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  • Virginia Tech police seek two suspects after early-morning attack

    06/29/2012 10:23:15 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 4 replies
    The Roanoke Times ^ | June 29, 2012 | Chase Purdy
    The suspects drove away from the scene in a dark, regular-cab pickup truck. The last four digits of the truck’s license plate are 3330, according to witnesses at the scene. Police across the region are on the lookout following an attempted abduction on the Virginia Tech campus Friday morning in which two men tried to drag a woman into a pickup truck, according to the Virginia Tech Police. Maj. Kevin L. Foust said the woman, who has not been identified, was crossing Henderson Lawn from College Avenue to Alumni Mall about 2:15 a.m. when two men approached her. Police said...
  • Hobbits May Be Earliest Australians

    12/07/2005 3:01:40 PM PST · by blam · 23 replies · 747+ views
    The Australian ^ | 12-8-2005 | Carmelo Amalfi/Leigh Dayton
    Hobbits may be earliest Australians Carmelo Amalfi and Leigh Dayton December 08, 2005 THE tiny hobbit-like humans of Indonesia may have lived in Australia before they became extinct about 11,000 years ago. The startling claim comes from archaeologist Mike Morwood, leader of the team that in 2003 uncovered remains of the 1m-tall hominid at Liang Bua cave on Indonesia's Flores island. They believe the pint-size person - known officially as Homo floresiensis and unofficially as the "Hobbit" - was wiped out by a volcanic eruption that spared their Homo sapiens neighbours. Speaking at a public lecture in Perth, Professor Morwood...
  • Hobbit's relatives may have existed in northern Australia

    05/28/2008 9:43:22 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 9 replies · 144+ views
    Top News India ^ | Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 | Sahil Nagpal
    An archaeologist, who discovered the "Hobbit", an ancient human like species, on an Indonesian island in 2003, has determined that a relative of the species may have existed in northern Australia. The Hobbits, or Homo floresiensis, who were only about one metre tall and weighed just 30kg, existed on the remote Indonesian island of Flores until about 12,000 years ago. The specie was dubbed as "hobbits" because of its small size and big feet. Now, according to Professor Mike Morwood, who had made the finding in 2003, these ancient species could have had relatives living in northern Australia. "We are...
  • Paper reignites hobbit debate

    08/22/2006 10:17:42 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 9 replies · 355+ views
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation ^ | Tuesday, 22 August 2006 | unattributed
    [T]wo of the original Australian discoverers of the hobbit, Professor Peter Brown and Professor Mike Morwood from the University of New England, have lashed out at the researchers, rejecting arguments put forward in the latest paper. Professor Brown also criticises the journal itself for publishing the research. He says the paper's conclusions are "unsupported by any published evidence" and that the paper makes "misleading comments" about previously published papers. Australian National University taxonomist Professor Colin Groves, who was not involved in the research, also rejects the PNAS paper. "Most of their claims of pathology are not substantial," says Professor Groves,...
  • HUMAN ORIGINS: Battle Erupts Over the 'Hobbit' Bones

    02/26/2005 2:32:32 PM PST · by Lessismore · 18 replies · 771+ views
    Science Magazine ^ | 2005-02-25 | Elizabeth Culotta
    Research on human fossils generally proceeds at a leisurely pace. Those who discover new bones sometimes take years to analyze them, while their colleagues and rivals wait impatiently to get a good look. But that's not the case with the 18,000-year-old "hobbit" skeleton of Indonesia. Ever since the Australian- Indonesian team that discovered the bones made the startling claim that they are the remains of a species of small, archaic human, Homo floresiensis (Nature, 28 October, p. 1055), the bones have been analyzed and reanalyzed at a breathtaking pace. For the past 3 months, however, the studies have been directed...
  • Newly Found (Human) Species Goes Missing Again (Floresiensis)

    02/09/2005 11:31:13 AM PST · by blam · 17 replies · 1,098+ views
    The Age ^ | 2-10-2005 | Stephen Cauchi
    Newly found species goes missing again By Stephen Cauchi Science reporter February 10, 2005 The disputed Homo Floresiensis. Photo: Robert Pearce The remains of an extinct metre-high human species have become virtually as hidden as they were before their discovery last year rocked the world of palaeontology. One of Indonesia's leading palaeontologists is refusing to hand back the remains to the team that found them on the Indonesian island of Flores. As reported last year, Professor Teuku Jacob, of Gadjah Mada University, grabbed the remains of the seven creatures - dubbed "hobbits" - and locked them in his safe, refusing...
  • More bones of hobbit-sized humans discovered

