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  • WAPO'S Gerson: Time To Confront Not Just Trump But His Followers As Well

    11/30/2015 3:15:52 AM PST · by Biggirl · 52 replies ^ | November 30, 2015 | Pam Key
    Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” op-ed columnist for The Washington Post Michael Gerson said it’s time to “confront” GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his followers.

    11/25/2015 3:01:58 AM PST · by Biggirl · 6 replies ^ | November 25, 2015 | Caroline Glick
    Originally published by the Jerusalem Post. Since the Islamic State attacks in Paris on November 13, we have seen the development of a new, and strange justification for the Obama administration’s insistent refusal to jettison its manifestly failed strategy of contending with IS specifically and with Islamic terrorism generally.
  • The Wreckage Left by the Summer of Trump (GOP Survival depends on Trump defeat)

    09/17/2015 4:35:35 PM PDT · by nhwingut · 58 replies
    Real Clear Politics/WaPo ^ | 09/17/2015 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- The relatively rare moments of economic analysis and political outreach in the second Republican debate -- Chris Christie talking about income stagnation, or Marco Rubio lamenting the "millions of people in this country living paycheck to paycheck," or Ben Carson admitting the minimum wage might require increasing and fixing, or Jeb Bush setting out the necessary goal of accelerated economic growth, or John Kasich calling for a "sense of hope, a sense of purpose, a sense of unity" -- only served to highlight the opportunity cost of the Trump summer. Let me recall a little ancient history, from...
  • WashPost's Michael Gerson Slashes Limbaugh, Levin, and Ron Paul; Levin Responds to NewsBusters

    06/14/2013 6:10:19 PM PDT · by Nachum · 23 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 6/14/13 | Tim Graham
    Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson President George W. Bushs top speechwriter from 2001 to 2006 was hired by the Post in 2007 because he would be a different kind of conservative and "an independent voice." Translation: he would slash other people on the right as dishonest, dishonorable, unpatriotic people. He has not attacked talk-show hosts on MSNBC or other leftists this way. In his Friday column, Gerson whacked Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin with these harsh attacks. Mark Levin offered NewsBusters his reaction. Gerson began: A number of libertarians and conservative populists have found data collection...
  • How to Save the Republican Party

    03/23/2013 10:34:37 AM PDT · by Dysart · 51 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | March/April | Michael Gerson & Peter Wehner
    ...First, and most important, is focusing on the economic concerns of working-and middle-class Americans, many of whom now regard the Republican Party as beholden to millionaires and billionaires and as wholly out of touch with ordinary Americans. This is a durable impressionwitness Bill Clintons effective deployment of it more than 20 years ago and its continued resonance during the 2012 campaign when Team Obama portrayed Mitt Romney as a plutocrat who delighted in shutting down factories and moving jobs overseas. Sure enough, in November exit polls, 81 percent of voters said that Barack Obama cared for people like me; a...
  • Rand Paul masks his true worldview

    03/12/2013 9:23:45 AM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 53 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | March 11 2013 | By Michael Gerson(a Bushie)
    Since arriving in the Senate in 2011, Rand Paul has been probing here and there for issues of populist resonance. Audit the secretive, sinister Federal Reserve. Rein in those TSA screeners patting down little girls. In each instance, Paul (R-Ky.) has evoked the fear of oppressive government without tipping over into the paranoia of his fathers most dedicated supporters. It has been a diluted, domesticated, decaffeinated version of the ideology that motivated Ron Pauls presidential races.
  • Where Politics and Madness Merge

    01/12/2011 12:26:30 PM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | January 12, 2011 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- When President John Kennedy visited Dallas in November 1963, he was greeted by a full-page newspaper ad accusing him of being a communist fellow traveler. To his wife he observed, "Oh, you know, we're headed into nut country today." The city, according to historian William Manchester, was a "mecca" for "the Minutemen, the John Birch and Patrick Henry societies." In the hours following Kennedy's assassination, aides assumed a right-wing radical was responsible. When Robert Kennedy informed Jacqueline about Lee Harvey Oswald's leftist background, she felt sick. "He didn't even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights,"...
  • How the Dream Act transcends politics

    12/09/2010 4:58:19 AM PST · by WilliamHouston · 9 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/07/2010 | Michael Gerson
    When I was a Senate staffer more than a decade ago, Republicans hit on a tactic to advance school choice. They kept narrowing the eligibility standard to cover poorer and poorer families with children in only the most spectacularly failing schools, daring Democrats to vote against the most sympathetic possible group of students. I remember one liberal senator saying in exasperation, "Someday, you are going to make this impossible to oppose." . . .
  • The GOP's Sarah Palin problem (Guns a-blazin' at Tea Party and Palin already....)

