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  • The GOP Leadership Responds to Constituents concerns about amnesty & TPP

    06/13/2015 3:50:21 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 12 replies
    25 June 2014 | jrgdds
  • “Earth’s Impending Magnetic Flip” – Scientific American

    10/01/2014 1:38:33 PM PDT · by Jack Hydrazine · 96 replies ^ | 30SEP2014 | Robert Felix
    “A geomagnetic reversal may happen sooner than expected,” says this article in Scientific American.
  • NRSC Meet Mitt Romney

    06/02/2014 6:24:13 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 49 replies
    Friend, We wanted you to be the first to hear the news: as an NRSC supporter, you can now enter for your chance to meet with Governor Mitt Romney! And you could meet him as part of our latest contest. We’re going to fly one lucky supporter to Boston to meet Governor Romney. Travel expenses – lodging, airfare, and transportation – will be covered by us. We’re confident that Republicans across the country will be eager to take the chance to meet him. Best of all? You can add your entry with a donation of just $5 or more to...
  • FLIP FLOP Romney..through the years!

    01/27/2012 2:03:17 PM PST · by OL Hickory · 1 replies
    you tube ^ | unknown | the romney videos
    Everything you wanted to know about Romney and the flip flops throughout the years..this man will say anything to become president. Watch his answers change from abortion,gays to Reagan...
  • Romney changes stance on Iraq invasion

    12/22/2011 8:23:38 AM PST · by TitansAFC · 28 replies · 1+ views
    The Washington Examiner ^ | 12-22-2011 | Byron York
    In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" a few days ago, Mitt Romney was asked whether, given what we know today, the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do. Romney wouldn't say. "Oh boy, that's a big question," Romney answered. "And going back and trying to say, given what we know now, what would we have done? Would we have invaded or not? At the time, we didn't have the knowledge that we have now." Romney mentioned intelligence before the war suggesting that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. After the war, U.S. and international...
  • Know anything about Romney, Looking for a few good men and women

    11/01/2011 11:15:46 AM PDT · by FastFacts · 5 replies
    The Daily Candidate ^ | October 28, 2011 | American Parchment
    NOVEMBER PROJECT: The Daily Candidate will be looking into Romney's alleged 'flip flops' - due to the demand, of our viewers, to look into them. Our board has decided to investigate these 'changes' in policy. To do so we need your help. We would like to put together a panel of viewers: 1 Republican Romney Suppporter, 1 Republican Opposed to Romney, 1 Independent Opposed to Romney, and 1 Democrat/Obama Supporter. We will be using this panel to discuss the policy changes Romney has and/or hasn't had. WE NEED YOUR HELP - Please email us if you are interested in joining...
  • Backflip (Ad Compares Romney to Toy Monkey)

    10/28/2011 4:49:51 PM PDT · by Maelstorm · 17 replies
    YouTube ^ | 10-28-2011 | Jon2012
  • Obama was against tapping the Strategic Oil Reserve before he was for it. (FAIL from 2008!)

    06/23/2011 11:41:41 AM PDT · by GlockThe Vote · 14 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Obama Flip Flops on tapping Strategic Oil Reserve - FAIL « on: Today at 10:05:48 AM » Quote Modify Remove -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obama flip flops on Strategic Petroleum Reserve posted at 2:50 pm on August 4, 2008 by Ed Morrissey Via Jim Geraghty, who caught this even while on vacation. In August 2005, Obama agreed with George Bush’s decision to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to buffer the economy from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. However, Obama warned that such actions should only take place in times of real emergency (emphases mine): I agree with the...
  • Trump in '07: Bush Should Talk to Ahmadinejad

    04/20/2011 9:26:48 PM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 36 replies · 1+ views
    American Spectator ^ | 4.20.11 @ 3:28PM | Aaron Goldstein
    Consider what Trump had to say about the Bush Administration's approach to Iran: "Maybe the President, instead of saying let's not even see this guy, maybe he should be negotiating with him, maybe he should be talking with him." Upon hearing that, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doucy asked Trump with regard to Ahmadinejad, "Do you think he's mentally stable?" Trump replied, "Who are you talking about? The President?"
  • Man killed trying to scale fence

