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  • The flash in the sky

    12/14/2014 11:56:53 AM PST · by Patriot777 · 14 replies ^ | November 14, 2014 | unknown
    It's not clear what's happened,probably another meteorite explodes, Sverdlovsk region,Russia Read more at
  • Gordon's Alive! New big screen adaptation of Flash Gordon being penned by Star Trek writers

    04/24/2014 6:05:11 AM PDT · by C19fan · 58 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | April 23, 2014 | Andy Tillett
    He's a blond interplanetary superhero known for his tight vest and for facing up to the evil Ming the Merciless. And now Flash Gordon is set for a reboot after Twentieth Century Fox announced it has bought the rights to the original comic strip. According to The Hollywood Reporter the team who have just completed writing Star Trek 3, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, are working on a new script.
  • What has happened to flash videos?

    03/11/2014 1:16:22 PM PDT · by Zionist Conspirator · 56 replies
    Self | 3/11/'14 | Zionist Conspirator
    Seven years ago this summer, I upgraded from dial-up to DSL. For the first time I could actually play videos, including live streams. And this is how things stood . . . until recently. For about a month or so (at least) I have noticed that flash videos have been playing very sluggishly, with a lot of lagging and stuttering. I have attempted some fixes which have improved YouTube, but there is still trouble elsewhere, especially live feeds, which might as well still be on dial-up. I have been told I'm not the only one having this problem, and that...
  • Catholic flash mobs fill pews, lift prayers at NY churches

    02/02/2014 4:36:19 PM PST · by Libloather · 21 replies
    Fox 43 ^ | 2/02/14
    (FOXNEWS) BUFFALO, N.Y. – You’ve heard of flash mobs? Behold the Mass mob. Playing off the idea of using social media to summon crowds for parties or mischief, mobs of Buffalo-area Roman Catholics have been filling pews and lifting spirits at some of the city’s original, now often sparsely attended, churches. It works this way: On a given Sunday, participants attend Mass en masse at a church they’ve picked in an online vote and promoted through Facebook and Twitter. Visitors experience the architecture, heritage and spirit of the aging houses of worship and the churches once again see the numbers...
  • Brazil's Teenage Flashmobs Are A Lot More Serious Than They Sound

    01/20/2014 6:15:46 AM PST · by blam · 39 replies
    BI ^ | 1-20-2013 | Brian Feldman, The Wire
    Brazil's Teenage Flashmobs Are A Lot More Serious Than They Sound The Wire Brian Feldman, The Wire Jan. 20, 2014, 7:43 AM Over the past week, flashmobs have been occurring all over Brazil as a form of protest, drawing thousands of participants and sometimes turning violent. The rolezhinos—"gatherings of predominantly poor, black youths who party in malls usually occupied by mostly wealthy, white consumers"—have been so effective in garnering attention that even the country's president is paying attention. The protests, according to The New York Times, "involve large numbers of dark-skinned teenagers" and cast an eye on public space in...
  • Nefesh B'Nefesh Hanukkah Flash Mob

    11/30/2013 9:19:44 PM PST · by Nachum · 7 replies
    Youtube ^ | 11/23/2009 | Nefesh B'Nefesh
    Nefesh B'Nefesh brought over 150 participants together on Ben Yehuda Street for the first ever Jerusalem flash mob in honor of Hanukkah. Sound provided by David Shenkin. "Hanukkah Hey Ya!" by Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E
  • Surveillance Video Captures Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores

    11/07/2013 9:27:00 AM PST · by Jack Black · 3 replies
    Chicago CBS Local ^ | Nov. 6, 2013 | CBS
    CHICAGO (CBS) — Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods. It has happened at three different Sports Authority stores in the Chicago area. This past Monday in Burbank at just before 1 p.m., five individuals entered a Sports Authority and soon after they were off. Video shows them running out the door with rack after rack of apparel and an employee giving chase.
  • Crossbar's RRAM to boast terabytes of storage, faster write speeds than NAND

