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  • Doomsday preacher Harold Camping dies at 92

    12/18/2013 5:31:54 AM PST · by markomalley · 20 replies
    Fox News ^ | 12-17-2013
    Harold Camping, the California preacher who used his evangelical radio ministry and thousands of billboards to broadcast the end of the world and then gave up public prophecy when his date-specific doomsdays did not come to pass, has died at age 92. Family Radio Network marketing manager Nina Romero said Harold Camping, a retired civil engineer who built a worldwide following for the nonprofit, Oakland-based ministry he founded in 1958, died at his home on Sunday. She said he had been hospitalized after falling. Camping's most widely spread prediction was that the Rapture would happen on May 21, 2011. His...
  • Controversial preacher Harold Camping dies at 92

    12/16/2013 7:02:09 PM PST · by Borges · 86 replies ^ | 12/16/2013
    OAKLAND, Calif. - The radio preacher who predicted "Judgment Day" would come in May 2011 has died in northern California. A statement released late Monday by his Family Radio network says Harold Camping "passed on to glory" at 5:30 p.m. PT Sunday. He was 92. The statement revealed Camping had a fall at his home November 30, but he was in weak health due to a stroke since 2011. Camping gained a national following through the Family Radio network of stations he helped found in 1959. He conducted daily on-air Bible studies and hosted a nightly "Open Forum" call-in show...
  • Harold Camping's Family Radio Stations Dropping Christian Content?

    01/22/2013 8:15:44 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 3 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 01/10/2013 | By Katherine Weber
    Harold Camping's Family Radio Inc. (also referred to as Family Stations Inc.) has been undergoing changes as the radio network seeks to shed the non-commercial status of some of its properties, prompting some observers to wonder if these stations will also be shedding their Christian content. Specifically, it has been reported that the Christian radio network filed a request to have its WFME Newark station converted from a non-commercial to commercial operation on Jan 6. A visit to Family Radio's "reception reports" for New York shows that WFME is "off air" and has apparently been awaiting a fix for months....
  • FINALLY: Family Radio Founder Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teachings

    10/31/2011 7:02:36 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 28 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 10/30/2011 | By Nicola Menzie
    With his speech sounding somewhat slurred and labored, Family Radio Stations Inc. founder and chairman Harold Camping sought to address in a recent message why Christ failed to return on Oct. 21 as the Bible teacher had predicted. Camping confessed, after decades of falsely misleading his followers, that he was wrong and regrets his misdeeds. In addition to attempting to correct his erroneous teachings on the Rapture and God's day of final judgment on the world, Camping, 90, also confessed, "incidentally," that he was wrong to claim that God had stopped saving people after May 21 – the date which...
  • Harold Camping Oct. 21 Rapture: Bible Preacher Declares 'Nothing to Report Here'

    10/21/2011 1:29:53 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 10/21/2011 | Ray Downs
    Harold Camping’s only words to reporters the day before what he has claimed will be the world’s last day were: “We’re not having a conversation. There’s nothing to report here,” according to Reuters. Wearing a bathrobe and using a walker outside of his Alameda, Calif., home, the doomsday preacher chuckled as reporters tried to get comments from him Thursday regarding the supposed Rapture that, as of Friday afternoon, appears not to be happening. However, Camping did say the Oct. 21 rapture would be "quiet." Months after Camping's second prediction of a May 21 Judgment Day, the doomsday "prophet" said that...
  • REMINDER FROM HAROLD CAMPING: The World Will End Tomorrow

    10/20/2011 10:31:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 10/20/2011 | Henry Blodget
    In case you had forgotten (or made other plans), the world is supposed to end tomorrow. The prognosticator who predicted that the world would end this spring, Harold Camping, has updated his forecast, and the new End Date is October 21. In May, the world was supposed to end with a series of rolling earthquakes that began at 6PM in New Zealand (and then rolled through all the world's time zones). This time, Harold Camping says, the world will end quietly. As far as we know, he hasn't specified a particular time. In the intervening months, unfortunately, Camping has suffered...
  • A doomsday date for your diary! World 'will end on Friday' says preacher

