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Keyword: evilution

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  • New species of dinosaur found in eastern Utah rock

    02/23/2010 2:19:37 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 24 replies · 712+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Feb. 23, 2010 | MIKE STARK
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Fossils of a previously undiscovered species of dinosaur have been found in slabs of Utah sandstone that were so hard that explosives had to be used to free some of the remains, scientists said Tuesday. The bones found at Dinosaur National Monument belonged to a type of sauropod—long-necked plant-eaters that were said to be the largest animal ever to roam land. The discovery included two complete skulls from other types of sauropods—an extremely rare find, scientists said.
  • First Molars Provide Insight Into Evolution of Great Apes, Humans

    01/03/2010 10:10:25 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 111 replies · 1,559+ views
    ScienceDaily ^ | Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | Arizona State University, via EurekAlert
    The timing of molar emergence and its relation to growth and reproduction in apes is being reported by two scientists at Arizona State University's Institute of Human Origins in the Dec. 28 online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). From the smallest South American monkeys to the largest African apes, the timing of molar development and eruption is closely attuned to many fundamental aspects of a primate's biology, according to Gary Schwartz, a researcher at the Institute of Human Origins and an associate professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change in...
  • Junk Science Exposed In Evolutionary Theory

    12/17/2009 3:15:42 PM PST · by ezfindit · 88 replies · 2,029+ views ^ | 12/16/2009 | Babu G. Ranganathan
    Millions of high school and college biology textbooks teach that research scientist Stanley Miller, in the 1950’s, showed how life could have arisen by chance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Miller, in his famous experiment in 1953, showed that individual amino acids (the building blocks of life) could come into existence by chance. But, it’s not enough just to have amino acids. The various amino acids that make-up life must link together in a precise sequence, just like the letters in a sentence, to form functioning protein molecules. If they’re not in the right sequence the protein molecules...
  • New Finch Species Shows Conservation, Not Macroevolution

    12/09/2009 6:13:57 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 12 replies · 665+ views
    ICR News ^ | December 9, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    “Darwin’s finches” are a variety of small black birds that were observed and collected by British naturalist Charles Darwin during his famous voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle in the early 1800s. Years later, Darwin argued that subtle variations in their beak sizes supported his concept that all organisms share a common ancestor (a theory known as macroevolution). The finches, whose technical name is Geospiza, have since become classic evolutionary icons...
  • The Beringer Hoax [Archaeology's Hoaxes, Fakes, and Strange Sites]

    12/07/2009 7:25:30 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 7 replies · 575+ views
    Archaeological Institute of America ^ | December 2009 | editors
    Single-minded and with a high opinion of his scholarly abilities, Beringer was wide open for a simple, but devastating hoax... Beringer "wholly, publicly committed himself to the belief that fossils were merely the capricious fabrications of God, hidden in the earth by Him for some inscrutable purpose; possibly, thought Beringer, merely for His own pleasure; possibly as a test for human faith" and proceeded to write a book on them... historians Melvin E. Jahn and Daniel J. Woolf, who in 1963 produced the first English translation of Beringer's book, showed the truth behind the tale lies not in farcical student...
  • Why young-age creationism is good for science

    12/07/2009 7:30:12 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 170 replies · 3,384+ views
    Journal of Creation ^ | Brett W. Smith
    The current treatment of young-age creationists in the scientific community and society at large is unfair and unwise. Scientists and philosophers of science, including old-age creationists and naturalists, should respect youngage creationists as legitimate contributors to science. Young-age creationists offer to the current origins science establishment a competing rational viewpoint that will augment fruitful scientific investigation through increased accountability for scientists, introduction of original hypotheses and general epistemic improvement...
  • Scientists Back Off of Ardi Claims (Evos give climate-hoaxers a run for their money...LOL!)

    12/04/2009 8:07:39 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 665 replies · 7,523+ views
    ICR News ^ | December 4, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    In May 2009, a remarkably well-preserved extinct primate, nicknamed “Ida,” was hailed as one of the most important fossil finds ever. It had features that some interpreted as a link between two primate body forms. At the time, ICR News suggested that its evolutionary significance was far overblown, predicting that the scientific consensus would offer retractions. Those retractions came three months later, confirming that the fossil―called Darwinius―was really just an extinct lemur variety...
  • Evolutionists retreating from the arena of science

