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  • 'Grocery Gang' attacking state food labeling laws

    03/19/2006 1:44:14 PM PST · by hedgetrimmer · 22 replies · 526+ views
    The Land ^ | March 10th, 2006 | Alan Guebert
    Given the sad state of affairs in today's affairs of state — record federal budget deficits, record trade deficits, illegal domestic eavesdropping, the sale of key U.S. ports — one would think the U.S. House of Representatives has more important problems to address than a proposal to virtually wipe out state food labeling laws. Well, no actually; the biggest fish fried by the House March 8 was just that: the National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005. The uniformity act is a fat, old carp multinational food firms have been selling Congress for years. The goal is to override nearly...
  • CAFTA Guts All “Buy American” Laws: A New Green Light for Outsourcing

    07/27/2005 10:23:01 AM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 41 replies · 841+ views
    Sierra Times ^ | July 27, 2005 | Sierra Times
    Washington, DC – “Buy American” laws and similar state and federal legislation would be gutted by CAFTA procurement rules that prohibit all laws that give a preference to domestic or local businesses according to U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, who says CAFTA Article 9 overturns every state and federal law that requires federal, state, and local government agencies to buy American products, or use American workforces. CAFTA Article 9.2. No Party (Nation) may treat a locally established supplier any less favorably than another locally established supplier on the basis of degree of foreign affiliation or ownership, or …on the basis that...
  • CAFTA threatens sovereignty

    07/19/2005 8:56:49 PM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 6 replies · 554+ views
    Ag Weekly ^ | Cathy Roemer
    TWIN FALLS, Idaho -- "CAFTA is NAFTA on steroids," said Kent Snyder, executive director of The Liberty Committee, a group whose motto is "Political Action From Principle." Affiliated with congressional representative Ron Paul, R-Texas -- who also opposes the Central American Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic -- the committee holds that CAFTA-DR, like the decade-old North American Free Trade Agreement isn't really about true free trade; it's about global managed trade. "Think about it," Snyder said. "Why does it take over 1,000 pages to define free trade?" In administrative works for several years CAFTA would create a NAFTA-like free trade zone...
  • What CAFTA means for the US.

    07/15/2005 2:48:28 PM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 5 replies · 490+ views
    July 15, 2005 | w6ai5q37b
    CAFTA, the “Central American Free Trade Agreement” is being sold as a “free trade agreement” between the US and several nations in the Central American region. What is it and what does it matter to you? CAFTA is really not about “free trade.” “Free trade” is the bait. The hook, the catch, is regional government. Free trade is really unregulated, unimpeded trade. This is not what CAFTA is about. CAFTA will increase trade regulation between the US and Central America, not decrease it. Take a look at the hundreds of pages of regulations listed in the CAFTA charter. This is...
  • US Manufacturers urge El Presidente to withdraw support for CAFTA

    07/14/2005 8:27:47 PM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 7 replies · 457+ views
    US Business & INdustry Council ^ | June 21, 2005 | Kevin L. Kearns
    June 21, 2005 Dear Mr. President: We the undersigned represent companies and industries that have made an outsized contribution to America’s national security and prosperity. We are a critical part of America’s domestic manufacturing base. Our enterprises support a large segment of the broad middle class, one of America’s singular economic and political achievements. Today our companies in particular and the nation’s middle class in general are under constant attack from predatory foreign trade practices. Our companies and industries still make most of their products in the United States, ensuring that our revenues flow to American working families in the...
  • CAFTA anf the EU: Codex Alimentarius

    07/13/2005 6:12:24 PM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 39 replies · 765+ views
    The Liberty Committee ^ | July 23, 2005 | Kent Snyder
    July 13, 2005 Will the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) finally force you to get a doctor's prescription just to buy vitamin C, or E, or other dietary supplements you currently pick up "over the counter" in America? Powerful special interests are banking on it. Since 1995, Big Medicine has spent billions of dollars trying to get Washington to regulate your dietary supplements just as European governments do. So far, that effort has failed in America. But you may lose the battle for health freedom if CAFTA entangles the U.S. in Europe's infamous Codex Alimentarius (Codex). And if you...
  • THE "MEXICANIZATION" OF LOW-WAGE U.S. JOBS - ("no hurry" in raising minimum wage)

