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  • Get rhymin’! Poems wanted for Garrison Keillor contest

    04/06/2015 4:16:18 PM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 25 replies
    BringMetheNews ^ | 4-2-15 | Shaymus McLaughlin
    April kicks off with a day for fools, but spends the rest of its weeks celebrating meters, diction and iambic pentameters. Yes, it’s National Poetry Month. And as part of a celebration of the written word, Garrison Keillor is once again using his Common Good Books in St. Paul for a poetry contest. It’s the third straight year, and Keillor himself is offering $5,000 in prizes – three winners will get a grand apiece, and four runners-up will each get $500. The theme this year? “Dear you.” So the work must be a letter to a “specific, living person,” the...
  • Note to Tea Partyers: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

    01/20/2010 10:36:31 AM PST · by prairiebreeze · 117 replies · 3,329+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | January 19,2010 | Garrison Keillor
    The tea partiers are enjoying their day in the sun, but coffee is the beverage preferred by most Americans, and we don't have time to gang up and holler and wave our arms -- we prefer to sit quietly with coffee in hand and read a reliable newspaper and try to figure out what's going on in the world. Great heaps of dead bodies are moved by front-loaders and dumped, uncounted, unidentified, into open pits in a stricken country while people feast and walk treadmills on enormous cruise ships sailing a hundred miles off the coast en route to the...
  • Garrison Keillor: The Jews Have Screwed Up Our Christmas

    12/20/2009 3:02:31 PM PST · by Shellybenoit · 30 replies · 1,187+ views
    Baltimore Sun/The Lid ^ | 12/19/09 | The Lid
    Jews have been accused of many Ills by the bigots of the world, supposedly we control the banks, the media, foreign policy, and the American Government (Thankfully Obama disproves that one). Lately Jews have been accused of creating swine flu and the housing bubble that created the economic crisis (well Barney Frank IS Jewish). During the Christmas season, many bigots revive the old anti-Semitic slander of diacide, that the Jews killed Christ. Garrison Keillor, of Prairie Home Companion fame has come up with a brand new slur for Christmas, the Jews ruined the holiday by writing lousy Christmas songs.
  • Stuck in the shallows (Garrison Keillor Again Calls for Genocide of Republicans)

    09/30/2009 10:27:58 AM PDT · by Jack Wilson · 101 replies · 3,055+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 9/30/2009 | Garrison Keillor
    ... one starts to wonder if the country wouldn't be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.
  • We Are What We Are (Garrison Keillor leaning Republican in Old Age?)

    05/13/2009 1:41:15 PM PDT · by lewisglad · 39 replies · 2,101+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 5/13/09 | By GARRISON KEILLOR
    I went to a party the other day and heard the word “torture” and said that I didn’t think we should prosecute Bush lawyers who wrote those torture memos, and people jumped all over me like I was an escaped Nazi, so as long as I was persona non grata, I said some more stuff. People about dropped their drinks. I saw lifelong friends turn away in disgust. I Don’t Care. It felt good. Liquor wasn’t the cause. Crankiness was. And crankiness is the birthright of Republicans. As Mr. Cheney said, “We are what we are. We’re Republicans. We have...
  • Garrison Keillor: Finally, no need to pose as Canadians

    11/11/2008 3:25:11 PM PST · by pissant · 59 replies · 224+ views
    Minn. Red Star Tribune ^ | 11/11/08 | garrison Keillor
    Be happy, dear hearts, and allow yourselves a few more weeks of quiet exultation. It isn’t gloating, it’s satisfaction at a job well done. He was a superb candidate, serious, professorial but with a flashing grin and a buoyancy that comes from working out in the gym every morning. He spoke in a genuine voice, not senatorial at all. He relished campaigning. He accepted adulation gracefully. He brandished his sword against his opponents without mocking or belittling them. He was elegant, unaffected, utterly American, and now (Wow) suddenly America is cool. Chicago is cool. Chicago!!! We threw the dice and...
  • News from St. Paul: (Garrison) Keillor sues neighbor to block addition

    01/15/2008 9:53:37 AM PST · by MplsSteve · 30 replies · 56+ views
    Minneapolis StarTribune (aka The Red Star) ^ | 1/15/08 | Pat Pheifer - Staff Reporter
    The Lutherans of Lake Wobegon would most likely fume in silence, but Garrison Keillor, creator of the fictional town and among St. Paul's most famous citizens, isn't being quite so quiet. Keillor and his wife, Jenny Lind Nilsson, are suing their next-door neighbor, Lori Anderson, to stop her from building a two-story addition to her home that would include a three-stall garage and studio. The lawsuit, filed Monday in Ramsey County District Court, claims the addition would "obstruct the access of light and air to the Nilsson-Keillor property" and "impair or destroy protected historical resources." Both homes in the 400...
  • Keillor's Dallas jabs read like fictional tale

