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Focus Software (General/Chat)

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  • Firefox Web Browser

    11/07/2004 12:08:38 PM PST · by KoRn · 13 replies · 2,000+ views
    Why Use Firefox? “Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” - USA Today “Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.” - FORBES Popup Blocking Tabbed BrowsingView more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Find out more... Privacy and SecurityBuilt with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business. Smarter SearchGoogle...
  • Clymer best performing 3rd party candidate???

    11/02/2004 9:23:22 PM PST · by tfelice · 4 replies · 672+ views
    I am showing Jim Clymer (CST) in the PA Senate race at 4%. Does anyone have any other 3rd party candidates that have performed better in House or Senate races?
  • What is crawling/spidering?

    11/02/2004 11:52:22 AM PST · by Momaw Nadon · 38 replies · 2,355+ views
    Free Republic ^ | Tuesday, November 2, 2004 | Momaw Nadon
    What is crawling/spidering?
  • FR and RSS (vanity)

    10/30/2004 4:30:58 PM PDT · by Paul_B · 27 replies · 1,932+ views
    10/30/04 | me
    Just wondering - has FR considered implementing an RSS feed? One that would alert to pings and mail, and maybe threads deemed important, would, I think, facilitate discussion here, without having to constantly check back.
  • Alan Keyes daughter Maya is a lesbian!!!

    09/27/2004 3:42:38 PM PDT · by KeyesIllinois1 · 3 replies · 1,228+ views
    Alan Keyes's daughter is a selfish hedonist. Yes, she is a lesbian, and these pictures prove it. I got this from the following blog: Still don't want to believe it, compare it with this picture family picture. Yes, it's Maya, and now it's official. Maya Keyes is a lesbian. She is a sinner, according to Alan Keyes.
  • Proposed changed to FREEP forum

    09/18/2004 3:12:26 PM PDT · by USA_Soccer · 54 replies · 1,802+ views
    9-18-04 | Me
    I find it very difficult to find important discussions. Sometimes I log in late at night and find many fluff threads. I would like to be able to see the threads with most comments, etc. Is there a way to convert the forum to a traditional message board software (like those forums running on vBulletin, phpBB, infopop, etc.)
  • FR Feature request: URL search

    09/12/2004 9:23:21 AM PDT · by John Jorsett · 10 replies · 952+ views
    September 12, 2004 | John Jorsett (me)
    Before posting, I (almost) always use the 'search' feature to look for words in the article title. All too frequently, however, people have invented their own titles (yes, against policy, but they still do it) or I mistype a word so the search fails and I end up posting a dupe. I think a useful feature would be the ability to search on the article's source URL, which wouldn't be subject to these kinds of problems. It would also facilitate finding the discussion of a particular article. Just a thought.
  • Site should be improved

    07/03/2004 7:14:26 PM PDT · by mc6809e · 14 replies · 9,090+ views
    The site really should be improved. Interesting stories with a lot of activity are treated the same way as those that amount to just filler. The simply slide down the list and quickly disappear. As crappy as their politics are, has a much better site. One of the things it does is bring those stories with recent posts to the top of the list. should do the same.
  • Errors in pages here on the FR

    06/24/2004 7:38:51 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies · 683+ views
    self | 6/24/2004 | self
    I went through all my "Comments" pages and grabbed source to build a better list I'll keep on the local drive. Anyway, I found these: On the "My Comments" pages: <font size=-1 color="#777799"<b>News/Activism... They're missing the close tag for the font code. The ends of "My Comments" pages end like this: </html></body> Should be the other way around.
  • Blue Apples, privacy, and Web Bugs at FR

    05/09/2004 10:09:59 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 103 replies · 3,823+ views
    5/10/2004 | self
    Blue Apples, privacy, and Web Bugs at FR Some freepers use a visible graphic or 'icon' on their every post such as one person that uses a "blue apple" from his own home webspace. Icons like that can serve as a 'web-bug' to harvest personal info from freepers. Now I realize FR doesn't allow java, javascript, vbscript, or active-x content so the risk is lowered. But some of these same freepers are also amatuer programmers with access to detailed webmaster server-access statistics. Those stats can collect the IP addresses, and a number of other environment variables from every computer that...
  • Who has the most posted threads and most replies (Vanity)?

    12/12/2003 2:59:43 PM PST · by truthandlife · 33 replies · 906+ views
    Free Republic | 12/12/03 | me
    Since the new Free Republic software has been up you can view how many total threads and replies you have posted. I am curious, who on FR is in the top 10 of posts and replies and how many do they have?
  • Anyone have format problems with netscape 4.7 starting today?

