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  • Business needs roads not roadblocks

    07/18/2012 6:02:37 AM PDT · by bray · 2 replies ^ | 7/18/12 | bray
    But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the WORK by myself? Tell her to help me!” Luke 10:40 Once again Premier Obozo proves he is always the biggest idiot in the room unless he is in a room full of idjits. Fortunately he campaigns at either union thug fests or campii where the braindead commie libs hate America as much as he does. Just like the professors who believe as long as they have their state...
  • Arpaio press conference: Evidence of fraud. No refute from the Obama White House.

    07/17/2012 11:06:27 PM PDT · by dragnet2 · 104 replies ^ | 7/17/2012 | dragnet2
    A Sheriff of a major county in the United States conducted a thorough and formal investigation regarding President Obama's birth record. They provided substantial evidence today in a public news conference saying the birth record is fraudulent. Yet not a word from the White House. In fact in the news conference Sheriff Arpaio stated: "President Barack Obama's birth certificate is definitely fraudulent", which they then provided detailed evidence. How is it possible, with all the resources available to the White House, including an army of attorneys, advisers, researchers and spokespersons, not a single word refuting the evidence laid out today?...
  • Status of Sheriff Arpaio's Press Conference?

    07/17/2012 3:58:44 PM PDT · by TXnMA · 45 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 17 July 12 | TXnMA
    Does anyone have an update as to what transpired at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference on his Possee's investigations into Obama's (lack of) elegibility to serve as POTUS? If I understand correctly, the conference should be in its second hour by now. So far, all I have been able to see at WND.COM is a blank (black) streaming feed with no audio, and the last time I tried, I got "Error 503 Service Unavailable" I did manage to see a few comments -- mostly griping about the lousy streaming feed and the lack of audio. Whether you, as a FReeper,...
  • "You can't fight evil with evil"

    07/17/2012 3:30:32 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 301 replies
    July 17, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    As Alan Keyes wrote the other day, you cannot fight evil with evil. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor: A Choice Between Satan and Beelzebub (FR thread) Brief excerpt: I grieve deeply as I contemplate the fact that millions of Americans are letting themselves be caught in this diabolical snare. As I tried to point out in 2008, the lesser of evils is still evil. No matter how such an election turns out, people content to choose between Satan and Beelzebub have made clear their willingness to let things go to hell. Moreover, the nature of their...
  • A man who can justify mass murder of innocent human life should be president?

    07/17/2012 11:55:45 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 333 replies
    July 17, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    I'm sorry folks, but a man who can justify and rationalize in his own mind the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life can justify any kind of evil whatsoever. And he has. He's justified homosexual marriage, homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, homosexuals in the military. That homosexual couples should be able to adopt children. He's justified that guns are dangerous and should be banned. That free citizens should be forced by the government to purchase insurance contracts against their will or face stiff penalties or taxes. That mandated forced socialized healthcare is a good thing. That abortion should be safe...
  • If the Republican Convention Could be Opened, Who Would You Replace Romney With?

    07/17/2012 5:11:59 AM PDT · by xzins · 214 replies
    Freeper Editorial ^ | 17 Jul 12 | Xzins
    Without going to great lengths to establish that there is continuing dissatisfaction with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for the presidency, let us play the game of "What If". What if the convention were to somehow become open? Who would you want to be the Republican nominee? If we were to point out that Romney did not win the support of two-thirds of the primary voters, the reply would be that the process is engineered that way. When there are more than two candidates, one shouldn't be surprised to see a candidate polling much more than a third. That...
  • What one question would you ask Mitt Romney if given the chance (vanity)?

    07/16/2012 7:18:24 AM PDT · by Vigilanteman · 72 replies
    Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh Area) ^ | 16 July 2012 | Joe Napsha
    So here's the deal. My wife and I have been long time volunteers at the local GOP hq. and were offered a couple of tickets for a Romney campaign appearance in our county tomorrow. The details are at the link.I was not going to miss work, but my wife wanted to go in the worst way and then I found out this is going to be a fairly small gathering, 200 people or so.While not guaranteed, of course, there is at least a decent chance we will have the opportunity to ask him at least one question or give out...
  • Rove, Romney and the GOP-e set out to destroy the tea party, and they are succeeding

