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  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues) Thread

    03/16/2017 4:00:27 PM PDT · by Jamestown1630 · 160 replies
    In recent years the pineapple has superseded peaches to become my favorite fruit Ė perhaps partly because itís so much easier to find very good pineapples in my area. But getting at the fruit inside a pineapple is a real project! Iíve often been tempted to buy one of those pineapple-coring gadgets, but I always turned it down Ė I thought it would be hard for my small hands to use, and it seemed like the kind of Ďunitaskerí (channeling Alton Brown, here) that would take up space and hardly be used. A few weeks ago, I saw one of...
  • 8 Gadgets for Forgetful People Who Constantly Lose Things

    12/15/2016 9:46:49 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    ThrilList ^ | 12/15/2016 | JEREMY GLASS
    If youíre anything like me and canít remember where you put your glass of water literally five seconds after you poured it, knowing there are real solutions out there should help you rest a little easier.†Highly recommended for forgetful space cadets everywhere, these ingenious devices will help you keep track of the important stuffókeys, electronics, pets, and yes, even people. 1. Tile Price: $70 Tile is a blessing for anyone who just canít seem to keep up with those damn car keys. Connecting with your phone via Bluetooth, the little tracker clips onto your keychain (or slips into your...
  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues) Thread

    08/31/2016 4:32:52 PM PDT · by Jamestown1630 · 161 replies
    A while back, someone asked if we had ever done a thread on kitchen gadgets; and I got to thinking that maybe it was time to do another one. First, one of the most useful items I've ever found for slicing home-made loaves of bread in nice, even slices: the Mountain Woods Fiddle Bow Bread Knife. I found mine at the thrift store, but you can still get them on Amazon. The blade remains very sharp, and my husband also likes it for getting thick slices from big tomatoes. Note that they come in right- or left-handed styles, and choose...
  • Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch?

    07/14/2014 7:32:33 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 78 replies
    New York Magazine ^ | 07/14/2014 | By Kevin Roose
    In the past week, Iíve been called ďInspector GadgetĒ twice, had a near-calamitous accident involving spray-on sunblock, and felt my arm vibrate so often I started treating it as a phantom limb. All because Iím part of the latest tech trend, a bona fide phenomenon in Silicon Valley that is inspiring the kind of pants-wetting excitement usually reserved for new iPhones and Grand Theft Auto games. Iím talking about smartwatchesóthe tech worldís quixotic attempt to mount minicomputers on your wrist. Iíve been wearing two smartwatches for several days apiece, and so far, itís been an enlightening experience. Though not necessarily...
  • 5 Top Sci-Fi Gadgets That Actually Exist

    02/04/2014 9:33:47 AM PST · by Heartlander · 43 replies
    Electronic Products ^ | 01/27/2014 | Grace Noto
    5 Top Sci-Fi Gadgets That Actually Exist Science Fiction, meet Reality. Reality, Science FictionNowadays, the line between science fiction and reality has become almost microscopically thin, our newfound abundance of resources and knowledge having led to the creation of some truly dazzling gizmos and gadgets. So hereís a list of the top five most amazing sci-fi gadgets weíve come up with that wonít lead to super-smart killer robots, because I spend, way, way too much time on those. (Although I wouldnít if inventors didnít seem to think weíre going for a Terminator-inspired and not a Star Trek/Wars-inspired future, but...
  • Cool Video of the World's Tiniest V-12 Engine Being Made by Hand

    11/29/2011 9:51:46 AM PST · by Tom Hawks · 8 replies
    Gate ^ | 11/28/11 | Chuck Wolk
    Anyone who appreciates the precision art of engine design ought to get a kick out of this offering from a Spanish engineer named Patelo. Starting with hunks of aluminum, bronze and stainless steel, he spent over 1200 hours designing, milling, turning and drilling what he claims is "probably" the world's smallest V12 engine. Powered by compressed air injection (0.1kg/sq cm), this little marvel boasts a total displacement of 12 cubic centimeters from its twelve 11.3 mm diameter pistons and works like a charm. Built primarily for educational purposes, Patelo has no plans for selling the mini-motors. In fact, seemingly...
  • 7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around In 2020

