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Keyword: greenhouseeffect

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  • Water vapor accounts for a whopping 90% or more of Earth's greenhouse effect! CO2 very minor player

    02/15/2010 5:52:36 AM PST · by ETL · 85 replies · 1,210+ views
    several sources
    Three article excerpts... From So, greenhouse [effect] is all about carbon dioxide, right? Wrong. The most important players on the greenhouse stage are water vapor and clouds [clouds of course aren't gas, but high level ones do act to trap heat from escaping, while low-lying cumulus clouds tend to reflect sunlight and thereby help cool the planet -etl]. Carbon dioxide has been increased to about 0.038% of the atmosphere (possibly from about 0.028% pre-Industrial Revolution) while water in its various forms ranges from 0% to 4% of the atmosphere and its properties vary by what form it is in...
  • Water vapour could be behind warming slowdown - Mysterious changes in the stratosphere may...

    01/28/2010 9:46:21 PM PST · by neverdem · 64 replies · 1,650+ views
    Nature News ^ | 28 January 2010 | Jeff Tollefson
    Mysterious changes in the stratosphere may have offset greenhouse effect.A loss of water vapour from the Earth's stratosphere may have been behind the last decade being cooler than expected.NASA A puzzling drop in the amount of water vapour high in the Earth's atmosphere is now on the list of possible culprits causing average global temperatures to flatten out over the past decade, despite ever-increasing greenhouse-gas emissions. Although the decade spanning 2000 to 2009 ranks as the warmest on record, average temperatures largely levelled off following two decades of rapid increases. Researchers have previously eyed everything from the Sun and oceans...

    09/05/2009 5:29:51 AM PDT · by ETL · 19 replies · 2,226+ views ^ | September 4, 2009
    SOLAR MINIMUM VS. GLOBAL WARMING: From 2002 to 2008, decreasing solar irradiance has countered much anthropogenic warming of Earth's surface. That's the conclusion of researchers Judith Lean (NRL) and David Rind (NASA/GISS), who have just published a new analysis of global temperatures in the Geophysical Research Letters. Lean and Rind considered four drivers of climate change: solar activity, volcanic eruptions, ENSO (El Nino), and the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The following plot shows how much each has contributed to the changing temperature of Earth's surface since 1980: Volcanic aerosols are a source of cooling; ENSO and greenhouse gases cause heating;...

    07/16/2008 10:45:47 AM PDT · by Delacon · 35 replies · 678+ views
    CO2 ^ | July 16th 2008 | Stephen Wilde
    Stephen Wilde has been a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1968. The first eight articles from Mr Wilde were received with a great deal of interest throughout the Co2 Sceptic community. In Stephen Wilde’s ninth and exclusive article for CO2Sceptics.Com called "Greenhouse Confusion Resolved" he answers the questions that have been raised as a result of his previous work "The Hot Water Bottle Effect". GREENHOUSE CONFUSION RESOLVED - by Stephen Wilde A short while ago I published an article on this site attempting to explain why the so called atmospheric greenhouse effect was insignificant as a planetary heat...
  • Pat Buchanan: The Court & the 'Greenhouse Effect'

    04/22/2008 1:39:26 PM PDT · by The_Republican · 1 replies · 94+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | April 22nd, 2008 | Pat Buchanan
    "When Justice John Paul Stevens intervened in a Supreme Court argument on Wednesday to score a few points off the lawyer who was defending the death penalty for the rape of a child, the courtroom audience saw a master strategist at work, fully in command of the flow of the argument and the smallest details of the case. For those accustomed to watching Justice Stevens, it was a familiar sight." For rolling over on its back, the dog gets its tummy scratched. To Greenhouse, Stevens' flip on capital punishment, following his flip to favor affirmative action, represents the "culmination of...
  • Bush adviser: Humans caused climate change

    09/19/2007 3:16:34 PM PDT · by Constitutionalist Conservative · 46 replies · 95+ views
    UPI Via ScienceDaily ^ | September 14, 2007
    LONDON, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- John Marburger, one of U.S. President George Bush's scientific advisers, said climate change is real and was likely caused by humanity. The presidential science adviser said that he was more than 90 percent certain that the current state of climate change was the direct result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans, the BBC reported Friday. The Office of Science and Technology Policy director also said that without significant cuts in the output of carbon dioxide worldwide, the Earth may one day become "unlivable." "The CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere and there's no end point,...
  • Global Warming Reversal: Sea Surface Temperatures Plunge to Coldest Temperatures in Six Years.