    08/08/2010 6:26:45 AM PDT · by csvset · 39 replies
    WAVY ^ | 07 Aug 2010 | Wavy
    NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) - Newport News police say a man died while trying to scale a fence overnight. It happened at the Anderson's Home and Garden Showplace on Jefferson Avenue. According to investigators, a man and his girlfriend drove into the garden center's parking lot after an argument. They say the man, 26 from Newport News, tried to scale the fence and got his head caught between two posts. As he tried to flip over the fence, he was killed. The victim was removed from the fence by the fire department and was transported to the medical examiners office...
  • CBS Points out Obama Flip Flop on Paying for Benefits

    07/23/2010 9:25:43 AM PDT · by Nachum · 9 replies
    business and media ^ | 7/23/10 | Julia A. Seymour
    It is rare that the network news media expose President Barack Obama’s hypocrisy on any point, which is why Mark Knoller’s CBS story on July 22 was so enlightening. Covering Obama’s July 22 signing of a bill “restoring” jobless benefits to roughly 2.5 million Americans who have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks, Knoller wrote that Obama “changes tune on paying for unemployment benefits extension.” Many in the news media lauded this “relief” bill and vilified conservatives trying to block its passage. The GOP filibuster was based on the idea that the $34 billion should be paid for, rather...
  • Administration Changes its Tune on Extremist, Racist, Voters

    01/22/2010 12:08:09 PM PST · by · 10 replies · 551+ views ^ | 1/21/10 | James Devere
    There is a seachange in the attitude of the left. A left that can no longer marginalize oposition with acusations of racism, and extremism; that model just does not hold up in the demographic of the Massachusetts election. Since the Administration is unwilling to call the vote what it is: a referendum on our liberal agenda, the new effort is to associate the anger that voters expressed at the polls with the momentum that carried Obama into office. Prior to the election, the left characterized angry voters as extremists and racists. Now, however, there is a rush to paint a...
  • Pelosi, allies pressure Dems to back climate bill (TX Rep.Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) flipped by Pelosi)

    06/26/2009 1:49:01 PM PDT · by Maelstorm · 36 replies · 1,895+ views ^ | 06/26/09 | By Mike Soraghan and Jared Allen
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prowled the floor Friday morning, hungry for the votes she needs to pass her flagship climate-change legislation. Some leadership aides said Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her leadership team had rounded up enough votes to pass the bill with Democratic votes, and would go forward with a vote Friday. Leaders usually don't put a major bill on the floor unless they know they have the votes to pass it. ... But another source familiar with the vote-counting cast doubt on that, saying the effort to lasso the votes could push into Saturday. On a procedural vote needed to...
  • MSM: “Sure Obama Flip-Flops….But It’s For A Good Reason!”

    06/05/2009 7:01:48 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 10 replies · 562+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 06-05-09 | Curt
    Real headline today: Obama's Flip-Flops for the Public Good Are you effin kidding me? Overall, however, Obama has been praised for his flexibility, not condemned for his flip-flops. One reason, pollsters say, is that he seems such a contrast to the still-unpopular Bush, who was the opposite–stubborn and set in his ways. “When presented with a tough problem where a change of course was called for, Bush just dug in. He felt that it was weakness to change his mind,” says a senior Democratic strategist. He cites Bush’s positions to limit stem cell research, oppose legislation expanding healthcare for children,...
  • Secretary of Defense Flip Flops On North Korea; Now It IS A Threat

    05/30/2009 9:53:18 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 12 replies · 523+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 05-30-09 | Scott Malensek
    Yep, when the Obama Administration's envoy to the regional security conference in Singapore was getting ready to leave, he flat out said North Korea's nuclear test, SEVEN missile tests, it's end of the 50+yr cease-fire, it's threat to attack ANY ship trying to contain their weapons sales, and it's threat to attack the UN if sanctions are imposed....yeah, Gates said they're not a threat (after raising the threat level of American forces in the region). Defense Secretary Robert Gates, en route to an annual security summit in Singapore Friday, signaled as much, saying North Korea’s actions so far do not...
  • Obama Flips Off McCain

    11/03/2008 12:57:42 PM PST · by NationalConservative · 103 replies · 6,118+ views
    Click on the link to watch the video.