    10/16/2011 4:35:21 PM PDT · by traumer · 60 replies
    Doomsday preacher Harold Camping was left a laughing stock when his prediction that the world would end on May 21 failed to materialise. But the 90-year-old Californian may well have the last laugh after revealing that date was in fact Judgment Day - a spiritual moment when the righteous would be chosen - and simply a warm-up for the Rapture which happens exactly five months later. This means that Friday, October 21, will mark the start of the Apocalypse - when believers will be whisked away into heaven and hell will be unleashed on earth. And cynics should be warned,...
  • Harold Camping says Judgment Day will occur Oct. 21 (for real this time)

    10/05/2011 1:51:56 PM PDT · by Cronos · 65 replies
    MLIVE ^ | 4 October 2011 | Troy Reimik
    Yes, this again. There are fewer billboards this time, but the people who brought you the popular Rapture "scare" of May 2011 are back with a more subdued sequel titled "Wait, Wait, We Meant October." You may recall the excitement earlier this year when Grand Rapids received a visit from the followers of Family Radio Worldwide, a California-based Christian group led by 89-year-old Harold Camping, who were traveling the country to loudly and colorfully proclaim Judgment Day's imminence. It didn't happen. OR DID IT!? The conspicuous lack of a world-ending earthquake left Camping and his followers scrambling to explain why...
  • Family Radio's Harold Camping Strangely Quiet as Oct. 21 'Judgment Day' Approaches

    09/26/2011 1:42:34 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 09/14/2011 | Nicola Menzie
    After suffering a stroke just days after falsely predicting that judgment day for the world and the rapture of Christians would be on May 21, 2011, Family Radio's Harold Camping has been relatively quite, not offering any new predictions for the end times, even as Oct. 21 approaches - the day the Bible teacher claims the world will come to an end. In a "special announcement" dated Aug. 8 on its website, California-based Family Radio gave an update on Camping's health condition: Mr. Camping’s condition following his stroke has improved substantially, and God willing, he will soon return home. He...
  • 'Rapture' Real Aftermath: Beheadings, Shootings, Mass Graves

    07/13/2011 6:57:42 PM PDT · by WXRGina · 32 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | July 13, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    The executive director of a ministry that works with the persecuted church in the northern reaches of Vietnam says he's outraged that a "prophecy" by an American preacher apparently cost the lives of many tribal Hmong people who believed it. The prediction by Harold Camping, 89, of Oakland, Calif.-based Family Radio, was that Jesus Christ would return to Earth to "rapture" his followers to heaven on May 21. Camping said mankind had run out of time, and the Creator of the universe would arrive on that Saturday. The horrific aftermath of the unfulfilled prophecy was reported by James Jacob Prasch,...
  • Harold Camping Follower Shot Man Over Rapture Belief?

    06/29/2011 7:35:26 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 06/29/2011 | Anugrah Kumar
    An Oregon man, believed to be a follower of Harold Camping and in jail for allegedly shooting a co-worker last week, wanted to punish the victim for mocking the California preacher’s rapture prophecy, emerging developments suggest. A 39-year-old man from west Eugene, Dale O’Callaghan, shot his co-worker, 33-year-old Jerry Andrews, in the shoulder June 24, calling him “one of those Satanic” people, according to a sworn affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court by Eugene Police Detective Ben Hall. O’Callaghan and Andrews, co-workers at LHM Hydraulics for several years, had argued occasionally over Harold Camping’s prediction that the rapture would...
  • Rapture predictor Harold Camping suffers stroke!

    06/13/2011 7:49:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    CBS News ^ | 06/13/2011 | David S. Morgan
    Harold Camping, the Family Radio minister who inaccurately predicted that the world would experience Judgment Day last May 21, has suffered a stroke. Camping, the 89-year-old head of the Oakland-based evangelical media company, suffered a stroke on Thursday night after a radio broadcast and was taken to a local hospital, according to a message posted on a Family Radio-oriented Yahoo group by Charlie Menut, station manager of Family Radio affiliate WFME. Harold Camping doomsday prediction record: 0-2 Harold Camping "flabbergasted" by non-Rapture Apocalypse ... uhm, when? A neighbor of Camping told the Oakland Tribune that the Alameda minister was taken...
  • Failed Judgment Day preacher hospitalized with stroke