    08/07/2013 12:31:10 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 4 replies
    Engadget ^ | Aug 6th, 2013 at 3:54 AM | Alexis Santos
    Hardware makers often sing the praises of their latest and greatest flash memory, but the folks at Crossbar are ready to show them up with resistive RAM (RRAM) that they've been quietly working on. Compared to NAND, RRAM comes in at half the size and boasts 20 times faster write speeds (140MB/s), reads data at 17MB per second, guzzles 20 times less power and has 10 times more endurance. Since RRAM is non-volatile memory, it can keep data even when it's powered off, á la NAND. As if that weren't enough, 3D stacking construction allows for several terabytes of storage,...
  • Flash Recreation of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Top 10 Best Flash Sites of 2013

    08/06/2013 11:40:22 AM PDT · by lbryce · 12 replies
    EBizmedia ^ | August 6, 2013 | Staff was designed to celebrate the Fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar landing by developing an interactive recreation of the event. The site uses Flash to mesh archival video, audio, & photos into an experience that will make you feel as if you too had walked on the moon that day.
  • Flashbang Bra Holster demonstration video

    04/18/2013 8:51:22 AM PDT · by upbeat5 · 30 replies
    YouTube ^ | YouTube Video
    Flashbang Bra Holster demonstration. As seen on NCIS LA
  • Apple's Flash Dump In The Last Second Of Trading Caught On Tape

    01/25/2013 3:50:58 PM PST · by Nachum · 49 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 1/25/13 | Tyler Durden
    Sure, the retail "investors" are coming back into the "markets"... They are coming back in shifts. And just so they know what to expect, here is what happened to Apple stock in the last second of regular trading today, courtesy of Nanex. Unlike traditional flash crashes where the trade is an HFT error, or a few shares traded through the entire bid or offer stack, in this case it looks like a very premeditated unloading of some 800K shares (some $350 million worth) of AAPL in the last second, with the full knowledge it was shake the market. Why anyone...

    12/07/2011 11:05:24 AM PST · by tcrlaf · 25 replies
    CBS RADIO NEWS ^ | 12-7-41 | CBS RADIO
    "We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by air, President Roosevelt has just announced. The attack also was made on all naval and military activity from the principal island of Oahu." 1:55 PM EST Dec 7, 1941
  • ZDNet: Flash is dead. Long live HTML5

    11/09/2011 11:52:53 AM PST · by Bush_Democrat · 37 replies
    ZD Net ^ | November 9, 2011 | Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    Summary: It’s official, Adobe is putting its future mobile video efforts behind HTML5. So, do you really think that desktop Flash will survive for long? Adobe’s love affair with its Flash format has come to an end. Oh sure, Adobe said they were just killing development on mobile browser Flash in favor of HTML5, but seriously, do you think, that they’ll keep working on Flash on the desktop for much longer? If you do, I have a nice, lightly-used bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. No, the end of Flash is in sight and HTML5 is now the...
  • Unreal Engine 3 Support for Adobe Flash Player - Unreal Tournament 3

    10/05/2011 4:24:49 PM PDT · by Azeem · 1 replies
    YouTube ^ | Oct 4, 2011 | Epic Games
    Epic Games Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Technical Director Tim Sweeney today presented the company's award-winning Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) technology running fully inside an Adobe® Flash®-based environment during a keynote at Adobe MAX 2011, Adobe's annual conference for developers, designers and business leaders. The live technical demonstration of "Unreal Tournament 3," Epic's blockbuster first-person shooter for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and PC, was visually enhanced for an unprecedented real-time experience inside Adobe Flash Player 11.
  • Flash Cookies explained (most users don't understand this)

    09/11/2011 9:21:48 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 61 replies ^ | May 4, 2007 | Martin Brinkmann
    Flash cookies are a new way of tracing your movement and storing a lot more information about you than with normal cookies. One major disadvantage of flash cookies is that you can’t locate them in your browser. They are not shown in the list of cookies that you can see when you take a look at the cookies that are currently saved in your web browser. Normal HTTP cookies can’t save more than 4 Kilobyte of data while Flash cookies can save up to 100 Kilobyte. If you want to try out how they work you could do the following....