    11/03/2008 10:14:26 AM PST · by GOPinCa · 174 replies · 8,307+ views
    Drudge has pic of Obama flipping McCain the bird on top of his site!
  • Obama flips off McCain is now big headline on Drudge

    11/03/2008 10:15:52 AM PST · by Unkosified · 25 replies · 2,482+ views
    Drudge just put up a big pic of O flipping off McCain
  • Barack and Forth

    09/13/2008 7:44:24 AM PDT · by publiusF27 · 16 replies · 234+ views
    NY Post ^ | February 17, 2008 | GINGER ADAMS OTIS
    Moments after voting to authorize the bill, the Democrat told the floor he had goofed. "I'd like to be recorded as a 'no' vote," he said, according to transcripts, adding that he had mistakenly voted in favor of the legislation. By claiming to have made an error, Obama's "intent" to vote against the measure was noted in the record. But his initial "yes" stood. Obama made six similar "mistakes" during his state Senate years, twice on hotly contested measures.
  • Romney's 'Flip, Flop, Flip' (Romney's Olympic Performance)

    08/22/2008 9:20:42 PM PDT · by Maelstorm · 100 replies · 330+ views ^ | Dec 2007 |
    The "pro-choice" candidate for senator, and later governor, of Massachusetts is now the "pro-life" candidate for president of the United States. His record as governor is controversial, however. Interviewed by Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" last Sunday, Romney claimed that he took a "pro-life" position on "every piece of legislation" that came before him. But that is untrue, at least by his present definition of what constitutes "life." The Facts Romney announced his conversion to "pro-life" views in an editorial in the Boston Globe on July 25, 2005, the day after vetoing a bill expanding access to the so-called...
  • Obama: Words & Waffles

    06/27/2008 11:40:08 AM PDT · by opineapple · 9 replies · 95+ views
  • Obama give Hillary the finger.

    04/18/2008 9:06:03 AM PDT · by Anti-Hillary · 97 replies · 164+ views
    YouTube ^ | 4-17-08 | BHO
    Listen to the crowd. They were definately reacting to the gesture. I saw another video of this yesterday, but this one is convincing. He REALLY did give her the bird.
  • Play of the Day: McCain's Mom on Mormons

    03/26/2008 5:50:42 PM PDT · by personalaccts · 33 replies · 808+ views ^ | 11/9/07 | Philip Elliott
    Play of the Day: McCain's Mom on Mormons Nov 9 07:33 PM US/Eastern 103 Comments McCain’s Mother Goes After Romney and Mormons Related Stories Radar: McCain Clarifies Mom's Mormon Slam MEREDITH, N.H. (AP) - John McCain's 95-year-old mother, in a swipe at her son's rival Mitt Romney, said Friday that Mormons were to blame for the scandal that rocked the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. During an appearance on MSNBC, Roberta McCain laid out why her son, John, deserves to win the Republican presidential nomination. But in evaluating McCain's primary rivals, she criticized Romney's Mormon faith and his time in...
  • McCain Changes Story on Tax Cut Stance

    01/31/2008 1:47:07 PM PST · by paltz · 19 replies · 1,961+ views
    AP ^ | 1/31/08 | Libby Quaid
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican John McCain says he opposed President Bush's tax cuts because they didn't come with spending cuts. That is not what he said at the time. In a presidential debate on Wednesday, McCain said he voted against the Bush tax cuts because he wanted to rein in spending. "I disagreed when we had tax cuts without spending restraint," the Arizona senator said. The explanation fits with his history of railing against wasteful federal spending. But it does not fit with McCain's comments when he opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003. In 2001, McCain said...
  • Strange Whisper Before Romney Answer Perplexes Debate Viewers

