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  • Obama Declines To Defend U.S. Bombing Of Hiroshima, Nagasaki

    11/13/2009 5:06:12 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 79 replies · 3,103+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Defending the decision of the United States to drop nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII is not a comfortable thing to do when you're in Japan. But if you're President of the United States, you must do it. Diplomatically, yes. With sympathy for the civilian victims, yes. But you must do it. But when it came time today for Barack Obama to do so, he failed in that fundamental duty. The very first reporter [from Fuji TV] called on at the joint press conference with PBO and Japanese PM Hatayama in Tokyo today put the question to Pres....
  • Obama willing to visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki while in office: NHK

    11/09/2009 7:48:43 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 40 replies · 1,232+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Nov. 9, 2009
    TOKYO, Nov. 10 (AP) - (Kyodo)—U.S. President Barack Obama said during an interview with Japan's public broadcaster NHK in Washington on Monday that he is willing to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki...
  • Bombed cities invite Obama to visit (Hiroshima / Nagasaki) (New stop for apology tour?)

    10/27/2009 8:13:46 AM PDT · by markomalley · 46 replies · 1,356+ views
    Politico ^ | 10/27/2009 | Alexander Burns
    The mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki invited President Barack Obama on Tuesday to visit the two cities hit by American nuclear weapons ... ... during the Second World War, AP reports. AP: "The two cities' mayors formally invited Obama on Tuesday to visit sometime before next May, but U.S. officials say it is highly unlikely he will travel to either city during his Nov. 12-13 visit to Tokyo. "An April speech Obama gave in Prague calling for a world free of nuclear weapons raised expectations, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this month heightened them further. "'Many of the...
  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki to pitch for 2020 Olympics

    10/11/2009 9:12:32 AM PDT · by traumer · 67 replies · 1,597+ views
    TOKYO – Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the victims of the only atomic bombings in history, are teaming up to try to bring the Olympics to Japan in 2020, the cities' mayors said Sunday. Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba and Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue told a press conference they will establish a joint committee to work on a proposal based on world peace. Both men are founding members of the Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign, which advocates for a global ban on nuclear arms. In a speech last month in Mexico City, Akiba said he firmly believed the world could abolish nuclear...
  • Hiroshima vs Detroit -- 64 years later

    09/26/2009 5:38:11 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 75 replies · 71,914+ views
    9/25/2009 | VANITY
    PICTURES OF HIROSHIMA CIRCA 1945 DETROIT IN THE LATE 40's and EARLY 50's ======================================================================================= HIROSHIMA TODAY ============================================================================ DETROIT TODAY ============================================================================ Who the hell won the war!
  • Our Aging Deterrent

    08/12/2009 5:53:40 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies · 648+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | August 12, 2009 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Defense: President Obama dreams of a world without nuclear weapons. Unless testing and maintenance of our nuclear deterrent is resumed, it will be a world without American nuclear weapons.In his Prague speech this spring, the president spoke of "America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons," ignoring the fact that before 1945 we lived in such a world and it was neither peaceful nor secure. We recently observed the anniversaries of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, actions that brought an abrupt end to the carnage of World War II and arguably...
  • Korean Victims Mark Atomic Bomb Anniversary

    08/08/2009 12:32:54 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 9 replies · 815+ views
    VOA ^ | 8/6/09 | Jason Strother
    Sixty-four years ago, the United States dropped the first nuclear weapon used in war on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. A few days later, another was exploded over Nagasaki. More than 200,000 people died in the bombings and many of them were Korean. S. Koreans pray in font of the cenotaph for Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima, Japan, 05 Aug 2009 S. Koreans pray in font of the cenotaph for Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima, Japan, 05 Aug 2009 At a ceremony in Seoul, the Koreans who survived the blasts marked the 64th anniversary of the Hiroshima attack...
  • Bing Cover Page

    08/06/2009 6:46:39 AM PDT · by C19fan · 31 replies · 1,119+ views
    Looks like Bing pulled a Google today.
  • The Hiroshima Rorschach Test

