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  • 'Sexist Trousers' Spark Twitter Row (Label Instructs Men to Give Their Laundry to Women)

    03/06/2012 12:16:00 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 31 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 06 Mar 2012 | Emma Barnett
    In the battle of the sexes, sparring over who should do the washing is nothing new - but one clothing company sparked a Twitter outcry after the chauvinist label in a pair of its trousers was judged below the belt. Madhouse, a nationwide chain of discount men’s clothing stores, was branded “shameful” and “outrageous” by hundreds of Twitter users yesterday, because of the label’s washing instructions to ‘Give it to your woman’. The beige pair of chinos in question were purchased in London at Madhouse’s flagship Oxford Street store last month. The incident shows the power of Twitter to embarrass...
  • Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

    03/04/2012 7:04:15 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 1 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | March 4, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Best political humor from around the USA this week... Demwits More at Reaganite Republican
  • Put Your Phone Down [Music Video]

    03/02/2012 9:24:30 PM PST · by James C. Bennett · 13 replies
    YouTube ^ | March 2, 2012 | FogAndSmog Films
    Hilarious music video about self-absorbed phone zombies in public.WATCH: PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN
  • It Could Always Be Worse- Try Winter in RUSSIA

    03/01/2012 5:06:20 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 18 replies · 6+ views
    Reaganite Republican ^ | March 1, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    And while California may have brought you the Surfin' Bird, today's St Petersburg has the snowboardin' crow... (pretty darn smart, these things): [YouTube] Video/more at Reaganite Republican h/t Speedunque
  • What Do You Get When You Combine Liberal Ideas With ShamWow?

    02/27/2012 4:37:12 PM PST · by The Looking Spoon · 3 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 2-27-12 | The Looking Spoon
    Answer is in the dot of the "?"
  • Caption Drudge's "War Drums" Pic of Hillary Rodham Clinton

    02/08/2012 7:10:13 PM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 85 replies
    Drudge ^ | 2/8/12 | Drudge/Freepers
    War Drums
  • VIDEO: Chinese Soldiers Play Grenade Games

    01/25/2012 3:54:58 AM PST · by James C. Bennett · 17 replies
    The Poke, UK ^ | January 25, 2012 | The Poke, UK
    Military training is an intense business, involving discipline, precision, and reserves of courage that can be called upon in the midst of battle. But for soldiers undergoing training in the People’s Liberation Army of China that’s taken to a whole different level — as one of their exercises involves a life-and-death game of ‘hot potato’ with a live grenade. WATCH:
  • Hey Bachelors: The Right Woman Can Bring Balance and Stability to Your Life!!!

    01/23/2012 9:43:32 PM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Reaganite Republican ^ | January 24, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    h/t Roberto
  • Fun with Doormats

    01/23/2012 4:51:31 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 14 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | January 23, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    h/t Speedunque Any other good ones out there...?
  • Best Cartoon EVER

    01/18/2012 1:49:46 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 8 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | January 18, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Author unknown, received via email... thx Bob!
  • These pics are hilarious.

    01/14/2012 4:06:00 AM PST · by Doors · 34 replies
    BizPac ^ | 01/13/2012 | Jack Furnari
    This guy does these very Saturday morning. Love 'em.
  • Mosin Nagant table-top review and comparison to an American standard

    12/27/2011 5:25:21 PM PST · by dynachrome · 70 replies ^ | 2011 | operatorerror
    OperatorERROR shows us the options we have for sniperizers. He compairs and shoots the American made SOCOM16 vs the Mosin Nagant
  • David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country

    12/16/2011 4:34:20 PM PST · by decimon · 22 replies
    BBC ^ | December 16, 2011
    [b]David Cameron has said the UK is a Christian country "and we should not be afraid to say so".[/b] In a speech in Oxford on the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, the prime minister called for a revival of traditional Christian values to counter Britain's "moral collapse". He said "live and let live" had too often become "do what you please". The PM said it was wrong to suggest that standing up for Christianity was "somehow doing down other faiths". Describing himself as a "committed" but only "vaguely practising" Christian, the PM admitted he was "full of doubts"...
  • Live @ Santa Klaus Crash Site

    12/14/2011 9:52:56 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 9 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | December 14, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    Said to put some serious effort into topping each previous years'  Christmas display, the property is located near the  Oak Creek Bridge in historic St Micheal's, Maryland...
  • (The Worst of) Bad Family Christmas Pics

    12/13/2011 3:26:20 AM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 21 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | December 13, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    More/links at Reaganite Republican
  • Funny: Automotive Darwin Awards (14 Pics)