    12/03/2009 8:35:52 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 371 replies · 5,254+ views
    CMI ^ | December 1, 2009 | Dave Woetzel
    Evolutionists retreating from the arena of science --snip-- Today, the Darwinian scientific consensus persists within almost every large university and governmental institution. But around the middle of the 20th century an interesting new trend emerged and has since become increasingly established. Evolutionary theorists have been forced, step by step, to steadily retreat from the evidence in the field. Some of the evidences mentioned earlier in this article were demonstrated to be frauds and hoaxes. Other discoveries have been a blow to the straightforward expectations and predictions of evolutionists. Increasingly, they have been forced to tack ad hoc mechanisms onto Darwin’s...
  • EVO-ATHEIST DISCLAIMER MESSAGE (No genetic material were harmed in this post)

    05/05/2009 9:44:52 PM PDT · by Gordon Greene · 98 replies · 3,908+ views
    Gordon Greene | May 5, 2009 | Gordon Greene
    EVO-ATHEIST DISCLAIMER MESSAGE WARNING: (No genetic material were harmed in the posting of this response) The sole purpose of this comment is to offend Star-Trek-Lovin’, Monkey-Huggin’, Marvel-Comic-Readin’ evil-utionist wackos, as well as Christian-Bashin’, Pope-slammin’, pocket-protector-wearin’, nerd-bucket, Atheists. This poster not responsible for so-called moderate evo-atheists feelings who feel they’ve been caught in the crossfire (there’s no crossfire here… you can’t “half” believe in God). This response posted by a God-fearin’, Church-goin’, 6-Literal-Day-Creation-believin’, Bible-thumpin’, Pew-jumpin’, Jesus-freak. Any Atheist interested in worshipping the Flying-Spaghetti-Monster will have to consult Little Dickie Dawkins for instruction. NOTE: MY OPINION IS SUBJECT TO STAY THE SAME...
  • Hungry ancients 'turned cannibal'

    12/05/2006 6:49:55 AM PST · by ToryHeartland · 15 replies · 704+ views
    BBC News ^ | 5 Dec 2006 | BBC
    Starvation and cannibalism were part of everyday life for a population of Neanderthals living in northern Spain 43,000 years ago, a study suggests. Bones and teeth from the underground cave system of El Sidron in Asturias bear the hallmarks of a tough struggle for survival, researchers say. Analysis of teeth showed signs of starvation or malnutrition in childhood and human bones have cut marks on them. Details appear in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...(snip)... "Given the high level of developmental stress in the sample, some level of survival cannibalism would be reasonable," the scientists wrote in...
  • Intelligent Design Grounded in Science

    11/13/2005 6:07:54 AM PST · by NYer · 621 replies · 5,854+ views
    CBN ^ | November 2005 | By Gailon Totheroh – SEATTLE, Washington - The Dover, Pennsylvania school board is on trial in the state capitol. Their crime? They wanted to tell high school students once a year that evolution is only a theory. They also wanted to mention an alternate theory: Intelligent Design, or ID. That was too much for some parents. They sued, claiming ID is religious and therefore illegal in school. The judge will decide the case in the next few weeks.So is ID really just religion in disguise? Do both biology and astronomy support ID? And who are these people promoting ID?To answer those questions,...
  • Santorum: Don't put intelligent design in classroom

    11/13/2005 3:49:41 PM PST · by Crackingham · 685 replies · 7,103+ views
    U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said Saturday that he doesn't believe that intelligent design belongs in the science classroom. Santorum's comments to The Times are a shift from his position of several years ago, when he wrote in a Washington Times editorial that intelligent design is a "legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in the classroom." But on Saturday, the Republican said that, "Science leads you where it leads you." Santorum was in Beaver Falls to present Geneva College President Kenneth A. Smith with a $1.345 million check from federal funds for renovations that include the straightening and relocation of...
  • [Kansas Gov. Kathleen] Sebelius criticizes State Board of Education's move [new science standards]

    11/12/2005 4:16:49 AM PST · by PatrickHenry · 388 replies · 3,539+ views
    Kansas City Star via ^ | 12 November 2005 | DAVID KLEPPER
    Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on Friday called the state's new science standards a "step in the wrong direction." Her comments follow a week in which the Kansas Board of Education adopted new science standards Tuesday that portray evolution as being in doubt and change the definition of science to allow for supernatural explanations. In her lengthiest public comments yet on the controversy, Sebelius said she worries the changes will undermine science education and send the message that Kansas doesn't welcome high-tech firms and research. She pointed to the state's efforts to recruit bioscience companies, while the board votes to move...
  • A revolution for evolution - Intelligent design must not replace hard science in classrooms.

