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  • Review: 28 Pages by Allen Mitchum

    03/29/2012 9:48:53 AM PDT · by WilliamEaton · 4 replies
    3/29/2012 | William Eaton
    Here's my latest fiction review. In the interest of full disclosure, it was recommended to me by the author, who also happens to be a fellow member of FR. I’ve been reading indie novels lately, so it fit right in with my kindle bookshelf. 28 Pages is a political thriller that deals with a lawyer trying to find her sister’s killers. The villains are Saudi diplomats, which is unique and definitely grabbed my attention. It’s a combo of The Pelican Brief by Grisham and Saving Faith by David Baldacci, but with themes of jihad, Wahhabism, Sharia and Saudi conspiracies. I...
  • Review - Hunter by Robert Bidinotto

    03/07/2012 3:31:53 PM PST · by WilliamEaton · 8 replies
    Today | William Eaton
    Hunter, the debut novel from investigative journalist and Big Government contributor Robert Bidinotto, is the latest indie/self-published book to enjoy widespread, commercial success. It’s been a best seller on Amazon for a while now and received great reviews from readers. I picked up a copy at the recommendation of a friend. Hunter did not disappointed. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ma sucker for revenge stories, ranging from The Count of Monte Cristo to Payback to Taken to High Plains Drifter. Revenge themes make great thrillers and Hunter is no exception. Without giving away too much, Hunter involves an unknown...
  • MittvMitt: The story of two men trapped in one body (DNC attack on UNELECTABLE Mitt is Devastating)

    03/06/2012 8:24:17 AM PST · by xzins · 91 replies (half a million hits and climbing)
  • Review: Lethal People by John Locke

    02/09/2012 8:37:25 PM PST · by WilliamEaton · 8 replies
    Today | William Eaton
    For those who are unfamiliar with the growing self-published/indie novel world, John Locke is the undisputed king. He's sold almost 2 million books at $0.99 a pop. He has many, loyal fans. Not bad for doing it on his own. That has to be admired. Lethal People is the first book that Locke published in his Donovan Creed series. Creed is best described as an independent contractor for the CIA who does his own assassin for hire work in his free time. On its face, that is a cool concept. My problem with the Creed character is not that his...
  • What books are you currently reading?

    01/23/2012 8:52:51 PM PST · by WilliamEaton · 219 replies · 2+ views
    1/23/2012 | William Eaton
    What books are people currently reading? Any particular fiction or non-fiction of note? Any recommendations from some recent reads? I just downloaded the novel Hunter by Robert James Bidinotto for my kindle. It's an indie novel and has received good reviews on Amazon. Will report back once I finish up.
  • Journal of the Federal Convention August 18th 1787

    08/18/2011 1:56:57 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 15 replies
    Avalon Project ^ | James Madison
    Article VII Section 1 Clauses 15-17. More Enumerated Powers. Seat of Government. Forts & Magazines. Regulate the Militia. Perpetual Taxes. Assumption of State Debt. Raise Armies. Maintain a Navy. More Militia. In Convention. Mr. MADISON submitted in order to be referred to the Committee of detail the following powers as proper to be added to those of the General Legislature "To dispose of the unappropriated lands of the U. States" "To institute temporary Governments for New States arising therein" "To regulate affairs with the Indians as well within as without the limits of the U. States "To exercise exclusively Legislative...
  • National Center for Constitutional Studies (Pocket Constitutions for 30 cents each)

    "A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?" -George Washington Click here to order your special edition pocket Constitutions today! George Washington personally invites you to pledge your support for the Constitution.
  • Constitution Day 1787!

    09/17/2011 4:40:14 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 26 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Fabulous Franklin Speech. 1:30,000. General Washington. Gerry Speech. Anarchy. Signing. Rising Sun. In Convention. The engrossed Constitution being read, Docr. FRANKLIN rose with a speech in his hand, which he had reduced to writing for his own conveniency, [FN2] and which Mr. Wilson read in the words following. Mr. President, I confess that there are several parts of this constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them: For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on...
  • The Triumph of the Constitution

    09/17/2011 8:44:37 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 11 replies
    1966 | Clinton Rossiter
    The triumph of the Convention of 1787 is that in raising a standard to which the wise and honest could repair, it also raised one that met the threefold test of legitimacy, popularity, and viability. One reason the Convention was able to strike the right balance between the urge to lead the people and the need to obey them, and between the urge to be noble and the need to be practical, was the disposition of most delegates to be “whole men” on stern principles and “halfway men” on negotiable details. Another was the way in which it worked with...
  • George Mason's Objections to the Constitution

    09/16/2011 4:50:58 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 29 replies
    Objections to this Constitution of Government. There is no Declaration of Rights, and the laws of the general government being paramount to the laws and constitution of the several States, the Declaration of Rights in the separate States are no security. Nor are the people secured even in the enjoyment of the benefit of the common law (which stands here upon no other foundation than its having been adopted by the respective acts forming the constitutions of the several States.) In the House of Representatives there is not the substance but the shadow only of representation; which can never produce...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 15th 1787

    09/15/2011 6:20:42 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 1 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Proclamation. More Reps for RI and NC. Tonnage Duties. Lighthouses. Pardon. Inferior Officers. Civil Juries. Runaway Slaves. Amendments. Internal Police Power. Guarantee of Equal State Suffrage. Navigation Acts. Randolph, Mason, Gerry Opposition. Constitution Engrossed. In Convention. Mr. CARROL reminded the House that no address to the people had yet been prepared. He considered it of great importance that such an one should accompany the Constitution. The people had been accustomed to such on great occasions, and would expect it on this. He moved that a Committee be appointed for the special purpose of preparing an Address. Mr. RUTLEDGE objected on...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 14th 1787

