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  • Online 'birth certificate' document 'was changed'

    05/01/2011 6:55:07 PM PDT · by conservativegramma · 36 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | May 1, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    A computer document expert who analyzed the online image of Barack Obama's purported Certificate of Live Birth for WND confirmed there are anomalies inconsistent with a simple scanning process, and there is evidence it has been manipulated, but there's no way to determine exactly what may have been modified. The end result is that while it is known there were changes, the full extent of operations that were done to the image cannot be determined at this point. It was analyzed by Ivan Zatkovich of Tampa-based eComp Consultants, which consults on intellectual property for telecommunications, web publishing and ecommerce and...
  • Wisconsin doctors face disciplinary action for writing fake notes for protesters

    04/27/2011 12:11:17 PM PDT · by Justaham · 17 replies ^ | 4-27-11 | Ed Morrissey
    The University of Wisconsin has decided to act against doctors in their system that provided fraudulent medical excuses for demonstrators in Madison earlier this year. The medical school reviewed allegations against 22 of its faculty/staff and will remove them from “leadership positions” and dock their pay: UW Health doctors who wrote sick notes for protesters at the Capitol in February face penalties up to a loss of pay and leadership positions, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health said Tuesday. The medical school reviewed 22 UW Health doctors said to have been involved in writing medical excuses for protesters...
  • CNN via BREAKING on Drudge: White House releases Obama birth certificate

    04/27/2011 6:09:26 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 1,522 replies · 5+ views
    CNN ^ | 27 APR 11 | DCBryan1
    <p>Drudge, Breaking NOW: Obama to show long form birth certificate!</p>
  • Walter E Williams predicts an OBAMA win in 2012, and here is why: BOGUS! SEE LINK

    04/24/2011 3:07:21 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 95 replies
    Walter E. Williams ^ | 04/2011 | Walter E. Williams
    <p>Walter E. Williams, (born 1936 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania ) is a conservative American economist, commentator, and academic. He is the John M Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University , as well as a syndicated columnist and author.</p>
  • Liberal Bloggers Salivate Over ‘Secret’ Sarah Palin Facebook Profile

    02/24/2011 3:14:05 AM PST · by equaviator · 30 replies
    The Blaze ^ | February 22, 2011 | Meredith Jessup
    With apparently nothing better to report on, the latest gold mine for liberal bloggers Tuesday was the discovery of a “secret” Facebook profile page which may or may not belong to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (It doesn’t.) The profile was uncovered by the super-journalists at Wonkette who speculated Palin created the private “fake” account in order to bolster her public Facebook profile. Using a private Gmail address leaked with a manuscript from one of Palin’s former aides, Wonkette stumbled upon the Facebook profile named “Lou Sarah.” Palin’s middle name is “Louise”, the blog notes. The blog site then goes...
  • Conservative hidden camera sting targets NPR (yellow journalism)

    03/08/2011 12:57:00 PM PST · by Ben Mugged · 38 replies
    CBS News? ^ | March 8, 2011 | Brian Montopoli
    Conservative activist James O'Keefe, whose deceptively edited hidden camera videos have made him a star on the right, is out with a new video targeting National Public Radio executive Ron Schiller - and by extension NPR itself. The video purports to show Schiller speaking to a pair of men posing as representatives of a phony Muslim group called seeking to give $5 million to NPR. The men tell Schiller they are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist political movement. It shows Schiller stating that the Republican Party and the Tea Party is "fanatically involved in people's personal lives and...
  • Egypt seizes al-Jazeera reporter

    01/14/2007 5:54:35 AM PST · by edpc · 15 replies · 708+ views
    BBC News ^ | Sunday, 14 January 2007 | Unattributed
    A journalist working for Arabic TV news channel al-Jazeera has been arrested in Egypt for allegedly fabricating videos of police torturing suspects. Huweida Taha Metwalli was stopped on her way to Qatar and 50 video tapes were found in her luggage, the Egyptian interior ministry said. She is reportedly charged with "tarnishing Egypt's reputation and harming Egyptian national interests". Al-Jazeera said the tapes showed a "documentary reconstruction" by actors.
  • Like Dogs to Vomit, Media Matters Cleans Up Liberal Media Messes