    11/06/2010 6:10:15 AM PDT · by TitansAFC · 72 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 11-6-10 | Michael Gerson
    At their new political high-water mark, Republicans have plenty of reasons to celebrate - and at least one large cause for worry. On Election Day, voters shattered the Obama agenda of expanded public benefits and increased income tax progressivity, leaving the president to reassemble his goals with glue and tape. During this midterm cycle, Republicans became reacquainted with estranged friends: independents, seniors, college-educated voters, working-class voters, rural voters and suburban voters. The Republican Party will benefit from the infusion of diverse, attractive new leaders, including some, such as Florida Sen.-elect Marco Rubio, with Tea Party pedigrees...
  • Palin's erratic behavior mars 2010 elections (Attacks beginning already!)

    11/02/2010 12:36:09 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 48 replies
    The Washington Post's Post Partisan ^ | November 2, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    For many Republicans, the bright, golden haze of Election Day is marred by a thunderhead on the horizon -- the increasingly erratic political interventions of Sarah Palin. In the past, Palin embodied the populist style of the Tea Party movement while espousing a fairly mainstream Republican ideology. On economic, social and foreign policy, Palin seldom strayed from a simplified, popularized Reaganism. The mama grizzly may have been ferocious, but her talking points came from the Heritage Foundation instead of from darker corners of the right. But this election season has called that perception into question. Palin's endorsement of Christine O'Donnell...
  • Obama Shouldn't Dismiss Voter Concern (Even M Gerson coming around to O's arrogance)

    10/19/2010 8:33:07 AM PDT · by milwguy · 11 replies
    rcp ^ | 10/19/2010 | michael gerson
    After a series of ineffective public messages -- leaving the political landscape dotted with dry rhetorical wells -- President Obama has hit upon a closing argument. "Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now," he recently told a group of Democratic donors in Massachusetts, "and facts and science and argument (do) not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared. And the country is scared." Let's unpack these remarks. Though there is plenty of competition, these are some of the most arrogant words...
  • Christopher Hitchens

    10/14/2010 11:09:06 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 44 replies · 1+ views ^ | October 14, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- Christopher Hitchens -- bald from cancer treatments, speaking between doctor's appointments -- has a special disdain for deathbed religious conversions. Appearing before a group of journalists organized by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public life, he criticized the pressures put on Tom Paine to embrace Christianity and the malicious rumors of faith that followed Charles Darwin's demise. "I've already thought about this a great deal, thanks all the same," he explained. The idea "that you may be terrified" is no reason to "abandon the principles of a lifetime." At this event -- a joint appearance with his...
  • Top Bush Aide Denounces Mark Levin, Malkin, Others as 'Unhinged...Bolshevik' Enforcers

    09/19/2010 8:10:19 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 286 replies · 2+ views
    Newsbusters ^ | 9/19/10 | Tim Graham
    Former top Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson is a Washington Post columnist, and there is never a better time for right-leaning columnists to lean left than in the last weeks of an election season. (See George Will trashing Sen. George Allen in the last weeks of 2006.) His rant also may have granted Gerson a seat on CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday. Gerson not only denounced Christine O'Donnell as a wacky candidate like Alan Keyes, he denounced "the childish political thought of the Tea Party." He insisted conservatives were like Bolsheviks. Bloggers like Michelle Malkin and talk show hosts like...
  • The childish political thought of the Tea Party

    09/17/2010 10:11:35 PM PDT · by Outlaw Woman · 66 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 09/17/2010 | Michael Gerson
    With his recent criticisms of Delaware Senate candidate Christine ODonnell on Fox News, Karl Rove kicked up a controversy. His critique of O'Donnell was granular and well-informed. Having worked with Karl for a number of years, I know that he is nothing if not detail-oriented. Rove has taken O'Donnell to task for her checkered financial past, her history of litigiousness and paranoia,...
  • [Bush Speechwriter] Michael Gerson: Why the Tea Party is toxic for the GOP

