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  • Lech Walesa Too Political For Obama Administration

    06/02/2012 6:09:26 AM PDT · by AncientAirs · 19 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 2 Jun 2012 | Donald R. McClarey
    The Obama administration, in its never-ending quest to embarrass itself and America, has insulted one of the pivotal figures in ending Communism in Europe, Lech Walesa: According to the Wall Street Journal, Polish officials requested that Walesa accept the Medal of Freedom on behalf of Jan Karski, a member of the Polish Underground during World War II who was being honored posthumously this week. The request makes sense. Walesa and Karski shared a burning desire to rid Poland of tyrannical subjugation. But President Obama said no. Administration officials told the Journal that Walesa is too political. A man who was...
  • Poles Demand Obama Apology For "Polish Death Camps" Comment

    05/29/2012 5:12:50 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 158 replies ^ | May 29, 2012 | Rosie Gray
    The president referred to Polish death camps while awarding a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Polish professor Jan Karski, a hero of the anti-Nazi resistance. Poles believe they're blamed unfairly for the Nazi Holocaust, and the Foreign Minister led the outrage in a late night tweet. The remark, which barely drew notice in America, is all over the Polish news today. On the country's largest television station:
  • Obama Confuses NAACP With NCAA At Medal Of Freedom Ceremony

    05/29/2012 8:21:26 PM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 5/29/12 | staff
    Video at link
  • Obama: 'I'm the twoosh master'

    05/26/2012 9:17:51 AM PDT · by ColdOne · 37 replies
    Politico44 ^ | 5/25/12 | LEIGH MUNSIL
    Move over, Ashton Kutcher President Barack Obama is the new "master Tweeter." In an exchange at the end of this week's White House West Wing Week video, Obama jokingly refers to himself as the "twoosh master" after crafting a perfect 140-character tweet. Obama became the first sitting president to hold a Twitter question and answer session Thursday after a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa. During the session, he responded to a question from @jwarner180 on alternative energy sources using each of Twitter's 140 allowed characters, which he's told in the video is called a "twoosh," or "Twitter swoosh."...
  • Gaffetastic Joe: Great moments in Biden history

    05/25/2012 5:43:25 PM PDT · by lward99 · 1 replies
    Times247 ^ | 5/25/2012 | Douglas Ernst
    Joe Biden is the vice president with a gift for gaffe. So prevalent are his public relations disasters that pundits wonder whether his job is to make President Obama look smart. It's hard to argue otherwise. He advised the president not to raid Osama bin Laden's compound. In Biden's world, paying higher taxes is "patriotic." Ultimately, the gaffes aren't funny they're sad. The man who doesn't want "a real job" because "you have to produce" is a heartbeat away from the presidency Read more:
  • Even With Teleprompter, Obama Says 'My Sons' Twice In 2 Days (video)

    05/25/2012 3:10:39 PM PDT · by Nachum · 39 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 5/25/12
    Video at link
  • Obama Twice Mistakenly Mentions "My Sons," While Defending Contraception Mandate

    05/25/2012 12:03:48 PM PDT · by MissesBush · 69 replies
    CNS News ^ | 05/25/12 | Terrence P. Jeffrey
    In two campaign speeches over the last two days, President Barack Obama has twice mistakenly mentioned "my sons" when defending his administration's regulation requiring virtually all health-care plans in the United States to provide women, without any fees or co-pay, with sterilizations and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, including those that can cause abortions. Obama, of course, has two daughters--10-year-old Sasha and 13-year-old Malia--but no sons. On Monday, 43 Catholic dioceses and organizations across the country--including the archdioceses of New York and Washington, D.C. and the University of Notre Dame and Catholic University of America—filed 12 different lawsuits against...
  • Biden calls Everglades 'The Ever-Gators'

    04/23/2012 4:21:48 PM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 4/23/12 | Charlie Spiering
    During Vice President Joe Biden's campaign event at the Everglades, he referred to the national park as the 'Ever-gators.' "Back in '28 when it was built, they didn't realize that they effectivly created a dam through half of the Ever-gators - through half of the Everglades - cutting off the water supply that these wetlands depend upon," Biden said. Biden told the crowd that his Secret Service agent would "shoot the alligator" if he ended up in a wrestling match with one.
  • Barack Obama makes Falklands gaffe by calling Malvinas the Maldives