    07/14/2012 4:44:03 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 254 replies
    July 14, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    Rove, Romney and the GOP-e loathe pro-life Reagan conservatism, loathe the small government tea party and set out to destroy them both. I hate to admit it, but they are succeeding. As I see staunch pro-life conservatives and tea party patriots folding their small government tents in favor of Romney's GOP-e progressive, big government big tent, I can't help but see not only the end of the tea party, but the end of pro-life, pro-liberty conservatism within the Republican party. And if we cannot quickly recover, the end of liberty in America. America's great experiment in self-government by believers in...
  • A Bain to the Economy (Saturbray)

    07/14/2012 7:47:10 AM PDT · by bray · 3 replies ^ | 7/14/12 | bray
    King Herod heard about this, for Jesus’ name had become well known. Some were sayng, “John the Baptist has been raised from the dead, and that is why miraculous powers are at work in him. Mark 6:14 So now the commie libs are having to fake outrage about job outsourcing. Most of us understand libs like Ohbummer who never worked in the private sector, have no idea why jobs would leave America when he is running them out. It is the same reason jobs are leaving the Soviet paradise of Chicago for Indiana, WI and Ohio, to lower their tax...
  • The Penn State Scandal: The Other Side of the Coin

    07/12/2012 2:27:39 PM PDT · by TexasNative2000 · 22 replies
    7/12/2012 | TexasNative2000
    The report which Penn State commissioned regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal has been released. The findings of the commission, chaired by former FBI Director Louie Freeh, are a scathing indictment of the processes and procedures used by Penn State to deal with the allegations of sexual molestation by a football coach.Little is revealed in the report which was not already generally known, but the tone and breadth of the reporting was startlingly harsh. No one is immune from criticism ranging from the president of the university all the way down to a janitor who witnessed an episode of sexual molestation...
  • End the War on Energy! (braying)

    07/11/2012 6:37:10 AM PDT · by bray · 1 replies ^ | 7/11/12 | bray
    The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to WORK and gained five more. Matt 25:16 The only good news in the economy is gas prices are going down. Now we know who will take credit for that but it is really a reflection on how bad the economy is. Whenever gas prices are dropping we never hear about those evil oil speculators or greedy oil companies, no we will hear how wonderful our great leader is when it is in spite of him. Gas prices never should have gone as high as...
  • Another Reason Why The End Is Nigh

    07/08/2012 11:23:12 PM PDT · by Absolutely Nobama · 102 replies
    Alan Levy | 7/9/12 | Alan Levy
    From the diseased mind of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: (Emphasis added where appropriate. Snarky comments from me are in [brackets].) *** "Every American deserves to have a clean, safe and healthy environment. Today, we understand better than ever before that our health is not only dependent on what happens in the doctor’s office but is determined by the air we breathe, the water we drink and the communities we call home. Over the past two years, the Administration and our agency have taken unprecedented steps to ensure strong protection from environmental and health hazards for all Americans. There’s nothing more...
  • Herman Cain (President)Allen West (Vice President)THIS ticket I woud vote for!(Vanity)

    07/08/2012 6:41:45 PM PDT · by yorkie · 45 replies
    7/8/12 | Vanity (me)
    If we had these two men on the ticket, I would be able to get rid of my fear of driving (since the accident in January), and put the "Petal to the Metal" to get to the voting booth in November!
  • Where Have All the Workers Gone?

    07/07/2012 6:04:57 PM PDT · by Brown Deer · 40 replies
    July 7, 2012 | brown deer
    Where have all the workers gone? Since Barack 0bama has taken office, the population of the United States has grown by over nine million people, yet according to the United States Department of Labor, the labor force has only grown by only 1.5 million over the same period. The fact is, the DOL's Bureau of Labor Statistics does not do accurate counting of unemployed people. It's numbers do not come from the State's unemployment offices. All of it's numbers are calculated from a sample survey conducted each month that includes less than 0.02% of our country's population. How valid are...
  • Colorado and America burn! (Saturbray)

    07/07/2012 7:03:58 AM PDT · by bray · 7 replies ^ | 7/7/12 | bray
    “What do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’ Matt 21:28 The forest fires in Colorado represent another failure of Central Planning in all of its glory. Just as every natural or manmade disaster proves over and over, this one shows the absolute folly of the Forest Service. Every state in the west has been exposed to this massive incompetence of the Forest Service and the BLM it’s just that the loss of 50 houses which should have never been destroyed simply...
  • What Independence? (bray)

