2007 8:30:50 AM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 55 replies · 4,469+ views
    The Heartland Institute ^ | 3/25/2007 | John Dale Dunn
    Heidi Cullen, a Weather Channel meteorologist who hosts the station's alarmist weekly program The Climate Code, created a media stir on January 18 by calling on the American Meteorological Society (AMS) to decertify meteorologists who disagree with her alarmist global warming views. Politically Correct Warming On her Weather Channel Web log, Cullen stated, "If a meteorologist can't speak to the fundamental science of climate change, then maybe the AMS shouldn't give them a Seal of Approval." Added Cullen, "It's like allowing a meteorologist to go on-air and say that hurricanes rotate clockwise and tsunamis are caused by the weather. It's...
  • Global warming might doom skiing by 2100 (We're DOOMED)

    07/30/2006 9:50:58 AM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 43 replies · 805+ views
    Vail Daily ^ | July 29, 2006 | Scott Condon
    ASPEN - If humans do nothing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, skiing in Aspen will be toast by 2100. And that's probably the least of Aspen's worries, according to a new study on climate change coordinated by The Aspen Global Change Institute and unveiled this week. Drier conditions will make it a challenge for the Roaring Fork Valley to supply its growing population with drinking water as soon as 2030, said the institute's founder, John Katzenberger. Higher temperatures and little change in precipitation will require more irrigation of hay fields and other crops. And the Aspen area won't be...
  • In Defense of Private Property

    03/25/2006 3:41:46 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 267+ views
    Acton Institute ^ | March 22, 2006
    While there is a general acceptance of the role of private property for social order and economic prosperity, the challenges to private property have not ended. The eminent domain issue is one threat; another comes from environmentalist groups such as the Foundation for Deep Ecology and others who see humans as a drain on the earth and nature. Some environmentalists advocate the consolidation of land to be put under federal control and promote stringent land usage restrictions that would prevent a landowner using his property fruitfully. Their argument is nothing new: individuals left to themselves will not be as effective...
  • Bill to hit plaintiffs for cash irks EPA

    03/04/2006 7:22:23 AM PST · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 7 replies · 658+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 3/4/2006 | Judy Fahys
    There may be a new reason for Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. to exercise his second veto of the year - this one on the newly passed Legacy Parkway backlash bill. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency raised its "potential concern" Friday about HB100. In a letter to the governor, the EPA Denver regional director suggested Utah may not be able to properly do its job carrying out federal environmental laws that have been delegated to the state, such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and Superfund cleanups. "[T]his pending legislation raises concerns about whether important parts of the...
  • Study: Sun's Changes to Blame for Part of Global Warming

    09/30/2005 1:48:38 PM PDT · by Names Ash Housewares · 52 replies · 1,845+ views ^ | 30 September 2005 | Robert Roy Britt
    Increased output from the Sun might be to blame for 10 to 30 percent of global warming that has been measured in the past 20 years, according to a new report. Increased emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases still play a role, the scientists say. But climate models of global warming should be corrected to better account for changes in solar activity, according to Nicola Scafetta and Bruce West of Duke University. The findings were published online this week by the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Ignore Rumors; Teflon Proven to be Safe

    09/07/2005 12:08:00 PM PDT · by WyethSwittenburg · 15 replies · 1,099+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | August 29, 2005 | Henry I. Miller
    Ignore rumors; Teflon proven to be safe August 29, 2005 BY HENRY I. MILLER The uncanny ability of President Ronald Reagan to deflect public criticism won him the nickname "The Teflon President." Ironically, now it is Teflon itself that is facing the heat, as anti-chemical groups and trial attorneys have joined forces to cook up controversy over a product that has become one of America's most trusted consumer icons, and an integral part of our language, like Thermos and Kleenex. Like many product-safety scares these days, the concerns that have been voiced about Teflon are bogus. Charges by the radical...
  • Hatch moves to end Legacy fight

    07/28/2005 7:14:33 AM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 2 replies · 423+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 7/28/2005 | Thomas Burr
    WASHINGTON - Sen. Orrin Hatch is seeking to thwart further litigation over the Legacy Highway by pushing Congress to accept as final environmental studies on the planned 14-mile, four-lane highway between North Salt Lake and Farmington. Backed by other Utah Republicans in Washington, the attempted end run around the courts comes amid settlement negotiations between officials at the Utah Department of Transportation and environmental groups pressing for a different highway route or transit alternatives to spare Great Salt Lake wetlands. Hatch plans to insert into the transportation bill, which is nearing its final vote, language that would halt any court...
  • Antarctic conference opens with focus on environment, climate