    12/15/2010 4:07:54 PM PST · by patriotgal1787 · 16 replies
    Big Journalism ^ | Dec. 15, 2010 | Andrea Shea King & Kristinn Taylor
    Like Dogs to Vomit, Media Matters Cleans Up Liberal Media Messes Just like dogs that merrily slurp vomit to the last chunk, bloggers at the Democratic party front group Media Matters for America follow behind liberal media outlets, lapping up their latest noxious dousing of conservatives. Then with a satisfied smirk, Media Matters gloats "what vomit?" when conservatives complain about being puked on by the press. The latest example of Media Matters' vomit fetish is their defense of the attempted smear of Sarah Palin during her humanitarian trip to Haiti last weekend by the Associated Press and others as a hair-obsessed...
  • Damaged LGBT Books in Lamont Not Result of Hate Crime, Dean Says (barf alert)

    12/14/2010 12:41:10 PM PST · by Wile E Coyote Genius · 32 replies
    After conducting an investigation in response to a recent police report that 36 books treating LGBT topics had been damaged with what appeared to be urine in Lamont Library last month, the University determined Monday morning that the incident was an accident and will no longer be treated as a hate crime, according to a statement sent from College Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds to the Harvard community on Monday. On November 24, library staff at Lamont discovered the damaged books—on subjects including lesbian and gay issues and same-sex marriage—along with a bottle assumed to have contained what investigators believed to...
  • LGBT Books Vandalized With Urine in Lamont Library

    Approximately 40 books dealing with LGBT issues were vandalized with what appeared to be urine in Lamont Library on November 24, according to a report filed Friday by the library security staff to the Harvard University Police Department. HUPD spokesman Steven G. Catalano wrote in an e-mail that the vandalized books' subject matters included lesbian and gay issues and same-sex marriage. Due to the nature of books, HUPD is currently investigating the incident as a bias crime.
  • Media Mogul Urges Stringent Birth Control

    12/13/2010 9:15:49 AM PST · by John Semmens · 22 replies
    A Semi-News/Semi-Satire from AzConservative ^ | 11 December 2010 | John Semmens
    Media billionaire Ted Turner urged world leaders to impose a sort of “cap-and-trade” system for live births in order to reduce the global population. Under the Turner plan, each person would be entitled to participate in procreating one child. This right could be sold or used. “There are just too damn many people,” Turner complained. “Everywhere I go there are crowds of people. A person can’t get any solitude or privacy anymore. We can’t go on like this. We’ve got to put a lid on this thing before it’s too late.” Turner argued that making the procreative right transferable “would...
  • Obama snuffs out the cigarette

    12/09/2010 12:41:04 PM PST · by ColdOne · 98 replies
    Politico44 ^ | 12/09/10 | CAROL E. LEE
    President Obama has all but quit smoking, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday after the surgeon general issued a report on the health risks of tobacco as part of the administration’s anti-smoking campaign.
  • The Daily Kos, Twittergate & Obama's Birth Certificate Controversy

    10/25/2010 12:30:00 PM PDT · by rxsid · 128 replies · 1+ views ^ | 10/24/2010 | Erica
    "The Daily Kos, Twittergate & Obama's Birth Certificate Controversy Posted by Erica The Zapem blog has produced a video, Twittergate - The Democrats Hire A Twitter-Thug, which details how the Democrats hired Neal Rauhauser, a Daily Kos blogger, to paint the tea party movement as racist, homophobic, extremist and every other pejorative you can imagine. Rauhauser owns a company co-founded with Beth Becker called Progressive PST. Zapem says,"The evidence submitted demonstrates the systematic and deliberate provocation towards people in an attempt to elicit unfavorable responses after a series of malicious and vile attacks. The idea was to antagonize, collect and...
  • O'Donnell-Coons Debate: Students Say No One Won