    07/04/2012 8:00:03 AM PDT · by bray · 23 replies ^ | 7/4/12 | bray
    “But he answered one of them, ‘Friend, I am not being unfair to you. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius? Matt 20:13 America’s Independence lasted from July 4th 1776 to July 4th 2012. We are no longer a free and independent people we are dependent on an overbearing gummit which can now tell you what to buy and how much you must pay for that purchase. What are you purchasing? Your life has been sold to that gummit by a Democrat congress and a corrupt Supreme Court. After 236 years and numerous wars to maintain our freedom we...
  • Grievances Against the Federal Government

    07/04/2012 3:08:01 AM PDT · by Claud · 20 replies
    Free Republic | 7/4/2012 | me
    Grievances Against the Federal GovernmentA citizen of these United States, who honors the letter and spirit of its Constitution, hereby asserts the following grievances against the Federal Government. It has wasted the Treasury and inflated the national debt beyond all precedent, enriching the coffers of a few at the expense of all.It has by its monetary policy everywhere promoted, encouraged, and aided the wanton amassing of debt while destroying prudent savings through devaluation.It has arrogated to itself powers that our Constitution has expressly reserved to the States and the PeopleIt has wantonly expanded its code of taxation and polluted it...
  • I'm An American, AND PROUD AS HELL!

    07/01/2012 3:48:13 PM PDT · by carlo3b · 76 replies ^ | July 1, 2012 | Carlo3b, Dad, Dad, Author
    I'm An American, AND PROUD AS HELL!Thankfully I was born an American. Born in the greatest nation in the history of the world. But I became an American, slowly and decisively over my entire life, and these were but a few of my moments of decision; When my 92 year old great Grandfather, an immigrant for the bowels of depravity in Italy stood in a crowded church basement and took the pledge of allegiance to his beloved country to finally become a citizen, after struggling to overcome illiteracy and poverty, and raise a fine and honorable family. He had to...
  • Shiny Turds!

    07/01/2012 11:07:11 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 76 replies
    Free Republic Original Content | July1, 2012 | By Lazamataz
    So many "conservative" pundits have been polishing the turd that emanated from the SCOTUS on Obamacare, that I thought I'd have a go at it. Let us leave aside the notion that somehow this will energize the conservative base, and result in a thorough trouncing of all Democrats at the polls in November. After all, now that one of the fundamental tenets in the social contract between government and her citizens - that the government cannot force commerce -- has been shredded, how does it matter? Yes, our side may prevail, but can anyone guarentee that is a permanent condition?...
  • How Did You Celebrate Dependence Day?

    07/01/2012 9:50:59 AM PDT · by jriemer · 23 replies
    07/01/2012 | Self
    On June 28, 2012, many in our nation celebrated our newest federal holiday: Dependence Day. With the declaration that the ironically named Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional and, therefore, above further legal review on the same day, our nation has changed course away from the direction set forth by our founding fathers. Two hundred and thirty-six years earlier, these great men proclaimed that the American Colonies deserved freedom from oppression by the distant English king and his domestic supporters. Their words formed the bedrock of our nation and culture, providing the inspiration for our people to rise up and unite...
  • A "Tribute" To Government-Run Healthcare [Director's Cut]

    07/01/2012 8:14:56 AM PDT · by Absolutely Nobama · 19 replies
    The Brain of Alan Levy | Reprint | Alan Levy
    Here's government-run healthcare in all its "glory": *********************************** "CROW AGENCY, Mont. - Ta'Shon Rain Little Light, a happy little girl who loved to dance and dress up in traditional American Indian clothes, had stopped eating and walking. She complained constantly to her mother that her stomach hurt. When Stephanie Little Light took her daughter to the Indian Health Service clinic in this wind-swept and remote corner of Montana, they told her the 5-year-old was depressed. Ta'Shon's pain rapidly worsened and she visited the clinic about 10 more times over several months, before her lung collapsed and she was airlifted to...
  • Hollywood Capitalists (Saturbray)

    06/30/2012 7:27:16 AM PDT · by bray · 4 replies ^ | 6/30/12 | bray
    ‘These men who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day.’ Matt 20:12 If Hollywood was so eager to be communist why do so many of them need to be filthy rich? Shouldn’t Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin insist that they make no more than what a cameraman makes? It’s easy to be a commie lib when you have more money than you could ever spend in 10 lifetimes, it’s a lot harder if you are wondering...
  • Who Watches the Watchers?