    08/16/2011 3:33:42 PM PDT · by rjsclassics · 13 replies · 1+ views
    Flash Mob Loots 7-11 Store in Germantown, Maryland A flash mob invaded a 7-11 convenience store in Germantown, Md., early Saturday morning, stole all the snacks and candy they could get their hands on, then left the store as quickly as they came. "It was anarchy for 60 seconds," said Montgomery County Police spokesman Paul Starks. "We've counted at least 28 individuals we can see on the surveillance tape." Starks said police suspect the mob was organized using social media like Facebook or Twitter. The term flash mob was first used to describe impromptu gatherings of people to sing or...
  • We’re Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown(WI flash mob attack)

    08/13/2011 9:09:31 AM PDT · by marktwain · 48 replies ^ | 5 August, 2011 | Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Joe Dudzik
    As elected officials, we are shocked and concerned about the senseless violence displayed by the large mob outside State Fair Park last night. On behalf of our city, we apologize to the victims and good patrons who endured or witnessed such horrific behavior. Sadly, what transpired near State Fair Park last night is only the most recent mob riot spawned by a culture of violence that has been brewing in Milwaukee for some time. And let’s face it, it also has much to do with a deteriorating African American culture in our city. Are large groups of Hispanics or Hmong...
  • Police: Race a factor in State Fair violence

    08/11/2011 5:13:57 AM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 18 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 8-10-11 | ap
    WEST ALLIS, Wis.—West Allis police say the ongoing investigations into 11 violent incidents on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair suggest race did play a role. The 11 incidents included nine assaults, a robbery and an attempted robbery. All the victims were white or Hispanic and the offenders were described as African-American. On opening night of the fair last week, 31 people were arrested and at least 11 people were hurt. The West Allis Police Department is handling some of those cases. The department said Tuesday that its officers arrested seven people in different incidents around the fairgrounds...
  • The word missing from flash mob reports is Black; the word missing about the reporting is courage

    07/08/2011 9:15:38 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 56 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 7/8/2011 | Doug Book
    Two years ago,Obama Administration A.G. Eric Holder called the United States a “nation of cowards” in matters of race. The U.S. “…has not come to grips with its racial past,nor has it been willing to contemplate,in a truly meaningful way,the diverse future it is fated to have”,he told his staff on the occasion of Black History Month. Is Holder on to something? A month ago,15 to 20 “teenage males”dragged a man into a Chicago street and beat him. Another victim was robbed of a cell phone and camera while being kicked and beaten. At the same time,a Chicago woman complained...
  • Flash Mob Watchdog

    06/29/2011 8:40:07 AM PDT · by struggle · 40 replies
    me | 6/29/11 | struggle
    There have been a lot of flashmobs that have resulted in social disorder. I have three questions: 1. What sites, media are begin used to generate them? 2. Are there any watchdog sites and if not, how should these mobs be countered? 3. Is there any way that signs/etc. could be placed ahead of time to warn people from info posted on the net?
  • A Preview of Future Disk Drives

    06/13/2011 8:26:42 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 63 replies
    MIT Technology Review ^ | Monday, June 13, 2011 | By Tom Simonite
    A prototype disk drive based on phase-change memory can outperform an off-the-shelf flash hard disk . A new type of data storage technology, called phase-change memory, has proven capable of writing some types of data faster than conventional flash based storage. The tests used a hard drive based on prototype phase-change memory chips. Disks based on solid-state, flash memory chips are increasingly used in computers and servers because they perform faster than conventional magnetic hard drives. The performance of the experimental phase-change disk drive, created by researchers at University of California San Diego, suggests that it won't be long before...
  • Billy Corgan's Brother Attacked on CTA Red Line