    01/25/2008 11:07:20 PM PST · by pissant · 165 replies · 277+ views
    Fox News ^ | 1/25/08 | staff
    Forget Dennis Kucinich’s claims about seeing UFOs. The new unsolved mystery of the campaign trail is the “whisper.” The blogosphere was abuzz Friday morning over an audible whisper that cut through the mix during the GOP presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla., the night before. It’s unclear who it was, but the voice could be heard after moderator Tim Russert asked Mitt Romney whether, as a fan of Ronald Reagan, he would “do for Social Security what Ronald Reagan did in 1983.” Right before Romney answered, somebody seemed to whisper: “He raised taxes.” And then Romney responded, as if taking...
  • Campaign Finance Flip: The Mitt Romney who ran in Massachusetts had it right.

    12/31/2007 10:38:06 PM PST · by Maelstorm · 2 replies · 145+ views ^ |
    "MY FEAR," former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said at the Republican debate this month, "is that McCain-Kennedy would do to immigration what McCain-Feingold has done to campaign finance and money in politics, and that's bad." Mr. Romney has turned campaign finance reform into one of his stump villains -- which represents a dramatic and wrongheaded turnabout from his days running for office in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Romney called for spending limits on candidates and a 10 percent tax on campaign contributions for state elections to finance publicly funded campaigns. Massachusetts Romney wanted to abolish political action committees because they wield too...
  • Photo puts Romney at Planned Parenthood event

    12/19/2007 4:15:07 AM PST · by NavVet · 37 replies · 183+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 12/18/07 | Dave Wedge
    A photograph of GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney at a 1994 Planned Parenthood fund-raiser has surfaced, once again raising questions about the former Bay State’s governor’s abortion flip-flopping. The picture, a copy of which was obtained by the Herald, shows Romney and his wife Ann at a house party fund-raiser in Scituate with Nicki Nichols Gamble, who was the president of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts at the time. Romney has already downplayed ties to Planned Parenthood after revelations that Ann Romney donated $150 to the group. Gamble said the pic was snapped at an event at GOP activist...
  • Landscaper: Romney Never Insisted Employees Be Legal

    12/06/2007 12:01:19 PM PST · by Leisler · 109 replies · 71+ views
    Fox News ^ | December 06, 2007 | staff
    The landscaper who Mitt Romney fired earlier this week for continuing to employ illegal immigrants says the termination boils down to little more than politics. The GOP presidential candidate cut ties with Ricardo Saenz, of Community Lawn Service in Chelsea, Mass., in anticipation of a Boston Globe article reporting that the company employed undocumented workers a year after the hiring practices were first revealed. Romney said he gave the company a second chance and that "the company's failure to comply with the law is disappointing and inexcusable." But Saenz told FOX25 in Boston that Romney did not demand that the...
  • Romney Muddles Abortion Stance

    08/23/2007 6:01:54 AM PDT · by meandog · 7 replies · 355+ views
    ABC News ^ | 7.23.07 | By TEDDY DAVIS
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday in a Nevada television interview that he supports letting states "make their own decision" about whether to keep abortion legal. "My view is that the Supreme Court has made an error in saying at the national level one size fits all for the whole nation," Romney told Nevada political columnist Jon Ralston in a televised interview. "Instead, I would let states make their choices."
  • Another Flip-Flop? (Romney)

    07/27/2007 10:10:49 AM PDT · by Reaganesque · 44 replies · 1,274+ views
    07/27/07 | Reaganesque
    After years of claiming to be an excellent swimmer and stories of swimming at his house on Lake Winnipesaukee, a stunning new photo, sent anonymously to FreeRepublic, clearly indicates that this is yet another lie from the Romney machine! Photo: ROMNEY CAN'T SWIM!!!
  • Desperate Times--Desperate Measures: McCain Campaign Regurgitates MSM & DNC Lies About Romney

