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  • ZOT! Free Republic sued for Scientology/Civil Rights

    12/14/2004 2:45:50 PM PST · by rva333 · 290 replies · 5,374+ views
    I see fr is being sued for Scientology/Civil Rights. Apparently Jim Robinson is involved in a Lisa McPherson style assault and battery. Anyone know anything?
  • ZOT! This site sucks

    12/12/2004 12:42:14 PM PST · by Winston Baby · 288 replies · 6,643+ views
    Smoked Winston
    This site is a piece of crap. The Admins are completely selective concerning what is posted and who is banned. You're banned for a simple expression of disgust, without racism or anything, yet we can see posted people flipping the finger, as well as animals and other creatures while vile anti-Semitic remarks and hatred are spewed forth on an hourly basis. Rip this and screw off, Admins.
  • Michael Moore: Democrats need to embrace Hollywood

    12/08/2004 12:56:17 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 47 replies · 1,587+ views ^ | December 7, 2004
    © 2004 Michael Moore (courtesy United Artists) Don't blame Hollywood for Sen. John Kerry's defeat in the presidential election last month, says filmmaker Michael Moore, who insists activist entertainers made the race closer than it would have been otherwise. Reacting to charges that his polarizing activism galvanized Republicans, Moore -- director of the provacative, anti-Bush film "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- contended Kerry lost the race simply because he was "not the best candidate." "For the last month, we've had to listen to a lot of conservative pundits talk about how Democrats need to run away from Hollywood," Moore told reporters before addressing...
  • Dem uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP

    12/07/2004 11:47:14 AM PST · by kattracks · 69 replies · 2,341+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 12/07/04 | UPI
    Washington, DC, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The remembrance of Japan's 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor took on partisan political spin Tuesday with a Democrat leader using it to attack House Republicans. Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, in a special Pearl Harbor Day statement, said national unity 63 years ago enabled Americans to go forward and defeat the country's enemies, but the same kind of unity needed now was being undermined by Republican disagreements over provisions of the yet-to-be-voted on intelligence reform bill. "While we as a nation are united in this fight, there are clearly deep divisions within...
  • Dark age? Get a grip, people

    11/14/2004 7:07:21 PM PST · by paudio · 25 replies · 1,274+ views
    Seattle Times ^ | David S. Broder
    WASHINGTON — Some of my colleagues in the pundit business have become unhinged by the election results. The always diverting Maureen Dowd of The New York Times wrote the other day that "the forces of darkness" are taking over the country. The voters' confirmation of Republican-led government brings with it "a scary, paranoid, regressive reality," Dowd said, with "strains of isolationism, nativism, chauvinism, puritanism and religious fanaticism." After a campaign of "blatant distortions and character assassination," Republicans have returned to Washington bent on "messing with our psyches" and punishing "society's most vulnerable: the poor, the sick, the sexually different."
  • Time Cover on Democrat blog

    11/04/2004 1:55:53 AM PST · by Recall · 50 replies · 2,526+ views
    Warning contains "Profanity" but sooo funny!

    10/28/2004 1:30:07 AM PDT · by Anti-Bubba182 · 67 replies · 2,846+ views
    This is a funny Video Snipet of George Bush playing around a bit before some taping. I put it up because it is on DRUDGE and will almost certainly appear at FR. The source is the infamous Texansfortruth and the gesture is featured on their page: Texansfortruth These guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  • Democrats Intimidate GOP Supporters

    10/25/2004 8:35:48 PM PDT · by Ron in Acreage · 48 replies · 1,639+ views
    WPEC News 12 ^ | Oct. 25, 2004 | Anthony Greco
    As Dana Roberts drove her friend to her car, they went past people waiting to see Senator John Kerry. The problem, Roberts is president of the college republicans. Her car is covered with Bush campaign stickers. The Kerry supporters then started vandalizing her car, while they drove past. At one point they were mooned and beer was thrown into their car.
  • Stop slacking off, Moore tells nonvoters (Admits Kerry #1 Liberal!)