    11/11/2005 9:27:07 PM PST · by MplsSteve · 152 replies · 1,793+ views
    Citizens in Dover, Pa, did the right thing this week by voting out most of its school board for its anti-science, pro-intelligent design stand. Voters there rejected a school leadership group that had tried to discredit the theory of evolution and teach students intelligent design (ID), the notion that lifeforms are so complex that a higher being must have designed them. Under the leadership of the current board, Dover schools became the first in the nation to require that attention be paid to ID.
  • Is Intelligent Design a Bad Scientific Theory or a Non-Scientific Theory?

    11/10/2005 4:43:24 AM PST · by Nicholas Conradin · 862 replies · 8,181+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 11/10/2005 | Uriah Kriegel
    In an election in Pennsylvania this week, voters tossed out eight members of the Pittsburgh school board who wanted Intelligent Design theory to be taught alongside evolution in school. But should Intelligent Design -- the theory that living organisms were created at least in part by an intelligent designer, not by a blind process of evolution by natural selection -- be taught in public schools? In one way, the answer to this question is simple: if it's a scientific theory, it should; if it's not, it shouldn't (on pain of flaunting the Establishment Clause). The question, however, is whether Intelligent...
  • Prehistoric skull found in dump may be missing common ancestor of apes & humans

    11/07/2005 8:35:20 AM PST · by dead · 186 replies · 3,155+ views
    The Guardian ^ | Monday November 7, 2005 | Dale Fuchs in Madrid
    Palaeontologists excavating a dump outside Barcelona have found a skull dating back 14m years that could belong to a common ancestor of apes and humans. The nearly intact skull, which has a flat face, jaw and teeth, may belong to a previously unknown species of great ape, said Salvador Moya, the chief palaeontologist on the dig. "We could find a cradle of humanity in the Mediterranean," he said. A routine land survey for a planned expansion of the Can Mata dump in Els Hostalets de Pierola turned up the first surprise in 2002: a primate's tooth. Since then, scientists from...
  • Salamanders are "living fossils"? (Creation vs. Evolution)

    04/13/2005 12:14:17 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 77 replies · 1,405+ views
    Answers in Genesis ^ | April 9, 2005 | David Catchpoole
    You’ve heard of ‘living fossils’? These are usually announced (often with much media fanfare) when something known only from the fossil record, long presumed extinct for millions of years, is unexpectedly found living somewhere. Examples of such living fossils include the coelacanth fish, the Wollemi pine tree (see Missing? or misinterpreted?), and the ‘Gladiator’ insect.1 But the latest animal to be pronounced a living fossil is one that has been familiar to generations of people for as long as anyone can remember; namely, the salamander. So how can something long known to be living, suddenly be dubbed a ‘living fossil’?...

    03/20/2005 1:50:03 PM PST · by tbird5 · 50 replies · 2,889+ views
    National Right to Life ^ | 3/20/05 | By Megan Dillon
    This memo seeks to clarify several misconceptions that have been circulating throughout the media in the case of Terri Schindler-Schiavo. MYTH Terri is in a coma or comatose-like state. REALITY None of Terri’s doctors currently maintain that she is in a coma. Some doctors believe that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state while others disagree and believe that she is “minimally conscious.” Most Americans have seen footage of Terri interacting with her mother by now and it is hard to ignore the way in which she appears to light up at the sound of her mother’s voice. Important note:...
  • Barbarity in America (Terri Schaivo)

    03/18/2005 6:24:06 PM PST · by Keyes2000mt · 62 replies · 2,296+ views
    Worldnetdaily ^ | 03/18/2005 | Rabbi Schmuley Boteach
    I never believed that I would live in a country that would, in effect, execute a brain-damaged woman who never hurt anyone in her life. The story of Terri Schiavo should outrage every decent American. While our soldiers valiantly fight and die across the sea so complete strangers can enjoy human rights, here at home an American woman who suffered severe brain damage 15 years ago is being subjected to death by dehydration and starvation by order of a judge. Today, her feeding tube was removed. The humanity of every society is determined first and foremost by how it treats...
  • Loosening Darwin's Grip

    03/04/2003 7:27:34 PM PST · by Remedy · 198 replies · 2,891+ views
    Citizen Magazine ^ | March 2003 | Clem Boyd
    Federal legislation has given Christians nationwide a boost in their battle to allow evidence against Charles Darwin's controversial theory into public school classrooms. Larry Taylor had run his volunteers through public-speaking drills, and now he was seeing the fruit of his labor. Parents favoring a new science education policy in Cobb County, Ga., a policy that would allow evidence against evolution into classrooms long dominated by Darwin’s flawed theory, were gaining the upper hand at the county’s September board meeting. The parents were offering coherent and compelling arguments, each of them concluding their remarks within the board-imposed time limit. The...