    04/16/2012 5:58:10 PM PDT · by DeaconBenjamin · 48 replies
    Telegraph (UK) ^ | 3:50PM BST 16 Apr 2012 | By Jonathan Gilbert in Buenos Aires
    President Obama erred during a speech at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, when attempting to call the disputed archipelago by its Spanish name. Instead of saying Malvinas, however, Mr Obama referred to the islands as the Maldives, a group of 26 atolls off that lie off the South coast of India. Cristina Kirchner, the Argentine president, has renewed her country's sovereignty claim to the Falklands in the build-up to the 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the islands, which triggered the Falklands War, on April 2. She has accused David Cameron of maintaining a "colonial enclave"...
  • Biden Tells Crying Baby: You'll Have To Pay For Romney's Tax Cuts (video)

    04/12/2012 5:03:31 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 9 replies ^ | April 12, 2012
    "That's another trillion dollars in tax cuts over the next ten years going to the top 1% of American taxpayers. [baby crying] I don't blame her for crying. She is going to inherit it. She's going to pay for it. That's one smart baby," Vice President Joe Biden said at a campaign event today.
  • Carney: Obama Not Understood Because He Spoke In "Shorthand" Since He Is A Law Professor

    04/05/2012 2:36:04 PM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 204 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | April 5, 2012
    <p>White House press secretary Jay Carney tells the press corps that President Obama's attack on the Supreme Court was misunderstood because he was speaking in "shorthand" since he is a former professor of law.</p> <p>Henry: The president is a former constitutional law professor. One of his professors is Laurence Tribe. He now says, in his words, the president obviously misspoke earlier this week, quote he didnt say what he meant and having said that in order to avoid misleading anyone, he had to clarify it. I thought yesterday you were saying repeatedly that he did not misspeak. What do you make of the presidents former law professor saying he did?</p>
  • Mending Fences

    04/05/2012 6:31:58 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 79 replies
    Grand Rants ^ | 04-05-12 | Stoutcat
    Now that the dust is settling in the Republican candidate stakes, it looks like Mitt will be our nominee. And Im fine with that. Really. I am. After four years of President Downgrade, we will need to do some fast damage control if we hope to regain even a bit of our former standing in the world community. With that in mind, I have several suggestions for actions President Romney can take very soon after he is sworn in: 1.Contact someone in England and suggest that, because of the very special relationship that exists between the two countries, wed really...
  • Biden: 'Thank You Dr. Pepper'

    03/28/2012 2:34:16 PM PDT · by jakerobins · 23 replies
    Vice President Joe Biden made yet another gaffe today when he mistakenly called Scott Community College President Dr. Theresa Paper quote "Dr. Pepper
  • 6 political gaffes that left an impression

    03/26/2012 7:47:43 AM PDT · by SmithL · 14 replies · 20+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 3/26/12 | Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer
    While the screen of an Etch A Sketch can be erased with a shake, it won't be so easy for Mitt Romney to shake off the campaign metaphor created when his aide implied the candidate's positions could be easily reset for the general election, just like the toy. Some of the other enduring campaign metaphors branded into the minds of voters in past presidential campaigns:Rick Perry's "oops" moment: The Texas governor suffered brain freeze during a debate,...John Edwards' $400 haircut: ...Howard Dean's scream: ...Bob Dole's fall off the stage: ...Michael Dukakis' helmet-and-tank photo: ... Gerald Ford's Poland comment: ...
  • Ann Romney Urges Folks to Lighten Up

    03/22/2012 5:30:22 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 24 replies · 1+ views
    Fox 8 Cleveland ^ | March 22, 2012 | Ashley Killough, CNN
    Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said Wednesday she laughed when she first heard that actor Robert De Niro had used her name in a controversial joke. I took it for what it was: a joke, Romney said on CNNs Piers Morgan Tonight. We take everything so seriously. Earlier in the day, De Niro apologized for making the quip at a fundraiser for President Barack Obamas re-election campaign. At the event, De Niro mentioned Ann Romney, as well as Callista Gingrich and Karen Santorum, then asked: Now do you really think our country is ready for a...
  • Mitt Romney's 'Cadillac Flub' is Only One of Many