    09/14/2011 2:51:14 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 1 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Additional Representatives. Impeachment. Congressional Journals. Treasury Secretaries. Piracies. Canals. Corporations. Federal University. Militias. Ex Post Facto Laws. Press Freedom. Capitation Tax. Export Taxes. Financial Statements. No State Shall . . . In Convention. The Report of the Committee of Stile & arrangement being resumed, Mr. WILLIAMSON moved to reconsider in order to increase the number of Representatives fixed for the first Legislature. His purpose was to make an addition of one half generally to the number allotted to the respective States; and to allow two to the smallest States. On this motion N. H. no. Mas. no. Ct. no. N....
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 13th 1787

    09/13/2011 2:44:46 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 2 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Sumptuary Laws. Export Taxes. Submission to Congress & State Ratification. In Convention. Col: MASON. He had moved without success for a power to make sumptuary regulations. He had not yet lost sight of his object. After descanting on the extravagance of our manners, the excessive consumption of foreign superfluities, and the necessity of restricting it, as well with economical as requblican views, he moved that a Committee be appointed to report articles of association for encouraging by the advice the influence and the example of the members of the Convention, economy, frugality and american manufactures. Docr. JOHNSON 2ded. the motion...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 12th 1787

    09/12/2011 1:51:51 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 1 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Committee of Style Report. Constitution. Cover Ltr to Congress. Three Fourths Override. Jury Trials. Bill of Rights. Export Taxes. Judicial Review. In Convention. Docr. JOHNSON from the Committee of stile &c. reported a digest of the plan, of which printed copies were ordered to be furnished to the members. He also reported a letter to accompany the plan, to Congress. WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, IN ORDER TO FORM a more perfect union, to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 10th 1787

    09/10/2011 4:44:04 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 1 replies · 1+ views
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Amendments. Conventions. Three Fourths Override. Congressional Approval. Edmund Randolph Speech. Constitutional Deficiencies. In Convention. Mr. GERRY moved to reconsider Art XIX. viz. "On the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the States in the Union, for an amendment of this Constitution, the Legislature of the U. S. shall call a Convention for that purpose." [see Aug. 6.] [FN2] This Constitution he said is to be paramount to the State Constitutions. It follows, hence, from this article that two thirds of the States may obtain a Convention, a majority of which can bind the Union to innovations that may...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 7th 1787

    09/07/2011 2:30:38 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 11 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Down in the Electoral Weeds. Disabled President. Natural Born Citizen. The Useless Vice President. Ambassadors. Treaties. New Corps of Officers. Recess Appointments. Two Thirds Treaty Requirement. Privy Council. In Convention. The mode of constituting the Executive being resumed, Mr. RANDOLPH moved, to insert in the first Section of the report made yesterday [FN2] "The Legislature may declare by law what officer of the U. S. shall act as President in case of the death, resignation, or disability of the President and Vice-President; and such officer shall act accordingly until the time of electing a President shall arrive." Mr. MADISON observed...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 6th 1787

    09/06/2011 2:41:24 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 8 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Presidential Elections. James Wilson Speech. Aristocratic Senate. Hamilton Speech. Electors. Same Day Election Throughout US. In Convention. Mr. KING and Mr. GERRY moved to insert in the (4) [FN2] clause of the Report (see Sepr. 4 [FN3]) after the words "may be entitled in the Legislature" the words following-"But no person shall be appointed an elector who is a member of the Legislature of the U. S. or who holds any office of profit or trust under the U. S." which passed nem: con: Mr. GERRY proposed, as the President was to be elected by the Senate out of the...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 8th 1787

    09/08/2011 3:30:27 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 4 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Two Thirds Treaty Requirement. Lawful Officers. Impeachment. Supreme Court Trial. Money Bills & Appropriations. Oaths. Calling Congress into Session. Committee of Style. Hamilton & More Congressmen. In Convention. The last Report of [FN1] Committee of Eleven (see Sepr. 4) was resumed. Mr. KING moved to strike out the "exception of Treaties of peace" from the general clause requiring two thirds of the Senate for making Treaties Mr. WILSON wished the requisition of two thirds to be struck out altogether If the majority cannot be trusted, it was a proof, as observed by Mr. Ghorum, that we were not fit for...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 5th 1787

    09/05/2011 3:04:39 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 5 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Marque & Reprisal. Standing Armies. Seat of Government. Forts, Magazines, . . . Copyrights. Representation in first Congress. Presidential Elections. Four or Seven Year Terms. Aristocracy. In Convention. Mr. BREARLEY from the Committee of Eleven made a farther report as follows, (1) To add to the clause "to declare war" the words "and grant letters of marque and reprisal" (2) To add to the clause "to raise and support armies" the words "but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years" (3) Instead of sect: 12. art 6. say-"All bills for raising...
  • Journal of the Federal Convention September 4th 1787

    09/04/2011 2:54:13 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 3 replies · 1+ views
    Constitution Society ^ | James Madison
    Committee of Eleven Report. Taxing Power. Common Defense & General Welfare. Commerce Clause. Four Year Presidential Terms. No Term Limits. Vice President. Electoral College. Five Highest. In Convention. Mr. BREARLY from the Committee of eleven made a further partial Report as follows, "The Committee of Eleven to whom sundry resolutions &c were referred on the 31st. of August, report that in their opinion the following additions and alterations should be made to the Report before the Convention, viz [FN2](1.) The first clause of sect: 1. art. 7. to read as follow-'The Legislature shall have power to lay and collect taxes...