    06/08/2007 11:22:45 AM PDT · by dangus · 81 replies · 2,710+ views
    Data from National Climatic Data Center ^ | 6/08/07 | Dangus (FReeper find)
    As of May, 2007, the temperature at the surface of the Earth's seas reached the coolest have cooled off about .18 degrees since October, 2003. That month had been the warmest even recorded, except for in December, 1997, when an anomalously strong El Nino created the warmest seas ever recorded. Most of the cooling has occurred since November, 2006. The oceans are currently .08 degrees warmer than they were in 1944, following massive de-industrialization caused by war and economic depression, and .7 degrees warmer than they averaged in the first decade of the 20th century, before pollution controls removed particulates...
  • Mars 'more active than suspected' [MARS GLOBAL WARMING]

    01/31/2007 8:55:30 AM PST · by Moseley · 21 replies · 820+ views
    BBC NEWS ^ | September 21, 2005 | BBC NEWS (generic)
    Mars 'more active than suspected' Gullies have appeared in new images taken this year New images of Mars suggest the Red Planet's surface is more active than previously thought, the US space agency (Nasa) reports. Photographs from Nasa's orbiting spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor show recently formed craters and gullies. The agency's scientists also say that deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near the planet's south pole have shrunk for three summers in a row. They say this is evidence to suggest climate change is in progress. Mars rumble The new gullies appear in an April 2005 image of a sand-dune slope....
  • Global warming on Mars – without SUVs! increased temperatures despite lack of humankind

    01/31/2007 6:47:33 AM PST · by Moseley · 25 replies · 678+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | December 10, 2003 | World Net Daily
    THE FINAL FRONTIER Global warming on Mars – without SUVs! Planet experiencing increased temperatures despite lack of humankind © 2003 Though not subject to pollutants of human habitation, Mars appears to be undergoing global warming, with new data suggesting the planet is possibly emerging from an ice age. According to a report in, NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter has spotted seasonal changes, such as the advance and retreat of polar ice, but it also is gathering information pointing to long-term trends. William Feldman of the Los Alamos National Laboratory tells the site the current climate conditions, including too much...
  • Whaever happened to "Global Warming"?

    01/30/2007 7:03:16 PM PST · by fgoodwin · 18 replies · 1,040+ views
    30 January 2007 | Fred Goodwin
    When did "Climate Change" replace "Global Warming"?So the Democrats in Congress are taking up "climate change". I must've heard that phrase "climate change" a dozen times in the news reports, but I don't think I heard the phrase "global warming" a single time. Are the liberals so afraid of the reaction to the phrase "global warming" that they are now shying away from it? When did this happen? Did I miss the memo?
  • Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity

    01/30/2007 7:30:32 AM PST · by Notwithstanding · 229 replies · 11,849+ views
    Drudge ^ | jan 30, 2007 | Matt Drudge
    Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity Tue Jan 30 2007 10:02:32 ET Two powerful new books say today’s global warming is due not to human activity but primarily to a long, moderate solar-linked cycle. Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years, by physicist Fred Singer and economist Dennis Avery was released just before Christmas. The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change, by Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark and former BBC science writer Nigel Calder (Icon Books), is due out in March. --- break --- Unstoppable Global Warming documents the reality of a moderate,...
  • Global Warming is Real And It’s Happening on Mars! [NOT man-made]

    01/27/2007 5:26:29 PM PST · by Moseley · 31 replies · 2,363+ views
    National Summary [quoting NASA] ^ | January 25, 2007 | John D. Turner
    Global Warming is Real And It’s Happening on Mars! By John D. Turner NASA scientists are reporting that the climate on Mars appears to presently be warmer than it has been for at least several decades, possibly even centuries. This is based on pictures of Mars dating back to 1999. These images document substantial changes in the polar ice caps that Michael Malin, the principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera describes as shrinking at “a prodigious rate”. This is not new news. Back in 2003, scientists were theorizing that Mars was in the process of emerging from an ice...
  • Mars Is Warming, NASA Scientists Report

