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  • An open letter to my President (And troll gets instant reply from trigger happy Mod! Zot!)

    12/14/2005 1:45:30 PM PST · by Shalomar · 236 replies · 5,806+ views
    My life | Donald Robert Traill
    Mr President: I have nothing to hide, but perhaps the Secret Service does. I would not mind my interview tape being released, and will sign any necessary privacy waivers. Is anything on the tape sensitive? Perhaps. I do know my way around airport security; I ws certified to bypass it till Feb 2002. Maybe it's too sensitive because it would so drastically alter the picture of which agency had the clearest picture presented pre 9/11. Is it true what the agents said; that you hung up on them? The Truth not only sets free the Just, it always wins in...
  • Confessions Of A ZOTTED Troll

    12/11/2005 1:21:23 AM PST · by truthseeker8459 · 86 replies · 2,760+ views
    FR Post #69 ^ | Now | Me
    <p>I discovered this site while Googling to research a statement I heard on a radio talk show that Cindy Sheehan had said "America is not worth dying for". The quote is an easily verifiable falsehood- which only serves as a backdrop for my comments here.</p>
  • Something Every Zottee Should Realize

    11/17/2005 6:15:41 AM PST · by Turkey Day · 270 replies · 7,570+ views
    <p>You people are jerks. Not likeable jerks either, but the kind folks would like to smack in the back of the head with a shovel. Think Judge Snells from Caddyshack or Neidermier from Animal House.</p> <p>I know this probably comes as a shock to you, but if you do some serious soul searching, you'll realize that I am right.</p>
  • Russian ZOT "Meta-Group" Behind 9/11?

    11/03/2005 4:55:34 PM PST · by snowback · 148 replies · 3,954+ views
    Lobster. The Journal of Parapolitics ^ | 10/29/05 | Peter Dale Scott
    Concluding Question: The Meta-Group and the United States Government It seems clear that the meta-group, with its influential connections on at least three continents, was powerful enough to effect changes, through the Russian 9/11, in Russian history. The question arises whether they could similarly effect changes in American history as well. As we have seen Russian sources claim that the U.S. Government has had access to he meta-group, for such especially sensitive projects as the assassination of Abu al Walid al-Hamadi. They claim the meta-group's involvement in a number of U.S.-sponsored regime changes in eastern Europe, from the overthrow of...
  • Paid leave for Churchill

    11/02/2005 12:31:19 PM PST · by george76 · 26 replies · 881+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | November 2, 2005 | Charlie Brennan
    Professor's attorney: CU 'backs down,' will allow comp time... Ward Churchill will enjoy a spring semester paid break from teaching... Churchill had requested a sabbatical next semester. CU has not yet ruled on that request... David Lane, the attorney for the controversial University of Colorado ethnic studies professor... Instead of waiting for that decision - which may not come until December - Lane said that Churchill asked that he be permitted to "un-bank" two courses worth of extra time he has already logged in CU classrooms. "They said, 'No, you can't un-bank courses,' " Lane said. "So I sent them...
  • What exactly are you people all about? You guessed it: ZOT!

    10/17/2005 2:33:36 AM PDT · by familyfriendly · 81 replies · 1,561+ views
    10.17.05 | Oooh, look at me. I'm a profane smartass lefty libertarian troll! Stuck on stupid and smug about it.
    <p>I just found this site and I'm chomping at the bit. There are these folks, you might have heard of them, that are fiscally conservative, believe in "little government" and individual rights. Call 'em Libertarians, Jefferson Republicans, bleah bleah bleah. They also believe...oh, shudder!....that govt. should NOT be in the biz of regulating morality...Don't tread on me...Do what you want; just don't hurt anyone else's chance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...All that antiquated jazz...leave foreign folks be..etc. etc..</p>
  • "How the Occupation Went ZOT"

    10/12/2005 1:06:42 AM PDT · by ogival · 49 replies · 1,017+ views
    The Old Town Review ^ | August, 2004 | Mark Juergensmeyer
    Iraq's new interim government has no time to lose. Though it was welcome news when the new Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, announced that the militias of nine major political parties would disband and join the government’s security forces by January 2005, this is only one of the monumental tasks and formidable obstacles that the new government faces. As I discovered in a recent visit to Baghdad, Iraq is in dire need of reconstruction -- not only from the miseries of Saddam Hussein’s long dictatorship, but also from the failed policies of the one-year occupation by America’s Coalition administration, which has...
  • How can you trolls be so zotted?

    09/22/2005 7:24:38 AM PDT · by Bong Double Ow Sevin · 193 replies · 4,241+ views
    How canu freepers be soooo stupid and support bush Bush is evil and hes making an empire out of the usofa AND steelin all the oils Im goin to DC with all the people who know this weeknd and were gonna kick the chimpy out of office. This is the last straw and get ready for the revolutin. I DEMAND BUSH'IS RESIGNATIUN INSTANTLY! He's a chimpy who stole election from Gor and Keriy.
  • Rumours of Bush resignation (And ye shall hear of zots and rumors of zots)

    09/13/2005 11:54:25 AM PDT · by squuashthelibs · 116 replies · 6,553+ views
    Beebers 24:6
    I received this via email in the past few minutes, has anyone else read this? This can't be true surely? Washington (AP) - President Bush has, by all accounts received harsh criticism over his handling of the Katrina relief effort. Earlier Tuesday, he publicly stated that he takes responsibility for the federal government's failures in the aftermath of Katrina, but what Bush may do next could surprise many observers. Senior Republican party sources have indicated to AP that Vice President, Dick Cheney led a delegation of administration officials unhappy with the federal response to hurricane Katrina and its aftermath to...
  • Ward Churchill Says U. of Colo. Dropping Indian Probe

    08/23/2005 11:11:26 AM PDT · by TBP · 49 replies · 1,468+ views
    Fox News ^ | Tuesday, August 23, 2005 | None listed
    DENVER — The University of Colorado has dropped its investigation into the American Indian heritage of the professor who came under fire for likening Sept. 11 victims to an infamous Nazi, the professor himself says. Full article at,2933,166489,00.html
  • The Decline and Fall of the American Troll (ZOT!)

