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  • Rapid Erosion Supports Creation Model

    01/25/2016 9:35:02 AM PST · by fishtank · 93 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | Jan. 25, 2016 | Frank Sherwin
    Rapid Erosion Supports Creation Model by Frank Sherwin, M.A. | Jan. 25, 2016 Recently in Dorset, England, bad weather washed a massive section of a cliff into the sea revealing scores of ammonite fossils.1,2 Creation scientists are interested in this cliff fall because substantial erosion was accomplished in literally seconds. It didn't take hundreds of thousands to millions of years of slow and gradual erosion. The cliff fall at Dorset isn't the only recent example of rapid and significant erosion. Uniformitarian geologists claim the famous White Cliffs of Dover, composed of calcium carbonate, were formed in the Cretaceous Period between...
  • Second world war dead washed up by Pacific Ocean's rise - caused by global warming

    06/07/2014 11:04:48 PM PDT · by Up Yours Marxists · 42 replies
    South China Morning Post ^ | June 8, 2014 6:27 GMT | Agence France-Presse
    Skeletons of second world war soldiers are being washed from their graves by the rising Pacific Ocean as global warming leads to inundation of islands that saw some of the fiercest fighting of the conflict. On the day Europe commemorated the 70th anniversary of the storming of Normandy beaches in the D-Day landings, a minister from the Marshall Islands, a remote archipelago between Hawaii and the Philippines, told how the remains of 26, probably Japanese soldiers, had been recovered so far on the isle of Santo. "There are coffins and dead people being washed away from graves; it's that serious,"...
  • Cavitation (article about Glen Canyon Dam)

    08/27/2012 8:07:29 AM PDT · by fishtank · 26 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | August 2012 | John D. Morris
    Cavitation by John D. Morris, Ph.D. "One glance at Grand Canyon evokes wonder at the extensive erosion that occurred—but the canyon is only the final whisper of a grand-scale event. The massive erosion episode leveled off and gouged out the Colorado Plateau, covering much of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. The present-day Colorado River hardly seems capable. Something of a much larger scale accomplished this!...." more...
  • The American Left and the Erosion of Public Discourse

    03/08/2012 11:47:58 AM PST · by Nachum · 12 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 3/8/12 | Steve McCann
    Much has been made of the precipitous decline in the level of discourse in the United States. Many attribute this to the coarsening of the language and the ever-widening gulf between the various factions in the political spectrum. However, these factors are a symptom of a current underlying and foundational dilemma: the inability of not only the general public, but nearly all of the so-called societal leaders and opinion-makers to generate an original thought, as well as a stubborn refusal to use reason and logic when confronted with irrefutable facts and arguments. These traits can be explained, insofar as the...
  • Geology Picture of THIS Week, May 8-14, 2011: Beach in Portugal

    05/12/2011 10:16:27 PM PDT · by cogitator · 5 replies
    Beach in Portugal Click to see the original 10x larger.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, August 22-28, 2010: Where's this?

    08/28/2010 10:04:06 PM PDT · by cogitator · 13 replies
    This one might be really easy, because I imagine if you've seen this one you wouldn't forget where it is. But that would mean somebody actually saw this (or at least a picture of it indicating where it is). Anyway, it's one of the most picturesque sea arches I've ever seen. The other arch (bottom 2 pictures) is located nearby. Click all for full-size.
  • Geology Pictures of the (2) Weeks, May 30-June 12, 2010: If an arch falls in the desert...

    06/09/2010 9:22:55 PM PDT · by cogitator · 8 replies · 57+ views
    Panoramio and Hawaiian Volcano Observatory | Various
    If an arch falls in the desert... Sorry about last week, I literally lost track of time. So here are several images from another of those amazing state parks in America, this one called the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, which is within driving distance of Las Vegas (and you can apparently drive through part of it). The reason for this particular posting is that one of the many arches in the park fell down very recently. Erosion happens. When you see the arch that fell down, you can understand why; this one was pretty precarious. Article: Valley...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, April 25-May 1, 2010: Outer Hebrides Hoodoos

