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  • Herman Cain linked with Aquila which collapsed Enron style

    10/10/2011 10:42:09 AM PDT · by Maneesh · 202 replies
    Herman Cain isn’t as laughable as I originally affronted. He has been making the media rounds and impressing a few people along the way, even earning himself a flock of supporters. After a recent Fox News presidential debate, a focus group overwhelmingly declared the black Republican and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza victorious. So now that Cain has proven his candidacy as one to be take notice of (but can you blame us for brushing him off at first? Most of president Obama’s would-be contenders were just laughable.), it is only natural that the serious smears of campaign season would...
  • Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread

    05/05/2011 11:19:00 PM PDT · by · 56 replies · 1+ views
    5/6/11 | Red Fox
    Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread 5/6/11 Red Fox This is a thread titled Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread. And now the body of the thread: Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread.
  • Please advise how to delete account..

    08/15/2010 6:24:09 PM PDT · by MrPiper · 379 replies · 1+ views
    see ya..........
  • Television Chef In A Stew Over Cat Casserole (Kung Pow Kat)

    02/17/2010 7:55:33 AM PST · by Sax · 31 replies · 729+ views
    SKYNews ^ | 2.17.10 | Nick Pisa
    An Italian television chef has been suspended after he horrified animal lovers and TV station managers by praising the delights of cat meat during a show. Beppe Bigazzi enraged animal rights experts around the country when he gave advice on preparing ''tender, white cat meat'' in a portion of the programme usually reserved for advice about nutrition. The 77-year-old is a co-presenter on Italy's version of Ready Steady Cook called La Prova del Cuoco (The Cooks' Challenge). ... During the show Mr Bigazzi said he had often eaten cat meat and found it ''tastier than other animals'', adding: ''I can...
  • Reality Check: J.D. Hayworth Is RINO.

    Hayworth's support of Bush's big-government polices included voting for the No Child Left Behind Act; the paperwork- and red-tape-friendly (and business-unfriendly) Sarbanes-Oxley Act; the pork-laden 2005 highway bill that included the infamous "bridge to nowhere"; and, most expensive of all, a Medicare drug benefit that created more than $7 trillion in unfunded liabilities. What is more, his support for a monstrosity known as the 527 Reform Act, which was intended to close "loopholes" in McCain/Feingold, and which was arguably worse for conservatives than the original article.
  • McCain and Palin are NO good. Enough with RINOs (Viking Kitten Disapproves!!)

    11/04/2008 7:33:53 PM PST · by NationalConservative · 75 replies · 3,574+ views
    <p>We cannot continue to nominate intellectual and ideological lightweights. Palin said absolutely NOTHING interesting since she has been nominated, apart from attacks. She had no novel ideas or unique approach to conservatism once she was nominated.</p> <p>McCain...well...bailout, amnesty, environmentalism...</p> <p>Seriously guys.</p>
  • Sarah Palin's feminist folly

    09/01/2008 10:24:37 PM PDT · by spectra · 87 replies · 872+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 9/2/08 | Olivia St. John
    Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old, unmarried daughter of Sarah Palin, is pregnant. Although she plans to keep the baby and marry the father, her immoral shortcoming is still clear for the nation (and world) to see. Is it possible that her very busy, avowedly-feminist mother, the governor of Alaska and presumptive Republican vice-presidential candidate, could have made a moral difference, had she been more available for her daughter? With this in mind, it is sobering that, among the thousands of conservative pundits praising John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, no one is asking a very important...
  • World's most expensive coffee at £50 a cup...and it's made from cats' droppings

    04/10/2008 8:02:36 PM PDT · by Brainhose · 22 replies · 135+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | Today | Brainhose
    It might not be to everyone's taste - and that's not just because at £50 a cup it's the most expensive coffee in the world. The secret behind the special blend about to go on sale at an upmarket department store is that it is made from cats' droppings. While such an ingredient might leave many spluttering into their cups, Peter Jones thinks it is on to a winner. For the rest of April, it is serving espressos, Americanos and lattes made from the droppings in its in-store coffee shop in Sloane Square, central London. And for those who want...
  • Ethnic Pride Boo$ts Paisan Rudy

    04/30/2007 6:00:34 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 21 replies · 493+ views
    NY Post ^ | 4/30/07
    April 30, 2007 -- Rudy Giuliani for president. That's amore! A Post review of campaign filings reveals Republican Giuliani is igniting ethnic pride and support from many of the nation's 25 million Italian-Americans, including national leaders and business titans hoping to elect the first president of Italian descent. Home Depot founder Ken Langone is the campaign's New York City finance chairman, a key player in raising millions of dollars in cash. Former New York Stock Exchange head Dick Grasso is also a Giuliani man. Eight officers or board members of the influential National Italian American Foundation have contributed more than...
  • The Problem With The Religious Right: A Zot Leaves a Mark

    05/03/2007 8:46:24 AM PDT · by CharlesS · 83 replies · 2,756+ views
    Constitutionally Right ^ | 5/3/07 | CharlesS
    In what Bill O’Reilly refers to as the “Culture War” between Conservatives and Liberals, there are those on both sides of the fence that stray so far to the left or the right, they actually help the “enemy”. On the left we have Rosie O’Donnell with her anti-American rants which give Conservatives ammunition to shoot back at all liberals by associating them with Rosie. On the right, we Conservatives have our own villains which supply ammunition to the enemy. They are commonly referred to as the religious right...
  • Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

    04/21/2007 6:42:25 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 18,464 replies · 540,699+ views
    vanity | April 21, 2007 | Jim Robinson
    We've got some real challenges facing us. FR was established to fight against government corruption, overstepping, and abuse and to fight for a return to the limited constitutional government as envisioned and set forth by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and other founding documents. One of the biggest cases of government corruption, overstepping and abuse that I know of is its disgraceful headlong slide into a socialist hell. Our founders never intended for abortion to be the law of the land. And they never intended the Supreme Court to be a legislative body. They...
  • Too Bad Schwarzenegger can't Run for Pres. [Let the terminator run! Terminate Hillary!]