    06/09/2011 7:44:27 PM PDT · by Steely Tom · 22 replies
    WLS Chicago ^ | 9 June 2011 | Ravi Baichwal
    Jesse Anderson, brother of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, was the victim of a possible flash mob attack. This is the lastest in what is described as "a string of attacks targetin CTA commuters." Mr. Anderson apparantly deviated from police-recommended behavior by chasing down his assailants, and was beaten for his troubles. The attack took place at about 4 AM Thursday.
  • Flash Rally: Feb 25 @ Noon to 1 PM: Indiana Dems Get Back to Work! (Indianapolis Tea Party)

    02/23/2011 6:06:27 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 5 replies
    Indianapolis Tea Party ^ | Feb 23, 2010 | Indianapolis Tea Party
    ALERT *** ALERT *** ALERT *** ALERT **** ALERT *** ALERT *** Flash Rally Protest! Join us! When: Friday, February 25, 2011 Time: 12:00 (Noon) - 1:00 pm Location: Indiana Statehouse, 200 W Washington Street, Indianapolis MEET ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE STATEHOUSE (Capitol Street) Sign Messages: Theme "Dems" Get Back to Work! Why the Protest: As many of you probably have heard, the Indiana House Dems. WENT MISSING IN ACTION! They didn't show up for the job that 'We the People' elected them to do - represent us. This is a BIG DEAL! If we missed work, what...
  • If You're Still Betting On Adobe Flash For Anything Mobile, The Joke's On You

    02/21/2011 3:51:57 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 02/21/2011 | Dan Frommer
    Motorola's Xoom tablet, the first serious Google Android rival to Apple's iPad, will ship without Adobe Flash support. Big shocker. (Not really.) This is surely a disappointment to Motorola, Adobe, and Google. But to anyone who has been watching Adobe fumble with Flash on mobile devices for as long as we have, it's hardly a surprise. Since the middle of last decade, we have heard Adobe time and time again promise to ship versions of Flash for mobile devices that can perform adequately without destroying battery life. We still haven't seen one, and apparently the Xoom won't initially ship with...
  • Alert! All Eyes on Venezuela Sunday 1/23

    01/23/2011 12:32:34 AM PST · by cj in tx · 8 replies · 1+ views
    January 22, 2011 | Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr, CJ in TX
    Excerpts American patriots, from Tea Parties to social democrats are being urged to show up as a ‘flash mob’– preferably with a red gag or bandanna over their mutually non-violent mouths — or at least to noise it up, in media and to media.Caracas Venezuela, 9:30am+ Eastern Time, 1/23 Caracas is the touch-point – ground zero beginning 9:30am ET and it could be, literally ballistic. As China transported military thugs from Mongolian provinces, to dispatch the Tienanmen protesters, word on the ground is Cuban military and FARC drug thugs may apply themselves to Sunday’s peaceful protesters, whether wearing olive green,...
  • MacBook Air battery shown to last two hours longer when browsing the web sans Flash

    11/04/2010 7:13:45 PM PDT · by dangerdoc · 32 replies
    Engadget ^ | 11/4/10 | Vlad Savov
    Let's be honest, Apple's claim that it neglected to preload Flash on the new MacBook Airs so that users themselves could download and install the latest (and safest) version was a bit of a red herring. Behind that thin veil of corporate courtesy, we're now seeing a pretty potent cause for Apple's dumping of Adobe's wares. Ars Technica's review of the 11-inch Air discovered that the machine could crank its way through six hours of web browsing when Flash was nowhere near it, but only four hours with Flash installed and giving it "the full web experience." The primary culprit...
  • Skyfire disappears from iTunes App Store due to technical difficulties (update: 'sold out')