    08/06/2009 6:01:03 AM PDT · by libstripper · 99 replies · 1,829+ views
    WAll Street Journal ^ | August 6, 2009 | WARREN KOZAK
    On this day 64 years ago, an American B-29 named the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima. We know that as many as 80,000 Japanese died instantly. We know the city was pulverized, and we know that an estimated 100,000 additional people died later from radiation poisoning. We also are aware that the Hiroshima bomb, and the Nagasaki bomb dropped three days later, ushered in the atomic era. At the time of the event, 85% of the American public favored dropping the atomic bombs, according to a Gallup poll (10% disapproved). Over the years, that...
  • It's time to Stop the Revisionist History on the Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb - Video

    08/06/2009 5:35:39 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 23 replies · 560+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | August 6, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Today marks the 64th anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb by the United States on Japan, August 6, 1945. The decision by President Harry Truman to drop the bomb has been roundly criticized by revisionist historians and others on the Left. Some have even gone so far as to call Truman a "war criminal" for doing so. They could not be more wrong. The United States had already suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties at the hands of Japan, in a war Japan started. The Japanese had shown in battle after battle their willingness to fight to...
  • HIROSHIMA: 6 AUG 1945

    08/05/2009 10:16:39 PM PDT · by B-Chan · 26 replies · 1,718+ views
    Blog Post ^ | 2009.08.06.0815 | Bitpig (B-Chan)
    \ Photo: Seizo Yamada (7 km northeast of Hiroshima)
  • Hiroshima mayor calls for support for Obama's nuke free world appeal

    08/05/2009 9:22:27 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 31 replies · 725+ views
    Associated Press ^ | August 5, 2009
    (AP) - HIROSHIMA, Aug. 6 (Kyodo)— Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba urged people around the world to join the city's effort to abolish nuclear weapons in response to U.S. President Barack Obama's appeal for a world free of nuclear weapons, as Hiroshima marked the 64th anniversary the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing Thursday. "We support President Obama and have a moral responsibility to act to abolish nuclear weapons," Akiba said in the Peace Declaration at a commemorative ceremony at the city's Peace Memorial Park, reiterating Hiroshima's conviction that "the only role for nuclear weapons is to be abolished." "To emphasize this point,"...
  • Poll: Use of atomic bombs in WWII OK (Most Americans support use of nukes in Hiroshima)

    08/05/2009 9:21:16 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 47 replies · 1,446+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 8/5/2009 | John Christoffersen
    NEW HAVEN, Conn. | A majority of Americans surveyed think dropping atomic bombs on Japan during World War II was the right thing to do, but support was weaker among Democrats, women, younger voters and minority voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. The poll, released Tuesday, found 61 percent of more than 2,400 American voters questioned think the U.S. did the right thing; 22 percent called it wrong, 16 percent were undecided. The first bomb was dropped Aug. 6, 1945, on Hiroshima. An estimated 140,000 people were killed instantly or died within a few months. Tens of thousands more...
  • Sydney marks Hiroshima Day

    08/05/2009 9:04:30 PM PDT · by myknowledge · 15 replies · 824+ views
    Nine News ^ | August 6, 2009 | Lisa Martin
    Anti-nuclear campaigners have marked the 64th anniversary of the world's first atomic attack with a plea for Australia to reconsider its uranium exports. A single nuclear bomb dropped by the Americans on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killed some 140,000 people. They died instantly or in the days and weeks that followed as radiation and horrific burns took their toll. Three days later, the US dropped a second nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, which killed another 70,000 people. Japan surrendered on August 15, ending World War II. American scientist Steve Starr and the Sydney-based People for Nuclear...
  • UK bombings : links to Iran, Iraq and Syria

    07/04/2007 10:18:09 AM PDT · by drzz · 12 replies · 561+ views
    Various sources ^ | 07 04 2007 | drzz
    THE UK BOMBING WERE EXPECTED. (sources quoted below) What is good in blogging is that you keep the infos alive. The MSM was able to say one day that IRAQ was behind 9/11 and suddenly put the story down without real reasons. There is many facts which shows UK is acting the same way with the present attacks and their obvious ties with IRAN. Al-Qaeda is not a self-sponsored organization. Nor has it the money, the intelligence and the personal. It is a window to fool the western intelligence and protect the sates. Al-Qaeda is state-sponsored terrorism. Like Hezbullah and...
  • Jon Stewart: Truman's a War Criminal for Bombing Hiroshima