    08/24/2010 9:50:14 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | August 25, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    So the "summer of recovery" swelters on, with Democrats sun-blistered, pestered by bottle flies, sand in their swimsuits, water in their ears. Jobless claims increase, Republicans lead the generic congressional ballot, and George W. Bush is six points more popular than President Obama in "front-line" Democratic districts that are most vulnerable to a Republican takeover. Still, Democrats hug the hope that Obama is really the liberal Ronald Reagan -- but without wit, humor, an explainable ideology or an effective economic plan. Other than that, the resemblance is uncanny. Yet the Republican Party suffers its own difficulty -- an untested ideology...
  • Politico: Bush aide (Michael Gerson) backs Obama on mosque

    08/14/2010 6:04:00 AM PDT · by maggief · 45 replies
    Politico ^ | August 14, 2010 | Ben Smith and Mike Allen (JouroListas)
    EXCERPT A former senior Bush aide, chief speechwriter Michael Gerson, told POLITICO last night that he supports Obama's decision. "An enormously complex and emotional issue -- but ultimately the right thing to do," Gerson said. "A president is president for every citizen, including every Muslim citizen. Obama is correct that the way to marginalize radicalism is to respect the best traditions of Islam and protect the religious liberty of Muslim Americans. It is radicals who imagine an American war on Islam. But our conflict is with the radicals alone."
  • Nannies in Power

    04/23/2010 2:36:11 PM PDT · by K-oneTexas · 5 replies · 303+ views ^ | 23 April 2010 | Michael Gerson
    <p>WASHINGTON -- Following the passage of Democratic health care reform legislation, President Obama assured the country that it was a "middle-of-the-road, centrist approach" instead of an intrusive, government power grab. But the government seems incapable of resisting the nannying impulse that undermines this claim.</p>
  • Eric Holder, the attorney general of ineptness

    03/19/2010 6:34:25 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 20 replies · 712+ views
    Washington Post ^ | March 19, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    Attorney General Eric Holder is controversial on the left for preserving much of the Bush administration's legal structure for conducting the war on terror. He is controversial on the right for overturning portions of that structure in ways that seem both clueless and reckless. But Holder is the most endangered member of the Obama Cabinet for a different reason: Just about everything he has touched has backfired. The list is oddly impressive. First, there was the decision to release Bush-era interrogation memos and reopen the investigation of CIA interrogators after they had been cleared by career prosecutors. Holder assumed these...
  • Democrats' True Colors

    03/17/2010 5:04:17 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies · 483+ views ^ | March 17, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- The final outcome of the health care reform debate is uncertain -- who can predict where a writhing eel will land? -- but we have learned a few things already. First, we know that President Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership could not persuade a majority of Americans of the wisdom of their plan -- and have largely ceased to try. As of this writing, a president who seems willing to interrupt prime-time programming on the slightest pretext has not scheduled a speech from the Oval Office to make his final health reform appeal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...
  • Democrats Show Their True Colors In Push For Health Reform

    03/17/2010 8:55:42 AM PDT · by Lmo56 · 6 replies · 592+ views
    Wa Po ^ | 3/17/2010 | Michael Gerson
    The final outcome of the health-care-reform debate is uncertain -- who can predict where a writhing eel will land? -- but we have learned a few things already. First, we know that President Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership could not persuade a majority of Americans of the wisdom of their plan -- and have largely ceased to try.
  • The Crumbling Pillars of the Culture War

    03/12/2010 2:02:12 PM PST · by Kaslin · 2 replies · 349+ views ^ | March 12, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- Just 20 years ago, pro-life and anti-homosexual rights views seemed to overlap entirely. They appeared to be expressions of the same traditionalist moral framework, destined to succeed or fail together as twin pillars of the culture war. But in the years since, the fortunes of these two social stands have dramatically diverged. A May 2009 Gallup poll found that more Americans, for the first time, describe themselves as "pro-life" than "pro-choice." A February 2010 CNN/Time poll found that half of Americans, for the first time, believe that homosexuality is "not a moral issue." This divergence says something about...
  • A Short Stay at Guantanamo Bay

    02/12/2010 6:17:18 AM PST · by Kaslin · 2 replies · 304+ views ^ | February 12, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba -- It is the oddest of unintended airport stopovers -- a short stay at Guantanamo Bay. Helicopter flights for the ship I was trying to reach off the coast of Haiti had been canceled. So I slept in an Air Force tent at Camp Freedom, an arrow's shot from where 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed is imprisoned -- his stay now extended longer than the Obama administration would wish. "Guantanamo" has become a synonym for "prison." Actually, it is a 45-square-mile U.S. Navy base, complete with a McDonald's and a Subway. The Guantanamo Bay Children and Youth...
  • The Betrayals of a Community Organizer