    In a performance equal parts pep rally, revival meeting and comedy shtick, filmmaker Michael Moore told 4,000 political partisans in Eugene on Monday they must do everything they can to boot President George W. Bush from the White House. The president and his cohorts "are radicals out to undo our government, unfund it and tear up our Bill of Rights. That is their agenda - and we have to stop them," he said to rousing applause. Eugene was the 31st city in Moore's 60-city "Slacker Uprising" tour, a get-out-the-vote campaign in 20 battleground states that began in late September and...
  • Early Zotting in Florida

    10/20/2004 9:14:55 AM PDT · by floridavoter2004 · 134 replies · 2,392+ views
    floridavoter2004 | 10/20/4 | floridavoter2004, as told to Reddy Kilozot.
    I wanted to know what all of you thought about early voting in Florida. Do you think it is a good idea? I didn't like the electronic voting though so I used a paper ballot. At least, I know my vote will count now. Even though I supported Bush in the last election, I voted for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party, who is a real conservative.
  • Anti-Kerry Film Won't Be Aired (Sinclair caves)

    10/19/2004 10:13:45 PM PDT · by Fatalis · 62 replies · 2,290+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Wednesday, October 20, 2004; Page A07 | Frank Ahrens and Howard Kurtz
    Under mounting political, legal and financial pressure, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. yesterday backed away from its plan to carry a film attacking John F. Kerry's Vietnam War record, saying it would air only portions of the movie in an hour-long special scheduled for Friday. "The experience of preparing to air this news special has been trying for many of those involved," Sinclair chief executive David D. Smith said in a statement. "The company and many of its executives have endured personal attacks of the vilest nature, as well as calls on our advertisers and our viewers to boycott our stations...
  • Latest Leftist Bush Smear - He's Nuts (Barf

    10/19/2004 11:09:26 AM PDT · by WOSG · 40 replies · 1,095+ views
    catholics for kerry yahoo group ^ | Oct 18th, 2004 | Merle, a Bush-hater
    I too have read some so-called inside dope on Bush Jr. that indicates he has some mental disorders. It occurs to me that there may be more than a sliver of truth to this. In fact it is possible Bush 'may' be suffering severe mental stress and unstability. This to the extent that Bush may truly be unfit by reason of deteriation of mental condition, not just his stupid, arrogant and blundering poor handling of every thing he has touched. Next, in steps the Republican big money. They have Dick Cheney to woefully, and with great regret, step up to...
  • Dixie Chicks Call For Sinclair Boycott

    10/19/2004 8:46:06 AM PDT · by beansox · 162 replies · 4,464+ views
    Sinclair Media Alert from the Dixie Chicks! 10/18/04 As musicians, we've had to deal with companies like Clear Channel that have gobbled up over 1200 radio stations, taken over concert venues, and undermined the ability for musicians to connect with their fans. Clear Channel also uses its power to promote a pro-Republican, pro-war agenda. Now we have a giant television company that is making Clear Channel's antics look like a day at the beach. Last week, Sinclair Broadcast Group — the largest owner of TV stations in the U.S. — ordered its 62 stations to air an anti-Kerry documentary a...
  • Sinclair Advertiser being shot at two nights in a row? (DU)

    10/13/2004 4:10:28 PM PDT · by lowbridge · 2 replies · 980+ views
    The DUmp | 10/13/04 (1000+ posts) Wed Oct-13-04 10:35 AM Original message BAD news from one of the local Sinclair advertisers I got this response this morning... Dear ****, Would like to know who directed you to send e-mail to this address. Our buildings have been shot at the last two nights and police are investgating. I am forwarding this to them so you can expect a follow up from them. This was my letter, by the way, Good Afternoon, As a life-long Madison resident, I am very concerned to find that your business advertises on Fox47, which is a Sinclair Company. As...
  • More Vandalism of Political Signs (Alaska)

    10/13/2004 2:59:02 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 20 replies · 1,038+ views
    email | October 13, 2004 | Me
    I received these photos from a contact in Fairbanks. Contact stated that Murkowski HQ has been contacted and they wish to leave it up for awhile.
  • Photo Of Clinton With Square Buldge In Jacket Like Bush's

    10/12/2004 10:51:41 PM PDT · by icwhatudo · 22 replies · 2,885+ views
    Military Media ^ | 10-13 | slef
    I thought this deserved its own thread as Salon is really getting worked up on the buldge in Bush's jacket. Warning: This photo is huge (which is a good thing as you can clearly see the same square shape in Clintons jacket)
  • Hidden Camera Captures Vandals Destroying Presidential Sign