    02/26/2007 1:09:45 PM PST · by ShelbytheIntern · 245 replies · 4,849+ views
    NewsMax Media ^ | Shelby the Intern
    "Politics is about compromise. It is about give-and-take. Doesn't anyone here in Washington remember that chapter from their civics book? Division is what Washington has come to represent," Schwarzenegger said. " Reference NewsMax article;
  • Fafblog Interviews TOM DELAY, FUGITIVE!

    04/19/2005 5:22:21 PM PDT · by Natty Boh · 9 replies · 676+ views
    fafblog ^ | April 18, 2005 | Fafnir
    Today's interview is with House Majority Leader Tom Delay. As you know, this will be the first interview with Rep. Delay since he escaped from the police on the way to the death house after bein wrongly accused a killin his wife. How do we get these interviews! FAFBLOG: So, how's things, Tom Delay? TOM DELAY: Terrible, Fafnir. I'm a fugitive from the law... hunted by partisan Democrats obsessed with my capture and accused of killing my own wife! FAFBLOG: Oh no! We have to team up an find the real culprit an clear your good name! TOM DELAY: Well,...
  • Terrorist New Plan in Action.

    03/29/2005 12:51:02 PM PST · by QueenTigress · 47 replies · 910+ views
    Terrorist Plan in Action: First off, let's kill the helpless - they boost the moral of the citizens and give them someone to live and die for and they have hope of someday becoming someone great - Oops American's are already starving their own to death :) Ok... so lets kill babies because they are the rebirth of the American Nation, and they will grow stronger and larger. Oh dang, nevermind, American's already do - Abortions :)Oh let's kill old people because they are wise and form strategies against us- wait - American's already do - assisted murder :) Alright...
  • ZOT! The real facts of social security, courtesy of FactCheck

    02/23/2005 8:31:43 PM PST · by CAOHCAUCSB · 108 replies · 2,097+ views ^ | February 3, 2005
    Summary In his State of the Union Address, President Bush said again that the Social Security system is headed for "bankruptcy," a term that could give the wrong idea. Actually, even if it goes "bankrupt" a few decades from now, the system would still be able to pay about three-quarters of the benefits now promised. Bush also made his proposed private Social Security accounts sound like a sure thing, which they are not. He said they "will" grow fast enough to provide a better return than the present system. History suggests that will be so, but nobody can predict what...
  • BREAKING NEWS: I hate being Tortured and ZOTTED!

    01/04/2005 9:01:04 PM PST · by Right Wing America · 100 replies · 21,594+ views
    Left Wing America
    <p>Dems on the Judiciary Committee complained late Tuesday that White House was refusing to turn over documents that illuminated Gonzales' role in crafting memos on prisoner torture. Sen. Leahy, committee's ranking Dem, accused Gonzales of 'stonewalling.'</p> <p>'In fact, I and other Senators have requested a number of documents from you and other administration officials that have not been released,' Leahy charged.</p>
  • Is USA the best country in the world?(Damn Right It Is, You Filthy Troll!-Zot!)

    12/26/2004 4:59:03 PM PST · by lumi_kartuuni · 121 replies · 1,780+ views
    lumi kartuuni
    And why? Is patriotism something that belongs to the past, or should every citizen of every nation kiss their flag no matter what it represents? If one love one's countries symbols enough, one could easilier be fooled by people flashing these symbols at any opportunity. Has any person in any nation any time wondered if his truth served by media could be coloured, so that he was seeing most of the world through the eyes of others?
  • Is it ok to feed my cats raw bacon?

    12/24/2004 11:51:13 AM PST · by little bus · 374 replies · 9,391+ views
    One day, my cats were hungry and I didn't have anything in the house to feed them except raw bacon. They loved it! I continued to give them raw bacon each day and now it's their favorite food (they won't eat raw sausage, though). In fact, now they don't want anything else. I've tried different foods on them - vienna sausage, potted meat, canned mackerel, etc., but they want their bacon. Someone told me this might not be good for the cats, but they seem healthy. What do you think? I see cats on this sight sometimes when I surf,...
  • zot to the zot regarding why saddam did not use his zot against the US or zot

    12/15/2004 8:17:26 PM PST · by bazookamanda · 253 replies · 4,077+ views
    Zot enthusiast, zotted zotfully.
    I have been writing to numerous people ever since September 11, 2001. That event changed me. Before September 11, 2001 I assumed our government knew what it was doing in the world and I never questioned anything it did, but after September 11, 2001 i started to think ,why would anybody hate us so much as to try to kill as many Americans as possible. My quest for the truth lead me to one very sobering conclusion.........our policies, even before our independence in 1776, has gradually created a world in which we do not realize what people around the world...
  • My thoughts ZOT

    08/16/2004 10:55:19 AM PDT · by Headfulofghosts · 326 replies · 3,747+ views
    Can someone give me an exact answer, why doesn't Kerry come out against the war, when all of the facts back him up, as of now he's got my vote. However, he should drop this " allies" thing, because it really is a bunch of bull, it's as bad as Bush saying that there is still WMD, i mean come on, is there anyone who actually belives this- that France, Germany, and Russia well come along to our ' side." Complete wishful thinking, the world has changed, there is no soviet union, and the world hates the US, for some...