    05/04/2005 8:02:52 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 16 replies · 666+ views
    NCPA.ORG ^ | MAY 3, 2005 | Editors
    Hispanic workers accounted for more than 1 million of the 2.5 million new jobs created by the U.S. economy in 2004. But Hispanics are the only major group of workers to have suffered a two-year decline in wages and they now earn 5 percent less than two years ago, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau. Despite strong demand for immigrant workers, their growing supply and concentration in certain occupations suggests that the newest arrivals are competing with each other in the labor market to their own...
  • Building the EU by stealth

    04/18/2005 11:17:13 PM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 15 replies · 572+ views
    The Irish Democrat ^ | April, 2005 issue | Hugh McDonald
    How deceit is integral to the development of the EU was admitted frankly by Italian prime minister Guiliano Amato in an interview with Barbara Spinelli of La Stampa on 13 July 2000. Since then Amato became vice-president of the convention that drafted the EU constitution. Here are some things he said: "The project of the European constitution is daring, but to overcome obstacles in politics it is necessary to conceal them. In Europe one needs to act 'as if' - as if what was wanted was little, in order to obtain much, as if states were to remain sovereign to...
  • What the world (body) needs now

    04/15/2005 10:21:15 AM PDT · by w6ai5q37b · 2 replies · 304+ views
    Washington Times ^ | April 12, 2005 | By Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
    The early returns are in: A number of retired U.S. diplomats, George Soros and the renamed World Federalist Association (now doing business as Citizens for Global Solutions) think what is needed now is less an American ambassador to the United Nations than an advocate for the U.N.'s dismal status quo assigned as a representative to the Bush administration. Fortunately, President Bush believes very differently. He understands that the United Nations needs -- now more than ever -- the United States to have as its ambassador there someone who is not only a seasoned and highly skilled diplomat, deeply knowledgeable about...
  • Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010

    03/28/2005 12:15:32 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 11 replies · 415+ views
    Council on Foreign Relations ^ | March 14, 2005 | Unknown
    March 14, 2005-Three former high-ranking government officials from Canada, Mexico, and the United States are calling for a North American economic and security community by 2010 to address shared security threats, challenges to competitiveness, and interest in broad-based development across the three countries. Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance John P. Manley, former Finance Minister of Mexico Pedro Aspe, and former Governor of Massachusetts and Assistant U.S. Attorney General William F. Weld make policy recommendations to articulate a long-term vision for North America in a Chairmen's Statement of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North...
  • U.S. Official Outlines Summit of the Americas Preparations

    03/27/2005 8:49:30 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 4 replies · 243+ views
    State Dept. ^ | March 25, 2005 | Unknown
    Maisto offers suggestions to improve draft Summit declaration Preparations for the Fourth Summit of the Americas, to be hosted by Argentina in November, are off to a good start, but work still remains for Western Hemisphere nations as they craft a summit declaration and plan of action, according to U.S. National Summit Coordinator John Maisto. In March 25 remarks at the Civil Society Task Force "Summit in Focus" Program in Washington, Maisto said that a recent Summit Implementation Review Group meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, marked the beginning of negotiations toward a summit declaration and plan of action. The U.S....
  • Debate heats up over CAFTA trade pact

    03/22/2005 7:56:05 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 12 replies · 301+ views
    Palm Beach Post ^ | March 22, 2005 | Susan Salisbury
    A battle is heating up over the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement, which could come before Congress for a vote as early as this spring or summer. The nation's 19-state cane and beet sugar industry, including sugar cane growers and processors in Palm Beach County, say the pact threatens the 146,000 jobs created by U.S. sugar production. "We are doing everything we can to defeat CAFTA," said Carolyn Cheney, Washington representative for the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida in Belle Glade. "We believe CAFTA is another NAFTA in disguise." Meanwhile, the debate is expected to begin in earnest...
  • EU: “We are witnessing the last remnants of national politics”

    03/04/2005 9:18:29 AM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 38 replies · 915+ views
    Cafe Babel ^ | Feb. 28, 2005 | Miguel Ángel Moratinos
    "Does accepting the European Constitution mean a surrender of member states' sovereignty? Absolutely." Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the Spanish Foreign Minister and Special Envoy to the Middle East for seven years, invited us into his home to tell us about his take on the EU Constitution Surrounded by trinkets he has gathered from all the corners of the world, he tells us why a united Europe is the only way forward The Constitutional Treaty dedicates itself to coordinating foreign affairs: what benefits does this guarantee for the EU as a whole? The post of European Minister for Foreign Affairs is revolutionary;...
  • Environmental Pact Aims to Strengthen CAFTA