    02/24/2012 1:09:12 PM PST · by AnTiw1 · 37 replies
    Politico ^ | Reid J. Epstein
    For Mitt Romney, ad-libbing is becoming a liability. At the end of a 35-minute speech Friday to the Detroit Economic Club at this citys football stadium, Romney offered yet another YouTube-worthy moment for his GOP rivals to exploit reminding the well-heeled executives that his family owns four Detroit-made-cars, including two Cadillacs. Though they may be made in Michigan, owning two of the pricey cars - which cost between $35,000 and $49,000, according to the campaign, will only reinforce the image that hes out of touch with working-class Americans.
  • Santorum Warns of Iran Attack on North Dakota

    02/16/2012 3:11:03 PM PST · by katiedidit1 · 134 replies
    National Review ^ | 2/16/2012 | Charles C. W. Cooke
    Rick Santorum made an odd comment in North Dakota on Wednesday. Praising the state for its energy production, he warned his audience that its success in the field might lead to terrorist attacks. CNN reports: Rick Santorum warned a quiet North Dakota audience Wednesday that their states booming oil industry positioned the region as a prime target for terrorism. Folks, youve got energy here. Theyre going to bother you
  • Politico Thinks the Wisconsin State Flag is a Union Flag

    02/15/2012 11:12:40 AM PST · by TexasNative2000 · 23 replies
    Politico | 2/15/2012 | Vanity
    The active page has been pulled, but here is a screenshot of an earlier Politico report. The reporter claims that President Obama is showing his support of unions by flying a flag representing Wisconsin Local #1848.Sorry, lady. That is Wisconsin's State Flag.Donovan Slack is listed as Politico's "lead writer for '44', a living diary of the Obama presidency."
  • Bachmann: "I haven't had a gaffe"

    11/18/2011 1:37:45 PM PST · by TBBT · 69 replies
    thehill ^ | 11/18/2011 | Christian Heinze
    Michele Bachmann, making the case on Fox News that she's the safest candidate in a rather jaw-dropping statement. BACHMANN: I haven't had a gaffe or something that I've done that has caused me to fall in the polls. People see in me someone who's genuinely a social conservative, a fiscal conservative, a national security conservative and a Tea Partier. I'm the whole package. And when it comes to the best Republican who take on Barack Obama and not have any clunker in my record to be able to take him on, it's me. And I've been involved as a private...
  • Leon Panetta Makes Foreign Policy Gaffe (Says INDIA is a THREAT to America, like China)

    11/18/2011 3:32:08 AM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 61 replies
    WALL STREET JOURNAL ^ | November 17, 2011, 5:35 PM ET | Adam Entous
    <p>We face the threats from rising powers China, India, others that we have to always have sufficient force protection out there in the Pacific to make sure they know were never going anywhere, Mr. Panetta said during a visit to a shipyard in Groton, Conn., where he toured a submarine, the Mississippi, in the final stages of construction.</p>
  • Obama Doesn't Know Much About Geography

    11/16/2011 6:34:00 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 15 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | Nov.16, 2011 | Mark Whittington
    COMMENTARY | Proving again that one cannot make a dumb statement if one is a liberal Democrat, President Barack Obama recently had a news conference in Hawaii in which he suggested the 50th state of the union was "here in Asia." Obama has, from time to time, fractured his geography. In a speech in Iowa last year he referred to Europe as a country. Obama once referred to the 57 states of the Union he had visited at a campaign stop in Oregon. The media, when it notes them at all, tends to pass on the president's alternate geography without...
  • Cains campaign on Libya gaffe: He had four hours of sleep last night and was taken out of context