    06/12/2011 6:52:06 AM PDT · by Bed_Zeppelin · 22 replies
    WND ^ | June 11, 2011 | Joe Kovacs
    A California broadcaster who wrongly forecast the return of Jesus last month is now hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Harold Camping, 89, of Oakland-Calif.-based Family Radio was reportedly taken by ambulance Thursday night from his home in Alameda, Calif. "He had a stroke, it was on his right side," a neighbor of Camping's told the Oakland Tribune, noting that she and her husband helped and comforted Camping's wife, Shirley, as the event took place.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Harold Camping Ex-Follower Speaks Out

    06/05/2011 4:16:52 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 14 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 06/05/2011 | Josephine Vivaldo
    A former Harold Camping student who abandoned “Campingism,” shared with The Christian Post what the 89-year-old broadcaster was like before he began prophesying about the end of the world and what ex-followers think of him now. Pastor Trevor Hammack, from Victory Baptist Church in Ovalo, Texas, spoke with CP on Tuesday, retracing his journey from the beginning, when he was attracted to Family Radio, to the end, when he chose to leave after he saw Camping’s first doomsday prediction fail. It never occurred to the 42-year-old pastor that Camping would move away from the very first thing that drew him...
  • After the Apocalypse, Try Reason!

    05/27/2011 3:16:05 PM PDT · by Ed Hudgins · 13 replies
    The Atlas Society - The Center for Objectivism ^ | May 27, 2011 | Edward Hudgins
    Eighty-nine-year-old religious nut Harold Camping prophesized that the world would end on May 21, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. local time. A woman who believed him wanted to get a jump on Armageddon and avoid the horrors of fire and brimstone. So she slit her 11- and 14-year-old daughters’ throats with a box cutter and then slit her own. The Rapture did not occur. The world didn’t end. The two daughters and mother survived. The mother is in jail where she belongs. Camping, sadly, also survives and is free to cause the world more grief. Camping promoted his prophecy through his...
  • Former Family Radio affiliate station calls Harold Camping “a false prophet.”

    05/27/2011 1:16:57 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 5 replies
    Taylor on ^ | 5/26/11 | Tom Taylor
    Hudson Valley’s WFSO, Olivebridge NY issues “a humble appeal to followers of Harold Camping” and says something startling – “Now is the time to repent and turn to Christ.” No doubt Camping (who’s not a minister) would find that strange, since he believes he’s helped save many people around the world. But the failure of Camping’s May 21 end-of-the-world prophecy, in the eyes of WFSO, means it’s time to talk plainly. It says “From now on, do not lend your ears to anything from Harold Camping” – and Redeemer Broadcasting Network claims that perhaps 80% to 90% of Family Radio’s...
  • Failed Doomsday Has Real Deadly Consequences

    05/25/2011 6:50:21 AM PDT · by Borges · 40 replies
    Yahoo - AP ^ | 05/25/11 | Benjamin Radford
    Harold Camping, the 89-year-old leader whose study of the Bible convinced him and his followers that the world would end, has been described by his wife as "flabbergasted" that the apocalypse didn’t start over the weekend. There are some red faces out there. And if that's all it had been, then one could argue no great harm had been done. But while Camping and his followers try to figure out what went wrong (or right) — with news Monday night that he now says Judgment Day will come on Oct. 21 — the failed prophecy did more than just damage...
  • What. She. Said. (post-apocalypse)

    05/25/2011 11:11:55 AM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 12 replies
    GetReligion ^ | May 22, 2011 | tmatt
    It was the story of the week. No doubt about it.Which is amazing if you stop and think about all of the important religious events and trends that made it into the headlines this week. But it was the story of the week. You knew it had totally jumped the shark when even Doonesbury had enough time to ramp up and get in on the mockery.So, keeping in mind all of the editors and producers who fell in love with the Harold Camping story, let those of us who are traditional Christian believers recite the following (yes, it’s from an...
  • Preacher says world will actually end in October