    01/26/2007 11:22:49 AM PST · by Moseley · 75 replies · 1,990+ views
    Heartland Institute ^ | November 1, 2005 | James M. Taylor
    Mars Is Warming, NASA Scientists Report Data coincide with increasing solar output Written By: James M. Taylor Published In: Environment News Publication Date: November 1, 2005 Publisher: The Heartland Institute -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The planet Mars is undergoing significant global warming, new data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show, lending support to many climatologists' claims that the Earth's modest warming during the past century is due primarily to a recent upsurge in solar energy. Martian Ice Shrinking Dramatically According to a September 20 NASA news release, "for three Mars summers in a row, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near...
  • [MIT Astronomers] Pluto is Undergoing Global Warming, Researchers Find [not man-made]

    01/26/2007 8:57:45 AM PST · by Moseley · 51 replies · 1,334+ views
    Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Astronomy Dept (w. Lowell Observatory) ^ | October 9, 2002 | Massachussets Inst. of Technology News Office
    Pluto is undergoing global warming, researchers find October 9, 2002 BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--Pluto is undergoing global warming, as evidenced by a three-fold increase in the planet's atmospheric pressure during the past 14 years, a team of astronomers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Williams College, the University of Hawaii, Lowell Observatory and Cornell University announced in a press conference today at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society's (AAS) Division for Planetary Sciences in Birmingham, AL. The team, led by James Elliot, professor of planetary astronomy at MIT and director of MIT's Wallace Observatory, made this finding by watching the...
  • Daily Policy Digest: MARS IS WARMING

    01/25/2007 1:11:17 PM PST · by Moseley · 100 replies · 1,737+ views
    National Center for Policy Analysis ^ | January 10, 2006 | National Center for Policy Analysis
    The planet Mars is undergoing significant global warming which supports many climatologists' claims that the Earth's modest warming during the past century is due to a recent upsurge in solar energy, says James M. Taylor, of the Heartland Institute. For three Mars summers, deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near the planet's south pole have shrunk from the previous year's size, suggesting a climate change in progress, says Taylor. Furthermore, documented changes from 1999 to 2005 show that Mars' climate is presently warmer, and perhaps getting warmer still, than it was several decades or centuries ago. But there are not a...
  • The Mars Global Surveyor [Global Warming on Mars Also]

    01/25/2007 12:56:45 PM PST · by Moseley · 23 replies · 763+ views
    ASTROPROF (quoting NASA) ^ | November 22, 2006 | AstroProf
    [SNIP] Among the findings attributed to MGS [the Mars Global Surveyor], are -- [snip] Data show that the south polar ice cap seems to be shrinking each year, leading some planetary scientists to suggest THAT MARS IS UNDERGOING GLOBAL WARMING, MUCH AS MANY BELIEVE THAT EARTH may be experiencing. If so, this is a very interesting finding, because Mars does not have any artificial pollution to contribute to global warming. [Emphasis added]
  • Missing Mars craft appears to be a lost cause [GLOBAL WARMING CONFIRMED on MARS]

    01/24/2007 10:26:29 AM PST · by Moseley · 31 replies · 993+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | November 22, 2006 | Thomas H. Maugh
    Missing Mars craft appears to be a lost cause Solar-panel trouble may have ended the probe's 'illustrious career.' [snip] In its 10-year career, the probe has sent back more than 240,000 images of the red planet, providing the first strong evidence that water flowed there as recently as 100,000 years ago. It also charted weather cycles and mapped landing sites for the two rovers now operating on the Martian surface. [snip] The craft had "an illustrious career," said Fuk Li, JPL's Mars program manager. "We are still holding out hope, but we are fully prepared in our heart that we...
  • The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame

    01/23/2007 10:41:17 AM PST · by Moseley · 80 replies · 2,674+ views
    {London] TELEGRAPH ^ | July 17, 2004 | Michael Leidig and Roya Nikkhah
    Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research. A study by Swiss and German scientists suggests that increasing radiation from the sun is responsible for recent global climate changes. Dr Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, who led the research, said: "The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures. advertisement"The Sun is in a changed...
  • NASA News Release: Evidence for Recent Climate Change on Mars [Global Warming on Mars]

    01/23/2007 10:31:15 AM PST · by Moseley · 30 replies · 1,314+ views
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory ^ | December 6, 2001 | Mailn Space Science Systems
    Mars Global Surveyor MOC Observes Changes in the South Polar Cap: Evidence for Recent Climate Change on Mars [snip] New MGS Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) images have provided a startling observation: The residual martian south polar cap is changing. The fact that it is changing suggests that Mars may have major, global climate changes that are occurring on the same time scales as Earth's most recent climate shifts, including the last Ice Age. MOC images of the south polar cap taken in 1999 were compared with images of the same locations taken in 2001, and it was discovered that pits...
  • Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists (occuring throughout the solar system)