    10/19/2011 5:14:47 PM PDT · by Jotmo · 80 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 10-19-2010 | Seth Fiegerman
    Which Tech Gadgets Will Be Phased Out This Decade? Hindsight may always be 20-20, but you donít need particularly great foresight to know many of the gadgets on todayís market wonít be around in 2020 given how quickly the tech industry keeps changing. In the first half of the 2000s, retailers were buzzing about the prospects of MP3 players and netbooks, but by the end of the decade, those products had largely been replaced by smartphones and tablets. As tempting as it may be to imagine otherwise, some of the gadgets you may rely on most right now will likely...
  • Windows 7 gadget advice needed

    07/06/2011 9:32:01 AM PDT · by MeganC · 3 replies
    Vanity/Personal | 7/6/2011 | Self
    I need some help finding a 'gadget' for Windows 7 and Active Directory and I was hoping perhaps someone on FR could help. What I'm looking for is a simple gadget that shows selected Active Directory user account logons in real time. Meaning I'd be able to see at a glance a small table of users (up to ten maybe) who are logged on and, perhaps, for how long they've been logged on. Thank you for reading this and thanks for your help.
  • New York Lawmaker Moves to Ban Use of Distracting Gadgets While Walking

    01/25/2011 3:29:33 PM PST · by Baladas · 61 replies
    FOX News/Associated Press ^ | January 25, 2011 | staff
    New York state Sen. Carl Kruger wants to make his stateís streets safer. To do that, he's not proposing a tough new gun law or advocating for broader police search powers. No, Sen. Kruger sees a greater danger out there. Distracting gadgets. He hopes to ban the use of mobile phones, iPods and other gadgets by pedestrians in major cities while crossing the street.
  • CES Opens Tonight: What could it bring?

    01/05/2011 10:30:58 AM PST · by hoagy62 · 1 replies
    Me | 1/6/11 | Hoagy62
    Well, the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES as it's better known) opens in Las Vegas tonight. The keynote speaker, as it was last year, is Microsoft CEO Steve "I'm a bald, ugly guy who has more money than you know what to do with in your lifetime" Ballmer. According to those that follow such things, the two big things that'll be highlighted at the CES this year are A) tablet computers, and B) getting everything you own connected to the Internet. Tablet computers are starting to be a huge thing. Since the iPad was so successful, everyone wants to get...
  • Ruger Mk. III 24/45

    10/16/2010 4:17:23 PM PDT · by Captain Ray · 49 replies
    none | Captain Ray
    The Ruger MK. III 22/45 is a fine weapon.. for plinking.. killing small varmints, shooting at pop cans, and just an all around fun .22 to shoot.. It sure is hard to take apart and put back together! Not that there is any real good reason to take it apart and put it back together... It's just something I like doing with my down time. Helps me focus on lifes real problems.. I've owned this little shooter for several years.. but hadn't taken it out of the safe for a long time.. Just had the thought that I would put...
  • Your Brain on Computers: Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price

    06/07/2010 9:37:40 AM PDT · by NYer · 25 replies · 53+ views
    NYT ^ | June 6, 2010 | MATT RICHTEL
    SAN FRANCISCO ‚ÄĒ When one of the most important e-mail messages of his life landed in his in-box a few years ago, Kord Campbell overlooked it. Not just for a day or two, but 12 days. He finally saw it while sifting through old messages: a big company wanted to buy his Internet start-up. ‚ÄúI stood up from my desk and said, ‚ÄėOh my God, oh my God, oh my God,‚Äô¬†‚ÄĚ Mr. Campbell said. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs kind of hard to miss an e-mail like that, but I did.‚ÄĚ The message had slipped by him amid an electronic flood: two computer screens...
  • 10 best gadgets of the past decade

    01/04/2010 8:29:30 AM PST · by Responsibility2nd · 53 replies · 1,220+ views
    San Antonio Express-News ^ | 01/02/2010 | Source:
    1. iPod (2001) 2. TiVo DVR (1999-2000) 3. Garmin GPS (2000) 4. Vodafone 3G Datacard (2004) 5. Wii Remote (2006) 6. Amazon Kindle (2007) 7. iPhone (2007) 8. Slingbox (2005) 9. Blackberry (2002) 10. XBox (2002)
  • My Most Memorable Gadgets, By Steve Wozniak

    07/03/2009 11:23:15 AM PDT · by MyTwoCopperCoins · 54 replies · 1,275+ views
    Gizmodo ^ | Jul 3 2009 | Gizmodo
    We're kicking off our series exploring memorable gadgets from memorable people with one of the most influential tech giants: Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Ė goes...For that definition, it was probably an electronics learning kit I got for Christmas at about age 8 or 9. As I recall, it didn't teach electronics formulas or resistor codes, but was full of projects to hook up input devices like switches and output devices like buzzers and lights. It was like learning how to connect all the devices to your hi-fi, or connecting all your peripherals to a computer. It also...
  • Top 10 Real-Life Spy Gadgets