    06/29/2012 4:23:45 PM PDT · by IronJack · 12 replies
    06/29/2012 | IronJack
    The smaller-government Right is reeling from Wednesday's Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the health care "reform" law derisively known as Obamacare. But conservatives shouldn't be too surprised by the ambush sprung on them by the high court. In fact, the ruling points out a fundamental weakness in the conservative strategy. The problem is, we relied on the Court to do the work of the Legislature. The abomination of Obamacare never should have passed through Congress. The Court never should have had to rule on its constitutionality because it never should have become law in the first place. Chief...
  • It is the Right of the People to Alter or to Abolish It

    06/29/2012 8:43:37 AM PDT · by EBH · 24 replies
    Vanity ^ | 6/29/12 | EBH
    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. It is time to get out from behind the keyboard and take real action. I've heard talks of another 'rally' etc. and was quick to say we didn't need another rally. And I still do not think we need another rally, but we need to...
  • We Watch As The Berlin Wall Falls

    06/29/2012 6:37:32 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 64 replies
    Jun 29, 2012 | by Laz A. Mataz
    <p>I have always wondered how it felt to be a committed Communist in the former Soviet Union, when the system collapsed and the Berlin Wall fell.</p> <p>Now I know.</p> <p>Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America tore up the social contract between America and her citizens. They concluded that it was legal and Constitutional to force a citizen to buy a government-sanctioned product or service.</p>
  • Nowhere to turn. Nothing will stop him NOW, but the Election..

    06/28/2012 2:46:28 PM PDT · by carlo3b · 51 replies ^ | JUNE, 28 2012 | Carlo3b
    After the election in 2008, I had high hopes that our country was crossing a milestone, a giant leap that had the promise to bring an end to many deeply held taboos.. Our new President, Barack Obama, had all of the prerequisites to clear the way to a new understanding between the cultures, Race, Youth, Socioeconomic, Political Parties, and Classes. This articulate young man, charismatic to the extreme, said all of the right things to set the tone for a new beginning in the body politic.. I had my fears though, coming from Chicago, I knew the threats posed by...
  • Romney won election today (Vanity)

    06/28/2012 12:07:16 PM PDT · by Tennessean4Bush · 73 replies
    T4B | 06/28/2012 | T4B
    If it was about anything else before, it is about Obamacare now. We have seen what happens in an election centered around Obamacare. It is not pretty for Dems. If SCOTUS had struck it down today, it would have defanged this issue, and de-energized some of the GOP and Independents who united against this in 2009-2010. Some Independents who have been uncomfortable with being associated with GOP candidates are re-energized and re-united over this issue. What will be fascinating is seeing his whole party run away from him on this issue. We may pick up another 30 seats in the...
  • Obama Administration Probably Guilty of Murdering Mexicans in "Fast and Furious" War on Mexico

    06/27/2012 3:05:14 PM PDT · by xzins · 45 replies
    Freeper Editorial ^ | 27 Jun 12 (Update) | Xzins
    On October 11, 2011 Eric Holder broke the news that Iran had been engaged in a covert war against the United States, and had even sent an agent to the U.S. to involve Mexican drug cartels as accomplices in a plot to murder the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. What is truly amazing about this is that Eric Holder has been engaged in his own covert war against another nation...against Mexico and Mexicans for the past three years. In the bizarre world of Washington D.C., the Obama Administration was doing the same thing against the Mexican government that...
  • Valerie Jarrett: Blacks should support Obama for sharp reduction in crack cocaine sentencing

    06/26/2012 7:32:23 PM PDT · by kristinn · 80 replies
    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 | Kristinn Taylor
    In remarks to Black journalists this past weekend virtually unreported in the mainstream media, senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett said reducing the prison sentences for crack cocaine is one of the three reasons African-Americans have to support President Obama's reelection.The Root, a Black-oriented website owned by the Washington Post, reprinted a blog report by the Maynard Institute's Richard Prince on Jarrett's appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans.Prince reported on Jarrett's side meeting with a group of Black reporters and columnists:On Saturday afternoon, Jarrett spoke with members of the Trotter Group of African American...
  • Insanity, Thy Name Is Democrat. Or IS it Insanity After All.....?