    04/30/2010 11:12:32 PM PDT · by cogitator · 4 replies · 373+ views
    Last week I tooled around the ice cap over Katla, adjacent to the ice cap over the erupting volcano -- I'm too lazy to look up the names right now -- using Panoramio. I compiled a collection of images that confirm I need to get there someday. I was going to post them this week. But anyway, time's pressing. I also discovered last week that National Geographic provides desktop quality images monthly. Great stuff. I found an example and I'll link to where they are if you're interested (the source link above). Covers the whole range of National Geographic subjects....
  • Geology Picture of the Week, March 28 - April 3, 2010: Features of the Timna Valley, Israel

    04/01/2010 10:00:46 PM PDT · by cogitator · 7 replies · 545+ views
    Israel's Timna Valley and Timna Valley Park appears to be an interesting place for arid scenery. (Wikipedia entry) Copper was mined here back to the Stone Age through the Middle Ages. It's just a bit north of Eilat, the city at the end of the Gulf of Eilat (also known as the Gulf of Aqaba), the eastern bunny ear of the Red Sea. These pictures are of the Arches and the aptly named Mushroom. Click for full-size. Arch in Timna Valley, Israel Timna Park "The Mushroom" Distant shot of the Mushroom Brightly lighted Mushroom
  • Geology Picture of the Week, Oct. 18-24, 2009: Aspects of the Ocean

    10/23/2009 9:59:55 AM PDT · by cogitator · 9 replies · 742+ views
    First, not totally exactly geology, but one of the more amazing iceberg pictures I've ever seen: Next, an offering from Patrick Smith Photography (I had one of these before): this one won some awards and was on the cover of a photography magazine: Finally, Marion Island from space: click for full-size
  • Geology Picture (and place) of the Week, March 22-28, 2009: Salt Point State Park, CA

    03/25/2009 7:38:50 PM PDT · by cogitator · 5 replies · 543+ views
    I've always said that there are likely hundreds of geological "gems" in the country's state parks. Here's one of them. Click for full-size. The source of this photograph has got a pretty amazing portfolio. I recommend checking it out on the header link. The Santa Cruz County "Bridge to Nowhere" is another winner. His Hawaii pictures are pretty phenomenal too. This photographer is a master of coastal seascapes. Explanation of the geology of the park (which it has a LOT of): Geology of Salt Point State Park, CA Here's a PDF map showing location and features. Salt Point State Park...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, Feb. 22-28, 2009: Shi Shi Beach, Olympic NP, Washington

    02/27/2009 9:42:31 PM PST · by cogitator · 6 replies · 701+ views
    Mason Vranish ^ | Various
    First picture comes from the link in the header. Others I found. Got inspired when I found an old National Geographic at the dentist's office. Click for larger size Speaking of NatGeo (half-size, click for full. Desktop download) Next two are the only size I could find; wow.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, Feb. 15-21, 2009: Delicate Arch

    02/20/2009 7:16:27 PM PST · by cogitator · 5 replies · 752+ views
    Rich Daley Photo Gallery ^ | Richard J. Daley
    I was digging through some old calendars (I can never throw them away) and found a month with Delicate Arch. I figured that sometimes you have to just have a beautiful picture to look at. Click for FULL size. Also see note in first comment (from me). Just for fun, this is what Delicate Arch looks like from the other side:
  • Geology Picture of the Week, January 18-24, 2009: Porcupine Gorge, Australia

    01/21/2009 8:24:33 PM PST · by cogitator · 5 replies · 573+ views
    NASA Earth Observatory ^ | January 18, 2009 | NASA
    Click the source link to see the article (and a link to a larger version) of this picture: Here's a ground-level view of a portion, looking a lot like a vegetated version of the Goosenecks of Utah (click for full-size):
  • Geology Picture of the Week, Dec. 14-20, 2008: Vikos Gorge, Greece

    12/18/2008 9:44:35 PM PST · by cogitator · 9 replies · 844+ views
    I found this searching on the phrase "Grand Canyon of Europe". This isn't the only place that came up, but in my opinion, it probably qualifies. (Others were Goruppu Gorge on Sardinia and the Gorge d'Ardeche, France.) Canyon pictures are notoriously difficult to capture the scale of the place, so I'll try a couple. This is in northern Greece, up toward Albania. Building in front is a monastery. This last one is half-size; click for full size.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, Dec. 7-13, 2008: Torri del Vajolet (Vajolet Towers)