    10/11/2005 8:34:12 AM PDT · by aculeus · 89 replies · 2,871+ views
    Reuters ^ | October 11, 2005 | By Patricia Reaney
    LONDON (Reuters) - Australian scientists said on Tuesday they have discovered more remains of hobbit-sized humans which belong to a previously unknown species that lived at the end of the last Ice Age. Professor Mike Morwood, of the University of New England, in Armidale, Australia, stunned the science world last year when he and his team announced the discovery of 18,000-year-old remains of a new human species called Homo floresiensis. The partial skeleton discovered in a limestone cave on the remote Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 was of a tiny adult hominid, or early human, only one meter (3...
  • Scientists: Hobbit Wasn't a Modern Human

    09/20/2007 1:34:19 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 13 replies · 846+ views
    Scientists: Hobbit Wasn't a Modern Human Sep 20 04:18 PM US/Eastern By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID AP Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Scientists, wringing their hands over the identity of the famed "hobbit" fossil, have found a new clue in the wrist. Since the discovery of the bones in Indonesia in 2003, researchers have wrangled over whether the find was an ancient human ancestor or simply a modern human suffering from a genetic disorder. Now, a study of the bones in the creature's left wrist lends weight to the human ancestor theory, according to a report in Friday's issue of the...
  • Biblical-giants book soars up charts

    02/01/2005 1:47:51 AM PST · by ChristianDefender · 33 replies · 1,976+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 02-01-05 | WND
    A unique book that purports to explain the past existence of giant beings referred to in the Bible as the Nephilim is skyrocketing up online best-sellers lists, now appearing in the top 15 at Published by Xulon Press, "The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse" presents an explanation for an unusual verse in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 6:4, which reads: "There were giants (Nephilim) in the Earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them." The book's author,...
  • 'Hobbit' tools found near remains

    10/17/2005 2:56:37 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 25 replies · 564+ views ^ | October 17, 2005
    Researchers say they have found "Hobbit" tools on an Indonesian island near where the remains of nine ancient individuals were found. The researchers have excavated more than 500 stone tools within several miles of the remains of Homo floresiensis, believed to have inhabited the site from an estimated 95,000 to 12,000 years ago, the BBC reported Friday. "At Mata Menge there are hundreds and hundreds of in situ stone artifacts with Stegodon fossils," Mike Morwood, of the University of New England, director of the excavations, told the BBC News. Last year, the announcement that a partial skeleton about three feet...
  • Hobbits? We've got a cave full

    12/08/2004 3:25:23 PM PST · by swilhelm73 · 22 replies · 1,149+ views
    Stuff ^ | 06 December 2004 | DEBORAH SMITH
    Chief Epiradus Dhoi Lewa has a strange tale to tell. Sitting in his bamboo and wooden home at the foot of an active volcano on the remote Indonesian island of Flores, he recalls how people from his village were able to capture a tiny woman with long, pendulous breasts three weeks ago. "They said she was very little and very pretty," he says, holding his hand at waist height. "Some people saw her very close up." The villagers of Boawae believe the strange woman came down from a cave on the steaming mountain where short, hairy people they call Ebu...
  • Villagers speak of the small, hairy Ebu Gogo [New human species ... still alive?]

    10/27/2004 6:14:36 PM PDT · by aculeus · 32 replies · 1,044+ views
    The Daily Telegraph (UK) ^ | October 28, 2004 | Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts, discoverer of the Hobbit, says local tales suggest the species could still exist When I was back in Flores earlier this month we heard the most amazing tales of little, hairy people, whom they called Ebu Gogo - Ebu meaning grandmother and Gogo meaning 'he who eats anything'. The tales contained the most fabulous details - so detailed that you'd imagine there had to be a grain of truth in them. One of the village elders told us that the Ebu Gogo ate everything raw, including vegetables, fruits, meat and, if they got the chance, even human meat....
  • 'Hobbits' Were Stunted Cave-Dwellers