    03/03/2005 5:29:09 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 1 replies · 209+ views
    Tico Times ^ | February 25 - March 03, 2005 | Katherine Stanley
    Representatives to the Organization of American States (OAS) from Central America, the Dominican Republic and the United States signed an agreement Feb. 18 creating an Environmental Commission designed to complement the Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA). Supporters of the trade pact say the commission will help strengthen conservation efforts and allay the fears of environmentalists in the United States and other CAFTA signatory nations. Environmental groups argue the trade pact weakens Central American countries' ability to enact new environmental legislation and defend local resources against multinational companies. The new agreement will “address some of the concerns...
  • Bowing and Scraping for the WTO

    02/28/2005 4:59:41 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 7 replies · 385+ views
    Texas Straight Talk ^ | February 28, 2005 | Ron Paul (R-Tx14)
    The World Trade Organization, which the United States joined in 1994, has been disastrous for American sovereignty. A tax bill passed last year provides a vivid example of just how blatantly Congress is surrendering our sovereignty to quasi-governmental bodies like the WTO. For years, high-tax Europe has objected to how we tax American companies on their overseas earnings. The EU took its dispute to the WTO grievance board, which voted in favor of the Europeans. The WTO ruling was clear: Congress must change American law to comply with European rules. Make no mistake about it: WTO ministers tell Congress to...
  • Indiana Senate Urges Moratorium on Free Trade Agreements

    02/22/2005 5:48:52 PM PST · by w6ai5q37b · 16 replies · 510+ views ^ | Feb. 22, 2005 | Senator Lanane
    SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION No. 16 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION urging the Congress of the United States to place a moratorium on new free trade agreements, to investigate and review current free trade agreements and policies of the United States, to investigate and review participation of the United States with international trade organizations, and to ensure that the agreements, policies, and participation are in the best interests of the citizens of Indiana and the United States. Whereas, Between January 2000 and January 2004, Indiana lost approximately 102,000 manufacturing jobs; Whereas, Manufacturing results in three to seven jobs created for each manufacturing job;...
  • "Harmonizing" Our Decline

    12/29/2003 6:11:05 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 14 replies · 900+ views
    New American ^ | September 22, 2003 | William Norman Grigg
    Our standard of living is being deliberately undermined to merge our nation into a centrally directed global economy.As part of his September 2001 visit to the U.S., Mexican president Vicente Fox accompanied President Bush to Toledo, Ohio, where they addressed a carefully selected crowd of 8,000 people. Toledo was chosen because of its large and growing Mexican immigrant population. This changing demographic in America’s heartland was presented as symbolic of the growing interdependence created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The New York Times described how both Presidents Fox and Bush "praised the contributions of Mexican immigrants and...
  • The “New European Soviet”

    01/10/2005 4:02:34 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 189 replies · 1,956+ views
    New American ^ | September 6, 2004 | Vilius Brazenas
    I am going to tell you a story about Europe and America. It is a true story about tyranny and freedom, about hope, folly, deception and betrayal. It is also a warning about grave danger. Alarmed at the trends I see, I feel obliged to tell this story. Now in my 91st year, I am one of the few living souls who have experienced the major events of the last century. Being both European and American, I have witnessed and studied these events from opposite sides of the Atlantic. I am Lithuanian by birth and saw my small country suffer...
  • Harmonizing the world's accounting rules: Joan Veon warns it's paving path toward global currency

    05/25/2002 1:19:24 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 10 replies · 395+ views ^ | Saturday, May 25, 2002 | Joan Veon
    We live in a global world – a world in which all of the walls or barriers between countries have been effectively torn down. In 1945, the political walls were torn down when the United Nations was birthed as each country ceded sovereignty to a global organization. In 1980, the Monetary Deregulation Act was passed, which made it legal for Americans to invest overseas. At the same time, the Group of Seven developed countries passed similar laws beginning the integration of currencies, securities, money and investments. Now, all the nations of the world effectively invest in each others country. In...
  • Who Will Watch the Watchers?