    11/14/2011 8:32:53 PM PST · by Bigtigermike · 127 replies
    HotAir ^ | Monday November 14, 2011
    Good enough? The video is being taken out of context, said spokesman JD Gordon. He was taking questions for about 30 to 40 minutes on four hours of sleep. He didnt say anything wrong or in accurate; it just took him a while to recall the specifics of Libya. Gordon added, It just took him a while to gain his bearings. The clip was posted unedited by the Journal-Sentinel so I dont know what context he thinks was missing. Is there some context that would explain why he needed the editorial board to remind him whether Obama is pro- or...
  • Video: Perry implodes; Update: Campaign is over, says top fundraiser

    11/09/2011 8:00:06 PM PST · by Bigtigermike · 125 replies · 1+ views
    HotAir ^ | Wednesday November 9, 2011
    Via Business Insider. A few choice quotes. Larry Sabato: To my memory, Perrys forgetfulness is the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate. Rich Lowry: That might be the most uncomfortable moment Ive ever witnessed in presidential politics. [.....] Update: CNN, live in the spin room: Im sure glad I had my boots on because I sure stepped in it out there. Update: WaPos Aaron Blake tweets: Top Perry fundraiser to me: Perry campaign is over. Time for him to go home and refocus on being Gov of TX.
  • Karl Rove: The Herman Cain Boomlet Is Over (Says his Gaffes are Deadly)

    10/24/2011 7:44:07 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 158 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 10/24/2011 | Zeke Miller
    GOP strategist and former Bush advisor Karl Rove laid out all the reasons why he believes Herman Cain's presidential campaign is finished. In an interview with Fox Business, Rove listed several of Cain's recent gaffes and policy positions that are out of line with many GOP voters to show why the Cain boomlet won't continue. "I think it has created an image of him as not being up to this task," he said. "Thats really deadly." Despite the missteps, Cain's fundraising topped his third quarter numbers in just three weeks with the campaign raising over $3 million...
  • Herman Cain's gaffes undermine his credibility

    10/23/2011 1:32:35 PM PDT · by rzman21 · 46 replies
    Conservative Home USA ^ | 10/23/2011 | Conservative Home USA
    John Rossomando Follow John on Twitter Confucius once said that you dont mean what you say unless you say what you mean. But increasingly Herman Cain has shown a difficulty in conveying what he really means. And this becomes even more crucial as Cains views fall under the microscope that he largely avoided prior to unleashing his stroke of marketing genius with his 9-9-9 plan. But pitfalls such as the details of that plan or his stance on abortion show he either hasnt thought through his strategy or recognized the need to message discipline. He showed excellent discipline as recently...
  • Vice President Joe Biden doesn't know who Van Jones is

    10/04/2011 8:01:57 AM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 35 replies
    970 WFLA ^ | 10/4/11
    Tuesday morning on AM Tampa Bay on 970 WFLA, Vice President Joe Biden was asked by Jack Harris about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The VP said "I really don't know about the Van Jones group, except what I read in the press." The group is currently protesting in New York City against the social and economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government. Later in his response in talking about the frustration seen in the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street Group, Biden said "you have on the one end Van Jones'...
  • VIDEO: Herb Cain answers Palins flavor-of-the-week comments ("With all due respect")

    09/28/2011 3:30:06 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 190 replies
    Hotair ^ | 09/28/2011 | Tina Korbe
    “With all due respect” is one of those phrases — like “no offense” or “bless his heart” — that’s often used to mask an objection or an insult. So, was Sarah Palin belittling Herman Cain when “with all due respect” she said he’s just the flavor of the week? For that matter, was it playful or patronizing on her part to refer to him by a nickname of her own devising? For what it’s worth, “Herb Cain” himself isn’t affronted by her remarks.From Dave Weigel: [T]he Cain campaign dismisses this with a laugh. “No one calls him ‘Herb’ or ‘Herm,’”...
  • Oops! White House fails basic geography test

    09/27/2011 10:45:52 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 17 replies ^ | Sept. 27, 2011
    Looks like someone in the White House press office needs to brush up on his or her U.S. geography. The press office issued credentials to those reporters and photojournalists who are covering the presidents trip this week to Washington state, California, and Colorado. The credential even provides a handy graphic highlighting (in white) which states the president will visit. The only problem? Wyoming is highlighted, not Colorado.
  • Obama's Approval Ratings Among Jewish Voters Plummeting