    05/25/2011 2:03:46 AM PDT · by South40 · 36 replies
    YahooNews (AP) ^ | 5/24/2011 | GARANCE BURKE
    OAKLAND, Calif. – A California preacher who foretold of the world's end only to see the appointed day pass with no extraordinarily cataclysmic event has revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21. Harold Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before catastrophe struck the planet, apologized Monday evening for not having the dates "worked out as accurately as I could have."
  • An Open Letter to Harold Camping (From James White, the man who debated him)

    05/24/2011 8:44:52 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 91 replies
    Alpha and Omega Ministries ^ | 05/24/2011 | Dr. James White
    On Open Letter to Harold Camping of Family Radio Dear Mr. Camping: In July of 2009 you and I engaged in a debate on the Iron Sharpens Iron radio program concerning your teaching that the church age had ended and that Christ would return on May 21, 2011. I trust you recall our exchange. I am also aware that you have at least seen my book, Dangerous Airwaves: Harold Camping Refuted and Christ's Church Defended. I have been seeking to warn people about your teachings, sir, for about a decade. I know others have been warning the church about you...
  • Could Harold Camping Be Sued?

    05/24/2011 7:02:46 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/24/2011 | Katherine T. Phan
    Family Radio has solicited millions from donors over the years and reportedly spent over $100 million on advertising for the May 21 Judgment Day. But now that the "guaranteed" rapture didn't happen, people are wondering: Can Harold Camping or Family Radio be sued? Did they do anything illegal in soliciting donations based on the rapture prediction? And do donors have legal ground to sue the discredited prophet? Probably not, says an executive of Charity Navigator, which evaluates over 5,500 of America's largest charities. The charity evaluator rated Family Radio as a 4-star charity, the highest possible ranking. Sandra Miniutti, vice...
  • Harold Camping: Rapture Rescheduled for October 21, Twitter Laughs On

    05/24/2011 10:56:12 AM PDT · by Cronos · 26 replies
    webpronews ^ | 24 May 2011 | Josh Walford
    The “flabbergasted” biblical numerologist Harold Camping has emerged from seclusion and addressed the world about the still impending rapture...last night, the 89-year-old fake prophet announced that the rapture was far from cancelled – but simply postponed. More specifically, he was not off on the dates. May 21st marked a more “spiritual” beginning of the end, and in five months the real end will come....Camping, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Were not changing a date at all; we’re just learning that we have to be a little more spiritual about this. But on Oct. 21, the world will be...
  • Harold Camping Give Christian’s A Bad Name

    05/24/2011 2:39:32 PM PDT · by · 14 replies ^ | May 24, 2011 |
    Harold Camping is a perfect example of what the Bible teaches about false teachers and doctrines.   He even claims to be a prophet.  I’ll stick with God’s true prophets revealed to us in His Word.2 Peter 2:1But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves.Harold Camping and his followers seem be reading a very different Bible then mine.  It is stated numerous times that the Lord is returning for His church.  But what...
  • Why Modern-Day Prophecy Theorists are More Dangerous than Harold Camping

    05/23/2011 7:20:22 AM PDT · by topcat54 · 53 replies
    American Vision ^ | May 23, 2011 | Gary DeMar
    How is it possible that most evangelical critics of Harold Camping are more dangerous than the failed prognosticator? For the simple reason that it’s no longer May 21, 2011, and Harold Camping will be relegated to the dust bin of prophetic history, but prophecy prognosticators will continue to abound by claiming that Jesus is still coming “soon” even if we don’t know the “day and hour.” In nearly every article I’ve read by evangelicals denouncing Camping, they still claim that all the signs are in place for Jesus’ “soon” return. Here are some examples: Even though Tim LaHaye denounced Camping’s...
  • Harold Camping Spent Around $100 Million on Rapture Ads

    05/24/2011 11:13:58 AM PDT · by Cronos · 43 replies
    The Atlantic wire ^ | 24 May 2011 | Caitlin Dickson
    This shockingly large number comes from Matt Tuter, international projects manager at Family Radio--the California-based Christian organization that falsely predicted the world's end this past weekend--in an interview with the Christian Post. The bulk of the $100 million, Tuter insists, came from selling off property (their KFTL television station and a FM station), fu although there appear plenty of people who donated their life savings to the cause. Tuter, whose family first got involved with the Family Radio organization when he was a baby, was also sure to clarify that "I remember when the organization was normal!" Apparently, this was...
  • Preacher, says date of Apocalypse off by Five Months