    05/28/2007 3:38:23 PM PDT · by Jeff Fuller · 83 replies · 1,521+ views
    My Man Mitt ^ | 5/28/07 | Jeff Fuller
    McCain's deeply flawed immigration bill has been a recent "flash point" for criticism. McCain has obviously taken the attacks on this horrible legislation a little too personally and has wrongly punched back on the personal level (similar to his personal attack on Romney's conviction during the 2nd debate that he switches positions "during even numbered years".) From a Newsweek article: Referring to Romney's stance, McCain said: "Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes because it's changed in less than a year from his position before." Then followed his "varmint" comment which was an obviously...
  • Defiance angers judge in gang rape

    01/06/2007 7:09:04 AM PST · by rellimpank · 38 replies · 1,778+ views
    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ^ | 05 Jan 07 | Mary Zahn
    The mother of a boy convicted Friday in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl on Labor Day told a judge the girl was also to blame and that her son was the victim of "little flipper girls" who think it's cool to have sex with multiple partners. That prompted Milwaukee County Children's Court Judge Mary Triggiano to abruptly interrupt her. "What he did was rape that girl," Triggiano said, calling the deflection of responsibility to the girl appalling. "He got caught. He didn't take responsibility until something pegged him
  • "House" flap -- A&E sued over reality show

    07/25/2006 9:17:07 AM PDT · by MizSterious · 25 replies · 1,174+ views
    Reuters via Yahoo ^ | Tue Jul 25, 12:26 AM ET | Andrew Wallenstein
    "House" flap -- A&E sued over reality show By Andrew WallensteinTue Jul 25, 12:26 AM ET A&E has been slapped with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit stemming from its reality series "Flip This House." Richard C. Davis, executive producer and star of "Flip," filed suit in the Court of Common Pleas in Charleston, S.C., against the cable network and production company Departure Films, citing fraud, breach of contract and seven other counts. The lawsuit hinges on A&E's decision to move ahead with a second season of "Flip" without Davis and his real estate company, Trademark Properties. The series follows Trademark staffers...
  • Will the New "Flip" Be a Hit, or Will "Flip" Flop? (A&E's "Flip This House"

    07/24/2006 11:06:25 AM PDT · by MizSterious · 20 replies · 926+ views
    Houston Real News ^ | 6/28/2006 | N/A
    Trademark Properties Heads to TLC/Discovery, and Court? For now, the relationship between A &E and the real estate teams seems positive and productive. But tensions between the network and former Flip This House team leader, Richard C. Davis, led the Trademark Properties real estate guru to take his team to TLC (The Learning Channel), who showed him a little more "tender loving care" than A & E. An article in Charleston's March 31 The Post and Courier mentions "creative differences" between A & E and Mr. Davis. "Most importantly, he (Billy Campbell, Discovery Communications President) is not going to script...
  • Kerry flip-flops, again

    06/16/2006 7:48:18 PM PDT · by neverdem · 35 replies · 1,426+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | June 16, 2006 | Masthead Editorial
        John Kerry's sorriest moment, until now, sounded like this: "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." But this week he has arguably outdone that equivocation.     "It is essential to acknowledge that the war itself was a mistake," the Massachusetts Democrat told a crowd of cheering leftists Tuesday at the "Take Back America" conference in Washington. "It was wrong, and I was wrong to vote for that Iraqi war resolution." He called on President Bush to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of the year. Sen. Hillary Clinton disagreed and was booed. Thus,...
  • Two (US) Lawmakers Injured in Iraq Vehicle Flip

    11/27/2005 3:13:44 PM PST · by leadpenny · 22 replies · 1,365+ views
    BAGHDAD, Iraq - A military vehicle carrying three congressmen overturned on the way to the Baghdad airport, injuring two of them, the U.S. Embassy said Sunday. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., was airlifted to a military hospital in Germany for an MRI on his neck, and Rep. Ike Skelton (news, bio, voting record), D-Mo., was sent to a Baghdad hospital for evaluation, said Rep. Jim Marshall (news, bio, voting record), D-Ga., who was also in the vehicle but was not hurt. Calls to Skelton and Murphy on Sunday were not immediately returned, but Marshall's spokesman Doug Moore said both suffered minor...
  • Two Congressmen injured after vehicle flips in Iraq

