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  • We can not allow politics to divide us - please read

    08/06/2016 9:45:09 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 19 replies
    Love of God | 6 August 2016 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    God calls us to bear with one another. Lately, I have been allowing myself to follow the game plan of the liberal leftists who are trying to divide and conquer in the United States so they can win and implement their completely Socialist program which will allow them to tell everyone below the level of top positions what to think and say, what to do for a living, where to live and whether you get healthcare or not. In their game plan, we begin to attack ONE ANOTHER instead of the source of the conflict, them. With that strategy and...
  • Islamist running 140 tax-funded charter schools in U.S.

    01/17/2016 3:54:50 PM PST · by amorphous · 23 replies
    WND ^ | 17 Jan 2016 | Leo Hohmann
    Muhammad Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Islamist, writer and preacher with a secret plan for bringing Shariah law to America. Arguably Turkey's most influential spiritual leader of the past 50 years, Gulen left that country in the late 1990s and now directs his cult-like Islamic movement from a guarded compound in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Part of his empire consists of a thriving network of more than 140 charter schools in 26 states that sell themselves to parents as a secular and more academically rigorous alternative to public schools. As the second largest chain of charter schools in the...

    02/09/2014 11:05:24 AM PST · by Jedediah · 4 replies
    Unity forms a key and Harmony unlocks and opens the door \8/ Vision: I saw God pushing young Eagles ready to fly out of their nests that had been there too long ! You have not done as I have instructed but merely done as you have inquired so you are actually fulfilling your own desires and not the Father's will. Back up for I have given you something and you have dropped it on your way , it is a KEY to ALL this ! Do you see it ?! You will find it in Psalm 133 for without...
  • Harmony thrives in Pacific isolation

    07/27/2008 10:32:41 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 10 replies · 118+ views
    BBC ^ | 7/26/08
    It is one of the world's most remote islands but has a community spirit that is almost utopian, reports Huw Cordey from Anuta in the Pacific. Sailing from Santa Cruz, in the eastern Solomons, it took us five days to reach Anuta. It was one of the most tedious journeys I have made, the continuous pitching of our small yacht making it impossible to either read or write. So it was with some relief when the speck of land that was Anuta finally appeared on the horizon. Harbour masterBut as the island grew larger, the question of how 300 people...
  • Can anyone tell me whats going on with the Pre war doc projects?

    03/01/2008 12:27:44 PM PST · by DrBombbay · 13 replies · 295+ views
    Does anyone have any new insight as to the status of the projects? Once they disappeared I never head about them again.I found them fascinating.
  • Astronauts add new room to space station (Harmony module)

    10/26/2007 8:46:17 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 11 replies · 122+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 10/26/07 | Marcia Dunn - ap
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Astronauts added a new room to the international space station on Friday in the way of Harmony. That's the name of the school bus-size compartment that was attached by a team of spacewalkers working outside and robot arm operators working inside. "I don't know that anybody's ever told our crew that we bring harmony with us, but we sure bring fun," Discovery's commander, Pamela Melroy, said as the spacewalk ended and the congratulations began. The Italian-built Harmony — 24 feet long and 31,000 pounds — was unloaded from the shuttle's payload bay and hoisted into place...
  • Disaster Looms In Land Built For Peace And Harmony (Pakistan)

    08/02/2007 11:30:04 AM PDT · by blam · 5 replies · 364+ views
    The Guardian (UK) ^ | 8-2-2007 | Declan Walsh
    Disaster looms in land built for peace and harmony Politicians fear civil war as Musharraf's regime is battered by suicide attacks, civilian revolt and American threats Declan Walsh in Islamabad Thursday August 2, 2007 The Guardian (UK) Lawyers celebrate after the Pakistani supreme court threw out President Perveaz Musharraf's case against the chief justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Photograph: T Mughal/EPA Decorum was abandoned as accusations ricocheted between the wood-panelled walls of Pakistan's national assembly on Monday night. "Murderers! Murderers of innocent people!" screamed an MP from a religious party, his yellow turban shaking as he wagged a finger towards the...
  • March 2001 Document: Saddam Regime Plans to Strike American Presence and Interests (Translation).

    10/16/2006 2:17:50 PM PDT · by jveritas · 129 replies · 7,052+ views
    Document CMPC-2003-006758.pdf contain a memo form the Iraqi Intelligence Service ( The Apparatus) dated March 28 2001 that talks about plans to “Strike US presence and interest” in response to the new policies of President Bush toward Iraq and that aims at toppling the regime according to the memo. Few months ago there was another memo from the Iraqi Air Force also dated March 2001 that talk about recruiting member of the Iraq Air Force to conduct suicide missions against US interest (March 2001 Document: Saddam Regime Recruits Suicide Terrorists to Hit US Interests This document CMPC-2003-006758.pdf is...
  • Turf war keeping lid on evidence of WMD in Iraq?