    11/03/2010 6:20:00 PM PDT · by PugetSoundSoldier · 9 replies
    Engadget ^ | Nov 3rd 2010 | Sean Hollister
    Trying to get a copy of the Skyfire browser for your iOS device? You may not have much luck, as the pseudo-Flash-capable browser has just disappeared from iTunes App Stores around the globe, mere hours after its splashy debut. When we try to download it for ourselves in the United States we get the message immediately above, and RazorianFly readers are chiming in with reports that the app is no longer available in Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Spain and the UK.
  • Apple goes easy on Adobe, allows an app that can run Flash videos on iOS

    11/03/2010 2:07:43 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 5 replies
    International Business Times ^ | November 3, 2010 9:33 AM EDT | Carl Bagh
    While the HTML 5 and Flash standard debate rages, Apple, a major promoter of HTML5, has allowed its iOS devices to run Flash videos.Apple has given approval to an app developed by Skyfire that translates Flash code into HTML5. According to CNN when a user clicks on a Flash video the Skyfire app downloads the Flash video on Skyfire's server where the video is decoded and then encoded in HTML5 and is delivered to an iOS device. The app is embedded in the Safari browser. The app will be available for download from today at $2.99.The permission granted by Apple...
  • Apple Has Already Won the Flash-HTML5 War

    10/27/2010 11:50:00 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 9 replies
    gigaom ^ | Oct. 27, 2010, 8:10am | Ryan Lawler
    A majority of web video is now HTML5-ready, according to new research from MeFeedia, showing that web standards — and Apple — are winning the day when it comes to how video is delivered and viewed online. The research shows that the amount of video viewable in an HTML5 video player has doubled in the last five months and now accounts for 54 percent of all video content online. It’s important to note that HTML5 video is not replacing Flash video on the web, but augmenting it; most HTML5 videos today are available through a universal embed code that autodetects...
  • Mobile Flash Fail: Weak Android Player Proves Jobs Right

    08/20/2010 5:01:10 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 15 replies
    Laptop Magazine ^ | August 18th, 2010 | by Avram Piltch
    I’m the last person on earth who wanted to believe Steve Jobs when he told Walt Mossberg at D8 that “Flash has had its day.” I took it as nothing more than showmanship when Jobs shared his thoughts on Flash and wrote that “Flash is closed and proprietary, has major technical drawbacks, and doesn’t support touch based devices.” After spending time playing with Flash Player 10.1 on the new Droid 2, the first Android 2.2 phone to come with the player pre-installed, I’m sad to admit that Steve Jobs was right. Adobe’s offering seems like it’s too little, too late....
  • A Man Who Took Life's Business Lemons and Made His Own Business Lemonade

    07/16/2010 11:40:03 AM PDT · by Niuhuru · 4 replies
    Associated Content ^ | Published July 16, 2010 by: | Alice Winters
    After getting frustrated out of the lemons his problems gave him, David Miller made his own corporate lemonade. Due to the frustration of always having to call technical support to solve his own frequent hardware problems, he started taking the initiative to educate himself.
  • Top 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks

    07/12/2010 5:37:35 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 75 replies
    LifeHacker ^ | 10 July 2010 | Kevin Purdy
    What can you do with a few gigabytes and a USB port? Quite a lot, with the right software. Learn how to encrypt your work, run whole systems, rescue Windows, and customize your thumb drive with these USB-geared tricks.Photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪.Note: Gina previously rounded up 10 thumb drive tricks in April 2007, and we've borrowed a few of those ideas here. But many of the apps have updated, some have been replaced with better offerings, and a few totally new cool things (Chrome OS! XBMC!) have made their way into this mix.10. Give Your Drive a Custom Icon An...
  • Speedy New Traders Make Waves Far From Wall St. [HFT]