    10/05/2006 8:13:59 AM PDT · by altura · 66 replies · 2,546+ views
    The Dallas Morning News ^ | October 5, 2005 | Jacquielynn Floyd
    Garrison Keillor must have come to Dallas itching for a fight. He must have come here expecting – even intending – to have his worst expectations confirmed. There's no other explanation for the deeply insulting remarks he directs in a syndicated opinion column at the fans who went to Highland Park United Methodist Church last week to hear him speak. An adoring crowd could not have been rewarded with more contempt if they had gone to see the Sex Pistols.
  • Star of Stage Screen and Radio, Enters Political Arena

    06/11/2006 8:54:09 AM PDT · by wita · 22 replies · 1,073+ views
    Salt Lake Tribune ^ | June 10, 2006 | Garrison Keillor
    People who live in mud huts should not throw mud, especially if it comes from their own roofs. As Scripture says, don't point to the speck in your neighbor's eye when you have a piece of kindling in your own. I see by the papers that the Republicans want to make an issue of Nancy Pelosi in the congressional races this fall: Would you want a San Francisco woman to be speaker of the House? Will the podium be repainted in lavender stripes with a disco ball overhead? Will she be borne into the chamber by male dancers with glistening...
  • Not all that flows from Garrison Keillor's pen is above average

    05/25/2006 3:25:50 PM PDT · by Caleb1411 · 55 replies · 1,209+ views
    Duluth News Tribune ^ | May 25, 2006 | H. DAVID SAPP
    Garrison Keillor's weekly column never fails to annoy me. His slapdash, sloppy, meandering, sentimental, silly anecdotes are, at best, below average. I strongly disagree with his May 4 commentary, "Writing is easy." Of course it's easy for a hack like him. He is spoiled by his fame and success. His fawning fans love everything he does, so why should he bother to strive for perfection? Writing was not so easy for great writers like Proust and Henry James, whom he dismisses. He is not worthy of sharpening their pencils. Great writers take pains with their prose and poetry because they...
  • Impeach BUSH(The Call for Impeachment from LAke Wobegon aka Keillor goes nuts)

    03/01/2006 1:46:42 AM PST · by bayourant · 59 replies · 2,121+ views
    salon ^ | March 1, 2006 | Garrison Keillor March 1, 2006 | These are troubling times for all of us who love this country, as surely we all do, even the satirists. You may poke fun at your mother, but if she is belittled by others it burns your bacon. A blowhard French journalist writes a book about America that is full of arrogant stupidity, and you want to let the air out of him and mail him home flat. You hear young people talk about America as if it's all over, and you trust that this is only them talking tough. And then you read the...
  • Another Radio Station Falls to Fox News (WI Liberals Are Mad!)

    08/06/2005 3:10:41 PM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 121 replies · 2,877+ views ^ | August 4, 2005 | Dave Zweifel
    Earlier this year public radio's Garrison Keillor wrote a great piece for the Nation in which he lamented the passing of radio programming as we once knew it. He talked about the heyday of great radio stations like WCCO in Minneapolis, WOR in New York, KMOX in St. Louis and WGN in Chicago and how they were filled with down-home programming on everything from fishing and home repair to baseball games and live coverage of the local news. But, more importantly, the stations were about their hometowns. In smaller communities, Keillor recalled, you would hear the local livestock reports, the...
  • Keillor: Born-agains should not have right to vote

    11/15/2004 2:42:19 PM PST · by JustAnotherOkie · 239 replies · 6,782+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | Posted: November 15, 2004 | World net daily
    Speaking in the aftermath of the presidential election, Democrat radio host Garrison Keillor says he is on a quest to take away the right of born-again Christians to vote, saying their citizenship is actually in heaven, not the United States. Keillor, host of the popular National Public Radio show "A Prairie Home Companion," made the comments during a speech at Chicago's Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and during his radio monologue the Saturday after the election.
  • Garrison Keillor gets cheers for passing of Ronald Reagan

    06/08/2004 10:55:37 AM PDT · by Tank-FL · 200 replies · 1,377+ views
    Feeling sad and having just heard the news that President Ronald Reagan had just passed this past Saturday June 5, 2004 at 5:00 PM I switched my car radio from my local news radio to my local NPR, PRI affiliate to get my fill of the left by listening to A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. I can normally make it through the live shows but this last show I had to turn off. The show began with ridicule and cheers from the audience when the Host (Mr. Garrison Keillor) announced that the former President had past away within...
  • Good citizen Keillor (Letters to the editor)

    11/26/2002 8:10:45 AM PST · by Valin · 14 replies · 215+ views
    <p>Concerning the dust-up over Garrison Keillor's two recent columns on attacking Norm Coleman (Star Tribune, Nov. 20), I am one of many Minnesotans (and many Americans nationwide) who think Keillor got it achingly right. He precisely portrayed Coleman's cynical twisting of Paul Wellstone's work during the campaign, his hypocrisy after the plane crash, and his hollow, self-serving behavior generally. To have Wellstone replaced by this phony compounds the nightmare of the senator's death immeasurably. Keillor's deployment of his formidable talent to show Coleman for what he is, at the risk of alienating part of his audience and rattling the timorous public radio network that employs him, shows both guts and a sense of citizenship.</p>
  • BRIAN LAMBERT: Supporters defend Keillor's columns on Coleman