    02/05/2010 3:33:49 AM PST · by Kaslin · 3 replies · 343+ views ^ | February 5, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- Former community organizer Barack Obama once seemed to recognize the important role of community institutions. It was among his few credible claims to ideological outreach. On the eve of his inauguration, cameras in tow, Obama took a paint roller to the walls of a D.C. homeless shelter. He retained the White House office that promotes community and faith-based charities. In June, during a speech saluting nonprofits, he said, "Solutions to America's challenges are being developed every day at the grass roots. And government shouldn't be supplanting those efforts, it should be supporting those efforts." But alliteration carries little...
  • Gerson: The Humiliations Have Only Begun

    01/19/2010 10:07:45 PM PST · by Senator Goldwater · 51 replies · 2,350+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | January 19, 2010 | Michael Gerson
    So, a Republican has convincingly won Ted Kennedys former Senate seat. After opposing health reform. And supporting the waterboarding of terrorists. And appearing as a nude centerfold. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by three to one. And where Republicans havent won a Senate election since 1972. After a high-profile visit by President Obama. Who won the state by 26 points last year. But who now carries no political weight in the bluest state in the country. With vicious, public recriminations starting among Democrats even before election day. Following major losses in Virginia and New Jersey. It means that...
  • Brit Hume's Tiger Woods Remarks Shine Light On True intolerance

    01/08/2010 5:40:45 PM PST · by Steelfish · 44 replies · 1,397+ views
    Washington Post ^ | January 08th 2010 | Michael Gerson
    Brit Hume's Tiger Woods Remarks Shine Light On True intolerance By Michael Gerson January 8, 2010 After urging Tiger Woods to accept the "forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith" -- and comparing Buddhism unfavorably to that hope -- journalist Brit Hume insisted he was not proselytizing. In this, he is wrong. His words exemplify proselytization. For this, Hume has been savaged. Post media critic Tom Shales put him in the category of a "sanctimonious busybody" engaged in "telling people what religious beliefs they ought to have." Blogger Andrew Sullivan criticized Hume's "pure sectarianism," which helps abolish...
  • The Strange, Sad Death of Journalism

    11/27/2009 4:12:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 29 replies · 1,048+ views ^ | November 27, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- Like the nearby Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the Newseum -- Washington's museum dedicated to journalism -- displays dinosaurs. On a long wall near the entrance, the front pages of newspapers from around the country are electronically posted each morning -- the artifacts of a declining industry. Inside, the high-tech exhibits are nostalgic for a lower-tech time when banner headlines and network news summarized the emotions and exposed the scandals of the nation. Lindbergh Lands Safely. One Small Step. Nixon Resigns. Cronkite removes his glasses to announce President Kennedy's death at 1 p.m., Central Standard Time. Behind...
  • The Democrats get lashed

    11/04/2009 8:55:57 PM PST · by pillut48 · 25 replies · 1,092+ views
    WAPO ^ | November 4, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    Today, national Democrats are trying their best to dismiss missing limbs as flesh wounds. It is their job. But they are in deep trouble if they believe their own spin. Compared to 12 months ago, 24 percent more Virginians voted Republican at the top of the ticket. Independents broke decisively against Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey. If this is not a backlash against Democrats, then who, exactly, was being lashed? These losses, for the most part, dont seem to be a personal repudiation of the president. But they highlight a political fact -- the political fact of the last...
  • Too Small to Lead

    10/30/2009 5:44:00 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies · 581+ views ^ | October 30, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    R. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, seems poised to lose the jewel in President Obama's political crown. In November 2008, Obama was the first Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to win the electoral votes of the Commonwealth. Obama's victory was a case study in how he might transform American politics, building an alliance of new voters and suburban Southerners to defeat Republicans at the heart of their power. A year later, the Virginia governor's race displays a Democratic promise gone crusty and stale. The Republican candidate, Bob McDonnell, threatens to turn a lead into a rout. Democratic leaders,...
  • Evangelical Movement at 'Head-Snapping' Moment, Says Scholar