    Although historians have debated the issue for decades, Jon Stewart has no question about this controversial matter: former President Harry S. Truman is a war criminal for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945.
  • Jon Stewart: You know who was a war criminal ? Harry Truman

    04/29/2009 7:22:04 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 50 replies · 2,341+ views
    Hot Air ^ | April 29, 2009 | ALLAHPUNDIT
    Via Goldfarb, the key exchange comes at around 5:50. Hundreds of thousands of lives saved by averting a U.S. invasion of the Japanese home islands, and all this tool can do is point a finger and mumble “yes” in response to whether Truman’s a war criminal or not. Behold the face of mindless anti-torture absolutism. Like what you see?
  • Millions of Muslims gather for hajj pilgrimage

    12/07/2008 3:56:08 AM PST · by SkyPilot · 29 replies · 937+ views
    AP ^ | 7 Dec 08 | None given
    Nearly 3 million pilgrims chanting prayers converged Saturday in a valley just outside the holy city of Mecca at the beginning of the 5-day hajj pilgrimage, a lifelong dream for many Muslims. The pilgrims from about 100 countries left Mecca after completing the first ritual of the hajj by circling the sacred Kaaba stone structure seven times inside the Grand Mosque, which Muslims all over the world face during their five daily prayers. Dressed in white robes, pilgrims piled into and on top of buses on their way to a ritual of prayer and reflection in Mina, 3 miles east...
  • Pelosi Visits Hiroshima Memorial

    09/02/2008 2:02:00 PM PDT · by alpo · 26 replies · 111+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 9-2-08 | AP
    Nancy Pelosi is the highest ranking US Official to visit the memorial
  • Caption Pelosi in Hiroshima

    09/02/2008 11:55:20 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 73 replies · 1,210+ views
    US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (R) poses with her Japanese counterpart Yohei Kono (L) before a meeting of parliament speakers from the Group of Eight major industrial nations in Hiroshima, western Japan. Pelosi earlier in the day laid flowers at the memorial to the Hiroshima atomic bombing, becoming the highest-ranking sitting US official to pay respects at the site. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi lays a bouquet at the altar for atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima. Pelosi is the highest-ranking sitting US official to pay respects at the site. Speaker of the US House of Representatives...
  • Diary shows Tojo resisted surrender till end

    08/12/2008 4:41:19 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 81 replies · 369+ views
    Associated Press ^ | August 12, 2008 | MARI YAMAGUCHI
    TOKYO - Japanese World War II leader Hideki Tojo wanted to keep fighting even after U.S. atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, accusing surrender proponents of being "frightened," a newly released diary reveals. Excerpts from the approximately 20 pages written by Tojo in the final days of the war and held by the National Archives of Japan were published for the first time in several newspapers Tuesday. "The notes show Tojo kept his died-in-the-wool militarist mentality until the very end," said Kazufumi Takayama, the archives curator, who confirmed the accuracy of the published excerpts. "They are extremely valuable."
  • Continuing Education

    08/08/2008 12:07:02 PM PDT · by moderatewolverine · 8 replies · 159+ views
    Primetime Politics ^ | August 8, 2008 | The Editors
    This video series is titled “In Defense of World War II.” I didn’t realize we had to defend it, but regardless of that, here’s an education brought to you by Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens.
  • OAK RIDGE: Hiroshima Day brings contrasting reactions

    08/06/2008 10:58:42 PM PDT · by SmithL · 29 replies · 342+ views
    Knoxville News Sentinel ^ | 8/7/8 | Bob Fowler
    Annual event near Y-12 features protest, praise of nukes - OAK RIDGE - At the minute Wednesday that an atomic bomb was dropped 63 years ago, Ralph Hutchison suddenly stopped reading somber reflections on that historic instant when the world forever changed.During the moment of silence that followed, a woman in favor of nuclear weapons could be heard in the background, defiantly singing "Onward Christian Soldiers." Such is the study in contrasts typical for the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance's annual commemoration of Hiroshima Day.In front of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, alliance members protested the production of nuclear weapons,...
  • Hiroshima: Necessary Evil