    12/10/2008 7:55:12 PM PST · by cogitator · 7 replies · 557+ views
    Found this in the Flickr collections. Black and white always is reminiscent of Ansel Adams. The building is a hiker/trekker "refugio" -- nice place to stay below the towers. There are lots and lots and lots of pictures of these features! (Click for full-size.)
  • Gun owners got letters

    08/22/2008 7:42:30 AM PDT · by marktwain · 64 replies · 410+ views
    Tulsa World ^ | Manny Gamallo
    OSBI agents went to gun dealers and pawnshops to create a list of .40-caliber Glock owners. WELEETKA — Authorities working to narrow their leads in the June 8 shooting deaths of two girls used old-fashioned legwork to come up with a list of area gun owners with .40-caliber pistols, one of two weapons used in the slayings. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents knew the caliber of the guns used in the killings, so they merely checked with area gun dealers and pawnshops to determine who had bought or recently pawned .40-caliber Glocks. "It's a typical procedure of any investigation"...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, August 10-16, 2008: Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon, Utah

    08/14/2008 1:10:16 PM PDT · by cogitator · 16 replies · 209+ views
    Deseret News ^ | September 30, 2007
    Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon, Utah.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 15-21, 2007: The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona

    07/19/2007 9:22:52 PM PDT · by cogitator · 11 replies · 359+ views
    Photoseek ^ | Tom Dempsey
    You can see why it's called "The Wave".
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 8-14, 2007: Paths of the Dead (New Zealand)

    07/13/2007 10:10:07 AM PDT · by cogitator · 5 replies · 427+ views ^ | New Zealand Government and various
    Keeping on an erosion theme, I looked for pictures of the location used for the "Paths of the Dead" in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, specifically in "The Return of the King". They are called the Putangirua Pinnacles. They are located near Wellington on the southeastern North Island. I linked to the image above. There are some better, higher-resolution pictures on the Web, but not easily linkable.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 1-7, 2007: Providence Canyon, Georgia

    07/05/2007 9:17:10 AM PDT · by cogitator · 15 replies · 603+ views
    I went back to an old reliable for this one, and the picture I found was somewhat amazing on background. The amazing thing about this place is that it didn't exist 150 years ago! It is called "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon", and it formed due to drastic erosion caused by non-soil-conserving agricultural practices. Supporting Links: Providence Canyon State Park Wikipedia entry Providence Canyon Photographs of Providence Canyon State Park by Bruce Gourley
  • China:Three Gorges dam causes downstream erosion--study(dam traps 151 million ton of sediment)

    05/22/2007 9:30:23 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 18 replies · 1,331+ views
    Three Gorges dam causes downstream erosion--study 21 May 2007 08:48:29 GMT Source: Reuters HONG KONG, May 21 (Reuters) - China's Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydropower project, is retaining huge amounts of sediment and nutrients and causing significant erosion in the downstream reaches of the Yangtze River, researchers have found. In a paper published in the latest volume of the Geophysical Research Letters, Chinese scientists said the dam had retained 151 million tonnes of sediment each year since 2003. The researchers from the East China Normal University in Shanghai calculated supplies of water and sediment at places along the...
  • Geology Pictures of the Week, February 18-24, 2007: Kerguelen and Bryce

    02/21/2007 8:10:27 AM PST · by cogitator · 4 replies · 297+ views
    MODIS Web ^ | NASA and Krishna
    Grab bag; a rare picture of Kerguelen from space (usually cloud-covered) and a nice picture of Bryce Canyon. Sorry I missed last week. If you click the Kerguelen picture, you get a 250-meter resolution version. Even though there have been surveys, supposedly there are still places on Kerguelen that have never been visited by a human being in recorded history. Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point
  • Geology Picture of the Week, January 28-February 3, 2007: Views of the Unreal Halong Bay, Vietnam

    01/31/2007 12:32:10 PM PST · by cogitator · 17 replies · 492+ views
    Various | Various
    I've probably seen lots of pictures of this place/area, but I finally learned its name. Spectacular coastal karst. This is a World Heritage Site -- deservedly.
  • Geology Picture of the Day, October 29-November 4, 2006: Something Different This Way Comes