    11/27/2005 7:54:28 AM PST · by johnmecainrino · 37 replies · 1,530+ views
    AP ^ | November 27, 2005
    Two Congressmen injured after vehicle flips in Iraq A military vehicle carrying U.S. politicians overturned on the way to the Baghdad airport on Saturday and injured two members of Congress, said U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pennsylvania, was airlifted to a military hospital in Germany for an MRI on his neck, Marshall told the Macon Telegraph. Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Missouri, was sent to a Baghdad hospital, he said. Marshall, a Georgia Democrat, said he was not hurt. The congressional delegation was riding in a box-like vehicle that troops called the "ice cream truck" that streaked through the middle...
  • WSJ: KPMG in Wonderland - A new, and very coercive, way to make tax law.

    10/06/2005 5:03:26 AM PDT · by OESY · 427+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 6, 2005 | Editorial
    The trial of nine defendants in the KPMG tax shelter case is due to get under way soon in New York. All nine-- eight former KPMG partners and one outside lawyer-- have pleaded not guilty, despite an admission of wrongdoing by the company and a pledge by KPMG to cooperate with the government.... KPMG's cooperation with the feds was part of the price it paid to avoid a threatened indictment of the firm as a whole. As Arthur Andersen learned the hard way, that would have been a death sentence. KPMG has also agreed to cut its former partners off...
  • WSJ: Congress and KPMG - The fuzzy line between tax avoidance and evasion - shades of Andersen

    08/30/2005 6:06:21 AM PDT · by OESY · 3 replies · 456+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | August 30, 2005 | Editorial
    KPMG avoided the fate of Arthur Andersen yesterday... over the marketing and sale of "abusive" tax shelters. But the price of survival was high. The accounting firm will pay $456 million in fines and restitution and has agreed to let a federal monitor look over its shoulder. At the same time, no fewer than eight former KPMG executives and an outside lawyer were indicted on conspiracy charges for designing and selling the shelters.... KPMG will survive this "deferred prosecution" by admitting wrongdoing. But it's easy to forget amid the righteous indignation over tax shelters with names like FLIP, BLIP, OPIS...
  • Girl Allegedly Dismembered by Next-Door Neighbor

    08/02/2005 8:07:45 AM PDT · by Millee · 39 replies · 2,115+ views
    A 16-year-old girl who had been missing since Saturday was found stabbed to death and dismembered — and police say her killer lived right next door. Jonathan Zarate, 18, appeared Monday in Morris County Court to face charges of murder, weapons offenses, and hindering apprehension in the slaying of Jennifer Parks. Zarate lived next door to Parks in their Randolph, N.J., neighborhood, and prosecutors say the 16-year-old victim left her house early Saturday morning to watch TV with Zarate. But then, authorities said, the two became embroiled in an argument that led to Parks' gruesome killing.
  • 1st ‘Pinoy Church’ rises in NY

    07/19/2005 12:18:06 PM PDT · by NYer · 16 replies · 533+ views ^ | July 20, 2005
    A Catholic church in New York City will be officially designated a "Church of Filipinos" on July 30, and President Arroyo has been invited to preside over the event, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) said yesterday. The NCCA said a church hall adjoining the San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel will also be formally dedicated to the memory of the late archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin, to be dubbed "Cardinal Sin Memorial Hall." NCCA executive director Cecille Guidote-Alvarez said the Cardinal Sin Memorial Hall could be a center for culture and values education outreach for Filipinos abroad,...
  • Kerry Supports Condoleezza before he votes against her.

    01/19/2005 8:14:10 AM PST · by watchinginawe · 4 replies · 548+ views
    Live on C-Span
    Kerry states support for bi-partisanship and hope for success for Condi as Secretary of State BEFORE he actually votes against her. He just can't help himself. He is his own's best devil's advocate. This man just can't help but argue with himself.
  • Rove: Kerry's Votes a 'Gift' for Bush

    11/07/2004 2:10:21 PM PST · by Castro · 18 replies · 1,055+ views
    AP News ^ | Nov 7 | DEB RIECHMANN
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Reflecting on how he delivered President Bush his second term, White House political adviser Karl Rove admitted Sunday that John Kerry's vote for, then against, funding in Iraq and Afghanistan was the "gift that kept on giving." The deft strategy of Rove, whom Bush calls the architect of his re-election campaign, is credited with helping move the nation from the 49 percent to 49 percent stalemate of the 2000 election to a 51 percent to 48 percent split in the Republicans' favor. "The country is still close, but it has moved in a Republican direction, and this...
  • Audio montage "John Kerry agrees with your position no matter what it is..."