    10/14/2010 1:58:44 PM PDT · by roses of sharon · 25 replies
    Students at the University of Delaware lined up for hours to nab a seat at last night's highly anticipated debate between Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons. But after it was over, most of the students we spoke to said neither candidate did themselves any favors. "I didn't think either of the candidates acted very maturely," said senior Eric McGinnis. O'Donnell, pressured to make up a 19-point gap in the polls, was on the attack from the start - slamming Coons on everything from raising taxes in the county he runs to his personal wealth. She even...
  • MTV Denies That Obama Telecast Is Political (No equal time for GOP...)

    10/13/2010 8:09:19 AM PDT · by massmike · 76 replies · 1+ views ^ | 10/13/2010 | Emily Miller
    Viacom networks MTV, BET and CMT are giving an hour of free air time to President Obama less than three weeks before the midterm elections. The so-called “A Conversation with President Obama” will be live and commercial-free on six Viacom networks at 4 p.m. on Thursday. The networks will not give equal time to a Republican before the election, according to a spokeswoman. MTV denies that the Obama hour of TV is political, despite the timing, weeks before the midterm elections.
  • Report: Candidate in Ohio wore German SS uniform (MSM Spin, Desperation Alert)

    10/10/2010 3:52:03 PM PDT · by PROCON · 32 replies
    AP ^ | Oct. 9, 2010
    TOLEDO, Ohio — A report says a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio dressed up in a German SS uniform to participate in Nazi reenactments. Excerpted per FR posting rules.
  • L.A. Times Sells Last Remaining Shreds of Credibility (Front page ad looks like terrorist attack)

    10/04/2010 12:12:22 PM PDT · by SanFranDan · 21 replies ^ | 10/4/2010 | Patterico
    When L.A. Times print readers received their paper last Wednesday, here is what they saw: (Photo of LA Times front page) Screen a screaming banner headline that appeared to be about a terror attack on a TV network (NBC): It turned out to be just an ad for the new Los Angeles-based Law and Order show on NBC. To her credit, the Readers’ Representative writes about it, and notes reader reactions, which appear to be mostly appalled. I guess they’re used to seeing front-page advertisements for political candidates on their front pages, but not for TV networks. Fake editors contacted...
  • Gallup: Distrust in the Media Reaches Record High

    09/30/2010 12:45:59 PM PDT · by Beaten Valve · 14 replies · 1+ views
    TV Newser ^ | Sept. 30, 2010 | Alex Werpin
    A new poll released by Gallup shows that American distrust in the mass media has reached a record high. This is the fourth straight year that a majority of respondents have said that they have little or no trust in the media, but the 57% who say that this year is a new record for the poll. According to the poll, 48% of respondents say the media is too liberal, 15% say it is too conservative and 33% say it is “just right.” You can see how the responses have changed over the years here: (snip to picture of chart)...
  • VIDEO: Grayson DEFENDS 'Taliban Dan' Commercial Calling it 'Factual'

    09/29/2010 11:46:00 AM PDT · by therightliveswithus · 19 replies
    Pundit Press ^ | 9/29/10 | Aurelius
    MSNBC, well known for being a liberal bastion, had Alan Grayson on to talk about his "Taliban Dan" attack ad against his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster. When confronted with the full context of the ad, Grayson refused to admit that he had erred and once again called Grayson a member of the Taliban. Surprisingly, this MSNBC journalist hit Grayson pretty hard in the interview, though the ad is so appalling even liberals know it is wrong:

    09/28/2010 12:36:47 PM PDT · by Marty62 · 78 replies · 1+ views
    CBS: CSI ^ | 9-28-2010 | CBS
    Here is the clip of the episode:
  • New book about Rush Limbaugh or comically oversized cigar lighter? Too soon to say?