    09/26/2011 5:42:31 PM PDT · by Freemarkets101 · 24 replies
    Brian Koenig ^ | 9/26/11 | Brian Koenig
    Obama's approval ratings, now a record-breaking low among Jewish voters, are almost as pathetic as his ability to omit gaffes from his campaign speeches (every speech he makes these days is a campaign speech). Spouting to the Congressional Black Caucus this weekend, the President somehow managed to confuse "janitors" with "Jews." (LA Times) - When you start saying, at a time when the top one-tenth of 1 percent has seen their incomes go up four or five times over the last 20 years, and folks at the bottom have seen their incomes decline - and your response is that you...
  • New gaffe: Obama confuses Jews with janitors

    09/26/2011 9:48:51 AM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 61 replies
    LAT ^ | 9/26/11 | Andrew Malcolm
    President Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus awards banquet over the weekend. Those folks will stick with him in 2012, of course. But they've been somewhat miffed in recent months that the first post-partisan president is doing too many deals with those Republicans and seeming to give in. So, Obama needed to give the crowd some presidential love. He even brought his wife along. As with virtually all of Obama's speeches recently, the Democrat's remarks dealt with selling his jobs legislation, as if it wasn't DOA on Capitol Hill. The first black president got to reminiscing about some other...
  • Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay Jew tax rate [on Video]

    09/26/2011 5:15:43 AM PDT · by NativeNewYorker · 83 replies
    While defending his call for the rich to pay more in taxes, the president said he didnt mind people calling him a class warrior for merely asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew. Whoops! The president meant to say janitor instead of Jew, and he immediately corrected himself. After all, he doesnt need any more problems keeping Jewish voters enthusiastic about his re-election bid.
  • Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay Jew tax rate

    09/25/2011 6:31:31 PM PDT · by martosko · 147 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 09/25/2011 | Jamie Weinstein
    Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner in Washington Saturday night, President Obama made a verbal boo-boo. While defending his call for the rich to pay more in taxes, the president said he didnt mind people calling him a class warrior for merely asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew. Whoops! The president meant to say janitor instead of Jew, and he immediately corrected himself. After all, he doesnt need any more problems keeping Jewish voters enthusiastic about his re-election bid.
  • President Gaff-O-Matic (the Obama graffes keep on rolling)

    Our genius president is on a hurt for campaign money, and you know what that means.....gaff-o-matic time. I've been listing the gaffes of our genius president in preparation for the general election of 2012. The list is now extensive.
  • Barack Obama joins Open Government Partnership for group photo

    09/20/2011 9:03:26 PM PDT · by ProtectOurFreedom · 78 replies
    MSNBC Photoblog ^ | 9/20/11 | Rich Shulman
    Mr. Shulman writes: "I don't know much about diplomatic protocols, but I would guess that waving during the group photo is something to avoid."
  • Michele Bachmanns lack of faith

    09/11/2011 12:22:45 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    The Worcester Telegram ^ | 09/09/2011 | Mathew N. Schmalz
    Styling herself a Christian Cassandra, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann declared Hurricane Irene as Gods warning to Washington. Now that we know she was only joking, we Christians can perhaps shrug our shoulders and leave the victims of Hurricane Irene to deal with its implications on their own. She was serious. She was joking. Maybe its her titanium spine thats giving her the balance to shift positions. Then again, perhaps the titanium spine is a necessary prosthetic given Bachmanns lack of Christian backbone. If Michele Bachmann actually were serious, she could certainly have drawn upon ample biblical justification. She could have wielded...
  • PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe

    09/10/2011 5:28:35 AM PDT · by radioone · 104 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 9-10-11 | Timothy Birdnow
    Barack Obama has gone to Congress asking for more money to spend. The President, in a rambling and tedious exercise mixing blame with demands, made quite a few dubious statements in laying out the case for Congress to vote for the plan which as yet does not exist. Much like Obamacare, Congress must ultimately vote for the bill to know what is in it. At one point Mr. Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party. Lincoln did not join the Republicans until 1856, over two years after the party was founded....
  • Bachmann: Irene is God's message for Washington