    03/06/2008 1:37:29 AM PST · by restornu · 16 replies · 1,298+ views ^ | March 5, 2008 | Richard Ingham, AFP
    <p>Bad Thyroid?</p> <p>March 5, 2008 -- Anthropologists have fired another salvo in a feud about diminutive "hobbit" people whose fossilized remains were found in a cave on a remote Indonesian island four years ago.</p> <p>Combatting a bid to have the hobbits enshrined as a separate branch of the human family tree, they argue the tiny cave-dwellers were simply Homo sapiens who became stunted and retarded as a result of iodine deficiency in pregnancy.</p>
  • The Mystery Ape of Pleistocene Asia [ from Longgupo in Sichuan province ]

    06/25/2009 2:52:53 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 6 replies · 777+ views
    Nature 459, 910-911 ^ | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | Russell L. Ciochon
    Fossil finds of early humans in southeast Asia may actually be the remains of an unknown ape. Russell Ciochon says that many palaeoanthropologists -- including himself -- have been mistaken. Fourteen years ago, a Nature paper by my colleagues and I described a 1.9-million-year-old human jaw fragment from Longgupo in Sichuan province, China1. The ancient date in itself was spectacular. Previous evidence had suggested that human ancestors arrived in east Asia from Africa about 1 million years ago, in the form of Homo erectus. Longgupo nearly doubled that estimate. But even more exciting -- and contentious -- was our claim...
  • "Hobbit" Humans Were Diseased, Not New Species, Study Says

    05/18/2006 3:00:14 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 6 replies · 1,461+ views
    National Geographic News ^ | May 18, 2006 | John Roach
    The "hobbit" humans that lived on the Indonesian island of Flores some 18,000 years ago were actually a population of modern humans stricken with a genetic disease that causes small brains, a new study says. The argument is being made by a group of scientists who have analyzed all the scientific evidence presented so far about the evolution of the proposed species Homo floresiensis. The discovery of the hobbit-like human—so-called for their small stature—was first announced in 2004 after a fossil skull and bones of several individuals turned up on Flores. Preliminary analysis of the remains pegged them as belonging...
  • Anthropologist Confirms 'Hobbit' Indeed A Seperate (Human) Species

    01/29/2007 4:13:17 PM PST · by blam · 56 replies · 1,766+ views
    Science Daily ^ | 1-29-2007 | Florida State University
    Florida State University Date: January 29, 2007 Anthropologist Confirms 'Hobbit' Indeed A Separate Species Science Daily — After the skeletal remains of an 18,000-year-old, Hobbit-sized human were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, some scientists thought that the specimen must have been a pygmy or a microcephalic -- a human with an abnormally small skull. Not so, said Dean Falk, a world-renowned paleoneurologist and chair of Florida State University's anthropology department, who along with an international team of experts created detailed maps of imprints left on the ancient hominid's braincase and concluded that the so-called Hobbit was...
  • Indonesia's Lost World: Shaking Up The Family Tree (More - New Human Species)

    10/29/2004 2:11:55 PM PDT · by blam · 37 replies · 4,994+ views
    Archaeology ^ | 10-28-2004 | Davisd Keys
    Indonesia's Lost World: Shaking Up the Family Tree October 28, 2004 by David Keys Homo floresiensis skull (© Peter Brown) New archaeological discoveries by Australian and Indonesian scientists on the Indonesian island of Flores are revealing that until at least 13,000 to 12,000 years ago, modern humans--our species, Homo sapiens--shared this planet with a totally different species of human being--a three-foot-high dwarf hominid with physical features usually seen as dating from 1.5 to 4 million years ago. The scientists, mainly from Australia's University of New England and University of Wollongong, have found the skeletal remains of up to seven individuals...
  • Bones Of Contention ('Hobbits' - More)

    05/30/2005 4:35:41 PM PDT · by blam · 11 replies · 784+ views
    Time - Asia ^ | 5-30-2005 | John Stanmeyer
    Bones of ContentionIs a small, 18,000-year-old skeleton the older cousin of modern-day Pygmies—or a new human species? BY SIMON ELEGANT | RAMPASASA JOHN STANMEYER FOR TIMESMALL WORLD: Rampasasa resident Anggalus Jalur, 55, stands just 130 cm tall "In those days we ate our meat raw, like animals." The speaker is Viktor Jurubu, an Indonesian farmer in his 60s, who, in his T shirt and sarong, looks little like the cavemen he's describing. Except for his height, which is about 140 cm. In the world of anthropology, Jurubu's small size is big news because he and his 246 fellow villagers of...
  • Ancient Islanders Get A Leg Up ('Hobbits')