    09/27/2010 11:10:17 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 5 replies
    Don’t you hate it when ancient, boring newspaper columnists too lazy to think up a decent topic that week decide to write about… the weird mail they get for their newspaper column? I know I do. So anyhow… Today I got this email: Ms. Shaidle: I was curious about your attack on Media Matters involving the Limbaugh quotes, since I’m writing a book about Limbaugh: “After repeating the same manufactured ‘quotes’ day after day for weeks, Media Matters didn’t issue retractions or apologies to Limbaugh when they were revealed to be completely made up.” Neither of your links indicates that...
  • AOL Libels Free Republic; Web Giant Falsely Accuses Conservative Site of Hosting Child Porn

    09/22/2010 8:23:10 PM PDT · by kristinn · 180 replies · 1+ views
    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | Kristinn
    The Internet giant AOL libeled Free Republic as "hosting child pornography" in an article published Wednesday, September 22, 2010, at their Daily Finance news site. The site's masthead reads: Daily Finance An AOL Money & Finance Site.Authored by Daily Finance media columnist Jeff Bercovici, the article entitled Muzzled Reporter Says 'Maw of Yahoo' No Place for Journalism tells the story about John Cook's reasons for leaving Yahoo News and returning to his previous gig with Gawker. According to the article, Cook was the senior national affairs reporter for Yahoo's The Upshot news blog. Bercovici notes that he and Cook are...
  • AOL Owned Daily Finance Retracts Passage That Libeled Free Republic Over Child Pornography

    09/23/2010 9:36:38 AM PDT · by kristinn · 153 replies
    Thursday, September 23, 2010 | Kristinn
    The AOL-owned site Daily Finance this morning retracted a passage in an article that falsely stated Free Republic hosted child pornography.The article was about reporter John Cook leaving Yahoo News to return to Gawker. Included in Cook's reasons for leaving, according to Daily Finance reporter Jeff Bercovici, was that Yahoo would not allow him to write about Free Republic "hosting child pornography." The article that was linked to support that claim actually stated that Free Republic did not host child pornography.The offending Daily Finance passage now reads:"... On similar grounds, he was prohibited from writing about the conservative website...
  • About that Palin anecdote

    09/08/2010 12:38:21 PM PDT · by curth · 21 replies
    Politico ^ | 9/8/2010 | Ben Smith
    Vanity Fair's Michael Joseph Gross and I went back and forth this morning in part about what strikes me as an improbableanecdote involving Palin's musing on a campaign-trail wedding for her daughter. I found it improbable because a McCain aide told me -- and told Dave Weigel at the time -- that he'd floated the idea on a lark and leaked it to the Sunday Times, but that it was little more than a joke. Gross responded that we had different sources, and that his was firsthand. Now Scott Conroy, a Palin embed and co-author of the critical, reported book...
  • 'Rand Fan' Impersonator Apologizes for Being an Idiot and Quits Columnist Job

    08/31/2010 11:04:47 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 8 replies · 1+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | August 31, 2010 | P.J. Gladnick
    Does anybody out there remember Tyler Collins who earlier this month had the distinction of performing perhaps the worst political impersonation ever recorded? Collins later claimed that his "performance" at Kentucky's annual Fancy Farm picnic was just satire but for satire to work, it must have even a slight degree of credibility. Nobody bought Tyler's obvious act which was so humiliating that all he accomplished was embarrassing himself and becoming a Web laughingstock. In fact, "Rand Fan" Collins, who was also a columnist for the Crittenden Press, was so embarrassing in his entirely unconvincing role as a Tea Partier that...
  • (Abu Dhabi) Man held allegedly with 'fake' $1million(US) bank notes

    08/31/2010 11:01:59 AM PDT · by a fool in paradise · 6 replies
    Gulf News ^ | August 29, 2010 | staff report
    Confiscated bills were used by US multi-millionaires club for decorative purposes and sold as collectors' item Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a man for trying to exchange two $1-million bills at the UAE Central Bank. Abu Dhabi Police said the confiscated $1-million bills were not real currency notes but had been used for decorative purposes by a group called the "International club for multi-millionaires" in the US. Police said the 45-year-old African suspect convinced a European woman that the $1 million bills were genuine and could be exchanged at the UAE Central Bank. He also allegedly offered her...
  • Wright criticizes those who think Obama is Muslim

