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  • Doomsday Church: Still open for business (workers expect to show up Mon.)

    05/20/2011 8:15:33 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 15 replies
    CNN Money ^ | 5/19/11 | Annalyn Censky
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- By now, you've probably heard of the religious group that's predicting the end of the world starts this weekend. Harold Camping and his devoted followers claim a massive earthquake will mark the second coming of Jesus, or so-called Judgment Day on Saturday, May 21, ushering in a five month period of catastrophes before the world comes to a complete end in October. At the center of it all, Camping's organization, Family Radio, is perfectly happy to take your money -- and in fact, received $80 million in contributions between 2005 and 2009. Camping founded Family Radio,...
  • The Most Bizarre Thing About The $72 Million Organization Promoting The End Of The World

    05/20/2011 6:43:07 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 05/20/2011 | Gus Lubin
    All of the talk about the world ending on May 21 comes from one organization run by one man: Harold Camping's Family Radio. At first glance it would seem that 89-year-old Camping is running the biggest scam the world has ever seen -- racking up donations from terrified believers around the world right up until 6 PM on May 21 when... the world doesn't end... and Camping and all of those donations vanish into thin air. But here's the surprising thing. Most of Family Radio's revenue -- generated almost entirely by donations -- is put back into advertising and broadcasting...
  • One day to go! Harold Camping is counting down to the rapture (May 21, 2011 is upon us)

    05/20/2011 6:37:51 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 86 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 05/20/2011 | Frank Raj
    In truth, the ideas and images in men’s minds are the invisible powers that constantly govern them. - John Locke, English philosopher, physician The American evangelicals whose frenzied scriptural arithmetic points to the Second Coming of Christ 2,000 years after his birth are engaged in an activity which has been threatening the stability of the Christian Church since the second century; they are trying to align God’s calendar with man’s. - Damian Thompson, author, ‘The End of Time’ ________________________________________________________________________________ MIDDLE EAST, INDIA, May 19, 2011 —I bumped into Harold Camping when I came across his book ‘1994?’ Since he put...
  • Harold Camping Prepares for Judgement Day, May 21, 2011

    05/19/2011 8:20:38 PM PDT · by virtuous · 127 replies · 1+ views
    CNN ^ | May 17, 2011 | Jay Kernis
    Answering questions: Harold Camping, President of Family Stations, Inc. You have determined May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day. What do you predict will happen? It might be just one great earthquake, then as it gets to be May 21 in any other country—there will be a great earthquake there. So earthquakes could occur around the world for 24 hours? By the end of 24 hours the whole world will be destroyed. Why is God causing this to happen? The purpose of the earthquake is three-fold: it will be enormously destructive as God is destroying the earth. Secondly, the people who...
  • End of the world? How about a party instead? (Most Christians Ignore it, Skeptics Milk it)

    05/19/2011 8:39:41 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 70 replies
    The Manila Bulletin ^ | 05/19/2011 | Tom Breen
    NEW YORK (AP) -- For some, it's Judgment Day. For others, it's party time. A loosely organized Christian movement has spread the word around the globe that Jesus Christ will return to earth on Saturday to gather the faithful into heaven. While the Christian mainstream isn't buying it, many other skeptics are milking it. A Facebook page titled "Post rapture looting" offers this invitation: "When everyone is gone and god's not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we're going to squat in." By Wednesday afternoon, more than 175,000...
  • Voices of pros and cons over "the end of the world is May 21"

    05/18/2011 7:52:06 PM PDT · by pleaseloveme · 38 replies
    IBTHK ^ | May 18 | Gang Phan
    Christian radio host Harold Camping made a 2011 end times prediction that the Rapture will take place on May 21 this year and that the end of the world will take place five months later on October 21. However, will the May 21 be another September 4 or September 6, 1994? Camping, president of the Family Radio Christian network, has presented several arguments, or biblical "proofs", in favor of the May 21st end time, and claimed the Bible as his source saying May 21 will be the day of Rapture and judgment "beyond the shadow of a doubt". Meanwhile, his...
  • Family Radio/Harold Camping's Judgment Day May 21 Has Been Indefinitely Postponed