    08/06/2008 4:09:53 PM PDT · by B-Chan · 28 replies · 452+ views ^ | 2008.08.06 | Bruce Lewis
    THE WHITE HOUSE Washington, D.C.IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- August 6, 1945STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese Army base. That bomb had more power than 20,000 tons of T.N.T. It had more than two thousand times the blast power of the British "Grand Slam" which is the largest bomb ever yet used in the history of warfare. It is an atomic bomb. It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against...
  • Hiroshima Plus 63 [Happy Hiroshima Day]

    08/06/2008 7:08:42 AM PDT · by PurpleMan · 189 replies · 378+ views
    The Moderate Voice ^ | August 6, 2008 | PATRICK EDABURN
    This week marks the 63rd anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and the beginning of the end of World War 2. As is usually the case every year we have the stories of those who attack the incident as a ‘war crime’. These historical revisionists miss (or ignore) the fact that they are looking back with hindsight and applying modern attitudes to historical times.

    08/02/2008 9:19:16 PM PDT · by SHATNERFAN1706 · 53 replies · 229+ views
    Hiroshima Day remembrance. In California, Moonbats will be ragging on America again for defeating Japanese fascism. Corner of Seal Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway. Sunday, August 3, 2008. Counters are needed. From 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Dramatic Never Before Published Images of Hiroshima in Immediate Aftermath of Bombing (Very Graphic)

    05/03/2008 10:58:43 AM PDT · by freerepublic_or_die · 170 replies · 13,676+ views
    yawoot image collections ^ | May 3, 2008 | Staff
    The Robert L. Capp collection at the Hoover Institution Archives contains ten never-before-published photographs illustrating the immediate aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing. These photographs, taken by an unknown Japanese photographer, were found in 1945 among rolls of undeveloped film in a cave outside Hiroshima by U.S. serviceman Robert L. Capp, who was attached to the occupation forces. Unlike most photos of the Hiroshima bombing, these dramatically convey the human as well as material destruction unleashed by the atomic bomb. Mr. Capp donated them to the Hoover Archives in 1998 with the provision that they not be reproduced until 2008. Three...
  • Welcome to the Hotel Hiroshima

    03/27/2008 10:35:55 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 18 replies · 706+ views
    Slate ^ | March 25, 2008 | Ron Rosenbaum
    Has the ground zero of the nuclear age become too "normal"? Welcome to the Hotel Hiroshima. That's what my AmEx travel itinerary called it: "Hotel Hiroshima." I don't know whether this was the official name of the hotel I was booked in to. It may, more mundanely, have been shorthand for "Hotel in Hiroshima." Or it may have been the name before it was changed to what it calls itself now: "The Crowne Plaza Hiroshima," part of the global chain that has joined other American chains in this shiny rebuilt city. There's a Hiroshima KFC, a Hiroshima Mickey D's (perfect...
  • No Dr. Wright, God Bless America

    03/23/2008 1:18:13 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 28 replies · 1,170+ views
    Townhall ^ | March 23, 2008 | Kevin McCullough
    Even though Barack Obama has "moved on" from the messy association that he has recently been forced to explain to man who had been his pastor for 20 years, it is clear - the voters haven't. There are legitimate questions being raised about a relationship that spans a generation and the beliefs of a man who has on multiple dozens of occasions issued some of the most vitriolic, bigoted, racism imaginable in America today. No doubt one of the most infamous video moments recently unearthed was Jeremiah Wright's use of what he cleverly believed to be a cute play on...
  • Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama and the Unacceptability of Truth (Hurl Alert)

    03/20/2008 12:17:40 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 33 replies · 1,158+ views
    Lip ^ | March 18, 2008 | Tim Wise
    For most white folks, indignation just doesn't wear well. Once affected or conjured up, it reminds one of a pudgy man, wearing a tie that may well have fit him when he was fifty pounds lighter, but which now cuts off somewhere above his navel and makes him look like an idiot. Indignation doesn't work for most whites, because having remained sanguine about, silent during, indeed often supportive of so much injustice over the years in this country--the theft of native land and genocide of indigenous persons, and the enslavement of Africans being only two of the best examples--we are...
  • Hiroshima, through one survivor's eyes 62 years later, man shares his memories of the atomic bomb