    10/31/2006 10:06:29 AM PST · by cogitator · 12 replies · 340+ views
    Various | Various
    For today's Halloween GPoW, I challenged myself. I have frequently posted pictures of volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, arches and bridges, canyons, and mountains; I've occasionally veered off that path with landslides, remote-sensing views, and a couple of crystals and minerals. So my challenge was to come up with something DIFFERENT; unusual, photo-worthy, and significant geologically. And also something a bit relevant to Halloween. See if you think I succeeded. All of these are in the United States.
  • N. Korea: Kim tested by rise of armed resistance

    10/21/2006 10:55:19 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 14 replies · 1,081+ views
    The Sunday Times ^ | 10/22/06 | Michael Sheridan,
    The Sunday Times October 22, 2006 Kim tested by rise of armed resistance Michael Sheridan, Far East Correspondent AN underground resistance movement in North Korea, capable of smuggling out videos of executions and staging violent acts of defiance, has emerged as the Kim Jong-il dictatorship faces international sanctions for testing a nuclear bomb. The latest evidence of North Koreans willing to risk their lives to tell their story is a video showing the execution by firing squad of a woman convicted of murder committed in the course of stealing food last July. Captured by a bystander with a tiny camera,...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, August 20-26, 2006: Geology as Art II -- Classic Karst in China

    08/29/2006 11:04:37 AM PDT · by cogitator · 4 replies · 323+ views
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 6-12, 2006: Mastodon Arch (Canyonlands NP)

    08/07/2006 9:03:04 AM PDT · by cogitator · 12 replies · 347+ views
    Accompanying text and location map: Mastodon Arch
  • Geology Picture of the Week, June 4-10, 2006: Something Completely Different - Blue Grottoes

    06/07/2006 8:49:06 AM PDT · by cogitator · 7 replies · 400+ views
    "Grottoes" (grottos?) can be both natural, man-made, or man-modified. Searching for grotto images finds many of these categories. This one struck me as pretty impressive, on the island of Malta. I had to shrink the image a bit; click on it for the full-size image. The second shot is of the notable tourist attraction Blue Grotto of Capri, Italy. There are a lot of pictures on the Web of this place; I couldn't find what I felt was a great one. The glow of the underwater illumination is pretty good; it appears that there is a considerable photographic challenge in...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, March 12-18, 2006: Northwest Angle and Lake of the Woods

    03/13/2006 12:21:19 PM PST · by cogitator · 9 replies · 334+ views
    Today's two images are inspired by the "learn something new every day" phenomenon. In this case, the something that was learned was about the Northwest Angle in Minnesota, pictured here (click to go to article, with larger image link). I wanted to find other images of the Northwest Angle, but couldn't find much. However, I did find the interesting site below, with a virtual tour and smallish excerpts from a Landsat poster of Lake of the Woods. The image below was interesting, especially the circularity of the features in the lower part of the image. A Virtual Tour of Lake...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, February 26-March 4, 2006: Grand Gulf, Missouri

    02/28/2006 2:21:15 PM PST · by cogitator · 8 replies · 425+ views
    Missouri Resources ^ | Winter 2002-2003 | Cheryl Seeger
    I read about Grand Gulf, Missouri in a recent "Natural History" magazine, and I admit to a minor fascination with small state-park size canyons and gulches and runs, typified by such places as Turkey Run in Indiana; Letchworth State Park (not so small) in New York; and the Flume in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire -- places I've been to. This appears to be another interesting one that I've not been to. So here's a few pictures of Grand Gulf. I was away from my computer all last week and couldn't post my weekly "feature". The pictures are from...
  • NASA Satellite Technology Helps Fight Invasive Plant Species

    02/16/2006 3:49:03 PM PST · by george76 · 1 replies · 779+ views
    PRNewswire ^ | Feb. 15 | PRNewswire
    Products based on NASA Earth observations and a new Internet-based decision tool are providing information to help land and water managers combat tamarisk (saltcedar), an invasive plant species damaging precious water supplies in the western United States. This decision tool, called the Invasive Species Forecasting System (ISFS), is being used at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Institute of Invasive Species Science in Fort Collins, Colo. It is the result of combining USGS science and NASA Earth observations, software engineering and high- performance computing expertise. "The ISFS combines NASA satellite data with tens of thousands of field sampling measurements, which...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, January 8-14, 2005: Elves Chasm (Grand Canyon) plus Amazing Link