    05/18/2011 4:27:35 PM PDT · by joeclarke · 30 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 5/18/2011 | JoeClarke.Net
    No, Family Radio/Harold Camping, which has been hearkening the Return of Christ, and the Rapture for several years has not delayed the Big Day, but the Lord has not intended to return at this time. Nor, according to Camping will Armageddon and the Last Judgment occur in October of this year as prophesied. COGWRITER explains fairly well Harold Camping's errors both Biblically and mathematically. It is unfortunate that such a nice group of people at Family Stations Inc, worth over $150,000,000 could be AGAIN hornswoggled by their Pastor-President Harold Camping, who strongly suggested earlier, that 1994 was most possibly THE...
  • FIRST-PERSON: May 21 wouldn't be the first false prediction

    05/18/2011 1:40:10 PM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 25 replies
    Baptist Press ^ | May 17, 2011 | David Crosby
    NEW ORLEANS (BP)--I predict that Harold Camping, the elderly radio talk show host now predicting Judgment Day on May 21, 2011, and the end of the world October 21, 2011, will adjust his predictions to future dates after doing further calculations on May 22, 2011. I believe my prediction will most certainly take place because "no one knows the day or the hour," according to Jesus. Since Camping is working from the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 and the account of Noah's great flood, I assume he can and will come up with calculations to support new dates for...
  • Christian Leaders Respond to Camping's May 21, 2011 Rapture Prediction

    05/17/2011 2:23:27 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 30 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/17/2011 | Lee Warren
    If you happened to learn about Harold Camping’s May 21 rapture prediction from a placard on a subway car or bus shelter in New York City, the ad was probably funded by Robert Fitzpatrick – a 60-year-old, retired transit worker from Staten Island who invested his entire life savings of $140,000 into the campaign. “I’m trying to warn people about what’s coming,” Fitzpatrick told the New York Daily News. “People who have an understanding [of end times] have an obligation to warn everyone.” Fitzpatrick isn’t the only person to empty his bank account to warn others based on Camping’s prediction....
  • Irish American spends $150,000 on warnings of end of world (His Warning: Judgment Day is Next Week!)

    05/14/2011 1:08:25 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 40 replies
    Irish Central ^ | 05/14/2011 | AISLING REDICAN
    An Irish American man has spent almost $150,000 in preparation for what he believes is the beginning of the end. Robert Fitzpatrick, 60, spent what he called his "life savings" on bus and subway advertisements throughout New York City in preparation for May 21, 2011 – or Judgement Day as Fitzpatrick has referred to it. Fitzpatrick, a recently retired MTA engineer, is so convinced that the fast approaching date is the end of the world, that he published a book titled "The Doomsday Code." In an interview with the New York Post Fitzpatrick reasoned that his book provided "proof that...
  • Static on the airwaves ("the rapture"?)

    05/14/2011 7:03:25 AM PDT · by flowerplough · 129 replies
    World Magazine ^ | Chu/Glader
    Christian radio tycoon says the world will end May 21—and surprising numbers believe him. Ralph Workman believes what he hears on Christian radio. He believes preacher and Family Radio chief Harold Camping is right about Judgment Day. He believes the world is coming to an end May 21, 2011. An engineer at Boeing's avionics lab, Workman helps manage an RV caravan winding its way around the United States—from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh to Virginia—sharing the belief that biblical numbers point to the specific expiration date for the world. He also runs a website called eBible Fellowship, which distributes Camping's teachings. "I...
  • Judgment Day rapture for CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel

    04/28/2011 10:46:38 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 15 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | 4/28/11 | Jessica Heslam
    CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel are cashing in on the disturbing end-of-the-world ad campaign in the Bay State as dozens of expensive local billboards are plastered with a doom and gloom “Judgment Day” May 21 message. Michael Garcia, who is heading the billboard blitz for Family Radio, a California-based Christian network, said the ads are emblazoned on 50 Clear Channel properties in the Boston market and on another half-dozen CBS Outdoor-owned billboards. Between 1,200 and 1,500 of the ominous billboards are strewn around the country, mostly on CBS-owned properties, according to Family Radio. One industry insider estimates the national billboard...
  • The End of the World According to Harold Camping: Part 2

    04/25/2011 6:57:34 PM PDT · by Gamecock · 9 replies
    Westminster Seminary, California ^ | 4/1/11 | W. Robert Godfrey
    Literalist and Allegorist Camping’s reading of the Bible led him to a curiously self-contradictory method which is at some times excessively literal and at other times wildly allegorical. As an engineer he has had a particular interest in the numbers in the Bible. It is this interest that has led him to reach conclusions about the date of the end of the world. His first date was 1994 and he wrote a book showing the method by which he reached this date and to show how certain it was. Since then he has come to certain conclusions about several other...
  • The Real Story Behind the Harold Camping Decoder Ring.