    05/16/2006 12:45:36 PM PDT · by blam · 13 replies · 882+ views
    Science News ^ | 5-16-2006 | Bruce Bower
    Ancient islanders get a leg up Bruce Bower From San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the Paleoanthropology Society and Society for American Archaeology meeting Fossils of a humanlike species dubbed Homo floresiensis that lived on the Pacific island of Flores between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago recently grabbed headlines because scientists deduced that this creature stood no more than 1 meter tall and possessed a surprisingly small brain. Nonetheless, H. floresiensis packed considerable weight on its diminutive frame and possessed far stronger legs than people do today, says William L. Jungers of the State University of New York at Stony Brook....
  • Hobbit remains found in Australia

    10/27/2004 10:51:55 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 158 replies · 4,600+ views
    Reuters ^ | Wed, Oct 27, 2004 | Patricia Reaney
    Scientists in Australia have found a new species of hobbit-sized humans who lived about 18,000 years ago on an Indonesian island in a discovery that adds another piece to the complex puzzle of human evolution. The partial skeleton of Homo floresiensis, found in a cave on the island of Flores, is of an adult female that was a metre (3 feet) tall, had a chimpanzee-sized brain and was substantially different from modern humans. It shared the isolated island to the east of Java with miniature elephants and Komodo dragons. The creature walked upright, probably evolved into its dwarf size because...
  • Who's Your Daddy? [ Homo floriensis in Australia ]

    09/08/2011 1:17:07 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 18 replies
    Heritage Daily ^ | Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 | Sue Carter
    Following on from the previous article, The First Boat People, we know that Sahul, the original name of Australia during prehistoric times, was settled around 40,000 years ago. Although this date is disputed it is now universally accepted as the most accurate and reliable. But who were these first people and from where did they come? Could humans have developed in Australia at the same time they were developing in Africa? Was there a wave of immigrants or only one founding population? And where does Homo floriensis fit into this picture, if at all? It can quite comfortably be stated...
  • Scientists scuttle new evolution claims of 'Hobbit' Fossil (Or, "Why never to jump to conclusions")

    10/18/2006 2:58:43 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 25 replies · 646+ views
    African News Dimension ^ | October 18, 2006 | Staff
    When scientists found 18,000-year-old bones of a small, humanlike creature on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, they concluded that the bones represented a new species in the human family tree that they named Homo floresiensis. Their interpretation was widely accepted by the scientific community and heralded by the popular press around the world. Because of its very short stature, H. floresiensis was soon dubbed the "Hobbit." But now, a new research has comprehensively and convincingly rubbished the case that the small skull represent a new species of hominid, as was claimed in a study published which was published...
  • The Real 'Hobbit' Had Larger Brain Than Thought

    04/17/2013 10:34:45 PM PDT · by blam · 7 replies
    Live Science ^ | 4-18-2013 | Charles Choi
    The Real 'Hobbit' Had Larger Brain Than Thought Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Date: 16 April 2013 Time: 07:01 PM ETThe hobbit, Homo floresiensis, lived on the island of Flores some 18,000 years ago, and now researchers have more evidence (its relatively large brain) the diminutive creature was a unique human species. The brain of the extinct "hobbit" was bigger than often thought, researchers say. These findings add to evidence that the hobbit was a unique species of humans after all, not a deformed modern human, scientists added. The 18,000-year-old fossils of the extinct type of human officially known as Homo...
  • The Flores Hobbit's face revealed

    12/10/2012 2:53:37 PM PST · by Renfield · 14 replies
    PhysOrg ^ | 12-10-2012 | Sunanda Creagh
    An Australian anthropologist has used forensic facial reconstruction techniques to show, for the first time, how the mysterious Flores 'hobbit' might have once looked. Homo floresiensis, as the hobbit is officially known, caused a storm of controversy when it was discovered in Flores, Indonesia in 2003. Some argued the hobbit was an entirely new species, while others suggested it may have simply been a diseased specimen of an existing human species. Using techniques she has previously applied to help police solve crimes, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong and specialist facial anthropologist, Dr Susan Hayes, moulded muscle...
  • Young soldier's grandfather at center of famous survival tale