    08/29/2010 3:11:28 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 34 replies
    hosted ^ | Aug 29 | ANDREW DeMILLO
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, accused people who wrongly believe Obama is Muslim of catering to political enemies during a fiery speech Sunday in Arkansas. In his sermon at New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Wright criticized supporters of the Iraq war and defended former state Court of Appeals Judge Wendell Griffen for speaking out against it. Griffen serves as the church's pastor. Wright's only reference to Obama came when he compared Griffen's opponents to those who incorrectly think Obama is Muslim....
  • Don't look, birthers: Obama's passport

    08/17/2010 11:13:03 AM PDT · by Natural Born 54 · 482 replies · 1+ views
    Politico ^ | August 17, 2010 | Josh Gerstein
    Here's something new for the birthers to chew over: President Barack Obama's passport. Says he was born in Hawaii! But the White House has strategically fuzzed out certain data, so the mystery continues. Now, it's his official passport, which means it's new, so the true believers will not be persuaded. Not that they ever would.
  • Race is on to make the first 3D porn movie

    08/16/2010 12:39:37 PM PDT · by Robwin · 43 replies · 3+ views ^ | 15 Aug 2010 | Telegraph UK
    "Race is on to make the first 3D porn movie Filmmakers in Europe, Asia and the USA are competing to produce the world's first ever 3D porn film. Published: 12:25PM BST 15 Aug 2010 A group of Hong Kong filmmakers have started shooting what they claim will be the world's first 3D pornographic film, Photo: AFP Adult video actress Saori Hara and actor Hiro Hayana of Japan perform for the camera during filming on the set of '3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstacy' in Hong Kong Photo: AFP Hong Kong director Christopher Sun is currently filming his $3.2 million '3-D...
  • Mosque Developer Open To Paterson Proposal (Not Really)

    08/11/2010 11:30:17 AM PDT · by Haiku Guy · 14 replies
    New York 1 ^ | 8/11/10 | Staff Writer
    The developer of the controversial mosque in Lower Manhattan says he is open to Governor David Paterson's offer to help find another site for the project. Paterson is volunteering another site on state owned property for the Islamic Center H says there needs to be greater dialogue to try and soothe everyone's fears. (anip) "While we ahve a tremendous amount of respect for our governor, and we are always interested in hearing what our leaders have to say, and what their ideas and proposals are. But this has always been about serving Lower Manhattan," said proposed mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal....
  • Bill White to filmmakers: Zoom in on Perry (casting look Perry-alike for webpisode advertising)

    08/03/2010 11:54:06 AM PDT · by a fool in paradise · 11 replies · 6+ views
    AP Via Houston Chronicle ^ | July 29, 2010, 5:28PM | KELLEY SHANNON
    Democrat Bill White's campaign is encouraging Texas' arts crowd to focus on Republican Gov. Rick Perry. A supporter of the former Houston mayor is organizing independent filmmakers to show the short films they are making on behalf of his campaign, White spokesman Katy Bacon said Thursday. The films will premiere at an as-yet unscheduled White campaign event in Austin. The initiative came into the spotlight after Perry's campaign noted that a filmmaker advertised on an actors' website for a look-alike for Perry, the state's longest-serving governor who is known for his thick mane of hair. The impersonator would be cast...
  • JournoList: 65 Names Confirmed (so far ...)