    06/07/2005 4:11:27 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 3 replies · 488+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 6/7/05 | AFP - Stockholm
    STOCKHOLM (AFP) - A two-week conference on the Antarctic, focusing on environmental, climate change and tourism issues, has opened with representatives of 50 governments, researchers and experts, the Swedish hosts said. The conference, which runs to June 17, comes amid fresh warnings from scientists about the effect of climate change on Antarctica, the fifth largest continent in the world, which contains more than 90 percent of the world's ice. Sweden hopes that the meeting will result in a special protocol on responsibility and insurance in the case of major accidents in the Antarctic, such as oil spills. "It seems that...
  • 'PCRM Week': The Dairy Attack

    04/13/2005 3:35:11 PM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 92 replies · 2,112+ views ^ | 4 12 05 |
    Unless you're among the bean-sprout-sized minority of Americans who describe themselves as "vegans" (vegetarians who also won't touch milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, or even a dollop of honey), you may have been alarmed by the publicity surrounding an article appearing last month in the journal Pediatrics. The anti-milk piece -- written by activists from the PETA-affiliated Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) -- concluded that feeding milk to children is unnecessary, and that there are better ways (kale, tofu, turnip greens, or spinach, for instance) for kids to get the calcium they need. In reaching this result, PCRM relied on...
  • Tax on greenhouse gases looms (Switzerland)

    02/15/2005 4:41:44 PM PST · by Redcloak · 14 replies · 691+ views ^ | February 15, 2005 9:40 PM | Scott Capper
    Tax on greenhouse gases looms swissinfo February 15, 2005 9:40 PM A CO2 tax on fossil fuels would lead to a major increase of prices at the petrol pump (Keystone Archive) As the Kyoto Protocol comes into force, Switzerland is still not sure how to reach its targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. The government is considering different options to encourage or coerce citizens and the economy into cutting carbon-dioxide pollution. RELATED ITEMS Summit fails to progress on climate change Tax on CO2 emissions moves step closer Kyoto - how it works The...
  • Utah commissioner leading the charge to save reviled fish

    02/14/2005 4:58:02 AM PST · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 14 replies · 973+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 2/14/2005 | Joshua Partlow
    WASHINGTON - Of all the names that have been hurled at the Northern Snakehead - intruder, predator, Frankenfish - Alan Gardner would like to add one more to the list: victim. Gardner, a Republican county commissioner from Utah, wants the snakehead off the most-wanted list and on the endangered species list. With local officials from 12 other Western states, he has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to save the snakehead. ''There are not very many of them,'' he said. ''And they're trying to get rid of those they have.'' It's true that the snakehead, infamous for its voracious...
  • The end of radical environmentalism?(Book Review: Michael Crichton's State of Fear)

    01/10/2005 1:32:33 AM PST · by freepatriot32 · 21 replies · 2,213+ views ^ | 1 10 05 | Joseph L. Bast
    [State of Fear, by Michael Crichton. 603 pages. Published December 7, 2004, by HarperCollins Publishers. Hardcover, $27.95. Available at] Michael Crichton, the author of The Andromeda Strain, Rising Sun, Jurassic Park and other block-buster thrillers, has penned a novel that could profoundly change the national and even international debate over global warming. It's long overdue. Crichton's State of Fear, with a reported first print run of 1.7 million copies, is an action thriller that doubles as a scientific primer on global warming and other environmental topics. Crichton's protagonists -- a scientist, a lawyer, a philanthropist and two remarkably athletic...
  • Trio of storm systems could have devastating impact on U.S.

    01/04/2005 8:56:14 PM PST · by adaven · 231 replies · 7,137+ views
    KRT Wire ^ | Jan 04 2005 | Seth Boreenstein
    Trio of storm systems could have devastating impact on U.S.By SETH BORENSTEINKnight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON - Moisture-laden storms from the north, west and south are likely to converge on much of America over the next several days in what could be a once-in-a-generation onslaught, meteorologists forecast Tuesday.If the gloomy computer models at the U.S. Climate Prediction Center are right, we'll see this terrible trio: The "Pineapple Express," a series of warm wet storms heading east from Hawaii, drenching Southern California and the far Southwest, which already are beset with heavy rain and snow. It could cause flooding, avalanches and mudslides....
  • Science lacking in global warming theories

