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    03/14/2012 3:58:38 AM PDT · by God-fear-republican · 14 replies
    Mar. 14th 2012 | God-fear-republican
    MATHEMATICALLY MR. ROMNEY CANNOT CLAIM THE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE OUTRIGHT (Vanity) After March 13, after Alabama and Miss., Romney gets total of 391 bound delegates and he needs 1,144 for nomination. So he still needs 1,144 – 391 = 753 bound delegates. About 100 bound delegates of Florida and Arizona that Romney “won” will be challenged and will be re-allocated proportionally by CD or will be unbound, so his number will be reduced even further. In the remaining elections, I consider the following states which traditionally more conservative and growing weary of Romney’s electability, the bound delegates probably will be allocated...

    03/13/2012 12:28:25 PM PDT · by God-fear-republican · 39 replies
    Mar. 13th 2012 | God-fear-republican
    THE REAL PICTURE OF REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ELECTION BASED ON BOUND DELEGATES. The winner of the first ballot casting at the National Republican Convention will be declared the Party’s nominee to face Obama in November of 2012. So Romney can declare himself an eventual winner of the primary election process ONLY WHEN he can count 1,144 BOUND delegates. However, many states have complicated systems when it comes to allocate their delegates at the National Convention. For example, most Illinois’s 66 delegates, Ohio’s 66, and Penn’s 72 are unbound. We don’t know how many will be bound to which candidates until the...
  • Religion prophesied after the Divine Chastisement (Catholic Caucus)

    08/07/2010 5:11:30 AM PDT · by God-fear-republican · 3 replies
    Not much longer now. Right now we are attacked by the homosexual onslaught! After the divine chastisement, there wont be any structured religion, wont be priests to teach us the Faith but the Spirit of the Lord Himself will do it. That is the reason why St. Malachi prophesied that there was only one more Pope after our current Pope Benedict. This future Pope was described as “Peter the Roman” as he will lead the persecuted Church through the turbulent time, similar to the Roman time. These future events are prophesied in Jeremiah: Jer 31:31-34 The days are coming, says...

    03/10/2012 3:53:42 AM PST · by God-fear-republican · 94 replies
    March 10th , 2012 | God-fear-republican
    If Newt wins the nomination, he will be our next President as I can see the Divine Hand in all of these. Early last year, Newt walked all along on the campaign trail, no followers, no press, no reporters, even no campaign manager, no staff, operated out of his rental car. His campaign manager left him because he paid no attention on fund raising or organization. He believed he could win with his speeches of ideas alone. Newt still found time to attend Mass to fulfill his obligation on one Monday which was designated as the Day of Obligation while...

    03/10/2012 2:34:12 PM PST · by God-fear-republican · 36 replies
    Mar 10, 2012 | God-fear-republican
    From Analyzing the delegate counts for all candidates so far, I come up with the following very interesting and encouraging statistics (including Kansas today): In the states that Newt is non-factor meaning Newt got zero delegate, Romney got 305 and Santorum got 71. In the states that Newt got at least 1 delegate or higher, Romney got 93, Santorum and Newt combined got 204. So you can see, with "Newt factor", Romney only get 93 or about 1/3 or 33% total delegates. But when Newt was not in the picture for some reasons, Romney got 80% delegates. Up to...
  • Mr. Santorum and Gingrich: Time is running out ...

    03/12/2012 12:56:40 PM PDT · by God-fear-republican · 19 replies
    Mar. 12th 2012 | God-fear-republican
    MR. SANTORUM & GINGRICH, PLEASE LISTEN!!! TIME IS RUNNING TO SAVE OUR BELOVED COUNTRY FROM THE DARK SIDE (OBAMA & ROMNEY) (Vanity) There is not a distinction between an Obama and Romney administration: Both are anti-assault weapon. Both are pro-abortion. Both are pro-same-sex marriage. Both are pro-cap-and-trade. Both are pro-governmental healthcare and individual mandate. Both oppress religious freedom and are against conscience clause. Romney is a former Democrat; Obama is a current Democrat. Both come from very liberal states, Illinois and Massachusetts. Time is running out on the possibility to elect a truly conservative President to lead our country out...
  • Suggesting Campaigning Strategy for Newt and Santorum (Vanity)

    03/11/2012 3:47:47 PM PDT · by God-fear-republican · 13 replies
    March 11th, 2012 | God-fearing-republican
    Newt and Santorum have to attack Romney as a liberal in disguise, at the same time, have to demonstrate their potential leadership by providing solutions for our national problems by attacking Obama. But DO NOT ATTACK EACH OTHER!!! We want to minimize Romney’s delegate counts by attacking him and inspiring the base by talking about Obama’s failed policies. They can attack Romney on his advocacy on pro-homosexual lifestyle or same sex marriage; Romneycare which is anti-religious freedom; ties to Wall Street; pro-abortion record, voting for Democrats in the past. They can attack Obama on gas price, green energy, ban on...