    11/20/2002 8:44:26 PM PST · by What Is Ain't · 13 replies · 128+ views ^ | 11/19/02 | Brian Lambert
    Accustomed as I am to being called names — "twit," "liberal weenie" and "pinko commie hack" being the regulars — there was something unsettling about the calls and e-mails that flowed in response to Saturday's piece on Garrison Keillor's startlingly vitriolic shots at U.S. Sen.-elect Norm Coleman. Call me whatever you want, but when the tone among 65 messages is about evenly "split" between those accusing me of being "another media stooge of the Republican Party" or (even scarier) "a welcome antidote to the liberal bias of the Pioneer Press," something more needs to be said. Supporters of Keillor's columns...
  • Garrison may have burned a few bridges with folks in Lake Wobegon

    11/20/2002 7:23:37 AM PST · by Valin · 92 replies · 480+ views
    St Paul Pioneer (de)Press ^ | 11/20/02 | CHUCK CHALBERG
    Poor Garrison Keillor. Having worked himself into such a snit over Norm Coleman's victory, will he ever again be taken seriously as a man of calming good humor? For that matter, will he ever be able to go home to Lake Wobegon again? And if he does, what can he and fellas at the Side Track Tap possibly have to say to one another? After all these years of genial folksiness, it's finally come to this: stunned silence. "How could they?" he must be fuming to himself. "How could he?" they must be muttering to themselves. Lakes generally lack bridges,...
  • Sing Goddess of the Wrath of Garrison [Keillor] - The Limits of Leftist Humor Get Narrow

    11/19/2002 11:32:27 AM PST · by Timesink · 37 replies · 288+ views
    Precepts ^ | November 18, 2002 | Bruce C. Sanborn
    Sing Goddess of the Wrath of Garrison The Limits of Leftist Humor Get Narrow By Bruce C. Sanborn Posted November 18, 2002 Because Garrison Keillor is a talented writer and neighbor and has been writing on politics lately, I read his Salon piece, "Minnesota's shame," several times. It got me thinking about anger in politics and Garrison as a political performer. First time through, I noticed Keillor, who is generally known as a humorist, isn't aiming for laughs; the passion he shows (and seeks) has no relatives in the laughter family. This time he even avoids the modulated irony...
  • Desperate dems - On the Left: Hysteria And Name-Calling ~ Bob Bartley

    11/18/2002 4:45:45 AM PST · by Elle Bee · 23 replies · 341+ views
    The Wall Street Journal. / Opinion Journal ^ | November 18. 2002 | Robert L. Bartley
    <p>How desperate are the Democrats? Just listen to what they have to say.</p> <p>"If you like God in government, get ready for the rapture," Bill Moyers told his PBS audience the Friday after the election. Republicans will have "monopoly control" of the government, and will "turn their radical ideology into the law of the land." This means "forcing pregnant women to surrender control over the own lives," and "using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich," as well as "giving corporations a free hand to eviscerate the environment."</p>
  • Now we know what Keillor really thinks, but why?

    11/17/2002 4:16:33 PM PST · by rhema · 53 replies · 820+ views
    St. Paul Pioneer Press ^ | 11/17/02 | Brian Lambert
    Give Garrison Keillor credit for this: He leaves no questions when it comes to what he thinks of Norm Coleman — just about why he thinks it. Politicos, media types and startled readers here and across the country are still trying to comprehend the personal tone, depth of antipathy and consequences of two columns the Man from Lake Wobegon filed for the online magazine Salon in the past 10 days. Last week, two days after the election, Keillor weighed in with a piece titled "Empty Victory for a Hollow Man." In it, he lacerated Sen.-elect Coleman as essentially an empty...
  • Keillor to exit downtown St. Paul

    08/09/2002 11:27:30 AM PDT · by Temple Owl · 3 replies · 176+ views
    St. Paul Pioneer Press | 8-9-02 | BRIAN LAMBERT
    ------------Posted on Fri, Aug. 09, 2002 Keillor to exit downtown St. PaulBY BRIAN LAMBERTSt. Paul Pioneer PressWhat we can report for certain is that Garrison Keillor and the staff of "A Prairie Home Companion" are moving out of downtown St. Paul, and that Keillor has created a new corporate marquee for himself, Grand Prairie LLP.Beyond that, one is clearly meddling in the inner sanctums of Minnesota Public Radio, a regal, insulated place where Keillor and MPR president Bill Kling interact like co-doges of medieval Venice at the height of its empire.Sometime between the 15th and 30th of August, Keillor will...