    06/25/2006 10:41:00 AM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 28 replies · 1,141+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | June 24, 2006, 9:07PM | By KATHLEEN PARKER
    Turf war keeping lid on evidence of WMD in Iraq? By KATHLEEN PARKER If you thought Democrats and Republicans were politically divided over the war in Iraq, you haven't seen anything yet. The real battle apparently is being waged under the radar between the White House, the intelligence community and Congress. ADVERTISEMENT At the center of the current skirmish is a newly unclassified document released last Wednesday that seems to confirm evidence of WMD in Saddam's Iraq, including both degraded and possibly lethal chemical agents. According to the document, coalition forces have recovered some 500 weapons munitions since 2003 that...
  • Project Harmony Documents Show Chemical 'Projects' In 2003

    07/06/2006 10:24:32 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 9 replies · 776+ views
    Captains Quarters blog ^ | 7-6-06 | Captain
    The translated documents from the captured IIS files have even more information on Saddam Hussein's activity in WMD research and development. BIAP-2003-003057.pdf has the agenda from a January 21, 2003 meeting that involves chemical projects scheduled for implementation in the coming year:
  • Clinton military advisor: HARMONY documents will "connect the dots" on Hussein and terrorism

    08/27/2006 3:24:38 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 36 replies · 2,312+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 8.27.06 | Mark Eichenlaub
    Lt. Col. "Buzz" Patterson (audio) interview on Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism, GWOT, Iraq and the role of bloggers Lt. Col. "Buzz" Patterson, author of 3 books and former military aide to President Clinton, recently made himself available for an extended interview with Regime of Terror. Patterson called upon his military/intelligence contacts and background as he talked about al-Qaeda's strength during 90's and today, the war in Iraq and wider Global War on Terror, bloggers and Saddam Hussein's support of terrorism. Patterson predicts that the intelligence paper of the former Iraq regime, currently held in the HARMONY database and elsewhere,...
  • The Captured Iraqi Intelligence Documents: What Do They Reveal and How Should They Be Handled?

    07/08/2006 7:31:43 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 12 replies · 1,296+ views
    Heritage Foundation press release ^ | 7-8-06 | Press Release
    The Captured Iraqi Intelligence Documents: What Do They Reveal and How Should They Be Handled? RSVP | Send to a Friend Date: July 11, 2006 Time: 12:00 noon Speaker(s): Keynote Remarks by: The Honorable Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) Chairman, House Intelligence Committee Followed by a Panel Discussion with: Peter Brookes Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, The Heritage Foundation Thomas Joscelyn Terrorism Researcher Michael Tanji Former Chief of the Document and Media Exploitation Division, Defense Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Human Intelligence Host(s): James Jay Carafano, Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation Details:...
  • al-Qaeda's Assassination Program in Anbar (Harmony Documents)

    05/02/2006 3:28:04 PM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 21 replies · 812+ views
    counterterrorismblog ^ | May 2, 2006 03:18 PM | By Bill Roggio
    al-Qaeda's Assassination Program in Anbar By Bill Roggio al-Qaeda continues its campaign of targeted assassinations against Sunni leaders cooperating with the elected government of Iraq. Today, a suicide bomber put Maamoon Sami Rasheed al-Awani, the governor of Anbar province, in its sights and attempted to kill him with a suicide car bomb. al-Awani survived the attack, but ten Iraqi bystanders were killed in the ensuing blast. “This is a cowardly attempt, and this is not in the best interest of Anbar or the country,” Awani said. “On the same day of the attack, I am here and am ready to...
  • Harmony Database Translations Now Sorted by Date & Subject

    04/24/2006 4:13:22 AM PDT · by Fishtalk · 66+ views
    The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog ^ | 4/24/06 | Pat Fish
    The translations of the Harmony Database blog post have been re-vamped. Please do pay a visit and get familiar with the page. The link included now takes you to a cover page with LINKS to the Harmony Database Translations. The major difference is that the links are sorted now on this cover page into two categories: Date and Subject. Just by reading the link description one can see a clear pattern emerging in how pre-invasion Iraq behaved since the first Gulf War. Check it out and bookmark this post.
  • The Saddam Files [jveritas and Free Republic mentioned]