    12/05/2011 7:28:26 AM PST · by ferrgus · 17 replies
    You've heard of the Darwin Awards, which are given to people who do things so stupid that they're taken out of the gene pool? Well, the Automotive Darwin Awards are given to those people who do things so stupid that theyneed to be taken out of the car pool! Presented for your enjoyment are 14 photos showing some recent recipients.
  • His Name Jesus

    12/02/2011 12:04:53 PM PST · by Revski · 6 replies
    Revski youtube Classic ^ | 12-2-2011 | Revski
    Merry Christmas and Happy most wonderful Holidays. Thanks for viewing and comments.
  • Funny: Why Women Live Longer Than Men (9 Pics)

    Just for fun: Have you ever wondered why women live longer than men? Is it biological? Or, is it just because men do stupid stuff and get themselves killed a little more often? Presented here for your enjoyment are 9 photos showing how men often shorten their own lifespans. Why Women Live Longer Than Men
  • RedState Update: Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race

    11/22/2011 9:21:50 AM PST · by DetroitRight · 20 replies
    YouTube ^ | Nov 22, 2011 | travisandjonathan
    Jackie Broyles has prepared a statement concerning the booing of the First lady the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Fla. and so has the next president of The United States.
  • Michael Steele predicts Romney-Cain ticket

    10/19/2011 6:06:47 PM PDT · by Def Conservative · 57 replies
    Imagine this scenario: The polished businessman with the smooth and steady hand and the self-starter that appeals to the enthusiastic tea party contingent. Endorsement or no endorsement, move over, Chris Christie. Make room for a Romney–Cain ticket. On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” MSNBC contributor and former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele predicted a Romney partnership with Herman Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO. “I think what you’re looking at down the road is a Romney–Cain ticket — the merging of Wall Street and Main Street coming together to go up against Obama and Biden and to talk...
  • Four Reasons Why the GOP Nomination Will go to Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich

    10/13/2011 8:30:22 PM PDT · by Billlknowles · 56 replies ^ | 10-13-2011 | Doug Deal
    Political fortunes can turn on a dime and for many reasons. At this point four years ago the nominees were obviously going to be Giuliani and Hillary and McCain was going to drop out at any second. Time disproved these assumptions. For a time, the race has seemed to alternate between Romney and some upstart. Each time, the upstart would peak for a couple weeks and crash back down to reality, only to be replaced by another a little later. The one constant has always been Romney. This consistency to stay near at top has given people the mistaken belief...
  • Read Demands of 'Occupy Wall Street'... And Try Not to Laugh

    10/04/2011 11:50:28 AM PDT · by chuckee · 54 replies
    Fox Nation ^ | October 4, 2011
    The "Occupy Wall Street" protesters have listed 13 proposed demands from their website. Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending "Freetrade" by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr. Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this...
  • Man convicted for attack on driver of riding mower

    10/04/2011 11:12:08 AM PDT · by WesternCulture · 12 replies ^ | 10/04/2011 | The Local/dl
    A 60-year-old man has been sentenced for assaulting the driver of a riding lawnmower the man claimed was making horses in a nearby field in northern Sweden “hysterical”. When the man heard the machine rumbling over the grass in June, he ran over and attemtped to throw the driver to the ground, the local Dagbladet newspaper reported. The surprised driver managed to right himself, but drove the riding mower into the ditch. The 60-year-old then grabbed hold of the driver once again, lifting him out of the driver's seat and throwing him to the ground. When the driver attempted to...
  • One of the funniest news sites you'll ever see

    09/29/2011 7:45:54 AM PDT · by Notary Sojac · 8 replies
    The Rumford Meteor home page ^ | 29 Sept 2011 | Rumford Meteor editorial staff
    A few excerpts:"2011 Honey Princess To Visit Fryeburg Fair After The Swelling Goes Down" "Governor Touts Online Fraud Hotline. To See If You’ve Been Scammed, Send Your Name, Social Security #, And D.O.B. To The Meteor And We’ll Forward It " "Proposed New Red Sox Uniform Omits Shoelaces, Belt"
  • Instructions On How To Help A Choking Liberal

    09/23/2011 9:51:31 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 12 replies · 2+ views
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 9-23-11 | Jared H. McAndersen
    I love this, but I can't make out what the signature on it says. I'd love to know who did this...
  • Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans (Gov. Palin gains over 15 points, now almost tied)