    10/11/2009 6:33:33 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 42 replies · 1,730+ views
    Christian Post ^ | 10/10/2009 | Michael Vu
    LANDOVER, Md. The evangelical movement is at a head-snapping generational change with younger evangelicals revolting against the tone of the Christian Right, says a prominent religious scholar. Across the nation, young evangelicals are naming Rick Warren or Bono as their role model for social engagement, rather than a Christian Right leader, says Michael Gerson, senior research fellow in the Center on Faith & International Affairs at the Institute for Global Engagement. Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest, Calif., is known for mobilizing evangelical churches in the battle against HIV/AID in Africa, while U2 frontman Bono is one...
  • All About Obama

    09/26/2009 5:23:40 AM PDT · by SonOfDarkSkies · 36 replies · 1,501+ views
    WaPo ^ | 9/26/2009 | Michael Gerson
    <p>Ive refrained from commenting on President Obamas address to the United Nations General Assembly because the speech made me angry.</p> <p>But this address grows more disturbing on further reading. Some major presidential speeches deserve to be remembered, quoted and celebrated. Some deserve to be forgotten. A few deserve to be remembered and criticized, because they dishonor the history of presidential rhetoric.</p>
  • Obama's Speech Was Nothing New

    09/09/2009 10:35:36 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 15 replies · 1,175+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Michael Gerson
    If history is a guide, presidents who devote a joint session of Congress to a single domestic issue gain a bump. The drama of taking the center stage of American politics increases both attention and support. President Carters 1977 energy speech resulted in a nine-point rise in the percentage of Americans who thought the nation had a serious energy problem. After President Clinton delivered his health care joint session in 1993, 79 percent of Americans agreed that the health care system needed fundamental changes or should be completely rebuilt. Neither speech, however, changed the fundamental political dynamic in Congress. And...
  • The Crisis of Health Care Reform

    09/09/2009 1:17:25 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 164+ views ^ | September 9, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- President Jimmy Carter once sent a note to an adviser extolling the importance of crisis to leadership. "When a president has authority to act unilaterally (as in a crisis), his leadership can be exerted. Otherwise, compromise, delay and confusion are more likely. It's our system. I like it." Politicians, like the rest of us, are often victims of their wishes. Carter was eventually smacked by the waves of crisis he sought to ride. But encouraging a sense of crisis is a traditional tool of executive leadership. And using a joint session of Congress to address a single domestic...
  • Obama's Crisis: Credibility

    09/09/2009 1:28:18 AM PDT · by kingattax · 12 replies · 896+ views
    Washington Post ^ | September 9, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    President Jimmy Carter once sent a note to an adviser extolling the importance of crisis to leadership. "When a president has authority to act unilaterally (as in a crisis), his leadership can be exerted. Otherwise, compromise, delay and confusion are more likely. It's our system. I like it." Politicians, like the rest of us, are often victims of their wishes. Carter was eventually smacked by the waves of crisis he sought to ride. But encouraging a sense of crisis is a traditional tool of executive leadership. And using a joint session of Congress to address a single domestic issue is...
  • A Loss of Will on Afghanistan

    09/04/2009 6:01:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies · 404+ views ^ | September 4, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- We are seeing the stirrings of a cross-ideological revolt against American military involvement in Afghanistan. On the right, some who accepted the Cold War as a great moral cause view the war on terror as a bother -- even as a dangerous excuse for global social engineering. Such tinkering, the argument goes, is particularly doomed in Afghanistan, brimming with warlords both primitive and invincible. And because Afghanistan is now Barack Obama's war, no partisan motive remains to support it. On the left, some view every conceivable war as a "war of choice" that should never be chosen. With...
  • The First Election of the Obama Backlash

    08/28/2009 4:30:56 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 74 replies · 2,123+ views ^ | August 28, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    The late-night hotel desk clerk in Salem, Va., -- after my long drive from Washington down the Shenandoah Valley -- wanted to talk political philosophy. He intended to support Republican Bob McDonnell for governor in November on Madisonian grounds. "I vote both parties, but I don't want anyone having all the control." Obama, in his view, needed to be checked and balanced. This is the durable tendency of Virginia politics. Since 1977, the political party that has won the presidency has, in every case, lost the Virginia governorship in the next election. This pattern of cussedness is holding, at least...
  • Michael Gerson: Why Obamacare Is Failing