    12/04/2003 8:57:51 PM PST · by Revel · 46 replies · 1,668+ views
    12/4/03 | Revel
    Posting in chat. Link colors within articles only are backwards. Red until I click on them. No spacing between user typed text and the forum text/links within articles. Main 100 article list page looks normal.
  • Positive activism can help the folks over on regarding their kids

    11/30/2003 10:09:09 PM PST · by TheSpottedOwl · 9 replies · 1,254+ views
    this a total, albeit, well meaning vanity post | 11/30/03 | me
    Hey Jim(Robinson), I've gotten some emails from people asking if Freerepublic can help them. They are dealing with unsympathetic judges(not to mention attorneys, social workers, and GAL's). This is about child custody and vistitation. There are so many horror stories out there, that I'm sticking my neck out and seeing if we can help them with positive ways to change the laws, and of course public perception :) Remember that sign I had for my first FReep? I believe that a child should know his/her real rather....and that a man should not be a victim and slave to the state....
  • My "New Posts to You" is broken!

    11/08/2003 6:11:35 AM PST · by HairOfTheDog · 8 replies · 849+ views
    Free Republic My Mail | My Comments | HairOfTheDog My Comments Brief | Full Once upon a time.... That "My Comments" link used to light up when I was browsing around and would say "New Posts to You". It doesn't do that any more when people post to me. I have to click the link and check the My Comments page for new posts to see them. It's been broken a little while, I thought the software no longer did it... but I notice on my love's computer it works. Is this something in my settings?
  • RSS & Free Republic

    03/06/2003 8:38:10 AM PST · by Jakenuts · 11 replies · 1,367+ views
    Request ^ | Jakenuts
    If you aren't familiar with the technology, RSS is a method for news & opinion sites (such as this one) to publish an index of new topics in XML such that visitors to the site can get regular updates using a news aggregator client (such as 'Feedreader'). The benefit to the user is that they don't need to continually refresh their browser because the reader just checks the index every couple minutes and lets the user know if any new topics exist. They can stay on top of hundreds of sites without any effort and can instantly go to a...
  • Christmas in Iceland: Rotted fish, 13 trolls and no sign of Santa

    01/09/2003 9:13:26 PM PST · by Maedhros · 4 replies · 3,623+ views
    Courier-Post Online ^ | Monday, December 23, 2002 | Jim Walsh
    Christmas in Iceland: Rotted fish, 13 trolls and no sign of Santa By JIM WALSH Courier-Post Staff Oh, those wonderful Christmas traditions! The rotten fish and mushy potatoes. The deadly attacks by a fiendish beast. And late-night visits from a guy named Meat-hook, skulking in your kid's bedroom. OK, maybe not in your house. Not in mine, either, I hope. But definitely in Iceland. Now, let me digress for readers thinking, "Hey, this is South Jersey's newspaper. Why are you writing about the suburban North Pole?" Well, today's column started as an exploration of eggnog, which is local enough. How...
  • HEY! I just now noticed the |View Replies| Button...

    12/06/2002 10:27:57 AM PST · by error99 · 4 replies · 697+ views ^ | 12/6/02 | error99
    ... How long has THAT been there?
  • Does Free Republic Get (Funny) Hate Mail?

    10/12/2002 9:27:15 AM PDT · by Maedhros · 5 replies · 886+ views
    now | me
    I was just at www.D*********U**********.com (URL censored for your own safety) and noticed that they have an interesting section full of email from us so-called "wingnuts." Each letter is followed by a pathetic attempt at a retort. This prompted the following questions: 1. Does Free Republic get hate mail? and 2. Is it funny? ;-)
  • Question: What's the Point of Bumping?

    10/11/2002 8:48:35 AM PDT · by Maedhros · 6 replies · 939+ views
    now | me
    Like the title says, is there a reason to bump, other than as moral support for the thread in question? Bumping doesn't actually "bump" the thread "back to the top" in this forum, unlike most forums on the net. I understand that this is a news forum and that the most recent stories should be the first ones listed. It would be wise, though, to at least give Freepers the option to view threads by the most recent post rather than by the most recent thread. New threads would still come in at the top of the list, obviously.
  • Software Idea: Structured Debate

    08/28/2002 6:01:47 PM PDT · by John Robinson · 15 replies · 1,196+ views
    Is anybody interested in a structured debate program? My idea is to model one of the standard debate formats. Probably vaguely resembling "Team Policy" as it is the only one I know that lends itself to an online adaptation. Team Policy DebateTeam policy debate is the oldest, and still probably the most popular, format of debate practiced in American high schools.  The proposition side is called the Affirmative or Aff, and the opposition side is called the Negative or Neg.  Each side is a team composed of two debaters, so that there are four people participating in the debate (not...