    12/26/2010 6:53:43 AM PST · by Saije · 5 replies · 1+ views
    Gadsen Times ^ | 12/26/2010 | Jimmy Smothers
    His name is Weissmiller, Adam J. Weissmiller, which is what first caught my attention when I met this young soldier the other day at a Subway restaurant on base at Fort Benning, Ga... Although the name was spelled a little differently I still had to ask: “You any kin to Tarzan?” The reference was to Johnny Weissmuller, who was the most famous ape man of the movies. “Cousins,” he replied with a grin...Weissmiller said his father was a retired lieutenant colonel and he grew up a military brat. “A lot of my family were military men, so I never considered...
  • Giant fossil bird found on 'hobbit' island of Flores

    12/07/2010 2:39:20 PM PST · by decimon · 29 replies
    BBC ^ | December 7, 2010 | Emma Brennand
    A giant marabou stork has been discovered on an island once home to human-like 'hobbits'.Fossils of the bird were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores, a place previously famed for the discovery of Homo floresiensis, a small hominin species closely related to modern humans. The stork may have been capable of hunting and eating juvenile members of this hominin species, say researchers who made the discovery, though there is no direct evidence the birds did so. The finding, reported in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, also helps explain how prehistoric wildlife adapted to living on islands.
  • Teen suspected of tossing baby out window claims rape

    11/08/2010 10:13:53 PM PST · by ConservativeStatement · 6 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | November 9, 2010 | Laurel J. Sweet
    An El Salvadoran teen accused of throwing her newborn baby out an East Boston window was a victim of rape, her defense attorney said yesterday. Eva Flores, 18, was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail by Clerk Magistrate Gary D. Wilson after pleading not guilty to assault and battery on a child and wanton and reckless behavior.
  • District by district - Texas - 17 Rep. Edwards down 12 points

    10/27/2010 7:02:16 AM PDT · by Palmetto Patriot · 17 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/27/2010 | The Hill Staff
    Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) trails Republican Bill Flores 40 percent to 52 in The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll, with 7 percent of likely voters undecided. Flores is winning independents by 11 points, plus he’s winning men by 18 points and women by eight points. Middle-aged and older voters are also going for the Republican, while Edwards leads among younger voters. Edwards’s unfavorable ratings are higher than his favorable, 49 percent versus 45 percent, while 56 percent of voters give Flores high marks. This district has been trending Republican since the redistricting process. Former President George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch...
  • Republicans drop plans for ad blitz to help Bill Flores (TX -17)

    10/25/2010 7:48:01 PM PDT · by engrpat · 30 replies
    Dallas Morning News ^ | 10-25-10 | Melanie Mason
    WASHINGTON – The Republican Party has scrapped plans for a costly last-minute TV blitz on behalf of congressional nominee Bill Flores. Democrats said the move signals that Republicans are giving up hope of unseating Rep. Chet Edwards. But Flores disagreed, saying that it means he's in such good shape, the national party can devote its resources elsewhere.
  • Poll: Flores (R) 55% to Edwards (D) 36% (20 Yr Dem Incumbent will lose soon)

    09/25/2010 12:44:07 PM PDT · by Arec Barrwin · 40 replies · 1+ views
    Texas Insider ^ | September 25, 2010 | Texas Insider
    Poll: Flores 55% to Edwards 36% Shows Flores’ Message Resonating, Edwards’ Negative Attacks Have Failed Texas Insider Report: BRYAN, Texas – A new general election poll of 400 likely voters taken by On Message, Inc. shows Republican nominee Bill Flores leading 20-year incumbent Democrat Congressman Chet Edwards (D-TX) by a margin of 55% to 36% with less than 6 weeks to go before Election Day. “We are very encouraged by the results of this poll and we will work harder than ever to bring home a victory over the next 40 days,” said Flores. “This poll is yet another reflection...
  • 6 charged with capital murder after deputies unravel suspected smuggling ring[hitman killed too)