    05/18/2010 12:53:47 PM PDT · by CutePuppy · 22 replies · 766+ views
    CNBC / NYTimes blog ^ | May 17, 2010 | Julie Creswell
    Above the Restoration Hardware in this Jersey Shore town, not far from the Navesink River, lurks a Wall Street giant. Here, inside the humdrum offices of a tiny trading firm called Tradeworx, workers in their 20s and 30s in jeans and T-shirts quietly tend high-speed computers that typically buy and sell 80 million shares a day. But on the afternoon of May 6, as the stock market began to plunge in the “flash crash,” someone here walked up to one of those computers and typed the command HF STOP: sell everything, and shutdown.Across the country, several of Tradeworx’s counterparts did...
  • [Android] HTC EVO rooted once again by using an exploit in Flash Player

    07/06/2010 11:02:10 AM PDT · by RightOnTheLeftCoast · 18 replies · 3+ views
    Reddit ^ | 6 July 2010 | Reddit
    HTC EVO rooted once again by using an exploit in Flash Player. Security concerns arise as users rejoice over being able to root their phones once again after the OTA update.
  • Opera Company of Philadelphia "Flash Brindisi" at Reading Terminal Market

    06/28/2010 6:09:49 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 31 replies · 1+ views
    YouTube ^ | April 26, 2010 | Operaphila
    On Saturday, April 24th, the Opera Company of Philadelphia teamed up with the Reading Terminal Market Italian Festival for a large-scale "Flash Opera" event! Over 30 members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus and principal cast members of LA TRAVIATA performed the famed "Brindisi" in the aisles of Reading Terminal Market, entertaining hundreds of Philadelphians, and proving that the perfect accompaniment for all things Italian is a little Verdi! The Opera Company sincerely thanks members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus and cast for generously volunteering their time and talents... BRAVI TUTTI!!...
  • Adobe fixes 'critical' Flash flaw

    06/14/2010 7:50:53 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 13 replies · 535+ views
    bbc ^ | 11 June 2010
    Adobe has fixed a "critical" security flaw that had the potential to allow hackers to take control of affected computer systems. The bug was first spotted in early June week following a small number of targeted attacks. The security update is one in a bumper update package that fixes a total of 32 documented vulnerabilities....
  • Apple's Jobs Takes On Rivals Adobe, Google

    06/02/2010 7:47:02 AM PDT · by re_tail20 · 20 replies · 331+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | June 2, 2010 | Yukari Kane and Nick Wingfield
    Chief Executive Steve Jobs, in a broad-ranging discussion, took more potshots at Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash software, vowed not to get into search despite Google Inc.'s move into Apple's turf, and called Apple passing Microsoft Corp.'s stock valuation "surreal." Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital technology conference on Tuesday, Mr. Jobs touched on issues that include suicides at Apple's largest contractor, challenges related to AT&T Inc.'s phone network and the origins of the iPad. The war between Apple and Adobe has been escalating over the last few months. Mr. Jobs reiterated on Tuesday that it believed an...
  • Time Warner, NBC Universal to Apple: Buzz off, we’re sticking with Flash (Look out Below Alert)

    Hollywood execs from several large entertainment media companies have reportedly told Apple that they’re not going to port their existing content from Flash to Apple’s iPad (iMaxi)format. The New York Post namechecks Time Warner and NBC Universal, and also implies that there are others. The names dropped are critical. Time Warner is second only to Vivendi in size among entertainment conglomerates. NBC Universal, now jointly owned by GE and Comcast, is also an entertainment giant, as parodied weekly by NBC’s sitcom 30 Rock.
  • iPad owners like screen, dislike lack of Flash

    05/21/2010 3:01:13 AM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 12 replies · 549+ views
    CNET ^ | May 20, 2010 | by Brooke Crothers
    May 20, 2010 3:43 PM PDT iPad owners like screen, dislike lack of Flash by Brooke Crothers Font sizePrintE-mailShare69 comments Yahoo! Buzz .Share13 0diggsdiggSurvey results released Thursday show that iPad owners overall are satisfied with the device, but there is some discontent with its lack of support for the Adobe Flash player. A survey by ChangeWave Research showed that the top dislike reported by new owners of the Apple tablet was "lack of Adobe Flash" (11 percent), followed by "Internet connectivity issues" (9 percent), and "poor screen visibility/keeping it clean" (9 percent). As to what features respondents like about the...
  • Sony, Adobe, Intel Back Flash Game-Friendly Google TV