    08/26/2009 3:16:51 AM PDT · by Puzzleman · 18 replies · 1,466+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | August 26, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    At first it seemed plausible that President Obama had a communications problem on health care -- to which the solution was always more and more Obama. But exposure did not translate into persuasion...
  • The Path to Republican Revival

    08/17/2009 8:22:33 AM PDT · by Jbny · 146 replies · 4,367+ views
    Commentary Magazine ^ | August 17th 2009 | Peter Wehner and Michael Gerson
    At some point about five years ago, America became a One-Party Countryand the party in question was the GOP. Such, at least, was the conclusion of Los Angeles Times reporters Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten in the book they wrote under that title following the 2004 presidential election. Bizarre as their claim may sound today, it stood on solid ground. In November 2004, George W. Bush had won re-election with the largest number of votes up to that point in American history while racking up the seventh Republican win in the previous 10 races for the White House. Republicans, moreover,...
  • America's Least Wanted

    08/05/2009 10:38:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies · 444+ views ^ | August 5, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- The RV arrived at a corner near Marvin Gaye Park, also known to locals as "Needle Park." A steady procession of addicts came to the door, mounted a few steps and sat down. One by one, they dropped used needles into a container and received new needles in return, along with alcohol wipes and the small, bottle cap-like "cookers" in which heroin is heated. Reggie, Teefari and Hazel -- staff members at PreventionWorks!, Washington's largest needle exchange program -- are at the park twice a week, offering clean needles to prevent disease transmission, condoms, drug treatment referrals, AIDS...
  • Death of a Doctrine - Obama Discovers Engagement's Limits

    07/29/2009 7:55:59 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 12 replies · 877+ views
    Washington Post ^ | July 29, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    The Obama administration lacks a foreign policy ideology as a matter of ideology. Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, Secretary of State Clinton asserted, "Rigid ideologies and old formulas don't apply."...But even lacking an ideology, the administration does have a doctrine. The defining principle of President Obama's foreign policy is engagement with America's adversaries...expressing respect for legitimate grievances, apologizing for past wrongs and offering dialogue without preconditions. Six months on, how fares the Obama doctrine? Concerning North Korea and Iran, the doctrine is on its deathbed. North Korea responded to administration outreach by testing a nuclear weapon, firing missiles...
  • The Obama Doctrine on its Deathbed

    07/29/2009 5:08:13 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies · 1,145+ views ^ | July 29, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration lacks a foreign policy ideology as a matter of ideology. Speaking recently at the Council on Foreign Relations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserted, "rigid ideologies and old formulas don't apply." The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans -- tempered by pragmatism, proud of its ad hockery and willing to consider everything on a case-by-case basis. But even lacking an ideology, the administration does have a doctrine. The defining principle of President Obama's foreign policy is engagement with America's adversaries. Much of the president's public diplomacy has been designed to clear...
  • Ginsburg and the Surplus Population

    07/17/2009 5:36:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies · 927+ views ^ | July 17, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- There was a scandal this week concerning the Supreme Court, though it didn't concern the nomination of its newest member. The New York Times Magazine printed a candid interview with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, including this portion: Q: "Are you talking about the distances women have to travel because in parts of the country, abortion is essentially unavailable, because there are so few doctors and clinics that do the procedure? And also, the lack of Medicaid abortions for poor women?"
  • Obama's Health Reform Ship Flounders

    07/08/2009 11:05:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies · 1,420+ views ^ | July 8, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- Around midnight on April 15, 1912, there were a few minutes when Capt. Edward Smith of the Titanic realized his ship was going down -- six watertight compartments breached, less than two hours to float -- yet his passengers slept in happy ignorance. A historical fate hardened while most of the participants dreamed on. The jobs report last week opened a long gash beneath the waterline of President Barack Obama's legislative agenda. Few yet realize it, but a scramble for lifeboats is about to begin. On closer inspection, the economic news, which seemed bad, is even worse. Not...
  • Cap and Traitors

    07/01/2009 6:31:16 AM PDT · by steve-b · 10 replies · 572+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 7/1/09 | Michael Gerson
    With the cap-and-trade bill passing the House of Representatives last week by seven votes, the eight Republicans who supported it were bound to feel some rapid political warming. Conservative Internet and radio accused them of single-handedly passing President Obama's "cap-and-tax" legislation, which is a myth; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably would have forced the requisite number of Democratic votes in the absence of Republican backing. But these eight Republicans were still termed "traitorous." It is typical that we praise independent judgment and political nerve in our elected officials -- until they show those qualities.... ...A serious concern about global climate...
  • The Teleprompter President