    12/30/2004 9:54:46 AM PST · by Willie Green · 31 replies · 1,558+ views
    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ^ | Thursday, December 30, 2004 | H. Sterling Burnett
    DALLAS -- Global warming is hot! -- pun fully intended. Within the space of a year, a blockbuster action movie and now a sure-to-be best-selling novel have both focused on the perils and political intrigues surrounding the question of whether, or to what extent, humans are causing the planet to overheat with all manner of apocalyptic results. Though the Fox Studio disaster flick "The Day After Tomorrow" was panned by scientists who pointed out its portrayal of climate science was wildly inaccurate, it won praise from environmentalists and some politicos for "focusing attention on the important topic of human-caused global...
  • Human Activities Contributed to Tsunami's Ravages: Environmental Expert (Here It Comes)

    12/27/2004 4:03:18 PM PST · by Dallas59 · 51 replies · 2,833+ views
    AFP via Yapoo ^ | 12/27/04 | AP
    PARIS (AFP) - Human activities, notably the building of coastal resorts and the destruction of natural protection, contributed to the enormous loss of life from killer tidal waves that hit the shores of the Indian Ocean after an earthquake, an environmental expert said. Jeff McNeely, chief scientist of the Swiss-based World Conservation Union (IUCN), who lived for several years in Indonesia and Thailand, two of the countries hit by Sunday's disaster, said it was "nothing new for nature" in a geologically active region. "What has made this a disaster is that people have started to occupy part of the landscape...
  • Anti-hunters create litigation division

    12/07/2004 8:33:03 PM PST · by Calpernia · 48 replies · 2,008+ views
    Humane Society of the United States to challenge hunting via courts U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Dec. 3, 2004 The nation's largest anti-hunting group has launched a new legal department to challenge sportsmen in the courts. An Animal Protection Litigation section was created in the wake of the recent merger of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Fund for Animals. Attorney Jonathan Lovvorn was selected to head the department. The organization intends to add four litigating attorneys by the end of the year. "The animal rights movement sees the courts as the easiest way to realize its...
  • Yellowstone Snowmobile Ban Struck Down

    10/15/2004 5:28:31 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 41 replies · 2,637+ views
    KSL Channel 5 TV ^ | 10/15/2004 | unknown
    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -- A federal judge on Friday struck down a ban on snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, calling it a "prejudged, political" move that sought to exclude the vehicles from all national parks. U.S. District Judge Clarence Brimmer ruled that the Clinton-era ban was invalid because it did not involve adequate public participation and failed to follow federal law. His decision could clear the way for new rules that allow the machines. The rule was "the product of a prejudged, political decision to ban snowmobiles from all the national parks," Brimmer wrote. The National Park...
  • Concealed Kerry

    10/11/2004 11:30:14 PM PDT · by Redcloak · 29 replies · 9,391+ views
    ELECTIONS 2004 SPECIAL REPORT 'John Kerry is the only man in America who wears blaze orange as camouflage."Sandra S. Froman, NRA First Vice President Concealed KerryLifelong hunter. Sportsman. Dove Hunter. Con Artist. Don't fall into the trap being set by presidential hopeful John Kerry. A close look at his record--and at his supporters--shows where he really stands on matters near to the hunters heart. A revealing portrait of an accomplished doublespeaker. By Wayne R. LaPierre & Chris W. Cox Democratic Presidential Hopeful John Kerry's transparent attempt to absolve his career-long aggression against the Second Amendment by claiming to be...
  • Free Republic "Bump List" Register

    09/30/2001 4:46:44 AM PDT · by John Robinson · 191 replies · 12,118+ views
    I have created a public register of "bump lists" here on Free Republic. I define a bump list as a name listed in the "To" field used to index articles. Free Republic Bump List Register
  • 100 things you should know about DDT

    07/14/2004 2:59:07 PM PDT · by swilhelm73 · 27 replies · 1,590+ views ^ | 1999 | J. Gordon Edwards and Steven Milloy
    Junk science? Junkman? Trash Talk BBS Store Feedback Site Search E-mail List Archives & Links 100 things you should know about DDT by J. Gordon Edwards and Steven Milloy I. Historical BackgroundII. Advocacy against DDTIII. EPA hearingsIV. Human exposureV. CancerVI. Egg shell thinningVII. Bald eaglesVIII. Peregrine falconsIX. Brown pelicansX. Bird populations increase during DDT yearsXI.Erroneous detection I. Historical Background Discovered by accident, DDT became one of the greatest public health tools of the 20th century.Overuse harmed its efficacy -- and made it politically unpopular. Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) was first synthesized, for no purpose, in 1874 by German chemist Othmar Zeidler....
  • Supreme Court slaps down SUWA [The greenies lost their case]