    05/24/2011 10:42:43 AM PDT · by Scythian · 30 replies
    OAKLAND, Calif. -- As crestfallen followers of a California preacher who foresaw the world's end strained to find meaning in their lives, Harold Camping revised his apocalyptic prophecy Monday, saying he was off by five months because the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.
  • Harold Camping's Latest Claim - VANITY

    05/23/2011 6:01:37 PM PDT · by WillVoteForFood · 60 replies
    05/23/11 | Self
    I am currently listening to Harold Camping to see what his response to the lack of rapture would be. His response? The second coming will come on the second date he supplied, which was October 21, 2011, the date he originally stated would be the one after 5 months of suffering on which the world would be complete. His reasoning. He states that God is merciful and based on a letter from someone stated that God would not allow 5 months of continuous suffering and that man could not survive 5 months of wrath. Disappointing, not surprising, continuing to perpetuate...
  • A "flabbergasted" Harold Camping talks about his end-of-the-world call

    05/24/2011 7:02:57 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 14 replies ^ | 5/24/11 |
    To clear up one question: no donations will be returned, since Family Radio principal Camping says the money was given to spread the gospel, and that work will continue. He devoted his entire 90-minute "Open Forum" Monday night (5/23) to questions about what really happened last Saturday. He reiterated his belief that the world truly is going to end on October 21, and as far as he’s concerned, Judgment Day really did occur on May 21. Why were there no terrible earthquakes and disasters over the weekend? Because, he says, God decided not to make people suffer through the next...
  • U.S. Judgment Day forecaster sets new doomsday date of October 21 (Camping just won't stop)

    05/24/2011 6:54:22 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 39 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 05/24/2011 | Steve Gorman
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The evangelical Christian broadcaster whose much-ballyhooed Judgement Day prophecy went conspicuously unfulfilled on Saturday has a simple explanation for what went wrong -- he miscalculated. Instead of the world physically coming to an end on May 21 with a great, cataclysmic earthquake, as he had predicted, Harold Camping, 89, said he now believes his forecast is playing out "spiritually," with the actual apocalypse set to occur five months later, on October 21. Camping, who launched a doomsday countdown in which some followers spent their life's savings in anticipation of being swept into heaven, issued his correction...
  • Harold Camping says May 21, 2011 was ‘invisible judgment day,’ world will end October 21, 2011

    05/24/2011 2:09:12 AM PDT · by markomalley · 42 replies
    WaPo ^ | 5/23/11 | Elizabeth Teneby
    Radio evangelist Harold Camping said in a special broadcast Monday night on his radio program Open Forum that his predicted May 21, 2011 Rapture was “an invisible judgment day“ that he has come to understand as a spiritual, rather than physical event. “We had all of our dates correct,” Camping insisted, clarifying that he now understands that Christ’s May 21 arrival was “a spiritual coming” ushering in the last five months before the final judgment and destruction. In an hour and a half broadcast, Camping walked listeners through his numerological timeline, insisting that his teaching has not changed and that...
  • A Secret Rapture on May 21st, 2011??

    05/23/2011 3:30:49 PM PDT · by TaraP · 52 replies
    TaraP | May 23rd, 2011
    Just a question in regards to Camping's failed May 21st prediction.... If the dead are raptured first, how long before the *Church* is raptured? 1 Thes. 4:13-18. This description of the Rapture says "The Lord himself will come down from heaven," "the dead in Christ will rise first," and "we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air." It says Jesus will come down from heaven but not anything about Jesus returning to heaven. I believe that the saints will meet Jesus in the...
  • Harold Camping Should Publicly Repent, Says Christian Leader