    03/17/2008 5:00:40 PM PDT · by Coleus · 138 replies · 4,071+ views
    star ledger ^ | Sunday, March 16, 2008 | NATALIE PINEIRO
    It was a clear, hot summer day on Aug. 6, 1945, when 10-year-old Kenji Kitagawa kissed his mother and brother goodbye before leaving for school. The fifth-grader didn't know that would be the last time he would see them alive. Life was forever altered for Kitagawa and the rest of the world 62 years ago, as an American B-29 bomber, flying 26,000 feet above his hometown of Hiroshima, Japan, dropped an atomic bomb. Now 73, Kitagawa travels the world as part of an effort to educate people on the destructive power of nuclear weapons. Sponsored by the Hiroshima Peace Culture...
  • IMDB plot summary description for 2008 movie "Descending from Heaven"

    03/11/2008 3:41:58 PM PDT · by DFG · 118 replies · 1,763+ views
    IMDB.COM ^ | 2008 | Puffdream
    Claude Eatherly, who flew the re-con flight which authorized the bombing of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, spent the remainder of his life overwhelmed with guilt, made worse by being called a War Hero by everyone around him. Eatherly led a life of petty crime, passing hot checks, using stolen identification, etc. His status as a war hero made it difficult for the system to want to punish him for these "acting out" crimes, until he began to speak out in public against the atomic bomb.
  • From the H-Bomb to the Human Bomb

    10/22/2007 8:10:11 AM PDT · by ventanax5 · 2 replies · 318+ views
    With what measureless naivety has the twenty-first-century democratic citizen managed to be surprised when hate breaks down his door? He has—along with his father and his father’s father—witnessed, directly or indirectly, wars, murderous revolutions, and the genocides that were the last century’s specialty. How could he believe himself immune? “Not here, not me,” he told himself. But then, on September 11, 2001, Americans saw several thousand of their own assassinated, for no reason. There they were, unsuspecting, in their usual places, at work or at a café, white, black, and yellow, housewife and banker, when they suddenly realized that they...
  • Ken Burns Affirms Truman’s Judgment and Humanity

    10/13/2007 2:20:12 PM PDT · by PurpleMountains · 10 replies · 133+ views
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 10/13/07 | Purple Mountains
    Former President Harry Truman has received much opprobrium from left-wing circles in the U.S. and elsewhere for his decision to substitute two atomic bombs in place of a D-Day type invasion of Japan in 1945. It was interesting to me to observe during Ken Burn’s current documentary, “War”, that Burns reported that credible estimates of the human cost of such an invasion were in the neighborhood of 500,000 dead Americans and 6,000,000 dead Japanese.
  • American Hiroshima Project

    09/07/2007 9:33:16 PM PDT · by noamhiroshima · 32 replies · 1,339+ views
    strikebackusa ^ | 9/07/07 | noamhiroshima
    A quick note to our readers. With the anniversary of September 11 right around the corner, bin Laden releasing a video, and the CIA warning of attacks here in the U.S. I thought I should inform readers of the "American Hiroshima Project." This "project" is a nuclear attack planned for several major U.S. cities. The investigative journalist Paul Williams wrote a book called "The Day Of Islam" covering the subject. Do a search of the title and see what you get for results. It is not a pretty picture. I pray to The One True God, Jehova, that this plot...
  • The Information War in the Pacific, 1945(Hmm is this True?)

    08/18/2007 9:27:41 PM PDT · by ventanax5 · 49 replies · 1,769+ views
    "Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. These cities contain military installations and workshops or factories which produce military goods. We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique which they are using to prolong this useless war. But, unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America's humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now...
  • The Last Good Democrat

    08/10/2007 1:57:33 PM PDT · by · 9 replies · 533+ views ^ | 08/10/07 |
    This year marks the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombings of Japan. Every year at this time anti-American hyperbole is at a fever pitch. The revisionist historians that abound in American academia have a field day. They rant about the “racist” decision to bomb defenseless cities, all the while leaving out the complete and utter destruction of Dresden Germany. A city largely populated by white Germans! Pay no attention to Dresden they had it coming. The hue and cry from communists masquerading as professors is nearly drowned out by the cacophony of traitors who agitate for withdrawal from the mid-east...
  • America the Murderous-The Methodist Church mythologizes Nagasaki and Hiroshima