    09/22/2004 4:15:44 PM PDT · by VxH · 7 replies · 582+ views
    The New American ^ | Christopher S. Bentley
    Vol. 20, No. 20October 4, 2004Table of Contents   Who Will Watch the Watchers?by Christopher S. BentleyMexico’s emerging surveillance state offers a sobering look into the future if the Power Elite’s proposal for a "continental security" perimeter becomes reality. Order This IssueVol. 20, No. 20October 4, 2004Surveillance State I.D.: Implantable VeriChip Launches in MexicoPDF Version - $1.95 - [Order] [Checkout]Requires Adobe Acrobat ReaderPrint Copies - Online purchases of the print version will receive a complimentary link to the PDF version also.1 copy - $2.95 - [Order]10 copies - $12.50 - [Order]25 copies - $22.50 - [Order]100 copies - Call...
  • Totalization Treaty With Mexico -- The Sellout of America Continues

    08/31/2004 3:14:06 PM PDT · by TERMINATTOR · 153 replies · 2,599+ views
    U.S. BORDER CONTROL ^ | August/10/04
    A year ago, this organization warned that the Bush Administration was planning to do something unthinkable - they were seriously considering signing a pact with Mexico that would give any Mexican who had worked in the U.S., including illegal aliens, full U.S. Social Security benefits, paid out of your Social Security Trust Fund! It seemed so far fetched, we had trouble convincing the Congress that it could happen. A White House spokesman denied our claim that it was on a fast track, stating the ongoing discussions for Totalization were just informal and preliminary. But we knew better. We had obtained...
  • Rogues’ Gallery: False Opposition

    05/19/2004 7:25:58 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 2 replies · 227+ views
    Stop the FTAA ^ | William F. Jasper
    This is the second installment in a series of articles looking at the forces behind the scenes propelling us toward globalization through NAFTA, the FTAA and the WTO.‘‘The Battle of Seattle." That is the common name given to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial conference of November 30-December 3, 1999, where a 1960s-style generation of political street rioting was born anew. Images of tear gas, burning cars, chanting mobs, baton-wielding riot police, frightened diplomats, and millions of dollars in damage were left indelibly on the minds of those who viewed the footage on the nightly news. What started as...
  • CAFTA: Stepping Stone to the FTAA

    05/09/2004 2:33:19 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 31 replies · 386+ views
    New American ^ | May 17, 2004
    On February 20, President Bush officially notified Congress that he intends to sign the recently negotiated Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). That letter of notification started the clock ticking on the president’s so-called fast track trade negotiating authority, which Congress reauthorized in 2002. Under the fast track rules, the president must give Congress a 90-day notice before signing any trade agreement. That means President Bush could sign CAFTA as early as late May, although he could decide to sign at a later date. Once the president signs the agreement and then formally sends it to Congress, the legislators are...
  • WHO ARE THE G7 (Harmonization FINANCE)

    04/25/2004 4:48:33 PM PDT · by truth4 · 4 replies · 82+ views ^ | 4/25/04 | Joan Veon
    WHO ARE THE G7 FINANCE MINISTERS? BOCA RATON, FLORIDA - To most people the G7 Finance Ministers are just a bunch of guys who get together throughout the year and talk over the economy-but it is not just the U.S. economy-it is the global economy. In order to understand their position of power, we must go back to August 1971 when President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. The Group of Seven first met in 1973, two years after Nixon severed the last attachment the dollar had to gold when he suspended the rights of foreign countries to...
  • The Challenges of Globalization: The Role of the World Bank

    03/16/2004 4:50:36 PM PST · by chance33_98 · 1 replies · 213+ views
    < snip > Current levels of foreign aid, at some 0.24 percent of annual GDP, fall far short of the 0.7 percent target developed countries promised to meet. < /snip > The Challenges of Globalization: The Role of the World Bank Public Discussion Forum by James D. Wolfensohn President The World Bank Group Berlin, Germany, April 2, 2001 Also available: Press Release World Bank Calls for Global Campaign to Halve the Proportion of People in Extreme Poverty by 2015 It is a pleasure to address you again in this beautiful city. I would like to thank Ms. Scheel, Chairwoman...
  • The Nation-State Is Finished

    02/28/2004 6:34:36 AM PST · by B4Ranch · 200 replies · 1,099+ views ^ | February 23, 2004 | William F. Jasper
    "The Nation-State Is Finished" by William F. Jasper Robert Bartley, a closet one-worlder at the WSJ, used his newspaper’s "conservative" clout to seduce American business leaders into sacrificing U.S. sovereignty for trade. ‘‘What in blazes can President Bush be thinking?" That has been the general response — on talk radio and in media surveys, Internet postings and letters-to-the-editor — of many current and former Bush supporters angered and confused by the president’s immigration proposals. These folks would not have been surprised by the president’s outrageous announcement on January 7 or his remarks the following week at the Summit of the...