    01/23/2007 10:24:01 AM PST · by Moseley · 86 replies · 2,359+ views ^ | October 9, 2002 | Robert Roy Britt
    Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists By Robert Roy Britt Senior Science Writer posted: 09 October 2002 01:25 p.m. ET In what is largely a reversal of an August announcement, astronomers today said Pluto is undergoing global warming in its thin atmosphere even as it moves farther from the Sun on its long, odd-shaped orbit. Pluto's atmospheric pressure has tripled over the past 14 years, indicating a stark temperature rise, the researchers said. The change is likely a seasonal event, much as seasons on Earth change as the hemispheres alter their inclination to the Sun during the planet's annual orbit....
  • Why Didn't We Prove Greenhouse Effect on Mars?

    01/13/2007 12:02:38 PM PST · by WayneLusvardi · 11 replies · 759+ views
    The Pasadena Pundit ^ | January 13, 2007 | Stephen Rashid
    Why Didn't We Prove Greenhouse Effect on Mars? Stephen S. Rashid - Advanced Turbomachine Pasadena Pundit - Jan. 13, 2007 People tend to confuse a statistical connection with cause and effect. A statistical connection is necessary, but not sufficient, to prove cause and effect. One must also define the mechanism, and prove it through calculation and/or experiment, by which something happens. For example, it can be proven statistically that virtually everyone involved in a car accident has eaten carrots recently before the accident occurred. That, however, is not proof that eating carrots causes car accidents. You have to prove why...
  • (Bye to Socialism) Blizzards, reindeer, darkness: new Klondike is hottest place in Europe

    01/09/2007 7:25:50 PM PST · by WesternCulture · 8 replies · 1,074+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 01/07/2007 | Alex Duval Smith
    The article, from one of the world's leading newspapers, touches on what a blessing saying "hasta la vista" to socialism really can be - not to mention future prospects! Ask the people who live in the hottest city of Europe - and they don't speak "cockney" or french with a Paris accent. The fall of Communism in Russia and China in combination with the orientation towards pro-capitalism of Scandinavia has already lead to a explosion of trade between the world's 14th biggest economy, Russia, the world's 4th biggest economy, China and the 8th biggest one, the Scandinavian countries (Source: IMF...
  • Controversial scientist predicts planetary wipeout (We're all Gonna Die!!)

    11/29/2006 7:34:31 AM PST · by Anti-Bubba182 · 86 replies · 1,689+ views
    This is London ^ | 11-28-06 | Staff
    Billions of people could be wiped out over the next century because of climate change, a leading expert said. Professor James Lovelock, who pioneered the idea of the Earth as a living organism, said as the planet heats up humans will find it increasingly hard to survive. He warned that as conditions worsen, the global population which is currently around 6.5 billion, may sink as low as 500 million. Prof Lovelock also claims that any attempts to tackle climate change will not be able to solve the problem, merely buy us time. Given the dire situation we face, he urged...
  • Stern Review (Bjørn Lomborg on the Global Warming Report)

    11/02/2006 11:02:21 AM PST · by The Raven · 12 replies · 717+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Nov 2, 2006 | Bjørn Lomborg
    The report on climate change by Nicholas Stern and the U.K. government has sparked publicity and scary headlines around the world. Much attention has been devoted to Mr. Stern's core argument that the price of inaction would be extraordinary and the cost of action modest. Unfortunately, this claim falls apart when one actually reads the 700-page tome. Despite using many good references, the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change is selective and its conclusion flawed. Its fear-mongering arguments have been sensationalized, which is ultimately only likely to make the world worse off. The review correctly points out that...
  • Study Warns of Rapid Rise In Earth's Temperature

    09/27/2006 12:22:13 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 50 replies · 1,981+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | September 26, 2006 | Gautam Naik
    A study warns that the Earth's temperature is approaching a level not seen in a million years, implying that we are getting close to "dangerous" levels of human pollution. The study finds that, while the world warmed slowly during the century to 1975, it has warmed at a more rapid rate of about 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade thereafter. The researchers say the global mean temperature is now within one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) of the maximum mean temperature of the past million years. Based on a 0.2-degree-Celsius increase per decade, that high point could be...
  • California Retro (global warming)