    08/09/2007 5:26:33 AM PDT · by SJackson · 28 replies · 895+ views ^ | 8/9/2007 | Mark D. Tooley
    The Religious Left, in its historical commemorations, rarely if ever recalls the great holocausts committed by the totalitarian tyrants of the 20th century. The tens of millions slain by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Tojo, not to mention the hundreds of thousands killed by Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung, among others, never have reached a high level of importance. But never do the anniversaries of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on August 6 and August 9, go by that the Religious Left does not mournfully don its sack cloth and ashes to atone for the mass murders...
  • Japan remembers Hiroshima

    08/06/2007 5:13:57 AM PDT · by period end of story · 58 replies · 1,080+ views
    Reuters ^ | August 6, 2007 | Toru Hanai
    HIROSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) - Japan marked the 62nd anniversary of Hiroshima's atomic bombing with a solemn ceremony on Monday as the city's mayor criticized the United States for refusing to give up its nuclear weapons program. Tens of thousands of elderly survivors, children and dignitaries gathered at the Peace Memorial Park, near ground zero where the bomb was dropped, to remember the more than 250,000 people who ultimately died from the blast. "Even to those who managed to survive, it was hell where they envied the dead," Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba told the crowd, describing scenes from the bombing such...
  • This day in History 1945: Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    08/06/2007 3:11:20 AM PDT · by abb · 67 replies · 2,339+ views ^ | August 6, 2007 | Staff
    The United States becomes the first and only nation to use atomic weaponry during wartime when it drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Though the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan marked the end of World War II, many historians argue that it also ignited the Cold War. Since 1940, the United States had been working on developing an atomic weapon, after having been warned by Albert Einstein that Nazi Germany was already conducting research into nuclear weapons. By the time the United States conducted the first successful test (an atomic bomb was exploded in...
  • American Spreads Hiroshima Legacy (traitor barf alert)

    08/05/2007 7:44:36 AM PDT · by enraged · 109 replies · 1,499+ views
    AP ^ | 8/4/2007 | CATHY BUSSEWITZ
    Sixty-two years later, the memory of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima still holds such a grip on Japan that its defense minister has had to resign simply for suggesting the attack was "unavoidable." Now, in a sign of changing times, the task of spreading Hiroshima's message to the world has been entrusted to an American, a citizen of the country that dropped the bomb on Aug. 6, 1945.
  • This Day In History - World War II July 29, 1945 Japanese sink the USS Indianapolis

    1945 : Japanese sink the USS Indianapolis On this day in 1945, Japanese warships sink the American cruiser Indianapolis, killing 883 seamen in the worst loss in the history of the U.S. navy. As a prelude to a proposed invasion of the Japanese mainland, scheduled for November 1, U.S. forces bombed the Japanese home islands from sea and air, as well as blowing Japanese warships out of the water. The end was near for Imperial Japan, but it was determined to go down fighting. Just before midnight of the 29th, the Indianapolis, an American cruiser that was the flagship of...
  • Scotland Yard Man Jailed For Terror Leak (Hiroshima-Scale Attacks)

    07/27/2007 4:13:57 PM PDT · by blam · 12 replies · 787+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 7-27-2007 | Megan Levy
    Scotland Yard man jailed for terror leak By Megan Levy and agencies Last Updated: 6:51pm BST 27/07/2007 A senior Scotland Yard worker has been jailed for eight months for leaking sensitive information which detailed al-Qa'eda plans to carry out Hiroshima-scale attacks on British soil. Thomas Lund-Lack, 59, a retired detective inspector with the Metropolitan Police, admitted wilful misconduct in public office by disclosing a secret Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre report to a journalist. As a civilian working at Special Branch since 2003, he had been cleared to see the "inner circle of top secret material" on Britain's security threat levels,...
  • Japan minister in atom bomb row (Surprising stance).