    08/26/2010 3:38:02 PM PDT · by SwinneySwitch · 6 replies · 1+ views
    The Monitor ^ | August 26, 2010 | Jared Taylor
    EDINBURG — Six people accused of a February drug-related slaying faced capital murder charges Thursday morning. The sextet of suspects are allegedly part of a local drug smuggling group that ordered a hit of one of their own after he allegedly stole a load of marijuana delivered to a customer in February, investigators said. Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies found Gilberto Aguilar beaten and shot to death on Feb. 6 in a remote field north of Palmview. Investigators believe Aguilar was kidnapped, beaten with brass knuckles and fatally shot after he stole a load of marijuana. Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño...
  • [South Texas:]Alleged Zeta slashed his own throat but survived

    08/19/2010 11:59:29 AM PDT · by SwinneySwitch · 8 replies · 1+ views
    THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD ^ | August 19, 2010
    Jose Ezequiel Galicia Gonzalez, an alleged member of the Zetas criminal organization, was in federal court Wednesday for a competency hearing after he tried to kill himself with plastic cutlery. According to testimony given before U.S. Magistrate Judge Felix Recio, Galicia used either a plastic knife or a plastic spoon to cut his wrists and then slit his throat. According to defense attorney Reynaldo Cantu, Galicia almost succeeded and ended up in intensive care. Cantu stated that Galicia might suffer from a mental disease or defect and requested a psychiatric evaluation. Galicia will be evaluated by a court-appointed psychiatrist on...
  • Deported 5 times, Mpls. suspect accused of possessing gun, ammo and drugs

    06/24/2010 11:46:45 AM PDT · by mdittmar · 33 replies · 1+ views
    Star Tribune ^ | June 24, 2010 | PAUL WALSH
    A Mexican national who has been deported five times after illegally entering the United States was caught in his south Minneapolis home with a semi-automatic pistol, dozens of rounds of ammunition, several pounds of marijuana and other illicit drugs, according to charges filed Thursday.Joaquin Bravo Flores, 25, is charged in federal court with being an "illegal alien in possession of a firearm."Flores' deportations came in two instances of rapid succession: on Jan. 14 and 16 in 2000, and on Nov. 5, 7 and 8 of 2003, according to the indictment.In October 2005, nearly two years after his most recent deportation,...
  • ...Regarding the Joran van deo Sloot Investigation [FBI STATEMENT]

    06/10/2010 3:42:20 PM PDT · by Cindy · 20 replies · 920+ views
    Note: The following text is a quote: Joint Statement by United States Attorney Joyce White Vance and FBI Special Agent in Charge Patrick Maley Regarding the Joran van der Sloot Investigation In April of this year, the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office in Birmingham, Alabama initiated an investigation into allegations of criminal conduct by Joran van der Sloot related to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba five years earlier. Prior to law enforcement's involvement in the situation, Van der Sloot offered to provide information to an individual regarding the location of Natalee Holloway's remains and the circumstances of her...
  • Private Investigator: Joran Van der Sloot went to Peru with $25,000 from FBI extortion sting.

    06/09/2010 11:39:27 AM PDT · by sodpoodle · 40 replies · 164+ views
    Fox News & AP ^ | 6/10/2010 | Fox News
    A private investigator who helped build an extortion case against Joran Van der Sloot says the young Dutchman should have been arrested before he went to Peru. Bo Dietl says FBI agents recorded a meeting last month in Aruba where Van der Sloot requested money from a lawyer for the family of Natalee Holloway in exchange for information about her 2005 disappearance.
  • Columbian Authorities Going to Peru as Two Women Missing There

    06/08/2010 4:38:00 PM PDT · by at bay · 38 replies · 418+ views
    Jane Velez-Mitchell | 6-08-2010 | Jane Veliz Mitchell
    It was just announced that two women are missing from a casino in Columbia where Joran Van der Sloot was before going to Peru. Authoities from Columbia are travelling to Peru to talk to the serial killer. This according to reports from Aruban press people as related to Tim Miller who was at the newspaper when he found out.
  • FBI cash funded Sloot 'slay' trip

    06/09/2010 2:53:09 AM PDT · by Scanian · 26 replies · 66+ views
    NY Post ^ | June 9, 2010 | DAN MANGAN
    Federal agents trying to build an extortion case against Joran van der Sloot secretly gave him the cash that wound up funding his trip to Peru, where he killed a young woman exactly five years after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, The Post has learned. Van der Sloot tried to shake down Holloway's mother by offering information about her daughter's 2005 disappearance, and agents decided to set him up with a $25,000 payoff, a source told The Post yesterday. An intermediary acting under the direction of the FBI gave van der Sloot the dough in Aruba on May 10 --...
  • Joran Van der Sloot… Fate via the Fathers?