    06/24/2012 6:24:50 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 83 replies
    Free Republic Original Content | June 24, 2012 | By Laz A. Mataz
    In recent days, the freakish braying of the Democrat Donkey has reached a vertigo-inducing level of true insanity. We have the Democrats deciding that Obama does not need to be qualified to be President to serve as President, the urging of the Botox Battlewagon Nancy Pelosi for Obama to seize control of the duties of the Supreme Court, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency fining businesses for not doing the impossible, and the declaration that a near act of war surreptitiously committed against the Mexican government is not a scandal. Tired of the continuing arguments that may show Obama to be ineligible...
  • Fading Furiously (Saturbray)

    06/23/2012 9:07:24 AM PDT · by bray · 8 replies ^ | 6/23/12 | bray
    ‘Because no one has hired us,’ they answered, “he said to them, ‘You also go and WORK in my vineyard.’ Matt 20:7 Just when you thought you couldn’t get worse than Jimmy Carter you go and trip over a guy named Richard Nixon. The big question for the Establishmedia is, what do you know and when will you report it? This is another giant blow for the corrupt media industrial complex as it continues to attempt to push their rope up hill in hopes nobody will notice their efforts. This may have been the worst month in the histoir of...
  • The King's Preemptive Right to Your Happiness

    06/22/2012 8:45:49 PM PDT · by shibumi · 57 replies
    shibumi's brain | 6/22/2012 | shibumi
    A lot of people were taken aback today by a bold, out of the blue campaign fund raising tactic. The campaign to retain The Usurper in the pResidency has asked that ordinary folks give up their gifts. That's wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and for all we know, the flowers and candy you were going to give that "special someone" on Sweetest Day (because they already missed out on Valentine's day.) I'm sure that if the months of December and November were reversed on the calendar, the children's Christmas toys and stocking stuffers would be fair game...
  • The Communist Ideal (braying)

    06/20/2012 6:08:05 AM PDT · by bray · 5 replies ^ | 6/20/12 | bray
    He told them, ‘You also go and WORK in my vineyard, and I will pay your whatever is right.’ Matt 20:4 How is it the ones who talk the most about freedom and being oppressed by a Conservative leader are now so willing to have their freedoms taken away by a liberal one? If it isn’t clear that liberalism equals communist dictatorship in the model of Mao and Stalin you could never light a fire by rubbing your brain cells together. These same people who were so concerned about national security when some secretary in the CIA basement was named...
  • Let's Raise Taxes! (Saturbray)

    06/16/2012 8:19:41 AM PDT · by bray · 11 replies ^ | 6/16/12 | bray
    “For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire men to WORK in his vineyard. Matt 20:1 Since the public sector unions want to raise taxes on everybody it is time to take them up on it. Congress needs to double their tax rates so they can be more patriotic like they want the producers to be. This would immediately solve two major problems, eliminating part of the deficit and weed them out of the gummit. Since we are basically throwing money down a rat hole why don’t we tax them...
  • 2012 Update: "The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia," and the growth of the Chinese Navy

    06/15/2012 9:15:58 AM PDT · by Jeff Head · 31 replies
    THE RISING SEA DRAGON IN ASIA - 2012 UPDATE By Jeff Head - Last Update: June 15, 2012 (Click on any image for a larger picture) 2011 has seen significant increases in major combatant shipbuilding by the PLAN across the board. From the PLA Navy's first carrier being launched and sent to sea for trials, to continued testing and production of J-15 fighters for that carrier's airwing, to the increased tempo of serial production of the PLAN's Type 071 LPD, the Yuzhao Class (with a second and third unit launched and a fourth being built), to increased serial production...
  • BHO,you want to grant immunity to young illegals, while 50% young American remain unemployed

    06/15/2012 8:29:25 AM PDT · by Trueblackman · 25 replies
    Vanity | June 15, 2012 | Trueblackman
    Well it would seem after a bad week for President Obama, he and his officials have chosen to grant immunity to young illegals under the age of 30, who were brought here by their parents as children, the plan is suppose grant work visas to illegals who have GED, Diplomas and have served in the military. Now my question happens to be is, "What about those young Americans who have not been able to find work in the last 3 years, Mr. President you should be more concerned about them than pandering to the illegals!" As a American, who happens...
  • Funding vs. Income - Why Liberals Don't Understand Economics

    06/12/2012 10:10:36 AM PDT · by TexasNative2000 · 18 replies
    June 12, 2012 | TexasNative2000
    How do you make money? A seemingly simple question, but it has serious ramifications. How you answer goes a long way towards your view on how the economy works and what must be done in order for the economy to thrive. Ostensibly, we all want to make money - to provide for ourselves and our families, to save for the future, to support good and worthy causes. Only the monks and Spartans among us seek not to do so. They view money as a hindrance at best and, at worst, evil. Understanding the process by which one makes money is...
  • Dem Polster Pat Caddell: Obama's Natl Security Advisor Tom Donilon IS The WH Secrets Leaker !