    08/29/2011 8:08:29 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 134 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 8/29/11 | Pascal Fletcher - Reuters
    MIAMI (Reuters) - For Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Hurricane Irene and last week's earthquake in the eastern United States were a message from God that Washington needs to change its policies. Even as Irene was beginning its raking course up the East Coast over the weekend, which killed 21 people and caused widespread flooding and power outages, Bachmann told senior citizens in Poinciana, Florida, on Saturday that the hurricane was an "act of God" that Washington should heed. The Minnesota congresswoman, .. recalled Washington and the east had already felt a 5.8 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. "Washington, D.C., you'd...
  • Campaigning in S.C., Bachmann says voters are worried about jobs, not candidate gaffes

    08/19/2011 6:38:30 PM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 29 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 8-19-11 | ap
    candidate, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Friday. Bachmann who made two appearances before enthusiastic crowds on the strongly Republican South Carolina coast, also said the appeal that helped her win last week's straw poll in Iowa will carry over into South Carolina, which has the first GOP presidential primary in the South. The Minnesota congresswoman has misspoken a couple of times in recent weeks, most recently on Tuesday in Spartanburg, when she mentioned to a crowd that it was Elvis' birthday when it was actually the anniversary of his death. Bachmann corrected herself later that day as she spoke...
  • Rick Perry's Gaffe Problem

    08/19/2011 2:42:11 PM PDT · by HerbieHoover · 109 replies
    US News ^ | 8/18/11 | Kenneth T. Walsh
    Perry's announcement speech got positive coverage, but the media's approach has been growing increasingly negative. Perry has been very visible, voluble, and controversial, and the media have been portraying him as something verging on a loose cannon. One example was his response to a question about whether President Obama loves his country. Perry said the questioner would have to ask Obama--which left the impression that Perry has doubts about the president's patriotism. Another example came yesterday, when Perry called global warming "a scientific theory that has not been proven and from my perspective is more and more being put into...
  • Bachmann Warns Beware Soviet Union

    08/18/2011 7:28:42 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 66 replies
    MyFoxNews ^ | Thursday August 18, 2011
    (NewsCore) - COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Minnesota congresswoman and 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann left some listeners scratching their heads Thursday when she said during a radio show interview that the US was in danger of being eclipsed by the Soviet Union. Bachmann made the remark during an appearance on the Jay Sekulow radio show while campaigning in South Carolina. "It really is about jobs and the economy," Bachmann said when asked what was on the minds of American voters she met on the trail. "But what people recognize is that there's a fear that the United States is in an...
  • Obama Screws Up Name of Company Hosting Town Hall

    08/17/2011 8:36:56 PM PDT · by Justaham · 73 replies ^ | 8-17-11
    President Obama erroneously referred to Wyffels Hybrids Inc, the company hosting his town hall meeting in Illinois today, as "Waffles". The employees groaned and corrected him.
  • Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday on death date

    08/16/2011 4:22:54 PM PDT · by ilovesarah2012 · 106 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | August 16, 2011 | JIM DAVENPORT
    SPARTANBURG, S.C. Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann got her Elvis Presley dates all shook up during a campaign stop Tuesday in South Carolina. The congresswoman from Minnesota played the Elvis tune "Promised Land" at a local restaurant and told the crowd of 300 that she wanted to say happy birthday to the king of rock `n' roll. "Before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to Elvis Presley today!" Bachmann said.
  • Time Magazine:Top 10 Obama Gaffes (Video)

    08/01/2011 9:01:36 PM PDT · by lbryce · 67 replies
    Time Magazine ^ | August 1, 2011 | Staff
    Top 10 Obama Gaffes * "Special Olympics" * Obama's Blockbuster Gift to Gordon Brown * Obama's Nancy Reagan Problem * Obama's Socialist Secret? * Obama's "Muslim" Mishap * Obama's Presumptuous Presidential Seal * Obama's "Bitter" Bungle * Obama's Word Game * Obama's Popularity Problem * Obama Plays Dumb
  • Top 10 Obama Gaffes