    05/13/2009 9:08:53 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 6 replies · 769+ views
    The Times of London ^ | May 11, 2009 | Jeremy Duns
    With the news that MI5 is looking for a Chief Scientific Adviser, spy novelist Jeremy Duns reveals his ten favourite real espionage inventions 1. Poison-tipped umbrella Probably the most infamous real-life spy gadget is the umbrella used by the Bulgarian secret services Ė with KGB help Ė to kill dissident writer and broadcaster Georgi Markov. KGB technicians converted the tip of an ordinary umbrella into a silenced gun that could fire a pellet containing a lethal dose of ricin. On September 7 1978, Markov felt himself being jabbed in the thigh as he walked across Waterloo Bridge. A man behind...
  • Headless Dog Found In Topless Bar

    Bo (woof) In Commentary: I havenít been happy with the sound my stereo has been putting out for quite some time now; plus itís a bitch to turn on. The sound was as if I was listening to my old vinyl recordsÖnot the 33 LPs but my 78sÖon Edisonís original phonograph. I went online and did my research for a stereo that was easily switched on by a tail. Once found, all I needed was a set of speakers to reproduce highs well outside of human hearing range. Well lookie what I found. (This is functional kitsch; the wrong becomes...
  • Sony: Blu-ray-HD DVD War Is 'Stalemate' (Howard Stringer-CEO of SONY, says a "difficult fight.")

    11/10/2007 3:10:38 AM PST · by Las Vegas Dave · 57 replies · 215+ views ^ | November 9, 2007 | Phillip Swann
    Washington, D.C. (November 9, 2007) -- Sony CEO Howard Stringer says the high-def disc format between Blu-ray and HD DVD has become a "stalemate." That's according to an article by the Associated Press. Sony is the leading supporter of the Blu-ray format while HD DVD's backers include Toshiba and Microsoft. However, both high-def disc formats have struggled due partially to consumer confusion over the Blu-ray-HD DVD war. The two formats are not compatible with each other, meaning one disc won't play on the other's machine. While Blu-ray supporters have often declared victory in the war due to a 2-1 lead...
  • HD DVD Players For Under $200? (Wal-Mart employee posts evidence of $199 player for the holidays)

    10/18/2007 2:47:12 PM PDT · by Las Vegas Dave · 63 replies · 37+ views ^ | October 18, 2007 | Phillip Swann
    Washington, D.C. (October 18, 2007) -- An HD DVD player could be available for the new low price of $199 this holiday season. Internet message boards are buzzing with the possibility after a Wal-Mart employee posted an upcoming store notice about a $199 Toshiba HD DVD player. The price has not been confirmed by Wal-Mart or Toshiba, but the drop would not be surprising. Toshiba's entry-level player is now $299, but industry analysts have forecast that a sub-$200 player is likely for the holidays. Additionally, Blu-ray manufacturers are expected to lower the price on its players. Sony's Blu-ray player is...
  • Top 10 'must have' home technology products

    02/11/2007 6:32:21 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 113 replies · 3,295+ views
    iWon News/Marketwatch ^ | February 11, 2007 | Amy Hoak
    The most technologically savvy homeowners bask in crystal-clear television screens when they're home and can control the lights while they're out of town. Without moving an inch, they can decide what music is playing in each room and can monitor the well being of their aging mother in a different city. So says Greg Hoshaw, owner of High Definition Systems in St. Charles, Ill., who presented the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association's top 10 "must have" technology trends for homes at the International Builders' Show here this week. A home theater or media room. A home theater is a...
  • The Top 20 Weirdest gadgets of 2006

    12/20/2006 12:40:37 PM PST · by ShadowAce · 55 replies · 2,982+ views
    The Register ^ | 20 December 2006 | Tech Digest
    It's been one of those years when technology came on in leaps and bounds. Around the world, thousands of pointy-headed scientists and product designers beavered away in high-security laboratories, investing time, money and effort to create... more silly USB gadgets. Yes, 2006 has been the year when gadgets got a bit ridiculous. And it wasn't just USB devices either. Here's Tech Digest's ( pick of the year's gadgets that got us chuckling, frightened, or just scratching our heads in bafflement. 1. Gupi the robot guinea pig Complete with his animatronic carrot and 30 different sounds (most of which are presumably...