    07/21/2010 12:24:42 PM PDT · by BuckeyeTexan · 132 replies · 3+ views
    Source List Included | 07/212010 | BuckeyeTexan
    The following 65 names are confirmed members of the now-defunct JournoList listserv. 1. Ezra Klein 2. Dave Weigel 3. Matthew Yglesias 4. David Dayen 5. Spencer Ackerman 6. Jeffrey Toobin 7. Eric Alterman 8. Paul Krugman 9. John Judis 10. Eve Fairbanks 11. Mike Allen 12. Ben Smith 13. Lisa Lerer 14. Joe Klein 15. Brad DeLong 16. Chris Hayes 17. Matt Duss 18. Jonathan Chait 19. Jesse Singal 20. Michael Cohen 21. Isaac Chotiner 22. Katha Pollitt 23. Alyssa Rosenberg 24. Rick Perlstein 25. Alex Rossmiller 26. Ed Kilgore 27. Walter Shapiro 28. Noam Scheiber 29. Michael Tomasky 30....
  • The ABC’s Of Keeping A Conspiracy Theory Alive

    07/19/2010 12:52:34 PM PDT · by Slyscribe · 6 replies · 2+ views
    IBD's Capital Hill ^ | 7/19/2010 | Sean Higgins
    At ABC News, the absence of any evidence of a conspiracy apparently does not mean they will not try to perpetuate a conspiracy theory. A case in point is this story about Alvin Greene’s improbable but real victory in the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary:
  • Soros Funded Blog Puts Out Fraudulent Racist Tea Party Video…White House Behind It?

    07/16/2010 9:11:21 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 11 replies · 1+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 07-16-10 | Curt
    Mike's post yesterday about the NAACP’s recent goals to distract from Obama’s failures by leveling charges of racism is a great compliment to this one by Bob Owens. Bob describes how Think Progress, a blog founded by the George Soros insidious group The Center for American Progress (CAP) (and a very influential group inside the Obama administration), is putting out false propaganda to paint the Tea Party as racist. Days after the NAACP passed a resolution calling all Tea Party members as racist. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Think there is no coordination going on with this White House? Do you remember...
  • An Inconvenient Truth for Schools Debuts on Island (New Documentary)

    07/16/2010 8:42:40 AM PDT · by ruralvoter · 7 replies · 2+ views
    Waiting for Superman is the new documentary by the same people who made An Inconvenient Truth, and this film sets out to do with regard to public education in America what its predecessor did with regard to climate and energy policy. That is, to expose the manifest failings of the system, point to the culprits for those failings and, finally, to suggest remedies. Making the case that the American education system is failing is probably the least contentious part of that process. The statistics on American educational underachievement are far less disputed than those on global warming. And the movie...
  • The Recession Is Over (July 2009)

    07/14/2010 12:10:08 PM PDT · by MNDude · 20 replies · 1+ views
    The Great Recession, which rolled over our financial lives like one of P.J. Keating's giant pavers, is most likely over. Home sales, while still far below the levels of a year ago, have risen for three straight months—a first since 2004. The stock market has rallied 44 percent since March, thanks to renewed optimism and improving earnings from big companies like Goldman Sachs and Apple. In June, seven of the 10 indicators in the Conference Board Leading Economic Index pointed upward, including manufacturing hours worked and unemployment claims. Macroeconomic Advisers, the St. Louis–based consulting firm, says the economy is expanding...
  • CBS Host Admits Levi Johnston Apology 'Highly Under-Reported' [Gee, ya think...?]

    07/09/2010 9:13:30 AM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 6 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 07/09/10 | Kyle Drennen
    On Friday's CBS Early Show, fill-in co-host Erica Hill confessed Levi Johnston's apology for making false statements about the Palin family was "highly under-reported." During the 'Early Wrap' segment, Hill told a panel of media pundits: "My favorite story of the week, which was highly that Levi Johnston came out and said....Some things he said about the Palin family were not true."It's interesting that Hill used the phrase "under-reported," when CBS did not cover Johnston's admission at all since he made the statement in a Tuesday interview with People Magazine. Meanwhile, the network, and the Early Show in particular,...
  • Magazine: Levi Johnston apologizes to Palins