    05/22/2011 5:36:24 AM PDT · by don-o · 89 replies
    Christian Post ^ | May 21, 2011 | Michelle A. Vu
    Harold Camping needs to publicly apologize for being wrong about his doomsday prediction and leading people astray, said a Southern Baptist leader. The California radio broadcaster’s wrong prediction about the rapture and the end of the world reflected poorly on Christians, said Ed Stetzer, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Research and LifeWay’s missiologist in residence. Stetzer issued a series of tweets about Camping’s eschatological prediction on Saturday, among which one noted that there was no earthquake in New Zealand after 6 p.m. “Harold Camping, pls update w/your repentance statement & instructions to your now-broke followers,” Stetzer tweeted....
  • Rapture Prophet Harold Camping's 'Really Tough Weekend' (VIDEO: The man finally emerges and speaks)

    05/23/2011 9:09:12 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 114 replies
    The Atlantic Wire ^ | 05/23/2011 | Adam Clark Estes
    Harold Camping emerged from his Alameda, California home yesterday to face reporters for the first time since the Rapture that never happened. Wearing a light jacket and speaking over chirping birds, Camping told the San Francisco Chronicle he was "flabbergasted" that the world did not end on Saturday. "I'm looking for answers," he told the reporter. "But now I have nothing else to say. I'll be back to work Monday and will say more then." Camping followers are similarly perplexed. "I don't think I am going to stop listening to him," one man added, heaving a deep sigh before continuing:...
  • Just Another Broadcast Day At Family Radio

    05/23/2011 7:00:29 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 21 replies ^ | 5/22/11 | Jim Pastrick
    After all the hoopla about Family Radio's Harold Camping preaching of the rapture and the end time on May 21, 2011, today I checked Family Radio's Buffalo FM, 89.9 WFBF... On the air and from what I heard, business as usual. But it makes me wonder, is a hoax such as Camping's preaching and promising an actionable offense before the FCC? Imagine the uproar if Clear Channel, Entercom or Cumulus participated in such a "promotion." Yes, CC has thousands of stations and Family Radio has about a hundred. Still, Harold Camping's advisory cost some members of the listening public their...
  • Doomsayer 'flabbergasted' that world didn't end {Poor Harry Camping}

    05/23/2011 6:29:01 AM PDT · by Cronos · 37 replies · 1+ views
    IBN Live ^ | Today | IBN
    The religious broadcaster who made the world's biggest mistake, twice, is bewildered that things did not go according to his prediction and the world did not end at 6 pm on May 21. Harold Camping, whose radio network is reported to be worth between USD 70 million and USD 120 million, was nowhere to be seen publicly Sunday after his prediction didn't come true, according to media reports on Monday. Camping's Family Radio network in Oakland, California, broadcasts on 150 stations in the US, as well as reaching audiences in Europe, Asia and AfricaTom Evans, a Family Radio board member,...
  • Harold Camping 'Flabbergasted'; Rapture a No-Show ["It's been a really tough weekend"]

    05/23/2011 6:23:53 AM PDT · by marshmallow · 37 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 5/23/11 | Will Kane
    (05-22) 19:18 PDT ALAMEDA -- The man who said the world was going to end appeared at his front door in Alameda a day later, very much alive but not so well. "It has been a really tough weekend," said Harold Camping, the 89-year-old fundamentalist radio preacher who convinced hundreds of his followers that the rapture would occur on Saturday at 6 p.m. Massive earthquakes would strike, he said. Believers would ascend to heaven and the rest would be left to wander a godforsaken planet until Oct. 21, when Camping promised a fiery end to the world. But on Sunday,...
  • EXCLUSIVE: Harold Camping to Speak Monday on Failed Prediction

    05/23/2011 3:59:47 AM PDT · by don-o · 27 replies
    Harold Camping, the Oakland, California-based broadcaster who made a failed prediction about a cataclysmic doomsday said on Sunday he would make a statement on or by Monday night in a "public forum" to explain himself. An IBTimes reporter met him at his home in Alameda, Calif., and said he would explain in the forum tomorrow. When asked about his silence since the prediction, Camping said he needed more time seeing that his major prediction had failed, and wanted to think and recover, calling the event "a big deal." Camping, 89, has not been heard from since Saturday. In 1994, Camping...
  • Camping May 21 Rapture and the Replacement Theology Lie