    09/20/2011 5:19:38 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 272 replies
    The Miami Herald ^ | September 20, 2011 | Steven Thomma
    Look out President Barack Obama. Even Sarah Palin's gaining on you. A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that Obama looks increasingly vulnerable in next year's election, with a majority of voters believing he'll lose to any Republican, a solid plurality saying they'll definitely vote against him and most potential Republican challengers gaining on him. Even in potential matchups where he leads, Obama in most cases has lost ground to the Republican. The biggest gain came for Palin, the former Alaska governor who hasn't yet announced whether she'll jump into the fast-changing race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. After trailing Obama...
  • Drive Recklessly

    09/18/2011 11:33:01 AM PDT · by hiho hiho · 15 replies
    Funny twist at end
  • killing bin Laden photo

    09/15/2011 7:16:55 PM PDT · by agatsu · 17 replies · 1+ views
    Found this on photobucket:
  • 'The Donkey Whisperer'

    09/13/2011 2:43:22 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 7 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | September 13, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    Best campaign ad I've seen in a while... utterly hilarious: [YouTube] Roger Williams for Congress (TX): "Roger Williams isn't just running for Congress; he's running to stop the Obama Economy. As a small business owner, Roger understands that the Obama administration has a deliberate plan to transform our nation from one of makers to one of takers. In his small business, Roger has had to deal with impact of Obama's plan to make businesses more dependent on the government, including high taxes, rising energy prices and soaring health care costs. Roger is running for the Congress not to be something,...
  • Sister Myotis on Thongs (very funny!)

    09/11/2011 10:23:23 PM PDT · by Marie · 11 replies
    videos2view ^ | 12Sep11 | Sister Myotis
    My friend sent me this cute video clip of "Sister Myotis" explaining the dangers of the dreaded 'thong'. I swear, this 'lady' is exactly like one of my aunts! "These are DEMOCRAT panties!" LOL!
  • Why Didn't I Think of That...?

    09/07/2011 6:36:29 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican
    Reaganite Republican ^ | September 7, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    More at Reaganite Republican
  • This explains a lot (Humor)

    08/23/2011 2:12:37 PM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 5 replies
    Unknown | The Partnership for Public Service (book author)
    This explains a lot. Yes, it is a real book. Yes, it on Amazon.
  • Greatest Al Sharpton Clip, Ever (Too Funny!)

    08/10/2011 6:10:38 AM PDT · by Mr. Jazzy · 58 replies
    MSNBC & Breitbart TV ^ | 8/9/2011 | Right Reverend Albert Sharpton
    The Reverend Albert Sharpton has a little bit of trouble reading HIS teleprompter and trying to motivate MS-LSD-NBC viewers to get excited about the recall vote in WI. Now THIS is comedy GOLD!!!
  • Debt-Reduction On Grand Scale Is Within Reach

    08/04/2011 5:56:25 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | August 4, 2011 | CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
    Conventional wisdom holds that the congressional supercommittee established by the debt-ceiling deal to propose further deficit reduction will go nowhere. I'm not so sure. There is a grand compromise to be had. It does, however, require precise sequencing. To succeed it must proceed in three stages: (1) Tax Reform True tax reform that removes loopholes while lowering tax rates is the Holy Grail of social policy. It appeals equally to left and right because, almost uniquely, it promotes both economic efficiency and fairness: Economic efficiency — because it removes tax dodges that distort capital flows (and thereby diminish productivity) while...
  • Sadly, These People Spawn and Vote...

    08/02/2011 2:14:56 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 20 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | August 2, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    Presenting: World's Dumbest Home Depot Customer Well, this picture is said to be real, taken by a transportation supervisor for a company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber. When he saw it in the parking lot of IHOP, he actually ran and went to buy a camera to take pictures. The car is still running, as can be witnessed by the exhaust... The driver finally came back after the police were called, and was found crouched behind the rear of the car, attempting to cut the twine around the load! Luckily, the police stopped him and had the load removed. The...
  • Late-Night Online Amusement

    07/12/2011 11:11:15 PM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 8 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | July 13, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    G-rated, too... I just wonder what the shirt says: Speakers on? Then click this guy to open in a new window...  then try to put your cursor on his nose! _____________________________________________ -h/t P.L.-
  • Creation is Dramatic

    07/12/2011 8:48:56 AM PDT · by Revski · 6 replies
    Revski's Classic what ever! ^ | 7-12-2011 | Revski
    Animated to inspire faith in our creator, His Son Jesus and His Word! Hebrews 4: 12 Good News Version For the word of God is alive and active. It is sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts all the way through, to where the soul and spirit meet, to where the joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of men’s hearts. Video voices are from o7jimmy and his grandchildren!
  • U.S. home prices up for first time in eight months