    09/16/2006 10:10:20 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 9 replies · 498+ views
    Cato Institute ^ | September 15, 2006 | Patrick J. Michaels
    For nearly a century, Californians have fashioned themselves the innovators the United States and the world follow. Not so on global warming. The California Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger have just passed and signed global warming legislation that looks an awful lot like a watered-down version of the failed Kyoto Protocol. That's soooo 1990s. Kyoto was supposed to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide, the main human-generated global warming gas, to 7% below 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Nationally, carbon dioxide emissions have risen about 18% since then. California legislation cuts state's emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, a much larger effective...
  • Greenhouse theory smashed by biggest stone

    03/14/2006 3:26:11 PM PST · by grandpa jones · 30 replies · 1,318+ views
    Phys Org ^ | March 14, 2006 | Space & Earth Science
    A new theory to explain global warming was revealed at a meeting at the University of Leicester (UK) and is being considered for publication in the journal "Science First Hand". The controversial theory has nothing to do with burning fossil fuels and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. According to Vladimir Shaidurov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the apparent rise in average global temperature recorded by scientists over the last hundred years or so could be due to atmospheric changes that are not connected to human emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of natural gas and oil. Shaidurov explained how...
  • OECD Economic Survey of the United States

    11/01/2005 1:10:35 PM PST · by Conservative Goddess · 4 replies · 320+ views
    "...What are the problems in the labour market?Although job creation has finally gathered momentum, it has been atypically weak in the current business cycle. Non-farm payroll employment continued to contract for almost two years after the end of the 2001 recession and surpassed its pre-recession level only in early 2005. .... What are the remaining challenges for energy and environmental policies?While environmental quality in the United States has improved, both air pollution and greenhouse gas emission intensities are quite high compared to those of other OECD Members. The average US vehicle produces almost twice as much carbon dioxide emissions as...
  • Nitrogen in the air feeds the oceans (i.e. No to Kyoto alert)

    08/13/2005 1:29:18 AM PDT · by AdmSmith · 17 replies · 801+ views
    University of Southern California ^ | 10-Aug-2005 | Carl Marziali
    A USC oceanographer's long-term study shows that the marine food chain depends in large part on atmospheric nitrogen. The finding also demonstrates the oceans' massive absorption of greenhouse gas. A decade-long USC study has written the ending to a long-standing mystery: Where do marine organisms in the tropical oceans get the nitrogen they need to grow? In the process, the study also may help to explain how tons of carbon dioxide disappear into the ocean every day, slowing the progress of global warming. Nitrogen is a building block of life and an essential nutrient for phytoplankton and other aquatic life....
  • The "Growth" of a Justice - (Dems want conservatives to "make the wrong judicial picks again")

    07/15/2005 7:29:06 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 1 replies · 341+ views
    Perhaps Sen. Charles Schumer should have taken the Quiet Car. Here’s what the New York Democrat reportedly was overheard saying the other day on Amtrak: “Even William Rehnquist is more moderate than they expected. The only one that resulted how they predicted [was] Scalia. So most of the time they’ve gotten their picks wrong, and that’s what we want to do to them again.” Whether or not this quote from the Drudge Report is accurate, the sentiment is correct: The litany of conservative disappointments over Supreme Court appointments is a long one. Earl Warren. Harry Blackmun. John Paul Stevens. Anthony...
  • Rain Forest Myth Goes Up in Smoke Over the Amazon

    06/08/2005 4:11:04 PM PDT · by Coleus · 28 replies · 1,506+ views
    LA Times ^ | Henry Chu
    REMANSO TALISMA, Brazil — The death of a myth begins with stinging eyes and heaving chests here on the edge of the Amazon rain forest. Every year, fire envelops the jungle, throwing up inky billows of smoke that blot out the sun. Animals flee. Residents for miles around cry and wheeze, while the weak and unlucky develop serious respiratory problems. When the burning season strikes, life and health in the Amazon falter, and color drains out of the riotous green landscape as great swaths of majestic trees, creeping vines, delicate bromeliads and hardy ferns are reduced to blackened stubble. But...
  • Debunking the Myth of Global Warming

    12/17/2004 2:19:06 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 57 replies · 2,655+ views
    Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri is an Indian-born scientist who currently chairs the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He's also an unabashed environmental activist, a role he acts out as head, since 2001, of the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI). This organization sponsors in thousands of India's schools the Green Olympiad movement, which is a competition designed to test and enhance the knowledge of Indian schoolchildren about environmental issues and whose winners will be invited to participate in Terraquiz, the only environmental quiz show on Indian national television. Well, thank God for small favors. At least there aren't two environmental...
  • Study: Ocean absorbing excess carbon dioxide