    05/21/2011 4:46:26 AM PDT · by marbren · 941 replies
    vanity | 5/21/11 | marbren
    Camping is a victim of replacement theology. IMHO the lie of replacement theology is almost as insidious as idolatry. The key to holistic understanding of Bible prophecy is to understand the role of Israel in it. God keeps his promises to Israel. This is a model to the rest of us that he will keep his promises to us as well. A majority of the church going world has been victimized. I believed the lie for 35 years. During the past 20 I have been seeking the truth and only recently did I stop saying IMHO replacement theology is a...
  • Doomsayer confused as world doesn't end (Meet the man who spent his $150,000 savings to warn us)

    05/22/2011 9:49:10 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 60 replies
    New York Post ^ | 05/22/2011 | Heather Haddon & Douglas Montero
    That's a Wrapture. When the world did not end at precisely 6 p.m. yesterday, Doomsday prophet Robert Fitzpatrick's fragile grasp on reality crumbled. "I don't understand why nothing is happening," said Fitzpatrick, flipping through his Bible for clues to why Rapture failed to show up on time. "It's not a mistake. I did what I had to do. I did what the Bible said," he said, looking increasingly disheveled and confused as he stood in Times Square before mocking crowds. A kooky Christian cult predicted that corpses would line the streets and deadly earthquakes would swallow up sinners beginning at...
  • Rapture: the end was not nigh, after all

    05/22/2011 4:19:46 AM PDT · by Cardhu · 27 replies
    Daily Telegraph ^ | May 21st 2011 | Laura Donnelly, Bonnie Malkin and David Barrett
    Given that the end of the world was supposed to be nigh, it perhaps wasn’t surprising that Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping had shown some reluctance to take advance bookings. The 89-year-old Californian preacher and radio host had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm May 21st in each of the world’s time zones, with non-believers wiped out by rolling earthquakers, as the saved ascended into heaven. His refusal to schedule a media interview for the following day - “It is absolutely going to happen. There is no way that I can schedule an interview because I won’t be...
  • What Christian Leaders are Saying after Another Failed Doomsday Prediction

    05/21/2011 7:35:03 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 52 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/21/2011
    Ed Stetzer, head of the Southern Baptist Convention's LifeWay research: "Harold Camping, pls update w/ your repentance statement & instructions to your now-broke followers." _______________________________________________________________________________ Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: "We will not be surprised that Christ has not returned according to any human's timetable. But we should not be relieved. Lord come quickly." _________________________________________________________________________________ Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle: "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." – REM ________________________________________________________________________________ Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church The world didn't...
  • Harold Camping Should Publicly Repent, Says Southern Baptist Leader

    05/21/2011 7:27:38 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 28 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/21/2011 | Michelle Vu
    Harold Camping needs to publicly apologize for being wrong about his doomsday prediction and leading people astray, said a Southern Baptist leader. The California radio broadcaster’s wrong prediction about the rapture and the end of the world reflected poorly on Christians, said Ed Stetzer, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Research and LifeWay’s missiologist in residence. Stetzer issued a series of tweets about Camping’s eschatological prediction on Saturday, among which one noted that there was no earthquake in New Zealand after 6 p.m. “Harold Camping, pls update w/your repentance statement & instructions to your now-broke followers,” Stetzer tweeted....
  • Harold Camping and the Rapture, May 21, 2011

    05/21/2011 12:08:47 PM PDT · by MintyHippo1980 · 12 replies
    The Bloviating Hammerhead Blog ^ | 05/21/2011 | Jim Bennett Not my best work, but I was in a real hurry, just in case he was right.
  • The Bible vs. Harold Camping; Winner- The Bible

    05/21/2011 1:31:43 PM PDT · by SquarePants · 10 replies ^ | 21 May 2011 | Patrick Gibson
    Well, Harold Camping's prophesied Judgement Day has raged through Europe and is headed here to NY... with no sign at all that Mr. Camping's devoted little band of followers will be vindicated. A lot of those people spent thousands of dollars spreading Mr. Camping's false teachings. Some of them left jobs and lost families. It's sad, and it's a situation made much worse, in my eyes, by Camping's billboards and messages about May 21, 2011 that "The Bible Guarantees it!" - it does no such thing. Mr. Camping guaranteed it. Mr. Camping's cultish insistence that his followers leave their churches...
  • Broadcaster silent as Judgment Day hours tick by (where is Harold Camping ?)