    06/11/2012 6:36:58 PM PDT · by MindBender26 · 55 replies
    Sean Hannity Show
    On Hannity, Dem pollster Pat Caddell swears he absolutely knows from his sources who the WH secrets leaker is, and it is National Security Advisor Tom Donilon. Caddell, who is very well wired into all things Democratic in DC, said he thought there as no way Donilon would have done this without Obama's permission and perhaps instigation. He went on to describe Donilon as a "pure political hack" who has absolutely no experience or qualifications to be the NSA. Caddell" "Because of this hack, American friends are either dead, in prison or on the run. The Israelis are absolutely furious...
  • FR Exclsv: Italy's Oldest & 4th Largest Bank CUTS DEPOSITORS OFF - not a single News story.

    06/12/2012 3:04:26 AM PDT · by AAABEST · 133 replies
    Free Republic and nearly nowhere else ^ | June 12, 2012 | LITERALLY NONE
    I don't often put stories in "breaking." I post vanities even less often. Hardly anything surprises me any longer, but I find this absolutely astounding. If you follow the financial threads or the situation in Europe, you really need to read this. Actually anyone with a bank account needs to read this. I'm going to ask the mods to leave this here, unless they really feel I'm all wet here. I don't, however, believe I am. Follow me here. BNI (Bank Network Investments) is Italy's oldest and forth largest bank. In other words, it's a biggie. Anyway, the bank went...
  • DC is Killing or Forests (Saturbray)

    06/09/2012 5:51:13 AM PDT · by bray · 11 replies ^ | 6/9/12 | bray
    They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not LOVE their lives so much as to shrink from death. Rev 12:11 There is only one thing standing between America and full employment, its gummit. We have become a country where the people in the wagon has killed and eaten the horses. Now they sit in absolute amazement wondering why they aren't moving. This is the most anti-business administration in a long line of anti-business congress’ leaving an absolute wreck of an economy. Until we shove this wagon full of ingrates...
  • Palin, Walker and a Missed Opportunity

    06/06/2012 6:37:20 PM PDT · by shibumi · 102 replies
    shibumi's brain | 6/6/2012 | shibumi
    I personally like Sarah Palin quite a bit. Obviously she's an attractive woman. That never hurts for a start. Added to that, there is depth of character, exemplified by her choosing life for her most recent child and her successful marriage. These are qualities that drive the rabble on the left wild. Someone out there actually walks the walk that they talk. That said, I find myself frustrated over that cat and mouse game she has played with her non-candidacy on the heels of her abdication of the Alaskan Governorship. I suppose this came to mind today in the light...
  • Dear Wisconsin liberals.....

    06/06/2012 6:41:10 AM PDT · by TexasNative2000 · 68 replies
    06.06.2012 | TexasNative2000
    Good morning sleepy heads! Hope you got a good nights sleep. Make sure you order a double at Starbucks this morning so you are ready for your day - you've got a lot of explaining to do.Let's talk about this whole recall thing - you know, that groundswell of the grassroots? I'm sure you're confused about the whole thing, but let me give you a hand with this. Let's talk about that difference in the campaign funds spent. Whether it is the sobbing activist on CNN crying that "Democracy is OVER!" or the official press release from the Obama Campaign,...
  • The Whiskey River Win

    06/06/2012 5:58:16 AM PDT · by bray · 12 replies ^ | 6/6/12 | bray
    Those whom I LOVE I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent. Rev 3:19 My source inside the White House is saying the internal polls for Wisconsin done by the Obama campaign are absolutely disastrous. Most are not only showing a likely loss in November by the same margin but similar loses in both MN and MI leaving the campaign to wonder how and where to begin. My source says the results as well as the current disappointing turnouts of volunteers and cash are not only pointing to a loss but one that may rival some of the worst...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ D-Day, June 6, 1944 ~ 06 June 2012

    06/05/2012 5:59:22 PM PDT · by Kathy in Alaska · 98 replies
    Serving The Best Troops and Veterans In The World !! | The Canteen Crew
    ~ FReeper Canteen Presents ~ ~ D-DAY, June 6, 1944 ~ NORMANDY INVASION May 1944 had been chosen at the conference in Washington in May 1943 as the time for the invasion. Difficulties in assembling landing craft forced a postponement until June, but June 5 was fixed as the unalterable date by Eisenhower on May 17. As the day approached and troops began to embark for the crossing, bad weather set in, threatening dangerous landing conditions. After tense debate, Eisenhower and his subordinates decided on a 24-hour delay, requiring the recall of some ships already at sea. Eventually, on...
  • DESPERATION! Winning at what cost; Will President Obama, sacrifice American lives to win?