    06/08/2010 6:20:40 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 29 replies · 90+ views
    Grand Rants ^ | 06-08-10 | Alan Speakman
    “Two houses both alike in dignity…” As time, lies, and his father’s influence slithered by, it became painfully obvious that Joran was guilty as hell (just think O.J. Simpson or Teddy Kennedy). Many believe that the only thing that kept Joran out of jail was his daddy’s influence... Once again young Van der Sloot murders a young woman. But this time, the role of Important Father has swung 180º. Papa Van der Sloot is dead, and the father of the murdered victim (Stephany Flores Ramirez) is none other than Ricardo Flores, a retired race car driver, powerful businessman, and twice...
  • Joran: I brutally murdered Peru gal

    06/08/2010 2:41:24 AM PDT · by Scanian · 84 replies · 106+ views
    NY Post ^ | June 8, 2010 | TIM PERONE
    Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway, reportedly confessed to murdering Stephany Flores in Peru after she grabbed his laptop and learned about his connection to Holloway’s disappearance. “I did not want to do it. The girl intruded into my private life," van der Sloot told Peruvian authorities, according to La Republica newspaper. He said he became enraged after Flores snatched his computer, snapping her neck and striking her, the paper said. "She had no right," he reportedly griped to investigators. "She was scared, we argued, she tried to escape and...
  • Dutch murder suspect shows different faces on TV

    06/07/2010 11:43:53 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 10 replies · 40+ views
    Associated Press ^ | June 8, 2010 | ARTHUR MAX
    AMSTERDAM (AP) -- Joran van der Sloot can be charming, angry, deceitful, tearful. The young Dutchman has been all that and more, playing out his troubled drama on TV over the five years since he came under suspicion in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba.
  • Van der Sloot confesses to Peru slaying

    06/07/2010 9:17:37 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 88 replies · 138+ views
    LIMA, Peru - A high-ranking Peruvian government official confirmed to NBC News Monday night that Joran van der Sloot confessed to the slaying of a 21-year-old Lima woman. According to La Republica newspaper, he said that his anger exploded and he broke Stephany Flores' neck after she grabbed his laptop without his permission, and found out that he was involved in the disappearance of an American woman.
  • Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Killing Peruvian Woman, Official Says

    06/07/2010 9:19:32 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 180 replies · 1,021+ views ^ | 06/07/2010 |
    Just the breaking headline banner
  • “Law Of The Donkey” Could be Applied to Joran van der Sloot

    06/06/2010 10:26:23 PM PDT · by libh8er · 38 replies · 388+ views
    Gambling 911 ^ | Jagajeet Chiba
    "Severe" may be an understatement. The prisons in Peru are known to be among the most brutal in the world. Here is one account of what happens to prisoners such as child molesters: A neighbor of Cieneguilla suffered the worst shock which could have happened. His daughter, only two years old, was raped by a drug addict and drunk who during a party at the neighbor's house went to her room and raped her. The unfortunate was saved from being lynched by the locals, but it was reported and he went to Lurigancho. The case, incredibly, didn't appeared in the...
  • Surveillance Video Released in Joran Van Der Sloot Killing of Peruvian Woman

    06/07/2010 8:15:57 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 35 replies · 146+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | June 7, 2010 | Brian
    Here is a video report that includes video of Joran Van Der Sloot being questioned by officials in Peru in the death of a young woman found dead in his hotel room five years to the day after Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba. Van Der Sloot is seen being paraded before reporters by Peruvian police, getting a physical exam, and being questioned by authorities. Police believe there is no doubt he committed the murder. The report also shows surveillance video of Van Der Sloot and the young woman entering the hotel room together, and of Van Der Sloot leaving...
  • Van der Sloot Victim Video Seals Peru Case