    10/11/2004 10:52:14 AM PDT · by esryle · 39 replies · 3,178+ views
    AKRON, Ohio -- This presidential campaign season seems to have a little bit of everything, NewsChannel5 reported. One Akron man decided to take matters into his own hands to catch campaign sign vandals. SLIDESHOW: Political Sign Damaged Steve Katsatos set up a night-vision security camera in a tree. He allegedly caught two men at 1 a.m. Friday ripping down the a 4-foot by 8-foot Bush-Cheney sign in his yard. The Summit County Republican headquarters said 3,000 of the 4,000 signs they've set up have been vandalized.
  • Updated when Dims Attack

    10/10/2004 6:22:47 PM PDT · by aft_lizard · 34 replies · 1,485+ views
    The Quizical Prophecy | 10-10-2004(Updated) | Chris H
    Original SiteBrown Shirts Rearise Democrats and Union Thugs invade a Wisconson GOP Headquarters Wisconsin Gop official site Democrats and union Thugs invade a Orlando GOP Headquarters Newsreport on itDemocrats vandalize a PA GOP headquartersShots Fired into WV GOP HeadquartersShots Fired into Knoxville,TN GOP Headquarters Little Girl Attacked by Democrats and Union Thugs Angry Kerry Activists Lay Siege to Bush Office in St. Paul, Intimidate Voters Democrats Invade Tampa Bay Area GOP HeadquartersBush/Cheney Laptops stolen in Washington StateBush/Cheney Supporter Attacked Anti-Kerry Heckler Assaulted by Kerry Thugs Is this where we are headed? Its beginning to look a lot like 1930's Germany...
  • Men videotaped vandalizing sign

    10/09/2004 8:10:00 AM PDT · by Deadeye Division · 82 replies · 3,630+ views
    Akron Beacon Journal ^ | 09 October 2004 | Marilyn Miller and Andale Gross
    Men videotaped vandalizing sign Summit elections official catches culprits tearing down Bush-Cheney poster By Marilyn Miller and Andale Gross Beacon Journal staff writers Two men who tore down a Bush-Cheney sign and urinated on it were caught on videotape by Summit County Republican officials early Friday morning. The videotape shows the men sneaking into the yard of a West Market Street home and bending the sign to the ground. The men struggled to rip the sign out of the ground by shaking it and pulling it but couldn't get it off the posts, so they knocked it down. Sounds heard...
  • When angry Democrats attack - MN Republican Party website documents multiple incidents

    10/10/2004 8:03:29 AM PDT · by tgslTakoma · 48 replies · 7,902+ views
    Republican Party of Minnesota ^ | October 8, 2004 (updated?)
    OCTOBER 8 2004 Democrats have sunk to a new low. A group of Minnesota Kerry supporters plan on airing a TV ad showing Bin Laden and his henchmen with Bush/Cheney sign. The ad can be seen at: OCTOBER 6 2004 Another Bush/Cheney sign was attacked last night. The defacers spray-painted swastikas on these signs just off of 494 and Bass Lake Road on the Plymouth/Maple Grove border. OCTOBER 6 2004 These signs were defaced less than 24 hours after placement. What you don't see is that the vandals also took two new American flags that were place behind the...
  • Men videotaped vandalizing Bush sign.

    10/10/2004 8:27:16 AM PDT · by joeclarke · 46 replies · 14,113+ views
    Posted on Sat, Oct. 09, 2004 Two men who tore down a Bush-Cheney sign and urinated on it were caught on videotape by Summit County Republican officials early Friday morning. Watch the video
  • Bush/Cheney Campaign Officials Angered over Sen. Pat Leahy's Attendance at VP Debate Tonight

    10/05/2004 1:36:01 PM PDT · by gopwinsin04 · 94 replies · 4,194+ views
    ABC News ^ | 10/5/04 | Marc Halperin
    Debate wire..senoir Edwards source says John Edwards will be in standard uniform tonight, Red Tie, White Shirt and Blue Suit.Bush Cheney 04 campaign manager Mark Wallace spotted taking a 'Halliburton hospitality bag' outside the Media Center..
  • Amendment Banning La. Gay Marriage Tossed