    07/15/2004 10:32:15 PM PDT · by ChicagoHebrew · 16 replies · 729+ views
    CNN ^ | July 16, 2004 | AP
  • Only nuclear power can stop global warming, says British environmentalist (Lovelock)

    05/24/2004 7:09:26 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 54 replies · 884+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | 5/24/04 | AFP - London
    LONDON (AFP) - Only nuclear energy can slow down the rapid and potentially devastating warming of the earth, a veteran British scientist and environmental campaigner argued. "Only one immediately available source does not cause global warming and that is nuclear energy," James Lovelock wrote in an opinion piece published in the Independent newspaper. The 84-year-old is best known for fathering the "Gaia Hypothesis" in the mid-1960s that states the earth is alive and maintains conditions necessary for its survival. Lovelock warned that environmentally-friendly energy sources were not being developed quickly enough to replace coal, gas and oil, whose waste gas...
  • Court Voids a Bush Move on Energy

    01/14/2004 9:09:00 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 7 replies · 369+ views
    The New York Times ^ | January 14, 2004 | Matthew L. Wald
    Should be titled, "Court acts illegally on energy": Court Voids a Bush Move on Energy by Matthew L. WaldJanuary 14, 2004The rule, which applies to central air-conditioners for houses, was one of several published by the Clinton administration during its last few days in office. It was effectively rescinded in a memorandum sent by Andrew H. Card Jr., chief of staff in the Bush White House, to the Energy Department, which formally acted in the early months of the new administration. Tuesday's decision, by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York,...
  • Sun in frenzy since 1940

    10/29/2003 7:49:11 AM PST · by ZULU · 13 replies · 153+ views
    Drudgereport ^ | Oct 29 2003 | Drudge Report
    Sun in frenzy since 1940, Germans say Wed Oct 29 2003 10:05:09 ET German scientists who have created a 1,000-year-record of sunspots said Wednesday they discovered the Sun has been in a frenzy since 1940 and this may be a factor in global warming. The research, based on the quantities of the isotope beryllium 10 found in ice bores from Greenland and the Antarctic, challenges the belief that carbon dioxide from cars and coal fires and other greenhouse gases are the only cause of recent warmer climates. The team from the Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy in Germany and Finland's...

    09/07/2002 4:11:35 PM PDT · by CedarDave · 106 replies · 1,887+ views ^ | September 6, 2002 | Joe D'Aleo
       POSSIBLE "ICE AGE" IN NEAR FUTURE?Written September 6, 2002by Joe D'Aleo Chief WSI/INTELLICAST Meteorologist Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute scientists have theorized that global warming induced by natural and/or human factors could actually bring colder temperatures to some highly populated areas like Eastern North America and Western Europe. In the North Atlantic, an increasing amount of fresh water, perhaps coming from melting ice in the Arctic, has been accumulating and lowering the salinity of the ocean for the past 30 years. Fresh water in the ocean can upset the ocean currents that are the key to our planet’s climate...
  • BOOK SUMMARY HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate

    08/29/2002 5:49:09 AM PDT · by dgallo51 · 1 replies · 556+ views
    The Independent Institute ^ | 1999 | S. FRED SINGER
    SYNOPSIS: According to proponents of the Global Climate Treaty, a consensus within the scientific community supports the view that human-caused global warming is occurring and that it threatens human health and well-being. Nothing could be further from the truth. Far from viewing the existence of global warming as “settled,” most atmospheric scientists and climate specialists hold that the global warming issue should be considered “unfinished business” requiring much further research. In HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate, astrophysicist S. Fred Singer probes the literature on climate change and lays out the scientific case against the likelihood of an...
  • Green Terror: The Misanthropic Roots of The Environmentalist Religion

    06/28/2002 1:53:05 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 49 replies · 3,606+ views
    Against Capitalism "We already have too much economic growth in the United States. Economic growth in rich countries like ours is the disease, not the cure." -Paul Elrich, Stanford University biologist and Advisor to Vice President Albert Gore "I think if we don't overthrow capitalism, we don't have a chance of saving the world ecologically. I think it is possible to have an ecological society under socialism. I don't think it's possible under capitalism." [Judi Barri of Earth First? quoted by Walter Williams, cloumnists with Heritage Features][Syndicate, State Journal Register, June 25, 1992] "The immediate source of ecological crisis is...