    05/21/2010 2:29:16 AM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 296+ views
    Gamasutra ^ | May 20, 2010 | Kris Graft
    At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco Thursday, the web development company introduced Google TV, a web-for-TV platform that could make Flash-based gaming friendlier for the living room. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be directly integrated into the Google Chrome browser on Google TV, allowing users to access the web's vast library of Flash-based games on their televisions. While Google did say that Google TV will support Flash-based games, the company did not demonstrate any examples. At the conference, the company used keyboards as an input device. Reports also said users will be able to dictate words via...
  • Google, Mozilla, And Opera Take On H.264 With The WebM Project, A New Royalty-Free Video Codec

    05/19/2010 4:47:39 PM PDT · by Mr. Blonde · 7 replies · 271+ views
    Tech Crunch ^ | May 19, 2010 | Erick Schonfeld
    Just when the H.264 video codec is starting to take over a large portion of new Web videos, along comes Google to shake things up again. Today, along with Mozilla and Opera, it is launching the WebM Project, an open, royalty-free codec that can run in HTML5 browsers without the need for Flash. Up till now, the battle between Flash and HTML5 video has centered around the H.264 codec, which is gaining broad adoption. Apple supports H.264 in all of its devices such as iPads and iPhones, and it is one of the technical reasons Steve Jobs cites for why...
  • Android 2.2 'Froyo' and Flash run like butter on Nexus One

    05/11/2010 1:35:06 PM PDT · by dan1123 · 6 replies · 324+ views
    Engadget ^ | May 11, 2010 | Thomas Ricker
    While Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart wants us to focus on Flash 10.1 performance -- admittedly impressive -- running on his Nexus One, we can't help but be distracted by the Android 2.2 "Froyo" build apparently supporting his device. Can you blame us? It's not like we're alone with waning interest in Flash, especially for video playback. Anyway, from the looks of the homescreen in the grab above, we'll be treated to an updated launcher, Android tutorial, and global search box when the OS is revealed (presumably) at Google I/O starting May 19. And with the giant Froyo statue apparently already...
  • Feds trace flash crash to Chicago

    05/07/2010 6:02:41 PM PDT · by Nachum · 77 replies · 2,504+ views
    politico ^ | 5/7/10 | EAMON JAVERS
    Federal investigators probing the “flash crash” that briefly sliced nearly 1,000 points off the Dow Thursday are zeroing in on a series of “unusually high-volume” trades in S&P futures that originated in Chicago, a government official told POLITICO. Those trades set off a chain reaction of trades that caused the biggest drop within a single day in the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s storied history.
  • Apple's Jobs criticizes Flash's 'closed system'

    04/29/2010 10:07:50 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 140 replies · 1,265+ views
    Reuters ^ | Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:43am EDT
    * Calls software "closed," questions reliability* Flash not compatible on iPhone, iPad * Adobe shares fall 2 percent, Apple up 2.4 pct SAN FRANCISCO, April 29 (Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Thursday called Adobe Systems (ADBE.O) Flash multimedia software a "closed system" that is ill-suited for the company's suite of mobile devices, escalating the war of words between the two companies. Jobs said Flash's system is closed because it is a proprietary system from Adobe, which controls everything from its features to its pricing. Ironically, perhaps, similar charges have been lobbed at Apple's products...
  • Adobe calling quits on Flash for iPhone (Will not bring Flash to Apple's iPhone or iPad)