    04/12/2006 5:21:03 AM PDT · by Quilla · 35 replies · 1,194+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | April 12, 2006 | Clarice Feldman
     The treasure trove of captured documents from Saddam Hussein’s regime collectively known as Harmony, which are now available for translation by anyone with access to the internet, continues to yield indications of WMD programs. As much of the press continues to pick around at intelligence assessments and analyses pre- and post- war which were in error, it is carfeully averting its eyes from evidence that Saddam was hiding the illegal weapons he had, was working closely with terrorists and had every intention of continuing to produce WMDs as soon as the sanctions program -already weakened-was over. The bloggers are not ignoring...
  • Know Your Terrorist Enemy (new West Point study)

    02/22/2006 7:28:20 AM PST · by Dark Skies · 8 replies · 657+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | 2/22/2006 | John B. Dwyer
    “The key to defeating the jihadi movement is identifying its strengths and weaknesses so that the former may be countered or co-opted and the latter exploited.” These are the words of the authors of the study just published by West Point’s Combatting Terrorism Center, “Stealing Al-Qa’ida’s Playbook.” Jarrett M. Brachman and William F. McCants have made the writings – the playbooks, if you will – of leading jihad terrorist strategists are available online, and they offer frank discussions of the vulnerabilities and methodologies which can be mined for more effective counter-terrorist tactics, techniques and strategies. “Stealing Al-Qa’ida’s Playbook” examines...
  • Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities

    02/17/2006 5:16:21 AM PST · by Valin · 3 replies · 291+ views
    Foreword In war, traditional nation-states have specific attributes, such as territory, military forces, governmental structures, and economic capacity that can be the objectives of grand strategy and resulting military campaigns. Non-state actors, such as al-Qa’ida, do not have these same centers of gravity. Al-Qa’ida has non-traditional strengths and weaknesses reflecting its own unique human personalities, structure, organization, processes, and procedures. The purpose of this study is to examine the internal characteristics of al-Qa’ida so that policymakers and analysts can develop strategies to focus on their key vulnerabilities and degrade their effectiveness in supporting the global Salafist insurgency. One of the...
  • Tip of the Iceberg A declassified al Qaeda document hints at a great deal more to come.

    02/16/2006 5:51:33 PM PST · by robowombat · 9 replies · 1,690+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 02/16/2006 | Dan Darling
    Tip of the Iceberg A declassified al Qaeda document hints at a great deal more to come. by Dan Darling 02/16/2006 12:00:00 AM IN THE COURSE of the campaign against international terrorism, the United States and its allies have uncovered hundreds of documents authored by both leaders and members of al Qaeda and allied terrorist networks. These documents, which currently reside in a classified database known as HARMONY, contain everything from loose papers to personal letters to bureaucratic documents to official statements and threats issued by al Qaeda and its allies. These documents, which contain important information with regard to...
  • On the Way? (Some of the Iraqi documents may be released soon.)

    01/22/2006 7:51:04 AM PST · by baystaterebel · 29 replies · 1,157+ views
    The Weekly Standard. ^ | 01/21/2006 | Stephen F. Hayes
    MORE THAN TWO MONTHS AGO, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra requested 40 documents captured in postwar Iraq as he sought better understand the activities of the Iraqi regime in the months and years before the U.S. invasion in March 2003. On Friday afternoon, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence finally provided 39 of the 40 documents Hoekstra had requested. I had been seeking the same documents. For more than five months I pestered Department of Defense public affairs staff to see them. I provided titles to the Pentagon staff and, eventually, filed a Freedom of Information Act...
  • Saddam's Terror Training Camps (Huge! Stephen Hayes new piece)

    01/07/2006 4:43:10 PM PST · by infoguy · 42 replies · 1,587+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 16 January 2006 | Stephen Hayes
    Saddam's Terror Training Camps What the documents captured from the former Iraqi regime reveal--and why they should all be made public. by Stephen F. Hayes 01/16/2006, Volume 011, Issue 17 THE FORMER IRAQI REGIME OF Saddam Hussein trained thousands of radical Islamic terrorists from the region at camps in Iraq over the four years immediately preceding the U.S. invasion, according to documents and photographs recovered by the U.S. military in postwar Iraq. The existence and character of these documents has been confirmed to THE WEEKLY STANDARD by eleven U.S. government officials. The secret training took place primarily at three camps--in...
  • New Saddam Documents Detail Terror Training

    01/06/2006 8:20:55 PM PST · by wagglebee · 86 replies · 3,337+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 1/6/06 | NewsMax
    The Bush administration is preparing to release never-before-seen documents captured when U.S. forces liberated Baghdad that chronicle the extensive training of thousands of radical Islamic terrorists by Saddam Hussein's regime. "The secret training took place primarily at three camps in Samarra, Ramadi, and Salman Pak," reports the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes, who adds that the operations began two years before the 9/11 attacks and were "directed by elite Iraqi military units." The existence of these documents, and the nature of what they describe, has been confirmed to the Standard by eleven U.S. government officials, Hayes says. If true, the documents...
  • Dhimmi Britain - (schools forcing studies teaching "tolerance for Islam" in U.K.)