    10/29/2004 9:20:12 AM PDT · by AzNASCARfan · 9 replies · 562+ views
    Bruce Jacobs via KFYI Radio ^ | 10/29/04 | AzNascarFan
    HERE is a great audio montage of JF'nK agreeing with virtually everybody, no matter what your position it on a variety of subjects...
  • The Mother Of All Flip-Flops "How do we now turn attention ultimately to Saddam Hussein?"

    10/26/2004 4:09:41 PM PDT · by Names Ash Housewares · 17 replies · 550+ views | 10/26/2004 | William Kristol
    But it turns out that Kerry felt entirely differently at the time. In an interview with John McLaughlin on November 16, 2001--just two months after September 11 and before victory in Afghanistan was assured--Kerry was asked, "What do we have to worry about [in Afghanistan]?" Kerry answered: I have no doubt, I've never had any doubt--and I've said this publicly--about our ability to be successful in Afghanistan. We are and we will be. The larger issue, John, is what happens afterwards. How do we now turn attention ultimately to Saddam Hussein? How do we deal with the larger Muslim world?...
  • Kerry Claims Bush Has Secret Gasoline Deal With Saudis

    10/12/2004 7:47:55 PM PDT · by an amused spectator · 20 replies · 730+ views ^ | April 19, 2004 | Carl Limbacher and Staff
    LAKE WORTH, Fla. - When a tardy John Kerry finally deigned to show up today at a rally of Palm Beach County Democrats who had already baked for hours in the sun, he insisted on calling the campaign event a "town meeting" and a "conversation," but he did most of the talking, including a harsher-than-usual attack on President Bush. Of course, the Kerry campaign's open "invitation" to the public meant that only Kerry supporters got close enough for "impromptu" questions - the rest were cordoned off. Citing an appearance last night by pro-Democrat author Bob Woodward ("one of America's most...

    10/11/2004 4:29:55 PM PDT · by treeclimber · 3 replies · 465+ views
    good site for more flipping...
  • Another Kerry Flip-Flop

    10/10/2004 7:19:43 PM PDT · by glocker23 · 17 replies · 803+ views
    Okay freepers, time to get the latest blatant Kerry flip-flop out on the airwaves. Here are the quotes from Kerry vs Kerry on Friday night saying that Iraq has always been a threat then two questions later saying it was not a threat. These answers are found following the 2nd and 4th questions respectively: KERRY: Well, let me tell you straight up: I've never changed my mind about Iraq. I do believe Saddam Hussein was a threat. I always believed he was a threat. Two questions later... Kerry: I don't think you can just rely on U.N. sanctions, Randee. But...
  • The Ulitmate John Kerry ad [audio]

    10/09/2004 11:32:26 PM PDT · by walford · 7 replies · 1,161+ views
    Mark ^ | unknown | Mark Simone
    click above link for actual audio clips of Kerry taking whatever position he felt the particular audience needed to hear at that time
  • Kerry Doesn't Pander?

    10/09/2004 2:25:51 PM PDT · by RedLightBob · 2 replies · 385+ views
    09 Oct 04 | RedlightBob
    I nearly fell out of my chair last night during the debate when Senator Kerry stated that he wouldn't pander to the audience when asked about preventing job outsourcing. All John Kerry has been doing is pandering. In all my life, I have not seen a candidate be on so many sides of so many issues in so short a time. Let's see, where do we begin? [Just some of] Kerry's "Positions": Iraq/Regime Change: Kerry voted to authorize war. Later stated that even knowing Saddam possessed no WMD would support US action. Now states "wrong war, wrong time." BTW, this...