    03/27/2009 4:16:44 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 60 replies · 2,738+ views ^ | March 27, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    WASHINGTON -- It is amazing how swiftly a presidential tendency turns from observation to joke to meme. Barack Obama -- called "the most eloquent political speaker of our time" -- has become known as the teleprompter president. The issue gathered momentum when Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen read 20 seconds of Obama's teleprompter remarks at a White House ceremony before realizing his mistake. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, at her nomination as head of Health and Human Services, was made to wait in awkward silence while Obama's teleprompter was adjusted. Then came Obama's use of the big-screen autocue at Tuesday night's news...
  • Michael Gerson: Obama wants to crush conservatives (Spot On!)

    03/03/2009 6:06:46 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 58 replies · 3,347+ views
    AFTER a month of personnel appointments and canine selection, last week was the Obama administration's week of revelation. In a speech at Camp Lejeune, President Obama pledged "to succeed" in what candidate Obama called a "misguided war" in Iraq - slowing down his promised pace of troop withdrawals, pledging to retain a substantial military force to support Iraqi democracy, and claiming credit for a "new strategy" that was largely the implementation of President Bush's own. The McGovernite peace candidate became the responsible commander in chief. On domestic policy, the revelation was different. Candidate Obama was a tonal moderate - a...
  • Obama's First Month

    02/21/2009 8:14:23 AM PST · by Scanian · 58 replies · 1,503+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | February 20, 2009 | Michael Gerson
    During his first month in office, President Obama has been a miracle worker. He managed to resurrect a series of Republican issues once cold and dead. It was in part because some of conservatism's central issues had lost their potency that Republicans fell into their latest identity crisis. Welfare reform was a large humanitarian achievement but its success deprived Republicans of a powerful political appeal. Traditional Republican objections to overreaching government and massive debt seemed quaint and irrelevant as soon as the economy went into meltdown mode. Cultural issues no longer seemed to be cutting the way they once...
  • Michael Gerson, Annoying Faux Conservative

    12/22/2008 2:16:24 PM PST · by vadum · 16 replies · 280+ views
    Capital Research Center ^ | December 17, 2008 | Matthew Vadum
    I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberalsif we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is. -Ronald Reagan* * * * *Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson's latest column in the Washington Post is yet more...
  • Obama's Tripwires

    11/14/2008 6:07:52 AM PST · by Kaslin · 25 replies · 1,286+ views ^ | November 14, 2008 | Michael Gerson
    <p>For Bill Clinton, the errors were almost immediate. By day three of his presidency, Clinton was embroiled in a losing fight to allow open homosexuality in the military. On day six, Clinton appointed his wife to formulate an ill-fated health care reform plan. Clinton's first two nominees to be attorney general were withdrawn under clouds of controversy. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders -- that vigorous champion of the solitary pleasures -- made constant and unwelcome news. Two years after taking office, Clinton suffered a serious rebuke in midterm elections -- and became a better, more moderate president in the aftermath.</p>
  • The decency of George W. Bush

    11/10/2008 6:05:41 AM PST · by meandog · 29 replies · 282+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Friday, November 7, 2008 | By Michael Gerson
    Election Day 2008 must have been filled with rueful paradoxes for the sitting president. Iraq -- the issue that dominated George W. Bush's presidency for 5 1/2 bitter, controversial years -- is on the verge of a miraculous peace. And yet this accomplishment did little to revive Bush's political standing -- or to prevent his party from relegating him to a silent role. The achievement is historic. In 2006, Iraq had descended into a sectarian killing spree that seemed likely to stop only when the supply of victims was exhausted. Showing Truman-like stubbornness, Bush pushed to escalate a war that...
  • The President Who Deals With Iran

    10/09/2008 5:12:18 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies · 318+ views ^ | October 9, 2008 | Michael Gerson
    <p>WASHINGTON -- A specter is haunting the presidential race -- and it is not just the economy. It is the specter of a nuclear Iran.</p> <p>Economic downturns are wrenching, but eventually cyclical. Nuclear proliferation is more difficult to reverse, creating the permanent prospect of massive miscalculation and tragedy. America's next leader may be known to history as the president who had to deal with Iran.</p>