    05/21/2011 12:56:12 PM PDT · by traumer · 45 replies
    (Reuters) - With no sign his forecast of Judgment Day arriving on Saturday has come true, the 89-year-old California evangelical broadcaster and former civil engineer behind the pronouncement seemed to have gone silent. Family Radio, the Christian stations network headed by Harold Camping which had spread his message of an approaching doomsday, was on Saturday playing recorded church music and devotional messages unrelated to the apocalypse. Camping previously made a failed prediction Jesus Christ would return to Earth in 1994. In his latest pronouncement, he had said doomsday would begin in Asia, but with midnight local time come and gone...
  • Apocalypse not now: The Rapture fails to materialise

    05/21/2011 6:45:00 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 133 replies · 1+ views
    The Guardian ^ | 05/21/2011 | David Batty
    Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping looks likely to be less than rapturous after his prediction that the world would end on Saturday failed to materialise. The 89-year-old Californian preacher had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm in each of the world's time zones, with those "saved" by Jesus ascending to heaven and the non-believers being wiped out by an earthquake rolling from city to city across the planet. But as the deadline for the Apocalpyse passed in the Pacific islands, New Zealand and Australia, it became apparent that Camping's prediction of the end of the world was to...
  • The End of the World w/ George Noory 21 May (C2C) [OMG-Lord help us]

    05/20/2011 9:46:08 PM PDT · by whatisthetruth · 41 replies · 1+ views
    George will talk with several guests about the predicted date of May 21st as the End of the World, including Neil Saavedra, producer of The Jesus Christ Show, author L.A. Marzulli, Dr. Joye Pugh, and storyteller Lionel Fanthorpe. Open Lines to follow. upcoming shows (maybe) End of the World Special Sat 05-21 Dr. Michael Shermer Reincarnation Sun 05-22 Paul Von Ward Journey to Heaven Mon 05-23 James Van Praagh Terrorism & 9-11 Tue 05-24 Richard Miniter Parapsychology
  • Everyday Rapture. What do people really need to be concerned with about judgment day.

    05/20/2011 10:23:33 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 6 replies
    Patheos ^ | 05/20/2011 | Marcia Morrisey
    Some are convinced that The Rapture will occur on May 21, 2011. But days and hours are the provenance of God, not man, and in a way Raptures happen every day, in many ways. Matthew 24:42 tells us, "Be on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on which day your Lord is coming." Preacher Harold Camping, from Family Radio, has predicted that tomorrow, May 21, the Lord is coming back, and he has even predicted at which hour. Yes, the Lord is returning, but it isn't the end of the world that we need to worry about so...
  • May 21 END OF THE WORLD LIVE THREAD - bring comments, photos, links

    05/20/2011 4:57:59 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 207 replies · 1+ views
    Family Radio ^ | 5-20-11
    HAROLD CAMPING SITE The earthquake is scheduled to begin in Australia later tonight and the destruction and devastation roll through the timezones. It's been nice knowing all of you. I guess the only good news is that it will be the end of the Obama Administration. And the Clintons, Arnold, the Palestinians, Villaraigosa, Nancy Pelosi, NOW, and Planned Parenthood. And Charlie Sheen and the rest of Hollywood.
  • Make My Bed? But You Say the World’s Ending (Rapture Prophecy Tests Families - NY Times)

    05/20/2011 10:15:13 AM PDT · by Gena Bukin · 37 replies
    NY Times ^ | May 19th, 2011 | Ashley Parker
    The Haddad children of Middletown, Md., have a lot on their minds: school projects, SATs, weekend parties. And parents who believe the earth will begin to self-destruct on Saturday. The three teenagers have been struggling to make sense of their shifting world, which started changing nearly two years ago when their mother, Abby Haddad Carson, left her job as a nurse to “sound the trumpet” on mission trips with her husband, Robert, handing out tracts. They stopped working on their house and saving for college. Last weekend, the family traveled to New York, the parents dragging their reluctant children through...