    07/06/2010 6:36:28 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 79 replies
    Associated Press ^ | July 6, 2010
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Levi Johnston has acknowledged telling lies about Sarah Palin and her family after splitting with the former Alaska governor's daughter last year. The 20-year-old tells People magazine in an online story posted Tuesday that since his untrue statements were made in public, "I owe it to the Palins to publicly apologize."
  • Democrats Dig Harder Than Ever for GOP Dirt

    07/07/2010 11:22:43 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 44 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Wednesday, July 7, 2010 | Philip Rucker
    The Democratic Party is moving faster and more aggressively than in previous election years to dig up unflattering details about Republican challengers. In House races from New Jersey to Ohio to California, Democratic operatives are seizing on evidence of GOP candidates' unpaid income taxes, property tax breaks and ties to financial firms that received taxpayer bailout money. In recent weeks, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has circulated information to local reporters about Republican candidates in close races. Among the claims: -- That Jim Renacci of Ohio once owed nearly $1.4 million in unpaid state taxes. -- That David Harmer of...
  • Houston DPS clerk charged with bribery She's accused of selling licenses to illegal drivers

    07/01/2010 6:52:49 AM PDT · by BradtotheBone · 33 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | July 1, 2010 | MIKE GLENN
    A Houston woman who works for the Texas Department of Public Safety used her ready access to state driver's licenses for cash, authorities said. Gracie Gutierrez, 27, remained in custody after she was charged on Tuesday with bribery. Gutierrez is accused of accepting bribes to issue driver's licenses to people who are undocumented and have not taken the written or driving exam, said Donna Hawkins with the Harris County District Attorney's office. Also charged with bribery is Saul Ramirez, 20. Officials said he does not work for DPS. Ramirez was arrested while trying to sell a Texas driver's license to...
  • Daily Kos Admits Polls Were Likely Fraudulent

    06/29/2010 12:53:53 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 25 replies · 1+ views
    Daily Kos Admits Polls Were Likely Fraudulent BY John McCormack June 29, 2010 2:39 PM Markos Moulitsas says polls by Research 2000, the left-wing website's pollster until recently, were "likely bunk." I have just published a report by three statistics wizards showing, quite convincingly, that the weekly Research 2000 State of the Nation poll we ran the past year and a half was likely bunk. Since the moment Mark Grebner, Michael Weissman, and Jonathan Weissman approached me, I took their concerns seriously and cooperated fully with their investigation. I also offered to run the results on Daily Kos provided that...
  • Reminder, The Deficit You're Freaking Out About Is Bush's Fault

    06/28/2010 2:01:20 PM PDT · by blam · 51 replies · 1+ views
    The Business Insider ^ | 6-28-2010 | Gregory White and Kamelia Angelova
    Reminder, The Deficit You're Freaking Out About Is Bush's Fault Gregory White and Kamelia Angelova Jun. 28, 2010, 2:32 PM President Obama's administration has been blamed for reckless spending that has put America into its debt hole. But in reality, much of that spending emanates from policies of President Bush, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. They argue that Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Bush tax cuts (along with the economic downturn) are what is driving the U.S. deficit, not stimulus spending. The CBPP focuses on lower to middle income issues and may be directly involved with the...
  • Now Most Americans Think Gulf Wildlife And Beaches Will NEVER Recover

    06/16/2010 8:47:30 AM PDT · by blam · 53 replies · 677+ views
    Now Most Americans Think Gulf Wildlife And Beaches Will NEVER Recover Gus Lubin Jun. 16, 2010, 11:31 AM Image: the sierra club A new Gallup poll shows most people are very pessimistic about the oil spill. 59% of Americans say local wildlife will never cover. 49% say local beaches will never recover. Nearly everyone thinks wildlife and beaches will take more than ten years to recover. Most people say the spill will hurt the economy (83%), push up gas prices (79%), and push up food prices (79%). The polling numbers tell you everything you need to know about major publicity...
  • Poll: People want Democrats to retain control of Congress