    08/05/2005 1:18:30 PM PDT · by xiiithcentury · 36 replies · 1,860+ views
    NOVAK: Isn’t that the decline of values in language that is… that is poisoning America?
  • Beecause of Bush eye drink two much. ZOT!

    08/03/2005 2:05:45 PM PDT · by Mr Omalley · 146 replies · 3,612+ views
    <p>When Bill Clinton was President evrything was wondeful and merry and I didn't drink. But now all is gloomy and depressing with terror and wars and the stresss of having that awfull man as president who stole elctions makes just want to drink. I drink 10 beers a day maybe more becase I don't count and sometimes I drink gin and rum. Now I have high blood pressure and liver enzymes.</p>
  • Why aren't you right wingers in church? (Troll not, lest thou be zotted).

    07/10/2005 7:54:53 AM PDT · by pin state · 189 replies · 3,870+ views
    Beebers 11:28 | The prophet Zottariah.
    I thought you right wingers were supposed to be in church about now? What's up?
  • bush lies, troll dies

    06/17/2005 9:12:16 AM PDT · by knowsdatruth · 101 replies · 4,339+ views
    I am soo sorry that I ever voted for that liar George W. Bush. He has done more harm to this country than Bill Clinton ever could. I say impeach him now.
  • They Really Do Hate America

    06/16/2005 11:40:14 AM PDT · by crushkerry · 20 replies · 1,176+ views
    ABP ^ | 6/16/05 | Patrick Hynes
    It pains me greatly to have to say this because it makes me feel like a rightwing crank when I do, but there’s no escaping it: the Left truly does hate America. They hate everything about it; it’s Judeo-Christian heritage; the God-given rights it protects for its citizens; its free markets; you name it, they hate it. It’s a harsh judgment and normally I couldn't care less what but just consider the two big stories in the paranoid, angry little minds of the extreme Left, also known as the moonbats. Here’s what Matthew Yglesias had to say over at the...
  • New day, same old shabby trolls!!

    06/14/2005 8:37:24 AM PDT · by festeringboil · 124 replies · 2,191+ views
    I am absolutely outraged and believe the entire bush and blair administrations need to be put in shackles and tried for war crimes in the Hague. Impeachment should begin in the US immediately for bush, cheney and most of their cabinet. These outrageous, deadly actions makes Watergate seem insignificant. Everyone in CONGRESS who has supported the bush administration over the lies and deceptions of the illegitimate Iraq War should resign immediately or also face impeachment. bush and his administration and blair and his administration should also be tried along with Sadam. Does the United States House of Representatives need anything...
  • Victor Davis Hanson: The Naysayers - Today’s variety sound wearyingly familiar

    06/10/2005 6:35:13 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 27 replies · 841+ views
    National Review ^ | March 28, 2005 | Victor Davis Hanson
    For nearly three years we have witnessed a steady stream of invective that American policy in the Middle East is amoral, impractical, or doomed to failure. The recent democratic aftershocks in Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, which followed from the elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories, have sent formerly critical pundits and diplomats scrambling for cover. As interesting as the about-faces of the New York Times et al. are, we should not forget that the domestic criticism of American efforts has long roots in our past, but little to do with the historic developments on the ground in...
  • Experts: Professor(Ward Churchill) broke copyright law

    06/03/2005 6:31:03 AM PDT · by AmericanMade1776 · 17 replies · 830+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | June 3, 2005 | Laura Frank
    At least three times, Ward Churchill has taken other people's work and published it without their permission, the Rocky Mountain News has found. In doing so, he has sometimes changed their words and, in one case, even added erroneous information. And in doing so, the prolific University of Colorado professor violated copyright law, legal experts said. "He should have gotten permission," said Barbara Weil Laff, a Denver attorney who specializes in intellectual property copyright law. "I would assume that someone who writes books for a living would understand copyright law." Churchill declined to comment on the matter. What Churchill did...
  • We need more "Deep Zots"

    06/02/2005 10:28:11 AM PDT · by fly by night · 211 replies · 4,415+ views
    To: Fox News et al This morning, I turned on TV briefly (to catch the weather report, since we really need rain here in Tennessee) and I heard you discussing the self-outing of "Deep Throat" yesterday. At the end of your on-air discussion, you said, "If there's another Deep Throat out there, give us a call, won't you. We're waiting for your call." Yeah, bullsh*t. For the past eight months, thousands of people have been sending you information on the 2004 stolen election and you've been ignoring it like a burning herpes sore on your anus when your wife asks...
  • Judge: Public has right to see abuse photos (Abu Ghraib)

    05/26/2005 6:45:33 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 172 replies · 5,884+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 5/26/05 | Larry Neumeister - AP
    NEW YORK (AP) - A federal judge has told the government it will have to release additional pictures of detainee abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, civil rights lawyers said. Judge Alvin Hellerstein, finding the public has a right to see the pictures, told the government Thursday he will sign an order requiring it to release them to the American Civil Liberties Union, the lawyers said. The judge made the decision after he and government attorneys privately viewed a sampling of nine pictures resulting from an Army probe into abuse and torture at the prison. The pictures were given to...