    01/11/2006 10:22:37 AM PST · by cogitator · 3 replies · 356+ views
    f8 and Be There ^ | Steve Kossack
    Last week's search on "chasm" discovered the Amazing Link below the image. The image is also of Elves Chasm on the Colorado River. The image is from this part of the Web site (the author holds landscape photography workshops -- and he appears to be quite good) The 25-Year Dream And here is the Amazing Link. It's a full 360-degree panorama of Elves Chasm. It's one of the most remarkable images I've ever seen. BEFORE YOU CLICK: the panorama expands the browser to full screen and requires Quicktime. And it's a big image. Panorama of Elves Canyon
  • New close-up of Hyperion, weird Saturn moon (links to others)

    12/07/2005 8:32:47 AM PST · by cogitator · 5 replies · 493+ views
    NASA/JPL ^ | 12/07/2005 | Cassini
    Click on the small picture above for a 265 kB JPEG image.
  • Geology Picture of the Week, October 2-8, 2005: Threading the Needle (and a challenge)

    10/04/2005 11:06:24 AM PDT · by cogitator · 5 replies · 539+ views
    Climbing in South Dakota ^ | Guillame Dargaud
    Sometimes I don't know how these things happen. I was wondering what I should post as the picture this week, and the phrase "needle's eye" occurred to me. I visualized a vague image of a formation called the Needle's Eye from my youth on a family trip. So I searched, and I found the "Needle's Eye" in the Black Hills. This is probably the one I'm remembering, since we took a trip to the Black Hills when I was a kid, and it seems to match my vague memory. (See the first comment for the challenge.) For a different perspective,...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 24-30, 2005: Badlands

    07/27/2005 10:27:14 AM PDT · by cogitator · 14 replies · 663+ views
  • View's no longer quite so religious (Destruction of Superman's Krypton)

    07/04/2005 12:43:45 AM PDT · by Oztrich Boy · 289+ views ^ | Monday, July 4 | Peter Begg
    ONE of Great Ocean Road's iconic Twelve Apostles collapsed spectacularly yesterday morning, leaving only eight of the giant rock formations still standing. The Twelve Apostles are the major attraction along the Great Ocean Road, bringing world fame to the rugged southwest Victorian coastline. Only a handful of tourists were at the site when the 50-metre tall sea stack collapsed at 9.18am. )Earlier article - Move over Lex Luthor, it's the ... 12 Apostles Saturday, July 3 Rebecca Tucker THE 12 Apostles will become Kryptonite as Superman returns to Earth. The Great Ocean Road's internationally iconic rocks will feature in the...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, June 26-July 2, 2005: Karst Arches in Great Basin NP

    06/27/2005 9:55:00 AM PDT · by cogitator · 3 replies · 507+ views
    Bob's Arches ^ | The Archman
    According to the text of the page, this feature can be seen on a hike to Lexington Arch in Great Basin National Park. I actually was looking for pictures of Lexington Arch, and there are a few, but this one seemed more interesting. The site is nice if you like arches (I do).
  • Geology Picture of the Week, June 12-18, 2005: Finger Klippe

    06/13/2005 1:33:45 PM PDT · by cogitator · 2 replies · 1,261+ views
    Link post, for the purpose of alerting interested FR denizens to the post in the General/Chat section, where discussion and comments should be posted: Geology Picture of the Week, June 12-18, 2005: Finger Klippe
  • Geology Picture of the Week, June 12-18, 2005: Finger Klippe

    06/13/2005 1:26:56 PM PDT · by cogitator · 6 replies · 1,193+ views
  • Public Schools: Awakening America to the Danger - (countercultural indoctrination a reality)

    05/12/2005 9:48:03 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 498+ views
    Far too few among the Christian community are willing to remain steadfast in their beliefs, in the face of the enormous pressures of liberal social change. Fortunately, Bruce N. Shortt exemplifies the meaning of such worthy resolve. Last year Shortt, along with T.C. Pinckney, made waves at the 2004 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) by stating the obvious. America’s educational system has, over the past several decades, completely degenerated from any pretense of promoting academics. Instead, it is primarily focused on a program of indoctrinating students towards countercultural social transformation. Relentlessly working to eradicate any references to God or traditional morality,...
  • Expert: Hurricane Ivan Caused Sand Loss