    07/01/2007 12:26:40 AM PDT · by Jedi Master Pikachu · 45 replies · 1,492+ views
    BBC ^ | Saturday, June 30, 2007
    Hiroshima has preserved some of its ruins from the blast The nuclear bombs dropped by the United States on Japan in 1945 were the inevitable way to end World War II, Japan's defence minister has said. "I think it was something that couldn't be helped," said Fumio Kyuma in a speech at a university east of Tokyo. His comments sparked outrage from survivors of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The minister, who represents Nagasaki in parliament, said later that he was expressing the US view of events. In his speech, he said the US must have thought...
  • Japanese Defense Chief: Atomic Bombing 'Couldn't Be Helped'

    06/30/2007 7:49:10 AM PDT · by weef · 68 replies · 1,502+ views ^ | 6/30/2007 | AP
    TOKYO — Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma said the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan by the United States during World War II was an inevitable way to end the war, a news report said Saturday. "I understand that the bombing ended the war, and I think that it couldn't be helped," Kyodo News agency quoted Kyuma as saying in a speech at a university in Chiba, just east of Tokyo. Kyuma's remarks drew immediate criticism from Japanese atomic bomb survivors. "The U.S. justifies the bombings saying they saved many American lives," said Nobuo Miyake, 78, director-general of a group of...
  • Osama Bin Laden: Alive and Well and Living in the Valley of Dir

    03/19/2007 5:13:53 AM PDT · by captjanaway · 42 replies · 1,725+ views
    Family Security Matters ^ | 3/19/07 | Paul Williams
    Let’s face it. He shouldn’t be hard to find, especially from a Predator, an aerial reconnaissance vehicle that can read the minute hands of a wristwatch from an altitude of twenty-six thousand feet. Bin Laden is very tall (slightly over 6’6”) and incredibly thin (less than 150 pounds). He wears shalwart kameez (the loose-fitting tunics and baggy pants of al Qaeda and Taliban soldiers) and, when the weather is cold, he dons a camouflage jacket. Although he was born in 1957 and far from retirement age, the Al Qaeda chieftain appears to be very old. His long scraggly beard is...
  • Seizures of radioactive materials fuel 'dirty bomb' fears

    10/06/2006 8:11:47 AM PDT · by 1curiousmind · 15 replies · 1,515+ views
    The Times ^ | 10/6/06 | Lewis Smith
    SEIZURES of smuggled radioactive material capable of making a terrorist “dirty bomb” have doubled in the past four years, according to official figures seen by The Times. Smugglers have been caught trying to traffick dangerous radioactive material more than 300 times since 2002, statistics from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) show. Most of the incidents are understood to have occurred in Europe. The disclosures come as al-Qaeda is known to be intensfiying its efforts to obtain a radoactive device. Last year, Western security services, including MI5 and MI6, thwarted 16 attempts to smuggle plutonium or uranium. On two occasions...
  • Globe Columnist: Shamed by Hiroshima, America Was Awaiting 9/11 Payback

    08/07/2006 6:22:41 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 87 replies · 1,485+ views
    Boston Globe/NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    by Mark Finkelstein August 7, 2006 - 09:10 Because of shame over their sins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Americans were actually awaiting payback along the lines of 9/11. You say you were unaware of any such feelings? That's only because your feeling was 'subliminal.' Your shame was 'unconscious.' Well, that, or the fact that you just don't have the same exquisitely refined sensibilities of Boston Globe columnist James Carroll. Here's how Carroll spelled it out in his column, The Nagasaki Principle: "Thus, what I am calling the Nagasaki principle consists in momentum, which obfuscates responsibility before the fact, and denial,...
  • This Day In History | World War II August 6, 1945 Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima

    This Day In History | World War II August 6 1945 Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima On this day in 1945, at 8:16 a.m. Japanese time, an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, drops the world's first atom bomb, over the city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people are killed as a direct result of the blast, and another 35,000 are injured. At least another 60,000 would be dead by the end of the year from the effects of the fallout. U.S. President Harry S. Truman, discouraged by the Japanese response to the Potsdam Conference's demand for unconditional surrender, made...
  • August 6th, 1945 ; Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima

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    BBC News History ^ | 8/6/06 | BBC News
    1945: US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima The first atomic bomb has been dropped by a United States aircraft on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. President Harry S Truman, announcing the news from the cruiser, Augusta, in the mid-Atlantic, said the device contained the equivalent of 20,000 tons of TNT and was more than 2,000 times more powerful than the largest bomb used to date. An accurate assessment of the damage caused has so far been impossible due to a huge cloud of impenetrable dust covering the target. Hiroshima is one of the chief supply depots for the Japanese army....