    05/31/2005 7:15:30 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 182+ views
    Political correctness is turning lethal. Stockport Council is now using resource packs provided by the Muslim Council of Britain to teach schoolchildren about Islam, an initiative which is to be extended across the nation. According to the Stockport Express, councillors think this will promote 'multi-racial [sic] harmony'. Councillor John Pantall, executive member for 'diversity strategy', said: 'If we can get to pupils at an early age we hope they can grow up understanding other cultures and religions and without prejudice. There is a great deal of ignorance about major faiths, resulting in dangerous and destructive myths. The use of the...
  • Michigan company recalls condoms, home pregnancy test kit

    03/26/2005 8:48:37 PM PST · by FourPeas · 16 replies · 604+ views
    WOOD-TV ^ | 3/26/2005
    (Grand Rapids, March 26, 2005, 6:01 p.m.) Condoms made here in Michigan are being recalled because they may not work. Oak Park-based Harmony Brands is recalling it's Lover brand latex condoms. It's also recalling it's B-Sure home pregnancy test kits. Both products were sold nationally in dollar stores, convenience stores, and other retail outlets. Harmony Brands says it hasn't received any consumer reports of failure of the products. The company says consumers who have these unused products should return them for a refund.

    08/16/2002 7:39:49 AM PDT · by Merchant Seaman · 735 replies · 30,137+ views
    Annoyed Reader
    The purpose of's multiple message boards is to limit the topics for each board to particular topics. Posting the same message on all the boards defeats the purpose of multiple-boards for special topics. It is very annoying to see the same message on every bulletin board. PLEASE! DO THE READERS A FAVOR. STOP CROSS-POSTING YOUR MESSAGES!
  • A Good Deal Goes Begging

    11/17/2004 8:40:15 PM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 2 replies · 193+ views
    NY Times ^ | November 18, 2004
    Last week, President Bush professed a desire to see a true peace in the Middle East, one where Israel can live alongside its Arab neighbors in serenity and harmony and all other good things. So why in the world is his administration holding up a trade deal between Israel and Egypt that could increase economic cooperation between the two countries? Back in 1996, Congress passed a law giving Jordan and Egypt duty-free access to some parts of the American market if those products included some Israeli content. The point of the law was to encourage commercial ties between Israel and...
  • Arafat's Last Threat to Israel?

    11/09/2004 7:11:22 AM PST · by stevejackson · 9 replies · 667+ views ^ | November 9, 2004 | Daniel Pipes
    "I think it's very important for our friends, the Israelis, to have a peaceful Palestinian state living on their border. And it's very important for the Palestinian people to have a peaceful, hopeful future." So spoke President Bush just two days after his re-election, just exactly as news reports were leaking Yasser Arafat's demise.The combination of Mr. Bush's stunning new mandate and Mr. Arafat's near-death condition will lead, I predict, to a quick revival of Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy after months of relative doldrums and to massive dangers to Israel.The doldrums will cease because the Bush administration views Mr. Arafat as the...
  • Pastor's gift brings whites, blacks together

    07/11/2004 5:05:43 PM PDT · by Dubya · 12 replies · 515+ views
    Star-Telegram ^ | Jul. 11, 2004 | Bob Ray Sanders
    Eleven o'clock on Sunday mornings still may be the most segregated hour in America, but a Tarrant County church this weekend will force some of us cynics to rethink that old saying as well as refocus our attention on the Christian definition of charity. This story is almost too good to be true, and when I suggested to the Rev. Jimmie Bradford that what I heard he was doing struck me as rather odd, he responded with a slight chuckle in his voice: "Odd? Oh, I know it sounds odd in 2004 to help somebody, but if you're a Christian...
  • One World...all singing together "Peace, Peace" coming...

    06/28/2003 4:58:38 AM PDT · by Psalm118 · 6 replies · 126+ views ^ | June 28, 2003 | Whirled go-bear-dance
    It's coming, one way or another. Whether we like it, or not.