    04/25/2011 5:53:34 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 6 replies
    Alpha and Omega Ministries ^ | 04/25/2011 | James Swan
    04/25/2011 - James Swan This past Sunday my pastor announced that each member of the church received a copy of the latest Christian Renewal Magazine. We received this because it contained an article on Harold Camping. Over the past fifteen years we've had Family Radio supporters in our church (they've all since left, of course). There are a number of people my church is concerned about. Sure it's easy to laugh or mock Mr. Camping's upcoming doomsday debacle, but let us not forget that there are those who will suffer from all of this. What do you think will happen to the family in which the husband...
  • Here's Why The World Is Going To End On May 21, 2011 (Will Harold Camping be Proven Right?)

    04/14/2011 1:50:55 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 94 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 04/14/2011 | Gus Lubin
    We picked up a pamphlet in Union Square to see why so many people are talking about the world ending on May 21, 2011. It turns out the theory comes down to two numerological proofs. The first proof is based on Genesis 7:4, when God said to Noah: "Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made." When God referred to seven days, he meant both seven days and seven thousand years, because "one day is...
  • How about it? Anybody get Raptured?

    03/22/2011 4:09:49 AM PDT · by bkepley · 222 replies
    various | 3/22/2011 | me
    Looks like everyone's here. Wife, cat, dog, me.
  • Why the 11-March-2011 Earthquake/Tsunami was consistently a 11-March-2011 event.

    03/12/2011 7:48:22 AM PST · by topher · 31 replies
    Various | 12-March-2011 | Vanity
    To look at the Earthquake time in other timezones, the USGS has the webpage: 8.9 Earthquake offshore Honshu, Japan on March 11, 2011 The earthquake occurred on March 10 in many timezones in much of the United States. Except it was a 11-March-2011 event for the East Coast (New York City, Miami, etc). However, the tsunami hit the Pacific Coast of Washington, Oregon, and California on March 11. In this first part of the 21st Century, there is another date of terror also on the 11th of the month. This is 11-September-2001. On a stranger note, there is a cult...
  • Doomsday campers travel the country preaching the Apocalypse...on May 21

    03/08/2011 12:30:48 PM PST · by Scythian · 102 replies
    Most people like to push thoughts about the end of the world to the back of their minds, hoping that the apocalypse, if it ever comes, will be a long way off. But for one group of not-so happy campers, doomsday is a lot sooner...May 21 to be precise. According to the predictions of the Family Radio ministry, on that date a massive earthquake will shake the world apart, littering the ground with 'many dead bodies'. I think this is Harold Camping's group again ...
  • You Wanna Bet? Pa. Woman Challenges Date-Setting Evangelist

    01/19/2011 12:34:05 AM PST · by MarylousAmerica · 25 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 1/19/11 | Marylou Barry
    "Judgment Day, May 21, 2011. The Bible guarantees it!" proclaims the homepage of evangelist Harold Camping's website Is he serious? Yes, according to the website, but that's only half the story, because now: "Janice Wisner from State College, Pennsylvania, is challenging founder Harold Camping to put his money where his mouth is and deed his home (or homes as may be the case) to her. She promises not to move in until May 22nd this year."
  • End of Days in May? Believers enter final stretch (Harold Camping's Prediction ends 5/21/2011)

    01/03/2011 1:09:20 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 57 replies
    MSNBC ^ | 01/03/2011 | Tom Breen
    RALEIGH, N.C. — If there had been time, Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has less than six months left, which she'll spend spreading a stark warning: Judgment Day is almost here. Exley is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts, websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Bible that the end of the world will begin on May 21, 2011. To get the word out, they're using billboards and bus stop benches, traveling caravans of RVs and volunteers passing out pamphlets on street...