    07/11/2011 9:49:45 AM PDT · by New Jersey Realist · 46 replies
    Human Events ^ | 7/10/2011 | Editorial
    The Left had a grand old time with President George W. Bushs mangling of the English language, and let Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann make a slip of the tongue and the mainstream media will turn it into a major news story. Not so with President Obamas verbal missteps. Here, to bring balance to the ridicule, are the Top 10 Obama Gaffes: 1. How many states? Vice President Dan Quayle was virtually laughed out of Washington for misspelling potato back in 1992, yet Barack Obama made a more elementary flub when, during the 2008 campaign, he said: I've now been...
  • Obama Refers to the Internet as "The Internets"

    07/06/2011 8:17:05 PM PDT · by cookcounty · 42 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | July 6, 2011 | RCP staff
    "When President Bush made the same mistake during his campaign for President in 2000, he was roundly criticized as unintelligent."
  • Defending Michele Bachmann (in a manner of speaking). Just how important are the gaffes?

    07/03/2011 9:34:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 07/03/2011 | Bob Seigel
    Starting advantage for Michele Bachmanns campaign: She reminds the powerful Tea Party movement of Sarah Palin! Starting disadvantage for Michele Bachmanns campaign: She also reminds the rest of the country of Sarah Palin! Unfortunately for our forthcoming election, important similarities between Bachmann and Palin, such as their conservative stance on issues, will play second fiddle to a reputation of gaffe making. In the tradition of Palins Paul Revere commentary, Michele Bachman is offering controversial history comments of her own, with a sprinkle of geography mixed in. As reported by Carl Cameron,Speaking on Fox News Sunday evening in front of her...
  • Sean Hannity on YouTube: Obama And Biden's Gaffes - The Greatest Hits - 06/28/11

    06/29/2011 4:26:00 AM PDT · by Libloather · 12 replies
    Youtube ^ | 6/28/11
    Sean Hannity: Obama And Biden's Gaffes - The Greatest Hits - 06/28/11Click here!
  • Are Michele Bachmann Gaffes Really Gaffes?

    06/28/2011 11:42:28 PM PDT · by SeanG200 · 15 replies
    Religio-Political Talk ^ | 6-28-2011 | Papa Giorgio
    Here is the Lefts understanding of her statement: Michele Bachmann hopes Melissa Etheridge's cancer will teach her to stop being gay Here is the fuller quote about this 2004 point: "Unfortunately she is now suffering from breast cancer, so keep her in your prayers. This may be an opportunity for her now to be open to some spiritual things, now that she is suffering with that physical disease. She is a lesbian**." [....] After some fun I asked this of another friend who posted info on Bachmanns gaffes: . Tell me, what most bugs you about Bachmann besides...
  • The ABCs Of Barack Obamas Complete And Utter Stupidity (Part I)

    06/27/2011 8:42:36 AM PDT · by ConservativeStLouisGuy · 20 replies
    Vocal Minority ^ | June 24, 2011
    The ABCs of Barack Obamas Complete and Utter Stupidity (Part I) Its supposed to be common knowledge that Sarah Palin is stupid, right? Why? Palin-haters cant tell us. Theres no actual data to back that up, other than out-of-context statements, completely made up quotes and purportedgotcha moments. These debunked gaffes then get transported instantaneously throught the leftosphere from Daily Kos to the NY Times to to MSNBC to the script writing rooms of Saturday Night Live and around and around again. All this before the slightest bit of fact checking even startsif it ever takes place at all.Remember...
  • The ABCs of Barack Obamas Complete and Utter Stupidity (Part II)

    06/26/2011 3:46:26 PM PDT · by EricTheRed_VocalMinority · 32 replies
    Vocal Minority ^ | 6/26/11 | EricTheRed
    Part Ihere When you add up all the mistakes [Obama has] madenot slips of the tongue, but real errors in statements and speeches he could read from the ubiquitous teleprompterthey make quite a number. El Rushbo, June 24, 2011. And with that, we continue our ABCs of Obama gaffes and epic fails:N is for nittaly lions, which is what President Genius called Penn States mascot. (Its supposed to be nittany lions.)O is for Olympics. President Genius took the time to fly himself and his massive ego to Copenhagen in order to personally make a pitch for Chicago as the...