    10/05/2004 1:25:25 PM PDT · by SmithPatterson · 78 replies · 1,746+ views ^ | 10-5-04 | Adam Nossiter
    Amendment Banning La. Gay Marriage Tossed By ADAM NOSSITER, Associated Press Writer BATON ROUGE, La. - A state judge Tuesday threw out a Louisiana constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, less than three weeks after it was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. District Judge William Morvant said the amendment was flawed as drawn up by the Legislature because it had more than one purpose: banning not only gay marriage but also civil unions. Michael Johnson (news - web sites), an attorney for supporters of the amendment, said he will appeal the ruling. A gay rights group challenged the amendment on several...
  • Media Bias Alert! (Houston Chron/Reuters)

    09/22/2004 3:45:07 PM PDT · by Macaw · 245 replies · 12,925+ views
    Houston Chronical ^ | 9-16-2004 | Reuters
    Scroll down to the picture of the girl with "W" hair. Right click on her picture. Look at the file name.
  • ZOT! - wuss never replied - Where's the Dignity? Liberals have no stinking dignity.

    09/17/2004 12:21:30 PM PDT · by elangerton · 70 replies · 1,571+ views
    Colorado Springs Independent ^ | Sept. 9-15, 2004 | Gary Dean
    Where's the dignity? The Republican National Convention is over, and George W. Bush's "leadership" was showcased -- leadership resulting in 962 U.S. service members killed and 6,690 wounded in an unnecessary and counterproductive war that is creating jihadists faster than we can capture or kill them at a cost of $1 billion a week. One billion dollars a week could be spent on supporting homeland security or domestic programs. Under Bush, the number of Americans living in poverty increased in 2003 for the third straight year and those without health coverage rose an additional million people to 15.4 percent of...
  • Diary (lame Guardian hit piece on FR)

    09/16/2004 3:54:12 AM PDT · by Always Right · 138 replies · 3,448+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 9-16-04 | Tim Dowlin
    · You will recall that the Diary's very own brand new conspiracy theory (which held that Kerry's tanking presidential campaign was a deliberate Democratic feint aimed at giving Hillary Clinton a clear run in 2008) was rather anticipated by those crazy rightwing nerds at, who had already posted several threads to that effect before we could bestir ourselves to come up with a username and password. In fact, much of the internet-friendly hard right seems to believe that Hillary is working diligently for a Bush victory by supplying the Kerry campaign with forged documents. You have to get up...
  • I beleive a boycot of CrapBC's sponsers is in order!!!!1 (ZOT! You will have to try much harder).

    09/10/2004 6:01:59 PM PDT · by FiscalFicus · 53 replies · 1,643+ views
    I think that only one thing will stop that eval CrapBC. A boycot of there sponsers. I am gonna boycot Wallmart. I don't care if my home decorating suffers, they deserve it if they are gonna support a Kerry loving journalist. I am gonna call my Wallmart's manager tommarow and tell him that noone in my family will shop there anymore. I'll take my money to people who support the GOP cause. Who else should I ad to my boycot list?
  • Shot Fired Into GOP Headquarters (Huntington, West Virginia - Democratic Violence Begins)

    09/02/2004 8:57:15 PM PDT · by Dont Mention the War · 154 replies · 10,754+ views
    WOWK-TV ^ | September 2, 2004
    Shot Fired Into GOP HeadquartersSeptember 2, 2004 BREAKING NEWS: 2 Dozen Bush Supporters Were Inside Huntington Building A shot was fired at the Republican Party headquarters in Huntington Thursday night, while two dozen supporters of George W. Bush watched him accept his party's nomination on television. Huntington police said reports came in about 10:30 p.m. from the building on 4th Avenue at 14th Street. One bullet hole could be seen in a large glass window, through a sign that said marriage is between "One Man, One Woman." Police said they had not found bullet fragments inside the headquarters and had...
  • The latent fascism of the American Left gets less latent all the time [ RNC Delegate Hitlist ]

    08/23/2004 7:00:44 PM PDT · by JohnathanRGalt · 39 replies · 1,907+ views
    Online Haganah ^ | Aug. 23, 2004 | Aaron Weisburd
    The latent fascism of the American Left gets less latent all the time Regarding the recently published 'hitlist' of Republican Party convention delegates, a little digging reveals the source. A website using the name, which loads its pages from another server, in New York City:Click on any state and you will get the name, address, phone numbers, etc. of the state's Republican deligates. And why is this information posted?Our objectives are to: Supply anti-RNC groups with data on the delegates to use in whatever way they see fit.Supply a body of information that can be easily added to.Encourage the...