    03/27/2005 7:45:48 PM PST · by satchmodog9 · 14 replies · 461+ views
    AP ^ | Sun Mar 27,2005 | By CAIN BURDEAU
    NEW ORLEANS - New measurements of Hurricane Ivan's erosion of beaches, dunes and barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico underscore how vulnerable the American shoreline is to such storms, a U.S. Geological Survey (news - web sites) oceanographer says. Ivan's center made landfall Sept. 16 at Gulf Shores, Ala., with 115 mph wind and a storm surge estimated at 10 to 13 feet high. Ivan washed away as much as 164 feet of beach in places, according to Abby Sallenger, an oceanographer for the Geological Survey's Center for Coastal & Watershed Studies in St. Petersburg, Fla. He presented his...
  • Geology Pictures of the Two Weeks, July 18-31, 2004: Great Falls Deux

    07/26/2004 9:08:00 AM PDT · by cogitator · 7 replies · 750+ views
    Various | July 26, 2004
    Link post: to alert interested readers to the post in the FR "chat" section, where any commentary should be posted: Geology Pictures of the Two Weeks, July 18-31, 2004: Great Falls Deux
  • Geology Pictures of the Two Weeks, July 18-31, 2004: Great Falls Deux

    07/26/2004 9:00:35 AM PDT · by cogitator · 7 replies · 815+ views
    Various (see links) (this guy has good photos!) Potomac Flow-by Studies Link to aerial photograph of Great Falls
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 4-10, 2004: Blowing Rocks Preserve, Florida

    07/09/2004 10:31:01 AM PDT · by cogitator · 703+ views
    Link post, to allow interested Free Republic readers to access the thread in the FR "chat" section, where all discussion posts should be located: Geology Picture of the Week, July 4-10, 2004: Blowing Rocks Preserve, Florida
  • Geology Picture of the Week, July 4-10, 2004: Blowing Rocks Presere, Florida

    07/09/2004 10:16:19 AM PDT · by cogitator · 1 replies · 1,016+ views
    The site (linked above) includes some 360-degree panoramas of this area, but you have to download the viewer. I didn't do that.
  • Republicans lose 39-hour talkathon

    11/14/2003 4:11:26 PM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 34 replies · 641+ views
    WND ^ | 11/14/03
    Despite extending the unprecedented 30-hour talkathon on the Senate floor by more than nine hours, Republicans failed to force a vote on President Bush's three judicial nominees deemed too conservative for the American mainstream by Democrats. Republicans launched the round-the-clock debate Wednesday night to counter Democratic filibusters on the nominations of Texas judge Priscilla Owen and California judges Carolyn Kuhl and Janice Rogers Brown. At the outset, Democrats warned the Republican tactic wouldn't work. "I'm terribly disappointed that we are spending the time of this institution on something like this when we need to be spending what little time...
  • Geology Picture of the Week, April 13-19, 2003 (an easy WhereIsIt? challenge)

    04/14/2003 9:55:16 AM PDT · by cogitator · 3 replies · 216+ views
    Link post: Geology Picture of the Week, April 13-19, 2003 (an easy WhereIsIt? challenge)
  • Geology Picture of the Week, April 13-19, 2003 (an easy WhereIsIt? challenge)

    04/14/2003 9:50:12 AM PDT · by cogitator · 12 replies · 352+ views
    OK, so WhereIsIt? (Hint given in first comment)
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day 2-21-03

    02/21/2003 12:54:19 PM PST · by petuniasevan · 7 replies · 389+ views
    NASA ^ | 2-21-03 | Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell
    Astronomy Picture of the Day Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2003 February 21 Melting Snow and the Gullies of Mars Credit: P. Christensen (ASU), THEMIS, Mars Odyssey, NASA Explanation: Tantalizing images of gullies on Mars have offered striking evidence for recent flows of liquid water. But Mars is too cold and its atmosphere too thin for liquid water to exist on the surface. Still a new and compelling explanation for gullies carved by liquid water was inspired by...