    06/15/2004 5:24:08 PM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 7 replies · 663+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 6/15/2004 | Robert Gehrke
    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court unanimously rejected a bid by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to force the Bush administration to limit off-road vehicle traffic in potential Utah wilderness areas -- a decision praised by off-road enthusiasts. Attorneys for the environmental group had argued that the Bureau of Land Management had an obligation to crack down on off-road vehicle use to protect several potential wilderness areas. But Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the court, said forcing the BLM to act would insert the court into the day-to-day operations of the agency. A ruling in SUWA's favor "would divert BLM's energies...
  • Science, Politics and Death

    06/01/2004 9:56:23 PM PDT · by Coleus · 18 replies · 2,959+ views
    The New American ^ | June 14, 2004 | Arthur B. Robinson & Jane M. Orient
    More on Environmentalism Science, Politics and Deathby Arthur B. Robinson & Jane M. OrientEnvironmental extremism kills. Millions die annually because of restrictions on DDT, and imposing the "Kyoto" regulations would kill many more.Dr. Arthur B. Robinson, a professor of chemistry, is the founder of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, and editor of the newsletter Access to Energy. Dr. Jane Orient, a specialist in internal medicine, has a private practice and is the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Easily usable energy is the currency of human progress. Without it, stagnation, regression and untold...
  • Greens drop protest; natural-gas exploration to begin

    05/22/2004 8:00:26 AM PDT · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 10 replies · 482+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 5/22/2004 | Brent Israelsen
    A Denver-based energy company today will begin a controversial natural-gas exploration project near Nine Mile Canyon after environmentalists abandoned their attempt Friday to stop it. Bill Barrett Corp. is expected to begin laying seismic lines on the West Tavaputs Plateau to pinpoint the best locations to drill for an estimated 66 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. Steve Bloch, attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA), said his client on Friday withdrew its motion for an injunction after the company agreed to delay exploration activities in two areas that SUWA and other environmental groups have proposed for wilderness...

    03/31/2004 2:28:49 AM PST · by Jaysun · 41 replies · 2,889+ views
    3/31/2004 | Jaysun
    Many of us have long believed that the true goal of the environmental movement is socialism. Below are just a few examples that provide proof of just that. These documents may be well known to some of you, but I had to go undercover as a liberal environmentalist to obtain proof of their motives. Most of the excerpts shown here are from the Environmental Research Foundation. The Environmental Research Foundation isnt just some small "fringe" group. No, they distribute their nutty tripe to more than 3,500 (including the EPA and ACLU for example) organizations worldwide. You can see which organizations...
  • Environmental radical will fight return to U.S.

    03/30/2004 7:02:07 PM PST · by Excuse_My_Bellicosity · 24 replies · 380+ views
    AP via Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 3/30/2004 | AP staff
    Michael Scarpittiaka Tre Arrow VICTORIA, British Columbia -- Radical environmentalist Tre Arrow, arrested here on charges of shoplifting, will fight deportation to the United States where he is wanted on charges of firebombing logging and cement trucks, Arrow's attorney said Monday. Arrow, born Michael Scarpitti, appeared Monday in a Canadian court for a status hearing on charges of theft, assault and obstruction. He was arrested in Victoria on March 13 for allegedly attempting to steal some bolt cutters. He has also been charged with providing false information to immigration officers, after telling them his name was Joshua Murray. It...
  • Make Green, Not Peace (your tax money at work alert)

    03/26/2004 3:25:31 PM PST · by bogdanPolska12 · 5 replies · 404+ views ^ | Dan Sargis
    Hey Eager Pence...dont wish for some things too much because you just might get them. But since the les enfants terrible of Greenpeace have, yet again, withdrawn into their insulated world of enviro-erotic make-believe, lets give them what they are asking understandable translation of the anagrams in which Greenpeace is forever speaking. It is now their Time for Truth. During Saturdays halftime entertainment at a London anti-war protest, two trolls climbed Londons Big Ben clock tower and unfurled a banner which read Time for Truth. The stunt was organized by the Enron of the environmental world, Greenpeace. Executive...
  • The International Green Agenda

    03/06/2004 5:59:46 PM PST · by Coleus · 9 replies · 745+ views
    Capital Research Center ^ | November 2003 | Ivan G. Osorio
    U.S. Foundations Support Environmental Activists on the World Stageby Ivan Osorio Summary:Nongovernmental organizations (NGO), especially environmental, play an increasingly important role in international politics. With the financial backing of major U.S. philanthropies, such as the Ford Foundation, environmental activists use United Nations forums and other international meetings to influence global trade and environmental policy. View the full version in PDF Format Organization(s) featured in this itemEarthJustice Legal Defense FundFriends of the EarthGreenpeace FundGreenpeace InternationalGreenpeace, Inc.Ford FoundationRockefeller Brothers FundPew Charitable TrustsCharles Stewart Mott FoundationJohn D. & Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationTurner Foundation