    06/06/2010 1:32:36 PM PDT · by libh8er · 96 replies · 2,910+ views
    News Oxy ^ | Rob Adams
    Van der Sloot victim video. This photo is from the hotel's camera and shows Joran van der Sloot exiting the room with Stephany Flores left inside. The video reveals both the suspect and Stephany Flores entering the room which became the murder scene. "He speaks Spanish fluently and we took a statement from him in Spanish, where he denies any involvement and the charges brought against him," Chilean Investigative Police Officer Fernando Ovalle Gatica said in a statement. "Naturally, he needs to face the murder that took place here and if the courts find him responsible for that murder, he...
  • Van Der Sloot Faces 'Extremely Rude Awakening' in Peruvian Jail

    06/05/2010 7:37:57 PM PDT · by jakerobins · 108 replies · 5,093+ views
    Joran van der Sloot, the lone suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba , faces an "extremely rude awakening" in Peru, where he has just been jailed as a suspect in the murder of a young Peruvian woman, a top international lawyer said today. The 22-year-old once again is suspected of murder. "The conditions of incarceration at best will be overcrowded and uncomfortable, and more likely can be described as deplorable and intolerable," said Philadelphia-based defense attorney Theodore Simon, whose clients have included Ira Einhorn, who was extyradited from France to face murder charges; Alain Robert...
  • Moist-eyed Dutch murder suspect interrogated

    06/05/2010 11:16:39 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 50 replies · 1,692+ views
    Associated Press ^ | June 5, 2010 | FRANK BAJAK and FRANKLIN BRICENO
    LIMA, Peru (AP) -- The lone suspect in the disappearance of U.S. teen Natalee Holloway was paraded - moist-eyed and looking stunned - before reporters on Saturday as Peruvians denounced him and detectives began interrogating him about the murder of a Lima student. Joran van der Sloot arrived at criminal police headquarters in a brown Interpol SUV and was escorted across an auditorium of shouting, shutter-snapping journalists three times.
  • Joran van der Sloot presented in press conference with the Minister of the Interior

    06/05/2010 12:52:10 PM PDT · by Shermy · 132 replies · 3,931+ views
    El Comercio, Peru ^ | June 5, 2010
    [babelfish+ translation] Although he had already been presented before the media, the National Police made Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot march past (again) when the Interior Minister, Octavio Salazar, held a press conference. In an eventful presentation, and in the company of the Chief of the Main Directorate of the Police, Miguel Noble, Salazar avoided giving details of the investigation. The unusual event was crowned when the presumed murderer of Stephany Flores was shown before journalists for the third time, which generated disorder in the Interior Department headquarters. The police minister and authorities refused to respond to the questions...
  • Fifty Peruvian police will receive Joran van der Sloot.

    06/04/2010 11:27:30 AM PDT · by Shermy · 44 replies · 1,485+ views
    El Comercio, Peru ^ | June 4, 2010
    [Babelfish +] Arrival to the country of the Dutch citizen accused of murdering Stephany Flores would be in the next hours [story time: Friday 04 of June of 2010 - 01:11 p.m.} Under strong safety measures, the Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot will arrive in Peru... According to an informant for the chief of the Territorial Direction Police in Tacna, colonel James Ordinola, approximately fifty Peruvian police will receive Joran Van der Sloot in Tacna, at the border with Chile. THE SCHEDULES Ordinola stated the arrival of the Dutchman to Arica [Chile] is set for two in the...
  • Dutchman Accused of Crime in Peru Caught in Taxi

    06/03/2010 11:57:23 AM PDT · by Shermy · 47 replies · 1,804+ views
    La Nacion, Chile ^ | June 3, 2010
    [babelfish translation +] The Dutch citizen Joran Van Der Sloot, age 23, sought by the courts of Peru for his alleged implication in a crime, was stopped by the Investigations Police on board a taxi on Route 68, around Curacaví. The foreigner is charged to be the alleged instigator of the homicide of Stephany Flores Ramirez, age 21, daughter of the Peruvian race car driver Ricardo Flores, " Riflo." His search was activated after an alert sent from Lima to Chile this Wednesday. After his capture, in which he offered no resistance, the subject was transferred to the Department of...