    06/28/2011 8:03:06 AM PDT · by Free Vulcan · 7 replies
    Marketwatch ^ | 6.28.11 | Steve Goldstein
    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — U.S. home prices in April rose for the first time in eight months, according to data released Tuesday that may reflect more of the beginning of buying season than a new sign in the troubled sector of the economy. Home prices rose 0.7% in April, trimming the year-on-year decline to 4%, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index, which is one of the most closely followed gauges. The data was roughly in line was consensus estimates.
  • We May be Headed to Hell in a Handbasket but at Least We’re Funny!

    06/10/2011 4:10:09 PM PDT · by Region Rat · 11 replies
    The Rat's Right. ^ | Region Rat
    Good News and Bad News First, the bad news: Nearly 80% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, while roughly half of us think a second “Great Depression” is right around the corner. Hell, we’re in the middle of a malaise that would even make Jimmy Carter proud. The good news? We couldn’t be happier. That’s right folks; according to a new poll, America is the funniest country on the planet, which basically means we can find humor in anything. Like Congressman Anthony Weiner, for example – although, those jokes pretty much write themselves, don’t they?...
  • 'People of Wal-Mart'- the Music Video!

    06/02/2011 1:08:19 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 7 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | June 2, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    This is really, really funny... but like a roller-coaster, don't try it on a full stomach! [YouTube] Then I got this email titled 'Worse than Wal-Mart'... well, you be the judge- definitely some serious competition here: -h/t Roberto- More news/views/and humor at Reaganite Republican
  • Got Paraprosdokian...?

    05/31/2011 12:19:51 PM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 15 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | May 31. 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    Paraprosdokian (noun): Figure of speech in which the  latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected  ...frequently used in a humorous situation. "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening... but this wasn't it." —Groucho Marx "If I could say a few words... I'd be a better public speaker." —Homer Simpson "You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing—after they have tried everything else." —Winston Churchill "If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised." — Dorothy Parker "(He's) a modest man... who has much to...
  • Why?

    05/26/2011 9:00:50 AM PDT · by Hotdog · 77 replies
    - Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? - Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? - Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? - Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? - Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click on "Start"? - Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dish washing liquid made with real lemons? - Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? - Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?...
  • Dancing Mouse

    05/25/2011 12:09:40 PM PDT · by Revski
    Animated Christian Humor! The mouse in this video is a desert Jerboa mouse of Mongolia. This mouse with its Big Large Ears is Dancing to the Hymn, When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder, played by the Black Pond Baptist Church members.
  • LOL. Ron Paul just handed Chris Wallace his (liberal) hat. Wow.

    05/15/2011 11:34:54 AM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 163 replies
    Chris Wallace Comeuppance Vanity
    LOL! OK I just decided. If Palin doesn't run, Paul has my vote.
  • Satirical Song

    05/14/2011 12:01:26 PM PDT · by twitchard · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | May 13, 2011 | Twitchard Marmorstein
  • New Alphabet

    05/11/2011 10:52:40 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 6 replies
    email | anon
    A's for arthritis; B's the bad back, C's the chest pains,perhaps car-di-ac? D is for dental decay and decline, E is for eyesight, can't read that top line! F is for fissures and fluid retention, G is for gas which I'd rather not mention. H high blood pressure--I'd rather it low; I for incisions with scars you can show. J is for joints, out of socket, won't mend, K is for knees that crack when they bend. L 's for libido, what happened to sex? M is for memory, I forget what comes next. N is neuralgia, in nerves way...
  • Speaking of Perky, What is ole Richard Simmons Up to These Days?

    05/10/2011 3:19:16 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 23 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | May 10, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    Same campy, grating schtick for less money, apparently gee I wonder who he voted for Never could stand the irksome little furball, but he's got a self-deprecating sense of humor... no hangups about dignity or anything like that with this character, lol. And still got that flame cranked-up as far as the knob will turn... Air New Zealand in-flight safety video -here- Video/more at Reaganite Republican
  • Osama Bin Laden's Last Facebook Post

    05/04/2011 12:18:24 PM PDT · by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! · 35 replies
  • David after the Dentist

    03/31/2011 9:46:32 PM PDT · by astratt7 · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | 01/30/2009 | booba1234
  • Libya vs Iraq

    03/24/2011 9:51:15 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 3 replies
    coworkers compare Libya and Iraq