    04/21/2010 12:38:42 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 433 replies · 2,994+ views
    Network World ^ | 04/20/2010
    Adobe is halting development of a Flash-to-iPhone software tool introduced with it's Creative Suite 5 last week, dashing the hopes of many that Flash will be supported in future iPhone updates. The move further escalates tensions between Apple and Adobe. Adobe now says it plans to concentrate on developing for Google's Android mobile operating system, according to a blog post by Mike Chambers, Flash platform product manager for Adobe. Jobs Doesn't Like Flash Chambers says he doesn't believe Adobe's time and resources spent on developing the Flash-to-iPhone compiler were a waste. He argues that the tool proves there are no...
  • Adobe Flash Evangelist: 'Go Screw Yourself Apple'

    04/10/2010 12:00:11 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 19 replies · 598+ views
    The Flash Blog ^ | 4/9/10 | Lee Brimelow
    [Adobe would like me to make it clear that the opinions below are not the official views of the company and are entirely my own.] By now you have surely heard about the new iPhone 4.0 SDK language that appears to make creating applications in any non-Apple-approved languages a violation of terms. Obviously Adobe is looking into this wording carefully so I will not comment any further until there is an official conclusion. [Sentence regarding Apple's intentions redacted at request from Adobe]. This has nothing to do whatsoever with bringing the Flash player to Apple’s devices. That is a separate...
  • SEC Filing Shows that Adobe is Rattled by Apple's HTML5 Campaign

    04/10/2010 6:45:23 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies · 519+ views
    Daily Tech ^ | April 9, 2010 12:47 PM | Brandon Hill (Blog)
    Adobe is quite worried about the rise of HTML5Flash, for better or worse, is a big part of the web experience in the desktop and notebook market. Adobe Flash has an estimated 98 percent penetration in the PC market and websites use Flash for everything from ads to video to games. Some websites, like, are built almost entirely around Flash. Adobe is fighting to extend its reach into the mobile market thanks to Flash Mobile 10.1. Flash Mobile 10.1 will be made available for all major mobile platforms except for Apple's iPhone OS. Apple has been notoriously apprehensive of...
  • 'Flash Mob' of 100 teens Storm Center City Macy's

    02/17/2010 6:33:12 AM PST · by Jack Black · 29 replies · 1,603+ views
    "Philly 57" CBS News ^ | 2/17/2010 | unnamed reporter
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― Click to enlarge1 of 1 Photo of an apparent "flash mob" involving approximately 100 teens causing chaos inside the Center City Macy's store. CBS Close numSlides of totalImages Related Slideshows Celebrities Turning 40 In 2010 Real Or Fake? The Tattooed Ladies Of Hollywood Caught Cheating: Celebrity Scandals What's My Name? Honeymoon Lingerie: Behind-The-Scenes 2010 Celebrity Deaths Openly Gay Celebrities Investigators say a massive snowball fight outside City Hall between 100 teens spilled into a popular department store and ended with 14 arrests. The entire ordeal began when approximately 100 teens engaged in a gigantic snowball fight...
  • Indonesia: 1000 Muslims Burn Down Two Churches

    01/23/2010 10:36:48 AM PST · by Islaminaction · 19 replies · 630+ views
    Logan's Warning ^ | January 23rd, 2010 | Christopher Logan
    The recent uptick of the Islamic “tolerance” of Christianity continues and this time the hate has arisen in Indonesia. Isn’t Indonesia supposed to be one of those so called “moderate” Islamic countries? 01/23/2010 INDONESIA North Sumatra, two Protestant churches burnt: “too many faithful and too many prayers” by Mathias Hariyadi At least 1,000 people set fire to the Pentecostal community places of worship.
  • Troops Moving To Tehran - Reports

    12/31/2009 8:04:16 AM PST · by Fennie · 189 replies · 13,542+ views
    RTE News ^ | December 31, 2009
    An Iranian opposition website today said the government was moving troops and armoured military vehicles to the capital on the day supporters of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi planned to hold a rally.