    06/16/2010 7:20:16 AM PDT · by autumnraine · 97 replies · 2,164+ views
    LA Times ^ | 06-16-2010
    There are glimmers of hope for Democrats battling to retain control of Congress in this fall's elections, with the party holding a slender edge in public trust for shepherding the economy and small gains in those saying their finances are healthy, according to a new poll. The reeling economy remains the American public's top concern, according to an Associated Press-GfK Poll conducted earlier this month, making public attitudes about it crucial for both parties' hopes in November. The good news for Democrats: By a slim margin (47% to 42%), people trust them more than Republicans to guide the economy. And...
  • Editor sacked over 'hoax' photos ( Piers Morgan, 2004 )

    06/15/2010 6:06:36 AM PDT · by TexasCajun · 24 replies · 1,068+ views
    BBC News ^ | Friday, 14 May, 2004 | BBC News
    In a statement the Mirror said it had fallen victim to a "calculated and malicious hoax" and that it would be "inappropriate" for Morgan to continue. The Queen's Lancashire Regiment (QLR) said the Mirror had endangered British troops by running the pictures.
  • Five myths about gun control(Barf Alert)

    06/14/2010 8:50:32 AM PDT · by marktwain · 24 replies · 913+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 13 June, 2010 | Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig
    Gun regulation is as American as Wyatt Earp, the legendary frontier lawman who enforced Dodge City's ban on gun-carrying within town limits. But two years ago in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court decided for the first time that the Second Amendment grants a personal right to keep and bear arms, a decision that cast doubt on the future of gun control regulations in this country. Now, the court is considering a challenge to Chicago's ban on handgun ownership -- a regulation that has been in place for nearly 30 years. Would a repeal of the ban have...
  • CBS' "Evening News": Gore's Loss To Bush Contributed To Separation

    CBS News: "It's been ten years since that oddly public passionate kiss at the Democratic convention. That was followed by Gore winning the popular vote for President but losing the electoral vote. Family friend Sally Quinn says that may have done the marriage irreparable harm."
  • The Right Wing's Memorial Day Attack on Obama (Left Lie's Again)

    05/26/2010 6:29:45 AM PDT · by BradtotheBone · 37 replies · 1,487+ views
    Politics Daily ^ | May 26, 2010 | David Corn
    There's a hole in the bottom of the ocean. Unemployment is still near 10 percent. There are two wars underway. And what are conservative pundits fretting about? That this year President Obama won't be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. The liberal watchdog outfit, Media Matters, has been keeping track of this latest right-wing meme: - Glenn Beck says, "Obama is skipping out on a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery because he'll be in Chicago on vacation. I'm sorry, I don't ever, ever question the president's vacation. I...
  • BBC Apologises for 'Queen Death Joke'

    05/18/2010 2:45:14 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 31 replies · 633+ views
    NDTV ^ | 5/18/2010
    A BBC radio jockey stirred a sensation over the airwaves in the UK by jokingly announcing that Queen Elizabeth II had died and then switched on the national anthem 'God save the Queen', forcing the organisation to tender an "unreserved apology". Disc jockey Danny Kelly, 39, played the national anthem and told listeners that he had an important announcement to make and then said "Queen Elizabeth II has now died." The announcement was made on Tuesday over BBC WM, local radio service beamed to British city of Birmingham and West Midlands. A BBC spokesman later confirmed that "Danny Kelly had...
  • A lab-tech wreck for the NYPD: 'Faked' tests send DAs scrambling

    05/11/2010 6:06:52 AM PDT · by AtlasStalled · 9 replies · 775+ views
    New York Post ^ | 05/11/10 | MURRAY WEISS and DAN MANGAN
    technician in the NYPD's forensics lab has been suspended for allegedly falsifying drug-test results, throwing into question "maybe thousands" of criminal cases -- and prompting a panicked meeting yesterday between cops and the city district attorneys. A Bronx drug trial was even abruptly halted last week because the longtime lab technician, Mariem Megalla, was supposed to testify in that case, sources told The Post. The NYPD last week sent out an emergency e-mail to the city's five DAs warning them about the evidence disaster and telling them to examine pending felony case files for evidence tested by her. In all...