    06/04/2012 4:31:30 PM PDT · by carlo3b · 13 replies
    Dad, Chef, Author. ^ | JUNE, 4 2012 | Carlo3b
    DESPERATION! Winning at what cost; Will President Oboma, sacrifice American lives to win? We were told, in 2008, that Candidate Oboma represented a bridge to a future reconciliation of the races in our nation. That was then, and this is the reality.. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Oboma administration has, almost from the start of his term in office, purposely chosen to fracture our nation down race, gender, religious, and socioeconomic lines.. RACE Most recently, the administration has, with the aid of his loyalist in the mainstream media, and a cadre of the usual suspected race-baiters, elevated...
  • Take Back Congress (Saturbray)

    06/02/2012 7:13:59 AM PDT · by bray · 9 replies ^ | 6/2/12 | bray
    I know your deeds, your LOVE and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. Rev 2:19 Oh how the Hope and Change Express has transformed into a rusting piece of scrap metal waiting its turn on the junkyard of histoir. The entire Bama campaign has come down to “it’s still Bush’ fault”. He acts like nobody notices how the H&C Express has failed to leave the station. When you run your entire campaign around change, people begin to expect change for the better not worse. Fortunately for America he never...
  • Daddy, Where Were You in June, 2012?

    05/31/2012 5:30:09 PM PDT · by exit82 · 96 replies
    original content ^ | 05/3/12 | exit82
    The month of June, 2012 is about to dawn. The next 30 days will encompass a series of important events as only very few months in our country’s history have witnessed. These events, while as different as snowflakes, will intertwine in a way that will make their effects magnified in a manner that few can foresee today. Our country is in the midst of an important election season. In November, a President will be elected, one third of Senators will be elected, and all 435 members of the House will be elected. Additionally, there will be countless elections in the...
  • Poland: This Time, The President Should Apologize

    05/30/2012 6:51:41 PM PDT · by Bill Russell · 17 replies
    Free Republic Exclusive! | May 30, 2012 | William Russell
    Picture a scenario, where members of your family helped a new neighbor establish a household. Just after helping that neighbor, your family experienced a long illness which caused your entire family to be quarantined and your home foreclosed upon. Then, after several years, you were finally able to return home, plant a garden, and rebuild your family’s life. Just as your household was beginning to prosper again, a heavily armed neighbor named John Wayne Gacy took over your front yard. Instead of using his own house and its crawl space to commit his horrific crimes, he used your yard and...
  • Enemy Inside The Gate

    05/30/2012 6:38:08 PM PDT · by Lazamataz · 109 replies
    Free Republic original content | May 30, 2012 | By Laz. A. Mataz
    It can be argued, by mere observation, that Barack Obama has little fealty to America, and more fealty to certain concepts and ideologies. Those ideologies are Black Liberation Theology, of which he was a student in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ for many decades; of global governance; and of socialism... perhaps even Marxism. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. One may readily discard a politicians words, and instead look to their works. The words are intended to mislead, and the works are intended to achieve. Obama's actions that show his loyalty to a very controversial view,...
  • In Memorial Day Tributes to Vietnam Vets, Obama Avoids Why They Fought: To Defeat Communism

    05/28/2012 2:30:32 PM PDT · by kristinn · 25 replies
    Monday, May 28, 2012 | Kristinn
    Barack Obama paid tribute to veterans of the Vietnam War with a Memorial Day speech at the Vietnam War Memorial and in an op-ed published in military oriented publications. Missing in action from the president's words of praise for the veterans was why they fought for over ten years in Southeast Asia: to defeat communism.A transcript of Obama's speech given at the Wall, as the memorial is commonly known, published at Fox News shows no mention of the words 'communism' or 'communist.' Nor is there mention that the veterans fought to keep South Vietnam, and by extension the whole of...